Fashion Accessories - My Label 3D Fashion Pattern Software
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Fashion Accessories - My Label 3D Fashion Pattern Software

Fashion AccessoriesZipper Foot #4Zipper Foot with Guide #14Invisible Zipper Foot #35No matter what type of zipper – centered, lapped, invisible, or trouser;BERNINA ® has a presser foot that makes it easier to insert withprofessional results.Button Sew-On Foot #18 – The adjustable “pin” of Foot #18 lets youdetermine the thread shank length when attaching buttons – especiallyuseful when stitching heavy coats and jackets so buttons won’t be too snug.Remove the “pin” to attach buttons firmly with no thread shank at all – greatfor adding decorative buttons as embellishments and for tacking layersfabric together.Piping Foot #38 – This “straight-stitch-only” foot is used to make mini-pipingand for uneven sewing surfaces such as when sewing on heavy trims orstitching on a jacket next to an edge with bulky seam allowances.Page 2

Fashion AccessoriesBERNINA ® Stitch Regulator #42 (BSR) - Free-motion embellishment iseasier than ever with the BSR, enabling even the novice sewer to simplyand concisely add free-form decorative elements to fabrics and surfaces.Also for quilting and/or stitching layers of material together.Walking Foot #50 – No need to avoid slippery or hard-to-handle fabrics,as this foot holds the fabric layers together as they move under the needle.Great for matching stripes or plaids with no slippage.Hemmer Feet #61 - #69 – Available in several versions, these hemmer feetdouble-turn the fabric and feed it under the needle for stitching in one operation.The feet offer different sizes for the finished hems and can be usedwith a straight stitch (#62 and #64) or a zigzag/decorative stitch (#61, #63,and #66).Feet #68 and #69 are roll and shell hemmers that produce scalloped hems,especially effective on lingerie or when using lightweight, fine fabrics.Page 3

Fashion AccessoriesLap Seam Feet #70 and #71 – These presser feet easily produce lapped(also called flat-felled) seams. Often seen in ready-to-wear sportswear, themost familiar uses of flat-felled seams are in blue jeans and men’s tailoredshirts. This type of seam is also a good choice for reversible garments, asboth sides of the seam are completely finished.Bias Binder Attachment #84 with Binder Foot #94 – Bind edges in justone step! Speed your construction time by eliminating facings and bindingneck edges, armholes and hems, especially on lightweight garments; alsoexcellent for Hong Kong seam finishes.Page 4

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