Planning to Communicate - NEOS Library Consortium

Planning to Communicate - NEOS Library Consortium

Planning to CommunicateNEOS Mini-ConferenceThe King's University CollegeJune 4, 2004

• Marketing and communication• The communication plan

The Marketing Mix andthe Central Phone Line• Product• Price• Place• Promotion• People• Processes• PhysicalEvidence

C is for CustomerProductChoicePriceCostPlaceConveniencePromotionCommunicationPeopleProcessesPhysical EvidenceCareCorporateCompetenceConsistency

AIDA Model ofCommunication• Attention• Interest• Desire• Action

Building theCommunication Plan• Who are thestakeholders?• What messageare wesending?• How should wecommunicate?• When and howoften will wecommunicate?• Feedback?

Draft Communications Plan – Library ServicesRegionalizationActionWork withgraphic designeron concept forposter and giveaway itemsEmail to all UAHstaff regardingthe trial of thecentral phoneline.Notice on UAHIntranetregarding thetrial of thecentral phoneline.Article in SiteSpecificsnewsletterTimingFebruaryWeek of Feb 16Week of Feb 16FebruaryResponsibilityTobie, , PublicAffairsTobie, , PublicAffairsTobie, , PublicAffairs andLibrarianTobie, , PublicAffairs andLibrarian

Communication Methodsfor Internal Marketing• Meetings• Reports• Memos• Notices• Newsletters• Presentations• Letters• E-mails• Telephone calls

Reasons to Communicate• To disseminateinformation• To buildrelationships• To give specificinstructions• To share ideasand values• To negotiate• To discuss• To motivate• To persuade• To seek feedback

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