J ANU AI. Y, - Rhode Island Historical Society

J ANU AI. Y, - Rhode Island Historical Society

J ANU AI. Y, - Rhode Island Historical Society


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Ii Th.. llhod.. Lsland H istoricnl .\'0t lJ' Tr ;1 I OJ1 ~ pl'fiod,lIul \\hil h have bo-n gre';lIh' t'mifhe'" w ithin this la-t dlTal!t·.. \~ a n-suh uf tht's: fano,.... and prill1;uil ~ a!'> a resul t of the' pe-ophwhoadrninistr-r th is ~ Kirl ~ [or ~o tl, ~nu r income hal'> illl re';lx'd fromI I '~~ than Si.lIon 10 $30,000 morethan fuur tin1t'~ - and ~ tl u r nu-mht:r~hipha-, quadrupled in a pe.-ri"d of only ten ~I·ar~.The'l'ol.' ;IIT remarkable afhit '\l ·llH'III~. \"he'n one i~ ru lh-d upon 10ma kean appraisal.nne must sr.m Inunthee ,-cr~ ~i~nifil'ant achie-venu-nts. I am amazed that so [r-w have dune so m uch. Th.u. l think .i .~ your main problem : ~O ll h;t\ l' tC'I' ~ 1ll;)11 a sta ff and.

II 'lne U nod,' 1 ~/ flll d l/iJ/OIio J! ,'iol;,./)"-.I " . 1/J/Jr(/ ;JlIl [ J; lII l1 a l ~fin,t (me if Ihey ha\l' 110 n 'al horne of thr-ir own, Their mem bersine-vitn hl\ h(TOllle inn-tr-en-d in I hr- I Ii-torir-al Societ v, an d thcv ofn-nhrconn- nu-mlx-r-, and in turn thev secure ot her memi)(·n; from ; m llll ~their Friends. ' .This i... a uu-ans of ("tt'ndilll:: t ht" So-ciCI\ \ influence to the broaderpublic and ha ... h'TIi r arried out with grea'l di stinction . O m' has IInhto loo k at till" k.-tuu· "C 'ri, ' ~ to ~'e the va luable m a terial \\ hic h ha~lx-en mad,' ;l\'"ibhlt' III ...iznbh- audiences. But the one t hill~ whichyou haw heen unahh- III dn for lac k of physical facilities or 'for Lit I..of ~ (alT i~ tn n-arh t ill" nuuh Iartx-r audienn', which cannot 1M' ("0111 ·P'"....."C·,1 into a small room.Thi... mean- that if the fl i ~ l or i " a l StM'iely i.... goi ng 10 n-,u h th..l:t'lIl'fal public, it mu-r IN' tln- ...tandard media (If public rornmunicntion: 11IM .ks, l11al::atin.~, r.rdio, televicion, rum ion pictures, 111'\\ ,.papt'"f'

12 T he /.'JISI. l ll llllill.l /l'l'fill/!. [J allu;lr~su pport wit hin a period of six months-c-or at most a vear-c-Frtuupe r~ ns whom you helie\"(, 10 ha vr- fai th e-nouu h in your Soc iety IIIgivc specific do na l ions for a development fu nd of at least ten t huusandd ollars 10 CllTY this Soc it'l ~ , into its ex pa nde d pro gram uutil t hi-,I'yd l' .u-rives a t tht · point \\ here it hq!;ins 10 produce aga in ill term,of added income. O r if vou CiUHIlJI r;lis(' that moncv, th ough 1 k elsure it can be don e. then ta ke it [roru yo ur ITS('l"\T funds. 'Lheiucouufromten thou sand dollars todav is onlv [in' hundred do llars. Youm igh t well risk tilt' lo.,s o f fin' h un dred do llars from yom income fOIthe indefinite future in order 10 han' ten ihnusnud dl)lIa rs 10 workwith ovrr th e next tw o yt'ar.s, If t hat ten thousand d olla rs is thusinvested. it will bring ha rk far, far more than thai mi .'

- tii':. ~~/ (1I, di~~I.I I~ /v ~ \\:(I"V\'.J..' , IBRI" .OU.: . ~ Y.HS 0 )-' PRO\"!D F.:\C }:C O lll rn .~ ll fl..d h\ John Edmoml-. IS:n. :1J:lU \RK IlI:.H ' f:U 0)-' PRO\"lI)F. :\ C F.III s-av, in no ~("n"(' an imit.uion of t ilt' (;t'ur c:ian or ot her ar chnccturv.Perhaps it sho uld even 1)1' built of ' In ,1 and da....... Hnw rver, all oft his i... still in the fut ure. and it will Ill" -ome time ~ 'f (}r(' we can ra i ~ 'the ncres-arv rnoucv and wor k nu t our plan",In dn... i ll ~ lrt me 't hank tlu- ...tafT :llld \ 11"". .\ I IJlM ho ll for their devoted and I' Jy;tl ,t'n-it (" d uriru; the p Ol,t vrur, I look f" l'\\ard to m all ~\I'an; (O r p rugn:.... under lIl\ L:llidann ', ;llHI I "alll (111('(' again til ('XpIT...,my Ilt'l id th at th i.. Mc:;\ni/a tinn m mt pr oare..... on faith.u,\\' 11 11,.\ \1 ( ; KH ·...' R O t:l " ~ , R'1.IREPO RTof T Ill: I.1HR.\RI.\:\19:12\111: . P R I'.,.;I1H'S T . ollif lT" a nd 1llt'lllhn.. nf tIlt' Rhode I..landI l i..uu-ic'al S." irtv . t hi.. i.. Ill \ ..nTlHh annual librarian'.. I'l'pc)rt.If th e pa ..t yt';\r h a ~ !It'n ; ..urcr- ....Iul, it i.. hcrau"t· rrur lihrary i..h c 'i ll~ u-ed . a m I htTalN' tht' libra r y ..t;llf !La.. e-nrh-avored to ..ern' allwh n come 10 it 10 the I)('"t o f rlu-ir a hilit\ , Vl r, Collin.. h a.. 1)('(' 11"

Ifl R"I/(n! of the /j/nari,m [j anuarvl'~ptTiall~ helpful ill this n-....ped ; I know that the P;)rl he plays inhdpille: schnla rs in th r-ir work is one of his rhicf rewards. It is .1...nurrv of pleasure to us all that 0111' Soci(,ty is so rich in it ... rollt-r-tionthat~cholal'.'" turn to ll~ when thcv ar e embarked nu projeds of hisroricnl research.Our riehm'.,... i... not ;1 ~t.lti r nne and nlmn...t daily WI' ;lIT addiug too ur n- ...nun-c..., am! wt- wish to expr('~s our gta t it udc 10 tilt' mall ~pn~nl1s who throughout the ~T a r have made I,::ihs to our collections.In spea king of a gift in the JlI l ~ ' i...Mlt' of Rhot!(' hliuJd llistorvBradford F. Swan nf the Lihrarv Committee wrote, "What is I>r\'oll;1a doubt tlu- mo t important Sil·ll,:'l(" at-qui ...ition in the hi ...tory of theRhode Ivlnud H i ten-ir-a] S()('irty occurred this ...prine: wlu-n thr- ProvideuceCity Coum-il votr-d to tran ...fer to the So ,ict~'~ ru...todv the vastcollect ion. nuu...tly manu...r-ript..., known as the Providence T own Pnp(,I"S,"T his gift alone ma kes the year a mr-mnrahlc nne . In addition\ \T acquired an account boo k kept hy Stephen Hopk ins, 174(j-1 i :li.an d another bv C;odfrey Ylnlbone- of :'\c wport, 1i:.!9- 17J 6, \ \"cadded an inh"H"sting log, that of the sloop R ob \", kept by Jo...epbC ra\\ ford of I'ro\'idt'll, e in 1758 , It would hi' impo...sihh- to list themanu...rripts that \\l'rT added to the collection this ~ c a r. That ~ outlla~ knn-v that h-tu-r s of prime importance ale still avnilnbh-, Imiuln mention thv .u qui ...ition of a \\' illiam Ellery and a Su-phcnHopkin... kiter.TIll' rnu ...cum rcreivrd a ronunuuinn ...r-rvicr- of the Libertv Chunhnf E"I'IIT:JS \\1'11 a ~:J Coullel1icllt ...ecrl'lary and SI'\"('r:Jluther pien'~of furni tlll'l' from the latc Frarlklin R, ClIshm;ll1 and his sistel" J uliaD. Cll" hIlMn.The c:t'llI'a!n,e: il'al ~1 'C'\ilJl1!1f lite lillian contitllll'... to he widel\' 1I~('l1.I II thi" deparlnH'llt it is \\f,rth \\ hiit' I n ;lllte the purchase of a ~nicrn ­cal'll r('af " 'in ,,,' ;l1lflll'dlll" lol(\' a t Br" wn ,llld its re-lation-hip til Ih e w,·lfare of II... n '"m"mit)· "IIarl(t·.III its lir, t tI...·,..k" Hrow n nIT,:n'J iu-truc tiuu ill l ilt' ,, 'i,·n,.,.< romparahk- (0)alltl ill .' 0 " 1

.\"1':\,' 1::,\( :1..\:"1) C .-\I'T .\ I;\S o rTWO E.\}{ LYT HE IIl 'l h O :" 'S B.\)" UHll'.\:"Yu~ G..\'I>"'W~ ~ t o R I \ " T\ , _\.!\I., L L.B., F..\ .S.(;.• F.S..\ .Til E I,AR I.Y RH:ORIl,.. of tile' H lld"llll'S Ba y Comp.mv. which C:(Iha ck to ItIIlH, thc' Compa n~ i~ lile' olde-r r-hartcn-d ('(lmp;lIly inEnglan d ) h;I\·c· n 'n'll tl~ !lC.'l'1I printe-d bv T ln- Champla in Societv (IfT oronto. Th c ~ ~ h()\ \ a ll1o lll::the Companvs ~~a rlic' ''[ ca ptains two Xt'\\England men. C;lpl. Z;lr !lOl ria h Gi llam from Bee-ton and Capt. Er-l xmSa nford from Pon snuun h. Rhod e b land .Capt. Zachariah {: iIIam \\ a" horn in Bee-ton Oil 30 .... ~.pt. 1 1l . ~ li . the-on of Ben jamin Gillum, :t shipwright and merchant of t hat 1l'''II.a nd his wifc .\ nna or Hanna h. HI' married on 'l.G J uly 1659 Ph oebe.daughter h~ h i ~ fir...t wife ~ I a r ~ of ~ [ a jor W illiam Phillip-. a \\c'alt h~Boston merchant \\ ho . "II afn.UnI of his di"li kl' of tile: :\! a....sarhu­-en ... t hl'on;ln. n-moced 10 S;IOI in the Province of Maim-. wherehe.' 0\\ ned a 141 1'1::1'tr;utllf wildernc........ land in th e bark part of t he 10\\ n­of Saco and \\'d k TIle' pre .....·1lI town of Sanford uuw ulTupil·".-1 p.muf this holdine. Capt. {; ill.Ull had three child ren horn itt lli ' ~lon :namclv . ~brt h a , 1>e 'TIl '.! J unc' 1(1)0; Zac hariah. bom! .:\"0\ . Ili(j l:and Ben ja min. bor n '23 ~b Tl h 1663..\ dauehrer :\I.u ~ · dit'd inHoe-ton (111 14 .\ ug, 1lili I . COI pt. C illam \\ a" ~ till in Bc~t ( 1Il (.n R Sc·pt .I66:i. Iii.- had h(·t'n Ihe l·a ptai ll of a \t·....x·1. \\hi(·h ('a rrinl Thlll11 .-I"Et hn in c:toll a nd h i ~ wi fe- from XI'\\ ichewannok ~la ine J to H ,, ~ t o ll .Th('y holh ha d dic'd on th l' \·oyage. l Soon ahel'\\ard" hl' (('lI1mTd toI.ondon ami WiI' Ihc' clpla in (,f tlw Smwuh, one of Ihe fir ...t \l·.......d ~~n t by Ih (" C(lm pa ll~ tu lI u d ~ ' n' " Bay in llinR. He p a ~ ed 11ll' \\ intl'lof 1068 ·9 al C ha r k~ Fort a nd H'tuTIled to En .l:"land h" n h hdolc'I I O ct. I l j l -i ~ l wit h a ridl I·argo nf ! K·a\Tr.~.h a rnllit of til(' ~ lI (T ('",~l,f t hi ~ \"{l~ agl' {:h .-lrln II c:ranl,'d till' ( :Ol11p a t l ~ , \\ hic h \ \ ;I~ he;llln lh ~ Prinn ' R upn t. a I h;lrtn 011 '2 :\[ ay 1G70.'1C .ql!' Eshon Sa nfo rd \\as horn at I' lI rt ~ ll ll l 11 t h . Rhodl' I ~ bll d . (In'2;-, Jan. Hi'FI-ii. 11ll' ~, n of I're ...idl'ltl J llhn Sanf(ln l (If j'lIr1 !OttllI li l ltand h i ~ ~ 1' (o l1 d \\ if,-. Brill!..:l·t. dalll:hll'r of \ ,' illiam ;tnd .\ 1llH' f1 l1 llh·llI:';O Il. J oh ll S;lnford . ; I~ thl' \\'illthr up 1';'Iwr" ~ I](I\\ . h;HI I)('Cll ill tIll"I ;\; F" 11 ,,, ,,,,.I ( ;' (1, R , ~ i " l ' l' , ... wi.!,p. It;2-1!;:;.~ (;,·",';,lul{i,(, !\I.w",iw , J U I l< ' P'.lll,]I, ,'i::!:L:e.1I jolnc·d h i ~ \ \i f c"~ pa n' llI~ illIhl' pur('ha "l' of ' \'111idn cck ami wa~ IIIII' of till' fOllud,.r... of t he tll\\11e,f P llrl ~ Il H ll Jl h . Rhodl' h land . \\ !II'I"I' !Il' wa" a (If/'minelll citizen .In 16.'1 :1 he wa " ~ (' ln t ed I'rn iel,.nl IJf tlU' K!1I 1,k l b 1l11 ( : I .l e >T1 ~ andd ic·d that ...al11 (' yra r in ntTir(". SOOIl ah.'r hi... eh'at h hi widow marrird,a" hi ... t hird wife. :\lajnr Phill ip" (If B {) ~l o ll and Sarn. abm· e rrfr rrn lto. ami in t hi... wa y hIT ~Oll 1 ': ~ ho t1 ra lllt' into Il o ~ 1' r"llla rl with Capt.Zafhariah {; ilLull , \\ h' l h;HII1l:1rril'd 1ll'1' ~ lc· p da1Jg h l" r. I : ~ h n ll wa s illPortsm outh ('11 'l.i J IIIII' Ilili/i. ' Iii- a p l )("a l' ~ 1' 1 11;\ \1' left P ort ~ll1 o\l thb d OlT 12 .-\ Ul!;Uq l /ili i alld In h;I\ I' C:l l1 lt· tll Lngb nd with Capt.C illam. Ill' wa s t n t ai l1 l~ h;H k ill Portsmouth Oil 1i J Ul1e \f i70 ,

'I" Tu-n J~'mly S I'll' 1:"1I 1,11I/1'/ C I/ /l t ll ;IIJ. . fJallll

XE\rS -.:\OT I·:S•rJRS r 1I.\I'TlST ~ IEET I:\( ~HOL"Sr.So u th ~b i o S tn',"" I'nw iu"" r ,·, R . 1.\ hu"u...·u ,"",Jr< .1..,-0 'l d,,~unn'o nJ>e o f ll ... F in l Ib l' l i

:2/i S ,·W5- .'·olr5 noo~ Url 'It'll 'J,- -,C hapn-r, hdd :l tllO'dil1~ ill I'ro\ilkllf{' OnnlwT ~ S. TIll' Rh nd l'Isla nd Historical Sw'il'IYami Brown l~nin:rsitY acted a!' ho!'b .The I'ow 'f\ a!H1 l'orrr-lain Club held mectin~!' on OdolX"r :2~and ::'\o\c'mlwr !li : \If!'. \\'c!1I worth Bacon lec tured O il "Gt'nllanI'"ndaill~ Llrh \lI·i...."'·II .. and \Ii...., Huldah \1. Smith e:;I\I' akoda -shdc taiL 011 "Fn-ru h and GC'rnMIl Porcela ins.".\ n um ber of "Ihn orc:;tIIil;lIi"II' IMH" held meeuuc- .u J ohn8rO\~ II HIIIN ·. 'I'hl' (;.·lll"ral Greene Memorial .-\ ."oeiation held it-,.mnual rncerinu un Onoher ~ I. TIlt' Roe:("f williams Family ."'-'o(H·i,\·lion held :1I\ ('\I'nine: mt'c ·t il1~ , ·"T han k., c:i,'ing Ih ~ !> ..f Ye-n-r vear-."un Smc·ml.n ti. Thc' Slat("f Stamp Colkrtioll wa~ exhibite-d h ~ Ih.·Rhod e Island Phila u-l«- Socil.·ty at their mCTtinc: Oil Xovember IH,\In;..\ Ihn t I.. Chaflin ~pokl' un ..Se('!H..... of Lafa yeth"'~ ' "i, it O il OldStalJonh,hifl" Pottery" for the Sc Hic,ty of Colonial n,t1l1~ Oil Xovernber20.,\ t the' ~1lC:C:I.·!>tiflll of radio !>1;lIioll "'J ..\R :\Ir. Roelker and :\Ir.\lonaholl made two rccordincs. which were broadcast by \Ii...., 8c·ttyGlll\nin~ un her Frie-nd..hip Cluh program. The fiN of rhoe lalb("~ r i hn l Ifw H i11 thaI \Ii...... (;lInnin~ dl"('idnl to male'RhIHit' h b ud hi,tory ;1 ft' ~ubr fe·alllft· of hn pro~ram. Thl' M·rit·...Ilt·~:tn "II XU\('IllIH'r El \\he'll :\f r. Cullim dt"~

TRULIBLE AI' T H E C t"ST O ;"! HOL'sE - l i~IUS.H\I·H SIAlTR':-; T Rl" x K "Provick-ncc, 3d. 71h .\ 10. 1i~ I ORe-pcr u-d Fru-ud.S,lIl1ud xl.ru-r IM\in g: iufonu'd lilt'. he had ;l "I'ruukof Clo lhin~ delained ,II Xcw-vork 011 .\ H I of the Duties and dl':--irnJme to n-prrscnt hi-, ( ",1:,-(', that he ma~ have them for C :'-(" w ithoutpa~n1('111 of Hut ie \ ppn ·ht·nd ing it coud never be the intention of(;o\('rI11CIII a... t hi is m~ Appn-hcntiou allso I am dt....ireou ... the , -;\'0('nl;t~ be con...idt·f("d in it:-- proppt·' Ji~ht & rherforc inform thee. T haiIht, vound ~ Jic mall Irom rh- information Ill" had mcditan-da Dl':--ignto come to ,\ nwrif.\ to :'-('1 up the Concn opining hllsine~.. hy \ratt'land a." he \\a.. made - xen...ih]e if it wa... 1.110\\1\ he would ht.. ...tupt, herame olT without ('\1'1\ hi... 0\\11 parent- lx-inl::: acquainte-d with the\ 'oyagt' he" intrmh-d, he .vrivcd at :\"t"\\ vork and l:win.1::: nun hDiMppoillt('d in lindim; the pro:-pt'n... he had Iorm'd of thr- progft.....~uf :'I fa nufad llft·:-- and that l!Jne was 110 Lndcnakcing uf the kindlu- \\a~ .\ (·q uaintl'd \\ith tlwrl' on hcarinu I had Erected :-l'IlW ;"I i l ~\rrott' JIll" and propo-ed to Corne. this \\a~, I a ("cordilll::l~ ~a\l 'him an [nvita tjun if he tho't Our small progreSo" \\a~ woth his . \ H e lllion.fi e came and ha-, :'-('nn' lx-en Steadily Emplo yed in I.rerting-and n,mpkatin~ the Bu...ine....." I had begun is nO\\ ,II \\·orkCOI1IJ('f1(·d wit h Almv & IIrO\\ 1I :\l lIrt'ht here to w hom I had romminedth,' BII...inc.....". Iu- a ppear:-- 10 have come a\\a~ Shun ofClolhing un ,\ eft of the SITUT~ he s-arm- in & tho' there i... a COli­-idcrable of rhcm for a l'cr-on of his Circumstances I believe thnwer r- dt'~i _C:Ilt'd for his 0\\11 F'C.· and rh.u I nd ulgancc of suc-h importa ­tio ns D UI ~ fft·t· willll'nd to Int rod lJ("e C.-.efull ';-'lalldarlurt'r:-- lllUfhI\allied ill Ih,' C O ll llt r ~ ;\IId I ho pl' it may he CnllsislOUlI with Ih~Ullin ' tll Relinquish lilt' n u t i l' ~ and Ihat thl'y may 1)(' 1l1'li\Tr d tllCapt Brml ll Il t\l' is acquainted \I ith thl' young llI a ll ~ rllming hl'lf W Ill X" w ~llrk ,U1d t llC' h u s illl' !-.~ Itl" ,anlt' UpOll, Tho' I ;111\ a~tra llJ-: 1T if tI\l' f;u" 1.-. 1\('1\ s unil ·it·11t .\s...n laill\ 1 to Ilwl' \\ ill \rorra lll.1 Ddi \tT ~ of thl' (;"od .... I ,1 m \\1·11 kno\\ n hy otlr 11H"1ll1)l'~ of Ih..SI'lIl1alt' ;ll1d lli\T r:-- .\ llJnh t~ in ;'\1'11' ~llrk \ 'il. Ed mund Prior. S;lIl1IFr anklin ,"':,"- I ;1111 l{ l' ~I Jl' ctfll l h t h~ frinld .\lO~ I·S BrOl\1IT o Colk n or ( : U ~ l ol ll\ ' I lOll'" Ollin'l" ,\" ("\\ . ~ n r k 71h ;"fo· ·I · li i ~ pl,·,'i"",I ~ UIlI'"hli,h...] kll.... ...hidl Ih,o..._ m'W lighl un ,1... l,, -!!iI\Jjiu!l 'lOr th, ' 1< I .. IlBI' I! n l" .;Frederkk P. ;\uslin. Jr.. ,/;.,i· "I''1Robert II. I. r.od j u j , Jr.lI ou.'lhl" n 1'. \ lclo l!. -'r.7\nrmJn R. "mi(hJohn C. H. \\"J,hhornLlllll \Il Y CO ~I\lITl"I'I'\1r_. ClitrorJ K . RJlhhon,·. rll.l;rm.m CO\l\llrrt r "" ~ F CR nl.fl(; l"KniIC hl FJ IIJd 'IIcn jJmin I.. Coek, [r.• rlt.1;'"1_'·/R~ rl L. Knight, Jr. \1r ~.\ 1 d .\. C h r i s t ~n ;c nI'JU! C, ~ i c hohon . J r. \ If-. ns;~ L' u s h ; n ~ l lur.fRr.i.l for.l F. SWJn (;, _ \n,lr~l\S \lori.u tr\Jr., (;,.. rICc C. ~-Oll' .~t ·Tl·R r Cn\I \l lrn FIk nrr D. ~ ha Tf't'. t!t.,;,,,,.mf l " ' ''' t Cn ~ I ~ l n rrr;\I rs. Coil .\nllullI.l·I I .orn It Frn m.lII, d'lj,m.",\ Iis,; ~ Jn c~ ' A. Dye r~1'I'';cn w. C ITe.' . l r.lJ,'me, I.. H .lfl l ,' ~1l.1.,-.H,1 r" ing~. RowbnJ \ lo rgJn• .Jr.~. Fos(e r lI un tC h.n k , n. I{..ckwell1" 'Il I .ICAT tn" C'l\'~llrrt.lI'Jul C ....... ichol'lm, rll.Ii, m."1I.con.H,l l\lconFr,mcis II. Chafee. :\t.n.C!.lren,·e H . I'hilhricl1"' ln ence C. \\' rolh. \ I·Il I T C,nlM ITl l l11,·nr,' H. Cro , ~. r!t.,i"m.1II1', \I;mi, CochunFrd l' il(l:0llExe cIJ tile COlllmilice i_ ('ol1\]'o,e.l of Ihe "Ui,"'r> ; ,·h..irm" n of mmmi I t"c~ ;Richard I.eHaron HOII'cn. Ch.ldcs /l . J\l.tclinncr an,1 .·\ .IJ ison 1'. \lu1lfol:,mcmf-.cr; .11 I.uge ; Ih , (;r'lre \1. ~h l'f\\ 'M hl .111 .1 \ \ ' illi'lm (;. R,,

REPORT OF THE T RE.\SCRER Trcasurrr's U I' / !(II( 311~"l.'") ?Yo ur Treasurer pn'~ C" ll t~TotalT nt;llO pera lilW RI" Tip"Op('r;ltil1~ I)i_llIlr,i'111O'1l1_report for the lear ending- j unr- :W.ill a curpiu-, fo r tlw year ofT he principal ih'1l1 ' of incon«- an-:OUl"Income- fr om 111\"('_111 1\' 11 _Stale of R hode I, LIIllIContrilunion-TIl{' prinr-ipal itt'lI1' of 1'''I.H'!lSI' an' :Salarir-,Publica tion ,Light. Hear, ('11'.Mainu-nmu-r-of (; roullll, and Building,re~u!lillghisTtll' Halanc-e Slwel of y0ur Soeil'ty on .I 11Ill' :\fl. I ~l ; 2 indicarcs .'I'oral Assl'ts ofropn-senn-d byCashSpecia l Fu nd ,1m -r-stnu- I)IsReal E' la le, Boo ks a mi \lallll" Tipl

,\t:C ESS!( ):,\S( ;ift of Mr. ,HId :'- Ir" \\'illis \\'a llJtali, ,Fovch-r. (;anett , (;oodri

R HO D E I SL A X D:'\ I: \rIIIIr I. 1952,\ Ir~. Rot:t'r E. Alcou(: t;lIll...d""d. R. I.~ I r. Fr ancis A. BarrettW,'.t ll"n;m(1on . R, I..\ Ir~. Ed ward C. BO\\f'nPawt Lwk,·t, R. 1.\11". .\1:1;'; B ro (b k ~D I". Edward Brm\ n.\11". Ed win C. Brown.\11". \\"alter S. Bud d in(h oukl;" ,'. ~b" ,Xl r. Xormnn L. C han'w-« B"rrinO:-lo", R. I..\11". ..\ Ihert J. Clarke.\ Ir . Rol x-rt G. CookeR"hohoth , ~ Lt".\11". Frederick I.. CotrXl rs. Fr-ancis 1', Davis.\1I". Robert Spink Davis.\I r, Eben Dra perW" kd i,'ld , R. I..\11". and .\ Irs. John II . lh-urv,\l r ~ . j o h ll L. EastrmP"wtu",.n. R. I..\If. Rohnt F. ErhhR a r r i " ~ l o n , R. i ..\ Ir .~ . L l' in re E lTl er ~o tl.\ 1r. Louis C. Fiu C n ald.\1f. Linwood A. G ardiner.\I f. Allan V. C rihbinIbrri"!,:lon, R. I,.\ I i s_~ Elit:l lwt h R . ( ;lltlning.\Ir. john R, H ackett.\ I i.,~ Ruth M . H ar rington.\ Ii~~ jl: nnie F. HartEa,t I'roV;d!"tlO', R. I..\ Ir. Elmer S. H o llo nB " r " ; n ~ lu n , R. I.Xl r. and .\lr~ . C corge \r. K clSt,y.\ Ir. C. w. KnowlesWarwL..k. R. IHI S T O RI C ..v t..\I E .\I B ER SS OC I E T Y.\I f. 1 '-1Il 1 R, Ladd.\Irs. william :\. !. I ' i ~ hE;"t I'ro";d,',,,·,·, R. I.Vlr . C " lO r!!:,' .\ Ihn t l. i \T ~ I ' \W "kd1

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