Road Diets

Road Diets

Portland OR3

Road Diets‣ Which road carries the most traffic?‣ Which road has the higher speed? With a 4-lane road a fast driver can pass others With a 2-lane road the slower driver sets the speed‣ Which road has the higher crash rate?‣ Which is better for bicyclists, pedestrians, businesses?San Antonio TX4

Road DietsSafety & Traffic OperationsSeveral studies have shown crash reduction:From 7% (Zegeer et al) to 40 % (Iowa)5

Fewer midblock conflictsTwo types of crashescan be avoided withthe 3-laneconfigurationFour-lane undivided Conflict Point Three-lane6

Fewer intersection conflictsFour-lane undivided Conflict Point Three-lane7

21’ 10’ 3” 10’ 3” 21’Total width = 62’ 6”Valencia Street (SF) - before road dietSan Francisco CA9

8’5’ 9” 10’ 6” 10’ + 4’ 10’ 6” 5’ 9” 8’Valencia Street (SF) - after road dietSan Francisco CA10

Mission District, San FranciscoNorth-South ADTs2500020000150001000050000Dolores Guerrero Valencia Mission S. Van Ness1998 - before bike lanes 2000 - after bike lanes11

Valencia Street Bicycle VolumesPM peak hour counts250215 bikes/hr20015088 bikes/hr100500Valencia Stbefore bike lanesafter bike lanes12

Road diets: reclaim street space for other usesNot just for bike lanesCambridge MA13

What are some benefits ofroad diets for pedestrians?‣ Reduce crossing distance‣ Eliminate or reduce “multiple threat” crash types‣ Install medians or crossing island to break crossinginto 2 simpler crossings‣ Reduce top end travel speeds‣ Add sidewalk buffer from travel lanes (parking orbike lane)‣ Reclaim street space for “higher and better use” thanmoving peak hour traffic14

Room for crossing islandKirkland WA15

Separation from trafficSalem OR16

Old centerlineReclaiming road space creates room for islandsPortland OR17

Restriping benefits all usersProlong pavement life (motor vehicles no longertravel in the same well-worn ruts)18

Keep right-turn turn radius tight19

Better sight distanceEasier to exit from driveways (improved sight distance)Corvallis OR20

Restriping benefits transitPortland OR21

A buffer to treesCorvallis OR22

ROAD DIETSOther configurations23

On-street parkingMedianBike lanesCenter turn-laneIt’s s not one-size fits all: reclaimed road space createsSeattle WAroom for many uses24

NARROW TRAVEL LANES‣ @ 25 MPH: 10’-10.5’ travel lanes‣ @ 30-40 MPH: 11’ travel lanes‣ @ 45 MPH or more (if high truck volumes): 12’ outsidetravel lane‣ Dimensions acceptable to OR State Traffic Engineer25

PotentialAs is – pretty wide CTLSpartanburg SC26

Restriped for bike lanesSpartanburg SC27

BeforeCorvallis OR28

Unbalanced traffic flows29

Old lane lineTake advantage of uneven a.m./p.m. peaksWashington DC30

This 5-lane 5Main Street was converted to…Pottstown PA31

Name 4 things that changedFewer travel lanes; added bike lanes; parallel to back-indiagonal parking on one side; new pavementPottstown PA32

We don’t t like 5-lane 5streets;What about 7-lane 7streets?33

Spartanburg SC34

Spartanburg SC35

Spartanburg SC36

One-way streetsHUGE untapped potentialHUGE37

Is this street operating at capacity?Boise ID38

This area was recaptured from a 4 th travel lane;the street took on a whole new lifePortland OR39

12’ T 12’ T 12’ T 12’ TTypical one-way cross-section: Four 12’ travel lanesWhy? Because the space was there40

12’ T 12’ T 11’ T 5.5’ B 7.5’ PPossible scenario #1: Three travel lanes and…Bike lane and parking on one side41

7’ P 11.5’ T 11’ T 11.5’ T 7’ PPossible scenario #2: Three travel lanes and…Parking on both sides42

8’ P 13’ T 13’ T 6’ B 8’ PPossible scenario #3: Two travel lanes and…Bike lane and parking on both sides43

Nor radical enough for you?How about we reduce 2 travel lanesto one bi-directional lane and twobike lanes?44

Old CenterlineSingle two-way way travel lane with bike lanesGeneva CH45

Old CenterlineZeeland NL46

Rotterdam NL47

Can’t t be done here?US ExampleAlbany OR48

Computer renderingAlbany OR49

Reality checkAlbany OR50

Why quote Albert Einstein or MahatmaGandhi, when you can quote yourself?The best way to prove something can be doneis to demonstrate it has been done.Michael Ronkin51

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