May 2005 Progress Report - ecasa

May 2005 Progress Report - ecasa

ECASAProgress ReportMay 2005 Progress ReportPartner 1. Scottish Association for Marine Science. SAMS.WP1 Coordination· Continued population of website.· Continued management of legal contractual amendments as requested by partners.· Making arrangements for attendance by Kenny Black and Averil Wilson at the WP 4 meetingat Santiago de Compostela in June· Arranging the venue and facilities for the WP4 meeting in Santiago de Compostela· Formulating an agenda for the June Meeting· Drawing up a working sub­contract for Bill Silvert with negotiations regarding insurance andliabilities.· Kenny Black prepared a paper which will be presented at the ASLO summer meeting inSantiago de Compostela. “The influence of marine fish farming on sediment metaldistributions”· Attendance by Bill Silvert at the World Aquaculture Society meeting in Bali which covered anumber of topics related to ECASA.WP3· Discussion of the relevant indicators between Bill and Yannis at a meeting in Spain.WP4· Discussion with AZTI on model and data exchange for testing indicators· Preliminary arrangements for Chris Cromey to travel to AZTI for a workshopWP5· Bill corresponded with Dror about site selection criteriaPartner 2 University of Portsmouth. UOP.· Interviewing of candidates for Research Associate post· Preparation of discussion document on aquaculture site selection using multi­criteria methodsPartner 3. Napier University. NUE.No report filed1

ECASAProgress ReportMay 2005WP6:· no progessPartner 8. University of Crete. UOCWP2.· Submitting new indicators to the coordinator of WP2WP3· Collating information for the 6 months report.· Communication with partners of WP3, collection of information from different countries andon different types of environmental effects on aquaculture.WP5· Submitting information on site selection to coordinator of WP5WP6· Dissemination: 24­25 May: participation in the ad hoc group meeting in Zaragoza, Spain, forthe preparation of the seminar on "Mediterranean Aquaculture and EnvironmentalManagement" that will be held in Murcia, Spain (May 2006). It was agreed to include theprogramme of the seminar lectures devoted to the expected deliverables of ECASA.Partner 9. Plymouth Marine Laboratory. PML· Further development of shellfish physiology and growth models.Partner 10. Instituto do Mar IMAR.IMAR ­ Centre for Ecological Modeling, FCT/UNL· Gather of information for the Loch Creran (in progress);· GIS development to reach an average number for the wild species present in the Loch Creran,in order to estimate the natural needs/consumption in the Loch (in progress);· Definition of a workplan for modelling activities for the Loch Creran.IMAR ­ UAlg· Gather information on Sagres· Define activities fro Ria Formosa· Define activities for SagresPartner 11. Central Institute for Marine Research ICRAM.· Revised study site questionnaires with new information as requested by WP5 leader DrorAngel;· Set up of chemical and biological dataset from proposed sites (Porto Ercole, Bisceglie,Alghero);· Updating information on number and production of Italian marine fish farms;3

ECASAProgress ReportMay 2005· Attendance at the Italian Society of Marine Biology meeting presenting "Criteria forenvironmental impact assessment of cage mariculture: a proposal".Partner 12. Institut Français de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer IFREMERNo report filedPartner 13. FUNDACIÓN AZTI ­ AZTI FUNDAZIOA AZTI.The work of AZTI in May has been focused on:· New data for the Spanish questionnaire on potential sampling selected site.· Compilation of aquaculture insurance data from Spain.· HOTO response, including information on: dredging disposal and aquaculture; Impact of theintroduction of alien species; Environmental Effects of Mineral Extraction affectingAquaculture; Influence of the ocean­meteorological variables on aquaculture; Influence ofaquaculture on ocean­meteorological variables; Major environmental factors affectingaquaculture in Spain; Site selection and incompatibilities between uses in Spain.· Tidy up of papers about environmental impact of aquaculture· Compilation of aquaculture monitoring benthic data from: Ireland, Scotland, Greece andItaly.Partner 14. Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia UNIVE­ITWP2.· The preliminary list of potential indicators of environmental impact of off­shore musselculture presented at the II ECASA meeting in Paris was analysed and the most robust andcost­effective indicators were selected. The annotated sheets concerning those indicators weresent to the WP2 leader.WP3· As was agreed at the Paris meeting, we completed the first stage of our review of therelationships between fishery and other activities listed in the HOTO table: our preliminaryresults were summarized in a short report, which was sent to the WP3 leader. Our firstfindings concerning the current state of mussel culture in Italy and, in particular, in theAdriatic coastal zone, were presented at the 36° SIBM (Italian Society of Marine Biology)congress, which took place in Trieste (Italy) from May 9th to May 13th.Partner 15. Rudjer Boskovic Institute RBI· Examination of additional data from several recent and ongoing monitoring programs of finfishfarms and comparison to the existing list of indicators.· A trip to Dubrovnik for examination of a data base for a set of aquacultures, (mostly shellfishbut also several fish farms in Mali Ston).· A discussion on differences between existing data types, list of indicators and possibilities tobridge gaps.· Preparation of three papers for the V European Ecological Modelling Conference, Pushchino,Russia, 19­23.09.2005.4

ECASAProgress ReportMay 2005Partner 16. Göteborgs Universitet UGOTWP 2 & 3.· Work on paper ‘An estimate of the potential for aquaculture along the European coast ”5

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