2013 Eastern Sectional Championship Announcement


2013 Eastern Sectional Championship Announcement

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsSECTIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS2013 Eastern Sectional ChampionshipsYarmouth Ice Club; Hyannis, Mass.; Nov. 9-13, 20122013 Midwestern Sectional ChampionshipsGreater Cleveland Council of FSCs; Strongsville, Ohio; Nov. 9-13, 20122013 Pacific Coast Sectional ChampionshipsPeaks FSC; Provo, Utah; Nov. 9-13, 2012The top four in each discipline will advance to the 2013 U.S Figure Skating Championships.2013 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating ChampionshipsJan. 20-27, 2013Century Link Center OmahaOmaha, Neb.2. REGISTRATIONA. METHODOnline Electronic Registration (Required)Online registration is the ONLY method available for entry into the 2013 U.S. Figure Skatingqualifying competition season. Registration opens July 15, 2012.To enter online into the 2013 qualifying competition season, proceed in the following manner:• Log on to www.usfsaonline.org• Input your membership number and passwordo If you do not already have a password, go to www.usfsaonline.org first and followthe online instructions.If you are experiencing difficulty with online registration, please email the U.S. Figure SkatingMember Services Department at memberservices@usfigureskating.org or call the U.S. FigureSkating main number at 719.635.5200.B. DEADLINESThe entry deadline for the 2013 qualifying competition season is 11:59 p.m., Sept. 1, 2012. The timezone of your primary residence/principle training center (juvenile, intermediate) or home club(novice, junior, senior) will determine the entry deadline of 11:59 p.m., Sept. 1, 2012.NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.NO LATE REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DEADLINE.Age requirements must be met by Sept. 1, 2012.Test requirements must also be met by Sept. 1, 2012. Provisional entries based on passing a testafter the closing date of entries will not be accepted. Please refer to U.S. Figure Skating Rules 2420-2423 for further testing information and guidelines.C. ENTRY FEESThose singles skaters advancing, regardless of method, from their regional championships to thesectional championships will incur an additional $175 entry fee plus an administrative fee.All pairs and dance teams were charged the $175 entry fee plus an administration fee during theinitial registration process; therefore, no additional entry fee for these teams will be charged.3

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsSingles skaters who receive a bye from their regional championships directly to the sectionalchampionships will only be charged the sectional entry fee of $175 plus the portal administrationfee. Those who received a late bye after the close of entries and paid the initial $175 entry fee(and the additional fee) will not be charged any additional fees.ENTRY FEE BREAKDOWN for 2013 QUALIFYING COMPETITION SEASONRegionalSectionalU.S. ChampionshipsChampionships ChampionshipsSingles Skaters $175 $175 N/AJuvenile/Intermediate N/A $175 N/APairs and Dance TeamsNovice/Junior/SeniorPairs and Dance TeamsN/A $175 N/AYour registration is not considered valid until all appropriate entry and administrative fees arepaidand all required forms (including the planned program content sheet) are completed online toU.S. Figure Skating.D. PAYMENTOnline payment via credit card is the ONLY accepted form of payment.For those competitors advancing to the sectional championships from the regional championships,the credit card used during the initial entry registration will NOT be automatically charged theadditional sectional entry fee. Skaters must follow the following links to process entry fee payments:2013 Midwestern Sectional Championships:https://fs12.formsite.com/USFSAIT/2013MidwesternSectional/secure_index.html2013 Eastern Sectional Championships:https://fs12.formsite.com/USFSAIT/2013EasternSectional/secure_index.html2013 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships:https://fs12.formsite.com/USFSAIT/2013PacificCoast/secure_index.htmlOnce entered, all withdrawals are considered final. A skater may not reenter even if thewithdrawal occurs prior to the entry deadline on Sept. 1, 2012. Please note: refunds are not givenfor any reason.*If you need to withdraw, you must send an email to Gia Witmer at gwitmer@usfigureskating.org,with your name, U.S. Figure Skating membership number, event in which you were entered (i.e.Junior Ladies) and the competition from which you wish to withdraw.E. BYESNo medical byes will be considered. Competitors awarded a bye to their sectional championshipsor the U.S. Championships will receive official notification in writing from U.S. Figure Skating. Allcompetitors wishing to compete in the 2013 qualifying competition season, including those whoreceive a bye, must enter by the Sept. 1, 2012, deadline. Please refer to the most recent U.S. FigureSkating rulebook for details on byes.4

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships3. TECHNICAL DETAILSA. CONDUCT OF EVENTSFor the 2013 season, all events and levels at all championship competitions (regional, sectional,U.S. Championships) will be conducted in accordance with the international judging system (IJS).Check the U.S. Figure Skating website for technical and/or rules updates.B. AGE and TEST QUALIFICATIONSAll age and test requirements can be found in the U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook starting with Rule4200 (senior singles) and on the U.S. Figure Skating website athttp://www.usfigureskating.org/New_Judging.asp.C. TECHNICAL ELEMENTSThe well-balanced program charts for all levels and disciplines are posted on the U.S. FigureSkating web site at http://www.usfigureskating.org/New_Judging.asp?id=355. As referenced earlierin this announcement, U.S. Figure Skating will incorporate all changes made by the ISU with regardto well-balanced programs. Please refer to this web site often for continuous updates.PLANNED PROGRAM CONTENT SHEET (Required component)All competitors entering into the 2013 qualifying competition season are required as part of theironline registration to submit a planned program content sheet (PPCS) detailing the elements intheir program(s). You may update your PPCS at www.usfsaonline.org up to two weeks prior to thestart of your competition. Failure to do so creates extra work for the officials working yourcompetition. You will not be allowed to receive your credential at registration until your PPCS issubmitted.D. MUSICCOMPETITON MUSIC INFORMATION (Required component of online registration)U.S. Figure Skating requires all competitors to fully complete a competition music information formas part of the online registration process.The following information is required for each piece of music used in the composition of the shortprogram and free skate: composer, orchestra, duration of music, record label/number (optionalbut highly recommended if obtainable).COMPACT DISCS (CDs)For all qualifying events during the 2013 season, CDs are the only acceptable media. CDs must be:• Clearly marked with name (last name, first name), event entered and the music time/length.• Each CD must have only ONE (1) track on it. In the case of a short program and freeprogram, two (2) separate discs must be used. Any disc with more than one (1) track willNOT be accepted!• Lead in time (time before the music begins) on CDs may not exceed two (2) seconds.• Due to compatibility and reliability reasons, music may NOT be submitted on re-recordable"CD-RW" discs.• Each CD must be turned in - in a paper CD sleeve with a see through window (obtainableat any office supply store), also labeled with the skater’s name and event.5

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships• Standard hard plastic jewel cases or other CD holders are no longer acceptable. CDs thatare not properly identified will NOT be accepted.Competition music must be turned in at the registration desk at the time of registration. At theChampionships, competitors will not receive their credentials at registration until they turn in theirmusic. The originals will not be kept and forwarded on from Sectionals to Championships, ratherthe Music committee will make digital copies at each event to pass the music up to the next levelof competition. The music CD’s will be returned to the competitors at the end of their final event.Each competitor that qualifies for Sectionals or the 2013 U.S. Figure Skating Championships will berequired to bring CD copies to the next event as backup.Skaters receiving byes to the U.S. Championships are required to email their competition music nolater than one (1) month (Dec. 19, 2012) prior to the start of the U.S. Championships to the followingemail address:Richard LarsenU.S. Championships Music Techrclarsen@charter.netSkaters receiving byes must also bring CD copies of their music to the event as backup.All competitors must have at least one (1) additional copy rink side at practice sessions and duringthe actual competition event. The LOC will accept no responsibility for damage or loss. CDs notpicked up by the end of the competition are not the responsibility of the LOC and will bediscarded.E. OFFICIAL BULLETIN BOARD/EVENT WEBSITEThe official bulletin board and event website will contain any announcements or changes, and it isthe responsibility of the competitors to check often for official notices. Please refer to the localportion of the announcement for further information regarding the bulletin board and eventwebsite.4. ADVANCEMENT TO U.S. FIGURE SKATING CHAMPIONSHIPSA. QUALIFIERSFor all competitors advancing to the U.S. ChampionshipsAll athletes who qualify for the 2013 U.S. Figure Skating Championships will receive an email fromU.S. Figure Skating regarding information required and how to book hotels, purchase additionalcredentials, etc.Pairs and DanceAll pairs and dance teams will have their first competition at the sectional championships ratherthan the regional championships. The top four placed teams at each sectional championship willadvance to the 2013 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. All teams advancing will receiveinstructions for downloading the 2013 U.S. Figure Skating Championships announcement fromwww.usfsaonline.org.If there are fewer than four teams from one or more sections, a sufficient number of teams fromother section(s) will be permitted to enter in order to bring the number of entrants up to amaximum of 12 teams.* These additional entrants will be selected in the order of their placementat the comparable sectional event of the same year. If two teams are tied for the additionalplace both will be permitted to enter. (*If there are already 12 or more teams entered in thatcomparable event at the U.S. Championships due to international byes and/or automatic6

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championshipsinvitations (rules 2512-2521), there will be no additional teams permitted to enter the U.S. FigureSkating Championships for that event based on this “fewer than four” rule.B. ALTERNATESThe fifth- and sixth-place pairs and dance teams (unless there are fill-ups) and singles skaters ateach sectional championship will be considered the first and second alternates for the 2013 U.S.Figure Skating Championships. They will receive instructions for downloading the announcementbut do not need to submit any paperwork unless contacted by U.S. Figure Skating.Alternates DO NOT need to mail in any paperwork or required forms unless contacted by U.S.Figure Skating.5. INSURANCE/LIABILITYA. LIABILITYU.S. Figure Skating, the host club(s) and/or interclub association, the organizing committee, andthe ice arenas being utilized for these events accept no responsibility for injury or damagesustained by any participant in these championships (U.S. Figure Skating Rule 1600).6. ANTI-DOPINGAnti-doping tests will be conducted at the 2013 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships, heldin Omaha, Neb., Jan. 20-27, 2013. Anti-Doping testing will be conducted in the Senior-level andconsist of the top four place-winners plus one random selection for each discipline. If selected,testing is mandatory.7. CONTACTSFor further information, requests should be addressed to:A. U.S. FIGURE SKATINGU.S. Figure Skating Competitions CoordinatorGia Witmergwitmer@usfigureskating.orgChair, Competitions CommitteeLynn Goldmanlgoldman1@austin.rr.comB. LOCAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEEPlease refer to the additional information located on the following pages for detailed contactinformation for the local organizing committee hosting your specific championships.7

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsLocal Organizing Committee (LOC) Additional Information2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsYarmouth Ice Clubwww.yarmouthiceclub.orgNov. 8-12, 2012All of Cape Cod is excited to be hosting the 2013 Eastern Figure Skating Championships at thebeautiful, new Hyannis Youth and Community Center (HYCC) in downtown Hyannis, Massachusetts.The Yarmouth Ice Club, host of the 1983 Eastern Championships is proud to have this prestigiousChampionship return to Cape Cod. The Club and the Cape Cod Chamber of Commercewww.capecodchamber.org hope you enjoy your stay at this beautiful vacation resort, located off thecoast off Massachusetts, offering beautiful beaches, golf, biking, camping, fishing and many otherrecreational activities. Be sure to take time to visit the many historic museums, and unique antique andgift shops.COMPETITION RINK FACILITIES:HYANNIS YOUTH AND COMMUNITY CENTER:The Championships will be held at the HYCC, 141 Basset Lane, Hyannis, MA. The HYCC is within a mileof the Cape Cod Mall, and just 1 block from Main St where many specialty shops, restaurants, theCape Cod Baseball League and John F. Kennedy Museums are located. The Center is also withinwalking distance to Hyannis Harbor with fishing boats, harbor cruise boats and the Nantucket andMartha’s Vineyard boat docks, as well as, the Kennedy Memorial, 3 Hyannis Beaches and deliciousharbor side dining. HYCC is a beautiful, new 2 indoor rink facility each ice surface measuring 200 x 85with ample seating in both arenas. The facility also has a full service snack bar, 2 surface basketballgym with walking track, game room, computer room, and gift shop. The lower level of the facility hasa separate lobby and 8 locker rooms. For the safety of the competitors, only “ALL ACCESSCREDENTIALS” will have admittance to the lower level.TONY KENT ARENA:Additional unofficial practice ice will be available at Tony Kent Arena (TKA), 8 South Gages Way,South Dennis, MA 02660. TKA is a one ice surface facility measuring 200 x 85 with a full service snackbar and skate shop. www.tonykentarena.com DO NOT FOLLOW GPS OR MAPQUEST DIRECTIONSNEITHER SOURCE HAS UPDATED THE EXIT 9 INTERCHANGE. BE SURE TO CHECK THE YARMOUTH ICE CLUBWEBSITE AT www.yarmouthiceclub.org FOR CORRECT DIRECTIONS TO THE RINK.OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:The latest updates and changes will be posted on the Official Bulletin Board in the HYCC lobby. Theofficial schedule of events will be posted on the Official Bulletin Board and will supersede all otherschedules. It is the responsibility of the skater, parent and coach to check this board upon arrival andperiodically during the competition for changes in the schedule and other important information.Skaters should be in the rink and checked in at least one hour prior to their event. Officialannouncements will also be available only at the listed official hotels: THE CAPE CODDER, DAYS INNAND HOLIDAY INN.REGISTRATION:The registration desk will open on Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012, at 7:00 am and remain open for the durationof the Championships. Upon arrival, all skaters and coaches must check in at the registration desklocated in the HYCC lobby. Credentials and information packets will be given upon registering. Noparticipant will be allowed to the lower level locker room area without their ”ALL ACCESSCREDENTIALS”.8

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsTENTATIVE SCHEDULE:This is strictly tentative and is dependent on the number of entries and the number of crossover skaterswhich cannot be determined until after the last Regional competition is completed. Please beprepared to adjust your schedule and arrangements accordingly.THURSDAY11/8/12FRIDAY11/9/12SATURDAY11/10/12SUNDAY11/11/12MONDAY11/12/12Official Practice Juvenile Dance PD Juvenile Dance FDIntermediate PairsFSNovice Pairs FSIntermediate Men Intermediate MenSPFSNovice Pairs SP Junior Dance FDJuvenile Girls FSIntermediateDance FDJunior Dance SD Junior Pairs FSIntermediate Intermediate LadiesDance PDFSJunior Pairs SP Senior Dance FDCompetitor’sIntermediate LadiesSPJunior Ladies SP Senior Ladies SP Senior Ladies FSFestivity Novice Dance PD Novice Dance FD Junior Ladies FS Senior Pairs FSJuvenile Pairs FS Junior Men SP Senior Dance SD Senior Men FSJuvenile Boys FS Novice Ladies FS Junior Men FSNovice Ladies SP Novice Men FS Senior Pairs SPNovice Men SPSenior Men SPCREDENTIALS:Admission to the arena is by credential or ticket only.COMPETITORS: Will receive their credentials upon registering. Music for regional medalist will beforwarded to the Sectional Championships. Byes, pairs, and dance competitors must submittheir music for all programs when registering in order to receive their credentials.CHAPERONES: Each competitor will receive credentials for one named chaperone free ofcharge. Additional all event ticket may be purchased in advance for $45.00. (See FORM 2)Per U.S. Figure Skating, chaperones are not permitted on the lower level of the HYCC.COACH: One coach credential per competitor will be given free of charge. Singles skatersmay designate one additional coach; pairs and dance teams may designate 2 additionalcoaches to be credentialed. A fee of $45.00 will be charged for the additional coachescredentials.Any changes to chaperone and/or coach designations may be made at the registration desk.Competitors will be limited to one chaperone and one coach designation change. Only a skater whois not a minor, or a parent or legal guardian of a minor skater may designate or change an officialchaperone or coach. Replacements for lost credentials can be obtained for $45.00.PRACTICE ICE:Unofficial practice ice will begin on Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012. All unofficial and official practice icewill be sold in packages. All official practices are scheduled by the referee. All unofficial practices willbe assigned by the LOC Chairperson, dwunder56@comcast.net and will be assigned according to thecompetition schedule. Additional practice time will be available and assigned on a first come firstserve basis. The practice ice form (see FORM 3) must be submitted by the Friday after your regionalcompetition. Any late practice ice forms will be accepted at the discretion of the LOC.9

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsAll requests for practice ice must include credit card information, check or money order madepayable to Yarmouth Ice Club and emailed to dwunder56@comcast.net or mailed to:2013 Eastern Championshipsc/o Yarmouth Ice ClubPO Box 917South Dennis MA 02660NO PRACTICE ICE RESERVATION WILL BE TAKEN OVER THE PHONE!NO REFUNDS FOR ANY PRACTICE ICE:PRACTICE ICE RESERVATION DEADLINE: The deadline for practice ice reservation is the Friday after yourregional championships.Unofficial practice ice confirmation will be emailed as soon as possible after the last regional deadlinehas passed. In order to make sure you get you practice ice confirmation; make sure you clearly printyour email address on the practice ice reservation form. Be sure to make all addresses legible. Theschedule of official practice will be posted on our website www.yarmouthiceclub.org when itbecomes available.** Depending upon the official schedule, official practice ice and/or unofficial practices sessions maytake place on an ice surface other than the competition ice surface.DEADLINES:Please read all announcements and accompanying forms in order to meet all deadlines.The entry deadline for the 2013 Midwestern Sectional Championships is 11:59 p.m., Sept. 1, 2012. Thetime zone of your primary residence/principle training center (juvenile, intermediate) or home club(novice, junior, senior) will determine the entry deadline of 11:59 p.m., Sept. 1, 2012. Registration entriesmust be submitted at www.usfsaonline.org.All forms must be sent to:2013 Eastern Championshipsc/o Yarmouth Ice ClubPO Box 917South Dennis MA 02660All forms must be postmarked no later than the Friday following your respective regionalchampionships. Any information postmarked after the Friday following your regional will be acceptedonly at the discretion of the LOC.Dance/Pairs competitors and competitors with byes must complete and return all forms by Sept 25,2012.AWARDS:Medals will be awarded for first through fourth place and trophies will be awarded to the champions.All skaters being presented with awards should be dressed in their competitive costumes with skates onfor the award ceremony.10

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsACCOMMODATIONS / HOTELS: LOC contact: Maryann Worsman at worsman@comcast.netCheck the Yarmouth Ice Club Website at www.yarmouthiceclub.org for reservation codes in order toget the competition rates.OFFICIAL HOTEL:THE CAPE CODDER HOTEL AND SPA, 1225 Iyanough Rd (Rte 132) , Hyannis, MA 02601Conveniently located within a 2 mile of the Hyannis Youth and Community Center, The Cape Codderis a full service hotel with 2 restaurants, indoor and outdoor pools, arcade and game rooms.www.capecodderresort.comAdditional hotels:Days Inn: 867 Iyanough Rd, Hyannis, MA 02601Located next to the Cape Cod Mall, the Days Inn is within 1 mile of HYCC, and a mile to Main St. TheDays Inn is a full service hotel with free continental breakfast and indoor/outdoor pools.www.hyannisdaysinn.com,Holiday Inn, 1127 Iyannough Rd, (Rte 132) Hyannis MA 02601, 508-775-1153Located within 2 miles of HYCC and across Bearse’s Way from the Cape Codder. The Holiday Inn is afull service hotel offering indoor pool and free breakfast.www.holidayinnhyannis.comTRANSPORTATION: LOC contact: Maryann Worsman at worsman@comcast.netThe Cape is located 80 miles south of Logan International Airport in Boston MA and 80 miles east of T. F.Green Airport in Providence RI.Plymouth Brockton Bus www.p&b.com offers hourly Boston to Hyannis transportation from all airlinebaggage claim areas at Logan International Airport. This Logan Direct bus transportation runs fromearly morning to late night. ROUND TRIP TICKETS FOR $45.00 ARE ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE BUS, PAYABLEIN CASH ONLY. Bus service is not available from T. F. Green Airport in Providence RI.Cape Air www.capeair.com offers many daily connecting flights from Logan International Airport toBarnstable Municipal Airport in Hyannis.Car rentals are available from all 3 airports and the Hyannis Bus Station.VIDEOGRAPHYThe Event Video Company (EVC) will serve as the official videographer for all U.S. Figure Skatingqualifying competitions for the 2013 competition season. EVC will provide professional videotapingservices for all events. Please note: videotaping of the competition, including practice ice, in any formis strictly prohibited per U.S. Figure Skating policy.PHOTOGRAPHYAn official photographer will be assigned to the competition by Yarmouth Ice Club. Award photos willbe available for purchase by the competitors and their families paid directly to the vendor. Full detailswill be available onsite. Photographs are permitted for personal use only, but for the safety of theskaters, no flash photography is permitted. Any resale of photography is strictly prohibited.PROGRAM PHOTOGRAPH INFORMATIONAll skaters MUST submit an electronic file with a 5 x 7 black and white or color photo for inclusion in theOfficial Program Book. The photos should be a head and shoulder portrait format. Photos must includeskater’s name, event, club and placement at your Regional Championship. All photos, photo form(see FORM 4) and photo information MUST be emailed to Ian Macadam at iceskater@beld.net NOLATER than the Friday following your regional championships.11

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsPROGRAM BOOK ADVERTISINGUse the attached form (see FORM 5) to advertise you company, small business or figure skating club inthe 2013 Eastern Sectional Championships Program Book. Program advertising may be purchased in avariety of sizes and prices. Contact Ian Macadam at iceskater@beld.net for questions regardingadvertisingEVENT MERCHANDISE AND SOUVENIRS:Event merchandise and souvenirs will be available at the event. Please visit our websitewww.yarmouthiceclub.org and vendor booths during the competition. Pre-orders for merchandisemay be ordered on FORM 6.LOC CONTACT INFORMATION:CHAIRMANDonna J. Wunder – dwunder56@comcast.net – 508-237-7272CO CHAIRCarolyn Pierce – ccpiercesk8@comcast.net – 508-775-0565COMPETITOR’S TRAVEL AND HOTEL CHAIRMaryann Worsman – worsman@comcast.net – 978-995-3089COMPETITOR LIASONMadeline Wunder – madeline.wunder@simmons.edu – 508-246-4361YARMOUTH ICE CLUB WEBSITEwww.yarmouthiceclub.orgU.S. FIGURE SKATING CONTACT INFORMATION:U.S. FIGURE SKATING, COMPETITIONS COORDINATORGia Witmer – gwitmer@usfigureskating.org – 719-635-5200SECTIONAL VICE CHAIR, EASTERN SECTION, COMPETITIONS COMMITTEEJohn Cole – jhabcole@aol.comCHIEF REFEREELeslie Gianelli – ljgianelli@aol.com12

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsFORMS CHECKLIST2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsYICFORM1For your convenience and for the ease of recording, please submit only one check payable to theYarmouth Ice Club. We appreciate your assistance in completing this form and want to insure you areproperly credited.COMPETITOR’SNAME______________________________________________________EVENT/S________________________FORM:- Coaches and Chaperone Accreditation (Form 2) $___________________- Advance Ticket Order (Form 2) $___________________- Practice Ice Request (Form 3) $___________________- Program Photograph (Form 4) $____NONE________- Program Advertising Order (Form 5) $___________________- Official Souvenir Merchandise Order (Form 6) $___________________TOTAL ENCLOSED$___________________Credit or Debit Cards as well as checks will be accepted for the above amount due. ($30 fee will beassessed for returned checks)CREDIT CARD INFORMATION:NAME: (as appears on card) (please print)Mailing address of card:___________________________________________________________________________________________________Card Type: Mastercard Visa Discover AmexCard #________________________________________________________________________________________Exp. Date__________________________________________ CCV #___________________________________DEADLINE: all forms must be postmarked by midnight the Friday after yourRegional Competition13

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsCOACHES CREDENTIALSAND ADVANCED TICKETS SALES2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships(PLEASE PRINT ON ALL FORMS)Deadline postmarked no later than midnight Friday after your Regionals.Pairs/Dance/Byes deadline is midnight Sept. 25, 2012YICFORM2Competitor’s Name (as it will appear on the credential)_____________________________________________Skater’s Event/s__________________________________________________U.S. Figure Skating#_______________Home Club________________________________________________________________________________________Phone____________________________________________________Cell_____________________________________Email Address______________________________________________________________________________________THE FOLLOWING CHAPERONE AND COACH WILL RECEIVE COMPLIMENTARY CREDENTIALS.Please print name as it will appear on their credentialChaperone______________________________________________Relationship to skater_________________________Chaperone’s email address____________________________________________________________________________=====================================================================================Designated PrimaryCoach/Choregrapher____________________________________U.S. Figure Skating#___________ PSA#__________Coach Phone_______________________ Coach email_____________________________________________________ADDITIONAL COACH/CHOREOGRAPHER CREDENTIAL REQUEST - $45.00Print name as it will appear on credential:Name of Additional Coach/Choreographer____________________________________________________________U.S. Figure Skating#_______________ PSA#_____________ Email_____________________________________________ADVANCED TICKETS – ALL EVENT PRICE: $45.00# of all event tickets ___________________@ $45.00 = ALL EVENT TICKET TOTAL $___________DAILY TICKET PRICES: $15.00 / DAYFri.. #_____@ $15 Sat. #_____@ $15 Sun. #_____ @ $15 Mon. #____ @ $15 = DAILY TOTAL $__________** Pairs/Dance skaters must each fill out this form. Teams must designate the same Primary Coach andmay Credential one additional coach per skater(Total 3 coaches credentials per team).14

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsPRACTICE ICE RESERVATION FORM2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsNovember 8–12, 2012Deadline postmarked no later than midnight Friday after your Regionals.Pairs/Dance/Byes deadline is midnight Sept 25, 2012YICFORM3CompetitorLocal Hotel(required)Email(required)CoachCoach email(required)Coaches Hotel(required)SkatinglevelEventEnteredCellphoneCellphoneUnofficial practice ice sessions will begin on Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012 at the HYCC. No music will be played onunofficial practice sessions. The unofficial practice ice reservation form should be completed and mailed to:2013 Eastern Championships,c/o Yarmouth Ice Club, PO Box 917, South Dennis MA 02660.IMPORTANT NOTE:1. No requests for practice ice will be taken over the phone.2. Unofficial practice ice written requests are limited to 2 sessions per skater per day. Additionalpractice sessions will be made available once all written requests are accommodated.3. Your request must be postmarked by the Friday following your regional event.4. Advanced Reservations for Freestyle Sessions are 30 minutes and cost $30 per session. Availablesessions scheduled during the week of sectionals are $35 per session.5. An official practice schedule will be posted on our website as it becomes available.6. Additional practice will be made available throughout the competition at Tony Kent Arena.7. There is a $30 fee for returned checks.OFFICIAL/UNOFFICIAL PRACTICE ICE PACKAGE RESERVATION:_____ Juvenile Girls, Boys, Pairs and Intermediate Pairs (one 30 minute unofficial + One official session @ $40.00)_____All other events (Two 30 minute unofficial sessions + Two 20 minute official sessions @ ($80.00 for eachsingle skater) ($70.00 for each dance or pair skater)EXTRA UNOFFICIAL PRACTICE ICE RESERVATION:Unofficial practice ice will be available for all competitors at HYCC or TKA beginning Wednesday,November 7, 2012. All sessions will be $30 per person for a 30 minute session. Practice ice confirmationswill be emailed to each competitor as soon as it becomes available.# OF SESSIONSWEDNESDAY11/7/12 PMTHURSDAY11/8/12FRIDAY11/9/12SATURDAY11/10/12SUNDAY11/12/12MONDAY11/12/12Amount due – Package Reservation ______ @ _________ = Total $___________Amount due – Extra unofficial Reservations ______# of sessions X $30= Total $___________TOTAL AMOUNT DUE FOR ADVANCED PRACTICE RESERVATIONS15$___________

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsPROGRAM PHOTOGRAPH FORM2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsDeadline postmarked no later than midnight Friday after your Regionals.Pairs/Dance/Byes deadline is midnight Sept 25, 2012YICFORM4All competitors are required to email their program information to Ian Macadam at iceskater@beld.net nolater than the Friday following your Regional competition. Each skater must email a 5 x 7 black and white orcolor photograph in electronic format for inclusion in the Official Program book. The photographs should becomposed in a head and shoulder portrait format. Photos will not be returned.Please include in your email the skater’s name, event, and placement at your Regional competition.CompetitorStreet AddressCity State ZipHome PhoneCell PhoneEmailPrint clearlyHome ClubSkater’sEventRegionalPlacement16

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsPROGRAM ADVERTISING FORM2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsNov. 8-12, 2012Ad forms and payment due by: Sept. 25, 2012 to Ian Macadam at iceskater@beld.netYICFORM5Submit all advertisements along with artwork in electronic format by September 25, 2012 aticeskater@beld.net Space will be allocated on a first come first serve basis, unless a specific location isrequested and approved in advance. Late submissions will be accepted, provided time and spacepermit. Camera ready artwork or digital media format (PDF, JPEG, or TIF at minimum 600 dpi)preferred. For website advertisement, please email Banner and Web Link. No responsibility will betaken for copied or scanned artwork submitted and artwork will not be returned. Yarmouth Ice Clubreserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement deemed inappropriate or controversial. Norefunds will be made.WEBSITE: contact Ian Macadam for more informationBanner and Link on Yarmouth Ice Club website will be posted from Sept. 26 to Nov. 30, 2012.Application and banner info needs to be received by Sept. 1, 2012. Late submissions permitted but willnot be prorated.#________@ $100.00 = $___________COVER: 8 ½ X 11 - 4 part color(select one) ___Front ___Back Outer ___Back Inner #________ @ $300.00 = $___________CENTER PAGE: 8½ x 11 - 4-part color #________@ $500.00 = $___________FULL PAGE: 8½ x 11 - Black & White only #________@ $175.00 = $___________HALF PAGE: 7.5 x 5.5 or 3.75 x 10 - Black & White only #________@ $125.00 = $___________QUARTER PAGE: 3.75 x 5 or 7.5 x 3.75 - Black & White only #________@ $ 75.00 = $___________BUSINESS CARD: 2.0 x 3.5 or 3.5 x 2.0 - Black & White only #________@ $ 40.00 = $___________TYPESETTING CHARGE PER AD (not camera ready)TOTAL ADVERTISING COST - SUBMIT WITH FORM 1#________@ $10.00 = $__________$__________EMAIL ADS TO iceskater@beld.netMAIL CD (include hard copy) or camera-ready is acceptedAD FORM PAYMENT: DEBIT CARD, CREDIT CARD OR CHECK DUE SEPT. 25, 2012.CONTACT NAME__________________________________________________________________________________BUSINESS NAME___________________________________________________________________________________ADDRESS_________________________________________________________________________________________CITY____________________________________________________STATE___________ZIP_______________________PHONE______________________________EMAIL_______________________________________________________17

2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsOFFICIAL SOUVENIR MERCHANDISEORDER FORM2013 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating ChampionshipsDeadline postmarked no later than midnight Friday after your Regionals.Pairs/Dance/Byes deadline is midnight Sept 25, 2012YICFORM6All items will be available for pickup at the Registration Desk.Prices and items are only available through pre-purchaseand will be embroidered with full color event logo.UNISEX SIZING – STANDING COLLAR, ZIPPER FRONT.FLEECE JACKET WITH FULL COLOR EMBROIDERED EVENT LOGOFor Jackets - Please designate the number needed in each size blockXX-SMALL X-SMALL SMALL MEDIUM LARGE X-LARGE# # # # # ## OF JACKETS #______ @ $100.00 = $__________PROGRAM BOOK ($15 AT COMPETITION)#______ @ $ 10.00 = $__________JACKETS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT THE CHAMPIONSHIPS. JACKETS MUST BE PRE-ORDERED.18

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