Drain yourgroundwaterproblemsawayA ground breaking solutionfor flooding and standing water

Increased development in urban areas hasgiven rise to land with a larger proportionof non-permeable surfaces, a problemoften exacerbated by overloaded andout-dated drainage infrastructure.These circumstances combined withprolonged periods of rainfall can giverise to nuisance groundwater and flooding.

1Wet soil beginningto absorb the EGRP2Soil now fully engagedaround the EGRPWet soil pressurising the EGRP3 and forcing it to contract 4Soil beginning to dry out5EGRP cleans itself andwater creates channels6EGRP improves over timeas water channels mature

The EGRP speeds the rate of infiltration by first utilisingwaters properties of adhesion and cohesion to attract thewater into the pumps filling the chambers.The EGRP uses a combination of waterbehaviour, soil and earth physics andgravity to move water from where it isnot wanted to where it should naturallyreturn to, the water table.The EGRP focuses on the layer of earthbetween ground level and the water table,called the Vadose Zone. Sometimes thiszone becomes compacted and the watercannot find its way through each layerof soil, resulting in saturated groundand ultimately flooding.Sometimes the soil type, such as clay,which is made up of thousands ofhorizontal layers of silt, has very limiteddrainage capacity as water moveshorizontally instead of vertically.The EGRP solves this problem by beinginserted vertically into the ground and,once activated, connects these horizontallayers of soil allowing water to naturally finda route deeper into the earth taking wateraway from problem areas.

AgricultureCultivation not irrigationAs population increases, so does the need for food and otheragricultural products. The challenge for farmers has always beenhow to maximise yield to satisfy demand while remaining profitable.Consider the impact of saturatedground and flooding when it comesto the smooth running and maintenanceof large areas of farmland.Standing groundwater not only reducesyield per acre it also creates hugedifficulty and inconvenience in access tofields and essential maintenance of cropsthroughout the seasons.Our aim is to identify the sourceof problem groundwater anduse our experience to designa system which eradicatesthese issues that may havebeen outstanding for longperiods of time.

SPORTThe match is never offSPORTWhatever type of sporting activity, efficient and effective drainageis essential in maintaining a good quality playing surface.Loss of use due to water logging ordamage to the grass can result incancellation of games, lost fixtures,dissatisfied sports people and supportersand potentially financial losses.An efficient drainage system whichis capable of eliminating standinggroundwater and which maintains steadymoisture content within the ground evenafter the heaviest downpour, will vastlyimprove both the quality of the playingsurface and the experience of thoseplaying upon it.Improved drainage also enablesgrounds people to deliver easier andmore effective maintenance on timeand on schedule.Groundwater Dynamics fully understandthe needs and pressure on sports clubs andlocal authorities to provide high quality,high yielding playing surfaces all yearround. Our philosophy is to give honestand practical advice at all levels. We useour experience and technical knowledgeto provide our clients solutions with theirspecific needs in mind. We investigateand evaluate each proposed project andproduce site-specific recommendations.Our EGRP technology is ideal forthe use of the following sports:Football, Golf, Cricket, Rugby,Race Courses, Equestrian Eventsand Sports Training Facilities

DEVELOPMENTPlanning from the ground upGroundwater Dynamics Ltd provides property developers with acost effective, energy passive and proven technology in deliveringsustainable drainage systems for all types of soil conditions.Our Energy-Passive GroundwaterRecharge Pumps (EGRPs) harness theenergy within the ground by utilising thecontinuous expansion and contraction ofthe earth creating a natural solution to anaturally occurring problem, managingrainfall “at source”.EGRP provide developers, designers,planners and landscape architectswith the opportunity to manage;• Surface Water Run-off• Nuisance Groundwater• Localised floodingWhile simultaneously improvingwater quality in local watercourses.This non-invasive and easy to installsystem requires no external sourcesof energy while dealing efficientlywith the most problematic groundwaterconditions while increasing levels ofbiodiversity and amenity.Furthermore, should the site designersincorporate the system into thegroundworks plan at an early stageof development, the whole site can bedrained and will remain dry throughoutthe entire build program.There are also community benefitsto be realised as reduced social taxesare levied wherever groundwater ismanaged at source and sustainableurban drainage targets are met.

MUNICIPALAlways ready for take-offFollowing the Governments response to Sir Michael Pitts reviewof the summer 2007 floods, a strategy for flood risk managementsets out a portfolio of approaches that ensures that flood risks aremanaged more effectively by adopting an integrated approach.A particular area of concern is floodingin urban areas from surface water dueto the finite design capacity ofconventional drainage systems.One of the government’s primaryobjectives is for local authoritiesto deal with excessive level ofgroundwater wherever they occur;known as ‘’source control’’.The emphasis is being placed uponsustainable and environmentally friendlydrainage systems which ultimately requirenew technologies to be developedin order to create energy passive21st century drainage systems whichcompliment traditional methods.Our unique EGRP drainage solutionticks many of the boxes required whenconsidering large scale urban projectsincluding highways, railways, airportsand other forms of social development.As well as achieving source control oursystem is also capable of recharging thewater table in areas where high densitiesof hard standing structures are located.

Our unique approachand analysis:ProblemNuisance standinggroundwaterand flooding.AnalysisAn aerial surveyidentifies the directionand magnitude ofground water issues.EGRP SOLUTIONA unique 5 chambertubular design which is just25mm in diameter capableof moving 680 litres ofwater per hour with noon-going maintenance.OLD SOLUTIONCurrent drainagesystems only movethe water problemonto another area andovertime takes constantmaintenance in order tomaintain efficiency.

GROUNDWATERDYNAMICSKey featureS:The EGRP creates vertical drainage channels whichonce activated, injects surface water into the soilbeneath a ground area which may be saturated.The EGRP reduces and stabilises hydrostatic pressureagainst any underground structure. The system canalso be designed to create a “dry zone” which willextend the life span of roads, airfields and servicescontained within manholes.The system mitigates storm water runoff by allowingwater to be absorbed into the ground, reducing stresson existing drainage systems and protecting rivers,lakes, streams and wetlands.In dry conditions the EGRP system enables moistureto return to the surface, stabilising moisture contentin the ground, rehydrating the soil and nourishingroot systems thus improving the quality ofplaying surfaces.CALL USFOR YOUR FREECONSULTATION01926

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