6311 Measurement application qualifier Specification of the ... - GS1


6311 Measurement application qualifier Specification of the ... - GS1

Code list 6311 Standard: UN D.96B S36311 Measurement application qualifierSpecification of the application of the physical measurement used.AAAAABAACAADAAEAAFAAGAAHAAIAAJAAKAALAAMAANAAOAAPAAQAARAASAATAAUAAVAAWLine item measurementLine item measurement specified by the Food and Drug Administration.Retail container dimensionSingle physical dimension of a retail container.Retail container sizeSize of a retail container in terms of volume.Other US Government agency applicationDescription to be provided.Measurement[6314] Value of the measured unit.Customs line item measurementThe measurement of a consignment or part for customs purpose.Percentage of alcohol (by volume)The measurement of the percentage of alcohol by volume.Dimensions total weightDescription to be provided.Item weightWeight at line item level.Visa quantityMeasurement reportable for visaed merchandise.Licence (quantity deducted)Quantity to be written off from the total license amount.Cargo loadedTotal tonnage of cargo loaded onto the conveyance.Cargo dischargedTotal tonnage of cargo unloaded from the conveyance.Weight of conveyanceTonnage of conveyance.Conveyance summer dead weightRegistered summer dead weight total tonnage of the vessel.Containerized cargo on vessel's weightTotal weight of containerized cargo on vessel.Non-containerized cargo on vessel's weightTotal weight of non-containerized cargo on vessel.1st specified tariff quantityPrimary reportable quantity associated with a tariff number.2nd specified tariff quantitySecondary reportable quantity associated with a tariff number.3rd specified tariff quantityThird reportable quantity associated with a tariff number.PackageCommodity/product shipped or sold in discrete individual containers whichmay be accumulated in a larger package.PersonPhysical measurement of a person.AccuracyAccuracy of the measurements being sent.Printed by GEFEG EDIFIX® Print date: 26/09/2001 Page: 1

Code list 6311 Standard: UN D.96B S3AAXAAYAAZABAABBABCABDABEABFABGABHABIABJABKABLABMABNABPASWCHCHWCNCSCTConsignment measurementMeasurement related to a consignment; to be specified by the measurementcode dimension value.Package measurementMeasurements of package.Handling unit measurementMeasurements of handling unit.Unit of measure used for ordered quantitiesThe unit of measure in which ordered quantities areexpressed.ColourThe colour of an object.SizeDimensions or magnitude of an object.LengthThe greater of the two or three dimensions of an object.HeightThe distance from the bottom to the top.WidthThe distance from side to side.DiameterThe length of a line segment passing through the center of a circle, sphere,etc. from one side to the other.DepthThe distance from the top downward.VentilationThe number of air exchanges per hour.Original unit of issueA code identifying the original unit of issue.External dimensionThe outer measurement of the referenced item or package.Internal dimensionThe inner measurement of the referenced item or package.Test piece dimensionsThe size of the test piece that was tested.Average readingAverage reading of the test being reported on.Unit of measure per unit of issueProvides the unit of measurement which is to be used for a given unit of issue.Weight ascertained[4240] Endorsement of the true weight (mass) as ascertained or verified by therailway (CIM 81).ChemistryThe given measurement value identifies the amount or percentage of aspecific chemical within a substance.Chargeable weightThe weight on which charges are based.Core notch dimensionsSelf explanatory.Core sizeSelf explanatory.CountsSelf explanatory.Printed by GEFEG EDIFIX® Print date: 26/09/2001 Page: 2

Code list 6311 Standard: UN D.96B S3DENDRDTDVDXEGWENEVOFOIVLAOLCLGLLLLMTNAXPALPCPDPLPLLRLDensityCode to indicate the mass of a commodity per unit of volume.Decision result valueDescription to be provided.Dimensional tolerancePossible range of values for a specified measurement dimension of a product,material or package.Discrete measurement valueThe measurement specified is separate and distinct from other measurements.Dimension used in price extensionDescription to be provided.Estimated gross weightEstimated weight (mass) of goods, including packing and excluding carrier's.Environmental conditionsThe data values to be reported reflect the environmental conditionssurrounding a situation including but not limited to test environments.Estimated volumeEstimated size or measure of anything in three dimensions.FootageDescription to be provided.Interpolated valueDescription to be provided.Vessel overall lengthTotal overall length of the vessel.Limited weight/size coilsDescription to be provided.Length limitationsIndicates that value/range information is understood as length limitation.Lift limitationA measurement indicating lift capacity limitations.Loading metersThe length in a vehicle, whereby the complete width and height over thatlength is needed for the goods.Number of axlesNumber of axles of movable equipment or means of transport on wheels.PayloadThe revenue-producing load carried by a means of transport.Parting cut (sawcut)Description to be provided.Physical dimensions (product ordered)Specified measurement dimensions refer to physical dimensions of a product,material or package.Package limitationsA measurement indicating limitations associated with the package.Platform limitationA measurement indicating limitations in relation to a platform.Receiving facility limitationsSpecified measurement dimensions are provided as a result of limitations orrestrictions related to the physical dimensions of a product, material orpackage at the reception point.Printed by GEFEG EDIFIX® Print date: 26/09/2001 Page: 3

Code list 6311 Standard: UN D.96B S3RNLength limitationsIndicates that value/range information withinmeasurement information is understood as lengthSESHSMSOSPGSRSTSUSVTETLTRTXVOVOLVTWTWXlimitation. Use code value LGL.Property specificationIndicates that the data to follow are target specifications.Shipping toleranceTolerances related to shipping.ShadeDescription to be provided.Storage limitationA measurement indicating limitation in relation to storage.Specific gravitySelf explanatory.Surface roughnessSelf explanatory.Surface treatmentSelf explanatory.SurfaceSelf explanatory.Specification valueA measurable item characteristic specified by the buyer, seller or third party.TemperatureSelf explanatory.Transportation equipment limitationsA measurement indicating limitations in relation to transportation equipment.Test resultIndicates that the data to follow is the test result measurements.Time used in price extensionDescription to be provided.Observed valueThe reported test result which includes measurement variability.VolumeSize or measure of anything in three dimensions.True valueThe reported test result with the measurement variability removed.WeightsSelf explanatory.Weight used in price extensionDescription to be provided.Printed by GEFEG EDIFIX® Print date: 26/09/2001 Page: 4

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