Partnership in practice Impact report 2010-11 - Partnership for ...

Partnership in practice Impact report 2010-11 - Partnership for ...

Impact reportContentsIntroduction 4Services for young people 5Workforce development 5Other activities 6Representation 7Members of PYL 2010-11 8The future 103

Introduction2010-11 turned out to be the mostsignificant year in PYL’s history, giving uscause for both celebration and concern. InJune 2010, our fifth birthday conference,Why partnerships work and matter waswell-attended by members, partners andcolleagues from across London’s youth sector,which helped us not only to acknowledgeour achievements thus far, but to consult andshape our plans for the future. Although weknew that times would be hard for everyone,we could not then conceive just how seriousthe effects of the spending cuts would befor many of our members by the end of thefinancial year.The period between the general election andthe announcement of the Spending Reviewwas one of suspense within the youth sector.The freezing of local authority budgets foryouth services meant that PYL had to workhard to generate membership renewals fromstatutory colleagues, who recognised thevalue of our offer but were less able thanpreviously to take it up. Conversely, however,a glance at our membership list (on page 8)shows that we significantly increasedsign-up from other sectors, and wewelcomed two housing associations and anumber of Associate Consultants, private andvoluntary sector organisations. We believethat this is a reflection of the need for ourservices and of the significant value they offerin keeping the workforce up to date and inbringing them together to learn and sharewith each other.As a result, we worked harder than ever tosupport those working with young peoplein London, offering a record number ofseminars and meetings, organised eithersolely by us or in partnership with membersor external bodies. Our more active membersbecame even better at maximising thevalue of their membership, engaging withus not only through attendance at events,but using our communications channels topromote their work, and drawing directlyon our expertise to help them plan theirfuture service delivery. We welcome thisdevelopment, as it embeds the partnershipelement of our remit ever more firmly intoour day to day activity.We have also used this year to review ourservices and to plan for a revised packageto provide even better value for money andfocusing on the most essential elements ofsupport to our members and the wider youthsector in London. See page 10, The Future,for our plans and new services for 2011–12.4

Impact reportServices for young peopleCommunications: briefings and seminarsOur programme of seminars has alwaysrepresented excellent value for money fordelegates, and this year we were pleased tobe able to offer more activity than ever, withthe same high quality of contributors, and aneven wider range of subjects, reaching moredelegates from very diverse organisations.This year’s programme included seminars on:• Why Partnerships Work and Matter – our5th birthday celebration• Modernising Alternative Provision Toolkit –Workshop• Qualifications and credit framework (inpartnership with Youthforce) – run twiceowing to popular demand• Young People’s Role in The Big Society• Launch of the new ABC Youth WorkQualifications – run twice owing topopular demand• Launch of the Safe Standards (inpartnership with Safe Network)• Supporting young apprentices and trainees(scheduled for March 2011)Guest speakers included representatives fromABC Awards, the Cabinet Office, ChildrenEngland, Children’s Rights Alliance England,Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Envision,Futureversity, Hackney Council for VoluntaryOrganisations, Lifelong Learning UK, LondonCouncils, the Royal Borough of Kensingtonand Chelsea, South London ConnexionsSub-regional Unit, Safe Network, WestSussex council, Youthforce.We are also asked to provide input at eventsrun by others. Last year these included• London Funders conference, StormyWeather: Opportunities and challengesin a changing London• Young Londoners Participation Network– Funding and the Big SocietyIf you are interested in linking with us todevelop events, to utilise our experienceand skills, or simply to find out about ourprogramme of forthcoming events, pleasecontact Lucy Sandford on 020 7332 3599 orat value of our weekly update servicefor members continued to be recognisedthroughout the year, and for the first timeits circulation list exceeded 600 individualswithin member organisations. We researchedever more opportunities for practitioners andyoung people, and introduced a resourcesand funding section, as well as taking theopportunity to keep members better updatedon the work we undertake on their behalf,week by week. The update remains the singlemost talked-about service we offer, andorganisations are increasingly recognising thevalue of using it to promote their services.We will continue to offer the free four-weektrial, which VCS and private organisationscan sign up to via the home page of ourwebsite, to showcase the value of the updateas a PYL service.Workforce developmentAlthough the government policy directiveon workforce development diminishedsignificantly, PYL focused strongly on thisarea, partly because of our continuedinvolvement in the completion of the YouthWorkforce Reform Programme, and partlyin recognition of the continued need for theworkforce to be better skilled than ever, toachieve outcomes for young people whenthere is less funding available for trainingand development. Given that our remit isto improve services for young people byworking with the practitioners and managerswho support them, workforce developmentis embedded in all our activities.5

6The most significant single piece of work weengaged in throughout the year was Progress– accredited training for the voluntary andcommunity sector children and youngpeople’s workforce. Progress is delivered onbehalf of CWDC’s Young People’s WorkforceReform Programme Board by a partnershipled by the National Council for VoluntaryYouth Services (NCVYS). PYL is the Londondelivery agent for the project. The overallpurpose of Progress is to build the capacityof the voluntary and community sector byoffering nationally 25,000 accredited trainingopportunities for volunteers and paid staffcovering the above five priority training areas.The project aims to improve capacity of staffand volunteers to meet the needs of youngpeople, and also the capacity of organisationsto develop their workforce.We continued to support the promotionand delivery of the successful Leadershipand Management Development trainingprogrammes, funded by CWDC andmanaged nationally by FPM Training.We facilitated further work on the LondonQuality Assurance Framework for nonstatutoryproviders of education for 13–16year olds, promoting the dissemination of anadditional toolkit developed and funded byLondon Councils, and managing a workshopto help organisations get to grips with thepracticalities.We supported the successful validationprocess of London Metropolitan University’sBSc in Youth Work by attending advisorygroup meetings, providing knowledge fromthe field (including the criteria for studentplacements developed by our Training andWorkforce Development Group two yearsago) and offering evidence to the ValidationCommittee.All of the events that we ran contributed tothe development of knowledge and skillswithin London’s youth sector workforce,through both the structured content and theopportunities for networking with colleaguesthat we always build in. Workforcedevelopment remains a key strand of ourplanned work for 2011–12 onwards.Other activitiesConsultancy• A presentation at the London RegionalDuke of Edinburgh’s Award Capitalisation2010 event, helping to keep the DofEleaders and managers up to date withrelevant initiatives and activities.• Facilitation of a Planning Away-day for theHealth and Youth Participation Team in theRoyal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea,to help the team plan for the future.• Exploration with Nisai Virtual Academy ofthe potential for business developmentopportunities.• Policy input to London Youth’smanagement away-day, facilitatingdiscussion on the external environmentand forward planning.• Support for the Metropolitan Police Servicein reviewing their children and youngpeople strategy, with particular referenceto consultation and communications.

Impact reportRepresentationConsultationsAs part of our ongoing commitment toimproving services for young people inLondon, we contributed to the followingconsultations/research programmes• Good practice in commissioning – Ofsted• Apprenticeship Frameworks at level 2and 3 – LLUK• Education Select Committee review ofservices for young people• Building a Stronger Civil Society – CabinetOffice• London Councils Funding Priorities 2011review• London Youth Quality Mark consultation• For Youth’s Sake Question Time debate –Children and Young People Now• The Spending Challenge – HM Treasury• A Day in the Life, a work shadowingscheme for voluntary and communitysector and government staff. LucySandford was shadowed by a seniorcivil servant from the Department forCommunities and Local Government andin turn spent a day there.ExhibitionsDuke of Edinburgh’s Award ExpoFebruary 2011London Councils SummitNovember 2010London Compact Awards 20107

8Developmental meetingsWe attended the following meetings aimedat exploring or steering developments withinthe youth sector in London, which werenot necessarily part of a projected series ofevents:• a meeting with the Met Police’s SpecialistCrime Directorate as part of a small groupexploring how better to co-ordinatepan-London anti-violence work• meetings with GLA, UKYP and LondonYouth in support of the Young LondonersParticipation NetworkRegular meetings attended by PYL201011 (in alphabetical order):2012 VCS Partners Advocacy Group (LOCOG)Anti-bullying AllianceC4EO Youth Theme Advisory GroupChildren England London regionChildren’s Workforce Co-ordinators group(CWDC/GOL)Intergenerational NetworkLondon Confederation of Heads ofYoung People’s ServicesLondon Children and Young People Engage(Chair)London Metropolitan University PartnersForumLondon Policy Network (Chair)London Serious Youth Violence BoardPractice seminarsSkills Development Framework ReferenceGroup – CWDCUniversity of East London BA Youth andCommunity Work advisory groupUniversity of Greenwich BA Youth andCommunity Work advisory groupYoung Londoners Participation Network(GLA/London Youth)Other networks/membershipsChildren EnglandCity.CommIndependent Academic Research Studies(IARS)London Civic ForumNetwork of Regional Youth Work UnitsRota (Race on the Agenda)Members of Partnership forYoung London in 201011City of LondonLondon Borough of BarnetLondon Borough of BexleyLondon Borough of BrentLondon Borough of BromleyLondon Borough of CamdenLondon Borough of GreenwichLondon Borough of HackneyLondon Borough of Hammersmithand FulhamLondon Borough of HaveringLondon Borough of HarrowLondon Borough of HillingdonLondon Borough of HounslowLondon Borough of Merton

Impact reportLondon Borough of RedbridgeLondon Borough of SouthwarkLondon Borough of WandsworthRoyal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaRoyal Borough of Kingston upon ThamesBarnardo’s (London, East andSouth East Region)Catch 22ChangemakersCharles Harrison AssociatesCitizenship FoundationCentral London ConnexionsColin Smith – Creating Solutions UK LimitedDuke of Edinburgh’s Award – LondonEli Anderson – Eli Anderson ConsultantFairbridge in LondonFutureversityFulham Football Club FoundationHAVCO (Havering)Hospital and Prison Action NetworkJanine Brady – Janine Brady ConsultantKings Cross BrunswickNeighbourhood Centre15 Billion (formerly LECP)Lesley Derry – Lesley Derry Trainingand ConsultancyLondon Metropolitan UniversityLondon YouthMetropolitan Police Volunteer Police CadetsNisai Virtual AcademyOne HousingRathbone – London & the South East RegionRed Onion Theatre GroupSelina RiceSharon Cohen – Outcomes FocussedSolutions LimitedSouthern Housing GroupSound ConnectionsStudio 3 ArtsThe Prince’s Trust – London RegionY-GenYMCA – London Metropolitan RegionYouthforceBoard of Trusteesduring 201011Bill Fraser, ChairSimon AultonSarah DaviesChris HeaumeLenny KinnearGraham LaneTom MautnerWayne WreglesworthThe TeamHelen HibbertStrategic Director020 7332 SandfordRegional Development Manager020 7332 IvancicCommunications Officer020 7332 are, as ever, grateful to our Board ofTrustees, our members and our partners fortheir continued support during 201011, andwe look forward to continuing to work withyou all in the coming years.9

The futureTo make it the ‘go-to’ organisation foryouth-related issues in London, from April2011 PYL will:Provide policy briefing to the youth supportand development community in Londonthrough• 6-weekly open London Policy Networkmeetings open to all managers• Weekly bulletins with news and summaryupdates• Policy seminars as new policy is announced• A web-library and observatory open to allProvide training and development for theyouth support workforce through:• Practice-focused seminars• Emailed updates as new policy andpractice developments emerge• Round-table meetings for members onnew policy and practice developments• Learning Networks• Brokerage service between business andthe youth sector, to include volunteering,placements and careers/trainingopportunitiesProvide capacity building for the voluntaryand community sector through:• VCS Youth Sector Network development• Learning Networks• Round-table meetings as new policy andpractice developments emerge• Practice-sharing events to disseminatelearning from Learning NetworksProvide a voice for London’s youth sectorthrough:• Representation on strategic London boards• Strategic relationships with GLA andLondon Councils• Lobbying on behalf of our networks• Improving active relationships withgovernment departments• Responding to national and Londonconsultations10

Impact reportStandard Membership – New for 2011–12Weekly UpdateRound Table MeetingsFunding Directory – PYL members onlyContacts – PYL members onlyLearning Networks£20 per delegate(non-member rate £30)Practice Focused Seminars£60-£80 per delegateJob Ads – £80(non-member rate £110)Consultancy – £POAReceive our email update every Fridayafternoon, with the latest policy,publications, resources, funding,opportunities for young people andpractitioners, consultations and newsDiscuss new policies and initiatives and howthese will feed into your work, as they arise.Network with colleagues.Directory of current funding opportunitiesDirectory of our current membershipA series of 3 action learning seminars wherepractitioners learn, develop and sharegood practice with colleagues from otherorganisations.Seminars for major policy changes oressential information you simply need toknow will be twice a year. We will provide acertificate of attendance for CPD purposes.Reduced rates to advertise jobs on the brandnew Jobs area of our websiteOur team can run events for you, carry out apiece of research, write a funding bid, bringpeople together and host a meeting: just talkto us about your requirements.Premium membership – New for 2011–12Everything in Standard Membership PLUS:Policy and Practice Focused Seminars FREELearning Networks FREEFREE and unlimited attendance at theseseminars for major policy changes oressential information you simply need toknow will be twice a year, and CPD certified.Why not send your whole team!FREE attendance for your staff at theseseminars we run where Practitioners learn,develop and share good practice withcolleagues from other organisations.1 FREE job listing Advertise a job in the new area of our site.11

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