Mr. Zbigniew Kamienski, Ministry of Economy in Poland - Euromines

Mr. Zbigniew Kamienski, Ministry of Economy in Poland - Euromines

Brussels, 27 November 2012Poland’s approachto raw material security

2BackgroundPoland – like many developed countries – facedwith a problem of access to raw materialsbigger andbigger.indispensable fora modern economy

4Growing price of non-energy rawmaterials (RM) – example of rare earthsSource: The Economist

5How to improve accessibility of RM?• Defining the needs and further identifying ways ofimproving provision of RM at Member State level(national strategies)• Improving efficiency and recycling(including research, e.g. Horizon . 2020)• Looking for substitutes(European Innovation Partnership on RM)• Taking actions at international level(EU RM diplomacy; reciprocity in trade relations - FTA)

6Actions at the national levelStrategy for Innovativeness andEffectiveness of the Economy- Target: highly competitive (innovative and efficient) economybased on knowledge and cooperation- Perspective: 2020- Better resource and raw material efficiency(one out of the 4 specific targets).- Two sub-targets:• Transition towards a greener economy, especiallythrough higher energy- and material-efficiency• Supporting sustainability of construction industry

7Actions at the national level„InSight 2030” - technological foresight of industry- identifies key technologiesof the future – the Polish pathtowards smart specialisation- 2014-2020 financial perspective10 horizontal areas identified, including:- advanced materials and production systems,- green economy,- microelectronics,- cogeneration & rationalisation of energy use,- innovative technologies of acquiring natural resources(e.g. substitutes of RM).

8Actions at the national levelNational Programme for Developmentof Low-Emission Economy- Perspective: 2050- Better raw material and resource-efficiency- one out of 6 specific targets.- Bottom-up approach: identification and comparison ofvarious spheres of human activity- Sustainable development: priority given to those that,while reducing emissions, stimulate economic growth

9Actions at the national levelThe National Programme in- Bottom-up approach: implies the need to identify manyspheres of activity and thus involve as many people as possible- Best ideas – assessed by both Facebookfriends and experts, and rewarded.- Educational aspects included-

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