Building A Energy Program From the Ground Up – A Case ... - E2S2

Building A Energy Program From the Ground Up – A Case ... - E2S2

Building A Energy Program From theGround Up – A Case Study of theUnited States Coast GuardJesse Maestas, CEMFinancial AnalystURS Corporation Supporting the US Coast GuardMay 10, 2011

US Coast Guard Facts and Figures50,000+ Utility Invoices5,000+ Utility Account9,600+ Buildings675+ Cost Centers~50 Covered Facilities3T BTU of Shore EnergyShore Energy is ~1/3 of Total EnergyCosts

US Cost Guard OrganizationEnergy Program Office at HQFinance CenterCivil EngineeringUnit LevelContract Support

Key Energy Management MetricsMetric CategoryEnergy Use IntensityWater Use IntensityRenewable EnergyGreen House GasesEnergy AuditsUtility MetersSustainable DesignCurrent RequirementReduce 30% by FY15 and 37.5% by FY20Reduce 26% by FY207.5% of total electricity FY13+Reduce Scope 1 and 2 Emissions 25% by FY2025% of covered facilities each yearInstall advanced electricity meters by FY12, gas & steam by FY1615% of existing buildings meet High Performance & Sustainablerequirements by FY15• Complex program, multiple drivers, different baselines• Projects can provide progress toward single or multiple metrics, may beinfluenced by other programs/projects (i.e. Space Utilization, Planning)

Scorecard PerformanceMetric Category FY10 Requirement FY10 ResultsEnergy Use Intensity 15.0% reduction 18.7% reductionWater Use Intensity 6.0% reduction 17.0% reductionRenewable Energy 5.0% of electricity 9.5% of electricityGreen House GasesScope 1 & 2Scope 325% reduction by FY205.4% reduction by FY20Energy Audits 25% per year 25%11.6% reduction26.5% reductionSince FY06, USCG has met or exceeded everyenergy related scorecard requirement

USCG Energy ToolkitProgram GuidanceEnhanced Data ManagementLeveraged InvestmentOutreach and Awareness

Program GuidanceEnergy Management Strategysigned by Commandant in May2010Lays groundwork forsustainable and integrativeenergy managementOperational SustainabilityPerformance PlanEstablishes actions to meetrequirements of EO13514 andrelated statutory requirements

Enhanced Data Management

Real Property SummaryCategory Million Sq Ft % of SFFamily Housing 9.1 30%Operations 3.0 10%Barracks/UPH/Dining 3.0 10%Aircraft Maintenance 2.5 8%Storage/Warehouses 2.4 8%General Maintenance 2.3 7%Administration 2.2 7%MWR 1.6 5%Training 1.6 5%Services/Medical 1.4 5%Aids to Navigation 1.1 4%Other 0.3 1%30.29 100%

Electricity and Water BalanceUnit TypeConsumption(Million kWh) %Shore Ties 106 21%HQ Units 101 20%BSU 75 15%Stations 43 9%Sector 43 9%Family Housing 41 8%Air Stations 36 7%LORAN 22 4%Other 18 4%CommunicationStations 7 1%Aids to Navigation 3 1%Total 495 100.0%Unit TypeConsumption(Million gal.) %Family Housing 345 33%BSU 216 20%Shore Ties 168 16%Headquarters 161 16%Station 91 9%Air Station 46 4%Sector 27 3%Aids to Navigation 4

FINCEN Web applications

Summary Utility Data

Access to Utility Invoices

Advanced Metering InfrastructureBased on EPACT05 “Practicability” of electric meters~100 buildings required metersAMI project initiated in Sep 2010 (electricity)All buildings over 5K gsfMajor shore ties~4000 metersNatural Gas, Steam, Water added once datamanagement system infrastructure in place

Leveraged InvestmentEnergy Savings Performance ContractsUtility Energy Savings ContractsPower Purchase AgreementsEnergy Services Agreements

Energy SavingsPerformance Contracts13 Contracts Awarded$100+ Million Invested14% Energy Savings

Kodiak ESPC

Shipyard Renewable EnergyLandfill Gas Co-Generation Plant (4 Megawatts)100% Renewable Energy ProjectOperational April 2009

Energy SavingsPerformance ContractsConstruction PhaseSector New YorkUSCG AcademyPuerto Rico

Energy SavingsPerformance ContractsIn DevelopmentPuerto Rico (Mod)PortsmouthYorktownElizabeth City

Utility Energy Savings Contracts3 ContractsAwarded$2.5+ MillionInvested1 In process

Power Purchase AgreementPetaluma PV

1 MW Total Solar Power

Energy Savings Agreement (ESA)A power purchase agreement embedded into anESPCFirst of kind in Federal Sector (as far as we know)Allows for a longer term contractLeverages renewable energy with traditionalefficiency measuresAllows for capture of tax benefits

Puerto Rico ESAIncludes Cool Roofs2.89MW PVTraditional energymeasures still inprocess

OutreachServing to fosterprogram recognition atCoast Guard HeadquartersEngage greater Coast Guardin energy managementprogram effortsCatalyst for cultural andbehavioral change

OutreachHistorically, outreach hasbeen event-driven,as-neededOutreach to become morecomprehensive, proactiveapproach with bothprogrammatic andbehavioral components

Outreach-To-DateEnergy StrategyEarth Day OutreachPortalPoster/iCommandant/White House Blog/ALCOASTTradeshow Exhibit DisplayVarious Email-based“news releases”Beginning of Project SheetRepository

Bottom Up Involvement

HECO Load Control Program

Demand Response Incentive

Sector San Francisco Renewable Energy

Energy EfficiencyPhotovoltaics & Vending

Energy EfficiencyExterior Lighting & Solar Domestic HW

Energy EfficiencyCutter Retrofits & Conservation Voltage Reg

High Performance BuildingsSeattle Operations BldgLEED Silver

LEED Silver Housing

LEED Gold Housing

Air Station Barbers PointVertical Axis Wind Turbine

Tidal Energy

Training Center PetalumaLEED EB O&M

Aids to Navigation

LED Aids to Navigation

Reliability through Renewables

Readiness through Renewables

Telecoms w/ Wind Power

(Really) Remote Sites

"Never underestimate the power of asmall, dedicated group of people tochange the world; indeed, that is theonly thing that ever has."- Margaret Mead

Thank You!Jesse Maestas, CEMVice President, Practice LeaderEnergy Management ServicesURS Corporationjesse.l.maestas@uscg.milJesse_maestas@urscorp.com303.740.3976


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