Sightgard Protective Eyewear

Sightgard Protective Eyewear

Sightgard ® Protective EyewearNew!Safe and Sophisticated EyewearEasy-Flex TM EyewearVista TM EyewearIn today’s Protective Eyewear market, MSA is committed to providing the latest eyewearstyles. We are pleased to announce the expansion of our Sightgard Line of ProtectiveEyewear to include several new styles: the Easy-Flex, Vista, Voyager, and Mag serieseyewear; and exclusive to MSA is a complete line of NFL and Safe and Sophisticatedeyewear. We complete our line with accessories such as pre-moistened towelettes,lanyards, and display units.Sightgard Industrial Protective Eyewear is designed for protection against impact hazardsand/or flying particles, dust, sparks, and glare. Sightgard Industrial Protective Eyewearprovides excellent side-and front-impact protection, yet is comfortable to wear all day.All MSA Protective Eyewear regardless of lens shade provides a minimum of 99.9%protection against harmful UV radiation. Some models (UV-400) offer additional protection.ApprovalsAll Sightgard Industrial Protective Eyewear complies with the high-impact, and all other,requirements of ANSI Z87.1. Select models also meet CSA Z94.3.

MSA Sports Logo Safety GlassesOfficially Licensed NFL Safety GlassesExclusive!• Employees can support their favorite team while wearing the needed protection• Aurora ® anti-fog, scratch-resistant lens for improved vision• Rubber-tipped ratcheting temples for a comfortable custom fit• Available in clear and gray lenses• Meets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1 requirements for high impact standardsMSA Sports Logo Safety GlassesThe eight teams listed below are stocked. Other teams may be special ordered.Contact your MSA Safety Products Distributor for more information.Team Clear Lens Gray LensChicago Bears 10079147 10079246Dallas Cowboys 10079150 10079249Green Bay Packers 10079163 10079252Miami Dolphins 10079168 10079257New England Patriots 10079170 10079259New York Giants 10079172 10079261Oakland Raiders 10079174 10079263Pittsburgh Steelers 10079176 10079265Exclusive!MSA Safety Works Safe and Sophisticated GlassesSafe and Sophisticated Safety Eyewear• Large, fashionable lenses increase coverage• UV400 protection• Attention to detail and finish• Anti-fog coating prevents lenses from steaming up• All models meet OSHA and ANSI High-Impact requirements.Eyewear Display UnitSafe and Sophisticated Safety EyewearDazzling Black; black frames with gemstones, grey lenses, UV 400, Anti-fog 10087053Dazzling Red; red frames with gemstones, I/O mirrored lenses, UV 400, Anti-fog 10087054Icon Tortoise Shell; tortoise shell frames, grey lenses, UV 400, Anti-fog 10087055Icon White; white frames, grey lenses, UV 400, Anti-fog 10087056• Revolving• High-quality ball-bearingdesign• Holds 24 pairs of eyewear• Includes mirror andpromotion holderEyewear Display UnitRevolving EyewearDisplay Unit, less glasses697518

The Sightgard ® Line of Protective EyewearSightgard Industrial Protective Eyewear is designed for protection against impact hazards and/or flying particles, dust, sparks, and glare. Sightgard IndustrialProtective Eyewear provides excellent side- and front-impact protection while still being com fort able to wear.ApprovalsAll Sightgard Industrial Protective Eyewear meets ANSI Z87.1 – 2003 high impact requirements. Selected eyewear meets CSA Z94.3 (indicated by *).Easy-Flex Protective EyewearFlex for a Comfortable FitVista Protective Eyewear• 99% UV protection• Polycarbonate lens for high impact protection• Full protection at a great price• One-piece lens• Choice of clear, gray and indoor/outdoor lenses• 99% UV protection• Polycarbonate lenses for high-impact protection• Temples and frame flex to fit a wide variety of faces• Hard-coated lenses• A choice of clear, gray, amber, “180 blue” mirror and “sky orange”mirror lensesEasy-Flex Protective EyewearEasy-Flex, clear lens, blue-gray frame 10070917Easy-Flex, gray lens, blue-gray frame 10070918Easy-Flex, amber lens, blue-gray frame 10070919Easy-Flex, “180 blue” mirror lens, blue-gray frame 10070920Easy-Flex, “sky orange” mirror lens, metallic sand frame 10070921Vista Protective EyewearVista, clear lens, metal gray temple 10070914Vista, gray lens, metal gray temple 10070915Vista, Indoor/Outdoor mirrored lens, brown copper temple 10070916Arctic Elite Protective Eyewear• Soft tip temples• Padded nose bridge• Lightweight• A notch above the standard ArcticsAurora Protective Eyewear• 9-base curved lens• Spring-comfort adjustable nose bridge• Soft-end temples• Vertical temple adjustment• Anti-fog replaceable lens (blue mirror, hard coat lens only)Arctic Elite Protective EyewearArctic Elite, clear, AF 10038845Arctic Elite, gray, AF 10038846Arctic Elite, light gold indoor/outdoor lens 10059671Arctic Protective Eyewear• Stylish cat’s eye look• Built-in side impact• Tuff-Stuff anti-scratch lens coating• Available with clear protection or gray-tinted lens/frameBackby populardemand!Aurora Protective EyewearArctic Protective EyewearArctic, clear lens 697514Arctic, gray lens 697515Arctic, blue-mirrored lens 10008179With black frame.Clear anti-fog lens 10026005Gray anti-fog lens 10026006Amber anti-fog lens 10026007Blue mirror anti-fog lens 10026008Clear lens in deluxe eyewear pouch with spare Gray and Amberlens, cleaning cloth—Fire Service logo on lens and pouch10034931

Sightgard ® Single Lens GogglesSoftframe Single Lens GogglesSoftframe Perforated Single Lens GogglesSoftframe 4-Vent Single Lens GogglesSoftframe Goggles effectively fit most facial contours.Large, one-piece, .060-inch-thick polycarbonate lensprovides wide, undistorted field of vision. OptionalAnti-Fog Coated Lenses are available for workinvolving high humidity, temperature changes orgreater worker exertion. The scratch-resistant coatingis unaffected by most organic solvents, ammoniacaland alkaline detergents.ApprovalsSoftframe, Clearvue, Respirator, and Rubber FrameGoggles by MSA meet all applicable re quire ments ofANSI Z87.1-2003—high impact (except Wire ScreenGoggles).Goggle RetainersSightgard Single Lens GogglesType Frame Color Frame Style Lens Type Headband P/N Z87Softframe Clear Perforated Standard Elastic 695847 High ImpactSoftframe Clear Perforated Anti-Fog Elastic 695850 High ImpactSoftframe Clear 4-Vent Standard Elastic 695848 High ImpactSoftframe Clear 4-Vent Anti-Fog Elastic 695851 High ImpactSoftframe Clear Nonvented Anti-Fog Elastic 695852 High ImpactWire Screen N/A Nonvented Wire Elastic 695932 Basic ImpactRespirator Clear 4-Vent Anti-Fog Elastic 461027 High ImpactRubber Frame Clear 4-Vent Acetate Standard Rubber 791072 High ImpactClearvue 200* Clear Indirect Vent Anti-Fog Elastic 696776 High ImpactGoggle RetainersGoggle Retainer only, for Protective Caps 459458Goggle Retainer only, for Protective Hats 449895* Meets CSA Z94.3Respirator GogglesSoftframe 4-vent Respirator Goggles by MSAare specially con struct ed to wear with MSArespirators and have a .060-inch-thick anti-fogclear lens.Clearvue ® 200 GogglesWire-Screen GogglesWire Screen Goggles feature a clear nonventedframe, wire lens, and elastic headband.Rubber Frame GogglesSturdy neoprene-rubber accessory can be usedwith any protective cap or hat. Retains goggle onheadwear when not in use and holds gogglesecurely when worn for eye protection.These goggles feature an integrated-framedesign and a flexible, rolled-in cushion at thetemples which provides comfort without tensionor pressure points.For use where fine dust in high-velocityconcentration is a problem and where minor impacthazards exist.Note: This Bulletin contains onlya general description of the productsshown. While uses and performancecapabilities are described, under nocircumstances shall the productsbe used by untrained or unqualifiedindividuals and not until theproduct instructions includingany warnings or cautions providedhave been thoroughly read andunderstood. Only they containthe complete and detailedinformation concerningproper use and care ofthese products.ID 0305-22-MC / March 2008© MSA 2008 Printed in U.S.A.Corporate HeadquartersP.O. Box 426, Pittsburgh, PA 15230 USAPhone 412-967-3000www.MSAnet.comU.S. Customer Service CenterPhone 1-800-MSA-2222Fax 1-800-967-0398MSA CanadaPhone 416-620-4225Fax 416-620-9697MSA MexicoPhone 52-55 21 22 5770Fax 52-55 5359 4330MSA InternationalPhone 412-967-3354FAX 412-967-3451Offices and representatives worldwideFor further information:

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