Brochure - Town of Cumberland

Brochure - Town of Cumberland

Registration InformationMailing AddressCumberland Community Education/Recreation,290 Tuttle Rd, Cumberland, Maine 04021Telephone: 207-829-2208 Fax: 207-829-2214Office Hours:Monday –Wednesday 8:00am–5:00pmThursday 8:00am–6:00pmFriday ClosedCumberland’s Web Site:www.cumberlandmaine.comWhen do I register?Program registration for Cumberland/NorthYarmouth residents upon receipt of brochureNon-residents may register beginningAugust 26, 2013.How do I register?Registration is accepted in many convenient ways:in person, by mail, or NOW ONLINE. Prioritywill be given on a first-come, first served basis.We encourage residents to take advantage ofour new online registrations capabilities. For ournew online registration system, Log onto scroll down the main pageand click on the “Online Registration” icon. This is agreat way to register for programs at work or in thecomfort of your home. The Recreation Departmentis no longer accepting phone registrations.Will I be sent confirmation?We do not send or call with confirmations.Consider yourself and/or children enrolled inthe course(s) of your choice when you send in acompleted registration form and payment. Manyclasses and programs have limited enrollments, andmay fill.What are your cancellation policies?We will notify you if the class has been cancelledor changed. We reserve the right to cancel orconsolidate any program that does not meetminimum participant registration numbers. Avoiddisappointment and please register promptly.Program updates and cancellations will beannounced on our web site. Cancellations will alsobe announced on our Facebook do I get a refund?If we cancel a class or activity, all fees will berefunded. If you withdraw at least 2 business daysbefore the first class you receive a refund or creditslip minus a $10–$25 processing fee (i.e. ski or daycamp will be $25 non-refundable processing fee).If you withdraw less than 2 business days prior tothe first class, you may opt for 50% refund or 75%credit. If you withdraw after the first class no refundor credit. Refund processing takes up to 3-4 weeks.We do not provide cash refunds.What are the fees?Fee are stated at the end of each program write-up.Non-Residents will pay an additional $10.00 perclass.What is a senior citizen discount?Senior citizen discount(s) are stated throughout ourbrochure. The discount applies to seniors who are65 or older.What if I have questions?Call Cumberland-North Yarmouth CommunityEducation and Recreation at

Preparing For Your FutureGED InformationThe GED tests are a nationally recognized way to earn ahigh school credential that is accepted by more than 95% ofUS employers, colleges, and universities. Passing the GEDtest is a first step toward a better job or additional training.The GED covers reading, writing, math, social studies, andscience. Upon successful completion of testing, a studentis awarded a high school equivalency diploma. You mustbe 18 years of age to take the GED tests. Adults interestedin more information may call the Adult Education office at829-2208.The New GED in 2014There are big modifications coming to the GED exam. In2014, a brand new version of the test will be replacing theold one, as well as new rules and regulations for such thingsas time limits, where to take the exam, etc. As of today, notmany people know many facts about the new format of theGED, but one thing is for sure; the 2014 GED is going to bea lot harder than today’s version. In the meantime, if you’vebeen on the fence about taking the GED exam, now’s thetime to do it! If you have taken some tests, you will want tocomplete your 5 tests by end of 2013. Otherwise, you will haveto start over.Ed2go Online ClassesAre you ready to explore a new interest, but don’t havetime to attend class? Cumberland-North YarmouthCommunity Education has partnered with Ed2Go tobring you more than 250 non-credit online classes. Fromthe convenience of your home or office you can exploredigital photography, develop grant writing skills, orprepare for computer certification exams. You can evenlearn how to start a gift basket business. Go to this link fora complete list of classes and more information: course runs for 6 weeks and consists of 12 lessons.The lessons are project-oriented and include hands-onassignments, discussion areas, supplementary links andmore. You can complete your course entirely from yourhome or office, any time of the day or night! All you needto get started is internet access, email address and a webbrowser. Additional requirements, if any, will be listedwith the course description. Courses start at $95.GED Study and Preparation LabHoping to finish your high school credential? Sign up forthe free GED lab and work at your own pace. Instruction isindividualized to meet the learning needs of each studentwho wishes to prepare for the GED. Registration is ongoingand you can start anytime!Tuesday & Thursday September 10 – Dec. 12GHS Computer Lab 5:30-7:30pmPlease call 829-2208 for enrollment and intake.College Essay Writing WorkshopInstructor: Cathy BowdenWrite a winning college essay that gets you noticed in thisthree session workshop! A well-crafted admissions essayshould not only successfully demonstrate writing skills, itshould be attention grabbing. This is your opportunity toshare your uniqueness as an applicant. This workshop isspecifically designed to support students in writing such anessay. Participants will review exemplars, brainstorm essaytopics and create rough drafts. Individual support withcontent, grammar and composition will be offered using aconference format and the revision process. Note: Studentsregistered for the workshop will be given an assignmentto complete prior to the class. Sign up for this importantworkshop and complete this critical piece of your collegeapplication! Limit ~ 12 students!Thursday, Sept. 26, Oct. 3 & 10thGHS 6:30-8pmFee: $58Cathy Bowden, a local teacher and writer, especially enjoyssupporting high school students as they navigate through thecollege application processStudent review:“This class really helped me to focus on the hardest part of myapplication: the essay. Cathy Bowden was an excellent teacherand I finished my essay, which turned out much better thanexpected!”

Health and More!Community CPR and AEDInstructor: Cumberland Fire DepartmentAHA InstructorsThis 4-hour class is for the general public andcovers infant, child and adult CPR and chokingas well as automated defibrillation (AED). At theconclusion of the class students receive an AmericanHeart Association (AHA) Heart Saver CPR/AEDcard good for 2 years.FMI email classes – Choose One DateSept. 9 or October 8West Fire Station 6:00-10:00pmFee: $45/ $55 non-resMorning Classes – Choose One DateOct. 1, Oct. 12, Nov. 4, Dec 3 or Dec 14West Fire Station, 185 Blackstrap Rd.8:00am – noonFee: $45/ $55 non-resBasic Life Support (BLS) for HealthcareProvidersInstructor: Cumberland Fire DepartmentAHA InstructorsThis 4-hour class will earn the student an AmericanHeart Association Basic Life Support for HealthcareProvider 2-year certification card. The class coversinfant, child and adult CPR as well as choking forall ages and practice using an AED (Public AccessDefibrillator). This is the required certification foranyone who works in the healthcare profession.For more information, please email one date:Saturday, Sept. 21, Oct. 19, Nov. 16 & Dec. 7West Fire Station, 115 Blackstrap Rd.8:00am – noon Fee: $45/ $55 non-resFirst Aid TrainingInstructor: Cumberland Fire DepartmentAHA InstructorsThis 4-hour class covers medical and traumaticemergencies including: allergic reactions, asthma attacks,bee stings, broken bones, burns, cuts, diabetic reactions,heart attacks, heat emergencies and stroke. We dohands-on exercises to learn when to call the ambulanceand what to do until medical personnel arrive. Studentsreceive a 2-year AHA certification card on the day of theclass.FMI email one date:Saturday, Sept. 14 or November 9West Fire Station, 115 Blackstrap 8am – noonFee: $45 / $55 non-resThe Mind Body ConnectionInstructor: Dr. John MillhouseNEW!This interactive course will focus on the connectionbetween our emotions and our physical health! Wewill look at the emotional challenges of life and howto address such challenges in a way that increases ourchances of being both physically and psychologicallyhealthy.Surprisingly, sometimes what seems like a negativeemotion like anger, guilt, anxiety and even depression canactually improve health, our relationship and our senseof self. In this course participants will learn cognitive andbehavioral strategies to stay on the positive side of suchemotions. Readings will be assigned from the book, WhyZebras Don’t Get Ulcers. The book may be available on EBooks at the library or for purchase on Amazon.Session 1- Tuesday, October 1 – 22CTH 12:30- 2pmSession 2- Tuesday, Oct. 29 – Nov. 19GHS 6-7:30pmFee: $48/ $58 non-res/ $40 seniorsJohn is a licensed psychologist with interest in the psychologyof health and wellness.Questions? Call Us • 829-22085

Getting OrganizedLater Life Transitions….Honoring theProcessInstructor: Valerie Jones, LMSWThroughout our life we are faced with manytransitions and the decisions that go along withthem. Transitions in later years can be challengingboth to the older adult and their families. Having ameans by which to honor wisdom, thoughts, andfeelings, can add elements of growth to relationships,lessen fear around change, and allow some measure ofcontrol for the individual. This workshop will provideinsight into helping older adults and their loved onesto develop a process for life transitions that beginsbefore a crisis situation occurs.Recommended for older adults, their families andcaregivers.Monday September 30GHS 6:00-8:30pmFee: $16NEW!Paper, Paper Piles of Paper!Rid yourself of all that paper!Instructor: Linette St. Pierre Jones, ProfessionalOrganizerAre you overwhelmed by piles of papers in yourhome? Not sure what to keep and what to throwaway? With a little guidance you can organize thatpaper, rid yourself of piles and cut the clutter byunderstanding what can be thrown away and howorganize the papers you need.This class is presented by Linette St. Pierre Jones,a local Professional Organizer and member of theNational Organization of Professional Organizers.Linette will provide you with practical steps to set upa system that will both reduce the piles you currentlyhave and maintain minimal paper in the future.Wednesday, November 20GHS 6:30-8:30pmFee: $16Magazine Basket WorkshopInstructor; Wendy DesrochersSign up for this fabulous two-session basketworkshop! Participants will make a large basket withwooden feet adorned with a 14” swing handle- aperfect sized basket for magazines, knitting, toys,crafts and more! There will be creative options ofweaving in a color, a large plain strip for painting, orbraided sea grass! Materials fee of $15 payable to theinstructor.Thursday, Nov. 7 & 14GMS 6:30-8:30pmFee: $18NEW!What My Loved Ones Should Know InCase of an EmergencyInstructor: Linette St. Pierre Jones,Professional OrganizerIf there is a family emergency, do your loved onesknow what to do? Would someone be able to step inand take care of everyday tasks? This class is designedto point out what information should be madeavailable to loved ones in case of sudden illness oreven death.This class is presented by Linette St. Pierre Jones,a local Professional Organizer and member of theNational Organization of Professional Organizers.Linette will point out what information should bereadily available in case of emergency and give yourloved ones peace of mind.Monday, October 28GHS 6:30-8:30pmFee: $16NEW!Questions? Call Us • 829-22087

Cooking and More!SushiInstructor: Chris ToyCome join Chris for an evening of “rolling yourown” maki rolls. We’ll learn to make rolls with freshingredients including sushi rice, sea legs, avocados,cucumbers, sesame seeds, and smoked salmon. We’llstart off with seafood miso soup and finish with asweet and cold dessert!Monday, September 23GHS 6-8pmFee: $16(plus $8 food fee payable to instructor at class)Asian Noodle NightInstructor: Chris ToyNoodles have a 6000 year old history in Asia. Comeand learn how to make three classic noodle dishes:Cold and Spicy Sesame Noodles, Ramen Egg Dropwith Seafood Soup, and Shrimp with Chicken PadThai. Recipes can be adjusted for vegetarians. We’llend with a warm and sweet dessert!Monday, October 21GHS 6-8pmFee: $16(plus $8 food fee payable to instructor at class)Asian HotpotInstructor: Chris ToyWhether you like mild or spicy, vegetarian oromnivore, Asian Hotpot is all about being social andchoosing your own flavors and ingredients! Comewith your friends for a night of hot savory broth,seafood, meat, vegetables, noodles, and rice, all in afamily style hotpot. You’ll come away with some greatideas for your next social event!Monday, November 4GHS 6-8pmFee: $16(plus $8 food fee payable to instructor at class)Green Funerals & BurialsInstructor: Jane Mullen, Community OutreachSpecialistInterest in earth-friendly choices is growing inmany areas of our lives, including funerals andburials. How might an earth-friendly orientationinfluence the choices we make in caring for ourdead? How do we discern the environmentalimpact of our choices? This will be an interestingdiscussion about green funerals and burials, how togo about arranging for them, and options availableright here in Maine.Wednesday, Nov. 6GHS 6-7:30pmFee: $10Introduction to Printmaking: BlockPrintingInstructor: Rachel ChurchLearn a new way to create artwork and makedifferent editions of your image! This coursewill introduce you to the basic principles of reliefblock printing. You will learn how to transfer adesign to a block, carve and print by hand usingsimple equipment that can be repeated at home.See a sample at the Cumberland Town Hall!All materials will be provided for $20 materialsfee.Thursday, Sept. 19 – Oct. 10GMS 6:30-8:30pmFee: $48(plus a $20 materials fee payable to instructorat class)

Painting and More!The Art of Color - Part 1Instructor: Diana JohnsonImmerse yourself in color! Your confidence in paintingwill grow as you learn how to mix the colors youwant for your paintings. With vibrant acrylic paintyou will explore basic color theory through a series ofpainting exercises. Beginners and those with previouspainting experience are all welcome. Enjoy a supportiveatmosphere filled with discussion, simple paintingexercises, hand-outs, and plenty of time for individualpractice and personal attention. The instructor will useacrylics to demonstrate painting techniques. Copiesof all new reference photos used in demonstrationswill be available for everyone. Please supply your ownmaterials. A list of basic, inexpensive materials is availablethrough Cumberland-NY Community Education.Tuesday, September 17 - October 22(no class 10/15)GMS 6:30 - 8:30pmFee: $79 / $89 non-res/ $72 seniorThe Art of Color – Part 2Instructor: Diana JohnsonImmerse yourself in color! Your confidence in paintingwill grow as you learn how to mix the colors youwant for your paintings. With vibrant acrylic paintyou will explore basic color theory through a series ofpainting exercises. Beginners and those with previouspainting experience are all welcome. Enjoy a supportiveatmosphere filled with discussion, simple paintingexercises, hand-outs, and plenty of time for individualpractice and personal attention. The instructor will useacrylics to demonstrate painting techniques. Copiesof all new reference photos used in demonstrationswill be available for everyone. Please supply your ownmaterials. A list of basic, inexpensive materials is availablethrough Cumberland-NY Community Education.Tuesday, October 29 - November 26GMS 6:30pm - 8:30pmFee: $79 / $89 non-res/ $72 seniorGreat Masters of the Italian RenaissanceInstructor: Jason CurryThis dynamic art history course will explore thedifferent stages of the development of Western artfrom the Medieval to the more realistic, beginningwith Giotto and Duccio, to the more sophisticatedstyles of Masaccio, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael,and Titian. The sculptures of Donatello andMichelangelo will be examined, and the architectureof Brunelleschi, Bramante, and Michelangelo will bepresented. Come explore what many consider thezenith of man’s creative powers!Wednesday, October 9 – 30GHS 6:00-8:00pmFee: $48/ $58 non-res/$45 seniorsFall Open Art StudioInstructor: Diane DahlkeDo you wish you had more time to create art? Ifyou have basic art skills and want to use them ina supportive group setting, this class is for you!Participants can draw or work in a variety of paintmediums; instruction and guidance is provided by aprofessional artist along with a still-life setup. You donot have to be a skilled artist to attend. Let this classgive you the focused studio time you need! Pleasebring your own materials.Limited enrollment.Monday, Sept. 16 – Dec. 2 (no class 10/14 & 11/11)NYMS Art Room 7:00-9:00 pmFee: $58/ $68 non-res/ $50 seniorsQuestions? Call Us • 829-22089

Lifelong LearningBeading Basics – Necklace & EarringsInstructor: Michelle WilsonLearn about beading supplies, tools, wires, thread,clasps, etc. to make your own jewelry. Design andcreate a unique necklace or bracelet. Students will alsolearn to make a “pendant” focal point for the necklaceas well as how to bend wire to make earrings. Allmaterials and tools will all be provided by instructorfor $15.Saturday, Nov 16GMS 9-11:30amFee: $10Twisted Double Strand NecklaceInstructor: Michelle WilsonThis unique and beautiful necklace is easy to makebut looks very intricate and advanced. Once you learnthis simple technique, using focal and seed beads,the variations and color combinations are endless. Achance to use some of the techniques you’ve learnedin Beading Basics. Materials fee of $15 payable toinstructor at class.Saturday, Nov 16GMS 12:30 pm – 3:00 pmFee: $10Michelle discovered beading about 24 years ago whenshe saw something that was more than she could affordand said, “I can make THAT!” Little did she know, thosewords would spark an addiction that gets stronger as theyears go on. This hobby became a business and for thepast several years, she has been sharing her experiencewith new beaders by teaching for Adult Ed programsthroughout Southern Maine.Fall Harvest CenterpieceInstructor: Barb LawrenceCome and make a beautiful harvest centerpiecefor your table, using fall tones of chrysanthemums,alstroemeria and carnations. We will embellish ourarrangements with candles, wheat, mini pumpkinsand fall leaves. Bring a pair of floral scissors orsnips. All materials included in fee.Wednesday, Nov. 13GMS 6-8pmFee: $26Holiday CenterpieceInstructor: Barb LawrenceCome spend a relaxing time amidst the chaos ofthe holiday time learning the steps to making abeautiful holiday centerpiece, using natural greenssuch as balsam, pine, cedar and holly. We’ll add velvetribbon, pine cones and millimeter balls to make yourcenterpiece unique! .Bring a pair of floral scissors orsnips. All materials included in fee.Wednesday, Dec. 11GMS 6-8pmFee: $

Behind the WheelDriver’s Education CourseInstructor: Bartley’s Driving SchoolThis driver’s education course is licensed by the State ofMaine, with 30 hours of classroom work and 10 hoursof driving. Students must be 15 years of age or olderin order to register. At the completion of the course,students will be issued their Maine State permit, whichis included in the course fee.You must register with Bartley Driving School @ 657-5010.Monday, Wednesday, FridayGHS 5:30-8:30pmClass Start Dates: Sept. 4, Oct. 2, Nov. 6 & Dec. 4Fee: $420Maine Driving DynamicsInstructor: Bureau of Highway SafetyThis course offers drivers the opportunity to improvetheir driving skills by learning about collisionavoidance techniques, safety issues, driver habitsand attitudes, and the basic elements that constantlychallenge drivers on Maine’s highways. Class formatincludes lecture, PowerPoint presentation and classdiscussion. Students who complete the course may beeligible for a three-point credit on their driving recordand a possible discount from their insurance carrier.You must bring or send copy of your driver’s license toregister. Pre-registrations only; no walk-ins!Saturday, October 26Fee: $40/ $10 seniors (age 65 +))GHS 8:00am – 1:00pmNote: Limited Space. Please register early!Regional Ed. Opp.REGIONAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIESFalmouth Community Programs781-5253 Community Services846-2406 www.yarmouthcommunityservices.orgGray New Gloucester (MSAD #15) Adult Education657-2620 Adult Education874-8155 www.portlandadulted.orgRSU 5 Freeport-Pownal-Durham Recreation & Community Education865-6171 Call Us • 829-220811

Adult FitnessDance AerobicsInstructor: Karan Millerwww.jackis.comIn 2012 Jacki Sorensen won the President’s Council of Fitness,Sports and Nutrition award for Lifetime Achievement.For over 40 years, she has delighted her followers withfitness programs choreographed for the dancer and nondancer.Each one hour class targets flexibility, abdominals,body sculpting (with optional handheld weights), andaerobic conditioning (DANCES!), followed by an inspiringcooldown.….all to current and/or classic rock and roll andpop. It is a fun way to get fit, learning steps and formationsthat go with the music and are progressive. You will beencouraged to work at your own pace, with offered (anddemonstrated) options when needed. Class is made up of agreat group of working and retired women who will make youfeel welcomed, and can be good role models. Some have beendancing for 30 years, some for a year or less.Please bring good sneakers with lateral support, a mat or thicktowel for abdominal work, and weights (up to 6 pounds perhand/ or 1.5 pounds per ankle) if you want to use them. If youare not sure, the instructor carries a few pairs of hand weightsyou may borrow. You will be encouraged to start with lowpoundage.New participants over 40 and pregnant women need toprovide a physician’s permission when registering.Tuesday & Thursday Sept. 10 – Dec. 19 ( no class 11/28)Wescustago Hall 5-6pmFee: $108/ $118 non-res /$90 seniorsKaran is a certified Jacki Sorensen instructor since 1984 and has aFitness Instructor Certificate from USM.360 CircuitInstructor: Jenn Wilson, Personal TrainerNEW!If you’re looking for something new, different and cuttingedge, this is the program for you. High Intensity CircuitTraining (HICT) is the secret to losing body fat, weight andincreasing energy. The combination of aerobic and resistancetraining in a high-intensity, limited rest design can delivernumerous health benefits in much less time than traditionalprograms.The circuit consists of twelve exercise stations that alternatelower body and upper body strength movements andalternates more aerobic actions with less aerobic ones, withcarefully timed periods of short rest in between, allowing foractive recovery between stations. The exercises station will bedone for 45 seconds, followed by no more than 15 secondsof rest in between. The full circuit takes 7 minutes and isrepeated 2-3 times. The class will end with a core work outand light stretch. You get a total body work out in 45 minutes,gaining maximal results in minimal time.Exercises can be modified for safety and gradual conditioningto this type of exercise. Each participant works at their ownpace and individual fitness level while experiencing themotivation and support of the group and instructor.Whether you are looking to get fit or take your workout to thenext level, this high energy circuit program is for you. JoinPersonal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor, Jenn Wilson, andrev up your fitness level with this fun, motivating workout!Session 1-Tuesdays Sept 10-Dec 10MIW MPR 6:30-7:30pmSession 2-Thursdays Mornings Sept 12-Dec 12West Cumberland CC 9:30-10:30amFee: $75 per sessionZumbaInstructor: Dinah AldrichIt’s fall– Get in the BEST SHAPE of your life! How to do this??? ZUMBA!!! Based on simple Latin dance movesincluding salsa, merengue and cha-cha, Zumba is designed as a complete fitness workout that is “exercise indisguise!” What are you waiting for – let’s start the PARTY!!! Comfortable workout attire and sneakers suggested.Thursday, Sept. 12 – Dec. 12 (no class 11/28)Wilson 6:30-7:30pmFee: $50/ $60 non-res/ $45 seniorOr you can pay the drop-in rate of $5/classTry Zumba Toning before Zumba class: 6-6:30pm Drop-in fee $

Adult FitnessCardio - Body Sculpting Work OutInstructor: Julie Waterman, ACE CertifiedThis one-hour class will target all of your major musclegroups. This class is designed to sculpt your body withchallenging integrated exercises using weights, bandsand stability balls. Cardio will be incorporated into theworkout – sometimes in the form of circuit training orinterval workouts, sometimes in the form of some fundance moves. Variety keeps your muscles challenged!Please consult your doctor if you have back issues orother health concerns before taking this class. Bring amat, hand weights to class and a stability or “balance”ball to class on Fridays. Bands will be provided by theteacher.Mon/Wed/Fri Sept. 9 - Dec. 11(no class 10/14, 11/11, 11/27 & 11/29)Wescustago Hall 9-10amOne class/week: $55/ $65 non-res/ $49 seniorTwo classes/week: $89/ $99 non-res/ $69 seniorThree classes/week: $118/ $128 non-res/ $89 seniorMorning Tai Chi for SeniorsInstructor: Louise PoppemaCome and experience the joy of Tai Chi in a settingdesigned for the “over 55” crowd. You will relievestress, increase flexibility and improve balance, allwithout exerting any effort or working up a sweat.Please wear comfortable clothing. No previous Tai Chiexperience required and class can be done sitting in achair if balance is a concern.Wednesday September 25 – November 6 (no classOct. 16)Prince Memorial Library 10:00-11:00amFee: $55Kripalu Yoga for Teens and AdultsInstructor: Elizabeth BurdEach class will begin with a brief centering, warm ups,and pranayama (breath work) followed by a series ofguided postures. The focus will be on alignment, bodyawareness and coordinating breath with movement.Class will end with a brief relaxation and meditation.Modifications will always be given to ensure a safeand rewarding class for everyone! Please note: someprior Yoga experience is required. Please wear comfyclothing and bring a water bottle, yoga blocks, strap,small pillow & yoga mat.PML 4:30-5:45pmSession 1- Tuesday, Sept 3-Oct 29(No class 10/15)Fee: $64/ $74 non-res/ $60 seniorSession 2- Tuesday, Nov 5- Dec 17th(No class 11/26)Fee: $48/ $58 non-res/ $44 seniorIntroduction to PickleballWeekly ClinicsWant to learn the popular activity of Pickleball orpossibly improve your skills? This fall Ray Lessard &Chet Adams will be offering a free Thursday PickleballClinic for adults at the newly renovated courts at theWest Cumberland Athletic Complex on BlackstrapRd. For additional questions about the clinics or formore information on Pickleball please contact RayLessard at: or Chet Adams @892-9270, 12, 19, 26, Oct 3, 1011am-12noonWest Cumberland Athletic ComplexNO FEE For This ProgramQuestions? Call Us • 829-220813

Adults In The PoolAquatic FitnessInstructor: Kathy TaylorExercise in the water! Each class includes a warm-up,aerobic upper body, mid and lower body workout andends with a cool-down. This workout for swimmersand non-swimmers is designed for all fitness levelsand paces. Water exercise is a wonderful low-impactalternative to traditional land exercise programs- idealfor people with arthritis and those recovering frominjuries as well as anyone looking for a great workout.Post-operative participants must have writtenpermission from a physician. You must be at least 18years old to register for this class.Tuesdays & ThursdaysSession 1 - September 17- October 29Session 2 - October 31 – December 19(no class 11/26 & 11/28)GHS pool 6:00-7:00pm;(TIME CHANGE: 5:30-6:30pm, starting 11/19)Fee: $48/ $58 non-res/ $40 seniorsPlease note: Each session has one extra days, in case oflast minute pool closure.Punch Card – Lap and MastersPunch cards for morning Lap Swim and Mastersare valid for six months from date of purchase. Theyare available at the Cumberland Town Hall in theCommunity Education and Recreation office.Fee: $35/ $45 non-res for 10 lap swims$75/ $85 non-res for 25 lap swimsFee: $55/ $65 non-res for 10 Master swimsLap SwimmingSwimming is a great aerobic exercise which conditionsthe heart and lungs as well as helping control bodyweight. It can also give you more energy, increaseresistance to fatigue, relieve tension, tone muscles andhelp you to relax and sleep. You must be 18 years oldand be able to swim one length of the pool at yourown pace without stopping. This is not a learn-toswimprogram.Morning Lap Swim:Mon/ Wed/ Fri Sept. 4 – Dec. 20 (no class 10/14,11/11&11/29)GHS Pool 5:30-7:00amEvening Lap Swim:Mon/Wed Sept. 4 - Nov. 13 (no class 10/14)GHS Pool 6:00-7:30pmFee: Punch Card (See punch card info for pricing)Masters Swim ProgramCoach: Larissa HeroldThe Masters program provides early-morningswim workouts for competitors, as well as triathletesand general fitness swimmers. Our coach, LarissaHerold, will help swimmers meet their individualneeds and goals. Participants should be able to swimat least 30 lengths of the pool in an hour. Individualworkouts will be provided.Note: You must be at least 18 years old to participate inthis adult program.Tues-Thurs-Sat Sept. 5 – Dec. 21 ( no class 11/28)GHS pool 5:30 - 7am (Saturdays at 7:00 – 8:15am)Fee: $ 160/ $170 non-res or Masters punch card(See punch card info)Larissa was Olympic Trial Swimming Finalist 1992,NCAA D-1 Finalist 1992-1997. USS club swim coachfor 15 years & Masters swim coach for 7 years

Football/CheeringYouth Cheering ClinicBoys & GirlsGrades K-1Instructor: Varsity Cheering Coach and HS cheering squadLearn the basics of cheering and dance with technique,motions and safety.Tuesday evenings 5:30-6:30 (8wks) GHSSeptember 3rd – October 22ndFee $100 payable to Greely HS CheeringSignup Deadline is August 23rd, space is limitedVisit FMI & FormsCumberland Youth CheeringFall/Winter Cheering Sign-upsGrades 2-8Thursday, Augusta 29th 6:00pm GMS CaféRegistration Cost $150 payable to Cumberland Cheering(CYC)Payable in 2 installments: $75 Aug 29th and $75 Nov 15th.Westcustago Hall, Rt. 115, No. YarmouthSept. 16th – Oct 29th Pre-season ClinicNov. 4th – Mar 31st Competition SeasonPractice times vary by grade so please visit FMI & FormsAre You NOT Ready For Some Football?Instructor: Bill GreenYou will be after this popular class! Longtime WCSH6-TVpersonality Bill Green will lead a fun and informative sessionon how the sport of football is played. In this “there is no suchthing as a dumb question” class, you will learn everything youneed to know and more so you too, can take part in the ritualof never leaving the couch on weekends in the fall. If you havealways wanted to learn about the passion of the pigskin buthave been afraid to ask, this is your chance.Minimum 6/ Maximum 20.Football 101 for WomenTuesdays, Sept. 10, 17, 24, Oct 1, 8Town Hall Council Chambers6:30-8pmCost: $10.00Green, a longtime resident of Cumberland has worked as ananchor and Producer/host of numerous original series for WCSH6/WLBZ 2 since 1975.It’s Football TimeGreely Football would like to welcome back all of last yearsplayers and we are looking for new ones for this comingFootball season.Flag Football – This is an introductory 8 week program andis designed for players grades K&1. There is limited contactat this level. The players will meet every Saturday morningstarting in September for practices, games, and fun. We alsowill feature these players at one of the Friday Night HighSchool games as the Half Time Show. No equipment necessaryexcept for mouth guardsPee Wee Bears – This is the next step for player’s grades 2and 3. The players are fully equipped to play Football sincethere will be contact at this level. The focus is fun and thefundamentals of Football. Practice is twice a week with gameson Saturday. Players will need to obtain their own equipmentThe Bears – We are able to field 3 separate Bears teams. TwoJ.V teams for players grades 4 and 5, and a Varsity Team forplayers in grade 6. This is a full contact football program as webelong to the Maine Sportsman League. There are 8 regularseason games and a Round Robin Invitational which ends ourseason. Practices are 3 times a week with games on Saturday.Players will need to obtain their own equipment.Greely Middle & High School – Football is a schoolsanctioned but 100% Booster funded sport at these levels.However, you do need to sign up with the Boosters to join.The cost for Middle School “COLTS”.For more information concerning Registrations, Game &Practice schedules, Coaches contacts, Fundraising, or anythingelse visit our web site: Greelyfootball.comFor more information please call Jim Guidi @ 653-7873 ore-mail jguidi@maine.rr.comNote: Financial aid is available for families unable to pay thesefees.Questions? Call Us • 829-220817

Open Recreational SwimSaturday Lessons: September 7 - November 2No lesson October 14ClassesParent/Child Swim: (30 min) 8:30-9:00 am, Min 8,Max 15For parents and children between the ages of 6 mosto 3 yrs. The purpose of this class is to familiarizefamilies with the pool and to begin the process ofacclimating your child for swim lessons. Parents arethe primary instructor for their child at this age. Swiminstructors will primarily instruct the parents to beginthe process of teaching children to swim. This class isnot designed to teach children to survive in the wateron their own. A major focus of this class will be tohave fun with your child while learning some of thebasics such as proper holds. Instruction will be gearedto the parent. A clean swim diaper is required under asnug fitting bathing suit for children who are not pottytrained. Older children who are fearful of the watermay benefit from this class as well.Fee:$45 res/$55 non-resPreschool Swim Lessons (30 min) 9:10-9:40 am,10:40-11:10 am, Min 8, Max 12.For children ages 3, 4, and 5. (must be 3 before thefirst class) Children will be assessed the first day andplaced in a skill group. Children need to follow simplecommands from their instructor. Trust is importantand crucial for positive progress. Parents are welcometo watch from the bleachers.Fee:$45 res/$55 non-resYouth Swim Lessons (40 min) 9:50-10:30 am, 11:20-12:00 pm, Min 8, Max 12. For children ages 6 andup. (must be 6 before the first class) Children will beassessed the first day and placed in an appropriate leveland skill group.Fee:$55 res/$65 non-resSwim lesson progressions and skills:Level 1: Breath Control, Streamlined (front) Float,18Swim Lessonswww.cumberlandmaine.comBack Float, Dog Paddling, Back Kicking, SafetyAwarenessLevel 2: Streamlined Kick (with face in), BeginnerFreestyle, Pat the Dog, Freestyle Breathing, Backstroke,FreestyleLevel 3: Beginning Breaststroke, Butterfly, TreadingWater, Surface Dives, Standing Front DivePrivate Lessons: Fee for private/semi-private or smallgroup lessons is $30 per half hour. Please schedule atime and an instructor with Sue at 829-4805 or email:smartelle@msad51.orgSwimmers must take a cleansing shower at the poolbefore lessons.Swimmers must wear a bathing cap if their hair islonger than 3 inches. We have silicone bathing capsavailable at the pool. ($5)Goggles are necessary for Preschool and YouthLessons. For children as young as three learning towear goggles is as much a part of the lesson as gettingin the water. They should be comfortable and fitproperly. We have silicone goggles available at thepool. ($10)Parents, swimmers and spectators are required toremove shoes before entering the pool area.Saturday Swim LessonsGeneral open recreation swim time is available.Children must be able to stand in four (4) feet of waterand must be over six (6) years of age or accompaniedby an adult. Children not toilet trained must wearrubber pants or plastic barrier in addition to a swimdiaper. (State Law)Saturdays (ongoing)GHS Pool, 12–2:00 pmFee: Children $2 res/$3 non-resAdults $3 res/$4 non-resFamily $5 res/$6 non-res

Youth EnrichmentKids Caring ClubGrades K-3Instructor: Allison Fluet and staffAlways a favorite, the “Club” is an opportunity for kids to gettogether to work and play cooperatively, develop importantsocial skills and participate in community service projects.We’ll focus on cooperation, communication, friendship,emotional expression, perspective taking and goodmanners. The children will work collaboratively oncommunity service projects throughout the course of theprogram. It’s fun to care! PROGRAM LIMITED TO First 30PARTICPANTSWednesdays: Sept. 11, 18, 25, Oct. 2, 9, 23, 30Fee: $135Hodge PodgeGrades K-3Instructor: Allison Fluet and staffA little bit of this, a little bit of that! And a whole lot offun! Join us on Early Release Wednesday afternoons fora bunch of activities from games to crafts to experiments.Each week will have a theme such as Fairies and Gnomesand Team Challenges to name a few! Children will enjoythe variety. PROGRAM LIMITED TO FIRST 30PARTICIPANTS*Wednesdays: Nov. 6, 20, Dec. 4, 11, 18 Fee: $95*Participants enrolled in this session will be eligible toattend Holiday Week Vacation CampLet the (Board) Games Begin!!!Instructor: Johna KingAges K-3Come enjoy an afternoon of good old fashion game playing.Each week we will learn the rules of and play a board game.Some of the games include Sorry, Trouble, Chutes andLadders, Connect Four and Crazy Eights. A fun and enjoyableway to meet new friends, practice good sportsmanship andpractice your game skills.October 29th-December 17th (No class Nov. 12)Mondays 3:15-4:15Meet in Mrs. Johna King’s classroom – Wilson SchoolFee $70Max of 20 participants for this programSounds of SilenceAN AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE CLASSINSTRUCTOR: MRS. ROBIN SIDDERSTWO CLASSES OFFERED: NYMS (GRADES 3-5)GMS (GRADES 6-8)The Sounds of Silence program is entering its fourth yearwith Cumberland Rec. SOS is a fun, 10-week after-schoolAmerican Sign Language class in which students will learnsign language skills and develop an awareness of the deafculture, discovering that we are all unique and special.While SOS is dedicated to helping new students learn thebasics of the language, Mrs. Sidders is always finding uniqueopportunities to continue to challenge her returning students.Two SOS classes will be offered this fall. SOS-NYMS is forstudents in grades 3-5 and is held on early release Wednesdaysafter school (bus transportation from MIW available).SOS-GMS is a middle school program for students in grades6-8 and will be held on Mondays after school (late bustransportation available).The SOS experience includes optional performanceopportunities that help students build confidence and selfesteem.This fall session will include a holiday performance atL.L. Bean along with a celebration performance for family andfriends.NYMS10 class session -- Wednesday Early Release (12:15 p.m. -2:00 p.m.)Grades 3-5Dates: 9/18, 9/25, 10/2, 10/9, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/20,12/4, 12/11Fee: $135 GMSClass Minimum: 10 students(Bus Transportation from MIW Available)10 class session -- Mondays after school (2:15 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.)Grades 6-8Dates: 9/23, 9/30, 10/7, 10/21, 10/28, 11/4, 11/18, 11/25,12/2, 12/9Fee: $135Class Minimum: 10 students(Late Bus Transportation Available)Questions? Call Us • 829-220819

Youth EnrichmentBabysitter’s TrainingAges 11–14Instructor: Gail PlattsChildren will learn about the responsibilities of becominga baby-sitter. Topics include the business of babysitting,emergency procedures and basic first aid, child care,amusement of children and more. Upon completion ofthis course, participants will receive American Red CrossBabysitting certification. Full attendance is mandatory toobtain certificate. Limited to 14Choose One:Session I: Saturday, September 21Session II: Saturday, December 7Town Hall Council Chambers 9:00am–4:00pm (Bring abag lunch!)Fee: $70 res/80 non-res incl. new updated materials!Note: No refunds or switching on this program unlessthere are participants on a wait list.Introduction to LEGO® Robotics andMindStorms SoftwarePresented by Maine RoboticsAges 9-14 (Adults are welcome to register too!)Take this opportunity to become an instant veteran of theLEGO robotics system! This basic workshop is designed tocover getting familiar with using the LEGO MindStorms kit.Children will build a LEGO Robot and modify it during theday to complete different tasks. The software environmentis 100% graphic and allows you to build a flow chart styledprogram that controls the robot. This year’s theme isNATURE’S FURY and focuses on issues relating hurricanes,storms, floods, tsunami’s, earthquakes, tornadoes, andvolcanic eruptions! It’s all about brainstorming, creativity, andteamwork.Saturday November 16, 8:00-2:30Town Hall Council ChambersFee: $60 res/ $70 non-res Includes all materialsMin 12/Max 20YOGA FOR KIDSInstructor: Jennifer KameishaAges K-3Join us after school for an engaging and fun YOGA classdesigned just for kids. We will stretch our bodies using yogaposes, games, music, props, stories and teamwork. We will alsolearn partner poses and breathing exercises all in a kid-friendlyenvironment. Yoga helps with balance, focus, flexibility andstrength as well as relaxation and rejuvenation. Limited to 15.Oct. 17 - Dec. 5 (no class Nov. 28)Thursdays 3:15 - 4:30Meet in Mrs. Kameisha’s classroom – Wilson SchoolPlease bring a beach towel, an open mind and a fun spiritto class!Fee: $84Root for ME! Our Third Year!!This drop in program is designed to promote recreation andsocialization for kids and families with special needs. Rootfor ME! will hold an open gym every Saturday geared toaccommodate all levels of participation, grades K-12. Thisevent is not limited to kids with special needs, as friends andsiblings are encouraged to participate as well. Parents or adultsupports must accompany children.Saturdays, beginning September 18th10-11:30am, Drop-In anytime (Program does not operateduring Holiday Weekends)Mabel I. Wilson Gym (No Fee for this Program) for more

Mad Science ProgramsMad Science Staff (For children in Grades K-3)Youth EnrichmentSession 1: Project EarthCalling all Future Explorers! Jump into the future afterschoolwith Mad Science! With our innovative programming, wewill inspire your child to not just ride the wave of the future,but to create it! In this exciting new program, we will embarkon a quest for alternative energy by experimenting withparabolic mirrors and fuel cells, find hidden mountains usingthe principles of radar technology, and create a telephonenetwork to connect with your classmates. You will have thechance to jump in to the atomic make-up of matter, use a largechild-operated pulley system, and make a soccer robot scorea goal.Mondays, Sept. 23 - Oct. 21 (no class 10/14)Wilson Art Room 3:30–4:30pmFee: $52res/$62 non-resSession 2: Energize it!Get ready to dig your heals into the dirt because you are aboutto get stuck to science as you build a bond with glue and getattached to Professor Beakerdude! Then, you better wear yoursafari outfit in order to prepare yourself for an expedition intothe diverse life of the Animal Kingdom! Scuba gear will alsobe required as we dive into the deep-water abyss to observe thegreat depths of ocean life. Whether you are blasting off intothe Earth’s Atmosphere or sliding down the colorful pH scale,the earth has no limit, nor does our imagination.Mondays, Oct 28–Dec. 9 (no class 11/11)Wilson Art Room 3:30–4:30 pmFee: $72res/$82 non-resFall 2013 Dance ProgramsPre School “Spinning Sprouts” with Brio Dance Studio(formally PMDA) For children ages *3-5 & not enrolled inKindergarten *Must be age 3 by September 1st, 2013Information about class:Come explore the art of dance with Brio Dance Studio inour Spinning Sprouts Class! Your dancer will be taught basicballet, basic tap, and creative movement steps. Each classwill incorporate music, props, group and partner dancing,and individual attention. Dance encourages self confidence,balance, and coordination. All sprouts are welcome!Dates & Times: Tuesday evenings from 4:00-4:45pm @MIW GymQuestions? Call Us • 829-2208Ages: 3-5 years*All dancers must be potty-trained.Leader: Julie Wilkes, Director of Brio Dance StudioFees: 6 week session: $50res/$60nrMin/Max: 6/15“Fusion Dance Class” with Brio Dance Studio(formally PMDA) For Children in Grades K-2nd GradeInformation about class:Come explore the art of dance in our Fusion Dance Class!Your dancer will be taught a variety of dance techniques suchas: ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop. Each class will incorporatemusic, props, group and partner dancing, and individualattention. Dance encourages self confidence, balance, andcoordination. All levels are welcome!Dates Times: Tuesday evenings from 5:00-6:00pm @MIW GymGrades: K-2ndLeader: Julie Wilkes, Director of Brio Dance StudioFees: 6 week session: $50res/$60nrMin/Max: 6/15Requirements for both Spinning Sprouts & Dance FusionI & II:Each student will need to bring a pair of socks or flexible shoesand dress shoes (for tap technique) to every class. Ballet andtap shoes are recommended, but not required. Please sendyour dancer in comfortable clothes they can move in. Nojeans please.“Fusion II Dance Class” with Brio Dance Studio(Formally PMDA)Information about class:This class is for those who have attended one year of danceclasses or one of our Fusion I dance sessions. This class willincorporate ballet, tap, and jazz techniques and is intended tobuild upon the basic steps of each technique. Combinations,across the floor exercises, and more complex steps will betaught on a level appropriate for a 2nd year dancer.Dates Times: Tuesday evenings from 6:00-7:00pm @MIW GymGrades: 1st-3rdLeader: Julie Wilkes, Director of Brio Dance StudioFees: 6 week session: $50res/$60nrMin/Max: 6/15Dates: Sept 17, 24, Oct 1, 8, 15, 22, 2921

Friday Fun“Little Stars” Creative DramaInstructor: Jennifer GiffordGrades K-3A drama class focused on FUN! Come build creativethinking, confidence, self-esteem, speaking and acting skillsthrough movement, improv, voice, and characters! Thiscreative journey will include dramatic play, story enactment,imagination exploration, theatre games, music, dance andmore!Fridays: Nov, 1, 8, 15, 22Wilson MPR/Library 3:15-4:15pmFee: $60 Res/$70 Non-resFAMILY Bingo NightBring the family and head over to the MIW MPR for anevening of Bingo! We will have refreshments and a fabulousprize table that will please all ages! Cards and markers areprovided. Register early ... this will fill up fast! Children ingrade 5 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Preregistrationis required.Friday, November 15, 6:00-7:30Wilson School MPRFee: $7NEW PROGRAMS!Pumpkin Carving for KidsJoin us for a fun filled evening of pumpkin carving! Carveyour very own Jack-O-Lantern using stencils or free hand.Halloween music, movie, and all materials will be provided.Parents are encouraged to join in the fun with their child.Friday, October 18, 6:00-7:30Wilson School GymFee: $10 / Child - Includes all materialsDrop and Shop Pajama PartyGrades 1-5This night is specially designed for parents who need sometime during the busy holiday season to finish up errandsor simply have some time to themselves before the hecticholidays arrive. Children in grades 1-5, may be dropped off atthe Wilson School MPR where they will enjoy a pizza party,games, arts and crafts and movies. Please have your child wearor bring sneakers for the gym. Wear your jammies!Friday, December 6 5:30-8:30pmWilson School MPRFee: $15/ChildPre School Age ActivitiesKiddie Gym!Program Coordinator: Devon GalvanKiddie Gym is the perfect way for your toddler to beat thewinter boredom blues. We will have multiple activity sitesincluding mats for tumbling, and a wide variety of ballsand other games! All toddlers must be accompanied by a“participating” adult. This program is not structured, butrather an opportunity for a change of scenery and some“new toys” and “friends” to play with!!Location: West Cumberland Community HallWhen: Mondays & Wednesdays 9-11amFee: $2/toddler per visitPROGRAM BEGINS MONDAY OCTOBER 21stKiddie Gym will be closed on days that school is not insession.Music and Me Movement Classes!(For Ages 4 months–4 years)Instructor: Jennifer GiffordWe’ll move, groove, wiggle and giggle! Exercise fun for thetoddler & parent/caregiver! This class will help developyour child’s fine and gross motor skills, visual-auditoryawareness, rhythm, socialization, strength and flexibility.We will enjoy musical instruments, ball play, finger play,parachute, puppets and more!Note: Parent/caregiver participation is required.Wednesdays, Oct 16- Nov 13West Cumberland Hall 8:15-9:00amFee: $35res /$45 non-res per

Youth SportsFall Running ClubGrades 1st-6th (Fall 2013)Head Coach: Maureen FitzgeraldDoes your child love to run? Are you looking for a way toburn off some of that excess after school energy in a safe andpositive environment? Cumberland/N.Yarmouth Recreationis again offering the Fall Running Club Program!The primary focus of this POPULAR six week program isto promote running as a fun, group oriented activity and is agreat way to stay healthy. “Fun Run Meets” will be scheduledeach Wednesday with other surrounding communities.Currently Accepting Registrations!Note: Assistant Coaches are needed.Please call 829-2208 FMISept. 9-Oct. 20 (M, W, F)Championship on Saturday, October 21stWilson/Twinbrook Recreation AreaFee: $60Location DetailsRunners will meet at the Wilson school on Mondays andFridays; NYMS runners, please take bus to Wilson. Wilsonrunners will be dismissed from their classroom to playgroundwhen a coach arrives. Runners will meet coaches and completetheir stretching at Wilson school; at approx 3:45pm a school buswill transport runners and coaches to Twinbrook Recreationarea for their practice. Parents, please plan to pick up youth atTwinbrook by 4:30pm., second parking lot. The meets aregenerally on Wednesdays. A meet and practice schedule will beavailable at the beginning of the season.Fall Youth Instructional Field HockeyEmphasis will be on introducing the sport of field hockey andworking on skill development; passing, dribbling, and shooting.Team play and game concepts are introduced Participantsare required to have a mouth guard, and shin pads. Hockeysticks are provided. The Greely Field Hockey coaching staffalong with current members of the team will coordinate theprogram.Sept 14-Oct 12, Rain date Oct 19, (5 weeks)Grades 1–3 10:15–11:00 amGrades 3–5 9:00–10:00 amGHS Field Hockey Field ( inside of track)Fee: $45 per participantCNY United Recreation FallKindergarten Soccer (Entering K in thefall)Coordinators: Mike Andreason (GHS Varsity Boys HeadCoach), Josh Muscadin (GHS Varsity Girls Head Coach)Kindergarten Soccer Saturdays are full of fun! We will workon developing soccer skills including dribbling, passing,shooting, foot/eye coordination and the very early stages of“field position.” Program emphasis will be on fun, exerciseand parent/child interaction. Child must be entering K in thefall.Players from both the girls and boys varsity soccer teams willserve as assistant coaches.Sat., Sept.7, 14, 21, 28, Oct 5th Rain date Oct 12 (5 weeks)Twinbrook Recreation Area, 10am–11amFee: $40 res/$50 non-res (Includes end of season award)“Kiddie Kickers” Pre School SoccerProgram(Participants must be age 4 by Aug 1st)Instructor: Alan GradyKiddie Kickers introduction to soccer created by “CoachAlan” is a program designed to introduce children to thegame of soccer, the fun way! Children will learn rules, keywords and how to play the game, as well as participate inskill developing games throughout the session. Parents getto share in some great 1 on 1 time with their child and thesession ends with a real game!Parents are encouraged to participate in this programTuesdays or Thursdays (Pick one) Week of Sept. 10-Oct 8 (5weeks)Tuesday Session 5-5:45pm Sept 10, 17, 24, Oct 1, 8 (max of16 participants)Thursday Session 5-5:45pm Sept 12, 19 26, Oct 3, 10 (maxof 16 participants)Location: Cumberland CommonsFee: $40 re/$50 non-res (Includes end of season award)Currently Accepting Registrations for Both Programs!Questions? Call Us • 829-220823

26K-4th Grade BasketballK-4th Grade Youth Basketball 2013-14Introduction to Basketball (Kindergarten/Co-Ed)The emphasis of this co-ed introductory basketballprogram will be fun! Fundamental skills includedribbling, passing, defense and shooting. This isa great way to introduce your child to the sport ofbasketball during the traditional basketball season inMaine!When: Saturday Mornings; 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM;6-weeks beginning Dec. 14 and 21; Jan. 4, 11, 18and 25 (Snow date Feb 1st)Where: GHS GymInstructors: GHS Basketball Coaches & PlayersFee: $40 resident/$60 non-residentBasketball Skills, Drills & Scrimmages(1st & 2nd Graders)The emphasis of this basketball program will be skillsand drills through multiple fun activities. Skills includedribbling, passing, defense and shooting. In addition,we will hold scrimmages at the conclusion of eachsession as time allows. The varsity coaches and teammembers look forward to working with the youthwithin our communities!When: Saturday Mornings; 6-weeks beginningDec. 14 and 21; Jan. 4, 11, 18 and 25 (Snow dateFeb 1st)Girls (1st/2nd)..........................................9:45-10:45 AMBoys (1st)................................................. 11:00-12:00 PMBoys (2nd)..................................................12:00-1:00 PMWhere: GHS GymInstructors: GHS Basketball Coaches & PlayersFee: $40 resident/$60 non-resident3rd & 4th Boys & Girls Skills &Basketball League(s)This program will be a structured ‘community league’for boys and girls grades 3-4. Girls and boys willbe separated, however, 3rd and 4th graders will bewww.cumberlandmaine.comcombined. A parent volunteer will coach practicesand games. The purpose of this program is to workon skills and provide “game experience” for the youth.For those looking for more, we will also provide anoption to play an additional game on Sundays inDecember-February in Falmouth (FYBL) for anadditional fee. You cannot choose to play in the FYBLwithout playing in the Community League.Coaches: Parent Volunteers To register to be avolunteer coach, please contact Ben Bettez at or call 829-2208.*** OPTION #1 – Community League Only ***“Group Wide” Skills and Drills Session (Dec. 7th)Boys S&D Session ..............................12:00-1:15pmGirls S&D Session ................................. 1:30-2:45pmWeekday Practice Schedule (One per week)To be determined – Once a week beginningthe week of Dec. 16th.Practices will be held at NYMS GymSaturday Game Schedule (@ GMS GYM)Jan. 4, 11, 18, 25, Feb. 1, 8, 15Girls Games Times: 10:00 am or 11:00 amBoys Game Times: 12:00 pm or 1:00 pmCommunity League Fee Only: $55 resident/$65non-resident*** OPTION #2 – Community League &Falmouth Youth Basketball League ***Includes Option #1, Community League, and thefollowing:Sunday Game OptionVolunteer parents will serve as coachesBegins in December.Sundays, 8 weeks of games.Games will be held in Falmouth gymsCommunity League & FYBL Fee (combined): $125resident only

5th-8th Grade Travel Basketball5th-8th Grade Travel Team BasketballLeagues5th and 6th grade Teams:The Cumberland Recreation Travel Team Basketballprogram is for 5th & 6th grade boys and girls..Brief description: Gender specific players areselected from the 5th and the 6th grade. CumberlandRecreation will sponsor one team per grade/gender.Participants will play in a weekend league hostedby Cape Elizabeth Community Recreation. Teamselection will take place the week of October 21st. Theseason will be from the last week of October to midMarch (approx. 20 weeks).This program is for the individual who has a desireor passion for the sport of basketball; at least one(sometimes 2) practice(s) per week and games on Sat.and/or Sunday is the expected level of commitment.Fee covers league fees and uniform. This fee will becollected once the team has been selected.LEAGUE SELECTION NIGHTS (AT GMS GYM)Boys 5th Grade: Tuesday, October 22nd 5:30-6:30pm Boys 6th Grade: Tuesdays, October22nd 6:30-7:30pmGirls 5th Grade: Thursdays, October 24th 5:30-6:30pm Girls 6th Grade: Thursday, October24th 6:30-7:30pmRegistration is not required prior to assessment& No Fees will be collected until team has beenselectedPractices will begin the week of October 28th &Games will begin the weekend of November 9thFee: $125 per participant (Includes Reversible Jersey)7th and 8th grade Team:Cumberland Recreation will be sponsoring genderspecific middle school age travel teams. The league ishosted by Freeport Community Recreation; gamesare primarily weekends, hosted by schools in theGreater Portland Area, i.e. Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth,etc. Girls will play during Nov. & Dec. 2013. Boyswill play January & February 2014. Youth must haveprior experience, i.e. played for a school team, travelteam, or Cumberland Recreation Youth BasketballCommunity League. Registration for this program isfirst come first servedFee: $125 per participant (Includes ReversibleJersey)Min: 8/Max: 15 (per team)Open Gym!5th and 6th grade Teams:Greely Middle School Gym will be open eachSaturday beginning December 14th from2-4pm for open gym. Participants may workon shooting, dribbling, etc. or simply get somefriends together for some “pick-up” hoops.Saturdays: Dec 14th-Feb 8 (No Program Dec28th)GMS Gym 2-4pmFee: $2/per participantQuestions? Call Us • 829-220827

Bulletin BoardAnnual North Yarmouth Fun DaySaturday, September 21Location: North Yarmouth Village GreenFree parking and free admissionTheme: Summersault into FallParade starts at 9amGames for the kidsLive music from Simple Burden and Easy MoneyBandGreat food with proceeds going to support localnon-profitsFMI: or Movie TicketsDiscounted Movie Passes are now available forthe new Nordica Theatre at Freeport VillageStation.Purchase your movie ticket vouchers at therecreation office and save $2 off the box office price($9.00) with no restrictions on new release films.Parents, this is a great way to get away from thestresses in life and to spend some time together.These are a great gift idea for teens, babysitters,paper carriers etc.You may purchase your passes at the CumberlandRecreation office during regular business hours.Passes are $7.00 each and valid for all films*.*3.50 additional charge on all 3-D films.Seacoast Swim ClubDo you have an inspired swimmer thatwants to reach their full potential throughthe rewards of teamwork, dedication,competition, goal setting and mostimportantly fun?Join the Seacoast Swim ClubFor further details, please visit www.seacoastswimclub.orgThe team swims at the Greely High School poolin Cumberland Maine.After school-busing to the pool is available forMSAD#51 students.Requirement ~ new swimmers must completeone pool length of each freestyle and backstrokewithout assistance.Not sure which group your child belongs to?Please email Coaches at forswimming evaluations & proper leveling.The Mission .... of Seacoast Swim Club isto develop skillful swimmers & successfulindividuals.Congratulations to the GreelySoftball Team!2013 Class B Western Maine ChampionsClass B State

Bulletin BoardTree Lighting 2013New Day & Time!Cumberland/NY Lions, The Recreation & FireDepartment (and Santa Claus) are pleased toannounce our new and improved Tree Lightingfor 2013!Tree Lighting will take place at the CumberlandCongregational Church on Sunday, December1st at 5:30pm. Refreshments and anopportunity to visit with Santa will take place inthe Parish Hall immediately following the treelighting.Sunday, December 1st5:30pmAdult Basketball 30 & OverOpen gym time is available for those who wishto participate in a pick-up game. This is anon-going program; no need to register.Sundays beginning in late Sept. 7:00–9pm @GHSWednesdays beginning in late Sept. 7:30–9pm@GMSFee: $2 per visitFMI- Email Steve Hamilton @steveh_59@yahoo.comTwinbrook Recreation AreaMajor EventsFall 2013Sat/Sun Aug 31st & Sept 1Cumberland Soccer ClubAnnual Labor Day Soccer Tournament8am-6pm Each DaySaturday, Oct 19th*Youth Cross Country ProgramLeague Championship Meet1-4pm*Rain Date, Sun Oct 27thSaturday, Oct 26thMaine Principals AssociationHigh School Class “A”, “B”& “C”Regional Cross Country Championships9am-3pmSaturday, Nov 3rdMaine Principals AssociationHigh School Class “A”, “B”& “C”State Cross Country Championships9am-3pmMen’s Pickup Indoor SoccerSunday mornings an indoor soccer programis open to the community at the Greely HighSchool Gym. Start dates and times will beannounced when weather begins to turn colder.FMI-EmailBob Wood @ BWoodJr@maine.rr.comOn the above dates/times, it is recommendedresidents access the park on the Greely Rd.entrance point.Questions? Call Us • 829-220829

Twin Brook Recreation is now home to our new 9 hole Disc Golf Course.The course will be based out of the ShelterBuilding which will have course information/map andscorecards available at the building.The cost for all day unlimited play is $5 perperson or $10 for a group of two or more.Payment is on the honor system. Loaner discs willbe available onsite.Season Passes Also Available for Purchase!$30/Individual $50/Family (Max of 5 per family)Passes Available at Recreation Department in Town HallCourse will be openfrom dawn to duskdaily and will only beclosed duringinclement weather orduring major events30

Course Registration FormParticipant First Name Last Name GenderStreet Address City ZipHome Phone Work Phone CellChild’s Age Date of Birth Grade (Current)Parent’s NameE-MailMedical Concerns/Medication/Special NeedsEmergency Contact Emergency Phone Relationship to ParticipantParent’s Signature (for youth program)In consideration of my [and/or my child(s)] participation in this activity, I hereby release and discharge the Town of Cumberland, and its representatives, successors, andassigns, from any and all liability arising from accident, injury, and illness that I (he/she) may suffer as a result of my (our) participation in this activity. I (we) also willfollow the rules and regulations set by the Town of Cumberland and above named parties. I understand that the Town of Cumberland may take pictures or video of thisprogram for promotional purposes. Parent or guardian must sign for anyone age 18 and under.Course NameFeeCourse NameFeeCredit Card Number Exp Date: 3 Digit Code:Course Registration FormParticipant First Name Last Name GenderStreet Address City ZipHome Phone Work Phone CellChild’s Age Date of Birth Grade (Current)Parent’s NameE-MailMedical Concerns/Medication/Special NeedsEmergency Contact Emergency Phone Relationship to ParticipantParent’s Signature (for youth program)In consideration of my [and/or my child(s)] participation in this activity, I hereby release and discharge the Town of Cumberland, and its representatives, successors, andassigns, from any and all liability arising from accident, injury, and illness that I (he/she) may suffer as a result of my (our) participation in this activity. I (we) also willfollow the rules and regulations set by the Town of Cumberland and above named parties. I understand that the Town of Cumberland may take pictures or video of thisprogram for promotional purposes. Parent or guardian must sign for anyone age 18 and under.Course NameFeeCourse NameFeeCredit Card Number Exp Date: 3 Digit Code:31

PRST STDU.S. PostagePaidPortland, MEPermit #380CumberlandNo. YarmouthCommunity Education & Recreation290 Tuttle RoadCumberland, ME 04021Don’t Delay!Register EarlyQuestions? Call Us • 829-2208Need Gift Ideas?Purchase A Gift Certificate for aClass , Program or Movie TicketsLike our Facebook page!

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