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Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s NotesToothacheMr Bean and © Tiger Aspect Productions Ltd 2011. All Rights Reserved.Welcome to the Popcorn ELT Readers series, a graded readers series forlow-level learners of English. These free teacher’s notes will help you andyour classes get the most from your Mr Bean Popcorn ELT Reader.Level 2Popcorn ELT Readers level 2 is for students who are gaining confidence in reading inEnglish, based on a 250 headword list. The simple past tense is introduced at this level.Mr Bean: Toothache has a total story wordcount of 590 words.Mr Bean: Toothache – synopsisMr Bean is watching TV one day and eating his favourite snack,popcorn. He bites down hard on a piece of popcorn and hurts histooth. The toothache is terrible and Mr Bean can’t sleep. He tries,unsuccessfully, to pull out his tooth and ends up tieing his tooth toa chest of drawers that he pushes out of the window. Mr Bean fliesout of the window too, but his tooth stays where it is. The next timehe tries to pull out his tooth, he causes a road accident, so he goesback inside. There, the tooth falls out on its own.Mr Bean decides to stick his tooth back into his mouth with glue,but glues it to his hand by mistake. He then cuts the green horn offa dinosaur toy to replace the tooth. It looks horrible, so he decidesto go to the dentist. The dentist removes the tooth from his handand sends Mr Bean home with a shiny new tooth. Mr Bean sticks thedinosaur’s horn back on, and uses his strong new tooth to pull thehorn into the right position … and hurts his tooth all over again!Mr Bean AnimatedSeriesFirst on TV: 2002Genre: animated comedySuitable for: all childrenActors: Rowan Atkinson (voiceof Mr Bean)Other Mr Bean series andfilms: Mr Bean (live actionseries) (1990–1995), Bean (alsoknow as Bean: The UltimateDisaster Movie) (1997), MrBean’s Holiday (2007)For ideas on watching extracts from the DVD in class,see pages 3, 6 and 7 of these notes.Why not try the otherMr Bean Popcorn ELTReaders?● Mr Bean: Royal Bean(level 1)● Mr Bean: The Palace ofBean (level 3)© Scholastic Ltd

Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s NotesPopcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s NotesContentsJust choose the pages that you need and print!Meet … the people in Mr Bean (T) page 3New Words (T) page 4The World of Bean (T) page 5Using the story with your class (T) pages 6–7Story Quizzes (S) page 8Real World (T) page 9Real World Project: Sugar in Food (S) page 10Answer Key (T) page 11Imagine … / Chant (T) page 12New Words Flashcards pages 13–17(T) Teacher’s notes(S) Student activities (photocopiable)© Scholastic Ltd

Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s NotesMeet … the people inMr BeanThe ‘Meet …’ pageintroduces students to themain characters in the story.This page is recorded on the CD.1 Before looking at the book, ask students Doyou know Mr Bean? If anyone knows and likesthe programmes and films in which he appears,talk briefly in L1 about what he is like.2 Look together at the front cover of the book.Ask Which man is Mr Bean? (the man withblack hair) What is Mr Bean’s problem? (Hehasn’t got all his teeth.) (Teach tooth/ teeth ifnecessary.) Who is the man with grey hair?(Teach dentist if students come up with theword in L1.) Ask Does he help Mr Bean?ORTell students (in L1) they’re going to see anextract from the cartoon. They answer thesequestions as they watch: What is Mr Beandoing? Why does he shout? Show the start ofthe cartoon when Mr Bean hurts his tooth(DVD 00:16–00:45). Discuss the answers toyour questions as a class. (Teach tooth/teeth ifnecessary.)3 Look at the ‘Meet …’ page with your class andask some questions about the characters in thepictures, e.g. What colour is the dinosaur? Whohas got a tooth in his hand?4 T1Read the page out loud to the class orplay the CD.5 Students close their books. Play a game of WhoAm I? For example, say I go everywhere withMr Bean. Students say You’re Teddy. Continuewith information about the other characters.With stronger classes, ask students to take overyour role.6 Read and answer the ‘Before you read’question with your class. Ask students if theylike going to the dentist.© Scholastic Ltd3

Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s NotesNew WordsThis page is recorded on the CD.The words on this page are available asflashcards (see pages 13–17 of these notes).The ‘New Words’ page presents up toten new words that are included in thestory, but are not on the headword list.There is usually a piece of conversationallanguage at the end.1 Look at the 'New Words' page with your class.Say All these words are in the story. Whichwords do you know? They should remembertooth/teeth from the ‘Meet …’ page.2 TPlay the recording of the words and2 sentences on the CD. Elicit the meaningof each word in L1 or translate for the class.3 Look at the ‘Verbs’ box. The irregular pasts offall and sit occur in the story, in addition to thepast forms on the syllabus. Say the new pastforms several times and students repeat. Elicitsimple example sentences, e.g. I sat on a chair.Then I fell off.4 Ask What does the title mean? Explain to yourstudents in L1 that when your tooth hurts youhave toothache.5 Do some vocabulary activities to practise thenew words (see suggestions opposite).Vocabulary Activities● Stick the flashcards around the classroom.Say a word and students point to thecorrect flashcard. Alternatively, for a moreenergetic version of the activity, theycould run to the flashcard.● Play a game of charades or pictionary, ingroups or as a whole class. One studentchooses a word and mimes or draws itfor the rest of the group. The first studentto guess correctly has the next turn.● Put the class into two teams. Twostudents, one from each team, stand infront of you. Hold up a picture flashcard.The first student to say the word wins apoint for their team. Continue with otherstudents and other flashcards.© Scholastic Ltd4

Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s NotesThe World of BeanThis page is recorded on the CD.‘The World of Bean’ pagegives some funny extrainformation about Mr Bean.1 TAsk students to guess what Mr Bean’s3 favourite food is. Students turn topage 6. Students read the pages at the sametime as you read the page out loud or play theCD. They find out the answer to your question(Popcorn).2 Look at the word box. Ask students if theyknow what these words mean in theirlanguage. You might like students to use adictionary to check meaning.3 Interview some students, using some of thequestions on the page, e.g. How are you? Doyou like popcorn? What do you do afterdinner? Can you read? What time do you havedinner? Then ask students to ask and answerthe questions in pairs.© Scholastic Ltd5

Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s NotesUsing the story with your classThe story is recorded on the CD.The story can be read in a number of ways,depending on the size, age and language levelof your students and the teaching time available.The following are some suggestions for waysof reading the story. You may want to combineseveral of these.Teacher-led readingThis can work well with younger students. Readthe story out loud to your class, or use the CD. Ifpossible, allow your class to sit close together on amat when you read the story to them. Rememberto give the students plenty of time to processwhat they are hearing. As you read, emphasise thewords which carry most meaning, and pause atthe end of each sentence.Children love to hear the same stories again andagain, and repetition supports language learning.Reading the same story several times can be veryuseful.Autonomous readingIt is important that students learn to readautonomously. Decide on a period of time eachweek when students can practise silent readingin class – or perhaps ten minutes at the start orend of every lesson. This will encourage the habitof reading and will motivate students to continuereading in their own time. Younger studentscan take their readers home and read a page orchapter to their family. This will give them a strongsense of ownership of the story.Before reading a section of thestory you could:● Warm up with a vocabulary activity (seepage 4).● Discuss what has happened in the story so far.● Show students a picture from the next part ofthe story and ask them to guess (in L1) what ishappening.● Copy several pictures from the next part of thestory. Give a set of the pictures to small groupsof students. They guess the order in which thepictures will appear.●Play students a short section of thecartoon, showing an event that they aregoing to read about or a character that theyare going to meet. For example, ask Whatis Mr Bean doing? and play the scene whenMr Bean finds the dinosaur and gets out a saw(DVD 07:07–07.24). After watching, askstudents to guess what Mr Bean plans to dowith the dinosaur.Set up a class library of gradedEnglish readers and give studentsthe opportunity to choose their ownstories from time to time. This willencourage them to be more involvedin their own reading.Group or pair readingStudents take turns in reading a sentence,paragraph or page of the story to each other insmall groups or pairs. Encourage them to helpeach other with pronunciation of new words. Thiscan be a useful reinforcement task once studentsare already familiar with the story.© Scholastic Ltd6

Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s NotesStory Quizzes (Answer key, page 11)Pages 8–13What is Mr Bean saying? Write the correct words.I was in front of my 1 ……………………… TV . I hadcome popcorn stringTeddy tooth TVsome 2 ……………………… . It’s my favourite food. 3 …………………… was next tome. Ow! Suddenly, my 4 ……………………… hurt. I put some 5 ………………………round my tooth, but it did not 6 ……………………… out.Pages 14–19Put these sentences in order.a Mr Bean goes home.b Mr Bean falls on the airbeds.c A blue car goes CRASH!d The drawers fall on the airbeds. 1e Mr Bean’s tooth comes out.fMr Bean goes out to the road.Pages 20–25Choose the correct words.1 The dentist gives a new horn / a new tooth to Mr Bean.2 Mr Bean is hungry / thirsty.3 Mr Bean likes / doesn’t like the dentist’s chair.4 Mr Bean likes / doesn’t like his new tooth.5 At the end of the story, Mr Bean has / doesn’t have toothache.© Scholastic Ltd8

Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s NotesReal WorldThis page is recorded on the CD.The Real World page provides studentswith cross-curricular or cross-culturalinformation linked to the content ofthe reader.1 With books closed, ask What hurts in thestory? (Mr Bean’s tooth) Ask What do youknow about teeth? Elicit anything studentsknow, e.g. about brushing two or three timesa day, not eating too many sweets, whichanimals have a lot of teeth or very long teeth.Allow them to use L1 if necessary.2 Ask students to open books at page 26. Askstudents to look at the pictures first. Askstudents to guess, in L1 if necessary, whatconnection each picture has with the topic.T37Students read each section, or read andlisten to the CD. They then answer thequestion in the red circle.4 Look at the word box. Ask students if theyknow what these words mean in theirlanguage. You might like students to use adictionary to check meaning.5 Give each student a copy of the ‘Project’worksheet (see page 10 of these notes). Tellstudents (in L1) that they are going to find outwhich common food and drink items containsugar. They could either do this by looking atthe nutritional information on food packagingat home, or you could bring a selection ofempty food packaging into class for them tolook at. Students draw and label items in eachbox depending on whether they contain ordon’t contain sugar.6 Encourage students to reflect on theinformation they have found out. Are there anysurprises in what they have found out, egbread often contains sugar. Ask Which thingsare OK for your teeth? Which things are badfor your teeth?7 Display the projects around the classroomfor other students to read. After this, youcould tell students to keep their completedproject worksheets in a ‘Real World’ section oftheir readers folder.© Scholastic Ltd9

Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s NotesReal World: ProjectSugar in FoodCross-curricularcontent area:ScienceFood and drink with sugar.Food and drink with no sugar.© Scholastic Ltd10

Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s NotesAnswer KeyAfter you read (page 28)1 a Yes b No c No d Yes e Yes f Yes g No h Yes2 a iii b iv c v d vi e i f iiWhere’s the popcorn?Tell your class that the popcorn logo is hidden in the reader.Can they find it? (Answer: page 6)Multiple intelligence activities (pages 29–32)Puzzle time! (pages 29–30)1aSpatial intelligencei) A ii) B iii) A iv) B v) B1bSpatial intelligenceTeddy is on a chair in picture A.2Linguistic intelligencea teethb drawersc dinosaurd stringe popcornThe activities on pages 29–32 are designedto cater for students’ multiple intelligencesand learning styles.3Logical intelligencea Do you like popcorn? (Then students’ ownanswer.)b Are your teeth strong? (Then students’ ownanswer.)Story Quiz Answer Key(Teacher's notes, page 8)Pages 8–131 TV2 popcorn3 Teddy4 tooth5 string6 comePages 14–19a 5 b 2 c 4 d 1 e 6 f 3Pages 20–251 a new tooth2 thirsty3 likes4 likes5 has© Scholastic Ltd11

Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s NotesImagine …Kinaesthetic intelligence1 Write a short summary of the Mr Bean:Toothache story, focussing on information thatyou want to practise.2 Tell students that you are going to read yoursummary of the story with some missing words.They have to say the words that are missing.3 If possible, bring a whistle into class for thisactivity. Read your summary slowly. Askstudents to put their hands up if they know theanswer and give them some time to thinkbefore asking anyone to answer.4 More confident classes could continue thisactivity in pairs or small groups, clapping whena word is missed out.ChantMusical intelligenceSay Open your books at page 32. Read8the chant or play the CD. Ask students toread and listen carefully.1TT29This page is recorded on the CD.Divide the class into two groups. Explainthat one group says the first two lines ofeach verse and the other group says the secondtwo lines. Play the CD or say the chant yourself.Students say it at the same time. Practiseseveral times, then groups swap lines.3 You might like to choose two students tobe Mr Bean and the dentist, and give them abandage, an apple and perhaps even a whitecoat to use as props. They stand at the front ofthe class and mime their characters as the restof the class says the chant.© Scholastic Ltd12

✁Flashcards✂Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s Notes© Scholastic Ltd© Scholastic LtdfoldfoldairbedYou can sleep on anairbed.drawersHave you got drawersin your room?© Scholastic Ltd13

✁Flashcards✂Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s Notes© Scholastic Ltd© Scholastic LtdfoldfoldglueThis is glue.hornThis dinosaur hasthree horns.© Scholastic Ltd14

✁Flashcards✂Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s Notes© Scholastic Ltd© Scholastic LtdfoldfoldhurtThe girl's hand hurts.iceThere is some ice inthis drink.© Scholastic Ltd15

✁Flashcards✂Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s Notes© Scholastic Ltd© Scholastic LtdfoldfoldmirrorThe boy is lookingin the mirror.popcornI like popcorn.© Scholastic Ltd16

✁Flashcards✂Popcorn ELT ReadersTeacher’s Notes© Scholastic Ltd© Scholastic LtdfoldfoldstringThis is string.tooth/teethLook at the dog'steeth!© Scholastic Ltd17

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