Walki ® FlexFlexibility for packaging

Walki ® Flex – solutions for function al packagingThe most important requirements for packaging for the foodand pharmaceutical industries are hygiene, improvement ofpreservation and a minimum impact on the environment. Forpackaging manufacturers, the crucial packaging characteristicsare gluing, heatsealing and printing properties. Industriesusing packaging consider hygiene and effective protectionimportant; distributors and retailers appreciate packaging thatis lightweight and durable. The appearance of the packagingis also important for end-users and retailers with end-usersappreciating products that are easy to open and close.Walki®Flex materials respond to the requirements of each ofthese steps in the chain, combining paper with materials thathave first-class barrier properties, such as plastic and aluminium.A variety of propertiesRespecting the environmentEnsuring hygieneContinuously improvingWalki®Flex materials protect the content against contaminants,odours, light and moisture while retaining the packaged products’properties by providing a good barrier to gas and grease.Naturally, excellent heatsealability is also an important feature.By combining paper, various types of plastic and aluminiumwe have been able to create products that meet our customer’srunnability requirements and are easy to open and close for theend user.Besides protecting the product, packaging is important as itoffers an opportunity for advertising and providing information.The packaging must contain all statutory product informationaswell as attract the consumer to pick up the product and buy it.Walki®Flex materials are suitable for all printing methods.Paper is an environmentally friendly natural product.Walki®Flex products combine paper with materials thatplace minimum load on the environment. We have aimedto minimise material consumption and therefore wastegeneration without compromising the product’s strengthproperties. Products can even be made of completelybiodegradable materials, which can be composted.Walki applies an ISO 14001 standard-compliantenvironmental management system.Purity and hygiene are a top priority in materials that comein contact with foodstuffs and in the production of suchmaterials. Hygiene (GMP) and food safety in Walki®Flexmaterials are ensured by means of an HACCP managementsystem. The order-delivery processes of the wide range ofproducts comply with the ISO 9001 quality system and theISO 22000 or DS 3027 and/or BRC/IoP food safety standards.We are engaged in continuous co-operation inproduct development to find more and more efficientcombinations. Our aim is to continuously bring lighterand more environmentally friendly materials to themarket. All outcomes of our R&D work are tested in theWalki development laboratory before launching, on apilot machine and with customers, ensuring maximumfunctionality in the product’s required end-use.

Walki ® FoilWalki ® LidReliability for packing greasy products.A packaging material with an aluminium surfaceand excellent barrier properties for greasy foodstuffs.A paper-based lid material with excellent printing properties, providing anideal option for a wide variety of products. The lid peels open without tearing.Suitable for die-cut lids.Walki ® Foil• butter and margarine wrapping• packaging for sweets, chocolate and coffee• hot-food bags• wrappings for ice cream conesWALKI ® FoilLacqueredLacquered aluminium aluminiumPEPaperPEWalki ® Lid• cottage cheese containers• cream cheese containers• salad containersWALKI ® LidPaperPeelablePealable coextruded coextrudedbarrier polymerWalki ® FrontLabelExcellent printabilityequals attractiveappearance.A paper-based heatsealable label material for in-mold applications.Walki ® FrontLabel• yoghurt and dessert cupsWALKI ® FrontlabelPaperExtruded orcoextrudedExtruded sealable or coextrudedsealable polymer polymer

Walki in briefWalki produces wrappings for the paper andmetal industries, food and consumer packagingmaterials, decorative and functional laminates,barrier liners for solid and corrugated packaging,facings for the insulation and constructionindustries and solutions for technical applications.Walki’s production units in Finland, Sweden,Germany, Poland, the UK and China have annualnet sales of about 300 million Euros and aworkforce of approximately 1,000 employees.Walki consists ofthree business areasReel packagingPaper PackagingReam wrappingConsumer BoardLayout: Studio PAP. Photo: Pertti Puranen. Print: Forsberg 2009.Barrier boardBarrier LiningTechnical ProductsFlexible packagingHeavy duty wrappingWalki GroupP.O. Box 40FI-37601 Valkeakoski, FinlandTel. +358 (0)205 36 3111Fax +358 (0)205 36 3090walki@walki.comInsulationand constructionfacing materialsTechnicalindustrial paperswww.walki.com

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