Schlumberger Information Solutions Application Delivery Platform

Schlumberger Information Solutions Application Delivery Platform

Schlumberger LiveQuest:Application Delivery Platform andCollaboration SolutionMario DeanLiveQuest Product ChampionGTC May 2012

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Why are companies pursuing centralized petrotechnicalinfrastructure?Data delivery to petrotechnical applicationsIncrease collaborative workflowsBetter data securityRemote workingEasier backup/recoveryIT spend in controlled environmentFaster petrotechnical application updates / deployment

LiveQuest – The SIS Application Delivery PlatformFor customers pursuing an internallycentralized petro technical infrastructurestrategy, LiveQuest provides:• Industry leading remote visualizationtechnology purpose-built for petrotechnical applications (SpeciallyPetrel)• Powerful and intuitive web-basedadministration tools• One click collaboration features withshared control

Components of the Application Delivery PlatformAvailable end2012RemoteVisualizationConnectionBrokerOrchestrationEngineHypervisorEngineDeploy Petrel inthe datacenterUser and groupmanagementApplicationmanagementLoad balancingand collaborationFlexiblepetrotechnicalinfrastructureFull flexibility forpetrotechnicalapplications invirtual machines

Deployment of Petrel from the data centerPetrel E&P Software PlatformOptimize exploration and development operationsPetrel E&P Software Platform helps increase reservoirperformance by improving asset team productivity.Geophysicists, geologists, and reservoir engineers candevelop collaborative workflows and integrate operations tostreamline processes.BenefitsUnify workflows for E&P teams—Eliminate the gaps intraditional systems that require handoffs from one technicaldomain to the next using Petrel model-centric workflows in ashared earth model.Manage risk and uncertainty—Easily test multiple scenarios,analyze risk and uncertainty, capture data relationships andparameters to perform rapid updates as new data arrives, andperform detailed simulation history matching.Enable knowledge management and best practices—Reduce workflow learning curves by capturing best practicesvia the Workflow Editor, providing quick access to preferredworkflows and increasing ease of use through intuitive andrepeatable workflows.

LiveQuest – Robust Petrotechnical connection brokerWeb Portal / Broker• Links to corporateauthentication• Acts as user andadministrator portalDedicated applicationservers• High performance(Petrel)• One-to-one connection• Windows 7Shared application servers• Modest performance• One-to-manyconnections• Windows or Linux• 3D or 2DCurrent Remote Visualization TechnologiesThinAnywhere – 2D and 3D applications

Supports both Dedicated and Shared Application ServerInfrastructureDedicated Workstation or Server Per User• Superior performance andcompatibility• Support graphic intensive 3Dworkflows (Geophysics)Shared Infrastructure - Multiuser• Non-graphic intensiveworkflows (Geology and RE)• Reduced infrastructure TCO

ThinAnywhere Server for Linux (Shared Infrastructure)Application images directly sent to the clientRemote usersVisualization ServersApplication ServersLQ agentThinAnywhere RDP plug-inLQ client 1IIPTAw session 1RDPWindowsApplicationNVidia GPULQ client 2IIPTAw session 2SSH /RSHLinuxApplicationLQ agentNVidia GPULQ agent

ThinAnywhere Server for Windows (Dedicatedinfrastructure)Windows Application ServersRemote usersLQ client 1TAw SfWWindowsApplicationNVidia GPUTAw SfWLQ client 2WindowsApplicationNVidia GPU

Technology comparison (Frames per second)

Technology comparison (Network Utilization)

Technology comparison (Frames per second in Low bandwidth – 10Mbps)

ThinAnywhere Server for Windows – enabling remotevisualization for PetrelSuperior bandwidthfootprint(~6Mbps)Uncompromising performance, withsuperior video compression technologyfor petrotechnical applicationsSuperior latencytoleration(140ms)Bandwidth (Mbps)TAw S4WTAw LegacyRGSDCV0 10 20 30 40 5024” monitor, Petrel 2010, spinning model

LiveQuest connection broker capabilitiesMulti-OS SupportWeb-based administrationOne click collaboration

LiveQuest Web based Administration

LiveQuest high level designRemote (WAN)usersDedicated app serversWeb portal /BrokerCentralized storagearraysLocal usersInternetShared app serversCorporateVPNMobile users

Future of Application Delivery PlatformVisualization• Continue to pursue superior Petro technical applicationperformance• Incorporate new graphics technology (New Monterey SDK, Kepler,CUDA)Orchestration• Dynamic allocation of physical hardware• Increase flexibility of petro technical infrastructureVirtualization• Hypervisor capabilities to break physical machine barriers• Conceptual only at this stage

Key features of the Orchestration EngineDynamic allocation of computing resources• Automatically provision compute resources based onload, scheduleRole-based resource assignment• Assign compute, applications, licenses based ondiscipline (geologist) or asset (new ventures)Enable quick deployment of petrotechnicalapplications• Configure testing nodes, push immediately toproduction

Key features of the Hypervisor EngineAllocation of graphics resources to VMs• On-demand allocation of additional GPU resources forgraphics intensive petrotechnical applicationsSegment or span physical hardware• Enables full flexibility of computing resources asdemands change 24x7

High level future designOrchestration / provisioning layerRemote (WAN)usersDynamically allocate petrotechnicalcompute resources based on usagerequirementsLocal usersWeb portal /BrokerHypervisor layerEnables full flexibilityNot technically feasible (yet)Computing ResourcesInternetCorporateVPNCentralized storagearraysMobile users

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