ASBPA - Bayou Dupont - Restore America's Estuaries
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ASBPA - Bayou Dupont - Restore America's Estuaries

A Case Study and Logistics Review on the Designand Construction of the Bayou Dupont MississippiRiver Sediment Marsh Creation ProjectJefferson and Plaquemines Parishes, LARuss J. Joffrion, P.E.Whitney Thompson, P.E.Louisiana Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration2010 Restore America’s Estuary Conference, Galveston, TX

Outline• Project background and objectives.• Design requirements for a successful marshcreation project.• Project Construction Challenges.• Lessons Learned.

Project Background• Funding Sources:• Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, andRestoration Act (CWPPRA) and the American Recoveryand Reinvestment Act• Project Sponsors:• Louisiana Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration(OCPR)• Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)• National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA)

Project Objectives• Create and restore approximately 577 acresof intermediate marsh.• Utilize the renewable resource of theMississippi River for the marsh fill material.• Provide pipeline corridor infrastructurecrossings for future dredging projects.



Barataria Basin LandbridgeNaomiLafitteLake SalvadorThe PenBA-41(Awarded?)BA-39 (II)(Built)BA-39 (Built)BA-39 (III)EPAMyrtle GroveBA-23(Built)BA-26(Built)R2-BA-12NRCS PPL 20BA-48BA-48 (II)NOAA PPL 20BA-27(Built)13.324.3BA-36(Built)20.1BARATARIA LANDBRIDGER2-BA-15NRCS PPL 20Little LakeTurtle Bay

Criteria Needed for a SuccessfulMarsh Creation Project• Identify Infrastructure & Cultural Resources• Identify the Borrow Source• Identify Marsh Creation Fill Area(s)• Identify Construction Access & PipelineCorridors• Bathymetric and Geotechnical Data Acquisition• Determine Target Marsh Fill Elevation• Submit Permits

Project Location

Mississippi River Borrow AreaDesign Criteria• USACE Mississippi River Dredging Restrictions andoffsets• Navigation Concerns• Existing Revetment• Mississippi River Levee Crossing Requirements• River Stage Seasonal Variation• Required Volume for Marsh Fill Areas• Proposed USACE Saltwater Barrier Sill Location• Monitoring Bathymetric Surveys for Infilling

Revised Mississippi River Borrow Area

Revised Mississippi River Borrow Area• Material: D50 is approximately 0.35mm & 10% silt.• Located on a stable point bar.• Revised Mississippi River Borrow Area Template dueto navigation concerns; conducted slope stabilityanalyses.

Marsh Creation Design Criteria• Existing Marsh Elevation = 0.88’ NAVD88• Mean High Water = 0.87’ NAVD88• Mean Low Water = 0.50’ NAVD88• Target Marsh Fill Elevation = 1.3’ NAVD88• Construction Marsh Fill Elevation = 2.0’ NAVD88(based on consolidation estimates)

Marsh Creation Fill Areas

Marsh Creation Area- Increment 2

Dredge Pipeline Corridor

Dredge Pipeline CorridorHighwayCrossingRailroadCrossing

Construction• Bid Opening – November 2008- Great LakeDredge and Docks Company• BA-39: $20,723,015• BA-39 II: $ 4,566,003• Notice to Proceed – February 2009• Construction Start – April 2009• Dredging Complete – March 2010• Demobilization Complete – April 2010

Construction Equipment• 32” Hydraulic Cutter Suction Dredge Florida.• Approximately 2,500,000 cubic yards riversediment placed.• Marsh Hoe 1.75 cu. yd. bucket.

Hydraulic Dredge

Dredge Pipeline Corridor

Dredge Pipeline Corridor

Jacking Pit

Receiving Pit

Dewatering Equipment

Marsh Construction

Marsh Construction

Marsh ConstructionAugust 2010

August 2010

Construction Issues and Lessons Learned• Mississippi River- Barge Oil Spill – August 2008• 2009 High River Stage– No excavation above +11’ NGVD at CarrolltonGage (USACE – New Orleans)– Unclear Army 404 Permit Conditions• Navigation Industry– Borrow Area Relocation• Survey Data

Construction Issues and Lessons LearnedRiver Stage – Fall 2009High Water Stage

Acknowledgements• Whitney Thompson, P.E., Coastal Planning &Engineering, Inc.• Brad Miller, OCPR Project Manager• Peter Hopkins, P.E., OCPR Field Engineer• Paul Kaspar, EPA Project Manager• Cecilia Linder & Cheryl Brodnax, NOAA• Roy Woods, Project Manager, Great LakesDredge and Dock Company


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