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Academic Edition Online ®Academic EditionCurrent, Authoritative & EngagingNew!Easily Access Related Contentand Multimedia — Now FullyIntegrated into Each ArticleNew!Collaborative Content –Individual or Community ofWriters May Enhance andContribute to BritannicaNew!New!Use Britannica Web 2.0 Tools toCreate Your Own Original WorkArticle History – Viewthe Currency and Sourceof ArticlesNew!‘My Britannica’ Workspace enables you toupload, save and share documents and mediaUnique Content & Tools To Make Research EasierBritannica Online includes the award-winning Britannica Blog, downloadable widgets, and tools forcustomising and adding your own content. With Web 2.0 features, users have the flexibility to edit, save,and share content created from Britannica resources in their own “My Britannica” space.Compatible withpopular portalsand subscriptionproducts.ProfessionalDevelopmenttraining includedA 30-Day Institution-Wide Trial Is Available For Pre-Subscription Evaluation.Nation International Edutainment Public Co., Ltd.Phone 66 0 2338 3247 Fax 66 0 2338 3988EmailWebsitebritannica@nationgroup.com

Britannica Online Academic EditionKey• Encyclopaedia Britannica ® • Personalised Workspace • Video Collection• EBSCO Journals & Magazines • Britannica’s Web Search • Timelines• E-books & Primary Sources • Interactive World Atlas • Web’s Best Sites• Dictionary & Thesaurus • Dictionary of Quotations • Multimedia• News Feeds (BBC–NY Times) • World Data Analyst • SpotlightsFinding the right information with Britannica Online is fastand easy. Students and faculty will enjoy access to multipleresources from one location, delivering search results witha range of content including encyclopedia articles, primarysources, e-Books, multimedia, related Web sites, magazines,and much more. Britannica Online’s rich resources also includeMerriam-Webster’s quick-click Dictionary and Thesaurus andautomatic citations for every article, image, and video.>>WORKSPACE: EDITSIt’s easy to edit articles and contributematerials, see Britannica’s evaluation,and view accepted contributions.>>SEARCH BOX WIDGETAdd this widget to anyWeb page for instant access.>>QUICK-CLICKDICTIONARY AND THESAURUSDouble-click any wordfor an instant definition.CITE RIGHT!>>Britannica has automaticcitations for every article.Unique content and tools specifically designed for the researchand productivity requirements of colleges and academic libraries.Britannica’s “push-to-publish” technology enables changes, corrections,and enhancements to all of our online products almost instantly.1858/123-124 Nation Tower, 29th Floor, Bangna-Trad Road, BangnaNation International Edutainment Public Co., Ltd.Bangkok 10260, ThailandPhone 66 0 2338 3247 Fax 66 0 2338 3988Email britannica@nationgroup.comWebsite http://edu.eb.comSS-BOLAE11/E01

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