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Head Quarter & AtaevlerDurmazlar has aimed continous development since 1956Owes one of the world’s most contemporary production plants in the production technology business. 3 different plants oriented todifferent product families, 1000 dedicated employees and 150.000 m2 footprint.In order to offer solution according to clients’ needs and enriching the quantity and quality of its own patent rights; long experiencedEngineering Department transformed to Durma Research & Develepment Center has opened in the year 2010. Designed andengineered with modern technics; its products are equipped with proven quality components to precisely fulfill your requirements.We serve “ accuracy, speed, flexibility, durability, reliability and advanced technology” with high performance/price ratio. WorldwideDurma distributors and technical support network assures perfect support to our clients.With its 57 years of experience, its product quality, innovative solutions Durma gives importance and cares you with proactiveapproach. We thank all our clients to hold us at the top segment of the world brands.Laser FactoryBaşköy Factory

Durma Press BrakesDurma press brakes guarantee precision, low maintenance costs, low operating cost, and longterm reliability . These features along withlarge investments in moldern manufacturing equipment have made Durma the largest volume press brake producer in the world.All Durma press brakes are produced with modern design technology and incorporate rigid stress relieved frames to increase your productivitywith accurate part production. Demanding applications are easily achieved.A broad offering of sizes and features satisfy nearly all economical requirements.AD-R SeriesReal InnovationValue oriented press brakes with large strokes, daylights, and gaps to allow cost effectiveproduction of simple to complex large shaped that require large dimensions for handlingand removal. A simple to use control reduces the required operator level.AD-S SeriesSuperiorUnlimited possibilities and features providing faster and quicker setups and partproduction. Large daylight opening and working areasOutboard mounted long ram guides provide stabiity while allowing full length betweenthe frame acute angle bendingStable and fast ac servo motor driven backgauge system3D Graphical Controller and Offline SoftwareAutomatic table crowningAutomatic sheet following systemsAD SERVO SeriesEco-friendly press brake for clean energy saving operations.Lower cost, Energy Efficient, Accurate ,Speed and Quiet .FBS (Flexible Bending Solutions)Durma’s advanced technology in the bending of large format parts has; for the automatedand reduced labor bending of large sheet and plate parts. diversifed uses inthe different industries while avoiding long, expensive welding operations which eventakes the risk of material stability.Reduced material handlingCompensation for high spring-back sheetsReduced setup times by automated loading and unloadingIncreasesed employee safteyOn higher tonnage press brakes Durma utililizes and unique “box construction” whichprovides the most stable machine frame in the industry.Durma provides the latest technology in “large format” bending and automation.

AD-R SERIESReal InnovationCombination of Performance, Value and SimplicityBest performance/price ratio CNC press brake of the worldEasy to use CNC controllerSpecially designed control unit and software serve you simplicity and lean operations even for inexperiencedoperators.Perfect bending results , easy input the angle and operate the machineIntroduction to Durma Press BrakesRobust construction,Same solid foundation of all Durma Press BrakesWorking with AD-R’s all range easy and comfortable in all respects.Large daylight opening and large spaceenables the machine to be put to optimum use along its entire working length.Designed and manufactured to meet the challange of “ Cost down” manufacturing cultureProvides standardly 3 axis Y1 Y2 X and R manually adjustable.

FEATURESTop beam guidingDouble guides are long and accurate for easy sliding of top beamHigh Stroke - Daylight - Throat =High working spaceAD-R machines offers wide spaces for ease of operation alsoreduces cycle times.Back GaugeX axis motorized CNC controlledR axis manually height adjustable finger blockFingers` depth is calculated by CNC controller and executesX axis.Retraction is also a standard feature to acquire accurateparts. Back gauge fingers are easily adjusted on linear guides byball integrated motion system.Sliding Front ArmsQuickset support arms are mounted on a linear quide way and ballbearing system that allows “finger tip” lateral adjustment of thefront support arms. Vertically adjustment is also easily achieved.Top beam guiding

Tool HoldersEuro style Multi-VQuick Release ClampingEuro style tool holders offers precise tool setup by their groundsurfaces.Safety Systems for CE CountriesAD-R can be fully comply with European CE regulations.System respects to the latest CE regulations by its laser protection, guards and hydraulics and electronics safety protects operators andthe machine itself.

AD-R Series Unit 1260 2060 25100 30100 30135 30175 30220Bending forceton6060100100135175220Bending length(A)mm1250205025503050305030503050Distance between columns(B)mm1050170022002600260026002600Y Rapid speedmm/sec200200180180160120120Y Working speedmm/sec10101010101010Y Return speedmm/sec110110120120120100100Daylight(D)mm400400530530530530530Table width(G)mm104104104104104104104Table height(F)mm900900900900900900900Stroke 160(C)mmssxxxxxStroke 265(C)mmoosssssStroke 365(C)mmxxxxxxxThroat depthSupport arms(E)mmamount35023502410241024102410AD-R Series24102Back gauge finger blocksSpeed of travel in X-axisTravel in X-axisMotor powerOiltank capacityLengthWidthHeightWeight approxAD-R Series(L)(W)(H)amountmm/secmmkwltmmmmmmkg22507507.5100230012002350310022506507.51003200120023503550225065011100380016702750865022506501110042001670275092502 2 2Bending force250 250 250Bending length650 650 650Distance between columns15 18.5 22Y Rapid speed150 250 250Y Working speed4200 4250 4250Y Return speed1680Daylight1700 17702750 2750 2900Table width10250 11250 12250Table heightSTANDARD s: Standart EQUIPMENTSo: OptionalY1, Y2, X - 3 Axesx: Not AvailableControl Unit - CNC EasyBack gauge - motorised & linear guide & ball bearing systemBack gauge fingers - height adjustableEuropean Clamping systemSliding sheet support Arms with T-Canal and Tilting stopCNC controlled motorized Crowning (only on 6meters)Special designed - worldclass hydraulics blocks & valvesWorldclass electronics systemOPTIONAL EQUIPMENTSControl Unit - CNC Advantage Series - 2D Graphic & Offline SoftwareControl Unit - CNC DU 6000Control Unit - CNC DNC 880S - 2D Colour GraphicControl Unit - CNC DELEM DA 56 - 2D Colour GraphicCE with Manual F.AKAS II M -FPSC-B-C + Safety covers with switchCE with SICK C 4000- only for tandem + steel protection coversDFS1 Laser Finger protection ( for Bottom Beam-Non CE )Top tool European (One of them is segmented)Bottom tool European (One of them is segmented)Bottom tool DurmaQuick Release ClampingManual CrowningCNC controlled motorized CrowningStroke 160Stroke 265Stroke 365Throat depthSupport armsBack gauge finger blocksSpeed of travel in X-axisTravel in X-axisMotor powerOiltank capacityLengthWidthHeightWeight approxs: Standarto: Optionalx: Not Available

75 30220 30320 37175 37220 40175 40220 40320 40400 60220 60320 604005220320175220175220320400220320400503050305037003700405040504050405060506050605000260026003100310036003600360034005100510051000120100120120120120100100100100100010101010101010810108010010010010010010010080100100800530630530530530530630630530630630410415410410410410415415415415415409009009009009009009001040110011001220xxxx265 x265 x365 x365 x265 x365 x365 xsxss410 s410 s410 x510 x410 s410 x510 xxsxxx2x2s2s2x4s4s40410410410410410 2410 2410 2510 2410 4410 4510 42222500 2500 2500 2350 2350 4350 4350 402 2AD-R Series250 25022502250650 2250 18.5650 2250 22650 2250 37750 2250 37750 4250 22750 4250 37750 4250 370.5050005050STANDARD 650 EQUIPMENTS650 650 650 650 250 650 250Y1, Y2, X - 3 Axes22 37Control Unit - CNC Easy18.5 22 18.5 5250 5250 22Back 250gauge - motorised 250 & 250 linear guide 250 & ball bearing 250 1700system250 1770Back4250gauge fingers4300- height4950adjustable4950European Clamping system5250 2750 5250 29001770 1820 1700 1770 1700 12850Sliding sheet support Arms with T-Canal and Tilting stop1770 14750CNC 2900 controlled 3230 motorized 2900 Crowning (only 2900on 6meters) 2750Special designed - worldclass hydraulics blocks & valves12250 17250 17250 14100 12850Worldclass electronics system290014750650 2505300 37250 19105300 32301910 20750323020750750 4505750 37450 21105750 35402110 26750354026750750 2507500 22250 17707500 32501770 20590325020590750 2507500 37250 19107500 34501910 2825034502825075007500 37500 21107500 37102110 35750371035750OPTIONAL EQUIPMENTSControl Unit - CNC Advantage Series - 2D Graphic & Offline SoftwareControl Unit - CNC DU 6000Control Unit - CNC DNC 880S - 2D Colour GraphicControl Unit - CNC DELEM DA 56 - 2D Colour GraphicCE with Manual F.AKAS II M -FPSC-B-C + Safety covers with switchCE with SICK C 4000- only for tandem + steel protection coversDFS1 Laser Finger protection ( for Bottom Beam-Non CE )Top tool European (One of them is segmented)Bottom tool European (One of them is segmented)Bottom tool DurmaQuick Release ClampingManual CrowningCNC controlled motorized CrowningBack gauge 1000 mm - Back protection with Light barrierOil CoolantAdditional Finger blocks & Sliding front armsOverseas special packagingFor more options please contact us.

AD-S SERIESHigh end solution for bendingRepresent the latest technology in press brake automation,Well concieved designUltimate productivity when performing precision workLarge daylight opening and working spaceThe application of highly dynamic hydraulics servo valvesLong double guides in combination with well designed cylinder construction make a large an flexible beamopening possible.Stable and fast AC Servo motor driven backgauge system3D Graphical Controller & Offline SoftwareCNC Controlled crowningEnsures maximum angle accuracy thus satisfying even the highest demandsProvides standardly 4 axis Y1 Y2 X and R

CNC Control UnitsModEva 10S 3D & Pc 1200 3D S WModEva is a range of numerical controls adapted to the actual market demand. Therefore the completeModEva serie runs now under Windows ModEva can provide a calculating capacity and performanceadapted to simple machinery with a 3D graphic display, it can also be transformed into a realworkstation with a very high-power CPU and maximum graphic capabilities thus making Cybelec ®adapted numerical control available to the most sophisticated machinery.3D / 10,4” color screenTFT type screen128 Mb Ram128 DM Main MemoryEasy CursorAutomatic Bend SequencesPC Off line 3D SoftwareAll ModEvaTM consoles are equipped with the new QuickCursorTM device. One of its main features is the possibilty ofcompletely programming a part on a single page. When producingmore complex parts, the graphic sequences generated by a CAD/CAM system can easily be viewed on the user console.All ModEva come with PC 1200 off line bending software. PC1200 program allows you to prepare your programs, calculateoffers and check feasibility of the parts in your Office on a PC. Notime waisted on the machine.ModEva RA3D / 15” color screenTFT type screen128 Mb 256/512 Ram20 GB Main MemoryEasy CursorAutomatic Bend SequencesPC Off line 3D SoftwareDelem DA 66TThe DA-66T is the Delem modular press brake controller. All graphics, including product andmachine as well as tool setup are also available in 3D. This to visualize the machine situationas accurate as possible. The DA-66W can program 2D products, accurately showing andcalculating including sheet thickness and radii. During programming automatically generationof bend sequencers can be used as well as manual selection. The operator can overrule to hisown choice. With the DA-66W also special tools for e.g. hemming bends can be programmed.The DA-66W helps the user in programming these bends (with their specific parameters) andalso shows the prebend as well as the hemming operation during production.Delem DA 69TThe DA-69T is 1:1 compatible with the DA-66W and offers next to 2D products also 3Dproducts. 3D products can be programmed with accurate sheet thickness and desired radii.Automatical bend sequence calculation can help finding the optimum bendsequence evenfrom very complex products. Multiple products can programmed in 3D, 2D as well as numerical.Storage is managed on the CF-harddrive. The controllers Windows operating systemenabled easy integration in factory networks and due to the real-time capable OS, alsoinstant switch of is possible. The controller will start-up time after time, without annoyingbooting messages. The DA-66W and DA-69W can also be equipped with an optional touchscreen.

Back Gauge OptionsX, R, Z1 Z2 4 AxesX1, X2, R, Z1, Z2 5 AxesX1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2 6 AxesDelta XBack Gauge Fingers3 Step Finger BlocksSpecial Fingers

Bottom Tool Positioning SystemsPneumatic Positioning SystemMotorized Positioning SystemLaser Angle Measurement SystemManufacturing sheet metal parts with properly bending angles that are kept constant all times often meets a problemduring the actual production process: different parameters in material thickness and stresses. The best solution islaser based bending angle measuring device.- Any bending angle can be measured.- Very compact, everything in the appliance.- Light influence, light or dark material surfaces play practically no part at all.

AD-S SeriesAD-S SeriesSTANDARD EQUIPMENTS STANDARD EQUIPMENTSY1, Y2, X, R - 4-Axes Y1, Y2, X, R - 4-Axes"Control Unit - CNC Cybelec ModEva "Control 10S Unit 3D - CNC with Cybelec PC 1200 ModEva 3D SW 10S 3D with PC 1200 3D SWor Delem 66W"or Delem 66W"CNC controlled motorized Crowning CNC controlled motorized CrowningCNC controlled Hyd-Mech Crowning CNC controlled ( Standard Hyd-Mech ≥ 800 t ) Crowning ( Standard ≥ 800 t )European Clamping system ( European Standard Clamping ≤ 400 t ) system ( Standard ≤ 400 t )DURMA Clamping system ( DURMA Standard Clamping ≥ 600 t system ) ( Standard ≥ 600 t )Sliding Front Arms with full length Sliding linear Front guide Arms with full length linear guideBack gauge , Servo-motorised Back & Linear gauge guide , Servo-motorised & Ball bearing & system Linear ( guide X- R )& Ball bearing system ( X- R )Sliding sheet support Arms with Sliding T-Canal sheet and support Tilting Arms stopwith T-Canal and Tilting stopProtection coversProtection coversSpecial designed - worldclass Special hydraulics designed blocks - & worldclass valves hydraulics blocks & valvesWorldclass electronics systemWorldclass electronics systemOPTIONAL EQUIPMENTS OPTIONAL EQUIPMENTSCE with Manual F.AKAS II M -FPSC-B-C CE with Manual (SAFETY F.AKAS PLC) II M -FPSC-B-C (SAFETY PLC)CE with FIESSLER AKAS-LC II CE AKAS-3 with FIESSLER M Motorised AKAS-LC + FPSC II (SAFETY AKAS-3 M PLC) Motorised + FPSC (SAFETY PLC)CE with SICK C 4000- only for CE tandem with SICK C 4000- only for tandemDFS1 Laser Finger protection DFS1 ( for Bottom Laser Finger Beam-Non protection CE ) ( for Bottom Beam-Non CE )Z1, Z2 AxesZ1, Z2 AxesX1, X2 AxesX1, X2 AxesR1, R2 AxesR1, R2 AxesR1 R2 axes on the finger blocks R1 R2 axes on the finger blocksDelta X axis ,+250mm strokeDelta X axis ,+250mm strokeX Axis =1000 mm - Back protection X Axis =1000 with Light mm barrier - Back protection with Light barrierAP3-AP4 Sheet follower with AP3-AP4 sliding guide- Sheet Motorised follower with height sliding adj guide- Motorised height adjQuick Release Clamping Quick Release ClampingDurma Hydraulic or Mechanical Durma Clamping Hydraulic or Mechanical ClampingWila Hydraulic or Mechanical Wila Clamping Hydraulic or Mechanical ClampingTool options ( Durma, European, Tool Wila options ) in tool ( Durma, catalog European, Wila ) in tool catalogBottom tool seperation system Bottom tool seperation systemCrowning Vertical Crowning VerticalFor other options please contact us.

AD-S SeriesUnit 1260 2060 25100 30100 30135 30175 30220 30320 37175 37220 40175 40220 40320Bending forceton6060100100135175220320175220175220320Bending length(A)mm1250205025503050305030503050305037003700405040504050Distance between columns(B)mm1050170022002600260026002600260031003100360036003600Y rapid speedmm/sec200200180180160120120100120120120120100Y working speedmm/sec10101010101010101010101010Y return speedmm/sec110110120120120100100100100100100100100Crowning-Mot.Mot.Mot.Mot.Mot.Mot.Mot.Mot.Mot.Mot.Mot.Mot.Mot.Daylight(D)mm400400530530530530530630530530530530630Table width(G)mm104104104104104104154104104104104104154Table height(F)mm900900900900900900900900900900900900900Depth of pit(F1)mm-------------Stroke 160(C)mmssxxxxxxxxxxxStroke 265(C)mmoossssssssssxStroke 365(C)mmxxxxxxxxxxxxsStroke 400(C)mmxxxxxxxxxxxxxStroke 500(C)mmxxxxxxxxxxxxxStroke 600(C)mmxxxxxxxxxxxxxThroat depth(E)mm350350410410410410410410410410410410410Support armsamount2222222222222Back gauge finger blocksamount2222222222222Speed of travel in X-axismm/sec500500500500500500500500500500500500500Travel in X-axismm750650650650650650650650650650650650650Speed of R-axis(max.)mm/sec350350350350350350350350350350350350350Travel in R-axismm250250250250250250250250250250250250250Motor powerkw7.57.511111518.5223718.52218.52237Oiltank capacitylt100100100100150250250250250250250250250Length(L)mm2300320038004200420042504250430049504950525052505300Width(W)mm1200120016701670168017001770182017001770170017701910Height(H)mm2350235027502750275027502900323029002900275029003230Weight approxkg310035508900950010500115001250017500130001436013100t1500021000s: Standarto: Optionax: Not Available

40220 40320 40400 60220 60320 604002204050360012010100Mot.530104900-xsxxxx4102250065035025022250525017702900150003204050360010010100Mot.630154900-xxsxxx41022500650350250372505300191032302100040040503400100880Mot.6303001040-xxsooo510223507503002503745057502110354027000220605051008010100Mot.5301541100-xsoooo4104435075030025022250750017703250208403206050510010010100Mot.6301541100-xxsooo41044350750300250372507500191034502850040060505100100880Mot.6303001220-xxsooo51044350750300250375007500211037103600060600 60800 70800 701000 701250 80800 801000 801250 801600 802000 406006006050510080780Mot.7003009901200xxsooo5104435075030025045500760026503850540008006050510070680Hyd-Mech7004008001300xxxsoo6104435075030025055750805032004250720008007050510080770Hyd-Mech7004008001300xxxsoo61044350750300250557508700320042507950010007050510070560Hyd-Mech8004008001500xxxxso6104430010002502505510008800325059009550012507050510070770Hyd-Mech8004009001700xxxxxs6104430010002502509012508800325064001100008008050640080770Hyd-Mech7004008001300xxxsoo61046300750300250557509800320042508500010008050640070560Hyd-Mech8004008001600xxxxso610463001000250250551000100003250590010200012508050640070770Hyd-Mech8005009001800xxxxso610463001000250250901250100003250640013500016008100640070670Hyd-Mech10005009001800xxxsoo610463001000250250901250101003500700016300020008100640070660Hyd-Mech10007009502100xxxxxs750463001250250250110200010500435081002490006004050310080780Mot.7003009901200xxsooo5102235075030025045500565032503825405000 801600 802000 40600ch016008100640070670Hyd-Mech10005009001800xxxsoo610463001000250250901250101003500700016300020008100640070660Hyd-Mech10007009502100xxxxxs750463001250250250110200010500435081002490006004050310080780Mot.7003009901200xxsooo5102235075030025045500565032503825405000175 40220 40320 40400 60220 60320 604001754050360012010100Mot.530104900-xsxxxx4102250065035025018.525052501700275013100t2204050360012010100Mot.530104900-xsxxxx4102250065035025022250525017702900150003204050360010010100Mot.630154900-xxsxxx41022500650350250372505300191032302100040040503400100880Mot.6303001040-xxsooo510223507503002503745057502110354027000220605051008010100Mot.5301541100-xsoooo4104435075030025022250750017703250208403206050510010010100Mot.6301541100-xxsooo41044350750300250372507500191034502850040060505100100880Mot.6303001220-xxsooo51044350750300250375007500211037103600060600 60800 70800 701000 701250 80800 801000 801250 801600 802000 40606006050510080780Mot.7003009901200xxsooo5104435075030025045500760026503850540008006050510070680Hyd-Mech7004008001300xxxsoo6104435075030025055750805032004250720008007050510080770Hyd-Mech7004008001300xxxsoo61044350750300250557508700320042507950010007050510070560Hyd-Mech8004008001500xxxxso6104430010002502505510008800325059009550012507050510070770Hyd-Mech8004009001700xxxxxs6104430010002502509012508800325064001100008008050640080770Hyd-Mech7004008001300xxxsoo61046300750300250557509800320042508500010008050640070560Hyd-Mech8004008001600xxxxso610463001000250250551000100003250590010200012508050640070770Hyd-Mech8005009001800xxxxso610463001000250250901250100003250640013500016008100640070670Hyd-Mech10005009001800xxxsoo610463001000250250901250101003500700016300020008100640070660Hyd-Mech10007009502100xxxxxs7504630012502502501102000105004350810024900060040531080780Mot700300990120xxsooo51022350750300250455005653253824050For other sizes please contact us.

AD-SERVOIncrease your competitive forces by %62 lower power consumptionLower cost per part by ecologic technologyQuiet, Energy Efficient and AccurateRam movement is powered by AC Servo motors driving hydraulic oil in line with Variable Speed Pump.New technology allows :Silent bends,Noise level reduced to 63 dbA from 76 dbAEnergy save,62% at stand-by44% during the press cycle60 % in 1 hour with 15 press cyclesSupports your production cost efficiency and increases your competitive forces.Small hydraulic oil tank for Clean environment & Cost reductionThanks to the new technology reduce hydraulic tank from 200 lt to 2x40 ltSpeeds & Accuracy & SyncronisationBeam speeds to 200mm/sec5,6 times better Synchronisation in phase of „High Speed“

FBS(Flexible Bending Solutions)Advanced Technologies for bending large sheet metal for extremely diversifed uses in the different industries whileavoiding long, expensive welding operations which even takes the risk of material stability.FBS focuses also to minimize the large workpieces’ handling before, during and after the bending operations andrespects the next process.By this way offers:Flexibility of bending varies for diversified usesAccuracy for large & high spring-back sheetsLowers setup times by automation of loading& unloadingIncreases your employees’ safetyOn high tonnage mega press brakes “box construction” frame is used which is the most stabile machine body in theworld utilised technology for press brakes.Stability and rigidity of box constructions is approved by our refences allaround the world and finite element analysis on the computers.Durma can provide you with all the support Flexible Bending Solutions and offer to the turnkey automatic bendingcells complete with facility for loading and unloading.

CUSTOM MADE PROJECTSAD-S Tandem 812000Loading Unloading SystemFront Feeding System with Pneumatic PushersLight Pole Industry – Unmanned ProductionAD-S Tandem 911000Loading Unloading SystemFront Feeding System with Pneumatic PushersLight Pole Industry – Unmanned Production

AD-S Tandem 60400Motorised Front Feeding SystemLight Pole IndustrySystem 1 From SideSystem 2 From BottomAD-S 80800 & 40400Truck Dumper Industry

AD-S 802000Defence IndustryAD-S 1051500Special Hydraulics Front Support SystemSteel Service Industry

AD-S Trio 40400Steel Service IndustryAD-S Tandem 45220AP3 AP4 Sheet Followers

Durma Robotised Press Brakes20mm Thick Special Steel Armox for Defence Industry

FEATURESLight Pole Pull-Out SystemsWe have 3 solutions for light pole pull out.System 1 From SideSystem 2 From BottomSpecial Hydraulics Front Support SystemRoad Barriers Industry

Special Back Gauge X1 X2with Pneumatics PushersHydraulics Bottom Tool Seperation System

Bottom Tool Adjustable SystemsBottom Tool Lamel Adjustable SystemBottom Tool Motorised Adjustable SystemBottom Tool Manual Adjustable System

Robust Box ConstructionPiston ProductionOn high tonnage mega press brakes “box construction” frame isused which is the most stabile machine body in the world utilisedtechnology for press brakes.Stability and rigidity of box constructionsis approved by our refences all around the world and finiteelement analysis on the computers.Hydraulic pistons are produced with precise CNC machiningcenters in one shot without reposition.

Frame Machining Tandem - Trio – Tetra Press BrakesCnc precise processing applied for all frames at one time without repositioning for tandem, trio and tetra press brakes.AD-S 801000 Top Beam Machining

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