may 29, 2011 sixth sunday of easter - Parafia św. Ferdynanda w ...

may 29, 2011 sixth sunday of easter - Parafia św. Ferdynanda w ...


Page Two 6th Sunday of Easter May 29, 2011Mass IntentionsMONDAY — May 30 — MEMORIAL DAY9:00 AM – All ParishionersTUESDAY — May 31—Feast of the Visitation of theBlessed Virgin Mary6:30 AM – Members of the Memorial Mass Society8:00 AM – Wanda Nuzzo rq. Husband7:00 PM – Mass in PolishWEDNESDAY — June 1 — Memorial of St. Justin6:30 AM – Florence Drexler rq. Robert & Susan Gehrke8:00 AM – Butch Reyes, Jose & Gliceria Nieves rq. Rosalia& Buch Reyes7:00 PM – Mass in PolishTHURSDAY — June 2, 20116:30 AM – People of St. Ferdinand8:00 AM – God’s Blessings for Fr. Albert Judy on 49 thAnniversary of his ordination7:00 PM – Mass in PolishFRIDAY — June 3 — Memorial of St. CharlesLwanga and his companions6:30 AM – St. Ferdinand Parish& School Staff8:00 AM – God’s Blessings for Regina Ciucci rq. Daughter &Family7:00 PM – Mass in PolishSATURDAY — June 4, 20117:00 AM – Mass in Polish8:00 AM – Margaret Kosup-Adams rq. St. Ferdinand Classof 1959 & NDHS Class of 196310:00 Mass with the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick1:00 PM – Wedding Liturgy: Hubert Koczta andSylvia Warjas5:00 PM – God’s Blessings for James & Magdalena Gruberon their 47 th Wedding AnniversarySUNDAY — June 5 — Solemnity of the Ascensionof the Lord7:00 AM – Dziękczynna za otrzymane łaski z prośbą odalsze dla Łukasza Kij8:30 AM – Charlotte & George Citko rq. BeverlyM. Schiffer10:00 AM – Lila Siciarz-Boraks rq. Krzysztof & Izabela10:15 AM – O Boże błogosławieństwo dla Matthew Brożekz okazji 4 rocznicy urodzin zam. Yolanda V.Surath; o Boże błogosławieństwo dlawszystkich Dobrodziejów i Ofiarodawcówparafii Św. Ferdynanda; Krystyna Karłowicz, Antonina, Stanisław, Ryszard I BarbaraSzczerbowscy; Artur Peza12:30 PM – All Benefactors of St. Ferdinand Parish3:00 PM – Mass in Polish5:00 PM – Aniceto Pineda rq. Terry Austria7:00 PM – Mass in PolishThe sanctuary lampsthis week are lit for:Recovery of Healthfor Anthony R. Coco Guziel FamilyMarriage BannsFirst:Robert Waz and Anna TargosRafal Prokop and Joanna SzklankoSecond:Robert Nowak and Annetta SzorcJacek Chwala and Bernadetta CzerwiecThird:Hubert Koczta and Sylvia WarjasWe Welcome in BaptismBlanka, daughter of Miroslaw and Beata (Syjud)BosakKaya, daughter of Wojciech and Barbara(Kawka)JaworowskiDavid, son of Bryan and Violetta (Mieczkowski)MeyersOliver, son of Rafal and Paulina (Nowak) MoloBartosz, son of Krzysztof and Ewelina(Krochmal) PiszczekRest in PeacePlease remember to pray for the souls ofall our faithful departed, especially:John SchumacherMary Lou RaborBulletin DeadlineThe deadline for submitting all bulletin articles is3:00 p.m. on the previous Friday preceding theSunday of publication. You may bring your noticesto the rectory in an envelope labeled “Bulletin”; youmay fax to (773) 622-5903 or you may e-mail Thank you!

May 29, 2011 6th Sunday of Easter Page ThreeRemember in PrayerAs members of the parish faith community, it is ourresponsibility to remember both in concrete andspiritual ways those who cannot celebrate with useach week because they are ill. Those who are sick inturn, remember all of us daily in their prayers and in theirsufferings. We experience many blessings because oftheir remembering us. And so...please remember in yourprayers:Irene RoweAgnes GroeperJames GruberEd ClearyStanislaw CwiekaCarl VarsolonaEleanor LoscuitoJean BiddlecomMary AyelloFlorence MagroSharon MoodyPeter GruberJoseph GruberRobert AndrewsLuke MascardiniVita PratolaLuigi AveniaAnthony R. CocoVeronica SignoLottie ChraplaViolet Del VacchioRosalie & Tom AnastosLeslie May O’BrienMarie LucasEdward WaytulaPat OstrowskiWilliam KeleherJody PanekArlene GarciaAgnieszka CwiekaDiana KrzyzanowskiBarbara PaskoGeraldine SpanoNick PaolinoTheresa DuvalAdam ShershenMarcey IwanskiErmine MarinoJohn AntosDomonic CaltagironeBaby BriannaJurczykowskiBernice LutkeJean StaniszewskiEileen GrecoJeff KeiserWalter SublettAugustine CaseyRegina CiucciKiana MarconiStella LatalaA Prayer for the Armed ForcesAlmighty God, stretch forth Your mighty arm tostrengthen and protect the men andwomen of our Armed Forces. As theyface the myriad of challenges and decisionsthat each day is destined to bring,may they be anchored by their faith,protected by Your presence and comfortedby the knowledge that they are loved by You and bythis community of faith. Grant that, meeting danger withcourage, and all occasions with discipline loyalty, theymay truly serve the cause of justice and peace to the honorof your holy name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.Daniel GuziecSPC Jeffrey FoersterS/SGT David A. Domel Jr.Our Stewardshipof TreasureSunday, May 22, 2011Envelopes: $ 6,208.00Loose: $ 2,980.00Total: $ 9,188.00Thank you to all who give their sharein supporting our parish!Bóg zapłać!THOUGHTS ON GIVING"... and many paralyzed or crippled people were cured.There was great joy in that city." - Acts 8:7-8It's easy to rejoice in the gifts that God gives when theyare as outstanding as a lame man walking or a sick mancured. However, do we take time to thank God for themany miracles He gives us everyday – good health,family, friends, education, employment, housing?Being grateful is the secret to being joyful.Thank you!The smallest act of kindness is worthmore than the grandest intention.~ Oscar WildeSincere THANK YOU to the following dedicatedparshioners for their time to keep our church clean. Thenames below are our way to thank you for yourkindness. God bless you!Irena OrdaDanuta BialasBozena MakowieckaTadeusz KozakaCarol MarinoAntoni BartoszBasia JagielskaIzabela NowackiJadwiga MaleszkaVigil Lights: Jadwiga WalowskiAnyone interested in helping to clean our churchis welcome to join us:Mondays at 5:00 pmor Fridays at 10:00 am.

May 29, 2011 6th Sunday of Easter Page FourCatholic Cemeteries of the Archdioceseof ChicagoMemorial Day Field MassesMonday, May 30, 201110:30AMCatholic Cemeteries invite you to join them for a FieldMass at cemeteries throughout the Archdiocese:• MARYHILL Cemetery, Niles, IL—Celebrant: Francis Cardinal George O.M.I.• ST. ADALBERT Cemetery, Niles, IL—Celebrant: Most Rev. Thad J. Jakubowski• ALL SAINTS Cemetery, Des Plaines, IL—Celebrant: Most Rev. John R. Manz• ST. JOSEPH Cemetery, River Grove, IL—Celebrant: Rev. Msgr. Michael M. Boland• ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL Cemetery,Palatine, IL— Celebrant: Most Rev. Joseph Perry• MOUNT CARMEL Cemetery, Hillside, IL—Celebrant: Rev. Marco Mercado• QUEEN OF HEAVEN Cemetery, Hillside, IL—Celebrant: Rev. Michael A. WulschFor information about Masses at other locationsplease check the Catholic Cemeteries website or call708-449-6100Memorial Day — Monday, May 30MASS ScheduleSt. Ferdinand Parish will observeMemorial Day with one special Massat 9:00AM.NO MASSESat 7:00am, 8:00am and 7:00pm.In observance of Memorial Day ourParish Office will be closed.Across the country, Memorial Day is too oftentreated simply as the beginning of summer or,at least, of the vacation season. The elaborateMemorial Day celebrations of years past, which usedto be found in every town and city, are now few andfar between. Even among those who still observe MemorialDay, its original meaning has often been lost.As Chuck Sweeny, a columnist for the Rockford RegisterStar, once pointed out in a Memorial Day column,Memorial Day is not meant to honor veterans or thosecurrently serving in the Armed Forces; instead:It's the day we honor the memories of the armed forcesmembers who never made it to veteran status becausethey were killed fighting for their country in wars, policeactions, peace-keeping missions or terrorist attacks.When I was growing up, our entire village would turnout for the Memorial Day parade, which would end atthe village cemetery, where a bugler would play tapsand the names of all the local men (and boys) who haddied in any war would be read aloud. When the ceremonyended, people would spread out through thegraveyard, visiting the resting places of friends andloved ones, offering prayers and introducing the youngto those who had gone before.That's why, to me, Memorial Day always seemed themost Catholic of American holidays. Respect andhonor for the dead, and the connectionbetween the body that lies inthe ground, awaiting resurrection,and the soul that has gone before it--these are very Catholic themes.And much like All Souls Day(November 2), Memorial Day is avery special time to pray for thesouls in Purgatory, especially thosewho died in the service of ourcountry.

Page Five 6th Sunday of Easter May 29, 2011Sacrament of the Anointing of the SickAll elderly parishionersare invited to the Masswith the Sacrament ofthe Anointing of the Sickwhich will be celebratedin our church on June 4,2011 at 10:00AM. Beforethe Mass at 9:30AM the priests will beavailable for the Sacrament of Penance. Family members,friends and neighbors are kindly asked to assistwith transportation to our church anyone who mightbenefit from the Sacrament on June 4 th .Anointing of the SickThe anointing of the sick is administered to bring spiritualand even physical strength during an illness. It is a rite that isperformed to convey God’s grace to the recipient, through thepower of the Holy Spirit.Does God Always Heal?Today some Christians go to extremes in their expectation ofdivine healing. God does not always heal the physical infirmitiesthat afflict us. Of course, our healing, like all things, issubject to God’s will. As James pointed out just a chapterearlier, "You do not know about tomorrow. What is your life?For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.Instead you ought to say, ‘If the Lord wills, we shalllive and we shall do this or that’" (Jas. 4:14) We have apromise of healing, but not an unqualified one. It is conditionalon the will of God.The Value of SufferingEven though we must face a certain amount of suffering andaffliction in this life, we know God’s grace is sufficient tosustain us. All of God’s graces, including physical health, arebestowed to lead to the salvation of our souls. God also usesour suffering to help others. If Paul had not become ill whileon his first missionary journey and been forced to stop traveling,he would not have preached to the Galatians, for he tellsthem, "You know it was because of a bodily ailment that Ipreached the gospel to you at first" (Gal. 4:13). If he had notpreached to the Galatians, he would not have later writtenthem the epistle that appears in our New Testament. Godused Paul’s illness to bring salvation to the Galatians and tobring us a work of Scripture, through which we are still receivingbenefits from God. This is just one example of howGod used suffering to bring about good. Therefore, if we suffer,we should look upon it as an opportunity for good, suchas by offering up our sufferings for our own sanctificationand for our departed brothers and sisters in Christ.Mark Your Calendar and Save the Date.June 12, 2011 Pentecost Sunday,12:30 pm MassCome and Join us to celebrateTHE FEAST OF THE HOLY SPIRITHoly Spirit Missionary AssociationChicago, ChapterThere’s still time to get your Market Day order in andhelp us end the year strong! Take advantage of the biggestsavings of the year - order today on!You can only take advantage of the clearanceonline only. Order forms can also be found inthe back of the church, chapel or in your child's schoolfolder. Order online at until 11PM onWednesday, June 1st. Or order forms can be returnedto the church, school or rectory by Tuesday, May 31st.Announcements for Life Line ScreeningPreventive Health EventsHave You Taken Control of Your Health Today?Life Line Screening will be at St. Ferdinand Parish-Activity Center on Friday, July 22, 2011 offeringfive safe, painless, non-invasive preventive healthscreenings that are typically not a part of a routinephysical. This event is also being sponsored by AdvocateIllinois Masonic Medical Center.To be more proactive about your health and livelonger for yourself, your family, and your community,call to register at 1-888-653-6441 orvisit can learn your risk of having stroke orvascular disease, prices range from $129 to $159.There is no time like the present to take action!Life Line Screening will perform screenings for:1) carotid artery blockage (stroke)2) atrial fibrillation3) abdominal aortic aneurysm4) peripheral arterial disease5) osteoporosis (bone loss)

May 29, 2011 6th Sunday of Easter Page SixCOR'S CORNER.....Saturday and Sunday are the days - the dates are June 4th and 5th. When you shop this weekend ifyou can buy something for our Food Pantry, we need any non-perishable food. Thank you for all yoursharing and generosity.COR needs some wheel chairs. We have 2 that are not closeable and right now we need others thatare. If you have any closeable chairs and no longer need them, please call the COR office (622-9732)we'll try and arrange to pick them up. Thank you very much.The Girl Scouts of Troops 20863, 20008, 21733, 20188,and 21883 would like to thank everyone who purchasedcookies at the Fish Fry or from a Scout directly. Themoney we earn from cookie sales helps fund many ofthe activities we do each year, including camping andother rips. The girls in each troop decide together howto use their cookie funds and have fun learning how toplan and finance their events. Thank you for your supportand we look forward to sharing our delicious cookieswith you again next year!SCOUTING NEWS!!Our Boy Scout Troop 51 wouldlike to welcome two new Scoutswho have recently advanced fromWebelos; Sam Diaz and JakubParzygnat. We are all looking forwardto having these boys participatein the adventures Scouting hasto offer.Members of our Boy Scout Troop recently spent abeautiful spring weekend camping at Greene Valley inDuPage County. Although there was a touch of rainSaturday morning, the boys enjoyed a scenic 5-milehike, worked on their rank advancement, and furtherdeveloped several of their outdoor skills.OLR JUNE HEALTH EVENTSOur Lady of the Resurrection Medical Center willoffer the following free health events. Unless noteddifferently, advance registration is required by calling877-RES-INFO (877-737-4646)June 7 – Diabetes support group; call 773-794-8329June 13 – Skin screeningsJune 10 – Healthy aging program; how to spot bedbugs will be discussed (registration not required)June 14 – Hearings screeningsJune 17 – Blood pressure screeningsJune 23 – Arthritis support groupART IN THE PARKAttention Artists, Crafters & Vendors. This is yourinvitation to participate in the 15 th “Annual Art in thePark”, Arts, Crafts & Collectible Fair on Saturday andSunday, September 17-18, 2001 from 9:00AM-5:00PM at Portrage Park Irving Park Rd. and CentralAve. in Chicago sponsored by Knights of Columbus –Tonti Council #1567.We set up a perimeter around the park, offering ease ofparking for unloading and loading Crafters may set-upat 7:00AM. We offer you for one low reasonable entrancefee for one of both days, no extra charge for 2 ndday. Entrance fee POSTMARKED prior June 1 is $80Entrance POSTMARKED prior August 1 is 100Entrance POSTMARKED on or August 1 is $150We try our best to honor your request, if we can. Wewant you to be successful because we want you backin future years!For information or call773-530-5182.We look forward to seeing you in September!Please share our e-mail and/or phone with yourfriends, crafters, artists and vendors.ST. LADISLAUS FLEA MARKETSaturday. July, 20117:00AM-3:00PM(set-up begins at 5:00PM)Interested in selling something?CALL 773-545-5600St. Ladislaus School3330 N. Lockwood Ave.Chicago, IL 60614*If inclement weather, Flea Market will belocated in the Church HallFor more information please call (773) 545-5600

Page Seven 6th Sunday of Easter May 29, 2011ST. FERDINAND USHER/MEN’S CLUB“MICHAEL J. MELE 13 TH MEMORIAL"29 TH ANNUAL GOLF OUTINGatVillage Green Country Club – Mundelein, ILSaturday, June 11, 2011 (First Tee-Off at 9:30a.m.)FOR ALL MEN AND WOMAN GOLFERSBEST BALL TEAM COMPETITIONGOLF FEE: $70.00FEE INCLUDES: CART AND 9 TH HOLE REFRESHMENTSFor reservations call: Ken Presslak at 773/286-5512Mike McGovern at 773/889-8847RESERVATION FORM FOR ST. FERDINAND USHER/MEN’S CLUB GOLF OUTING ONJUNE 11, 2011Enclosed is my check for: $______________________________ I will arrange a foursome:#1 _______________________________________________ #3 _______________________________________________________#2 _______________________________________________ #4 ____________________________________________________________ I would like to golf with: __________________________________________________________________Your Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________Phone No.: _______________________________________________________________________________________RETURN COMPLETED FORM WITH PAYMENT BY JUNE 1, 2011

May 29, 2011 6th Sunday of Easter Page EightTHE WEEK AT ST. FERDINAND PARISHMay 29, 2011MONDAY — May 30, 2011MEMORIAL DAYTUESDAY — May 31, 20115:00PM — Radosc (McManus Hall)7:00PM— Neocatechumenal Way (Convent)7:00PM — Baptism Prep. in Polish (ChurchSt. Ferdinand Elementary School students received their FirstHoly Communion on Sunday, May 16. Best wishes and prayersfor God’s blessings. May he always keep you in his care andlead you by his spirit. May this particular day alwaysremained in your hearts.1. Gabriela Alvarez2. Evan Auriemma3. Gisselle Arroyo4. Lily Baeza5. David Banacki6. Julia Banez7. Nicole Blair8. Christopher Cabalfin9. Metthew Cabalfin10. Kayla Cacho Serrano11. Felicity Castillo12. Jiovanni Colon13. Santino Colon14. Isabella Coss15. Diego Cruz16. Dominic Del Boccio17. Nicolas De Jesus18. Annie Dubanski19. Julian Feliciano20. Krystian Fit21. Kiara Fufunan22. Jericho Garcia23. Alexander Gierut24. Timothy Koszczuk25. Giovanni Leal26. Olivia Lopez27. Emma Lucero28. Lukasz Mazur29. Kailyn Minas Beck30. Jakub Minor31. Keanu Montanez32. Carlos Moreno33. Jessica Olmos34. Elijah Panico35. Adrian Panocha36. Joshua Perez37. Christopher Pina38. Emilio Pina39. Giancarlos Ramirez40. Alessandra Rivera41. Allyssa Rivera42. Ilyssa Rodriguez43. Isella Rodriguez44. Alyssa Balingit Santos45. Brian Santos46. Daniel Torres47. Tamara Valdez48. Aaron John Varilla49. Anthony Vazquez50. Michael ZiuziaWEDNESDAY — June 1, 20119:00AM — Irving Park Women Club (Convent)2:30PM — Jr. Legion of Mary (Convent 2)5:00PM — Our Lady of Perp. Help (Church6:00PM — Zawaternik (McManus & Chapel)6:00PM — Cub Scouts (Convent 2/3)5:00PM — Kropeczki (Convent 1)6:30PM — Legion of Mary (Small Convent)7:00PM — Baptism Prep. Class Engl. (Rectory8:00PM — Good Shepherd Club (Rectory)THURSDAY — June 2, 20112:30PM — Jr. Legion of Mary (Church)7:30PM — Filareci Choir (Chapel)7:30PM — Parish Council Meeting (Rectory)FRIDAY — June 3, 20119:00AM — Legion of Mary (Convent 2)6:00PM — Concert Rehearsal (Chapel)6:30PM — Pilgrim Virgin (Convent 2)SATURDAY — June 4, 20118:00AM — Market Day (Cafeteria)2:00PM — Brzezinska’s Concert (Chapel)6:00PM — AA Meeting (Convent 4)6:00PM — Neocatechumenal Way (Convent)6:00PM — Baptism in Polis (Church)SUNDAY — June 5, 201110:00AM — Good Shepherd Club Mtg.(McManus)4:00PM — Fish Fry Thank you Party(McManus)6:00PM — TORCH (Gym & Cafeteria)

Page Nine 6th Sunday of Easter May 29, 2011JUNE 16-19, 2011Thursday: 4:00pm — 10:00pmFriday: 6:00pm — 10:00pmSaturday: 4:00pm — 12:00amSunday: 12:00pm —10:00pmJune 16-19

May 29, 2011 6th Sunday of Easter Page TenPONIEDZIAEK30 MAJA — MEMORIAL DAYSAKRAMENT NAMASZCZENIACHORYCHW poniedziałek, 30 maja będziemy obchodzić święto PamięciNarodowej (Memorial Day). W tym również dniuzostaną odprawione Msze święte polowe celebrowane przezks. kardynała Georga, księży biskupów oraz kapłanów nawszystkich katolickich cmentarzach naszej Archidiecezji.Początek Mszy św. o godz. 10:30 rano. W obecnym biuletyniew sekcji angielskiej na stronie 4 można znaleźć nazwynajbliższych cmentarzy katolickich oraz nazwiska księży ibiskupów, którzy będą tym Liturgion przewodniczyli. Pozostałalista cmentarzy znajduje sie na witrynie internetowejCmentarzy katolickich w Archideicezji Chicago pod adresem:www.catholiccemeteries.orgW tym dniu, w naszym kościele zostanieodprawiona tylko jedna Msza świętąo godzinie 9:00 rano.Nie będzie Mszy św. o godzinie7:00 i 8:00 rano i o 7:00 wieczorem.Biuro Parafialne w tym dniu będzieNIECZYNNE.Memorial Day jest swietem federalnym, ktore obchodzone jestw ostatni poniedziałek i upamietnia wszystkich poleglych wczasie służby wojskowej.Początkowo (oficjalnie od 1868roku )- Memorial Day był świętem ku pamięci żołnierzypoległych w wojnie secesyjnej. Święto to również miało byćkolejnym krokiem ku narodowemu pojednaniu. Pierwotnanazwa (Decoration Day) tego święta pochodzi od składaniakwiatów na grobach żołnierzy: pierwsze tego typuzorganizowane oddawania czci poległym żołnierzom, miałomiejsce jeszcze przed zakończeniem wojny secesyjnej!Memorial Day był różnie obchodzony w różnych stanach. Do1890 roku obchodziły go praktycznie wszystkie stany Północy.Aż do czasów po pierwszej wojnie światowej (gdy charakterświęta zmienił się i jest ono obchodzone, by uczcić pamięćwszystkich którzy polegli w jakiejkolwiek wojnie - nie tylkosecesyjnej) Memorial Day nie był obchodzony wpołudniowych stanach. Pomimo ustawy o świętachfederalnych z 1971 roku, do dzisiaj część stanów Południaobchodzi dodatkowe uroczystości upamiętniające poległychżołnierzy Konfederacji.Zapraszamy wszystkie osoby chore lub w podeszłym wiekuna Mszę św. podczas której udzielimy SakramentuNamaszczenia Chorych w sobotę, 4 czerwca o godz.10:00 rano. Przed Mszą św. od godz. 9:30 rano będziemożliwość skorzystania z Sakramentu Spowiedzi św. Bardzoprosimy o wsparcie i udzielenie pomocy członkom naszychrodzin, znajomym lub sąsiadom, którzy mają trudność zdojazdem do naszej parafii, aby mogli w pełni skorzystać ztego doniosłego i ważnego dla nich Sakramentu.Jakie łaski otrzymuje człowiek w sakramencienamaszczenia chorych?Udzielenie sakramentu chorych nie ma na celu -jak się nierazsądzi- wyłącznie przygotowania człowieka na śmierć, leczrównież umocnienie go w jego cierpieniach. „Człowiekniebezpiecznie chory potrzebuje szczególnej łaski Bożej, abypod wpływem lęku nie upadł na duchu i podlegając pokusomnie zachwiał się w wierze. Dlatego Chrystus w sakramencienamaszczenia daje swoim wiernym, dotkniętym chorobą,potężną moc i obronę”. „Sakrament ten udziela choremu łaskiDucha Świętego, która pomaga całemu człowiekowi dozbawienia, a mianowicie umacnia ufność w Bogu, uzbrajaprzeciw pokusom szatana i trwodze śmierci. Dzięki tejpomocy chory może nie tylko znosić dolegliwości choroby,ale także je przezwyciężać i odzyskać zdrowie, jeżeli to jestpożyteczne dla zbawienia jego duszy. Jeżeli jest to potrzebne,namaszczenie odpuszcza grzechy i staje się dopełnieniemchrześcijańskiej pokuty”. W sakramencie namaszczeniachorych człowiek dostępuje udziału w zbawczej męce iśmierci Chrystusa. Kościół zachęca wszystkich cierpiących,chorych i umierających, aby świadomie łączyli się z męką iśmiercią Chrystusa i w ten sposób przysparzali dobra całemuludowi Bożemu, przyczyniając się do jego zbawienia.Sakrament ten jest niejako konsekracją chorego, aby przezswoje cierpienia skutecznie przyczyniał się do zbawianiaświata oraz aby przez śmierć sam wszedł do chwałyniebieskiej. Wielu teologów twierdzi, że przez sakramentnamaszczenia chorych Chrystus gładzi człowiekowi,przyjmującemu go w dobrej dyspozycji, nie tylko grzechy,ale również i wszystkie należne za nie kary, dzięki czemuzaraz po śmierci przechodzi on do chwały nieba.

May 29, 2011 6th Sunday of Easter Page ElevenPIERWSZA SOBOTA MIESIACAW sobotę, 4 czerwca zapraszamydo kościoła na NabożeństwoPierwszych Sobót Miesiącawynagradzające NiepokalanemuSercu Maryji za grzechy ibluźnierstwa, które rozpoczniesię o godzinie 7:30 wieczorem.Zarząd Kół wraz ze swoimduchowym opiekunemserdecznie zapraszają parafian i gości do podjęciapierwszo-sobotniej modlitwy, o którą prosiła MatkaBoża w Fatimie mówiąc, że zadecyduje ona o losachświata.Papieskie Intencje ApostolstwaModlitwy na miesiąc czerwiec 2011Intencja ogólna:Aby kapłani, zjednoczeni z Sercem Chrystusa,zawsze byli prawdziwymi świadkami troskliwej imiłosiernej miłości Boga.Intencja misyjna:Aby Duch Święty obdarzył nasze wspólnotylicznymi powołaniami misyjnymi, gotowymi docałkowitego poświęcenia się służbie szerzeniakrólestwa Bożego.PRYMAS W KOMAŃCZYW niedzielę, 5 czerwca, 2011 po Mszy św. o godz. 10:15rano w Sali McManus będzie wyświetlony filmzatytułowany „Prymas w Komańczy”.Stefan Kardynał Wyszyński stając nieugięcie w obronieKościoła i katolickiego, polskiego narodu—odmawiającpodporządkowania sięzarządzeniom ówczesnych władzzostaje aresztowany i uwięzionyna 3 lata (1953-1956).W odległym zakątku Polski dziejąsię rzeczy historyczne. przygotowuje WielkąNowennę i pisze odnowioneŚluby Jana Kazimierza, które 26sierpnia 1956 r. naród złożył naJasnej Górze. Dramat dokumentalnyWoldana ukazuje duchowądrogę kard. Wyszyńskiego, zmaganiez samotnością i własnymiograniczeniami, głęboką wiarę i żarliwy patriotyzm.„Był człowiekiem wielkim i niezłomnym, a jednocześnieposiadał dar normalności. Choć mówi się o nim jako oostatnim księciu Kościoła, zamkniętym i niedostępnym, byłbardzo ludzki i naturalny” – podkreślił rezyser filmu PawelWoldan w rozmowie z KAI zaznaczając, że "Prymasa wKomańczy" adresuje także do młodego pokolenia.Klub Dobrego Pasterza zaprasza wszystkich, zwłaszczatych, którym bliskie sercu jest poznanie życia Prymasa idziedzictwa, które pozostawił po sobie.INFORMACJA DLA CZŁONKÓWKÓŁ ŻYWEGO RÓŻAŃCAZEBRANIE Zarządu Kół Żywego Różańca odbędziesię w środę 8 czerwca o godz. 8:00 wieczoremna plebanii.SPOTKANIE formacyjne członków odbędzie się wniedzielę 12 czerwca bezpośrednio po Mszy św. ogodz. 7:00 rano w sali McManus.SPOTKANIA GRUPY AA„AL-ANON”Spotkania grupy AA „Al-Anon” wjęzyku polskim odbywają się przynaszej parafii w każdąsobotę o godz. 6:30 wieczoremw konwencie sióstr Misjonarekpod adresem 5936 W. Barry Ave.„Czasem wystarczy tylko nić uchwycić w ciemności, abydojść do drzwi za którymi jest światło”A. CamusSerdecznie dziękujemy wszystkim tym, którzy przybyli w ostatnich tygodniach, abypomóc w sprzątaniu naszego kościoła oraz posesji parafialnej.CHĘTNE OSOBY LUB CAŁE RODZINY ZAPRASZAMY:W PONIEDZIAŁKI NA GODZ. 5:00 WIECZOREMW PIĄTKI NA GODZ. 10:00 RANO

May 29, 2011 6th Sunday of Easter Page Twelve

May 29, 2011 6th Sunday of Easter Page ThirteenON BEING ORPHANED…NOTCopyright 2011 by John B. Reynolds ( Little Orphan Annie, our heroine is abused at theorphanage by Miss Hannigan, the mean-spirited supervisor.Annie escapes to look for her parents, and though thepolice return her to Miss Hannigan, Annie ends up with DaddyWarbucks and all goes well for her. Not so much for Miss Hannigan.In A Little Princess, Sara is placed in a boarding housewhile her well-to-do British father goes off to fight in WorldWar I. When word comes back that he dies there and his fortuneis lost, the school owner Miss Minchin--who never liked Sara--grows even meaner. Eventually, though, it all goes well for thegirl. Not so much for Miss Minchin. And in the Cinderella-likeEver After, Danielle, the daughter of a nobleman, is raised by hiswidow Rodmilla who has two daughters of her own. All threeare cruel to Danielle at first, but with time, one of the daughters--Jacqueline--softens. In the end, it all goes well for Danielle andthe kind stepsister. Not so much for Rodmilla and Marguerite.If I had to sum up all these plotlines in a single sentence, Iprobably go with: Be nice to orphans, or else! We all seem tolike it when the bad guys get theirs, and while biblical precedentdoesn’t take it quite that far, we get plenty of Scriptural directionto shower orphans with kindness. In Deuteronomy, for example,Moses puts down the law for his people concerning suchthings. “You shall not violate the rights of the orphan,” he says,adding “…when you pick your grapes, you shall not go over thevineyard a second time; let what remains be for the orphan.” InPsalms, the psalmist puts his (orphaned) trust in God: “Thoughmy father and mother forsake me, yet will the Lord receive me.”And according to James, “If a man who does not control histongue imagines that he is devout, he is self deceived; his devotionis pointless. Looking after orphans…in their distress andkeeping oneself unspotted by the world make for pure worshipwithout stain before our God and Father.” In today’s JohannineGospel, Jesus continues his farewell to the disciples on the nightbefore he dies which we began reading last Sunday. Now,though, he introduces the Holy Spirit into the conversation, tellinghis friends that if they keep his commandments, he will askhis Father to send to them “…another Advocate to be with youalways, the Spirit of Truth…” Advocate. According to my lectors’workbook, only in the Gospel of John is the Holy Spiritacknowledged as such. And per the same workbook, the wordadvocate “…comes from a legal setting and means a defenseattorney, one who defends and consoles another.” Orphans, itwould seem, need defense and consolation “It’s the Hard-Knock Life,” after all. But Jesus tells us--and he seems to say itwith great love, “I will not leave you orphans. I will come toyou.” He comes to us, of course, in the Spirit, who comes to usin turn when we love God and keep his commandments. Anniewas always hopeful for “Tomorrow.” We are too, certainly, butjust as certainly, even today, we have all we really need.Support StaffMrs. Dorota Gołda, Parish SecretarySr. Bernadetta Gościniak, Administrative AssistantMs. Elizabeth Ceisel-Mikowska, Bulletin EditorLiturgicalMrs. Betty Hotcaveg, Lector CoordinatorDeacon Irv Hotcaveg, Coordinator of Eucharistic Ministers &Ministers of CareMs. Jane Lohrmann, Homebound Ministers of Care SchedulerParish CouncilMrs. Sophie Kass—President, Mrs. Mary Bucaro, Mr. Stan Mastalerz,Mr. Antonio Supan, Violet Del Vecchio, Tony Mangiaracina, HerbertMarros, Elzbieta Kata, Jan Bobek, and Rob Heidelbauer .ExOfficio Members: Dr. Lucine Mastalerz , Sr. Anna StrycharzParish Finance CommitteeMr. Tom Bucaro-Chairperson, Fr. Jason Torba, Mrs. Mary Ann Barnhart,Mr. Gene Szaben, ExOfficio Members: Mr. Martin Wojtulewicz-Parish Accountant, Sr. Bernadetta Gościniak, Dr. Lucine MastalerzParish Organizations and Prayer GroupsBoy Scout: Mr. Vince Clemente, CoordinatorFish Fry: Mrs. Pat Wenzl, CoordinatorFriendship Club: Mrs. Patricia Flynn, PresidentGirl Scout: Mrs. Joyce McGinniss, CoordinatorKnights of Columbus—Mater Christi Council:Mr. Camilo Trujillo, Grand KnightKnights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary: Jenny HartnettLadies of St. Anne: Mrs. Violet DelVecchio, PresidentSt. Ferdinand ParishLegion of Mary: Mr. Thomas Sobczak & Miss Aurora Almeida,Co-PresidentsLegion of Mary, Juniors: Mrs. Emma Camara, PresidentIrving Park Catholic Woman’s Club: Mrs. Dolores SchoeweMarket Day: Mrs. Connie Glorioso, CoordinatorPolish Altar Servers — Fr. Michael Rosa, ModeratorEnglish Altar Servers: Fr. Robert Pajor, ModeratorPolish Club of the Good Shepherd: Mr. Andrzej Parada, PresidentPolish Rosary Group: Mrs. Helena Lesak, PresidentPolish Saturday School: Sr. Genowefa Potaczała, DirectorPolish School Parents’ Assn.: Mrs. Władysława Mitoraj, Pres.Radość: Miss Marzena Kulesza, Music TeacherKropeczki: Sr. Anna StrycharzZawaternik: Bernadetta i Jan BobekSt. Ferdinand Athletic: Mrs. Linda WardSt. Ferdinand Polish Highlanders Club:Mr. Tadeusz Kulasik, PresidentSt. Ferdinand School Board:Mrs. Mary Ann Barnhart, ChairpersonSt. Vincent DePaul Society: Mr. Stanley Mastalerz, PresidentTeens of Our Church (TORCH):Mr. & Mrs. Rob (Irene) Heidelbauer, Youth MinistersThe “Faustinum” Association of Apostles of the Divine Mercy:Fr. Jason Torba, ModeratorUshers Club: Mr. Peter Holod, PresidentPro-Life Coordinators: Tony Mangiaracina, Helena LasakChapel Choir – Conductor Julie Kania 773-742-2611Word of Life — Dito Camara 773-344-8514Holy Spirit Missionary Association: Sr. Elwira DziukNotre Dame Athletics: Mr. Nicholas MarzecNotre Dame Board of Directors: Mrs. Dia Weil, Chairperson

St. Ferdinand Church5900 W. Barry Ave.Chicago, IL 60634Phone: (773) 622-5900Rev. Zdzisław (Jason) Torba, PastorRev. Robert Pajor, Associate PastorRev. Michał (Michael) Rosa, Associate PastorRev. Albert Judy, OP—PT Associate PastorRev. Raymond O’Connor, CMF — Weekend HelpIrwin Hotcaveg, DeaconRonald Weiner, DeaconENGLISHMASS TIMESSt. Ferdinand ParishPOLISHWeekdaysW ciągu tygodnia6:30 AM and 8:00 AM 7:00 PMwww.saintferdinand.orgSt. Ferdinand School: 773 622-3022Dr. Lucine Mastalerz, Head of SchoolNotre Dame High School for Girls Office: 773-622-9494Denise Piekarski—PrincipalReligious Education Office: 773 622-3022 ex. 352Sr. Anna Strycharz—D.R.E.St. Ferdinand Polish Saturday School: 773-622-3022 ex 303Sr. Genowefa Potaczała — PrincipalChristian OutReach (COR): 773 622-9732Mrs. Lu Caravette, DirectorMissionary Sisters of Christ the King - 773 889-7979Sr. Anna Strycharz, Superior — Sr. Boguslawa Trus,Sr. Bernadetta Gościniak, Sr. Genowefa PotaczałaSaturdaysSobota8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (Anticipated) 7:00 AMSundaysNiedziela8:30 AM 7:00 AM10:00 AM (Chapel) 10:15 AM12:30 PM 3:00 PM5:00 PM 7:00 PMRECONCILIATION / SPOWIEDŹ ŚWIĘTAMonday—Saturday / od poniedziałku do soboty6:30 PM — 7:00 PMSaturday / Sobota8:30 AM — 9:00 AMFirst Friday of the month / Pierwszy piątek miesiąca6:00 PM —7:30 PMBAPTISM:For Children: a pre-Baptism class is required for Baptism of the firstchild. Classes are held in English on the first Wednesday of eachmonth at 7:00PM in the Convent, and in Polish on the last Tuesday ofeach month at 7:30PM in the Church. Following registration, thesacrament of Baptism is celebrated in English on the second Saturdayeach month at 6:00PM and on the fourth Sunday of the month at the12:30PM Mass. The sacrament of Baptism is celebrated in Polish onthe first Saturday of the month at 6:00PM and on the third Sunday ofthe month at the 3:00PM Mass. Please call the rectory to register at773/622-5900.For Adults: Classes are taught through the Rite of Christian InitiationProgram (RCIA) on Sunday mornings at 10:00AM. Please call StanMastalerz, the RCIA Director at 773/865-4151 for more information.MARRIAGES:Must be arranged at least four months prior to theceremony. Please call the rectory.

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