Offer the highest standards of care and your ... - Schneider Electric

Offer the highest standards of care and your ... - Schneider Electric

Offer the highest standardsof care and your patientswill love you.Offer the highest standardsof care at lower costs andyour board will love you.Healthcare Building Management Solutions

We’ll perform major surgery on the cost of running

You go the extra mile to create an environment that attracts the best medicalstaff and delivers the highest quality of patient care. What more can you doto enhance your hospital’s reputation and meet the performance expectationsof the board?Do what Lyell McEwin Hospital in Adelaide, Australia, did. Create one of themost efficiently managed patient care environments in the world. Invest in anintegrated building management solution—and reduce capital and operatingcosts in the process.Do it with TAC. We’re the company chosen by the University of ChicagoHospitals and other leading medical centers to solve today’s challenge:providing a secure, high-quality environment of care while maximizinglimited financial resources.“Without TAC’s building management control system, we wouldneed an army of people to run our facilities. In fact, this may be theonly hospital of its size in Australia to operate without a 24-houroperator onsite.”~Hieu Phan, Chief Engineer, Westmead Children’s Hospital,Sydney, Australiayour hospital and your patients will never feel a thing.

To provide the best quality of care, controlof the hospital environment is essential.You need reliable monitoring systems tohelp prevent infection. Operating roomenvironments that respond instantly tomeet strict procedural requirements. Andpatient rooms that help patients heal.TAC systems excel at delivering precisecontrol for temperature, airflow andhumidity—for every part of your facility.That includes positive pressurization inareas like bone marrow transplant patientrooms, and negative pressurization inpatient isolation rooms.Working with our parent company,Schneider Electric, and our securitypartner, Integral Technologies, TACcan deliver a powerful combinationof electrical distribution, security andbuilding management solutions that drivedown your costs while maintaining a safe,optimal environment for your patients,staff and medical assets.Our highly efficient building managementsystems are easy to install and easier tomaintain, helping you get the most out ofyour capital and operating budgets.TAC has extensive experience andcustomized solutions to help maintainideal environments throughout thehospital. We take great care when it comesto assessing and meeting your needs.It is crucial that temperature,airflow and humidity areprecisely controlled. So that’sprecisely what we do.EEnvironment

Patients count on the best care, aroundthe clock. That means you must providethe best of everything, from security tocomfort and control. At the same time,you need to do it all in the most efficientmanner possible.Integration lets you manage severaldifferent subsystems as a single cohesivenetwork, including those from othervendors. A unified whole that is designedto continuously meet the needs of everchanging conditions.With this approach, you realize costbenefits from the very beginning. Onedesign team and one installation teamon the cost of operating and maintainingthe integrated network.TAC’s integrated approach is just as costeffective when refurbishing facilities asit is when constructing them. And it canalso improve your day-to-day operations:because staff training is easier andsystems are working together, yourfacilities are more responsive.Our award winning expertise inintegration makes us the right partner tohelp you realize its many advantages.You can count on TAC to make sure thatyou, your facility and your patientsreceive the best possible treatment.consolidate building management,security, structured cabling, IP networksand more into a single infrastructure.Your capital investment can be reducedby as much as 24% compared to the costof installing these systems separately.And over time, you can save up to 37%It costs less todesign and install.Less to operate.Less to upgrade.And makes yourhealthcare facilitymore marketable.IIntegrationTAC’s Building IT solution for Lyell McEwin Hospital in Adelaide, Australia,is an industry first in Australia—and quite possibly the world. It offers totalintegration with voice, data, video and control systems all residing ona common structured cabling system. The cable backbone offers higherbandwidth to guarantee stable and secure transmission of data. This type ofBuilding IT solution reduces overall construction and daily operational costsas well as the extra costs for retrofits and later modifications.

A 24/7, reliable supplyof power that alsosaves energy.Impossible? Not anymore.Your hospital is an energy-intensive place.Staff, patients and visitors are coming andgoing 24 hours a day. Reliable, efficientpower is a must.TAC and its parent, Schneider Electric,deliver expert advice and solutions tomeet the demand for uninterruptedpower. TAC also implements programsdesigned to reduce utility consumption.By analyzing your facility operations andenergy consumption patterns, we identifyopportunities to replace old systems withtoday’s superior technology. Then, byconstantly monitoring energy supply andconsumption, we ensure that your hospitalis always “on” and running as efficientlyas possible.TAC can even make an energy efficiencyprogram easier to sell to your finance staff.We do this by calculating and guaranteeingthe results, and then providing financingfor the programs when needed.Finally, TAC can “future-proofyourhospital by taking into considerationyour future building and energy needsin a sustainable energy plan.The bottom line: TAC is exactly whatthe doctor—and the patient and theadministrator—ordered.EEnergyin the US, TAC’s system continuously monitors and reports on energyconsumption, helping drive Memorial’s cost of energy for gas and electricitydown to 20% less than that of typical hospitals in the same region.At Memorial Hospital of Carbondale, Illinois,TAC received the 2006 Frost & Sullivan Excellence in TechnologyAward in the field of Integrated Building Systems.

Your team runs one of the top hospitalsin the country, noted for its quality staff,excellence in medical specialties anda welcoming, positive atmosphere.How do you most effectively securesuch an environment?By selecting a partner who understandsthat there’s more to security than lockingHospitals where TAC passes the test:Moffitt Cancer Center, USA; Exempla Healthcare, USA; Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, USA; Worthing Hospital,UK; University of Chicago Hospitals, USA; Swissmed Hospital, Poland; Oncology Center Hospital, Poland; Hôpitald’Argenteuil, France; Norfolk & Norwich Hospital, UK; Grimsby District General Hospital, UK; BMI Healthcare Bath,UK; Watson Clinic, USA; Westmead Children’s Hospital, Australia; University Hospital of Tampere, Finland; HUSTöölö Hospital, Finland; Aalborg General Hospital, Denmark; Lyell McEwin Hospital, Australia; Westphalian Centerfor Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Germany; Bad Bentheim Specialist Clinic, Germanydoors. It also means safeguarding patientsin their rooms, doctors in their offices andstaff and visitors in the parking lots. Itmeans securing the entire facility, whilemaintaining the open environment thatputs patients at ease.TAC understands. Our solutions arestate of the art and designed specificallyfor healthcare.TAC has CCTV and DVR solutions that arediscrete, yet effective in monitoringsensitive spaces such as maternity,emergency rooms and parking lots. Oursmart card access control systems securepatient floors, pharmacies, surgical suitesand more, while granting easy access toauthorized persons. TAC integratedtechnologies give your security staff theability to closely monitor more space andrespond quickly.How do you protect acompletely openenvironment withoutmaking it feel locked down?Very carefully.SecuritySTAC works with your team to ensure yourhospital offers an ideal environment of carewhere the focus is on healing. Wherepatients, doctors and staff experience thefreedom that comes from knowing thatthey’re also safe and secure.

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