Hydraulic Bladder Accumulator Low Pressure

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Hydraulic Bladder Accumulator Low Pressure

HydraulicBladder AccumulatorLow Pressure1. Description1.1. FunctionFluids are practically incompressible andcannot therefore store pressure energy.The compressibility of a gas utilised inhydraulic accumulators for storing fluids.HYDAC bladder accumulators are basedon this principle, using nitrogen as thecompressible medium.A bladder accumulator consists of afluid section and a gas section with thebladder acting as the gas-proof screen.The fluid around the bladder is connectedto the hydraulic circuit so that thebladder accumulator draws in fluid whenthe pressure increases and the gas iscompressed. When the pressure drops,the compressed gas expands and forcesthe stored fluid into the circuit.HYDAC bladder accumulators can be usedin a wide variety of applications, some ofwhich are listed below:•zenergy storage•zemergency operation•zforce equilibrium•zleakage compensation•zvolume compensation•zshock absorption•zvehicle suspension•zpulsation dampingSee catalogue section:•zHydraulic dampersNo. 3.7011.2. Design1.2.1 ConstructionHYDAC low pressure bladder accumulatorsconsist of a welded pressure vessel, aflexible bladder with gas valve and ahydraulic connection with check valve or aperforated disc.The table shows the different modelswhich are described in greater detail in thepages that follow:DesignationSB40- 2.5 ... 50Perm.pressure[bar] 2)VolumeQ 1)[l] [l/s]2.5 - 50 740SB40- 70 ... 220 70 - 220 30SB35HB- 20 ... 50 35 20 - 50 20SB16A- 100 ... 450 1615SB35A- 100 ... 450 35100 - 450SB16AH- 100 ... 450 1620SB35AH- 100 ... 450 351)Q = max. flow rate of pressure fluid2)Higher pressures on request1.2.2 Bladder materialThe following elastomers are available asstandard:•zNBR (acrylonitrile butadiene rubber,Perbunan),•zIIR (butyl rubber),• zFKM (fluoro rubber, Viton ®),•zECO (ethylene oxide epichlorohydrinrubber).The material must be selected accordingto the particular operating fluid andtemperature.When choosing the elastomer, allowancesmust be made for the fact that the gascan cool down to below the permittedelastomer temperature if there are adversedischarge conditions (high pressure ratiop 2/p 0, high discharging velocity). This cancause cold cracking in the elastomer.The gas temperature can be calculatedusing the HYDAC Accumulator SimulationProgram ASP.1.2.3 Corrosion protectionFor operation with chemically aggressivemedia, the accumulator shell can besupplied with corrosion protection, such asplastic coating on the inside or chemicalnickel-plating. If this is insufficient, thenstainless steel accumulators must be used.1.3. MOUNTING POSITIONHYDAC bladder accumulators can beinstalled vertically, horizontally and at aslant. When installing vertically or at aslant, the oil valve must be at the bottom.On certain applications listed below,particular positions are preferable:•zEnergy storage:vertical,•zPulsation damping:any position from horizontal to vertical,•zMaintaining constant pressure:any position from horizontal to vertical,•zPressure surge damping:vertical,•zVolume compensation:vertical.If the mounting position is horizontalor at a slant, the effective volume andthe maximum permitted flow rate of theoperating fluid are reduced.Bladder accumulators SB16A / SB35A andSB16AH / SB35AH must only be installedvertically with the gas side at the top.1.4. TYPE OF MOUNTINGFor strong vibrations and volumes above1 litre, we recommend the use of HYDACaccumulator supports or theHYDAC accumulator mounting set.See catalogue sections:•zSupports for hydraulic accumulatorsNo. 3.502•zACCUSET SBNo. 3.503E 3.202.1/04.0925

2. Technicalspecifications2.1. EXPLANATORY NOTES2.1.1 Operating pressureSee tables(may differ from nominal pressure forforeign test certificates)2.1.2 Nominal volumeSee tables2.1.3 Effective gas volumeSee tables,based on nominal dimensions, this differsslightly from the nominal volume and mustbe used when calculating the effectivevolume.2.1.4 Effective volumeVolume of fluid which is available betweenthe operating pressures p 2and p Max. flow rate of the operatingfluidIn order to achieve the max. flow rate givenin the tables, the accumulator must bemounted vertically. It must be rememberedthat the residual fluid volume of approx.10% of the effective gas volume remains inthe accumulator.2.1.6 FluidsThe following sealing and bladdermaterials are suitable for the fluids listedbelow.MaterialNBRECOIIRFKMFluidsMineral oils (HL, HLP, HFA,HFB, HFC), waterMineral oilPhosphate ester, waterChlorinated hydrocarbons,petrol2.1.7 Permitted operating temperatureThe permitted operating temperatures aredependent on the application limits of themetallic materials and the bladders.The standard valve bodies, gas valvesand accumulator shells are suitable fortemperatures from -10 °C ... +80 °C.Outside these temperatures, specialmaterial combinations must be used.The following table shows the correlationbetween bladder material and applicationtemperature.Material Temperature rangesNBR20 -15 °C ... +80 °CNBR21 -50 °C ... +80 °CNBR22 -30 °C ... +80 °CECO -30 °C ... +120 °CIIR -40 °C ... +100 °CFKM -10 °C ... +150 °C2.1.8 Gas chargingAlways only charge with nitrogen class 4.5,filtered to < 3 µm.If other gases are to be used, pleasecontact HYDAC for advice.Hydraulic accumulators must only becharged with nitrogen.Never use other gases.Risk of explosion!2.1.9 Limits for gas pre-chargepressurep 0≤ 0.9 • p 1with a permitted pressure ratio of:p 2: p 0≤ 4 : 1p 2= max. operating pressurep 0= gas pre-charge pressure2.1.10 Certificate codesCanada s1 2)ChinaA9EU member states u 1)JapanPSwitzerlandUUSAsOthers on request1)Alternative certificates possible2)Approval required in the individual provincesOn no account must any welding, solderingor mechanical work be carried out on theaccumulator shell. After the hydraulic linehas been connected it must be completelyvented.Work on systems with hydraulicaccumulators (repairs, connectingpressure gauges etc) must only be carriedout once the pressure and the fluid havebeen released.Please read the operating manual!No. 3.201.CENote:Application examples, accumulator sizingand extracts from approvals regulations onhydraulic accumulators can be found in thefollowing catalogue section:•zAccumulatorsNo. 3.000E 3.202.1/04.0926

2.2. Model code(also order example)SB35 A – 100 F 7 / 112 U – 35 ASeriesTypeH = high flowN = increased flow, standard oil valve dimensionsA = shock absorberB = bladder top-repairableCombinations possible, e.g. HB - High flowwith a top-repairable bladderno details = standardNominal volume [l]Fluid connectionA = standard connection, thread with internal seal faceF = flange connectionC = valve mounting with screws on undersideE = sealing surfaces on front interface (e.g. on thread M50x1.5 - valve)G = male threadS = special connection, to customer specificationGas side1 = standard model2 = back-up model3 = gas valve 7/8-14UNF with M8 female thread4 = 5/8" gas valve5 = gas valve M50x1.5 in accumulators smaller than 50 l6 = 7/8-14UNF gas valve7 = M28x1.5 gas valve8 = M16x1.5 gas valve9 = special gas valve, to customer specificationMaterial code 1)Standard model = 112 for mineral oilDepending on operating fluidOthers on requestFluid connection1 = carbon steel2 = high tensile steel3 = stainless steel 3)6 = low temperature steelAccumulator body0 = plastic coated (internally)1 = carbon steel2 = chemically nickel-plated (internal coating)4 = stainless steel 3)6 = low temperature steel2) 4)Accumulator bladder2 = NBR203 = ECO4 = IIR (butyl)5 = NBR21 (low temperature)6 = FKM7 = other9 = NBR22Certification codeU = PED 97/23/ECPermitted operating pressure [bar]ConnectionThread, codes for fluid connections: A, C, E, GA = Thread to ISO 228 (BSP)B = Thread to DIN 13 or ISO 965/1 (metric)C = Thread to ANSI B1.1 (UN..-2B seal SAE J 514)D = Thread to ANSI B1.20.1 (NPT)S = special thread, to customer specificationFlange, codes for fluid connection: FA = EN 1092-1 welding neck flangeB = flange ASME B16.5C = SAE flange 3000 psiD = SAE flange 6000 psiS = special flange, to customer specificationRequired gas pre-charge pressure must be stated separately!1)Not all combinations are possible2)When ordering spare bladders, please state smallest bladder connection port size at gas charging end3)Depending on type and pressure rating4)Standard materials, all other materials on requestE 3.202.1/04.0927

3. Low pressureaccumulators3.1 StandardBladderaccumulatorsSB40-2.5 ... 503.1.1 DesignHYDAC standard low pressureaccumulators consist of:•zA welded pressure vessel which can betreated with various types of corrosionprotection for chemically aggressivefluids, or can be supplied in stainlesssteel.•zA bladder with gas valve. The bladdersare available in the elastomers listedunder point 2.1.•zA hydraulic connector with a perforateddisc which is held in place with retainingring.3.1.2 DimensionsSB40-2.5 ... 503.1.3 Spare partsSB40-2.5 ... 50E 3.202.1/04.09SB40-2.5 ... 50Permitted operating pressure 40 bar(PED 97/23/EC)Nominalvolume[l]Eff. gasvolume[l]Wt.[kg]ABC[mm] [mm] [mm]2.5 2.5 9 541 1225 5.0 13 89110 8.7 14 5336820 18.0 23 84310632 33.5 38 136350 48.6 52 1875Nom.vol.[l]2.55102032Ø D[mm]108219J ThreadISODIN 13M100x2 G 2K *ThreadISO 228SWQ 1)[mm] [l/s]3650 68 2)* Item 16 must be ordered separately1)Q = max. flow rate of operating fluid(at approx. 0.5 bar pressure drop via adapter)2)Lock nut7DescriptionitemBladder kit 1)consisting of:Bladder 2Gas valve insert* 3Lock nut 4Seal cap 5Valve protection cap 6O-ring 7Seal kitconsisting of:O-ring 7Vent screw 13Seal ring 14O-ring 15Repair kit 1)consisting of:Bladder kit (see above)Seal kit (see above)Hydraulic connector assemblyconsisting of:Perforated disc 10Anti-extrusion ring 11Retaining ring 12Vent screw 13Seal ring 14O-ring 15* available separately1)When ordering spare bladders, please state smallestbladder connection port size at gas charging end.Item 1 not available as a spare part.28

3.2. BladderaccumulatorSB40-70 ... 2203.2.1 DesignHYDAC low pressure accumulators, typeSB40-70 ... 220 consist of:•zA welded pressure vessel which iscompact and yet suitable for high flowrates and large volumes.The pressure vessel is manufactured incarbon steel or in stainless steel.•zAn accumulator bladder with gas valve.•zA hydraulic connector with check valve.3.2.2 DimensionsSB40-70 ... 2203.2.3 Spare partsSB40-70 ... 220SB40-70 ... 220Permitted operating pressure 40 bar(PED 97/23/EC)Nominalvolume[l]Eff. gasvolume[l]Wt.[kg]Amax.[mm]B[mm]70 64 94 1199100 111 113 1629130 133 133 1879 137190 192 169 2086220 220 193 2330Nominalvolume[l]70100130190220C[mm]78Ø D[mm]3564071)Q = max. flow rate of operating fluidJ ThreadISO 228Q 1)[l/s]G 2 1/2 30DescriptionitemBladder kit 1)consisting of:Bladder 2Gas valve insert* 3Lock nut 4Seal cap 5Valve protection cap 6O-ring 7Seal kitconsisting of:O-ring 7Washer 15O-ring 16Vent screw 19Support ring 23O-ring 27Repair kit 1)consisting of:Seal kit (see above)Bladder kit (see above)Anti-extrusion ring 14Oil valve assemblyconsisting of:Valve assembly (items 9-13) 9Anti-extrusion ring 14Washer 15O-ring 16Spacer 17Lock nut 18Vent screw 19Support ring 23* available separately1)When ordering spare bladders, please state smallestbladder connection port size at gas charging end.Item 1 not available as a spare part.Item 19 for NBR/Carbon steelSeal ring (Item 20) includedE 3.202.1/04.0929

3.3. Low pressureaccumulatorsSB16/35A and SB16/35AH3.3.1 DesignHYDAC low pressure bladderaccumulators for large volumes, typeSB35A and SB16A are in a weldconstruction in carbon steel or stainlesssteel.The hydraulic outlet is covered by aperforated disc which prevents the flexiblebladder extruding from the shell. Thebladder is top-repairable.The bladder accumulators have aconnection assembly suitable formax. 15 l/s (SB16/35A)or max. 70 l/s (SB16/35AH) at a Dp of2 bar.3.3.2 DimensionsSB16/35A, SB16/35AHWelding neck flangeDN100 PN16/PN40EN1092-1/11(others on request)Welding neck flangeDN80 PN16/PN40EN1092-1/11(others on request)SB16/35APermitted operating pressure 16/35 bar(PED 97/23/EC)Nominalvolume[l]Eff.gasvolume[l]Weight A(approx.)[kg] [mm]SB16A SB35A SB16A SB35A100 99 84 144 880 880150 143 101 161 1070 1080200 187 122 223 1310 1320300 278 155 288 1710 1720375 392 191 326 2230 2240450 480 237 386 2325 2635Nominal BCDN *volume (approx.)[mm](approx.)[mm][l] SB16A SB35A SB16A SB35A100 390 403150 490 503200 685 698300 975 988185 198 100375 1250 1263450 1465 14783.3.3 Spare partsSB16/35A, SB16/35AHDescriptionitemBladder 2Lock nut 3O-ring 11Seal ring 13Vent screw 18O-ring 19Retaining ring 21O-ring 25SB16/35AHPermitted operating pressure 16/35 bar(PED 97/23/EC)Nominalvolume[l]Eff.gasvolume[l]Weight A(approx.)[kg] [mm]SB16AH SB35AH SB16AH SB35AH100 99 93 153 957 965150 143 110 170 1157 1165200 187 131 230 1417 1425300 278 164 297 1865 1873375 392 200 335 2307 2315450 480 246 395 2702 2710E 3.202.1/04.09Nominal BCDN*volume (approx.)[mm](approx.)[mm][l] SB16AH SB35AH SB16AH SB35AH100 457 465150 557 565200 842 850300 1092 1100245 254 80375 1342 1350450 1542 1550* to EN1092-1/11 / PN16 or PN40Others on request30

3.4. HIGH FLOWBLADDERACCUMULATORSSB35HB3.4.2 DimensionsSB35HB3.4.3 Spare partsSB35HB3.4.1 DesignHYDAC high flow bladder accumulatorstype SB35HB are high performanceaccumulators for flow rates of up to 20 l/sat 2 bar Dp.They consist of a pressure vessel in a weldconstruction and a flexible bladder withgas valve.The pressure vessel contains a fixedperforated disc, permitting a high flow ratethrough its large free cross-section. Foruse with chemically aggressive fluids, theshell can be manufactured in stainlesssteel. See point 2.1 for bladder materials.thebladderistoprepairable.Welding neck flangeDN50 / PN40EN1092-1/11(others on request)4. NOTEThe information in this brochure relates tothe operating conditions and applicationsdescribed.For applications and operating conditionsnot described, please contact the relevanttechnical department.Subject to technical modifications.SB35HBPermitted operating pressure 35 bar(PED 97/23/EC)Nominalvolume[l]Eff. gasvolume[l]WeightAmax.[mm][kg]20 19.8 43 108132 35.0 56 159150 50.0 69 2091Nominalvolume[l]2032C[mm]Ø D[mm]JThreadISO 228SW[mm]6336219 G 1/250 78 Ø68 2)1)Q = max. flow rate of pressure fluid2)Lock nutQ 1)[l/s]20DescriptionitemBladder kit 1)consisting of:Bladder 2Gas valve insert* 3Lock nut 4Seal cap 5Valve protection cap 6O-ring 7Seal kitconsisting of:Gas valve insert* 3O-ring 7O-ring 8Repair kit 1)consisting of:Bladder kit (see above)Seal kit (see above)* available separately1)When ordering spare bladders, please state smallestbladder connection port size at gas charging endItem 1 not available as a spare part.Technology GmbHIndustriegebietD-66280 Sulzbach/SaarTel.: 0 68 97 / 509 - 01Fax: 0 68 97 / 509 - 464Internet: www.hydac.comE-Mail: speichertechnik@hydac.comE 3.202.1/04.0931

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