The Standard of Accuracy - Pratt & Whitney
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The Standard of Accuracy - Pratt & Whitney

UNIVERSALMEASURINGSYSTEMLABMASTER ®The Standard of AccuracyLaser-BasedLABMASTER ® is designed to provide the ultimate inuser-friendly operation while delivering calibration-qualityaccuracy and reproducibility. Our exclusive digital interferometermeasures internal and external dimensions bycomparing the measurement probe position to the wavelengthof a laser light source, effectively coupling thewavelength of light to the part being measured. Ourpatented laser path is in line with the measurement axisto eliminate Abbe error.The thermal coeffi cient of expansion for this laserwavelength is more than ten times smaller than that of steel,making for a highly stable measurement source. Equallyimportant, the linearity errors inherent in other scales(glass, steel, LVDT’s) are absent in Pratt & Whitney’s laser.Because this wavelength of light is stable, linear, andhas very high resolution, when compared to like instruments,LABMASTER ® provides the most accurate meansof linear dimension measurement available in the world. Andthat’s not all.To further minimize instrument error, precision forcesystems guide our exclusive bi-directional probes andassociated optics along very accurate air-bearing slides. Alarge, variable-attitude work table accommodates a growingfamily of fi xtures to precisely hold your gages and parts.GageCal , our own Windows ® -based control softwaresimplifi es data collection and speeds up data entry. Add ouroptional gage management module and the system iscomplete; with all subsystems complementing each otherto deliver the accuracy of a comparator while offering theproductivity associated with direct-reading instruments.Simple, Flexible and FastEnglish or metric measurement of rings, plugs, pins,threaded plugs, gage blocks, length standards, threadedrings, calipers, and just about any precision part, is accomplishedin virtually no time at all. This speed advantagecomes from our exclusive bi-directional probes, integratedlocating posts to locate parts on the measuring table, and awide direct reading range.To use, master the instrument with the following twostep technique. First place a laboratory grade gage block,traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST), against the integrated locating posts and close thebi-directional probes. Once engaged, key in the value of theblock. Next, open the probes and replace the gage blockwith another larger gage block. Again close the bi-directionalprobes and key in the value of the block. The systemis now calibrated throughout the range of the two blocks.Using different size gage blocks allows the user to vary thesize of the range to meet specifi c needs.Now that the system is calibrated, any external dimensionspecimen that falls within the calibrated range can beplaced between the bi-directional probes. Once the probesare closed on the specimen, the absolute measurement,traceable to NIST, will be displayed. That’s all there is to it.To switch to internal measurement, reset the datum bypositioning a NIST traceable ID master over the probes,open the probes and key in the new internal datum.With no hooked feelers or jaws to compromise accuracy,and no levers to adjust when changing direction, youspend your time measuring, not setting up! Changingbetween inch or metric happens with the touch of a button.A Standard to Grow WithAt Pratt & Whitney we’re committed to an ongoingdevelopment program, that will produce a continuousstream of new or improved applications for the LABMASTER ®product line. We’re equally sensitive to the investment onemakes in such an instrument. That’s why we make all newdevelopments reverse compatible to the very fi rst Labmasterwe shipped. So when you purchase a Labmastertoday, be assured that your investment is safe. Becauseas your measurement needs evolve-and they will-yourLABMASTER ® and Pratt & Whitney will be there ready toaccommodate your new measurement needs.Guaranteed Service/A2LA AccreditedThe LABMASTER ® was designed with serviceabilityin mind. Our exclusive modular design facilitates problemisolation and fi eld interchangeability. We offer a one-yearwarranty (longer available) and service personnel whoreceive factory training to provide you with experiencedproduct supportand calibration services meeting ISO17025 standards.We’ve built these instruments to exacting standards ofaccuracy and reproducibility to guarantee you years of highproductivity, reliability, and product integrity. Our reputation,as well as yours, depends on it.Broad Application Bi-directional Probes Optional Foot Switch(U.S. Patent)

UNIVERSALMEASURINGSYSTEMLABMASTER ®Instrument Uncertainty: 1,2 2 + 0.5L Microinches (±2 std. dev.) 0.05 + 0.5L/1000 Microns (±2 std. dev.)Repeatability: 1 1.6 Microinches (±2 std. dev.) 0.04 Microns (±2 std. dev.)Resolution: 0.1 Microinch 0.0025 MicronsMeasurement Range:Internal:External:0.02" to 79.8"0 to 78.8"0.5 to 2026 mm0 to 2000 mmDirect Reading Range: 39.4" 1000 mmStandard Contact Force: 0.5 ozf 0.14NVariable Force: 2 to 40 ozf 0.56 N to 11.12 NMeasuring Probe Geometry: 0.0625˝ radius Ruby Sphere 1.6 mm radius Ruby SphereTable Lift Range: 1.5 inches 38 mmElectrical Requirements:SPECIFICATIONS110 / 120 V (2A)60 Hzor220 / 240 V (1A)50 HzPneumatic Requirements: 1.5 SCFM at 50 psi 2.55m 3 /HR at 345 kPaDimensions (W x D x H) 70 x 20 x 16 inches 178 x 51 x 41 cmShipping Weight: 500 lbs. 227 kgs.Transducer:Helium-Neon 632.8nm (red)1. Environmental conditions should be within +/- 0.5°F (0.25°C), +/- 0.05 in Hg (1.5mm Hg), and +/- 25% relative humidity betweenmastering and measuring. Simply re-master if variation exceeds these conditions. Re-mastering takes less than 1-minute.2. Total measurement uncertainty will vary with grade of master and application.L= Length (inch/mm)NIST TRACEABLELabmaster’s exclusive Digital Interferometer-based sensor, accuratelymeasures length by comparing the measurement probe position to theabsolute wavelength of a laser light source.WARRANTY POLICYAny part which, under normal operating conditions in the plant of the original purchaser, proves defective inmaterial or workmanship within one (1) year from the date of shipment as determined by Pratt & Whitney’sinspection, will be repaired free of charge, f.o.b. factory Bloomfield, Connecticut, provided that the producthas been properly installed, maintained and operated within the limits of rated and normal usage.ACCREDITEDCALIBRATION CERT. #2629.01For further information call or write:Main Office and PlantPratt & Whitney ®Measurement Systems, Inc.66 Douglas StreetBloomfi eld, CT 06002-3619U.S.A.Toll Free: (800) 371-7174Phone: (860) 286-8181Fax: (860) 286-7878E-mail: info@prattandwhitney.comwww.prattandwhitney.comThe information in this document is subject to change without notice.Customers are urged to consult with a Pratt & Whitney ® sales representativeto confirm availability and specifi cations.Pratt & Whitney ® is a registered trademark ofPratt & Whitney ® Measurement Systems, Inc.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.© 2008 Pratt & Whitney ® - Printed in U.S.A.U.S. Export Control Laws Compliance:Export and re-export of laser measuring instruments manufactured by Pratt & Whitney are subject to U.S. Export Administration Regulations,which are administered by the Commerce Department. The applicable restrictions vary depending on the specifi c product involved and itsdestination. In some cases, U.S. law requires the U.S. Government approval be obtained prior to resale, export or re-export. Clarifi cation canbe obtained by contacting Pratt & Whitney or an appropriate U.S. Government agency.

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