Get Onlineweekclosing event Riga, Latvia - 4 March 2011 - LIKTA
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Get Onlineweekclosing event Riga, Latvia - 4 March 2011 - LIKTA

A Digital Agenda for Europe - 2011• Broadband strategy & regulatory approach– Market-based regulation in the EU– NGA Recommendation (next generation access)2013100% internetcoverage2020100% coverageof ≥30Mbps50% households takeupof ≥100Mbps

Digital inclusionget more people online60%75%41% 60% 30% 15%now 2015 now 2015 now 2015regular use disadvantaged never usedeSkills training

Making things happen• Policy– As we are in Riga…. Remember 2006 !– eInclusion initiative – 2008– Europe 2020 Strategy / Smart, Inclusive, Sustainable– Innovation Union and its 7 flagships– Digital Agenda for Europe• What will make it succeed– Stakeholders, stakeholders, stakeholders– Telecentres across Europe– Digital Champions, cf UK– National platforms, cf NL

Building Momentum–(eInclusion Be Part of It!)–Get Online week–Digital Agenda Assembly 2011• Big ideas–Polish Presidency Conferences

Achieving the targetsteam upcollaboratejoin forcesYOUR support and guidance essential!

Thank you! Questions?Digital Agenda for Europe

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