2003 ICT Annual Report - International Campaign for Tibet


2003 ICT Annual Report - International Campaign for Tibet

international campaignforTIBETannual report2003

In 2003 ICT also celebratedits 15th anniversary. I amtremendously proud of whatwe have accomplished,despite the huge tasks still ahead of us.Our achievements are due to an exceptionallycommitted community of Tibetans,ICT staff, Board of Directors and membership.We are continually inspired bythe Dalai Lama and the Tibetans people,especially those inside Tibet who arefighting on innumerable fronts to maintaintheir identity and dignity, and to securetheir rights.A personal highlight for me in 2003was our Light of Truth awards, when wehonored three activists for their contributionsand commitment to raisingawareness of the Tibet issue: MicheleBohana, former Congressman BenjaminGilman and Professor Robert Thurman.After the Dalai Lama presented the awards,Ngawang Sangdrol closed the eveningwith a song that she had written and sungin prison, and for which her sentence wasextended another six years:Land of Snow, Land of SnowMy beloved countryThe root-soul of the nation is Tenzin GyatsoIf each and every Tibetan unites,One day, the sun will appear from behind the clouds.The sun will appear from behind the clouds.Thank you for helping Ngawang Sangdrolto be able to sing this song in freedom -and for all of your support for this greatorganization.Sincerely,John Ackerly,President3

crossing the line:china’s railway line to lhasaIn 2003, ICT published an in-depth report finding that the railwayChina is constructing across the Tibetan Plateau to Lhasa isbeing built mainly for political reasons and not to benefit theTibetan people, as the Chinese government consistently claims.The 70-page study analyzes the economics of transportation,and demonstrate through interviews with transportationexperts and the use of satellite imagery the negative consequencesfor the Tibetans of the railway.ICT report,Crossing the Line:China’s Railwayto Lhasa, Tibet.Recently releasedpolitical prisonerNgawang Sangdrolraises a pictureof the Dalai Lamaafter arriving inWashington, DC,on March 8.political prisonersThe U.S. government’s decision not to sponsor a resolutioncritical of China at the 2003 meeting of the U.N. Human RightsCommission was based in part on the release of several prominentTibetan political prisoners in 2002. However, U.S. hopes forcontinued releases in 2003 were disappointed and the trendreversed. In January, China executed Lobsang Dhondup in spiteof assurances provided the United States that a lengthy reviewwould be given in his case. The State Department reported thatunrepentant political prisoners were mistreated by torture andother physical abuse. Ngawang Sangdrol, a 26-year old Tibetannun and one of Tibet’s most well-known political prisoners, wasreleased to the United States in March, five months after herparole from Lhasa’s Drapchi prison in October 2002. Sangdrolhas since been in the care of ICT in Washington, D.C. where sheis studying English and preparing to resume her own campaignfor political freedoms in Tibet. ICT continues to press for therelease of all Tibetan political prisoners by highlighting solidsource material to influential audiences, working in coalitionwith other human rights organizations, and crafting campaignsthat target Chinese authorities.5

Image from ICT’s postcardcampaign on behalf TenzinDelek Rinpoche.religous freedomTibetan Buddhism is the core of theunique Tibetan identity and, as such, hasbeen severely and continually assaultedby Chinese authorities. ICT places particularemphasis on the issue of religiousfreedom in Tibet and in 2003 focused onthe most blatant, as well as many subtle,expressions of religious persecution inTibet. At the forefront of ICT’s effortswas the case of the Panchen Lama, whosestatus remains unknown, in spite ofconstant inquiries by the United States,the European Union and several otherwestern countries about his well-beingand whereabouts in the context of theirbilateral human rights dialogues withChina. The U.S. Commission on ReligiousFreedom was extensively briefed by ICTon the Panchen Lama case before theirscheduled visit to China and Tibet atyear’s end.ICT members continue to registertheir outrage over the disappearanceof the Panchen Lama by mailing affirmationsof religious freedom to U.S.authorities and urging Chinese leadersto allow access to him by internationalrights monitors or humanitarian organizations.Similarly, in an urgent coalitioncampaign, thousands of post cards havebeen sent by ICT members to the ChineseForeign Ministry on behalf of TenzinDelek Rinpoche, a popular lama arrestedwithout evidence, tried without dueprocess and arrested for “incitement toseparatism” and “crimes of terror” onApril 7, 2002. Tenzin Delek Rinpoche wassentenced to death on December 2, 2002,with a two-year reprieve.6

Wangchuk Tsering,Representativeof His Holinessthe Dalai Lamaintroduces ICT-ledcongressional staffdelegation to morethan 500 newlyarrived Tibetanrefugees at theTransit Center inKatmandu, Nepal.refugeesICT released an updated 2003 reporton conditions impacting the flightof Tibetan refugees called DangerousCrossing, which was prepared by membersof our Washington staff based onfact-finding trips to India and Nepaland with additional information fromthe field. The 2003 report focuses onthe deteriorating situation in Nepal asa result of heightened collusion betweenthe Nepalese and Chinese authorities.Following the forcible repatriation of18 Tibetan refugees from Kathmanduin May, ICT worked to get the news outand campaigned aggressively to bringpressure on the Nepal government. Preferentialtariff legislation for Nepal waswithdrawn by its U.S. Senate sponsor inresponse to the deteriorating situationfor Tibetan refugees in Nepal. And, ina significant victory for the Tibet movement,Nepal responded by adopting anew policy of protection for Tibetanrefugees that codified the informal“gentlemen’s agreement” providing forthe safe transit through Nepal of Tibetanrefugees, in cooperation with the U.N.High Commissioner for Refugees.7

ICT Germany’s Director,Dr. Gudrun Henne, at ICTGermany’s inaugurationon May 9, 2003.ict-europeIn 2003, ICT-Europe worked in Brussels and in European capitalsto secure a cohesive strategy for Tibet in Europe. For the secondyear, ICT-Europe pursued the appointment of a European SpecialRepresentative for Tibet, and these efforts resulted in the adoptionof a resolution by the European Parliament and the authorizationof funds by the EU Commission. ICT-Europe made a substantialcontribution in support of European Parliament conferences onTibet and launched an electronic newsletter for Europeanparliamentarians to facilitate communication and coordinationof political activities for Tibet among parliamentarians throughoutEurope.In the spring, ICT Europe worked intensively at the 59th sessionof the UN Commission for Human Rights, highlighting the statusof civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of theTibetan people. In July, ICT Europe held the inaugural EuropeanTibetan Leadership Training Program in Brussels with 23 youngTibetans from across Europe. In 2003, ICT-Europe continued tolook for innovative ways to mobilize its members to take actionand, by year’s end, was the largest and most effective membershiporganization for Tibet in Europe.8

Tsering Jampa,Executive Director ofICT-Europe, addressesthe UN Human RightsCommission on April 3.Jampa spoke aboutthe last 10 years ofChinese repressionin Tibet.chinese outreachIn 2003, ICT expanded its outreach program to the Chinesecommunity by expanding our quarterly Chinese language journalLiaowang Xizang “Tibet Observer” to a bimonthly and by testinga mass email service to people in China and Tibet. We alsostrengthened our presence on the internet and helped theLaogai Research Foundation in publishing a Chinese translationof the biography of a Tibetan political prisoner. Our programaimed at providing Chinese speakers with greater access touncensored information about the Tibetan people and the situationin Tibet.ICT staff participated in a series of meetings in Washington,D.C., New York and Boston with Chinese scholars and intellectuals,including a meeting for a select group of Chinese with the DalaiLama, as part of our attempt to develop bonds of trust betweenTibetan and Chinese peoples.At a different level, ICT provided support to the Special Envoyof His Holiness the Dalai Lama in his efforts to establish contactwith the Chinese leadership to resolve the Tibetan issue.membershipICT membership remained strong in 2003 at about 55,000members in the United States. ICT-Europe’s membership grewto 28,500, and donors to ICT-Deutschland number 3,400. ICTmembers sent thousands of postcards, petitions and letters in2003, making their involvement critical to the effectivenessof ICT initiatives. ICT member donations continue to be thebedrock of ICT’s revenue.In 2003, ICT placed new emphasis on involving members inthe work and vision of the organization through a series of specialevents in Washington, D.C. and other cities where members,staff, and Board could get to know one another better and shareideas and a sense of mission.10

ict online -www.savetibet.orgIn 2003, ICT’s website www.savetibet.org averaged nearly 2,000visitors a day and 677,000 hits per month, up from 140,000in 2002. On average approximately 50,000 people visited www.savetibet.org website each month. ICT increased onlinemembership to nearly 35,000 and maintained regular web-basedcommunication with online members through bi-weekly E-MAILUPDATES (consisting of news, action items and other features)and ACTION ALERTS (fast-response notifications for urgentactions). Online members took some 30,000 actions on a widevariety of issues through our ONLINE ACTION CENTER. TheICT-Europe and German-language ICT-Deutschland sections ofwww.savetibet.org were expanded and two new sections werecreated: ICT CAMPAIGNS, for campaigns and action-relatedcontent, and ICT PROGRAMS, which highlights the Tibetanempowerment programs.ict in the newsIn 2003, ICT continued to raise the profile of Tibet and Tibetrelatedissues in U.S. and international media. ICT-generatedstories were featured in major U.S. print outlets such as TheNew York Times, The Washington Post, The Washington Times,The Los Angeles Times and Boston Globe, periodicals suchas Newsweek and Foreign Policy and international outlets fromThe Daily Telegraph to The Hindustan Times. ICT was quotedextensively by wire services such as the Associated Press (AP)and Agence France Presse (AFP) and covered by worldwide outletssuch as CNN International. In addition to Tibetan-languagecoverage by Voice of America (VOA), Radio Free Asia (RFA) andVoice of Tibet, ICT stories were picked up by Chinese-languageoutlets including VOA, RFA, BBC, The World Journal, BeijingSpring, China Observer, Tibet Bulletin, and Chinese News Net.11

tibetan empowerment programstibetan roundtablesICT Tibetan staff launched Tibetan Roundtables in 2003 asopportunities to exchange views and expertise within theTibetan community. Three roundtables focused on topics rangingfrom issues for dialogue with the Chinese to scenarios fora post-settlement Tibet. ICT hopes the roundtables will foster avibrant, intellectually inclusive Tibetan polity.tibetan youth leadershipIn 2003, ICT took its intensive training program for Tibetanyouth to Brussels, Belgium. The program provides young participantswith the opportunity to build advocacy networks,enhance their skills and become familiar with issues, importantinstitutions and people within the Tibet movement. The four-dayprogram consisted of workshops and discussions on Tibet ininternational law, including examining the principle of selfdetermination,Tibetan history, including China’s perspective,and Tibet activism, especially campaigning effectively at theEuropean Union and United Nations.light of truth essay competitionICT’s Light of Truth Essay Competition recognizes talentedTibetans who can articulate innovative and practical solutionsto pressing issues facing the Tibetan people. Winning essaysare published in the Tibet Press Watch. The top prize essayfor 2003, “We Must Shoulder our Shared Responsibility andAccomplish this Project that Opportunity Grants,” was awardedto Mr. Sogzong Pochungtsang Lhadar who was brought up in Tibet.The second prize was awarded to Ms. Tenzin Dickyi, a studentat Harvard University and alumna of ICT’s Tibetan YouthLeadership program. The third prize essay was awarded to Mr.Sonam Dorjee. The 2003 competition judges were: Ven. AchokRinpoche, Director of the Library of Tibetan Works & Archives,Dharamsala; Professor Samten Karmay, Director of Research -National Centre of Scientific Research, Paris; Kasur Tenzin Tethong,The Dalai Lama Foundation, California; and, Ms. Tsering Yangdon,Instructor, University of Medicine and Dentistry of NewJersey and Board Member of Tibet Fund, New Jersey.European Tibetan YouthLeadership Programparticipants in EuropeanParliament Conference.Members of the RowellFund for Tibet Boardof Advisors - Jimmy Chin,Rick Ridgeway, ConradAnker. - proudly displaya Galen Rowell photographof Tibet with ICTPresident John Ackerly(third from left).12

owell fund for tibetThe Rowell Fund was established by ICT’s Board of Directors and the Rowell familyand friends following the tragic deaths of Galen and Barbara Rowell in August 2002.The Fund serves as a legacy for Galen and Barbara’s attention to the threatenedecosystem and culture of Tibet by providing small grants to Tibetans in the languageand visual arts. Over 50 grant applications were received at ICT and forwarded to theRowell Fund Advisory Board for review and selection. In 2003, $37,240 in grant fundswas distributed to twelve awardees, as follows:• Ngawang Choephel, documentary filmon ethnomusicology in Tibet$4,500• Tibetan Alliance of Chicago, Tibetarchive and photo exhibition project$1,350• Tibet Translation House, India, Chinesetranslation of the Dalai Lama's speeches$2,970• Tibet Times, India, book translation ofMartin Luther King’s speeches$2,250• Tibetan Children's Village, Dharamsala,photography club$3,600• Gedun Rabsel, book on "Aku Pema: ABlind Translator to Tibetan Officials"$2,970• Tashi Tsering, Tibet Justice Center,Berkeley, environmental project$2,500• Samphal Wangyal, London, documentaryfilm on Tibetan antelope (chiru)$4,500• Tibetan Women's Association, India,leadership training for women$4,500• Confidential at the request of applicant,Tibetan-Chinese book publication$3,600• Confidential at the request of applicant,field research on education$2,250• Confidential at the request of applicant,research and book publication$2,25013

light of truth awardsHis Holiness the Dalai Lama presented ICT’s 2003 Light of Truthto Michele Bohana, the Honorable Benjamin Gilman and Prof.Robert Thurman during his Washington, D.C., visit in September2003. Addressing ICT’s 350 guests, the Dalai Lama hailed theawardees as people who believe in truth and justice and work withcompassion and wisdom to transform principle into action.Michele Bohana is the Director of the Institute for AsianDemocracy and a founding member of ICT, Benjamin Gilmanis a former U.S. Representative of New York’s 20th congressionaldistrict and served as Chairman of the House InternationalRelations Committee, and Robert Thurman is the Jey TsongKhapa Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at ColumbiaUniversity and co-founder of Tibet House in New York City.His Holiness the DalaiLama with Light of TruthAward recipients RobertThurman, BenjaminGilman and MicheleBohana (from left).14

statement of financial positionYear Ended December 31, 2003assetscurrent assetsCash and cash equivalents 920,223Accounts receivable 13,000Contributions receivable 73,743Grant receivable 35,000Prepaid expenses 40,785Total current assets $1,082,751property and equipmentBuilding 1,351,413Furniture and equipment 85,343Less accumulated depreciation (73,955)Total property and equipment $1,362,801noncurrent assetsInvestments 727,270Deposit 6,743Total noncurrent assets $734,013total assets $3,179,565liabilities and net assetscurrent liabilitiesAccounts payable and accrued expenses 201,168Total current liabilities $201,168net assetsUnrestricted net assets 2,932,954Restricted net assets 45,443Total net assets $2,978,397total liabilities and net assets $3,179,56516

statement of activitiesYear Ended December 31, 2003revenueContributions 2,924,634Grants and Foundations 478,352Planned Giving 24,000Investment Income 73,458Sales and Events 120,443Total $3,620,887expenses–programsEducation and Awareness 390,356Communication 359,752International Outreach 294,012Panchen Lama Campaign 126,507Dalai Lama Visits 137,718Religious Freedom 253,852Refugee Programs 91,459Light of Truth Awards 84,128Chinese Outreach 142,542Political Prisoner Programs 209,312ICT Europe, ICT Deutschland & ICT India 209,312Government Relations 262,649Tibetan Empowerment Programs 97,885Other Programs 107,879Total Program Services $3,003,121Supporting ServicesFundraising 510,476General & Administrative 114,591Total Expenses $3,628,188change in net assets ($7,301)net assets, beginning of year $2,985,698net assets, end of year $2,978,39717

The Dalai Lama visitsthe site of ICT’s newWashington office withICT staff and friends.people at ictJohn Ackerly, PresidentBhuchung Tsering, Directorstaff, ict-usMary Beth Markey, Executive DirectorKelley Currie, Director of Government RelationsLesley Friedell, Associate Director (Special Programs)Joel Gysan, Membership CoordinatorEvan Field, Communications CoordinatorLisa Sock, Campaigns CoordinatorRinchen Tashi, China AnalystRichard Nishimura, Economic and Policy AnalystTenzin Dhongthog, Office ManagerVan Ly, Program AssociateMichelle Lee, Membership Associatestaff, ict-europeTsering Jampa, Executive DirectorMyra de Rooy, Membership CoordinatorSusan Mizrahi, Program CoordinatorRutger Brouwer, Assistant Membership CoordinatorMira Nurmiaho, Assistant Program Coordinatorstaff, ict-deutschlandGudrun Henne, DirectorDechen Pemba, Campaigns CoordinatorValentin Passoni, AssistantYuldon Gyanatshang, AssociateBirgit Gangl, Membership Coordinatorconsultants and pro bono servicesArnold & Porter, Pathways, Carol Faulb,Beth Grupp, John Jenson, Rachel Lostumbo,Wolf, Keens & Company, Perlman & Perlman,and Rick Rodgers.internsKathy L. ChinRebecca HowleyNana KessieThant KyawCarl VonRuden18

oard of directorsRichard Gere (Chair)Lodi Gyari (Executive Chair)Reed BrodyGail GrossGeshe GyaltsenMarvin HamlischMark HandelmanHarold Hongju KohBetty Bao LordMelissa MathisonJoel McClearyAmit PandyaKeith PittsAgya RimpocheSogyal RinpocheMark RovnerSteve SchroederGare SmithGrace SpringErica StoneAdam Yauchinternational council of advisorsThe Honorable Rodrigo Carazo OdioMr. Harrison FordThe Honorable Hideaki KaseMs. Kerry KennedyDr. Jeane KirkpatrickThe Honorable Bernard KouchnerThe Honorable Vytautas LandsbergisDr. Fang LizhiMrs. Mairead MaguireMr. Aryeh NeierMrs. Jetsun PemaThe Honorable Adolfo Perez EsquivelDr. Jose Ramos-HortaThe Honorable Rabi RayProfessor Samdong RinpocheThe Venerable Sulak SivaraskaMrs. Yukita SohmaBishop Desmond TutuThe Right Honorable Lord WeatherillDr. Elie Wieselboard of advisorsDavid Breashears (Co-Chair)Mr. Harry Wu (Co-Chair)Ms. Michele BohanaMr. Victor ChanMs. Lia DiskinDr. Blake KerrMs. Nancy NashGeshe Lobsang Tenzin NegiMr. Abdullah OmmidvarMs. Ali RenyoldsVen. Gelek RinpocheMr. Thubten SamdupVen Geshe SopaBro. Wayne TeasdaleMr. Tenzin N. TethongProf. Robert ThurmanDr. Michael van WaltMr. Sonam WangduMr. Qiang XiaoMs. Kunzang YuthokVen. Lama Zopa Rinpoche19

2003 honor rollthu je che! (Thank You!)ICT would like to thank all of our members and donors for their continuing support throughout the year. Your steadfastinterest and financial support enables ICT to protect and preserve the identities of the Tibetan people both with in Tibet and in exile.gifts of $25,000 & aboveAnonymous (2) 3 Richard Gere 3 John A. Jancik 3 The Heron Foundationgifts of $10,000 - $24,999Richard Blum 3 Mr. & Mrs. David Bonderman 3 Kathleen Gallagher 3 Pat Godfrey 3 Margaret Kerndt 3 Dr. Nancy Martin 3 JimO’Malley 3 Ruth Scott 3 Isdell Foundation 3 Thomas Lundstrum Irrevocable Trust 3 Swiss Army Brands, Inc. 3gifts of $5,000 - $9,999Dr. & Mrs. William Ackerly 3 Anand Algienne Amrita 3 Anonymous 3 Nadarajah Balasubramaniam, M.D. 3 Annie Bernstein 3Maria Castromerno 3 Peggy Cowles 3 Michelle De Cou Landberg 3 David E. Dodge 3 Robert Finizi 3 Frank Gehry 3 Ron Moore 3John Patton 3 Alexandra & Keith Pitts 3 Marika S. Schoolar & Jonathan C. Schoolar 3 Steve & Nina Schroeder 3 Emilie Welles 3Jenna Yeager 3 Brett & Cynthia Yeager 3 William B. MacMillan 1974 Family Trust 3 Relations Foundation 3 SevenWoods Foundation3 Tides Foundation 3gifts of $2,500 - $4,999Vassiliki Anthimidou & Thomas P. Friel 3 Michael Becker & Tee Scatuorchio 3 Julie Brooks 3 Virginia Castagnola-Hunter 3 KevinP. Curran 3 Ann Down 3 John Gorsuch 3 Michael Gregory 3 Charles Herms, Jr. 3 Sara S. Hinckley 3 Nathaniel Hornblower 3 Curt& Alice Jones 3 Kim Kaston 3 Nancy Loomis Eric 3 William & Deborah Macmillan 3 Melissa Mathison 3 Sarah McLean & KeithCopenhaver 3 Susan Obayashi 3 Pathways, Inc. 3 Dr. Ken Paulin 3 Gigi & Michael Pucker 3 Hans L. Raum, Jr. 3 Matthew Riley 3Raphael Sealey 3 Rita Shamban 3 Sharon Stone 3 David O. Tanner Trust 3 Costanzia K-A Tran 3 Jeannette Watson Sanger 3 ClaireWillis 3 Amber Foundation 3 The Charles Engelhard Foundation 3 Wolfensohn Family Foundation 3gifts of $1,000 - $2,499Nina Smith & John Ackerly 3 Airway Heights Correction Center Buddhist Group 3 Anonymous (3) 3 George N. Appell, PH.D. 3 SallyApplegate 3 Foster Bam 3 Scott & N. Barcelo 3 Anne Baron 3 Gary Barrero, A.O.S., L.M.T. 3 Gail & Robert Bates 3 Dr. John Benear,II 3 Michael A. Benoit 3 Nancy B. Black 3 Judith Blanchard 3 Blue Beryl Dharma Center 3 Dion Blundell 3 Dr. Julie Bondanza 3Alan Boyd 3 Sally Boyer 3 Gay Browning 3 Mimi & Peter Buckley 3 Linda Bukowski 3 Deborah Butterfield 3 John E. Carbaugh, Jr.3 Meredith Carson 3 David S. Christy, Jr. 3 Steve Chroniak 3 Christin Cooper 3 Grant Couch, Jr. 3 Greg Craig 3 James L. Currie 3 SydCushman 3 Cynthia K. Daniel 3 Susan Durham 3 Susan Hall Dwan 3 Dr. Jacques Eccles 3 Pamela & Daniel Eiselman 3 Mary Eisenstadt3 Brent Erensel 3 Lana Renee Ethridge & Dr. Victor G. Dostrow 3 Erin T. Evans 3 Lauralee & Searle Field 3 Liz Frautschi 3Dr. Peter & Barbara Friedell 3 Megan Gainer 3 Daniel & Tara Goleman 3 Barbara Grandolfo & Gordon Dexter 3 Dr. Gail & JenardGross 3 Leslee Hackenson 3 Diana Hadley 3 Elisa Gerarden & J. Gregory Hale 3 Terre Blair & Marvin Hamlisch 3 Mark Handelman3 Collier Hands 3 Goldie Hawn 3 Connie & Barry Hershey 3 Peggy Hitchcock 3 James Hopkins 3 Lucia Howell 3 Institute ForTraditional Medicine 3 Alexandra Isles 3 Dr. & Mrs. John R. Jeanmaire 3 Philip Johnson 3 Chris Jones 3 Ms. Janye E. Kay 3 Dr. PeterKeller 3 Joan Kerr 3 Miles & Ellie Kierson 3 Mary Kirk 3 The Honorable Jeane Kirkpatrick 3 Charles M. Klein 3 S. Bruce Klein 3Marge Knutson 3 Ludwig & Beatrice Kuttner 3 Jennifer Lasek 3 Dr. Linda Lawrence 3 John C. Lawton 3 Carey Linker 3 NancyLutz 3 Joseph Macdougald 3 Tania Makshanoff 3 Joel McCleary 3 Barbara J. McDonough 3 Lyn Mcfarland 3 Dennis McGillicuddy3 Mr. & Mrs. Kirby M. Milton 3 Allan Newell 3 Hanh Vu Nguyen 3 Michael Noone 3 Mr. & Mrs. L. E. Northrop III 3 Donald Novak,Jr. 3 Robert A. Oppenheimer 3 Jerome Perazzo 3 David L. Phillips 3 Timothy Price 3 Robert Prichard 3 Dr. Suzanne Prysor-Jones3 R.E.M./Athens, Ltd. 3 George Record 3 Eric Reynolds 3 Florence S. Reynolds 3 Kyung Soon Riihimaki 3 Prof. Steven & BarbaraRockefeller 3 Tanya Roland 3 Stanford & Dorothy Ross 3 William W. Rowe 3 Deborah Rylander 3 Hugo M. Sarceno 3 Deb Sawyer 3Judith Scher 3 Barbara Schuck 3 Fred Segal 3 Bob Shapiro 3 Seimi D. Shiba 3 Elaine Shiramizu 3 Janet Heetner & Peter Silverman3 Ellynne Skove 3 Jeff & Susan Sloss 3 Joyce Solomon 3 Ven. Geshe Lhundub Sopa 3 Grace Spring 3 Bettie J. Spurrier 3 JeannetteStern 3 Anthony Stevens 3 Cindy & Russell Talcott 3 David O. Tanner 3 Gillian Teichert 3 Lowell Thomas, Jr. 3 Paljor Thondup 3 Mr.& Mrs. Stanley Tomchin 3 William C. Triplett, II 3 Joann Tsoutsouris, PH.D. 3 Elsie Van Buren 3 Anne Vandenburgh 3 Tiffany R.Vickers 3 Bill Viola 3 Alicia Vogel 3 Phyllis Watts 3 Kerry B. Wells 3 Judith & Morgan Wheelock 3 Robyn Nichols Witschey & JohnWitschey, Jr. 3 John Wright 3 William Yenner 3 Lion Robin C. Zust 3 The Blue Waters Foundation 3 Brown Brothers Harriman 3Compton Foundation, Inc. 3 Freedom Forum 3 Good Works Foundations 3 JPMorgan Chase Bank 3 Liebman, Liebman, & Resnick3 The Open Society Institute 3 Schwab Fund For Charitable Giving 3 The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County 3 TheFatta Foundation 3 The Ruth Arnhold Endowment Fund 3 The Wilcox Foundation 3 Walnut Foundation 3 Working Assets 3

Cover Photo:(c) Galen Rowell/Mountain Light.Tibetans pray for the release of politicalprisoners at the Nechung Temple, LhasaDesign:Free Range Graphicswww.FreeRangeGraphics.comC

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