Field Studies and Educational Visits - Peak District National Park ...

Field Studies and Educational Visits - Peak District National Park ...

Field Studiesand Educational Visitsin the Peak District National Park

1Contact the Education Visits Service on 01433 620373Planning and leading a field visit can bereally hard work. There are just so manythings to think of; accommodation,transport, access to field sites, work sheetsand itineraries, equipment, health andsafety, not to mention making the booksbalance.The Peak District National Park AuthorityEducation Visits Service (Losehill Hall),and the Youth Hostels Association areworking together in a unique partnershipdesigned to make the whole processeasier.Our value for money residential rates apply to anygroup field visit that is for 2 or more nights ofaccommodation with more than 2 standard days (orequivalent) of tuition.YOU CAN CHOOSE TO:1. Create your own tailor made programme byselecting a combination of study units/activitiesfrom this brochure that best suit the needs ofyour group2. Take advantage of one of our excellent packageoffers (see pages 5 & 6).Bob Hope,Teacher at Whitton School“We’ve brought about 400 children over the last7 years as it is superb preparation for thestudents’ exams. The staff at Losehill Hall deliverwell organised and fun courses which ensure thechildren got the most out of their visit.”Making residentialWhichever you prefer, all of our residentialeducation programmes include:●●●●●●●●full board - English or continental breakfast,packed lunch, tasty three course evening mealwith a daily vegetarian optionfree leader places for every 10 payingparticipantsuse of classrooms where available, includingaccess to Litton Mill Study Centreyour choice of study units led by our qualifiedleaders who have an in-depth understanding ofthe Peak District National Parkpre-arranged access to field sites, field workequipment (except for calculators, pens/pencilsand paper), student worksheets and teacher’snotesreduced transport costs where study unitscan be carried out within walking distance of aYouth Hostela safe and enjoyable visit led by first aidtrained leaders who are in contact withEmergency Servicesfree overnight pre-visit for up to 2 leaders atyour chosen Youth Hostel

3Contact the Education Visits Service on 01433 620373Making visitsenjoyable, interestiDAY VISITSIf you are planning a day visit to the Peak DistrictNational Park we can offer most of the study unitsdescribed in this brochure. For further informationplease see ‘How to Book’ on page 31 and ourenclosed price list.A standard day visit will usually start at 10.30amand finish at 4.30pm unless otherwise requested.Half day visits are approximately 3 hours starting at10.30am or 1.30pm. If you require a half hourlunch break units can begin at 10am.PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDSWe strive to make our educational field visitaccessible to all. Losehill Hall is fully wheelchairaccessible and hearing loops are available in ourlecture rooms. If you or a member of your grouphas any special needs then please do not hesitateto contact us.If you are staying at a Youth Hostel then please referto pages 27-30 for details.WET WEATHER ALTERNATIVESIf extreme weather conditions pose a health andsafety risk, changes will be made on the morning ofyour visit and the following options may apply:●●●adjust the programme to allow for the weatherconditions on the dayrelocate the programme to an alternative siteswitch to an alternative programme at a moresheltered siteWE’LL COME TO YOU!If your school is within one hours drive of thePeak District, then why not book one of ourleaders to visit you for an introductory talk onthe Peak District National Park? Please contact theNational Park Education Service at Losehill Hall ontel: 01433 620373 for more details.

5Contact the Education Visits Service on 01433 620373PackagesHere are some great value packages thatwe have put together for you. Thesepackages offer you a combination of ourmost popular programmes and some ofthem can be undertaken without the needfor transport during your stay so keepingyour costs to a minimum.All packages include free YHA schoolmembership.• For further details regarding programmecontents please turn to the relevant pagesin our brochure• Please discuss group size and classroomavailability before booking your YouthHostel and package• Please enquire for other group sizes oroff-season discountseve – evening presentation half – half day std – standard day ext – extended day

PrimaryKey Stage 2Available from YHA Hartington at a price of £66.00per pupil (no transport required).Day 1Day 2Day 3Farm Visit (half)Peak District National Park Talk (eve)Dales Discovery (std)Hartington Village Study (half)Key Stage 2Available from YHA Ravenstor at a price of £73.00per pupil (no transport required).Day 1Day 2Day 3HARTINGTON DISCOVERYRAVENSTOR DISCOVERYDales Discovery (half)Peak District National Park Talk (eve)Earth Caretakers TM (std)All in a Spin (half)EARTHKEEPERSKey Stage 2Available from YHA Ravenstor at a price of £87.00per pupil (no transport required).A three day programme during which the childrenlearn about ecological concepts, discover theenvironment around them and much more. Pleasesee page 9 for details.SecondaryHere is an example of the type of secondarypackage we can offer – in this case combiningour Edexcel approved units into one threenight programme.EDEXCEL A-LEVEL GEOGRAPHYAvailable from most Peak District Youth Hostels.Prices start from £99 per student dependingon the grade of hostel you choose to stay at(transport not included).Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Peak District National Park Talk (eve)Hydrology and Fluvial Geomorphology (ext)Urban Geography (ext)Rural Settlements in the NationalPark (half)ALL PRICES QUOTED ARE:• For groups of between 15 and 35students• Correct at time of printing but maybe subject to change• From 1/04/2004• Inclusive of VAT which you maybe able to reclaim, making yourresidential even more cost effective.Packages6

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