COVER POINT - Weston Creek Cricket Club

COVER POINT - Weston Creek Cricket Club


If you judged Credit Unionsby cricket scores, this yearwe notched up a ton.Another great summer of ACT cricket proudlysupported by your Credit UnionCPS Credit Union Co-operative LimitedARBN 054 738 699ph. 268 3666The Credit Union for Government Employees and Their Families.EMMI V I K A I. 1M I K K I; I IMANN I' I VMost Australian & Imported Brands StockedWheel Alignment — Electronic WheelAll major Credit Cards AcceptedBotany Street, Phillip282 1392 or 282 3410BatteriesTune Up, Grease & OilAll Mechanical RepairsContact Ted or DennisBalancingEVERALL MERRETTMANN PTYQ Taxation Consultants(Electronic Lodgement Service)O Financial PlanningQ Accounting ServicesO Small Business ManagementA15TKALIANS'KIFTYOfCPA,1st Floor, 12 Kelt St. KarahahPhone 231 45221st Floor, Capitol Theatre Building, ManukaPhone 2953699Mon-Fri: Sam - 5.30pm • Sat: 8am - 2pm

COVERPOINTWESTONCREEKCRICKETCLUBMAGAZINENational Library of Australia No I'SSN 0156-1421Bibliography of Cricket No 3436-2Postal AddressEditorial AddressWeston Creek Cricket ClubPO Box 3047Weston Creek ACT 261111 McCullock PlaceKambah ACT 2902Tel. (06)231 9520Typesetting & Printing D&L Desktop. Tel. 249 8946Editorial CommitteeEditorCONTENTSEditorialChris BodyPercy Samara-WickramaRob ChapmanAndrew HeathwoodPercy Samara-WickramaFrom the Boundary 3Sixth Grade Grand final 4The Man of the Match 5WCCC - Our Future 6WCCC - Raffle Report 7Match Reports 81 st Grade 85th Grade 96th Grade 12ACTCA Ladders 16Cover Photo:The important wicket that turned the game. Playersgathering around Tony Purcell, the bowler, and lanWebster who took the catch.Weston Creek Cricket Club — Founded 1972Cover Point — Founded 1977IEditorialIt is that time of the year for end of seasonreflections.First, congratulations to Ross Ord and hisSixth Grade champions. Taking both theminor and major Premierships was a grealachievement. Well done also to Fourths forbeing minor premiers and to the other seniorsemi-finalists — Thirds and Fifths.It was naive to think that the 1993-94 seasonwould be as successful overall for WestonCreek as was 1992-93. The loss of seniorplayers in First and Second Grades wasalways going to make it difficult to emulatelast season's high points.There have been positives — the comingthrough into senior grades of young playerswho will give much to the club in futureyears, the resurgence of the Thirds and thecontinued depth of the Club in Fourth toSixth Grade.However, I doubt that many Club memberswould see 1993-94 as a good year. We haveto be more competitive in First Grade, withgood backup in Seconds. As recent editionsof Cover Point have pointed out, we alsoneed to work harder in the areas of practiceand coaching.I think we also have the capacity to do a lotbetter in communication within the Club, anddevelopment of a common understanding ofwhat being a Club member means. Forexample, despite the future gains in feepayment this season there remained a smallnumber of players who did not see anobligation to join their team-mates inpromptly paying their share of Club costs.There was also grizzling about selections,usually without much in the way ofappreciation of the impossible task selectorsalways face in pleasing everybody — and thefact that the selectors were fellow Clubmembers doing their best for the Club!1 Cover Point, April 1994

The challenge is to actually achieveimprovements, rather than just complainabout things and identify what needs to befixed. A difficulty is the declining number ofpeople prepared to put some time intohelping run the Club — a few moresupporters here would make a hugedifference.I encourage senior players to come forwardwith their views on these matters, and otherissues, for the now traditional end of seasonround table on 14 May and to participatefully in debate. The long term future of theClub will depend very much on what wercanachieve collectively over the next fewseasons.This year we are having a separate roundtable for Junior and Kanga cricket, on 7 May.The separate day is because we obviouslyneed to enhance the position of Junior/Kangacricket, and don't want to unnecessarily limitdiscussion (as happened last year) bysqueezing all levels of cricket into the onemorning. The round table will include coachaccreditation, coaching provision, transitionto senior cricket, and administration. It willalso address information flows throughoutthe Club, an area where problems have arisenin recent years.I look forward to constructive discussion atboth round tables and a commitment frommore members to contribute to the Club for1994-95.JohnBowdlerJames Peterson returning to the pavilion at Stirling Oval after yet anotherinnings.magnificent2 Cover Point, April 1994

From theBoundaryby Percy SThis is the final issue of Cover Point for theseason. It was disappointing that somecaptains were not able to provide regularmatch reports in spite of many reminders. Itis not an impossible task to delegate the dutyto another player if the captain is busy or isincapable.• • •It is customary for the Club to hold a roundtable seminar at the end of each season. Thisseason's 'Round Table' will be held on 14thMay from 9.30am to 12.30pm at the WestonCreek Sports Centre. All financial membersare invited to attend and contribute to thediscussions on future directions.• • •A 'Round Table' to discuss junior cricketwill be held on 7 May at the Sports Centre.• • •Former WCCC Junior Michael Beven had avery successful season with NSW. He scoredhis 15th century in first class cricket — his5th for the season. In the Sheffield Shieldfinal he scored 113 and failed to break the alltime Sheffield Shield run aggregate recordheld by former Australian Captain GrahamYallop by a mere 15 runs.His successful season was capped by hisselection in the Australian team for theShangah Cup later this month. The Clubwishes Michael all the best and hope he willfind a place in the Australian Test Team.• • •Combined Country Colts Trial at NewcastleNo 1 Sports Ground:Combined ACT-Newcastle Southern Zone9-380 (M Gerits 99, G Prouten 82, J Peterson70, D Langsford-Smith 3/98, C Chambers 2/51, R Grieves 2/76) bt Combined NorthCoast-North West-Riverina-Western 183 (SLockhart 32, D Langsford-Smith 29, SKarppinen 3/36, T Johnston 2/15, PStanbridge 2/33) and 6-153 (K Keyer 48no,D Taylor 38, T Mitchell 3/71).Country Colts Team to play Sydney atBankstown Oval Feb 8-9-10: M Gerits(Newcastle capt), J Kriss (Illawarra v-capt),K Geyer (Bathurst), R Lockhart (Casino),J Peterson (ACT), G Prouten (Newcastle),C Shepherd (Illawarra), G Smede (Illawarra),P Stanbridge (Newcastle). Manager:S Webster (Dubbo).• • •James Peterson of WCCC had a mostsuccessful season both with the Club and forACT. He is currently spending a season inEngland playing league cricket.On his return to Australia he is expected totake up an offer from one of the SydneyGrade Clubs.• • •Dave Mitchell, who so successfullyconducted the Kanga Cricket this season, hasoffered to take over some of the JuniorCricket duties left undone.• • •3 Cover Point, April 1994

Sixth Grade Grand Finalby Ross OrdThe Big One up in the sky looks after thosewho live a good clean life! How come theSixth Grade won the Grand Final, then. Youmay ask.Yup, we did it. Having scraped into the grandfinal after drawing the semi-final againstANU (with Darren Lemon and Tim Myorsthe stars) the build up during the weekpreceding the big one was most encouraging.Mr Akers actually made training TWICE,admittedly via the pub, but this was a goodsign. On the topic of training, thanks to JBwho was the only non sixth grade player tohelp us at the nets.I won the toss and sent Tuggeranong in andthings went according to plan. We were onebowler short as our opening bowler, JeremyBradley could not return from Newcastle.However we had plenty of trundlers ... weneeded to dislodge their openers. Logus hasalways done well against us and he made 58this time. The Jones boy again bowledeconomically to take 1 for 21 off 9 overs. Wewere looking good. By drinks they were 1 for76 but we were in control.After drinks they started hitting. I rotatedthebowlers. Ord was tight in his early overs butwas ORDinary afterwards. Myors andLemon were servicable but its Doc Purcellwho snags the wickets, (one from a balltearerof an outfield catch by Ian 'Dummyspit'Webster) after surviving a minimauling. Suddenly they panicked and theresult was two run-outs and two beautifulstumpings by Big Al. At the end of the 45thover they were 8 for 203. A gettable target.Lemon was instructed to play his naturalgame. Skipper then started to pray. Websterwas the first to go at 23. Lemon holds outafter a quick 26 (2 for 48) Jones, Goodmanand Myors (22) go in quick succession andsuddenly we were paddling up the famouscreek. 5 for 83 after drinks aint good. Skippercontinues his walkabout. Akers arrives at thecrease and decides that enough is enough. Hewent on his slam - bang- thank you ma'am -way with great support from Ted Woods. Hisrunning between the wickets was first classbut posed a great problem to Akers who isnot the epitomy of fitness! Ted went for 28with another 25 needed in 38 balls. DocPurcell joined Chris and knocked off the restwith balls to spare.YOU BOLLDY BEAUTY!!! Players, familymembers and the five or six Club memberswho supported the team celebrated. Thanksto Percy, Redders, The Seberrys, JamieTaylor and one or two others who popped in.It was top effort. The players of the Century(and every other century) to Chris Akers for atruly wonderful knock. (How are we going toshut him up?)Grand Final team ...Ross Ord (C), Tony Purcell, Alan Jones,Darren Lemon, Ian Webster, Tim Myors,Mark Goodman, Chris Akers, Ted Woods,Greg Rankin, Jeremy Gardner,Brad McKay (12th).Scores:TVCC 8 for 203.Purcell 3/47, Jones 1/21.WCCC 6 for 207.Akers 67 not out, Woods 28, Lemon 26,Myors 22.4 Cover Point, April 1994

The Man of the Match was'Three Cases Behind'When he arrived at the ground for the 6thgrade final between Weston Creek CC andTuggeranong VCC he was 'Three casesbehind'. However at 6pm that day he hadwiped out that three case deficit and madeenough runs to win a match that hung in thebalance most of the time.Each Saturday Chris Akers leaves his shop atthe Hyperdome with just enough time to getto the game. Each Saturday his workcolleague Mick, takes a bet — a carton ofbeer — that Chris will not make more than 20runs.This was his last chance. Chris had continueda long run of low scores. Tuggeranong made204 in their 45 overs after being sent in. Itwas a gettable score. First ten overs yieldedabout 40 runs. His captain, Ord, was makinglife unbearable for the handful of WCCCsupporters present. By the drinks breakWCCC had lost five wickets for about 70.Ord continued to be a nuisance and was 'ordered'to keep calm by his wife Lyn. Thingslooked grim with the fall of the next wicket.Akers had been padded up for someconsiderable time. Suddenly he was on hisway. Another 118 to get in failing light. Nosooner had he got to the wicket than thingschanged. The first 20 came in about 25minutes and the first bet was won. Whatfollowed was a chanceless innings of 67 notout which included eight 4s and a huge six.It was a great game. Not because WCCC wonit in the end. It was the way they played andenjoyed the game. It was a great pity thatapart from a handful, not too many highergrade members came to support them.Well done Chris.Match winnerChris Akers5 Cover Point, April 1994

WCCC — Our FutureHaving joined the club some four years ago, Ihave watched with interest the success of ourthird, fourth, fifth and sixth grades. As youwould expect, success in terms of premiershipsand club championships has beenachieved and celebrated, thanks mainly tothese grades. Fourth grade in particular hasbeen the cornerstone of much of our success.For the first time in many years the club hadonly one grade playing off for a premiership.Congratulations to the sixth grade side ontheir win.Both first and second grade have had theiropportunities, but both can be accused of notbeing able to hammer the final nail into theopposition coffin.Put simply, I believe we lack depth in ourfirst and second grades and with it a desire tocompete to our full potential. Opportunity atthe first and second grade levels has cometoo easy for many players; that's not to saythat they are not capable of holding theirpositions at these levels. However, if youconsider the injection of a little more depthand experience, the natural force of humannature will impose an attitude to performabove the levels achieved to date.We have an excellent group of junior players,many of whom have the potential to play firstgrade and beyond. These players, however,need to be groomed and exposed to the grandart of winning.A lot of discussion again took place over thecourse of the year, while 'blowing the frothoff a few', about why the 'Creek' can't seemto capture the elusive first grade flag. In factmany members within the club and even afew observers external to it would say 'Ohthe Creek are talking about it yet again, butwill they get any further than that'.Well let me tell you that the committee hasbeen vigorously exploring ideas and options.However, before even thinking about whattype of players need to be attracted to theclub, we must secure the benefit of a majorsponsor. Before going on, it should be saidthat the club will not be attempting to buy apremiership,; rather it will be looking forcommitment from a sponsor over a three yearperiod, and similarly any player it may sign.Members of the committee are about toembark upon a campaign which willhopefully lead the Club into greater thingsnext season.The influx of 'new blood' in itself will notcure our problems. Players and membersmust expect and accept that a change in ourapproach is inevitable — 'new blood' breedsnew ideas, culture, experience and hopefullysuccess for all. I am sure we would all love tosee the day, in the not too distant future,where all grades are competing for apremiership.Col HunterClub CaptainThe Oval (1882)Boyle took the ball; he turned; he ran; hebowled,All England's watching heart wasstricken cold.Peate's whirling bat met nothing in itssweep.The ball put all his wickets in a heap .. .John Masefield (Poet Laureate)The Bluebells, and Other Verse(1961)6 Cover Point, April 1994

WCCC - Raffle ReportA very successful raffle this season grossing$3,540, about $3,000 after costs.1st prizeTicket No. 3798Mr L R Mann88 Darwinia TerraceChapmanKanga Cricket ticket2nd prizeTicket No. 3323Mrs Shirley BradleyThe Old RectoryLake Bathurst. NSW 2580Juniors ticket - Greg Bowen3rd prizeTicket No. 5468Bernadette Jenkins4 Logan StreetNarrabundahUnknown ticket seller4th PrizeTicket No. 4967C Beezley9A Rolph StreetGilmoreWomens Team ticket - Lazette5th prizeTicket No. 5965Jon Do lan8/1 Jardine streetKingston ACT 2604Unknown ticket sellerCongratulations to all the winners.It was an all round club performance.MoneysReceivedSeniors lsts $2402nds $2743rds $2924ths $2015ths $2816ths $256Seniors Total $1,544Vets, Others $349Juniors $1,354Womens Team $293$3,540Fantastic effort by the Womens Team to sellthe most tickets of any team ($293).Super response from the Juniors, $1,354, andthank you to Peter Roberts as contact personfor the Juniors.Thank you to the sponsors.Great work by John Bowdler and Chris Bodywhose help was invaluable and made my jobeasier.Thank you to Dave Hazell (lsts), Ken Bone(2nds), Brendan Halloran (3rds), GerardOakes (4ths), John Bowdler (5ths), andJeremy (6ths), who were the team delegatesdistributing and collecting for each grade.Congratulations to the club.Bruce Malban7 Cover Point, April 1994

Match Reports1st GradeRound 12 Vs GWBat Stirling, 19 Feb 1994With the finals all but out of reach, we wentinto this one determined to show our friendfrom the Canberra Times we were a betterside than he believes us to be. It was alsoimportant for the club that the top side puttogether some good end of seasonperformances, and restore a little of some lostconfidence.One day cricket couldn't have asked for amore perfect location than the flat track, fastoutfield and blue skies of Stirling Oval —winning the toss was a bonus.A midweek pep talk from Coach King hadthe batsmen in an aggressive frame of mindas openers Harvey and Hazell put on 56 in 15overs for the first wicket, our best start thisseason. That enabled Maxie and JP to cutloose and thrash the bowling all over theground for a record 166 run partnership (injust 94 minutes!).JP was in a particularly savage mood, belting88 off just 76 deliveries. Maxie finished 86not out (100 balls) and the total animpressive 4 for 265 from 50 overs.An early breakthrough from Chunter broughtthe dangerous Justin Williams to the creaseand while he was there the runs wereflowing. With the score 2 for 117 off 29overs, it took a piece of brilliance from 'TheWhippet' (a direct hit from side on) to sparkthe Creek into action. Next ball Pistolremoved the leg stump of Williams, and sixruns later Grifter turned into John Dyson atlong on and took probably the greatest catchever seen! Ask him about it. It wasunbelievable.Victory v/as now just a matter of time, thefinal margin 58 runs ... Oh what could havebeen!ScoreWCCCPetersonMaxwell4/2658886noRound 13 Vs TVCCat Stirling, 26-27 Feb 1994GWBHunterPeterson2072/242/39With renewed confidence the Creek electedto bat and although the score had reached 1for 63, the pitch wasn't playing as well as itsappearance would have suggested.The lunch score was 4 for 88, the final score138 barely halfway through the day's play.Collins^BooksellersSupportsWeston CreekCricket ClubBelconnen MallCanberra CentreWoden Plaza251 4813247 5430281 39688 Cover Point, April 1994

Only Frankie, Hulk and The Schoolkidreached double figures in a score boosted by18 no-balls.The removal of Dodge in the first overbrought much satisfaction and a sniff ofvictory, but a blazing Graham Weber sawValley take first innings points from the lastball of the day.Tuggers batted on to a lead of 94 on day 2,leaving us three overs till lunch we stumbledto 1 for 12. At 2 for 22 with only ten batsmen(JP's pre game impersonation of Ramboresulting in shoulder relocation) we were insome trouble but fortunately the track wasbehaving itself and Maxie was finding somelost form. With good support from Stokesyand Dagweed, Maxie finished with aquickfire 76 not out and the match was calledshortly after tea.ScoreWCCC 138 TVCC 8/232Harvey 28 Sweeney 2/25Stokes 24 Hume 2/71Morris 25no King 1/23and 4/155Maxwell 76noGriffiths 26Round 14 Vs ANUat Manuka, 5-12 Mar 1994Our first trip to the Oval this season saw us inthe field after losing the toss.A typical flat manuka wicket netted ANUjust 15 runs in the first hour. BORING!Grifter made the only breakthrough in thefirst session, cleaning up Neil Woods with adeadset unplayable. More was to come forhim after lunch as he picked up the otheropener and then slipped the yorker past PeterSolway, beating him for pace.Tight bowling from Stokesy and spinningpartner Col Hunter restricted ANU to 8 for241 at the close. Grifter was the pick of thebowlers with 4 for 74 from 25 overs.ANU declared overnight in response to thematch scores at O'Connor (ANU needed tomatch Tuggeranong's final round points tomake the finals) and an opening stand of 50from Haze and the improving MichaelHarvey had GI tearing his hair out. The lunchscore of 2 for 87 left the match evenly poisedbut any chance ANU had disappeared in awicketless middle session. Stokey and Maxietook control of the match with a 3rd wicketpartnership of 117. Both were content to hitthe gaps rather than the boundary and GIwould have to wait another year for a crack atthe title.Stokey threw away a ton but his 83 was atouch of class and a sign of good things tocome for him, while Maxie was dismissedlater for 57 patient but valuable runs.Rain robbed the Creek of a victory, but theCreek took the finals from ANU, Anexcellent effort and a good finish to theseason gives new hope for 1994/95.ScoreWCCCStokesMaxwellHarveyHazell5th Grade6/224 ANURound 11 Vs Souths83 Griffiths57 Hunter36228dec/2414/742/18This game was played on an Aranda pitchtotally unrecognisable from the pitch playedon in the first few rounds. The pitch was somuch improved that upon winning the tosswe elected to bat.We got off to an excellent start with thepairing of Colless and Mowbray bringing up9 Cover Point, April 1994

a half century opening stand. Brian Ward andScott Barr continued the excellent work,before a bit of a slump in the late middleorder put a big score in jeopardy.However, Ron Shean and Jason Hossackcombined to take Souths apart, and the finalwicket fell at a most welcome 248.Next day, the captain's idea of opening thebowling seemed to work with the first threewickets going down very quickly. Ron Sheanfollowed up with three more and Souths werelooking down the barrel at 8/54 and heaps oftime left.However, a frustrating, chancelesspartnership of 36 in two-and-a-half hoursalmost got a draw. Enter Paul Van Oostenwith two wickets in two overs to give theCreek a win with three overs to spare.ScoreWCCCWardBarrCollessSheanHossackDarrenHossack248 Souths 9367 Shean 3/2245 Hossack 2739 Van Oosten 2/103331Round 13 Vs TuggeranongThis game really cost us dearly in the end ofseason washup. Two points for a draw wouldhave given us second spot, but we ended upthird.Tuggers won the toss and batted, and posteda formidable 6/291 by the end of the day. Thescore was held to reasonable proportionsbefore a 20 ball half century from theopposition's 'Doc' Doherty.The best of the bowlers by the length of thestraight was Ronnie Shean with 4/32 (in theprocess pinching the bowling aggregate froman unamused captain). The other wickettakers were Jason Hossack and Jamie Taylor.In reply, the Creek could only muster a verydisappointing 93, falling three quarters of anhour short of scrambling a draw. The onlybatsmen to amass a score were James'Rowdy' Cattley with 23 and Jason Hossackan intelligent 18no.ScoreWCCC 93 Tuggers 6/291Cattley 23 Shean 4/32Hossack 18noDarrenHossackRound 14 Vs ANUStand-in captain Ronnie ('I hate the job')Shean lost the toss and was elected to field ata very slick Philip District, on a very hardand flat pitch, with a team of ring-ins.On a day for batsmen, ANU rattled up a scoreof 8/261, with John Bowdler bowling well topick up three wickets and the bowling award.Jamie Taylor took 2 wickets, with youngstersJeremy Wilson, Tim Myors and Ron Sheanone each.During the intervening week it piddleddown, and ANU sensibly declared at theirovernight score, and invited Creek to bat on aspiteful pitch.After losing two wickets early plus DanMowbray retired hurt, Scott Barr and BrianWard combined in a good partnership to haveWeston Creek at 2/81 when the rains came.Unfortunately Souths managed to beat CNDin their game before the rain, relegating us to3rd spot on the ladder.ScoreWCCC 2/81WardBarrDarren46no29noHossackANU 8 dec 261Bowdler 3/42Taylor 2/34Myors 1/24Shean 1/50Wilson 1/79 off 2010 Cover Point, April 1994

Semi Final Vs SouthsDue to a couple of losses that should havebeen draws, we found ourselves in theunenviable position of having to win thesemi to progress to the final. This in itselfdidn't seem to be a real problem. The planwas to win the toss, rattle up a good score onthe first day, and then bowl out theopposition on a deteriorating second daypitch by applying unbelievable pressure,same as we had done through the season.Oh yeah, right!Having lost the toss, Souths elected to bat ona pitch with all the attributes of a heavywooden table top. It was uniformly grey,with no grass, rock hard and flat as a tack.The Souths plan was to bat as long aspossible and put the game out of our reach asthey did not need to win. Mind you, I wouldhave done exactly the same thing if I was intheir position.Unfortunately, they stuck to their game planexactly, with wickets extremely hard to comeby. A day and a half later we finally pickedup the 10th wicket. Souths batted for 152.2overs and scored 316, at a fraction over 2 anover against attacking fields, with mostbatsmen putting in lengthy appearances atthe crease.To our guys credit, we stuck at the task inhand extremely well and at no stage did wedrop the bundle or take the pressure off.Almost every delivery had to be played bythe batsmen over the whole 153 overs, andnot a single batsmen scored easy runs.The highlight of the bowling was amagnificent return of 8/85 by Paul VanOosten. Huey bowled 58.2 (yes 58.2!!) oversin the innings in two spells, one of 35 oversand the other of 23.2. This was simply awonderful performance, without doubt oneof the best I have ever seen. Not once did hisaccuracy or composure waver. The wicketswere all bowler's wickets too, with 2 C+B's,2 stumped and 4 bowled.The skipper picked up the other two wicketsoff his 31 overs. John Bowdler and JamieTaylor also bowled lots of good overs, butwithout return.The target left to us was 316 off 50 overs, ona pitch that was still playing very well.However, after a seemingly bright start, wecollapsed against some tight bowling to be 5/30-odd, before a partnership of 42 betweenDarren Hossack and Dan Mowbray steadiedthings a bit.We finally got Dan past twenty and the gamepetered out at the final drinks session withthe Creek at 7/91.ScoreWCCC 7/91 Souths 316Hossack 26 Van Oosten 8/85 off 58.2Mowbray 23no Hossack 2/64 off 31Bowdler 0/51 off 30Taylor 0/60 off 24DarrenHossack• Glass Merchants• Glazing Contractors• Table Tops and Mirrors• Shower Screens• Sliding Mirrored DoorsWODEN VALLEY GLASS SERVICE63 Colbee Court, PhillipPO Box 24 Lyons ACT 2606Tel: (06) 281 6716, 281 6717Fax: (06) 281 6445Emergency GlassReplacement 018 627 00611 Cover Point, April 1994

6th GradeRound 10 Vs Queanbeyan11 December 1993We struggled to keep the opposition in check,in particular two of their batsmen whobetween them compiled 173 of their team's7/208. Greg Rankin trundled well for 3/21.We showed much better form with the batquickly knocking up the required runs for theloss of only three wickets. Ian Webster andAlan Jones with 33 and 63 respectively setthe ball rolling and Steve (why aren't I in 1stGrade) Roberts (48no) and Chris Akers(60no) finished the job.ScoreWCCC 3/217 Q'beyan 7/208Webster 33 Rankin 3/21Jones 63Roberts 48 noAkers 60noRound 11 Vs Souths18 December 1993In a high scoring exciting game, 'Creekerssnuck in by some good luck, great umpiringand everyone doing something to contributeto what was a very important win against thebest team we had faced thus far. The luckcame in the form of Darren (I can hit furtherthan Merv!) Lemon choosing this game tostretch his muscles when batting, and moreimportantly, Connect! His slashing 59enabled us to reach 231; quite a competitivescore.The luck was the official umpires dockingSouths three overs for their slow over rate.We defended our total resolutely and cameup trumps. Alan Jones (don't tell fifth orfourth grade about him!) bowled brilliantlyfor 2/27 off nine and then assumed hissecond-half-of-the-innings position behindthe stumps to snare two great stumpings. Topwin boys!ScoreWCCC 7/231 Souths 9/226Roberts 65 Jones 2/27N. Dolman 46no Ord 4/46Lemon 59Round 12 Vs GWB8 January 1994Using eight bowlers, we completed our 45overs in the field without too much damageon the scoreboard. Despite Akers' worstefforts (one over — a run off every ball theycould reach) and Ted Woods giving their bestbat a little reminder of the day's festivities(KO in the 15th — admitted to hospital butfortunately OK), we were left to chase atantalising 174.3/97 and looking good with new chumCattley playing nicely, then oops — a runout, some close (are there any other type?)LBW dismissals and the skipper playing onewith his head to add eight more stitches to hismelon. A tie! We only got this close thanks tosome good lower order hitting from TedWoods.ScoreWCCC 9/174 GWB 6/174Cattley 48 Ord 3/26Akers 33Woods 21 noRound 13 Vs TuggeranongThe good oil was that Tuggeranong were theteam to beat in 6th grade this year, so wewere keen to reverse the result of ourprevious encounter. What went wrong? Bytea we were looking down the barrel of ahiding having to score 267 to knock 'em off.All bowlers took some stick but Jeremies'Bradley and Gardner maintained goodcontrol.1/16 - 2/29 our run chase began poorly.Chasing a big score such as we were,12 Cover Point, April 1994

someone had to score a ton. The Jones' boycame to the party and made a measured123no. The poor bugger didn't even score aclap for his 50 or 100 as the skipper waseager for him to push on without distractions.Well done Alan. Again, Lemon and Woodsreminded us all that the ball was there to behit and saw us through to a great win.ScoreWCCC 8/267 Tuggeranong 5/266Jones 123no Bradley 2/42Lemon 37Woods 40Round 14 Vs ANU22 January 1994Batting first, ANU compiled a solid 9/209.Our best bowler was young David Seale whoconcentrated hard for a well deserved 3/38.Tony (sorry I'm late again — I thought it wasFriday) Purcell mopped up the tail for threefine wickets.We knocked off the runs with little trouble;Ian Webster continued his excellent formwith a controlled 65.ScoreWCCC 5/212 ANU 9/209Webster 65 Purcell 3/24Cattley 5 lno Seale 3/38Bradley 29Round 15 Vs Western Districts29 January 1994This was a classic case of getting out of jail.Wests made a brisk 220 and it was only theefforts of the younger brigade comprisingMark Goodman and David Seale that wewere able to restrict the opposition to areasonable total. We were resigned toconceding defeat at 9/165 and were moreinterested in re-living Darren Lemon's 23 offthe opening over (three sixes) when the sametwo 'sprogs' decided to show their olderteam mates how to get on top of thisparticular attack. Seale (16no) ablysupported his more attacking partnerGoodman (43no) to steer us to an unlikelywin.ScoreWCCC 9/223 WDCC 6/220Goodman 43no Ord 2/35Lemon 36 Seale 1/19Akers 28Round 16 Vs CND5 February 1994If there was an award for BOG (best onground), Tony Purcell would have romped itin for this match. Six wickets is a tremendouseffort in any level of cricket. Tony's 6/19meant the opposition could only scroungetogether 128. Although we lost seven wicketson the way, the required runs were knockedoff with plenty of overs up our sleeves.ScoreWCCC 7/136 CND 128Halloran 34 Purcell 6/19Cattley 21Round 17 Vs Queanbeyan12 February 1994With every batsman bar one reaching doublefigures, Creek compiled a solid 6/211.Newcomer Mike Estreich scored a neat 40with Jeremy Bradley top scoring with 41 asan opener. We rolled Queanbeyan for 158with skipper Ord using his ferocious pace tograb four.ScoreWCCC 6/211 Q'bey an 158Bradley 41 Ord 4/19Estreich 40no Jones 3/35Ord 26Jones 2013 Cover Point, April 1994

Round 18 Vs Souths19 February 1994Brad (preying mantis) McKay made awelcome return to the fold with two wicketsin his opening spell. Jeremy Bradley left us areminder of his ability in his last game priorto continuing his architecture studies upnorth with an excellent spell of bowlingwhich left the opposition struggling at theclose with 147.At 3/16 and with a long tail, first drop DavidSeale was instructed to put head down, bumup and stay to the end. This he did in finestyle and carried his bat for a valuable 22no.Ted Woods was the best of the rest with acontrolled ('tis relative-controlled for Ted!)41. Tony Purcell enjoyed hitting a six for thewinning run with two balls to spare.WESTON CREEKFOOTBALL CLUBAND SPORTS CENTREPhone 288 5047Fremantle Drive, Stirling, ACT 2611CLUB FACILITIES• 8 icy cold beers on tap, plus full bar facilities• Function area catering for up to 250 guests• 45 of the most innovative poker machines and 'drawpoker' machines available• 2 lawn bowling greens• Family Bistro: Open Thursday-Sunday for lunch & dinnerLooking lor a Venue lor your lunclionPhone 288 5047 tor details and quotes• The best meals and cheapest prices in townCLUB ACTIVITIES• LUCKY BADGE DRAWS — Thursday and Friday night• HAPPY HOUR — 5.30-6.30pm Monday and Wednesday• MONSTER MEAT MART 7.00pm Friday• POKIE PROMOTIONS• HOUSIE every Tuesday and Thursday 7,30pmJOIN THE FRIENDLY FAMILY CLUB'Information for Members and Invited GuestsScoreWCCC 6/152 Souths 9/147Woods 41 Bradley 2/11Akers 25 Ord 4/28Seale 2?,no McKay 2/24Round 19 Vs GWB26 February 1994The highlight of our 224 was a mostwelcome return to form by Greg Rankin with56 top runs. Bar talk after the game was thatGreg's return to form was after a period ofsix years! Goodman and Purcell made goodcontributions to our solid total.With our regular bowlers concentrating ontheir fielding, the bowling attack was led byfirst game junior Jeromy Wilson whoreturned a fine 'five fa'. Jeremy Gardnertoiled well for a highly deserved two wicketsand Chris Akers could not get out of the wayof a skied ball to take a gimme (a rare eventthese days!).ScoreWCCC 224 GWB 148Rankin 56 Wilson 5/43Purcell 40 Rankin 2/20Goodman 36Round 20 Vs Tuggeranong5 March 1994This was our third high-scoring close gameagainst the Cooma mob this season butunfortunately we didn't come home with thebacon this time. We battled hard to restrictthem to 210 with each bowler doing wellwithout anyone looking particularlythreatening. The most pleasing aspect of ourstint in the field was that we held six catchesand didn't put too many down.Our run chase was hampered by a slow startwhich meant the lower order had no choicebut to go for it from the first ball faced.Debutante (?) Roger Lonie top scored withgood support given by openers Goodman and14 Cover Point, April 1994

Webster, and a typical lusty 35 from TedWoods. Ted had a distinct advantage as theopposition would not come near him for fearTed may breathe on them (yes, Ted had a BIGnight on Friday/Saturday morning!) A lateflurry from an impressive junior in TonyHaider saw us only six runs short at the bell.ScoreWCCCLonieWoodsWebsterGoodman20449353328Round 21 Vs ANUTuggeranong 9/210Jones 2/35McKay 2/39'Win and we are minor premiers guys'. Thatwas incentive enough for us to thrash a teamwho we would be meeting the followingweek in the semi-final. Our 131 was not tooflash with only Jones, Ord and Purcellreaching double figures. A guy called 'noball'helped to the tune of 35.Darren Lemon, returning after a stint on theinjured list, and Alan Jones tore the heart outof ANU with some quick and accuratebowling. The old fella timed his introductioninto the attack to perfection to dismiss theREAL batsmen at 9, 10 and 11. MarkGoodman continued to impress as a 'keeperwith three great grabs including a leg sidesnare. As this goes to press, we are about tohave a return stoush with ANU; I trust mynext lot of dribble will be just as positive andcheerful. Up the 'Creekers!ScoreWCCCJonesPurcellOrdSTOP PRESS!131 ANU 6330 Lemon 3/2126 Jones 3/1119 Ord 3/9We are in the big one — tie in the semi!!CAPITAL PRO SHOPCAPITAL PUBLIC GOLFNarrabundahCOURSEGOLFERS TAKE NOTEWhen looking for new or second handgolf equipment, come and see us atthe Capital Golf Course, Narrabundah."whenever possible I willbetter any advertised priceon golf equipment"MARK QUILTERGOLF PROFESSIONAL(Member of Australian P.G.A.)Phone (06) 295 9093Fax (06) 295 9093Private & Group Lessonsavailable by appointment only.'I will take your Cover Driveand turn it into a Straight Drive'15 Cover Point, April 1994

ACTCA Ladders as at 16 March 1994FIRST GRADEPlayed WO W1 D L1 LO Pointssc 14 0 8 5 1 0 58QBN 14 0 7 5 2 0 52WD 14 1 6 3 4 0 52TUGG 14 0 7 2 4 1 46ANU 14 1 4 5 4 0 44WC 14 1 2 3 7 1 28GWB 14 0 3 3 8 0 23CND 14 0 1 4 8 1 14FIFTH GRADEPlayed WO W1 D L1 LO PointsANU 14 0 11 2 1 0 70SC 14 1 8 1 4 0 60WC 14 0 9 2 2 1 58TUGG 14 2 4 2 6 0 48QBN 14 1 5 2 6 0 44WD 14 1 3 2 7 1 32GWB 14 1 1 2 9 1 20CND 14 0 2 1 8 3 14SECOND GRADEPlayed WO W1 T D L1 LO PointsSC 14 1 6 0 2 4 1 54QBM 14 0 8 0 3 3 C I 54TUGG 14 2 4 1 4 2 1 51ANU 14 1 5 0 4 4 C ) 48WD 14 0 6 0 3 3 2 ! 41WC 14 2 2 0 2 8 C I 36CND 14 1 2 1 2 6 2 29GWB 14 0 3 0 4 6 1 25SIXTH GRADEPlayed W T D L PointsWC 21 15 1 0 5 93TUGG 21 14 0 2 5 88CND 21 10 0 2 9 64ANU 21 10 0 1 10 62SC 21 8 0 2 11 52WD 21 7 0 2 12 46GWB 21 7 1 1 12 45QBN 21 6 0 2 13 40THIRD GRADEPlayed WO W1 D L1 LO PointsSC 14 0 9 5 0 0 64WC 14 1 7 2 3 1 56ANU 14 1 6 4 3 0 54QBN 14 0 5 3 6 0 36TUGG 14 0 4 5 5 0 34CND 14 0 4 4 6 0 32WD 14 0 3 5 5 1 28GWB 14 0 1 2 11 0 9SEVENTH GRADEPlayed W T D L PointsANU OB 20 15 0 1 4 92TUGG1 20 14 1 0 5 87TUGG2 20 11 1 0 8 69ANU1 20 11 0 0 9 64GWB 20 5 0 0 15 27ANU2 20 2 0 1 17 7FOURTH GRADEPlayed wo W1 D L1 LO PointsWC 14 0 10 2 2 0 64SC 14 0 9 3 2 0 60ANU 14 1 4 3 6 0 40CND 14 0 5 4 5 0 38WD 14 0 4 5 5 0 34TUGG 14 0 4 4 6 0 32GWB 14 0 4 3 7 0 30QBN 14 0 2 2 9 1 16Competition points have been deducted fromteams that had outstanding match result sheets upto and including Round 11 for 1st - 5th Grade,Round 14 for 6th Grade, and Round 13 for 7thGrade. This has resulted in the following teamslosing points:First Grade: GWB -1 from Rd 1Second Grade: WD -1 from Rd 6GWB -1 from Rd 7Third Grade: GWB -1 from Rd 6Seventh Grade: ANU -1 from Rd 2GWB -1 from Rd 1216 Cover Point, April 1994

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