Clariant Mining Solutions - Iron Ore

Clariant Mining Solutions - Iron Ore

Clariant Mining Solutions - Iron Ore


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<strong>Clariant</strong> <strong>Mining</strong> <strong>Solutions</strong>iron ore

<strong>Clariant</strong> <strong>Solutions</strong>for <strong>Iron</strong> <strong>Ore</strong>»<strong>Clariant</strong> is the world’s leadingsupplier of beneficiation reagentsto the iron ore industry.«For over half a century, <strong>Clariant</strong> has been the market leader indeveloping and supplying specialized reagents that enhance thevalue of iron ore. Today, and every day, our iron ore team works withproducers in the key iron ore regions of the world; addressing keytechnical challenges and helping them stay competitive.With comprehensive global logistics, localized production and on-siteservice, <strong>Clariant</strong> is able to ensure our iron ore customers continuity ofsupply, today and as their needs grow.Let the global <strong>Clariant</strong> iron ore team show you how we can give you“Performance and Value Delivered.”1

<strong>Iron</strong> <strong>Ore</strong>Beneficiation ProcessFeedSlimes +Excess WaterEmulsifiers forExplosivesDust ControlAgentsDepressantCollectorsand FrothersWaterWater forRecirculationCleanerRougherSecondaryCleanerPelletizing AidsPelletsBinderDust ControlConcentrate“Pellet Feed”Filter AidsWater“Rail” Transportor PipelineDust ControlRheology ModifiersWater TreatmentChemicalsTailingsEmulsifiersfor Explosivesconsistentlyreliable emulsionswith long-termstabilityCollectorsand Frothersfor direct andreverse flotationWaterTreatmentchemicals toassist in waterrecovery, corrosioncontrol and scalecontrolDust controlagents to keepcontrol of dust onroads, stockpiles,conveyer belts,railway cars,trucks and tailingsRheologyModifiersto assist in theoptimum flowof materialthrough pipelinesPelletizingAids that improvepellet strength anddecrease the silicacontentFilter Aidsto improvedewatering,drainage andcake formation2IRON ORE

Ether Aminesa <strong>Clariant</strong> SpecialtyDeveloped through years of experimentation, <strong>Clariant</strong> has developeda comprehensive range of collectors for silica removal for use inreverse flotation of iron ore.The range consists of mixtures of both ether mono-amines and etherdi-amines. These are produced varying chain lengths, with linearEther mono-aminesand branch configurations from C9 and above. All these parametersaffect metal recovery, level of frothing and concentrate grade.[R-O-(CH 2) 3-NH 2Ether mono-aminesEther mono-amines[R-O-(CH 2) 3-NH 2R-O-(CH 2) 3-NH 2O NH 2REther di-aminesEther di-amines[R-O-(CH 2) 3-NH-(CH 2) 3-NH 2RYour local <strong>Clariant</strong> representative is able to tailor best chemistries toOyour ore type, using local and global resources.RNH 2R-O-(CH 2) 3-NH-(CH 2) 3-NH 2RO NH NH 2<strong>Clariant</strong> Flotation ReagentsFor <strong>Iron</strong> oreapplications Chemistry <strong>Clariant</strong> Product*Direct Hematite Flotation Collectors based on mixtures of fatty acids FLOTIGAM® 5806FLOTINOR® FS-2Support flotation of non quartz silicates Frothers formulated from alcohols, ethers and esters MONTANOL® 88MONTANOL® 800FLOTANOL® D-25Direct Hematite Flotation Collector of phosphoric acid ester FLOTINOR® 1682Collector for the flotation of quartz and acid silicateminerals, especially for the reverse iron ore flotationCollector for the flotation of quartz in the reverseiron ore flotation, feldspar and calamineCollector of alkyl ether mono-amine and/or blends FLOTIGAM® EDAFLOTIGAM® EDA-CFLOTIGAM® EDA-3FLOTIGAM® EDA-3CCollector of alkyl ether di-amine and/or blends FLOTIGAM® 2835FLOTIGAM® 2835-2FLOTIGAM® 2835-2LFLOTIGAM® 3135FLOTIGAM® 7051Special additives Defoamer FLOTICOR® DF-7005FLOTICOR® DF-7006FLOTICOR® DF-7063Special additives Scale inhibitor FLOTICOR® SI-7020Special additives Dispersant FLOTICOR® DI-7021* Special low frothing formulations are also available.3

Pelletizing AidsENHANcING PRODUCT VALUE<strong>Clariant</strong> has developed specific reagents that enhancethe agglomeration process of fine iron ore.Benefits for blast furnace pellets:· Increases the pellet compressive resistance and allows production rates to be increasedthrough the pelletizing machines· Reduces agglomeration agent (hydrated lime) consumption by as much as 25%· Reduces abrasion of the pelletsBenefits for direct reduction pellets:· Maintains the burned pellet compressive resistance above 300 daN/pellet· Nearly halves the agglomeration agent (bentonite) consumption· Reduces the addition of silica content in each pellet· Allows lower grade iron ore to be fed to the pelletizing plant»Put an end to weak,cracked and brokenpellets with <strong>Clariant</strong>pelletizing products.«4IRON ORE

CLARIANT MINING SOLUTIONSPO Sandoz Baug, Kolshet RoadThane 400 607, IndiaTel: +91 (22) 2531 5416 / 17Fax: +91 (22) 2531 5404WWW.MINING.CLARIANT.COMThis information corresponds to the present state of our knowledge and is intended as a general descriptionof our products and their possible applications. <strong>Clariant</strong> makes no warranties, express or implied,as to the information’s accuracy, adequacy, sufciency or freedom from defect and assumes no liabilityin connection with any use of this information. Any user of this product is responsible for determiningthe suitability of <strong>Clariant</strong>’s products for its particular application. * Nothing included in this informationwaives any of <strong>Clariant</strong>’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which control unless it agrees otherwisein writing. Any existing intellectual/industrial property rights must be observed. Due to possible changesin our products and applicable national and international regulations and laws, the status of our productscould change. Material Safety Data Sheets providing safety precautions, that should be observed whenhandling or storing <strong>Clariant</strong> products, are available upon request and are provided in compliance withapplicable law. You should obtain and review the applicable Material Safety Data Sheet information beforehandling any of these products. For additional information, please contact <strong>Clariant</strong>.® Trademark of<strong>Clariant</strong> registered in numerous countries.*?For sales to customers located within the United States and Canada the following applies in addition:NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY IS MADE OF THE MERCHANTABILITY, SUITABILITY,FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR OTHERWISE OF ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE.© 2013 <strong>Clariant</strong> International AG, Rothausstrasse 61, 4132 Muttenz, Schweiz® Product and service marks protected by <strong>Clariant</strong>CMS-042013

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