July-August 2012 - The Journey Magazine


July-August 2012 - The Journey Magazine

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From the PublisherIn 1998 I opened a Holistic Health Center andnamed it A Touch of Serenity. Funny thing: I wasclueless as to what “Holistic Health” actually was.The building we were in was next to McDonald’sand behind Dairy Queen. And I became a frequentcustomer to both.Owning this type of center attracted a lotof people who gave me information on living ahealthier life. A large part of that was eating amore nutritious and “greener” diet.A young lady, Janee Kuta-Illiano steeredme through a cleanse that radically changedmy eating habits and I will always be grateful toher for that. While still not being a Vegan, I havefound that I feel much better by doing away withmeat. I have found that the “greener” I eat thebetter I feel.I have also been able to share what I learnedwith more than 400 people since then through acleanse that I morphed into not only a changein diet, but bringing Yoga and meditation intothe 30-day protocol. I named this the KarmaKleanse, which seems appropriate in more waysthan one.Just as important as eating green, I believe,is living green. Janee used to drive home thepoint that the body you have is it for this lifetime,so be sure to take care of it. Is that not true ofthe Earth? As far as I know, we haven’t startedinhabiting other worlds yet. So we need to takegreat care in this one.Little things we do collectively add up tobig dividends for the Earth at large. I am mindfulto turn lights off when not needed, recycle, ridemy bike when I can for errands. Being a Yogateacher, I don’t think it is all that important to turnthe heat up to 100 degrees, especially when it’s90 degrees outside. I try to buy local, rather thanfrom countries that don’t have pollution standardsto limit the toxins into our air and water.The color of the heart chakra is green. I don’tfind this to be a coincidence.This year marks the 10th anniversary of TheJourney Expo. We have added The Living andEating Green Expo to run in conjunction withit. Please come join us at Lakeland CommunityCollege, near Cleveland, on Sept. 7-9 and I amsure you will find information that will help in yourgrowth and the sustainability of our world.May we each find what we can do to be agreater part of this world. ~Namasté ClydePa g e 4The Front Porch | 5-9Ju ly • Au g u s t 2012July.August 2012 | Issue 65A Conversation with John Robbins | 12America’s Food RevolutionaryBy Eva StarrGo Green - with an Indoor Herb Garden | 16By Jenna VanekLessons From The Trees | 18By West HardinHow Green is Your Life? | 20By Tina G. SacchiCut the Oil, Save Your Heart | 24An Interview with Dr. Caldwell EsselstynBy Eva StarrThe Roots of Biodynamic Agriculture | 28By Elbert M. CraryThe Real Meaning of Green | 30By wah!Soul Food | 32By Eva StarrTaking ‘Green’ Beyond the Food | 34By Elaine ShellyHoroscopes | Inner Views | 36By Kimmie Rose ZapfPublisher Clyde ChaferEditor Bob RosenbaumProofreader Katie KrancevicAdvertising SalesClyde Chafer | 440.223.1392 | clydechafer@yahoo.comLayout Bill Wahl | 440.552.8622Feature WritersElbert M. CraryWest HardinTina G. SacchiElaine ShellyEva Starrwah!Jenna VanekKimmie Rose ZapfSeptember • October Theme: The Middle PathEmail the Journey at: info@thejourneymag.com Phone us at 440.223.1392Find us online at www.thejourneymag.com and Facebook at The Journey MagazineThe Journey is a free bi-monthly publication. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articlesand advertisements, nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised.©2012 God’s Partnership Inc. No portion of this publication may be reproduced without written consent from the publisher.t h e Jo u r n e y

Do you have somethinginteresting you would like toshare with our community?The Front Porch is a place for community newsand sharing, updates, notables, and much more.We are excited to announce that book and CDreviews will also take place here on the FrontPorch, so please send us any material you’vewritten/recorded or anything you are enchantedby. Press releases for the Front Porch, as wellas submissions for the rest of the magazine, areencouraged, please go to the Front Porch sectionof The Journey website and submit according tothe submission guidelines.t h e Jo u r n e yOSHOPrimitive man was very sensitivebecause he lived with trees, helived with animals, he lived withrivers, he lived with oceans, helived with mountains. He was partof nature. The primitive man hadno religion, no organized church,no priesthood. Obviously, theprimitive man was aware of a surginglife all around. He lived amidstan ocean of life. And obviously, hislove for trees, his love for rivers,his love for the ocean, his love forthe high mountains, the stars, thesun and moon, was immense. Helived in a totally different world— very related. He was one of themembers of the cosmos, just asevery living thing is. ~ Osho108 DrumsCalling all drummers. The JourneyExpo Cleveland will feature a drumcircle on Saturday afternoon priorto the I-TAL concert. We are hopingto get at least 108 drummers tohighten the energy. The first 108drummers that attend will get in freefor the day. Must pre-register byemailing info@thejourneymag.com. Please put 108 drums in the subjectline and you will be added to the list. The Expo opens at 10am,so come for the whole day and join in at the 5pm drum circle. Thedrum circle will be lead by Alex Wedmedyk of Earth Rhythms. Moreinformation on the Expo at www.thejourneymag.com.Vegan, Animal and EarthFriendly list of eventsRead what is happening each month in the Vegan, Animal and EarthFriendly list of events. Events are posted from as far west as Norwalk,Oberlin and Avon, south to Medina and Strongsville, across Akron, Cantonand Hartsville, throughout the greater central Cleveland area and suburbs,and as far east as Painesville. Many are potlucks, dinners in restaurants,movies at theaters, documentaries in churches, classes or lectures in auditoriums,libraries or private homes, guest appearances by authors, food andcooking demonstrations, petitioning, leafleting, peaceful demonstrations,booths and exhibitors at festivals, as well as organizations and groups thathave monthly meetings and meetup groups. They are everywhere and onnearly every day of the month and often several events are happening onthe same day. Be on the monthly Vegan, Animal, and Earth Friendly list ofEvents. You will receive a list of everything that has to do with Vegan, Animaland Earth Friendly events. You also receive an attachment of resourcesand vegan friendly restaurants in our area. If you have an event you wantposted or if you want to be on the e-mail list, please contact: sandie1928@ameritech.net (Sandie Sajner, the one who promotes an optimally healthyvegan lifestyle for all reasons)Rock on....The Front PorchJu ly • Au g u s t 2012 Pa g e 9

Full Spectrum CenterIntroductory WorkshopOctober 13 & 14, 2012Living Transformation Coursebegins Nov. 10 & 11, 2012Visit our newly-updated website for details.814.337.8399www.FullSpectrumCtr.orgThe Full Spectrum Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.Pa g e 10Ju ly • Au g u s t 2012t h e Jo u r n e y

We are expanding the magazine to the Columbus, OHand Pittsburgh PA areas and are staginganother Expo in Pittsburgh in May.t h e Jo u r n e yJu ly • Au g u s t 2012 Pa g e 11

A Conversation with John Robbins,America’s Food RevolutionaryBy Eva StarrJohn Robbins hasbeen a leader inthe revolution forhealthy eatingwhile exposingthe factory farms and themistreatment of animals inAmerica. Robbins is wakingup America to his passionabout sustainability,our connection to MotherEarth and the benefits ofeating healthier.Robbins has been advocatingfor the environment,animals and a healthierAmerica for decades. Afterfollowing his inner voice, heleft behind a family fortuneto live sustainably on an island off of British Columbia with his wife Deo in1969.The annual health insurance premiums paid bythe average American family now exceed thegross yearly income of a full-time minimumwageworker.For 10 years they lived there in a one-room log cabin, growing 95 percentof their own food. It was shortly after this experience that Robbins wrote hisbest-selling Diet for a New America. His other books include The New GoodLife and, most recently, No Happy Cows.Robbins hopes to enlighten Americans withhow this nation deals with its food policies, incitingurgency for us to take responsibility for ourfood choices and supporting life on a healthierplanet.Starr: What led you to turn down the familyfortune, the Baskin-Robbins ice cream empire?Robbins: My uncle Burt Baskin, my dad’sbrother, died of a heart attack at the age of 54; heate a lot of ice cream. When he died, I asked myfather if there was a connection with the amountof ice cream Uncle Burt ate and the heart attack.“No, the heart just stopped,” my father said.[But] I concluded that there was indeed aconnection between the two. I didn’t want to bePa g e 12Ju Ju ly ly • Au g u s s t t 2012a part of something that was connectedto selling a product that wouldundermine a person’s health.Q: In other words, for you thebottom-line came down to your valuesystem?A: Yes. I’m not saying “Don’tever eat an ice cream cone.” It’s justthat I didn’t want to contribute to theheart problems, obesity and diabetesof my fellow man.’Q: Share with me more aboutour core values, what motivatesus and how that relates to our foodchoices.A: Our food choices not onlyaffect us as individuals, our collectivefood choices have an enormouseffect on the environment. You canlook at your food choices as a mirror.Do you see self-care, self-love andself-respect? Do you see yourselfeating food that nurtures your mind,body and soul, which honors an innerconnectedness with the biosphere?No, we see insanity, toxicity, addiction,distraction and mindlessness.We live in a food culture that Iexperience to be profoundly toxic.It’s easier to find a pack of cigarettes,a can of coke and a candy bar than astalk of broccoli. Convenience storesare loaded with highly processedfoods, high in salt and chemicaladditives. We’ve created a food environmentthat makes it challenging,to say the least, to maintain healthyeating. We should be moving towardfoods that are healthy, not hazardousto our health. I advocate for policiesthat would change that.Q: How does the way animalsare slaughtered affect the food weconsume?A: The animals are confinedto extremely small spaces, whichcauses immense suffering, hencethey are miserable and they get sick.Rather than change the conditions fort h e Jo u r n e y

a healthier environment they use drugs, as growth proponents,administered to livestock in every meal the animaleats. This enables them to survive and grow in weight.Our factory farms are producing systematically andpredictable bacteria that are resistant to the antibioticswe depend on to protect human health – not to mentioncontributing massively to global warming, deforestationand species extinction.It’s the food products that are the least healthy thatare readily available and inexpensive, the ones that ourfood policies have been subsidizing. We are paying aterrible price for our seemingly cheap food.If we are going to subsidize any foods, why not makeit healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and wholegrains, rather than high-fructose corn syrup and cattlefeeds made from GMO [genetically modified] soy andcorn? If we are going to subsidize a type of agriculture,why not support family farmers who have a long-termcommitment to the land, who are stewards of the Earth,rather than corporate farms that view the land as simplyanother commodity to be exploited?A: It’s a fight, with two opposing forces on a collisioncourse. On one side of the battle we have McDonald’s,Wal-Mart and Monsanto – people who have a vestedinterest in [corporate] agriculture and … geneticallyengineered food.On the other side, we have a rapidly increasing numberof people who are actually concerned about theirhealth, who want their food to be sustainable. These twoforces are … fighting a war. There’s a lot at stake hereand our current agriculture is decimating the planet andcausing tremendous harm to human, animal and environmentalhealth.I have faith that it is possible to turn things around.If more Americans stopped overeating, stopped eatingunhealthy foods, and instead ate more foods with highernutrient densities and cancer-protective properties, wecould have a more affordable, sustainable and effectivehealthcare system.Our food is the cheapest in theworld and our health care and ourobesity rates are the highest…Processed food manufacturersuse the cheapest ingredients, andpeople are eating a lot of it.Q: Books like your Diet for a New America and HowardLyman’s Mad Cowboy have tried to increase awarenessof all this. Where do you see the trend headed?A: Sadly in two directions. There is an increasingawareness of people who want locally grown and healthierfoods, who want beef raised from a kinder, more humaneenvironment.The industry is fighting it, they are fully aware.They’ve generated AG-GAG bills, which would make ita felony to photograph or expose what is being done inthese factory farms.It’s a tremendous assault against freedom of thepress. People like [myself] and Upton Sinclair (TheJungle) would be in jail today. Sinclair went undercoverand worked in the slaughterhouses, exposing the appallingworking conditions in the meatpacking industry. Hisdescriptions of diseased, rotten and contaminated meatshocked the public and led to new federal food safetylaws.Q: So are the animals being treated more humanelynow?Q: What do you estimate we as Americans spend onmedical bills? What are the health costs of our poor foodchoices and lack of exercise?A: That’s a very good question. We spend a lowerpercentage of our spending on food than any other nationand we spend the highest per capita on health care; noone else even comes close. Per capita, we spend closeto double the amount spent in countries that, other thanus, spend the most – Germany, Canada, Denmark, andFrance.Our food is the cheapest and our health care and ourobesity rates are the highest. We have food polices thatsubsidize the unhealthiest food in the world. Processedfood manufacturers use the cheapest ingredients, andpeople are eating a lot of it.If we were to instead actually pour our money intothe industries that are promoting health food, this couldreduce as much as 55-75 percent of the current costsof health care.I don’t like to use the term health care. Our systemis one of disease care, not health care. Our health caresystem diagnoses and treats with drugs, which in turnextends our medical profession into a pharmaceuticallybased system.We have an awfully distorted system, which masksthe reality and prescribes a pill. The annual health insurancepremiums paid by the average American familynow exceed the gross yearly income of a full-timeminimum-wage worker. Every 30 seconds, someone int h e Jo u r n e y Ju Ju ly ly •• Au Au g u g s u t s2012t Pa g e 13

the U.S. files for bankruptcy due to the costs of treatinga health problem. Instead, we should be teaching peoplehow to eat, so that their blood pressure doesn’t get highto begin with.Q: Cleveland made national news recently with theremoval of an 8-year-old boy from his mother’s homebecause his weight had exceeded 200 lbs. Where do youthink the responsibility lies in cases like this: the parents,the schools or the government?A: All of the above. One of the things that bothersme is when I hear Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and BurgerKing target kids with their ads. They spend a great dealof money on playing on the emotional needs of children.I feel we should ban junk food ads. We’re just providingthe food that children want, and so we’re meeting a need.It’s up to the parents, but these ads are deliberating anddesigned to undermine parental authority.Q: Do you feel the schools are looking into healthierfood choices?A: Los Angeles public schools started to ban vendingmachines [for pop], but then the soda companies camein and offered money to the schools. “If you keep themachines, we’ll give the school money.” The schools nowdepend on the revenue from the soda pop companies.Q: Talk to me about your association with CongressmanDennis Kucinich.A: Dennis and I have been friends for a long time. In2003 and 2004, I was national co-chair of his campaignseeking the Democratic nomination for the presidency.I consider Dennis to be one of the greatest Americans,and a patriot in the true meaning of the term.I appreciate his support for non-violent means of resolvinginternational conflicts, for mandatory labeling ofGMOs, for clean and renewable energy, for single-payeruniversal health care, for repeal of the Patriot Act, fordecriminalizing marijuana and ending the war on drugs,for reducing the number of abortions while protecting awoman’s right to choose and numerous other issues.One of the few Vegans in Congress, Dennis is anardent advocate of family and organic farming. He andhis wife Elizabeth were speakers in the first ever FoodRevolution Summit, which my son Ocean and I convened[earlier this year] – and which had more than 35,000registrants.Q: It has taken me a long time, but I now understandwhat Edgar Cayce meant when he said, “We should eatwhat’s grown locally.” Can you elaborate on the relationshipbetween where we live and the type of food ourbodies need?A: When we eat food that is local and in season, it’sfresher and more nutritious, plus it isn’t shipped thousandsof miles. There’s something spiritual here, a veryspiritual consciousness. Cayce saw a much deeper patternand connectedness when he spoke about eating foodgrown in your area. When we eat food grown locally, wePa g e 14 Ju ly • Au g u s t 2012are connected in a spiritual way to our local bioregions.…Foods that are local and in season carry certainnutrients, which our bodies need at that particular time.The colder the water that a fish lives in, those fish carrydifferent kinds of fats. So the fish who live in those waters,and the people who also live there are ideal for ametabolism to function in that climate.There’s a price we pay for [not eating locally grownfood]. We get disconnected from our groundedness. Wefeel entitled. We feel we deserve. We feel deprived. Foodscome into season sequentially; to eat any other waydisconnects us from the cycles and the rhythms and thisdeprives us of a sense of connection to the earth.…when we treat animals badly andeat their flesh, we put misery onour menus and it most definitelycomes into us. I believe that ifwe’re going to produce meat, weshould cause the least sufferingpossible.Q: That beings me to the subject of sustainabilityand our relationship to Mother Earth and how our foodchoices affect that whole dynamic.A: I think when we treat animals badly and eat theirflesh, we put misery on our menus and it most definitelycomes into us. I believe that if we’re going to producemeat, we should cause the least suffering possible.The industries don’t wake up in the middle of the nightworried about how we treat the animals but rather howthey can [improve] profit. The profit is at the expense ofthe animal’s health and causes unnecessary additionalmisery. I think we are much more interconnected with theinner web of life than we realize. We think of ourselvesmore separate than we actually are.Q: Tell me what makes your new book No HappyCows different that anything you’ve written before?A: There’s been a lot of press about soy being anunhealthy food, and there’s a limited amount of truth tothat. I want to clarify, educate and dissolve any myths,so people can make healthy choices about soy.You deserve to know the truth about what you eat,where it comes from, and what its impact is on your lifeand on the world. The more you know the more poweryou will have to take effective and meaningful action.The more you know, the better able you will be to bringyour food choices into alignment with your purpose andyour passion. Your mind will be clearer, your heart willbe more at peace and your body will thank you for therest of your life.Q: I understand you to be a Vegan; explain brieflywhat that is.t h e Jo u r n e y

A: I’m essentially Vegan, someone who doesn’t useany animal products. We are heavily dependent on aplant-strong diet, getting as high a percentage of ourfood from plants as possible. I don’t care if someone is avegetarian, vegan, or whatever, but they can still be cruelto themselves by overdosing on donuts and Coca-Cola.Q: Finally, what one thing can we do to shift theconsciousness of the planet, and let our readers knowwhy it’s essential to come hear you speak? What will wewalk away with that is priceless?A: I hope you would walk away inspired to take the stepsthat are in front of you that lead to greater health, love andbeauty in your life. I would hope that you would feel less alonein your aspirations to live life to the fullest, to enjoy life. Tocreate an experience in your own body and in your own mindexpressive of your compassion and inner wisdom.John Robbins will be giving a keynote speech andbook signing at the Journey Expo’s Living and EatingGreen Expo on Saturday, September 8 at Lakeland CommunityCollege. Visit www.thejourneymag.com for moredetails. Visit John at http://www.johnrobbins.info/Eva Starr’s spiritual journey has taken her coast-tocoaststudying the various schools of thought. Starr nowresides in the San Diego area devouring the alluring buffetof wisdom the West Coast has to offer. Visit her new blogstarronthefly.evastarr.com and her website evastarr.com to signup for her weekly Soul Food column and newsletter.The Akashic RecordsA universal library of personal recordsfor guidance and learning.Stephanie is an Intuitive and acertified Akashic Record Consultant.Through her ability to access your records and, withyour questions, insight is provided into your past andpresent. So that you may bring yourself into alignmentwith your future goals and objectives.Direction, tactics, and wisdom are just a few of theelements gained to allow you to advance andremove any blocks within your path.Your highest potential can be achieved by recognizingrecurring patterns which may often prevent or hinderfrom achieving your highest potential.For a consult please contact StephanieTel: 724-799-4200e-mail: symmetryof8@gmail.comt h e Jo u r n e yJu ly ly • Au g u s t 2012Pa g e 15

Go Greenwith an Indoor Herb GardenBy Jenna Vanekn our hectic day-to-day lives, itcan be difficult to slow down andfind your center. Interacting withnature is one of the best ways torelax and regain a sense of being Igrounded.When spending time outdoors isnot an option, you can bring a littlebit of nature indoors by keeping awindowsill herb garden. Growingherbs is an enjoyable hobby thatencourages a sense of connectionwith the element of earth, no matterwhat the season.Indoor herb gardening is simpleand inexpensive. The requirementsare minimal – seeds, soil, sunlightand water. Since they are protectedfrom most pests and harsh weather,you can grow them without harmfulpesticides or fertilizers, making themnaturally organic.Once harvested, your herbs canbe used for more than just flavoringfoods. You can steep them in teas, usethem for casting spells or even createyour own bath and body items. Anotherplus is that many indoor plantscan remove harmful gases, such asbenzene and formaldehyde, from theair in our homes.The benefits of an indoor herbgarden go beyond the practical.Plants have something to teach us.There is a sense of optimism to befound in sowing the tiny seeds. Patiencecan be cultivated in waitingfor the fragile seedlings to sprout.Tending to the young plants, andwitnessing their growth, providesan opportunity to contemplate thedelicate balance between water, lightand earth in our ecosystem. They area concrete reminder of the effects ofour actions, and perhaps more important,the consequences of neglect ifwe fail to nurture them. We all have aresponsibility to nurture and protectour planet, and indoor gardens areterrific way to live a little greener.Jenna Vanek is a certified hypnotherapistand life coach based inConneaut, Ohio. She is currentlystudying Mind Body Wellness at theSouthwest Institute of Healing Arts.Her website is http://soulblossom.vpweb.com..Pa g e 16 Ju Ju ly ly • Au Au g g u s u t s t 2012t h e Jo u r n e y

Lessons from the TreesBy West HardinHere’s an exercise you can try. Write down what you say orthink when you get frustrated with your pursuit of happinessand your passions. There are tyrants hidden in thosestatements. Tyrants that you need to stand up to in whateverway you choose – but do choose, do not abdicate power tothe tyrant. Our tyrants can teach us a lot about ourselves.Once on a trip to California I spent a morning at Muir Woodsamong the Redwood trees. Muir Woods experienced a fireabout 160 years ago and some of the trees were gutted byit, which created caves large enough for people to standinside. I’m a tall guy and was able to stand with my armsoutstretched and still was not touching the tree exceptwith my feet. Despite being burned out, the trees keepgrowing and thriving. Trees will work with what they have.ou’ve probably noticed that trees don’tlook the same. Even trees of the samespecies are different; each is unique, twistingand turning into the earth and up Yinto the sky. Someone may come and cut off alimb, or a fire may scar it, or it may become diseased,but none of this deters the tree from growing.We pass these great beings every day; they quietlystand in their power reaching up to the light of the sunand digging deep into the nourishing earth. Trees offerus a great opportunity for self-awareness, the celebrationof the unique twists and turns of the self, andinspiration to grow beyond our perceived limitations.In pursuit of our passions we tend to encounter resistancealong the way that sometimes is an ongoing battle. Whatwe can learn from the trees is to focus on the sun, ourpassions and to keep reaching, keep growing into thelight and the nourishing dark of the earth.Our private tyrants of resistance take many formsand are good at shape-shifting through the battle.Some examples of the things our tyrants might say are:“I’ll start recycling next week. ”“I need to have more money before I can start...”“I’m not as good as others.”“Right now, I just don’t have the time.”“I’m going to fail anyway.”On and on…Pa g e 18Ju ly • Au g u s t 2012Have you seen photos of a treegrowing around a fence? There maybe some aspect of your life that, forwhatever reason, you cannotremove – embrace it.Have you seen photos of a tree growing arounda fence? There may be some aspect of your life that,for whatever reason, you cannot remove – embraceit. Or maybe the obstacle is something that is drainingyour energy; it might be time to withdraw yourenergy and allow that branch to drop off. This allowsenergy to create growth elsewhere in your life.This is something that I’ve had to keep in mind as I’verecently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. As someonethat tries to live healthfully and in balance I was takenaback; I felt betrayed. Why did this happen to me?I’ve been in a process of changing my lifestyle. I’mdetermined to make the changes necessary to remainhealthy. I’m educating myself about food and nutritionand making more time for cooking and exercise. However,I’m still working on my passions and I’m movingforward knowing that this is opening up doors for growth.Also, like the trees, we have our own resources in spiritand here with our friends, family, doctors, books, etc.The trees use their resources to keep growing. Someyears are better than others, but growth continues.This can be applied to all aspects of our lives. We are thetree. The sun represents our passions, what we are reachingtoward. The light of the sun – and the earth we stand plantedwithin – represent all the resources we have available.There are many people in the world telling us how to livelife, write blogs, make art, sell, market, etc. There arehuge amounts of information. We, as the tree, only needto soak up that which is going to make us grow into ourunique creative and sacred selves. Sure we hear peoplesaying, “You need to do this!” but someone else can’t determinewhat will help us grow. That’s up to each of us.t h e Jo u r n e y

If you use a suggestion from someone and it grows fruitfor you, cultivate it; if, on the other hand, it doesn’t growfruit, prune it back, try your version of it, explore other optionsand don’t be afraid to move completely away from it.In the end, don’t let fear and the tyrant win. Take whatevertime you need to move past the “would’ve, could’ve andshould’ve.” When things fail – and they will – it’s OK.Forgive yourself, refocus on your passions and grow.West Hardin is an artist, shamanic practitioner, Usuiand Karuna Reiki master and blogger living in Columbus,OH. Through his creative works, and shamanic and Reikipractices West hopes to inspire and bring awareness ofthe world around us and to illuminate your own innervisions, deepen your healing and strengthen your connectionwith your sacred and creative self. You can learnmore about West at www.wildmanstudio.com34510 Lakeshore Blvd.Eastlake, Ohio 440-975-1911Email: aradiasgarden34510@sbcglobal.netIncense, Oils, Candles, Jewelry, New Age Musicand Books, Clothing, Bulk Herbs, GemstonesCheck out our new line ofSpecial Intentioned Votive CandlesCustom Wench, Ren, and Pirate Wear!• August 1st Kayak and Canoe Outing$15 Per boat. Call for more info• Lily Dale Trip Aug 4th $65.00 PP• 3rd Thursdays Tim Brainard Seance CircleCheck our Website for schedule of classes andevents. www.Aradias-garden.comStore Hours are Mon 12 am. - 6 p.m. • Closed TuesdayWed-Sat 11 a.m. - 6p.m. • Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.Let us help you or your lovedone find the way homeReclaim Your Self, Your Health & Your DreamsASTARA Holistic Addiction Recovery ProgramA unique, one-on-one outpatient treatment program that blendstraditional and holistic modalities to find healing for the wholeperson: body, mind and spirit. Evidence shows that recovery is strongerwhen the whole person is treated; not just the addiction.Affordable, compassionate treatmentfor all types of addictionsEmpower YourselfFind out if ASTARA is right for you.Free 20 minute consultation.All contact is strictly confidential.Marilyn Wise, LICDC, Director/Founder216.765.4470 or 440.622.8782wiseoneforall@hotmail.comwww.AstaraAddictionRecovery.comASTARA is highly effective and affordableClients are achieving huge success in staying free and sobert h e Jo u r n e yJu ly • Au g u s t 2012 Pa g e 19

How Greenis Your Life?By Tina G Sacchiating green is truly a matter of returning to ournatural state of processing and extracting nutrientsfrom live foods. When we eat “live” foods, we arenourishing ourselves with the life force of the plantor the animal. eOn the other hand, when we cook and process food,we “denature” it. When foods are denatured, they losetheir biological function. Enzymes lose their activity. Proteincan no longer perform its function once it has beendenatured. Many people refer to cooked and processedfood as “dead” food, since the biological functions havebeen lost.This is why we eat and eat and eat ... and feel hungry,hungry, hungry. Your body is looking for nutrients that itdoesn’t receive from cooked/processed food. Your bodycannot process “dead food” and converts it to fat (or thefood sits in the intestines).Eating green really means a returnto honoring ourselves and all livingthings. Our bodies are fully capableof processing raw food effectively.Many unprocessed toxins are stored within fat cells.Toxic fat produces an avalanche of physical symptoms:pain, inflammation, hormone imbalances (estrogendominance or low testosterone), diabetes, obesity, heartdisease, etc.Eating green really means a return to honoring ourselvesand all living things. Our bodies are fully capableof processing raw food effectively and extracting all thenutrients needed to function optimally. If we feed ourselveswith live foods that we can naturally process, wecan embody more health and wellness.Live foods also help to move toxins out of the bodymore quickly, so that the toxins don’t accumulate or stagnatein different areas like the stomach, intestines and fatcells. There are many live foods that contain propertiesthat flush out body toxins, such as cucumber, cilantro,turmeric, basil and wheatgrass, just to name a few.The other plus of eating green is that you use less disposableplastic. When you eat an apple, it’s not wrappedand it doesn’t require plastic utensils. You can eat it withyour hands and bite into it with your teeth, which is amore natural way of eating.What about pesticides, chemicals and irradiated andPa g e 20Ju ly • Au g u s t 2012genetically modified (GMO) foods?The long-term effects of GMOs are still largely unknown.They should be avoided as much as possible.Choose grocers that are genuine advocates for organic,non-GMO foods. Also, washing your fruits and vegetablesin white vinegar is a great way to rid your food of manytoxins. By purchasing whole, pure foods, you are creatingthe demand for more pure foods. The food industry listensevery time you use your wallet to create a consumer shift.Vote with your dollars!What about animal products?Some people truly need the nutrients from animalproducts, such as meat, chicken, fish, shellfish, eggs anddairy. The trick is to eat animal products consciously andwith “right thought.” Choose animals products from farmsthat treat their animals humanely and sensitively. Choosegrass-fed beef and range-free chickens. Avoid animalproducts that contain hormones, RSBT (found in milk),antibiotics, etc. Choose “rightly and consciously.”Many people believe that food is energy.If the animals live in negativeconditions, then you will be ingestingthat energy into your being –which at the bare minimum doesn’tsound peaceful or joyful.Continued on page 22t h e Jo u r n e y

t h e Jo u r n e y Ju ly ly • Au g u s t 2012Pa g e 21

Many people believe that food is energy. If the animalslive in negative conditions, then you will be ingestingthat energy into your being – which at the bare minimumdoesn’t sound peaceful or joyful.Here are a few more tips to return to a more naturalstate of green eating:Gently increase the amount of raw foods you eat eachday. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. As your bodyadjusts to an increase in raw foods, you will naturallymigrate to selecting greener, cleaner, live foods.Buy a juicer and/or blender and have a smoothie forone meal. Store-bought juices are pasteurized with heatand most of the nutrients are lost. Extracting the juicefrom raw fruits and vegetables retains the enzymes andnutrients.A word about nuts: Nuts are full of protein and nutrients.In order to benefit the most from nuts, they shouldbe sprouted, which unlocks their full potential. Soak nutsin purified water for 24 hours to allow them to start thesprouting process. Drain, rinse and enjoy.for it, savor the flavors, absorb the nutrients and respectthe life force. What you put in your body is what you getout. If you feed your body well, you feed your whole lifewell.Tina will be a presenter at The Journey Expo in Cleveland,September 2012. You can register for her workshop,2012: Why We Are Here! and Harmonizing Ceremony, atwww.thejourneymag.com. She will also facilitate a freemeditation, Connecting with Our Ascended Masters,Guides, Angels and Light Beings.Tina Sacchi is a Master in Holistic Alternative Arts,which includes Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing (Reiki/Shamanic), Mysticism, Chakra Balancing, Soul PathGuidance, Past Lives Resolve, Future Life Progression, RawFood Coaching and Life Event Ceremonies. Tina is certifiedin Clinical Hypnotherapy through the Arizona Societyfor Professional Hypnosis as well as the National Guild ofHypnotists Visit her www.TinaSacchi.com for upcomingevents and information on her international radio show.When you eat an apple, it’s notwrapped and it doesn’t requireplastic utensils. You can eat it withyour hands and bite into it withyour teeth.Are we ever really alone?Eat more sprouted vegetables. Sprouted vegetablesare now widely available. You can sprinkle them on yourfavorite salad for a zesty taste. You can purchase sproutedradishes, lentils, alfalfas, onions and many others. Choosesprouted breads too, located in the refrigerator sectionof the grocery store.De-clutter your fridge and freezer and keep it fresh.Instead of stocking up on processed frozen foods, stockup on fresh raw food. Fill up your fridge and not yourfreezer. Throw out old food and replace it with fresh,current food.Buy and eat your food within a shorter time cycle.If you buy and eat raw food on the same day, you arebenefiting from the freshest food possible.Buy local. The transport time for many vegetablesand fruits to arrive to the U.S. market is long. For example,if your grapes come from South America, theywill take longer to reach the U.S. market. All the while,nutrients are slowly being lost in transport.Go to your local farmer’s market on a cheery Saturdaymorning and participate in the “raw revolution.”You can adopt a local chicken and receive fresh eggs.You can adopt goats in exchange for goat milk and goatcheese. You can join the growing (pun intended) urbanfarm movement and start growing many of your ownvegetables and fruits.The best overall advice is to have fun with raw food. Ifyou are constantly regretting your food choices, or feelinglike you can’t “go raw,” then the negative thoughts alsoimpact your well-being. Love the raw food, be gratefulPa g e 22Ju ly Ju• ly • Au Au g u g s t u s2012t Rosanna O. Zavarella, Ph.DWholistic PsychologistBODY, MIND and SPIRITHypnosis • Energy HealingCeremony • Chronic IllnessStress ManagementWomens Health IssuesLife TransitionsHealth and Wellness Classesand Workshops3951 Erie St.Willoughby , OH 44094(440) 602-99775035 Mayfield Rd., #214Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124216-321-3025t h e Jo u r n e y

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Cut the Oil, Save Your HeartAn interview with Dr. Caldwell EsselstynDr. Caldwell Esselstyn – disappointed in the waythe medical profession treated cancer and heartdisease 28 years ago – decided it was time to makesome changes. His extensive research and study in thecardiovascular field led to his acclaimed success today.His book, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, along withhis continued work with the Cleveland Clinic, makes itpossible for Americans today to make healthy lifestylechanges which could virtually eliminate their chances ofhaving a heart attack.Pa g e 24By Eva StarrStarr: The title of your book, Prevent and ReverseHeart Disease, suggests there’s hope in reversing thedamage we’ve done.Esselstyn: Absolutely there is! If you were to look atour young GI’s, who died in combat in Korea and Vietnam,an autopsy would show approximately 80 percent ofthose 20-year olds will have gross evidence of pulmonaryheart disease. You might say to yourself, “That’s due toJu ly • Au g u s t 2012the stress of combat,” but the same studiesdone with the Vietnamese and the Koreanswho have died show it’s not 80 percent; it’smore like 3 percent.That study was actually repeated 45years later in 1999; this time looking at youngwomen and men between the ages of 17 and34 who have died of accidents, homicides andsuicides, and the disease now is ubiquitous. Soby the time you’re 20 or you graduate fromhigh school, you get a diploma and you get afoundation for coronary artery heart disease.Research has gotten sophisticated enoughthat we understand the causation of this, andthe experts would concur that the inception ofthis disease comes about when you injure thedelicate single-layer thick lining of our arteries,called the endothelial cells.Moreover, the endothelial cells manufacturean absolutely magic molecule that weknow as nitric oxide; it’s a gas, and it has anumber of marvelous functions. Quite obviouslyby the time we’re in our 20s in this countrywe have already so decimated, so injured, socompromised, the capacity of our endothelialcells to make nitric oxide that it’s not enoughto protect us from making these blockages.Q: What are we eating today that is givingus a license to kill the heart? And why isit in our western civilization and not in othercountries?Coronary artery disease is a toothlesspaper tiger that need never exist, andif it does exist, it need never everprogress; it’s a food-borne illness.A: It is in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and nowJapan and in South Africa. There is a test, the brachialartery tourniquet test, that takes about five minutes,where you can give somebody a certain type of food andthen test whether the food compromises the ability ofthe artery to dilate with nitric oxide. It’s been done, andwe know the foods that injure the endothelial every timeyou ingest them are things like oil – whether it’s double,triple or quadruple extra virgin olive oil, corn, soybean,safflower, sunflower or canola oil. Also, dairy injuresendothelial: milk, cream, butter, cheese, ice cream andyogurt. Anything with a mother or a face – meat, fish,and fowl. Sugar, especially fructose, are the culprits andfor me it’s caffeine and coffee as well.t h e Jo u r n e y

Q: I’ve heard you call heart disease a toothless papertiger that need never exist.A: The reason I say that coronary artery disease is atoothless paper tiger that need never exist, and if it doesexist, it need never ever progress, is it’s a food-borneillness. If you look at those cultures that are still on thisplanet today that remain plant based, and send a heartsurgeon to the rural Chinese, the Papua Highlanders ofNew Guinea, the Tarahumara Indians of northern Mexico,or central Africa … you’re just not going to find heartdisease there.Q: I saw a CNN interview with Bill Clinton. He lost25 pounds and is a big fan of your work. That’s quite atestimonial.A: Well, I love a kindred sprit; to have the formerpresident endorse your book is hardly something to beupset about. I think it is wonderful!Q: Since we’re on the subject of politics, I also listenedto an interview with you and Congressman DennisKucinich. Where do you feel his work in congress isheaded?A: Let’s be honest about Washington: It is a disaster.Washington will follow but it well never lead. It is disappointingwhen you think about the fact that there are afew institutions that are very much against what I do; oneof course is the United States government.The USDA is the hand maiden of the dairy industry,the cattleman’s association, the pork board, the eggboard, Dannon yogurt. Former executives of those organizations… suddenly find themselves in positions ofleadership in the USDA. It’s no great surprise when everyfive years the USDA promulgates a new food pyramid,and on that food pyramid are the very foods that guaranteemillions of Americans will continue to perish. Havingthe USDA make your food pyramid is like having AlCapone do your taxes.The other group that is not very enthusiastic aboutwe do of course is the stent industry, a $5 billion-a-yearindustry. Their only interest is seeing us go away. Sadly,there are also my own colleagues who earn their livingthrough interventional cardiology or through cardiacsurgery; they are hardly clamoring for fewer and fewerpatients.Q: Is your goal to completely eradicate coronarydisease, and how do your colleagues feel about this?A: First, they feel that people will never make thesechanges. We’ve just completed a study of over 200 patientswho not only willingly consumed plant-based food,but also gave up their other delicious foods. The interestingthing is because of our particular style and techniqueof approaching these people we’re running about close to90 percent compliance, which I think happens becausewe do it quite differently then the cardiovascular medicinecommunity.By the way, I have nothing but great reverence andrespect for the knowledge the cardiology communityhas. If I were in the middle of a heart attack I would wantright next to me a cardiologist who has the skills and theability to put in a stent.With that being said, the idea that … many don’teven offer the patient the option of consuming a plantbasedtype of nutrition, which would halt this disease, isunconscionable. I think that will change but it will be ourresponsibility to show the cardiovascular community thatthe scientific data we can produce actually proves that.Q: I’ve heard you state that 45 percent of Medicare isdue to cardiology related illnesses. So when did the lightbulb go off for you in relation to the foods we eat, andwhen did you make the transition to a plant based diet?Medical school right now is in atragic situation. It’s a disgracebecause it is not taking advantageof some of the most powerfulmethods we have for restoring andmaintaining health.A: I started back in 1984; at that time I was chairmanof our breast cancer task force and I was becomingincreasingly disillusioned with the fact that no matter howmany women I was doing breast cancer surgery for, I wasdoing nothing for the next unsuspecting victim.That led to a bit of global research, which revealedthat breast cancer in Kenya was something like 30-40times less frequent than in the United States. In ruralJapan in the 1950s breast cancer was rarely identified.Yet as Japanese women would migrate to the UnitesStates … by the second and third generation they nowhad the same rate of breast cancer as their Caucasiancounterparts.Perhaps even more compelling is when you lookedat cancer of the prostrate. In 1958 it killed a total of 18men in Japan. By 1978, as they westernized, it was upto 137 … [compared to] the 28,000 who will die this yearin this country.At about that time I made a decision; I felt that mybones would long be dust before I could truly get the answersbetween nutrition and cancer. It was my decisionto try to go after the leading killer of women and menin western civilization, which is cardiovascular disease.Because unquestionably if people would eat to save theirheart then they would also save themselves from thesecommon cancers. That’s what lit the bulb for me.Q: I’ve heard you speak about the medical professiononly treating the symptoms and being too quick toprescribe pharmaceuticals.A: That’s all the fault of medical school; medicalschool right now is in a tragic situation.Dr.Caldwell Esselstyn Continued on page 38t h e Jo u r n e y Ju Ju ly ly • • Au Au g u g s u t s2012t Pa g e 25

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The Roots ofBiodynamic AgricultureBy Elbert M. Craryrudolph Steiner, author of A Spiritual Foundationfor the Renewal of Agriculture, was the founderof biodynamic agriculture. It was modern sciencethat brought the empiricist, reductionist orientation toagriculture.Because mankind had done so much with his mindso prominently set forthby Aristotle’s philosophybrought from the Arabworld around the 12 thcentury, much of mankindwas propelled intothe belief that science haddiscovered the foundationsof reality. Our worldwas cast as a materialworld. We shortly discoveredall of its parts,the 96 elements. And ourrational capacity workingwith five senses, usingscientific verifications,could make proof of allof its findings.Pa g e 28The rationalism movement, espoused by people like Rene Descartesand Francis Bacon in the early 1600s, encouraged a near infallibilityof science and the rational mind.Ju Ju ly ly •• Au Au g u g s u t s2012t The rationalism movement, espoused by people likeRene Descartes and Francis Bacon in the early 1600s,provided further explanation about our world, thus encouraginga near infallibility of science and the rationalmind.But science went on it began to show that the elementsare not made from particles of solid matter butmore and more began to display themselves as radiationsof light. Planck’s and Einstein’s theories, among others,began to show that rational minds could not understandwhat this world was made of.The physicist Fritjof Capra, deciding that man’sphysical instruments could not measure or determine thenature of reality of our world, went to India to get a guruto help him develop his own body as a finer instrument.He wanted to begin to know what this now-observedelectromagnetic world was about. Later, he wrote thebook The Tao of Physics.The spectrograph could now show that every elementwas an expression of light rays. All 96 elementsproduced the full spectrum of light. The sun and all theplanets were expressions of light rays. Hence, so was thewhole universe.Meanwhile, empirical science had pushed agriculturemethods to promote the extensive use of three materials:nitrates, phosphates andpotash (NPK), enormouslyincreasing production. Theprofit motive drove adoptionof these methods, withquantity – not quality – beingthe focus.Cracks began to becomewider in the materialisticorientation of ourworld. Thinkers like R.Buckminster Fuller, developerof the Geodesic Dome,stated that there is no suchthing as matter. There isonly interfering and noninterferingrelations in thecosmic principle.In the 1920s, Rudolf Steiner would postulate that theempirical world of the five senses was only half of worldreality. The other half was the unseen world of electromagneticenergy, or of the spirit, that you could only knowby sensitizing your own body to be aware of this world.This is what Capra had concluded.Steiner had developed the philosophy of Anthroposophyas a means for mankind to develop his sensitivityto this inner world, the world of spirit. You could knowthis empirically, and from it you could develop a spiritualscience for the inner half of reality.Nothing was fundamentally wrong with the outerempirical science, but it was only half of the picture.It had to be balanced with the inner world of spirit. It isSteiner’s spiritual science that has produced biodynamicagriculture.Now inner spiritual science and outer material sciencecan be understood as an expression of light energy.Material science alone, by the use of chemical fertilizers,t h e Jo u r n e y

etc. has blocked out the flow of the life energies that producelife for mankind and all other life forms on our earth.Yet, there is hope for quantity and quality in agriculture.Steiner’s spiritual science, Anthroposophy, has producedsoil preparations that are designed to restore the full thrustof these life energies back into our foods.In the 1920s, Rudolf Steinerwould postulate that the empiricalworld of the five senses was onlyhalf of world reality.Theoretically, it could regenerate the whole agriculturalworld if we would practice it. This kind of spiritualscience is in its infancy. But, this inner world science couldbe developed more quickly than the 600 years the outerworld science took. We could again have quantity andquality in agriculture by studying the details of Steiner’smethods of biodynamic agriculture.Elbert M. Crary is actively retired. He is a biodynamicproduce grower at his Ashrook Farm in Auburn, Ohio.He offers workshops on biodynamic farming applicationsand teaches at the Rishis Institute of Metaphysicsin Euclid, Ohio. He can be reached at 440-543-8369 orelcrary@windstream.net.Journey Expos Cleveland are Coming!2012 Expo - See page 27Living & Eating Green Expo - See Page 39visit us online...www.thejourneymag.comt h e Jo u r n e yJu ly • Au g u s t 2012 Pa g e 29

The Real Meaning of Greenbout five years ago, my teacher asked us to grow our own food – ina garden box, in a bucket on the porch, in the yard. “Convert thegrass into garden area, learn how to feed your family from yourown land,” she said. AI can tell you now from experience: Growing your own food is not easy.The birds eat the seeds, the groundhogs eat the roots, the deer eat the leaves… bugs come, wind howls, not enough rain falls or too much rain drownsout the tomatoes.What do I know now? I know that cilantro needs a lot of water, potatoescan be grown in layers, eggplants, tomatoes and basil can be potted threefeet above ground in PVC piping to outsmart pesky bugs.Yes I learned a few things while tending my own garden, but mostly Ilearned that soil takes years to become fertile ground for growing food – allthe mulch, leaves and worms in the world cannot make soil instantaneouslyfertile. It takes years of care.In the book and subsequent movie Food Inc., they interview a farmer afterthe sale of his neighbor’s property. At the prospect of seeing his friend’s farmpaved over to create a housing development, he weeps and says, “That soilwill never come back.” Paving over farmland is a tragedy - the worms die,the micronutrients disappear, the soil is rendered useless underneath tar andcement.There is a virtual war going on underground –checks and balances about which I was previouslyand blissfully unaware.And so I have developed a new appreciation for farmers. I don’t knowhow they get the lettuce to look so full, how the corn can be so sweet andtasty. I know something about re-nitrogenating soil to replenish its mineralsand growing capacity – you can plant alfalfa or a legume for one season, notharvest it, fold the plants back into the soil. I know worms are important. Iam aware there is a whole microclimate three feet down. Plants emit smellsand chemicals to repel viruses, bacteria and pests. There is a virtual wargoing on underground – checks and balances about which I was previouslyand blissfully unaware. Tilling the soil disturbs the subterranean microclimateand must be done with utmost care.When I see the farmers tilling and planting the days after the full moon,I feel deep appreciation for their understanding and harmony with the Universe.Not just one farm, I see all the farms in one area tilling and plantingon the same days. Did you know that if you dig a hole and fill it back in onthe new moon, it will not fill up the hole; but if you do the samething on a full moon, the soil will overflow? The gravitational pullof the moon causes more moisture to rise in the earth; hence it’svolume increases around the full moon.Using the same principle, seeds absorb more water at the timeof the full moon, making it the ideal time to plant. These farmersknow something I only dream about – the moon affects thingsthat grow.Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, a book by Barbara Kingsolver,documents her family’s experiment living for one year entirelyoff the food they or their neighbors grew or raised. Barteringbeets for goat’s milk, beef parts for chicken eggs, canning beansin August are all part of the story documenting their sojourn intoPa g e 30Ju ly • Au g u s t 2012By wah!self-sufficiency.The youngest daughter raisedchickens and sold the eggs. Themom planted seeds consultingthe Farmer’s Almanac. The eldestdaughter helped can tomatoes inAugust. In fact everyone helped cantomatoes in August. There was somuch food in August, it was almosttiring to be around.But not canning in August meantno food in January. So they worked.They worked hard. Each familymember got one concession fromthe discipline of living off the land –each got to choose something theycould buy at a store, from a farawayplace not local to their farm. Themom chose olive oil. The Dad chosecoffee. I think the youngest daughterchose licorice. These choices weremade very carefully.We have more people living onthe planet now than ever before.More pressing than our food crisisis our water crisis - who gets it, whodoesn’t, how to find it, how to controlit, how to divert it. Why does the carwash get all the water it needs whilet h e Jo u r n e y

farmers beg for water for their fields?On the interstate I-5 from Los Angeles to San Francisco,there are dozens of billboards which say, “Thisdust bowl created by Congress.” No water means nofood, and lots of barren land. I lived on an avocado farmfor a couple years; they routinely pruned the trees backto their stumps when water was in short supply. It savedthe trees and saved their business during times of watershortage.If you’ve seen the films Food Inc. or Food Mattersyou are hopefully convinced that corporate farming isnot the answer. Locavore (eating only food which isgrown or raised locally) is recommended as the mostconscious way to eat and having the least impact on theenvironment.This film outlines some horrifying practices in corporatefarming –chickens, cows and fish crammed into smallcompartments without exercise, proper food or light.The practices of Monsanto Company, the leading producerof genetically engineered seeds, are also mentionedin these films. This corporation systematically sues andextinguishes farmers who save their own seeds, effectivelyexterminating heirloom, organic and seed diversity.Monsanto also pushes the pesticide called Roundup onfarmers and householders alike; it is one of the largestcorporations contributing to failing soil, bankrupt farmersand disillusioned entrepreneurs. If you have not exploredthe politics of food in this country, you owe it to yourselfto start.And if all this is overwhelming, congratulations.Global trading, import/export, and world finances arebig topics to tackle. But if you start talking to people,you’ll find many people are doing something to createa better world.What can you do? Shop at farmer’s markets, talk tothe farmers, find out what they need. Join CSAs (CommunitySupported Agriculture). There are networks inplace and we can use them.Living green is a way of life that is in harmonywith nature. Drive less. Walk to yoga class. Walk to thebank. Do what you can to be in harmony, with yourself,with your world. Meditate. Act with compassion. Standup and speak out against injustice.We are changing everything about our world and ourselves– this is the window of upheaval, our long awaited2012 transit of transformation. We can reexamine how wethink, how we conduct business, how we feed ourselves,and how we live.The upheaval is imminent. Walk in wholeness,be in peace, believe in the green – as we choosenew paradigms to live in, the world will change toconform to that new belief system. In Great Love …Wah! is a musician and spiritual seeker who travelsthe world singing and expanding sacred intention. Her CDLOOPS N GROOVES combines sultry grooves, throbbingclub beats and vocal percussion to create Divine mantratracks for yoga and celebration. www.wahmusic.comWe are expanding the magazineto the Columbus, OHand Pittsburgh PA areasJu ly • Au g u s t 2012t h e Jo u r n e y Pa g e 31Ju ly • Au g u s t 2012

Soul FoodSoul Food is dedicated to all my readers as an offering to sharemy metaphysical musings and the lessons I have encounteredthroughout my journey here in this classroom we call PlanetEarth. I encourage your questions, and quandaries as we growtogether toward solution and enlightenment.Email your questions to soulfood@evastarr.com.By Eva StarrDear Eva:I am not sure if you’ll be able to help me with this, butyou seem to have a feel for a lot of what the average persongoes through. My grandmother made her transition thispast winter, and I’m finding I’m missing her terribly andwanting to connect. Does she know how I feel? Is therea way I can reach out to her, and how will I know when Imake the connection? I read your column faithfully andwould appreciate any insight you have on this matter. –Missing GrannyDear Missing Granny:You’ve come to the right place. I myself have lost fiveboyfriends and two husbands and we’re not even countingthe relatives. During this span of loss in my life, I gravitatedtoward just about every book on the subject. I would suggestDr. Raymond Moody’s Life After Life, and DannionBrinkley’s Secrets of the Light for starters.Aside from the books, yes I’ve had quite a bit of interactionwith the other side. My friends joke because I talk todead people all the time. I can assure you that yes, yourgrandmother does indeed know you miss her. I think whathappens when someone loses a loved one is they try toohard to connect in the beginning. I know that’s what I didwhen one of the loves of my life died suddenly.A few minutes or so seems to be allthey can handle; my dead spirits arealways telling me they have to gonow. In addition, they absolutely loveto mess with electronics, so pay attentionto the lights, your TV, homestereo or the CD player in your car.Once they cross over they have some business toattend to, and adjusting to the other side takes sometime.I’d suggest just going into a meditation and askingout loud, “Do you hear me granny?” Just start talking toher, the way you did when she was still here. Preciselyhow to connect to the other side is individual for each ofus. You may hear something telepathically, or you mightPa g e 32Ju ly • Au g u s t 2012smell a scent she wore, or even smell a favorite food shemay have cooked for you, like oatmeal chocolate chipcookies.Give it some time. Take it slowly and talk with herfrequently. She does hear you and before long, you’ll behaving regular conversations. I must tell you, they don’ttalk that long. A few minutes or so seems to be all theycan handle; my dead spirits are always telling me theyhave to go now. In addition, they absolutely love to messwith electronics, so pay attention to the lights, your TV,home stereo or the CD player in your car. Good luck toyou my dear; before long you and granny will be walkingdown memory lane.I like to ask for the highest goodfor all parties concerned. That wayeven if I walk away penniless orhave a child taken from me duringa custody case I know God musthave a greater plan.Dear Eva:I want to pray for certain things in my life and I’veheard and read so many different viewpoints on the subjectof prayer and meditation that my head is spinning.Whether I’m involved in a court case, or just wanting thebest for a child or grandchild, how do I know what to askfor? Please shed some light on this subject. I don’t knowwhich way to turn. – Going in CirclesDear Going in Circles:First off, the way to turn is within. We each have ourown way of prayer and meditation and only you knowwhat’s right and what works for you. A good rule of thumbI use is, if it brings peace to my heart then I must be onthe right path. There is no right or wrong way, there isonly your way. In time you will get to know what feelsright to you.I like to ask for the highest good for all parties concerned.That way even if I walk away penniless or havea child taken from me during a custody case I know Godmust have a greater plan. My whole life I’ve taught byt h e Jo u r n e y

examples and through experiences, and trust me I’ve hadmore than my share of life’s challenges.Years ago, I was in court for a child-support hearing.I wasn’t asking for any amount of money in my prayers,I was simply asking for “the highest good for all partiesconcerned.” My friends were aghast that I wasn’t concernedabout getting money to support my daughter. Iexplained to them, like I am now with you, that I do notknow what’s the best for my daughter, her father, andme. How do I know that God doesn’t have me winning amillion dollar lottery next week?As it turned out, the court awarded me more thanthe amount that he was contesting, without a singlesolitary word from me. So you see, it does work out inthe end, when you ask for the highest good for all partiesconcerned.That way if you don’t get what you’re asking for, youwouldn’t be in the least bit concerned, because you knowGod must have a greater plan.There are always more people than just you involvedin any equation. My prayers for the highest good are withyou. Go in peace.Eva Starr’s spiritual journey has taken her coast-tocoaststudying the various schools of thought. Starr nowresides in the San Diego area devouring the alluring buffetof wisdom the West Coast has to offer. Email your questionsto soulfood@evastarr.com visit her new blog starronthefly.evastarr.comand websites reachforthemoon.netand evastarr.com to sign up for her weekly online SoulFood column & monthly newsletters.Subscribe toPAGE TWENTY SIXftreelodge@aol.comwww.floweringtreelodge.netOnly $25 Per Year!Please fill out and send yourcheck or money order tothe Journey9557 Tamarin CourtMentor, Ohio 44060Name_________________________________Address______________________________City_________________ State___________Zip___________E-mail (optional)______________________Please make check or money orderpayable to God’s Partnership Inc.we mleanHavinon thSnewownone twe donlya lifebeliegiftedJcoachefits ois a hInternNutriVisit478-9MAY • JUNE 2010Join us for a presentation: DNA Music with SolfeggioFrequencies Workshop with Omnipure(Transformational Music and Education)Wednesday Aug. 15, 20126:30-8:30 pm $35.00Regularly Featuring:Reflexology; Relaxingand Therapeutic MassageReiki; Quantum TouchTarot ReadingsDrum CirclesSacred Circle (Medicine Wheel)TeachingsSee website for schedulewww.theconsciousnest.netCheck out our Facebook PageTHE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETYOF GREATER CLEVELANDBESANT BRANCH2215 BROOKPARK ROADPARMA, OHIO 44134 (1-216-741-2082)3 objects of the Society:1) to form a nucleus of Universal Brotherhood withoutdistinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color.2) To encourage the study of comparative religion,philosophy and science.3) To investigate the unexplained laws of nature andthe powers latent in man.Established in 1875We will be having classes in: Steiner, Cayce, EsotericChristianity, Goldsmith, The Mahatma Letters (basicTheosophy) and meditations – starting in the fall.Please check our website for updates & information:www.clevelandtheosophy.orgt h e Jo u r n e y Ju ly • Au g u s t 2012Pa g e 33

Taking ‘Green’Beyond the FoodByattended a presentation on plant-based diets in Texas.I had already been a vegetarian for many years – inthe days before there was easy access to whole andorganic foods.IWhile the speaker waded through familiar terrain, I watchedthe faces of people listening. The attendees paid rapt attention.Many took notes, but I knew the presenter waspreaching to the choir, as my southern relatives might say.Most of us, especially most of us reading this publication,already know about healthy plant-based food choices andthe value of recycling. We know we pay a higher price forpurchasing organic food and using LED light bulbs. We doit anyway because we know there’s a bigger price to pay fortaking the less expensive and more convenient route.Pa g e 34To me, being in a nursing homeas a 40-year-old was the ultimateloss, so I fiercely protected mysemblance of independent living.While I watched the presentation, I thought there mightbe more to say to this group of well-meaning and attentivepeople. Perhaps there’s more to green eating and livinggreen than what we consume and what we do. Perhaps theconversation on being green includes talking about who weare. What does it really mean to be green?Several years ago, I was too ill to live independently. Ihad a live-in aide who helped me with everyday things likegetting dressed or preparing meals. Since I wasn’t ableto leave my home much, I also depended on my aide forcompanionship. I felt quite vulnerable having to depend onsomeone else this deeply. Without this assistance, I’d havehad to leave my home and enter a nursing home. I was inmy 40s at the time.To me, being in a nursing home as a 40-year-old wasthe ultimate loss, so I fiercely protected my semblance ofindependent living.But it wasn’t long before I could no longer afford a fulltimeaide. I spent the next several years moving in and outof nursing homes, group homes and assisted living facilities.I discovered that living in a nursing home, even as a40-year-old, was not the ultimate loss. I met people I likedand did not like. I made connections with people and endedconnections with people. In that respect, it was no differentthan living at home.I now live in miraculously good health and no longerworry about institutional living. But I do still carry aspectsJu Ju ly ly • Au g u s t 2012Elaine Shellyof that experience with me. It taught me that human livesare interconnected with the same intensity as other variouslife forms. By definition, ecosystems are interdependent. Ifone ecosystem collapses, then the other interdependentecosystems collapse as well.We don’t have to look far for examples. We live in a partof the world where our food supply is particularly vulnerableto the after-effects of winter weather. Too much cold andsnow could be just as detrimental to summer crops as theunusually mild winter we just experienced.With a mild winter, the deer population can increase.There’s more food for deer to eat in mild winters, leading tohealthier deer and more babies after mating season. Withmore deer, there’s more potential destruction of farm crops.And the increased deer population could be devastated ifthe following winter is harsh.Human life is no different in its interdependence andfragility. If one group of people cannot survive the environment,then we are all doomed. If we create a world wherechildren are consumed by violence or old people are ignoredand neglected, then our entire human ecosystem isthreatened.As a journalist, I was active in the 1980s in writingabout the apartheid system of government in South Africa. Iwatched my television with joy and near-disbelief as NelsonMandela was liberated in 1990 after almost 30 years of imprisonment.Four years later, I watched again as he gave hiseloquent inaugural speech as South Africa’s president.Although the separatist way of life is over in SouthAfrica, the after-effects remain. A generation of Africanchildren was not educated in apartheid’s last days. Manyt h e Jo u r n e y

schools were closed to quell protests. As a consequence,many of these children are now angry adults, as evidencedby South Africa’s dramatic rise in violent crime after theapartheid government was dismantled. This is an ecosystemstill trying to heal itself.A green life starts with acknowledginghuman life. It starts withthe willingness to experience thevulnerability in acknowledginghow deeply I depend on you.A green life, for me, starts with acknowledging humanlife. It starts with the willingness to experience the vulnerabilityin acknowledging how deeply I depend on you. Andjust as I am willing to pay a little more money for certainproducts and exercise a little more discipline in developingearth-friendly habits, I am willing to exercise the emotionalfortitude and resilience needed to dive head-first into thehuman experience.That’s simply the price I pay for my residence on theplanet.Elaine Shelly is the founder and president of MissElaine’s Heartmade, a company offering all-natural bodycare products, women’s clothing and accessories and foodproducts. She is the author of Creative Reinvention: Howto Craft a Heartmade Life.sanctuary for the open mindCome Enjoy 2 Weeks Of Festivals During July 2012!Promoting creativity and spiritual growth in a community settingLLC“You can feel the energyof the land; it movesyou. There’s no placelike it!”– Festival ParticipantSIRIUS RISING“Home Is Where the Spirit Is”July 16-22BRUSHWOOD SUMMERFEST“Celebrate the Creative Spirit”July 23-29Longest event of its kind in the USAPresenters/Performers: Diana Paxson, Miguel SagueJr. (Sabaoko Koromo “Black Ribs”) Dragon RitualDrummers, The Mickey’s, Dixon, Frenchy and thePunk, Phat Man Dee, Telling Point, Kenny Klein &Many MoreOver 100 Workshops: Mind-Body-Soul, Art,Drumming, Dancing, Sacred Fires, Kids' and TeenProgramsEnjoy: Labyrinth, Hot Showers, Hiking Trails,Pool & Hot Tub.Prices: $130 Each Week (7 days/6 nights)$50 Weekend Only (Fri – Sun)Go to www.Brushwood.com or call 716-761-6750 for campground information and more details.t h e Jo u r n e y Ju Ju ly ly • Au g u s t 2012Pa g e 35

InnerViewsBy Kimmie Rose ZapfAriesJuly — You may find that your emotions are beingchallenged. Try not to let these emotions create viciouswords. Use the wrong words and you risk manifestinglong-term relationship issues. Just be positive. Breatheand watch what you’re saying.August — You can assess your goals with an eyetoward improving them and extending their range to encompassnew dreams and aspirations. What once seemedunattainable will become a reality with your changedattitude. Success is yours!TaurusJuly — Is your patience running thin? Crazy feelingslike wanting to get away are a sign you need a break.Take a vacation! Breathe.August — You’re feeling motivated and more positive.Things will go well with work and money. And you’llfind happiness in personal relationships.GeminiJuly — Your mind won’t stop whirling in multipledirections. Try to stay more centered when it comes toyour thoughts. Remember — thoughts create things. Youare what you think and it’s better to create peace insteadof turmoil.August — You have more energy, increased vitalityand you’re even feeling more grounded. It’s time to makeplans for the next six months so that you can make moremoney.CancerJuly — Things are coming to a head, so get ready. Tieup loose ends and finances will get better — especially ifyou watch your money and spending more closely.August — Your health can be rocky, so eat right,exercise and maintain a positive attitude. And whileyou’re doing all that, manifest new job opportunities withpositive thinking.LeoJuly — You’re on an all time high and it will show inyour life in many ways. This is a good time to look for anew job. Spend time with family and friends so you canrub some of that happiness on them.August — Past issues will surface with family members.Instead of ignoring your feelings, talk it out withthem. This is good time to find peace in your relationshipswith them.VirgoJuly —You may feel an urge to move right now orto get out of town, but this is not the time to make lifealteringdecisions. If you must, take a vacation. You’llcome back feeling more grounded.August —Someone in your family will need your help.Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from other familymembers or you’ll find yourself overwhelmed. You can’tdo everything on your own and you’ll feel worse if youdo nothing to help.LibraJuly — Love is on your mind so much that even newsituations may feel mundane. Don’t worry about it. Takea breath. Feel the love, but don’t jump too fast!August — Love is the air! This is a good time to meetsomeone new or spend time with that special person inyour life. Now is also a good time to travel and reconnectwith old friends.ScorpioJuly — Some long-needed travel plans will cometogether, making you feel more grounded with decisionmaking. Take a break and set some long-term financialgoals for yourself.August — Money issues surface, but they’re only amirror to help you understand that stopping emotionalspending will help you find better fiscal balance. Thinkthings through before buying. This is a good time toinvest.SagittariusJuly — Scattered. That’s the best way to describeyour feelings. To make life easier, make lists. Ask atrustworthy friend to remind you of important things.Don’t procrastinate or you’ll find yourself moving in adownward spiral. If you can get up an hour earlier, do it.This will help you clear your mind.August —Your health is great! This will lead youto participate in physical events and have a highersexual energy. You’re in a place of producing good vibrations,luck, money and positive relationships.Pa g e e 36Ju ly Au t 2012Ju ly • Au g u s t 2012tTh h e Jo u r n e y

CapricornJuly — You’ll take pleasure in seeing your loved oneshappy because you’re very sentimental. This is a greattime to take pictures. Put them away and when you’refeeling overwhelmed, pull them out. These pictures willremind you of happy thoughts and happy times!August — Caution! Relationship disagreements areahead. Be careful not to say things you don’t mean. Examineyour buying. Financial issues will come to a headif you’re spending because of depression.AquariusJuly — After months of feeling invisible, you finallyfeel your words are being heard. This is a good opportunityto ask for a raise or have those long-needed talkswith people about ideas. Financial gain can manifestwhen you share right now.August — This is a good time to manifest new friendsand job opportunities. Save money and set a goal. If youfollow your instincts, you will manifest in huge ways. Thisis a time that offers you good connections with people.PiscesJuly — Moodiness is your middle name at times,but that moodiness allows you to fine tune your intuition.Don’t be afraid to show your tears, but be carefulwith your words. They can cut like a sword. When wefind peace, we embrace a quality that keeps us in themoment. Suddenly, we no longer seek things that takeus away from who we truly are.August — You’ll find yourself in situations inwhich people will ask for your help, money and otherthings. Remember, enabling them will only disable them.Focus on yourself and guide them, allowing them theirown free will. When we spend time holding the cup withboth hands, we embrace life’s true beauty.Kimberly Rose is a professional intuitive, vibrationalastrologer, author, public speaker and radio and televisionhost on CBS Radio and Telos Television Networks. She isavailable for personal readings, classes and seminars. Formore information, call her at Lite the Way, (734) 854-1514or visit www.kimmierose.com.Constantly Updated!visitwww.thejourneymag.comt h e t hJo e Jo u r u n r e n y e yJu ly • Au g u s t 2012Pa Pa g e 37

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn continued from page 25It’s a disgrace because it is not taking advantage ofsome of the most powerful methods we have for restoringand maintaining health. It’s interesting that most academicstoday would agree that 80-85 percent of illnesses aredue to lifestyle, but what do they do to correct it?…We are now talking about the basic covenant of trustthat has existed between the caregiver and the physiciansince the days of Hippocrates, that wherever possible thephysician will share with the patient the causation of theillness. And this is not being done.Q: What are your thoughts on starting our childrenright from the womb on a plant-based diet?A: That’s what we did with all eight of our grandchildren;they go from breast milk to water. What I do nowis try to rescue these middle-aged people from fallingover the cliff. If they learned how to eat the foods thatwouldn’t destroy them during their school years theywouldn’t need saving.Q: Do you think the media has a large effect onthat?A: The media is totally irresponsible. Who do youthink advertises McDonalds? Are they going to suddenlysay you can’t eat cheese and meat? Come on! Right now97 percent of America has no idea how to eat healthy.They’re so bombarded with all the advertising; it makesthem think these foods that are destroying them arehealthy.Q: I also interviewed John Robbins who spoke highlyRev. Laura MirabileMediumTarot, Spiritual CounselingPrivate & Phone ReadingsParties216-346-3768Mirabile.laura@gmail.comabout you. How do you feel both of your works complementeach other?A: I think John does an awful lot from the standpointof his background. He’s spoken about nutrition since theearly ‘80s, and is very supportive of those of us who aremore involved directly with the science of food. I feelwhen people hear this information from two sources theyrespect, it adds value.Q: Your son Rip, a firefighter, has participated inthe Escape from Alcatraz triathlon, where he has wonthe swimming leg six years in a row. Most people, whenthey think of firefighters, think of big, strong men handlingheavy hoses, climbing ladders and carrying people outof fires. You don’t think of them as being Vegans.A: Oh you’d love to have Rip carry you out of a fire.There have been hundreds of firemen who have changedtheir eating habits because of Rip; I think it’s fantastic.We’re in enough of a crisis now where many of the municipalitieswill look at their retirement for their policeand fire and they’re OK today. However, if you look fiveyears down the road those funds are being exhausted.Therefore, eliminate the illness and the retirement fundsare intact; everybody wins.Q: What one piece of advice do you have for us?A: Go plant based without oil and you are going tosee common chronic killing diseases disappearFor more info http://www.heartattackproof.com/about.htmDr. Caldwell Esselstyn will be will be speaking onliving a plant based diet and how in can help preventand reverse the effects of heart disease at the JourneyExpo’s Living and Eating Green Expo on Friday evening,September 7 at Lakeland Community College.Visit www.thejourneymag.com for more details.Eva Starr’s spiritual journey has taken her coastto-coaststudying the various schools of thought. Starrnow resides in the San Diego area devouring the alluringbuffet of wisdom the West Coast has to offer. Visither at evastarr.comwww.thejourneymag.comesYGraph csMake people say YES!to your Products & Services.We can help make that happenwith effective graphic designs.Erinn 216.527.7079Call us for all your promotional needs. We do billboards,books, brochures, logos, business cards, fliers, web sites,letterheads, forms, signs, and more...give your business orevent that professional look.yes2graphics@yahoo.comPa g e 38Ju ly • Au g u s t 2012t h e Jo u r n e y

JOHN ROBBINSJohn Robbins, author of Diet for aNew America, The Food Revolution,Reclaiming Our Health and Healthyat 100), and is releasing his newbook, No Happy Cows with a booksigning. Additional cost TBA.DR. CALDWELL ESSELSTYNDr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., MD, fromForks Over Knives, author of Preventand Reverse Heart Disease and whohas been featured on Dr. Oz, andCNN as well. He is our headline topspeaker for Friday evening!Sponsored by®®September 7th - 9thAd created by erinn sneed 216-527-7079ALSO FEATURINGJane Esselstyn, RN is talking on Women Power, Sex andFood - Eating Plant-Strong, Health Care Is Self Care.George Eisman,Plant-Based Eating”.Tom Rapini, environmentalist and renewable energy“greening” your lifestyle, from simple energy conservation ideasall the way to harnessing the sun’s energy to power your house.Elizabeth Kucinich, Speaking on “Eating Green - EatingHealth - Eating Peace”, along with Rebecca Dingle, PCRMFood for Life instructor will be speaking and having a fooddemo class.Stefanie Penn Spear, founder of EcoWatch will talk aboutfuture energy choices for Ohio and the U.S., and the role re-TBA for all break out speakers.LAKELAND COMMUNITY COLLEGELakeland Community College,at 7700 Clocktower Drive,Kirtland, OH 44094(just 20 miles east of Cleveland)The Living and Eating Green Expoin conjunction with the10th Anniversary ofThe JourneyMind, Body and Soul Expo 2012TWO EXPOS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!$8 admission per day.$12 for Friday Evening Vegan Food Festiving & Eating GreenEXPAll interested Sponsors, Exhibitors, Advertisers, Speakers and Food Vendors(for the Friday evening Vegan Food Fest Sampling)should contact Sandie Sajner at 440-357-2874 or Clyde Chafer at 440-223-1392or go to: www.thejourneymag.com and click on the Living and Eating Green icon for more infoSponsored by:t h e Jo u r n e y Ju ly • Au g u s t 2012Pa g e 39

Fellowships of the Spirit...A place your soul can call home 2012 Program HighlightsSpiritual Teaching & HealingDr. Issam Nemeh, M.D.June 30Using Your Mediumship SkillsRev. Gregory KehnJuly 1Group Energy With Home CirclesRev. Tom CratsleyJuly 7A Lab with Essential OilsRev. Hank SetalaJuly 8Astrology & ReincarnationSteven ForrestJuly 13 - 15Psychic Fun FestJuly 21Metaphysical Marketing MasteryRevs. Anita Pizycki CA,& Jamie L. Saloff C.M. • July 22Esoteric Qigong Practice & Group HealingMaster Robert PengJuly 28 - 29Mediumship, Accuracy & the Trust FactorRev. Elaine D. ThomasAugust 4Healing Geopathic Stress & Spirit RemovalRev. Dave OrloskiAugust 5Mediumship & the Akashic RecordsRev. Bill CollerAugust 11 - 12Advanced Spiritual ExplorationsAugust 18 -19Dick Sutphen’s 5-Day Metaphysics 101 to 2012August 20 - 24 • Dick SutphenSpiritual ClearingsDiana BurneyAugust 25 - 26Deeper Meaning of Prophecy & HealingRev. Penny Donovan, D.D.& Don Gilbert, M.S.W.August 31 - September 2Psychic Development & Languageof MediumshipSharon Anne KlinglerSeptember 29 - 30Vibrational Medicine CertificationPatti Conklin, Ph.D.October 27 - 28The Oracles of the HebrewRocco Errico Ph.D., Th.D.November 3Call 716-595-2159 or register online at www.fellowshipsspirit.orgFellowships of the Spirit Lakeside Learning CenterJu ly • Au282 g u s t 2012 Dale Drive, Cassadaga, NY

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