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Call Counter Geo Yell advertising works, we can prove it.

ContentsYell advertising works, we can prove it – for free! * 1How Call Counter Geo works 2Detailed call statistics 3Eligibility 4Some Q & As 5What our advertisers say about Call Counter Geo 6* Subject to eligibility criteria, terms and conditions apply

Yell advertising works, we can prove it – for free! *The easiest way to find out for sure if yourYellow Pages directory or advertis working is to count how many calls itis generating for your business. But youdon’t always have time to ask callerswhere they found your number. So whynot let us track your calls for free* withCall Counter Geo.Using a dedicated number, Call Counter Geo willtell you exactly how many times your phone hasbeen ringing thanks to your Yellow Pages directoryor advert. This Call Counter Geo numberis all you need – no other equipment is necessary.The feedback will be invaluable when planningyour next campaign and will enable you to seethe value you have received from each of yourmonitored adverts.You have the option of using a geographic (01/02)or countrywide 0845 telephone number, depending onwhether you have a presence in the local area or not.Over half of users thatcontact a business froma Yell product go on tomake a purchase. **Yell is a good investment because:We know that every investment you make needsto give back a good return, we simply want toprove that value to you.The Yellow Pages directory and aregood places to advertise to get your phoneringing and generate leads for your business.The Yellow Pages directory is used on average:***Over 800 million times a yearOver 70 million times a monthOver 15 million times a weekOver 2 million times a dayOver 95,000 times an hour1,600 times a minute27 times a generates on average:***Over 6 million contacts a weekOver 850,000 contacts per dayOver 35,000 contacts per hourAlmost 600 contacts a minute10 contacts per second* Subject to eligibility criteria, terms and conditions apply** Saville Rossiter-Base 2007-08. Yell products = Yellow Pages +*** Saville Rossiter-Base 2007-08Results shown are based on past research and are no guarantee of future behaviour1

How Call Counter Geo worksWhen your order isprocessed, if you meet oureligibility criteria, Yell willallocate your specified CallCounter Geo telephonenumbers to your advert.You don’t need any newequipment – calls are stillconnected to your usuallandline.Users of the Yellow Pagesdirectory or call theunique Call Counter Geonumber in your advert. The callsyou receive are counted by Yell’sexternal telecoms provider.You receive the call withoutinterruption.When your Yell Sales Contactcalls to discuss your nextadvertising campaign, theycan discuss with you thevalue you have receivedfrom your advertising.We will insert a unique telephone number into youradvertising to prove its effectiveness.The very fact that someone is looking in the YellowPages directory or on meansthey do not know your telephone number orpossibly even your company name:• 43% of Yellow Pages directory users look fordetails of a new company/one they have notused before *• 37% of users look for details of a newcompany/one they have not used before *• 55% of Yellow Pages directory users look fordetails of a company they know/one they haveused before *• And of those people who know yourcompany name, 4 in 5 people cannotcorrectly remember a telephone number(80% either guess wrong or can’t recall atelephone number) **2* Saville Rossiter-Base 2007-08** RSGB Omnibus 2008Results shown are based on past research and are no guarantee of future behaviour

Detailed call statisticsExample call statistic statementOrder Item CC Number Product Description Classification Ad Size Colour9876543 30 01234567 YP Guildford 2008 Weddings – Dressing Double 3/8 One colour onfor the Big Day Column White-Knock OutMonth – Year Total Answered Unanswered EngagedAug 2008 14 10 3 1Sep 2008 17 15 1 1Oct 2008 18 13 3 2Total Calls 49 38 7 4Date Call Status Location of Caller Time of DayMon 01 Sep 2008 Answered ORANGE MOBILE 12:57Mon 01 Sep 2008 Engaged GUILDFORD 12:48Mon 01 Sep 2008 Engaged GUILDFORD 12:38Mon 01 Sep 2008 Answered VODAFONE MOBILE 12:37Tue 02 Sep 2008 Answered ORANGE MOBILE 10:17Tue 02 Sep 2008 Engaged T MOBILE 11:09Tue 02 Sep 2008 Answered VODAFONE MOBILE 15:23Wed 03 Sep 2008 Answered ORANGE MOBILE 11:10Wed 03 Sep 2008 Engaged GUILDFORD 14:24Wed 03 Sep 2008 Answered VODAFONE MOBILE 10:07You can receive a statement when your advert isdue for renewal,* letting you know the breakdownof your calls over the past year.You’ll find out how many calls were answered,unanswered and engaged for each month. You caneven drill down the information into a daily view toenable you to see which are your busiest days of theweek, times of the day and see the location of yourcallers. This detailed information will enable you tomanage your call handling and resources even betterin the future, so you never miss another call.For Coverage Plus customers, the locationinformation will enable you to see which coverageareas are working the hardest for you.Live and advertisingAs is a live and flexible way of advertisingwe can even set up Call Counter Geo onto your liveadvert(s), as long as there are at least 8 weeks lefton your contract when the change takes place.Combining this call data with your views andclick-through statistics, will allow you to see thefull value of your advertising.* This may be verbalised, given face to face or posted3

EligibilityYell offers Call Counter Geo on a free* of charge basis. Yell cannot offer this to all classificationsand advert types due to the significant investment needed to offer this service for free.*If you happen to have an ineligible advert, we would strongly encourage you to look into setting up yourown call monitoring with your telecom provider. Your Sales Contact can advise you on possible options.Yell is the ONLY nationalUK classified directorycompany that offers youProven Value statistics †across both its printed andonline advertising – for FREE! ††Example Yellow Pages directory adExample adStanden Conservatories Ltd.• Family Run Business Built On Quality,Value & Recommendation•• 25 Years Experience• Full Quality Service From Start To Finish• Free No Obligation Survey & Quote• Showrooms Near You Open 9am-5pm (Monday-Saturday)Call Now On:Reading0118 9831384Fax: 0118 Road, Reading, RG7 3HNYellow Pages directory advertisingEligibility is based on:• Purchasing a standard Yellow Pages directory display advert or a Special Advert ** (no CorporateAdvertising Scheme or out of book guides are allowed) within an eligible classification• No replica packages allowed as we’re using a unique telephone number per advert• The advert should only include the Call Counter Geo telephone numbers (and a fax number if needed)• A maximum of 10 Call Counter Geo telephone numbers are allowed in any one Yellow Pages advertisingEligibility is based on:• Purchasing one of the following products: Enhanced Listing, Enhanced Listing Information Page,Web Link, Website Tool & Web Link or a Local Sponsored Listing within an eligible classification• Unique telephone number to be used per advert• The advert should only include the Call Counter Geo telephone numbers (and a fax number if needed)• A maximum of 2 Call Counter Geo telephone numbers are allowed in a advert (dependson advert type)4* Subject to eligibility criteria, terms and conditions apply** Excludes spine advertising, bookmarks and coupons† Proven Value statistics include views, click-throughs and phone calls†† December 2008. National classified directories include the Yellow Pages directory, Thomson Local and BT Phone BookFor the full terms and conditions please visit

Some questions and answersWill I have to pay for this service?No, it’s free.* Yell are providing you with free* callmonitoring because we’re so confident that theYellow Pages directory and advertising works.How much does it cost the caller?For a geographic telephone number it costs the userno more than what they would normally pay to callyour business landline. Most telecoms providers(including mobiles) include some geographic callswithin their calling packages. For 0845 numbersthey cost the caller up to 6p connection charge& 4p per minute from most landlines.†Which number will be supplied to me?If you've opted for a geographic number Yell willprovide you with the same dialling code that you havenominated as your current business telephone numberfor the specified advert. The dialling code is is determinedby Ofcom and can be between 3-6 digits long.When will I know my Call Counter Geo number?You will receive written notification of what CallCounter Geo number(s) have been allocated toyou. Yell will endeavour to amend your advertcontent to show your new Call Counter Geotelephone number prior to the publication orcommencement date on For Yellow Pagesadverts, you will see this change on youradvertisement proof. Each advert will have a uniquetelephone number, so you are able to find outexactly how well each advert is performing for you.Where can I use the Call Counter Geotelephone number?It is only allowed to appear in the eligible advertspecified. This means it’s not allowed to appear inany other Yell adverts/products or anywhere else(for example stationery, vans and your websiteshould show your actual business number NOT yourCall Counter Geo number). For the full terms andconditions please refer to Yell Direct.Can I link to my mobile number insteadof my landline?As Yell offers the Call Counter Geo service at nocost to its customers, it cannot provide routing tomobiles due to the costs involved. However you candivert your own landline to your mobile – you willIf you have any more questions about CallCounter Geo, please speak to your Sales Contact.need to arrange this with your own telecomprovider (normally at a small cost).Are Republic of Ireland telephone numbersallowed? Are broadband numbers allowed?No, as we can only connect to UK landlines thatbegin with 01/02. Republic of Ireland telephonenumbers are international dialling codes andbroadband connections also use a different diallingprefix (05) therefore neither of these can link to aCall Counter Geo number.How long can I use my Call Counter Geonumber for?If the number is set live when the advert is processed,then it will run for at least 12 months** from publicationor commencement date, if the advert is not renewed.If you renew your advert you will be given the optionto use the number for another year.††What if I move premises halfway through myadvertising programme?For 0845 numbers you can simply call CustomerServices to arrange an amend to your linking telephonenumber. For geographic telephone numbers if youmove within the same area/dialling code, anamendment can be arranged by calling CustomerServices. Unfortunately Yell is unable to re-route tonumbers outside of the same dialling code. You wouldneed to set up your own divert until your advertisingis due for renewal, when we can give you a new CallCounter Geo telephone number for your new area.* Subject to eligibility criteria, terms and conditions apply** Provided that your advertising runs for 12 months on For mid-contract additions of Call Counter Geo, the number will be live for the remainderperiod of the live contract† Network charges may vary. Rates quoted subject to change†† Terms and conditions apply. Excludes Site Builder adverts5

What our advertisers say aboutCall Counter Geo Aerial Services & SuppliesWe were offered theopportunity toparticipate in the freeCall Counter Geoservice by our YellowPages sales consultant.This service allows usto see the effectivenessof our advert over theyear and to alleviateXE70784S001 27/5/2008the need of askingevery customer where they have heard of us. Our advert isstill in its infancy however we still receive on average 18 callsa month. Our present advertising consists of a half page fullprocess colour advert which states exactly the services weprovide to our customers. It also carries the all importantlogo of the Confederation of Aerial Industries Ltd; a muchneeded assurance to customers. We not only cater for thedomestic market but that of the commercial business toowhich widens our market. It is vital therefore to know thatwe are reaching the right targets; Call Counter Geo certainlyhelps us with this.Mr Robert Askey, Teleview Aerials1/2 Page: Full Process ColourPeterboroughAquarium & Pond SuppliesWe are a nationwidecompany with lots ofyears experiencebehind us. It isimportant to know ifXC72270K006 13/4/2008our advertising iseffective, for this reason we decided to take up the offer fromYell of the free call monitoring service called Call CounterGeo. We do not have the time to ask every customer wherethey heard about us and so this method of monitoring willgo someway towards letting us know just how effective ourmarketing strategies are and help with future advertisingdecisions. At this moment in time we average around 45calls a month from just one of our adverts. We have advertsin three different directories which assist in capturing a wideaudience. The colours on the adverts stand out well on thepage and detail exactly what we have to offer. Our websitealso appears on our adverts and therefore customerspreferring to contact us that way are able to do so. With allthree adverts being monitored by Call Counter Geo we willbe able to measure the effectiveness and see, maybe, wherewe need to target next time.Mr G Wheeler, World of Water RomseyDouble 1/4 Column: Full Process ColourSouthamptonNearly 80% of YellowPages directory userssay they are more likelyto call a quarter columnadvertiser than a semidisplay advertiser ** Critical Research 2006. Results shown are based on past research and areno guarantee of future behaviour6

BuildersOver the years wehave built up a goodclient base throughadvertising with theYellow Pages. Wecurrently have a smalladvert in the YellowPages directory and anadvert on,which we findsufficient. The YellowXE04701J002 15/5/2008Pages has always provided us with prospective clients andenough contracts to keep us busy, recommendations fromexisting customers also play a part. It is always difficult to tellexactly how many calls our advert generates, so when Yelloffered us the opportunity to participate in the free callmonitoring programme called Call Counter Geo we quicklyresponded. This service will help us make future marketingdecisions based on the results we receive. On average wecurrently receive 17 calls a month of which at least 25%convert into actual business, therefore we are very pleasedwith these figures. With this being an uncertain time forbusinesses, the Call Counter Geo service is a great way toboost our confidence and inspire us for the future.Miss Lisa Anderson, Young Builders North East Ltd1/4 Column: One Colour on White-Knock outNewcastle Upon TyneCar Accessories & PartsWe were offered the opportunity to participate in Yell’s freemonitoring service called Call Counter Geo, this service isdesigned to provide us with data on how many calls aregenerated through our advert in the Yellow Pages. Over thefirst three months we have generated on average 63 callsper month. The clientele that we are targeting are thegeneral public, not so much the trade market as they areaware of our business already. This year we have increasedthe size of our advert to allow us to detail all of our productsand services, the colours are very defined and stand out wellon the page. With 25 years experience behind us, customerscan expect to receive a good service from us, which in turn iswhat we receive from Yell. The Yellow Pages directory is areliable source of advertising and with the help of the CallCounter Geo monitoring programme we can make anyfuture advertising decisions based on accurate informationon the response received from our advert. Call Counter Geois an excellent idea.Mr S Gidda, United Auto Parts1/4 Page: Full Process ColourWolverhamptonCar Body RepairsAdvertising our business on with an EnhancedListing enables us to make customers aware of the servicesthat we can provide. In the main, most of our work comesfrom the local authority and insurance companies, however,there is always room for more business whatever the sourceand this is where advertising on comes into force.We do not have time in our busy environment to monitorthe amount of calls we receive, which is why we took theopportunity of participating in the free call monitoringservice provided by Yell called Call Counter Geo, which wassuggested by our helpful sales consultant. This serviceprovides us with feedback on the amount of calls receivedthrough our Enhanced Listing on; for the first 5months of monitoring we received on average 8 calls amonth. We strongly believe that advertising on the Internetwill become the norm, but we still ensure that we have asmall advert in the Yellow Pages directory. Yell and itsproducts are known to the majority of people, we use themourselves and so we know most people do the same whenlooking for a product or service.Mrs Julie Thomson, Thomson Mackay LtdEnhanced ListingYell.comCar Dealers – UsedOur used car dealership is situated on a main road which isa good location and in itself is good advertising for us.However we are also in a very competitive line of business;having our calls monitored free of charge using the CallCounter Geo service provided by Yell gives us an insight intothe effectiveness of our advert in the Yellow Pages. So far onaverage we receive 33 calls a month from our advert; thisshows us that the exposure we receive from the YellowPages gives us the ability to attract potential business andallows us to try to turn every lead into a sale. We feel that byadvertising in the Yellow Pages along with word of mouthreferrals helps people to trust us and know that we are areputable company within the local area.Mr P Johnson, Manor Park Motors1/4 Column: White Knock-outNewcastle Upon TyneCarpet & Rug RetailersWe are very happy with our advert in the Yellow Pages; ithas already received a good response and is very pleasingon the eye. We wanted to see how well our advert wasperforming, which is why we have participated in Yell’s freeCall Counter Geo monitoring programme. The service hasshown us that on average we receive 31 calls a month whichis a really good result; using the Call Counter Geo monitoringservice will allow us to adjust our advertising expenditure inthe future accordingly. We also receive around 84% repeatbusiness, which is excellent. We can definitely recommendadvertising in the Yellow Pages to anyone in business; youhave to be in it to be seen.Mr Andy Coulter, Trade Carpets (Scotland) LtdDouble 1/2 Column: Full Process ColourGlasgow SouthYellow Pages directoryusers are 8 times morelikely to choose an advertwith colour than a blackon yellow advert ** Critical 2 2007. Yellow Pages directory user is a person who uses theYellow Pages directory at least once a month. Results shown are basedon past research and are no guarantee of future behaviour7

Catering Equipment HireAs a well-establishedcompany we haveadvertised in severalforms of mediathroughout the years.However, we still feelthat the best responseswe receive from newcustomers are a directresult of our adverts in the Yellow Pages and on website attracts the younger clientele and gives ourcustomers the facility to book online if they wish to. We liketo plan our future marketing and with this in mind wedecided to participate in the free call monitoring programmeprovided by Yell called Call Counter Geo. This service is agreat idea as it provides us with data on how many calls ourdirectory advert generates. We were delighted to learn thatour advert in the Croydon & Sutton directory receives onaverage 15 calls a month of which around 50% will convertinto actual business. With Call Counter Geo monitoring ourcalls for us we are able to concentrate on providing ourcustomers with the top quality service they deserve. Ouradverts are full of colour and well defined, allowing us tostate all of our products and services. We recently decided toincrease our advertising with Yell to include the 118 24 7service which we believe is another great source of potentialenquires, which I am sure will pay dividends. We cancertainly recommend advertising with Yell to anyone inbusiness; they provide an excellent service and are goodvalue for money.Mr Greg Hall, Hallmark Catering Equipment HireDouble 3/8 Column: Full Process ColourCroydon & Suttonyear. This will be a fantastic way of providing us withaccurate statistics on how our adverts have performedthroughout the year. Advertising in the Yellow Pages and thefree Call Counter Geo service is excellent and confirmed mytheory that it does pay to have more than one advert in thesame directory. We are very pleased so far with the resultsand on average we receive 25 calls a month, this responsehas been fantastic.Mr Peter Laing, Apollo Gas Services LtdDouble 3/8 Column: Full Process ColourNewcastle Upon TyneComputer MaintenanceAs with all businesses, establishing yourself in the marketplace is vital; and choosing the right form of advertising isequally so. I looked to the Yellow Pages to achieve this and Icertainly have not been disappointed. I advertise solely withYell and so I have a good idea of how effective my advert is. Idecided to change the classification; a very wise decision asmy enquiries have increased and I am now receiving about80% of business, from customers who have either called orreferenced the Yellow Pages to gain my address. Also, I amhaving my calls monitored through the free Call Counter Geoservice and this excellent service has verified my ownmonitoring. In the first few months of publication my advertwas generating on average 17 calls per month. As a soletrader I pride myself on providing a good service withcompetitive prices and a friendly, relaxed approach.Advertising with Yell is cost effective and I would not hesitatein recommending their products and services.Mr T Jones, Ant Computer Supplies1/4 Column: MonoNewcastle Upon TyneComputer Servicesmy advert has been; which of course is very useful. Armedwith this information I can then plan future advertisingstrategies and target necessary areas. I am already aware thata good amount of enquiries are received as a direct result ofmy Yellow Pages advertising and recommendations are alsovery high. My business has a good reputation and that standsme in good stead; although I am not looking for vast amountsof work, a presence in the Yellow Pages keeps my name outthere and also serves as a reference to anyone that may havemislaid my telephone number. Everybody knows the YellowPages which is used on a daily basis by the majority of people;it is the market leader in advertising directories.Mr Alan Buckby, Daval ComputersDouble 3/8 Column: Full Process ColourPeterboroughDental SurgeonsAs this is my first year advertising with the Yellow Pages I wasglad to take up the opportunity to participate in the free CallCounter Geo monitoring service. It frees up my staff fromhaving to ask every customer where they found us andtherefore we can concentrate on our patients. I am veryhappy that we receive on average 17 calls a month of which99% are new customers; in fact, as soon as the directorycame out I received my first call and my first customer due tomy advert in the Yellow Pages. The size and colour I chosehas also proved to be good value for money and paid foritself after only a few patients. Recommending Yell is veryeasy as I know it works and most people have used or heardof it. Next year I am going to create a website with Yell as itis proven that advertising with them is successful, and forthose people who use the Internet it is another great servicethat Yell can provide to compliment advertising in the YellowPages directory.8Central Heating Services – DomesticWe have five full colour adverts in different classifications inthe same directory. We feel that this gives us a competitiveedge over other similar businesses. Recently Yell offered usthe opportunity to participate in a free monitoring service forall our adverts called Call Counter Geo, which tells us howmany calls are received each and every month for the wholeAdvertising is a must for all businesses and to know theeffectiveness of your advertising is also very important. Whenthe free monitoring service called Call Counter Geo wasoffered to me I immediately took up the offer and theopportunity to receive the free monitoring of the calls that myadvert generates through my Yellow Pages advert. On averageI receive approximately 28 calls a month, at the end of theyear of advertising I will have an overall view of how successfulDr J Gautier, St. James Clinic1/4 Column: White Knock-outIsle of Wight

Cycle Shops & RepairsI have been advertising in the Yellow Pages for five yearsnow and was offered the opportunity by Yell of having thecalls received from my advert monitored completely free ofcharge through their service called Call Counter Geo. Theresults from this service have proved to me that my advert,which was jointly designed by myself and Yell, definitelyworks in attracting many enquiries for the business. Icurrently receive on average 87 calls a month through myYellow Pages advert; I have only found out these figures dueto the excellent monitoring service of Call Counter Geo. Ialways receive a lot of new enquiries which I try to convertinto actual business along with around 60-70% of my workcoming from repeat customers. Advertising in the YellowPages really does work for my business.Mr Phil Storey, Denton CyclesDouble 3/8 Column: Full Process ColourNewcastle Upon Tyne9

Dental TechniciansDouble Glazing InstallersFlooring Services10As a dental technician our laboratory is always busy. CallCounter Geo has given us an insight into how many calls ouradvert generates, which on average is 14 calls a month. Thefree Call Counter Geo monitoring programme has helped usto see that our Yellow Pages advert is working really well forus. Of the calls we receive around 90% will convert intoactual business for us, with loyal customers returning timeand time again. It only takes around six calls to convert intobusiness for our advert to pay for itself; we are so glad thatwe chose to advertise in the Yellow Pages.Mr M Morris, Carmarthen Dental Labs1/4 Column: MonoSwansea & South West WalesDog & Cat GroomingThis is my second year of advertising in the Yellow Pagesdirectory. I find that the size and appearance of my advert isquite sufficient for my budget and as such produces resultsas expected. The free monitoring service offered by Yellcalled Call Counter Geo is a real asset in monitoring theamount of calls generated by my advert. It also provides mewith the appropriate information to see how my advert isworking which saves me the need to ask every caller wherethey have heard of me. The data provided by Call CounterGeo will also help me when making future advertisingdecisions. To date I receive on average 47 calls a month anddue to the nature of my business repeat customers andreferrals can be very high. I personally use the Yellow Pagesmyself as it is the first place I look when searching for abusiness or product or service, and I am sure that it is thesame for countless other people throughout the country.Miss E Kelly, My Best Friend1/4 Column: 2 or 3 Colours on White Knock outNewcastle Upon TyneWe have advertised inthe Yellow Pages formany years now andhave found it to be thebest form ofadvertising there is. Wehave been establishedfor 33 years and havebuilt up a goodreputation for a firstclass quality serviceand providing integrityin the double glazing market. We have recently taken up theopportunity offered to us by Yell of having our callsmonitored on our two main adverts which are in theNewcastle Upon Tyne directory. This free call monitoringprogramme is called Call Counter Geo which can specificallytell you how many calls each advert has generated. Betweenthe two adverts we are currently receiving on averagearound 40 calls a month already, of which around 25% willconvert into actual business. The performance of the advertsalready confirms to me that it pays to advertise in twoseparate classifications in the same directory. We wouldcertainly recommend Yell’s services to anyone running abusiness; it is always our first port of call when looking forany product and service, as it is I am sure for many others.Mr Jerry Birks, Glazewell TVTE Ltd1/2 Page: Full Process ColourNewcastle Upon Tyne91% of contacts are by phone ** Saville Rossiter-Base 2007-08. Results shown are based on past researchand are no guarantee of future behaviourAs soon as my localLondon Central YellowPages directory wasdelivered containingmy advert, I receivedan enquiry thatproduced a really goodjob for me within theweek plus anotherexcellent job a weekor so after that. That is/ /a really good resultconsidering that my flooring business had only been up andrunning a couple of months. I have been in business for atotal of 18 years now but only recently expanded intoflooring services. So far the figures from Yell’s free CallCounter Geo monitoring programme have shown me that Ireceive on average 16 calls a month. This shows me justhow effective advertising in the Yellow Pages can be, forevery ten calls I receive I will convert at least one into actualbusiness. Hopefully my business will continue to expand andmake me a reputable force in the local area; this will thenallow me to expand my advertising with Yell at a later date.Mr Bob Shepherd, Allwoods1/4 Column: MonoLondon CentralHire Services – Tools & EquipmentWe have two adverts currently appearing in the YellowPages under two different classifications, this way we cancover all of the aspects of the business. The company itselfhas been established in the area for about 30 years;however, we have been running the business for a year asthe new owners. For this reason we need to know how tobudget our marketing of the company. We now have thefree Call Counter Geo monitoring service in place on both ofthe adverts, this service provides information on how manycalls have been generated through the adverts. For example,on the first couple of months of advertising on just one ofthe adverts we receive on average 24 calls a month, a greatresponse. The bonus for us is that we don't have to ask every

customer where they heard of us, leaving us free toconcentrate on the business and the customer'srequirements. The Call Counter Geo monitoring service willhelp us enormously in future marketing decisions.Mrs L R Robertson, Galloway Hire ToolsDouble 1/4 Column: MonoSouth West ScotlandHotels & InnsOur chain of hotels and guest houses in and around theLondon area has always advertised in the Yellow Pagesdirectory. We have been established for over 20 years andas a family-run business provide a relaxing and comfortablestay for business or pleasure. We recently increased ouradvertising to include and we included our websiteon our advert which is easy to update when needed. Wehave several adverts in the London Central directory indifferent classifications. As we have so many adverts wewanted to monitor our calls to see if all the adverts areproducing good results, however we find it difficult tomanage this on our own. When Yell offered us theopportunity to participate in the free Call Counter Geomonitoring service we quickly jumped at the chance. Fromthe monitoring on just one of our adverts we have receiveda fantastic response so far as on average we receive around15 calls a month, 50% of which are converted into bookings.We feel that the Yellow Pages is the best place to advertiseour business, it is the most popular source of informationwhen searching for a product or service.Mr T Sadiq, Range Group Ltd1/4 Column: MonoLondon Central86% of UK adultsuse Yell products(42 million adults) ** Saville Rossiter-Base 2007-08. Results shown are based onpast research and are no guarantee of future behaviourInsurance – CarWe believe that any form of advertising is essential forevery business; however, choosing the right media is mostimportant and therefore advertising with a Web Link will significantly improve our chances of reaching theright audience. With this in mind we took up the opportunityon offer from Yell to have our calls monitored so that we willknow how effective our Web Link is. This monitoring service isfree and is called Call Counter Geo, within the first couple ofmonths we have received approximately 38 calls a month.As an independent insurance company trading for some30 years we know that it still pays to keep ahead of thecompetition. We cover the whole of Northern Ireland andalso have a presence in the Republic. Next year we will belooking to break into the market in England and so by havingthe Call Counter Geo monitoring system providing us withvaluable information the company will benefit when makingfuture advertising decisions.Mr Gary McClarty, McClartys InsuranceWeblink:Yell.comMobility & Access Equipment/VehiclesWe advertise solely with Yell, having tried various otheradvertising mediums that simply did not work. Rememberingto track calls through advertising can be too time consumingand so we were happy to accept the free Call Counter Geomonitoring service on our advert in the directory. During thistime through the Call Counter Geo monitoring we havereceived on average 33 calls a month, this is an excellent callrate. For the first time we decided to choose colour for ouradvert, it is certainly more eye catching and as the market isvery competitive we need to stand out from the crowd. Weknow that we provide a good, friendly, reliable service withaffordable prices that benefit the end user. We also knowthat advertising in the Yellow Pages directory works for us,if you are not in it then there is the risk that people arenot aware of your existence. We are pleased that we wentahead with Call Counter Geo; it provides a good indicator onresults of advertising in the Yellow Pages.Mr Ian McCartney, B.C.A. Direct LtdDouble 1/2 Column: Full Process ColourNewcastle Upon TyneModel ShopsInitially I was quite sceptical about advertising with theYellow Pages as I did not feel it would benefit my business,however to my surprise I found that through the CallCounter Geo monitoring service on my advert I have beenproved wrong. On average I receive 38 calls a month frompotentially new customers. A lot of my customers whenasked say that they found me in the Yellow Pages, which isvery pleasing. The advert I chose to appear in the directorystands out from the crowd and is well defined. I do use trademagazines as well to advertise my business, however theYellow Pages provides me with the top up I need to survive.Mr William McDonald, The Paisley Model Centre1/4 Column: One ColourGlasgow SouthPest & Vermin Control ServicesI have been advertising with the Yell in the Yellow Pagessince 1999 and have found them to be a great source toadvertise with. I have used Yell’s free call monitoring servicecalled Call Counter Geo on my recent advert just to see howwell it performs. It has proved to be a great success and onaverage I receive 27 calls a month, which in turn generatesnew business. The size and colour of the advert is eyecatching and is good value for money, in fact my advert paidfor itself after only four months. I also included my websiteon my advert and have found that this has also helped tobring in new business. I am expanding the business and Iam grateful to Yell for helping me achieve this. Having CallCounter Geo helps to gauge how well your advert isperforming which also helps control your expenditure.Recommending Yell is easy as I know it works with around60% of my business coming from it, without it I wouldn'thave had any new contracts.Mr D Price, D.O.A. Terminators Ltd1/4 Page: 2 or 3 Colours on White Knock outSwansea & South West WalesPlumbersI am a very busy plumber and so I don't the have time to askevery customer where they saw my telephone number, sowhen Yell contacted me and asked if I would like to have my11

12calls monitored by them using the free Call Counter Geoservice I jumped at the chance. Having the amount of callsgenerated by my advert monitored has given me a goodinsight into how well my advert is performing; I currentlyreceive on average 28 calls a month. I am very happy withthis level of calls as these could all be potential newcustomers. I also get a lot of work from recommendations,which is very rewarding. I have kept the same size advert foryears as it works; I can definitely recommend advertisingwith Yell to anyone in business.Mr S Livingstone, Nithsdale Plumbing & Heating1/4 Column: Full Process ColourSouth West ScotlandPlumbersMy initial aim when itcame to advertisingwas to become a wellknown name in andaround my local area.We soon became anestablished companydue to our professionalservices and throughadvertising with theYellow Pages. Fromday one we haveadvertised with the Yellow Pages and over the years we haveincreased our advertising with them due to the good volumeof customers they attract for us, which also goes some wayto keeping ahead of the competition. My full colour advertsdo a great job of catching the potential customer's eye whenthey are searching through the directory. We have triedother forms of advertising but have found that they did nothave the same impact as the Yellow Pages. We alwaysmonitor our calls, but as we have so many adverts it isdifficult to analyse if our calls are new customers or existingones. So when Yell offered us free participation in the CallCounter Geo monitoring service we decided to take them upon their offer. On average we currently receive 41 calls amonth, all of which are from new customers, which is greatnews and we hope to convert at least half the calls wereceive into actual business. The Yellow Pages has providedexcellent results and I would highly recommend their servicesto anyone wanting to quickly establish their business in andaround their local area.Mr R Welsh, 1st Raw HeatDouble 1/2 Column: Full Process ColourPeterboroughPrinters & LithographersWe feel our advert for our printing and lithography businessin the Yellow Pages gives us a slight edge over the otheradverts on the page. We know it works; a fact that has beenconfirmed by our participation in the free Call Counter Geomonitoring service provided by Yell which we currently haveon our advert. We receive on average 17 calls a month; CallCounter Geo helps us to keep a track of the response to ouradvert and keeps us focused so we know we are going in theright direction. Along with the success from our advert wefind that companies that we have dealt with before comeback to us time and time again with approximately 80% ofour work being repeat business. Although we have only beentrading for two and a half years we feel advertising in theYellow Pages will stand us in good stead for the future.Mr G Davies, Sign Lab1/4 Column: MonoSwansea & South West WalesRefurbishment – Commercial PremisesWe feel that advertising on is the way forward in thecurrent market. We have advertised with Yell for about12 years now using the various products available. The bulk ofour advertising budget is spent with Yell which in turngenerates around 25% of new business. As we do not have thetime to monitor the amount of calls we receive we took theopportunity to participate in the free monitoring service calledCall Counter Geo. This service is in place on our Web Linkadvertisement on; we have been advised that duringthe first 5 months of monitoring we received on average 6calls a month, we feel this is a valuable exercise in assisting usin making future marketing decisions. We advertise with Yell aswe know that it still produces our largest source of clients.Mr Rory Dunn, The Commercial Interior Co LtdWeb LinkYell.comRemovals & Storage – DomesticWe feel that it is essential to advertise widely across anumber of different media in order to have a large presence.We chose the Yellow Pages as it is a well known directorythat everyone uses. Advertising in this way has helped usbecome a well-established family business over the years.We never have enough time to work out how many callswe actually receive from our advert, so when we wereapproached by Yell offering us a free monitoring servicecalled Call Counter Geo we quickly responded. Our advertin the Yellow Pages generates on average 60 calls a monthwith around 70% of these calls converting into actualbusiness, which is excellent for such a short period of time.My advert in the Yellow Pages has been so effective that ishas already paid for itself.Mrs D Rogers, Whickham Removals1/4 Column: One Colour on White-Knock outNewcastle Upon Tyne69% of advertisersagree that taking outa 2nd advert in thesame classification hasbroadened the rangeof enquiries received ** FDS 2007. Based on businesses who have more than one advert in a singleYellow Pages classification, who expressed an opinion. Results shown arebased on past research and are no guarantee of future behaviour

PlumbersWe have advertised in the Yellow Pages for as long as wecan remember and still feel that it is essential to do so.To enable us to plan for future marketing we decided toparticipate in the free monitoring service called Call CounterGeo provided by Yell. This service is an excellent idea andprovides us with data on how many calls are being receivedas a direct result of our advert, so far we have received onaverage 15 calls per month. We have four numbers on ouradvert, all of which were provided to us through the CallCounter Geo service, this enables us to be sure that all callscan be monitored and leaves us free to focus on other areaswithin our business. With today's current economic situationwe would certainly recommend the Call Counter Geo serviceand Yellow Pages advertising as one of the best forms ofmarketing and advertising there is.Mrs Debra Burns, K & D Heating & PlumbingDouble 3/8 Column: Full Process ColourPeterborough13

14Restaurants – IndianThis year we increased our advertising; we now have amenu advert as well as our normal advert, both of which arein the restaurant section of the Yellow Pages directory. Theartwork was taken care of by our helpful and friendly salesconsultant. Having the menu advert will hopefully attractnew customers simply because they can see exactly what wehave to offer. On the other advert we have a logo advisingcustomers to look at the menu advert, this is an excellentidea. We are extremely happy to have been awarded for thesecond year running the best British curry award. This provesthat we provide quality, quantity and best value for money.Our sales consultant at Yell suggested that we have ourcalls monitored on the menu advert, using the free servicecalled Call Counter Geo. This will provide us with valuabledata on the response our advert has generated. Since thedirectory was delivered we have received on average 10calls a month, which is a very pleasing start. With the festiveseason on the horizon we are sure that this will increase;after all, a good majority of people use the Yellow Pagesas it is so quick and easy to use. To be successful in businessyou need the right media coverage and the Yellow Pagesticks the boxes.Mr A Hussain, Café MasalaMenuSouthend & BasildonRoofing MaterialsWe advertise with Yell products and have been doing sosince the business was established 16 years ago. We startedwith adverts in the directory and continue to do so; now ofcourse, like countless other businesses, we also advertise onthe Internet with a Web Link on In order to knowthe effectiveness of this mode of advertising we decided touse the free benefits of Call Counter Geo to see the level ofresponse that our Web Link generates. Over the course ofthe first three months of advertising we have received onaverage 9 calls a month. We will never stop using theservices and products provided by Yell; in fact we may alsolook to increase our advertising on in the future.Mr Roger Hesten, Tudors Building Supplies Hereford LtdWeb LinkYell.comRoofing ServicesWe have beenadvertising in the YellowPages for several yearsnow, in fact since thecompany started fiveyears ago. We feel it iscrucial to appear in thenumber one advertisingdirectory which is known and used by the majority of peoplewhen looking for a product or service. We have always foundit very difficult to monitor our calls, therefore when we wereoffered the opportunity to have the free monitoring serviceCall Counter Geo we were delighted as it leaves us free toconcentrate on what we do best. The service provides us withaccurate information on the calls we receive without any effortfrom ourselves by providing us with a yearly report, which isexcellent as it helps us to plan our future marketing strategyand confirms to us the worth of our advert. We have foundfrom information provided by Call Counter Geo that we receiveon average 16 calls per month, of these calls 80% are newbusiness along with the other 20% being referrals, which is anexcellent outcome from our advertising. We have tried otherforms of advertising but none do as well as the Yellow Pages.We are really happy with our full process colour advert andthe great service we have always received from Yell.Mr Julian Hardland, Felt – Tight RoofingDouble 3/8 Col: Full Process ColourWolverhamptonSolicitorsHaving Call CounterGeo on my advert inthe Yellow Pages givesme an accurateaccount of where mywork comes from.So far I receive onaverage 18 calls a/ /month, this gives mean indication as to what to expect in the future and enablesme to streamline my advertising accordingly; the responseso far has been beyond my expectations. I have achievedapproximately 30% new leads of which around 25% willreturn as repeat business over the next five years. I havea double 3/8th Column size advert in the Yellow Pagesdirectory and believe this size really works for me, so muchso that it pays for itself within six months. I have to say thatYell is possibly the number one source of work for anybusiness and not advertising with Yell would leave a blackhole in my marketing strategy.Mr Keith SwanPatterson, Glenton & StraceyDouble 3/8 Column: Full Process ColourNewcastle Upon TyneSolicitorsWe advertise inseveral Yellow Pagesdirectories in andaround the Londonarea, providing uswith a large coveragefor prospectiveclients. Obviously formarketing purposeswe need to knowhow effective ouradvertising is andso we took theopportunity toparticipate in the freeCall Counter Geo monitoring service for our whole page fullprocess colour advert in the London Central directory and viainformation provided by Call Counter Geo we have foundthat we receive on average 39 calls per month of which 25%are from new business. The Call Counter Geo service acts asa performance indicator for future advertising activities andis a very worthwhile tool. Our advert and its contents arevery pleasing and the colour stands out well on the page.We advertise with the Yellow Pages because we know itworks, it is effective and a lot of people’s first port of call,especially in the nature of our business.Mr Fred Blavo, Blavo & Co.Whole Page: Full Process ColourLondon Central

Sports Goods ShopsWe have been trading for 13 years, all of which have beenspent advertising with the Yellow Pages. We are in aspecialist market and needed to let potential customers beaware of this. Our advert in the Yellow Pages states clearlythat we provide a training area within the shop that allowscustomers to try various sports goods connected with cricket,hockey and other sports that are played with nets. We donot have the time to monitor our calls and so when the freeservice of Call Counter Geo was offered to us we decided totake the opportunity. This will provide us with valuable,essential information and help us greatly with futuremarketing. We are receiving approximately 10 calls a month,which is very encouraging. Obviously word of mouth plays abig part in running any successful business and we have ourfair share of these enquiries. We currently have a full processcolour advert in our local Yellow Pages directory which is eyecatching and of adequate size. We believe that to take yourbusiness seriously it is essential to advertise with Yell’sproducts, you cannot function effectively without them.Mr Ben Barnes, Game Set & Match (Chichester) Ltd1/4 Column: Full Process ColourPortsmouthStorageAs a competitive business we obviously want and need tokeep a track on how many orders our Yellow Pages advertgenerates. We like to make sure that our spending iseffective and this is where the free Call Counter Geomonitoring service is very helpful. So far we receive onaverage 14 calls a month and try to convert every enquiryinto actual business. We feel it is essential to have a presencein the Yellow Pages as you can be found easily, which helpsyou stay ahead of the competition.Mr Chris Lee, The Storage Depot (Chelsea) Ltd1/2 Page: Full Process ColourLondon CentralTake Away FoodI have found that advertising in the Yellow Pages hascertainly been the way forward in promoting my business.This year I increased my advertising with Yell and decided tohave a menu advert. The results are extremely pleasing. Theartwork was carried out by Yell and the overall appearanceof the advert is most eye-catching. The colours are veryeffective and of course the menu details show quite clearlyand concisely just what we can offer our customers. Thefree Call Counter Geo monitoring service was offered tome because I need to monitor the effectiveness of myadvertising, therefore I seized the opportunity ofparticipating in this service. Within the first few months Ireceived on average around 20 calls per month. I would saythat since having a menu advert the calls have generatedapproximately 50% new business; repeat business is alsovery high from initial callers who were more than satisfiedwith their meals. I have found that advertising with Yell hadproved to be more successful than leaflet dropping andcertainly better value for money.Mr Huseyin Mustafa, Star KebabMenuSouthend & BasildonTattooistsI recently took over thebusiness called TopDog Tattooz, which isdoing really well. Wehave been a customerof Yell’s for a numberof years now and Idecided to take up theoffer of having ourcalls monitored byYell’s free service calledCall Counter Geo. Itkeeps me informed asto how many calls myadvert receives, whichcurrently stands, on/ /average, at 23 calls amonth. These calls are new customers that have beengenerated through the Yellow Pages by dialling the uniquetelephone number published on my advert. The results fromthe Call Counter Geo monitoring shows me where mymoney is best spent when it comes to advertising. Mybusiness is all year round but it does seem to be that thesummer months are the busiest, so these results arebenefiting my business in leaner times. I receive around 70%of my business from the Yellow Pages with around 80%going on to become repeat business. My advert is goodvalue for money and will generally pay for itself within thefirst two to three months. The Yellow Pages is widely knownand I would have no problem in recommending it to otherbusinesses.Mr D Stares, Top Dog Tattooz3/8 Column: MonoPortsmouthTaxis & Private Hire VehiclesWe run a Taxi and Private hire business and in our line ofwork there is a lot of competition, which means you have toensure your advertising stands out from the crowd and is alittle different from everyone else's. We believe our advertdoes just this; as we do airport transfers we decided to havea picture of a sunset with an aircraft on it, which looks reallyeffective. Yell designed the advert for us and it really doesgive us an edge. We currently participate in Yell’s free CallCounter Geo monitoring service and through this service wecan see we receive approximately 18 calls a month, we arevery pleased with these results. We have always advertisedin the Yellow Pages, it works for us and we are always reallyhappy with the response we receive from our advert. A goodproportion of our business are repeat customers, which alsois really pleasing.Mrs D Fairbairn, Abbey Cars1/4 Column: Full Process ColourPeterboroughTimber MerchantsWe decided to participate in Yell’s free service called CallCounter Geo, which is a call monitoring scheme. It helps usto establish how much interest and monitors the responseour advert is generating; this in turn helps us to adjust ourmarketing expenditure accordingly. We have a largeadvert, which is quite dominant on the page and ensuresthat it will get noticed by any prospective customer. Theresponse to our advert has been really good and with CallCounter Geo we have proof that advertising with the15

16Yellow Pages really does work. In fact we now are awarethat we receive on average 31 calls per month, which isreally impressive. I would recommend advertising in theYellow Pages directory as everyone knows it and uses it; itis also the advertising directory with the highest statuswhich provides information on where to find a product orservice for everyone's requirements.Ms Rachel Irving, Arnold Laver & Co. LtdDouble 3/8 Column: Full Process ColourNewcastle Upon TyneTree WorkStarting a business can be a harrowing time for anyone,with this in mind when we decided to start our familybusiness we were unsure where best to promote ourservices. We looked at the many options available anddecided to use the best known and most widely useddirectory there is, the Yellow Pages. We have since increasedour advertising and opted for colour this year as we feel isstands out from our competition. We wanted to monitor thecalls we receive to see how well our advert performed butfound that doing this ourselves was difficult, Yell offered usthe free Call Counter Geo monitoring service which does justthat for us. Already we have found out from the results sofar that we receive on average 18 calls a month of whicharound 10% will convert into actual business, it is still earlydays but we are very happy with the results. To anyonethinking of promoting their services we would recommendthe Yellow Pages as your first choice.Mr M Allum, Northborough Tree Services LLPDouble 1/2 Column: Full Process ColourPeterboroughTurf & Soil SuppliesWe are very pleasedwith the results wereceived following ourparticipation in Yell’scall monitoring/ /programme calledCall Counter Geo; currently we receive on average around48 calls a month. From the calls that are generated by ouradvert approximately 50% will convert into actual businessfor us. We supply turf and soil to garden centres and around70% of our work comes from regular customers. Having anadvert in the Yellow Pages certainly benefits us and keeps usahead of the competition.Mr K Baines, K B Landscapes LtdDouble 1/4 Column: Full Process ColourWolverhamptonWeddings – Dressing For The Big DayWe are a family runbusiness of 17 yearswho have alwaysadvertised in theYellow Pages and havenever had the need toadvertise in the localnewspapers, we knowit works well for us. Wewere very pleased tohave the opportunityto participate in thefree call monitoring service called Call Counter Geo, it letsyou see how well your advert is working for you in thespecific areas that you have placed your advert. The resultsfrom Call Counter Geo confirmed to us that we are puttingour advertising in the right place, it has shown to us that onaverage we receive 13 calls per month. We have had a goodresponse and a good conversion rate from enquiry toconfirmed business. If I ever had to cut back on anything itwouldn't be advertising in the Yellow Pages, each year weincrease the size of the advert we take out as well asadvertising in multiple directories, the money we have savedfrom not advertising elsewhere helps us to do this. We knowthat the Yellow Pages works very well for us and after only acouple of sales we are able to cover our advertising costs.Mrs Elizabeth Robson, Freckles Bridal CoutureDouble 1/2 Column: Full Process ColourSouth West ScotlandWindow TintingThe service we provide is quite specific, which means thecalls we receive are generally quotes for actual business.We advertise in a lot of different forms but to attract localbusiness we find the Yellow Pages to be one of the best.We have a quarter column advert in the local Yellow Pagesdirectory which we find is sufficient enough for our needs.We recently took up the offer to have Yell’s free service calledCall Counter Geo, which monitors the amount of calls ouradvert generates and we have found that already our advertproduces on average 22 calls a month. We never have thetime to ask all of our customers where they found us as weare usually too busy running the business and thereforecan't stay on the phone for too long, so a service such asCall Counter Geo is a great asset to us. We wouldrecommend the Call Counter Geo service to anyone inbusiness wishing to monitor the effectiveness of their advertwithout all the hassle.Mr John Taylor, Tint My Ride1/4 Column: MonoNewcastle Upon TyneYellow Pages directoryadverts with Yelldesigned artworkreceive on average 51%more calls than thosewith artwork designedby the customer ** Critical Research 2008. Results shown are based on past research andare no guarantee of future behaviour

Tyre Dealers & DistributorsWe have been advertising with the Yellow Pages for 20 yearsplus, however the actual business has been trading for 40years and so we have a wealth of experience in what we do.We advertise in various Yellow Pages directories out of ourimmediate area simply to provide a wider coverage. Wehave an excellent reputation and have been given aprestigious gold standard award for a few years now by aleading tyre brand manufacturer; it is a most coveted awardand we are the only Scottish company to have met thestandard. Our telephone lines are continually receivingaround 500 calls a day, leaving us no time to monitor theeffectiveness of our Yellow Pages advertising. We targetedtwo classifications to have our calls monitored by the freeCall Counter Geo service offered to us by Yell. This will give usan overview on how well those adverts are performing. Sincethe publication of the directory, one advert has received onaverage 115 calls a month with the other receiving onaverage 57 calls a month. This service will be a goodexercise and play a big part in future advertising decisions.This year we gave our sales consultant a free hand with theadverts and increased the size. If we did not advertise withYell it would definitely have a negative effect on the business;Yell is a trusted source of advertising.Mr John Cooper, Cooper Bros.Double 1/4 Column: Full Process ColourGlasgow South17

Call Counter Geo Yell advertising works, we can prove it.yelldirect.comPublished by Yell Limited, Queens Walk, Oxford Road, Reading, Berkshire RG1 7PT© Yell Limited, 2008. All rights reserved. PPD2640 12/08. Designed by Works Marketing Communications.

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