Send in the Clowns - Clark County Bar Association

Send in the Clowns - Clark County Bar Association

Family Offender Sentencing• The new statute• Why it was enacted.• The DOC mission statement• The research on inter-generational incarceration• Eligibility/exclusion criteria• Community resources• Case example: State v. Markel TownLoren S. Etengoff is pleased to announcethe completion of his new office buildingand his association of Gregory E. Price,of Counsel to the Law Offices of Loren S.Etengoff. The Law Offices of Loren S. Etengoffwill relocate to the new office buildinglocated at 605 E. McLoughlin Boulevard,Suite 201, Vancouver, Washington 98663,(360) 693-2919, commencing business onOctober 1st, 2012. *The Law Offices of Gregory E. Price, P.S. willcommence operation on October 15, 2012in Suite 202. * Greg expresses his sinceregratitude to his partners of 14 years – BillBaumgartner and Bill Nelson – for theirexceptional mentoring and support, whilelooking forward to his continued associationwith them on existing and future cases.*Phone numbers and email addresses for the Law Officesof Loren S. Etengoff will remain the same. The Law Officeof Gregory E. Price can be reached at (360) 828-5879,!!!The Hearsay is in search of new and exciting material and new and exciting contributors!Please join us on the third Wednesday of every month at noon in Kurt Rylander's office!If you have a great idea to share please don't hesitate to contact us.Call Lisa in the CCBA office at 695-5975HEARSAY - SEPTEMBER 2012 5

Send in the ClownsDON JACOBSHearsay Special CorrespondentWelcome back Hearsay readers to our continuing series of featurearticles about fellow CCBA members who do things looselyqualifying them as local heroes. Our subject this month isSalmon Creek med mal lawyer John Gill. John grew up inPacific Grove, California, a beautiful little coastal town justnorth of Monterrey. He went to college at Golden Gate Universityin San Francisco and picked up a business degree. He musthave done pretty well there because he was accepted into theprestigious Hastings College of Law in San Francisco. He graduatedin 1984 and with the new degree in his quiver, figured he'dhead back to Pacific Grove and hang out his shingle. That isuntil he actually looked around Pacific Grove. It seems the placewas a very popular spot for lawyers to congregate. They werelined up wing tip to wing tip on the main drag. So John took hissheepskin and went a short ways north to the beach communityof Marina. Not many lawyers there. But an awful lot of soldiers.In those days Marina was located right next to one of the biggestUS military bases in the country, Fort Ord California. So Johnset up shop as Marina Legal Center. His firm provided youngsoldiers the legal services they needed. Divorces, bankruptcies,DWI's and other typical consumer legal services comprisedmost of the caseload. After a few years John hired some youngassociates and starting focusing on the personal injury casescoming into the firm. John operated the clinic for about 15years, until 1999. Then the unforeseen happened. Congressclosed Fort Ord. Talk about a ghost town. Marina just lost anarmy base with 40,000 servicemen as neighbors. John's businessplan didn't look so good all of a sudden. So he packed up hisbags and headed north to the land of easy money. The Couv.Where we all have more business than we can handle and clientswant to post more of a retainer than requested. Did I mentionJohn has some issues with business plans? But John does havesome family here. He tells me attorney Bob Gregg is his cousin.And when John arrived in 2000 we still had troops at Vancouverbarracks. So John came into town and immediately took boththe WA and OR bar. He landed a job with Hicks & Meyer.After about a year he was hired away by Reeves Kahn & Hennesey.Then the Blair Shaeffer firm hired him about a yearbefore they dissolved. Bad timing. Finding himself out of a jobagain, John began wondering whether he should just startanother firm of his own. So in 2005 he hooked up with his currentlaw partner, Trent Coons, and created the Salmon CreekLaw Offices. Trent and John have been up on 134th ever sincewith John focusing primarily on medical malpractice.So that's John Gill's story. I know, not exactly much differentthan the rest of our stories. But John's story has one thing notone of the rest of us share. You see, in his spare time, John is aclown. On many weekends he trades in his briefcase for handbuzzers and a lapel flower that squirts. Which is what got himabove the Hearsay editorial board radar. For the last ten years,John has spent his off time dressing up in an outlandish suit,with painted face, baggy pants, funny nose and huge clownshoes. When John first came to town he joined the VancouverMason Hall, eventually becoming a Shriner. In 2002 he decidedto sign on with the Shriners South West Washington ClownUnit. Sounds like it'd be a great subject for a reality show. Alongwith ten to twelve other unit members, John now spends hisspare time performing at parades and visiting sick kids at thePortland Shriners hospital. Everything the unit does revolvesaround raising funds for these kids and the care they need.Many of us have heard about this place. They treat kids with avariety of birth defects and other serious ailments, all for free.Not a bad thing to support in your spare time. The unit alsoraise funds to help pay for the parent's transportation and lodgingwhen the kids travel here for care.6 CLARK COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION

John is passionate about being a clown. The guy's eyes just lightup when he talks about it. And if you think it's easy being aclown, think again. First of all the outfit isn't cheap. A qualitypair of clown shoes alone can set you back $120. And it takesJohn over an hour to get into costume. Then you have to learnmagic tricks. Things involving sleight of hand and a flick of thewrist. All just an illusion John says. He tells me it mostlydepends upon the presentation, but he did admit to being prettygood at card tricks and making a ball disappear. He also had tolearn how to juggle and make balloon animals. Talk about yourtransferrable skills. And just try walking in those shoes! But it'sall worth it John says. There's nothing better than entertainingkids. Visiting sick kids at the Shriner's hospital and making oneof them smile just makes your day. I asked him if he ever hadany regrets. He was quick to answer. He says there is just nothingbad about being a clown. John says the best thing aboutbeing a clown is just that, being a clown. When he puts his costumeon he is no longer John Gill the boring litigator, but ZigZag the clown. He says he truly becomes a different personwhen he performs. He feels freer and more liberated. He can doall those silly slapstick antics expected of clowns but only rarelydisplayed by lawyers. And it all goes towards a good cause, helpingfund the Shriners Hospital so hurt kids can get the care theyneed. John really loves what he's doing and plans on doing itforever. He say you just can't have a bad day being a clown. Heshared an old saying with me, "It never rains on a clown". Well,let's hope John enjoys fair weather as Zig Zag the clown formany years to come.HEARSAY - SEPTEMBER 2012 7

2012/13 Nuts & Bolts, YLS & FLS CalendarCall 695-5975 to registerFor firms with new associates, this series is a great way to support your local bar association and provide newassociates with an introduction to the community and a broad set of useful legal skills and information.8 CLARK COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION

CCBA Annual meeting well attendedJEAN McCOYHearsay Special Correspondent53 people attended our Annual Meeting on September 10, 2012at Red Lion at the Quay. Held every September, the CCBAAnnual Meeting is the opportunity to hear from the differentCourt departments regarding successes and challenges for thecoming fiscal year, as well as approval of the CCBA Budget andvoting in new officers and directors.Judge Barbara Johnson kicked off the information portion of themeeting with a positive message from Superior Court and informationregarding upcoming judicial rotations. Put January 14,2013 on your calendar for the swearing-in of new Department 2Judge David Gregerson. Coming in January, Judge Melnick volunteeredto replace Judge Nichols on the family law rotation andJudge Stahnke will take Judge Melnick’s dockets. Judge Gonzaleswill also remain in Family Law Court through 2014.Incoming Judge Gregerson will handle Department 2 cases forthe coming two year rotation and will then rotate to familycourt. The goal of Superior Court is not to have Judges “specialize”,like private practitioners, but to have all Judges be fullyexperienced in all aspects of the law. Judge Johnson assured listenersthat the Judges do not view the rotation to family court asa “sentence”, but it is acknowledged that family court is one ofthe most challenging areas from a judicial standpoint. TheJudges are presented with very personal and difficult arguments,and a large percentage of pro se litigants require extra diligenceand patience, making family court a very intense rotation. JudgeJohnson pointed out that both Judge Melnick and Judge Lewisvolunteered to take the rotation, so the Judges are not treating itas a negative.Judge Vern Schreiber then took the podium to describe the stateof District Court, its workload and the District Court judicialrotation process. The rotation in District Court is a two yearrotation, and is on a grid sothere is no discretion regardingwhere the Judges areassigned. The rotationsinclude dockets for DomesticViolence, SubstanceAbuse, Homeless Court,Veterans and Supportenforcement (?). DistrictCourt Corrections has beenmerged with District Courtand when entering theClerk’s Office the three linesare for Cashier, DistrictCourt Clerk, and DistrictJudge Schreiber gives a wealth of information onthe workings of District Court.A view from the podium – contribute to Hearsay!Court Corrections. All staff is being cross-trained so the functionswill be more integrated. Electronic Home Confinement(EHC) and electronic records are the big watchwords for thisyear. In the future, District Court is looking at availability viathe Liberty system for electronic case records and District Courtmay be the test case for e-filing.Scott Weber from theCounty Clerk’s office alsospoke about the Liberty systemand e-filing. It is in thecards for Clark County sokeep posted. The Clerk’soffice is serious about theirauditing system to make surethe electronic file is the sameas the official paper file. Theelectronic filing system hasactually eliminated shelvingin the Clerk’s office, which isa great space saving. TheClerk’s office is being innovativein terms of replacement of retiring clerks; in one case aclerk position was replaced with an IT professional to furtherincrease the depth of knowledge in the department. Pleasemake sure you are using the electronic method of strikes andsetovers for efficiency. If you have any questions or ideas ofways in innovate, let Scott know at Weber interests the crowd with electronic filing!HEARSAY - SEPTEMBER 2012 9

Crystal Lambert next reported on the Young Lawyers Group, aswell as the Family Law Section. Crystal is the outgoing leader ofYoung Lawyers, and the incoming President for Family LawSection. The entire year for Family Law meetings has beenplanned, and there is a discount for paying in advance. Further,the Young Lawyers group will continue their Happy Hour meetings,and Senior Lawyers are always welcome for war stories,mentoring and a good time. The Happy Hour meetings are currentlythe second Thursday of the month at 5:00 pm at the MainEvent. At this section of the meeting it had to be documentedthat the Senior Lawyers won the Softball Tournament againstthe Young Lawyers (no gloating, of course).We had a brief Hearsay report, consisting of a call for volunteers,either long-term or one time. If you have pictures fit to print,would like to write an article, or have great information aboutyourself or a fellow practitioner that would be fun to share –send it in to Lisa Darco at also volunteer for the CLE Committee, or offer to presenta topic near and dear to your heart. Advertising in Hearsay andCLE income are the biggest revenue producers for the CCBA,so keeping these committees strong is important. The CLEcommittee, under the leadership of Jane Clark, has many strongprograms coming up to the end of the year, so sign up to attendor speak!Voting occurred for the new officers of CCBA and the slate ofofficers was unanimously approved. Suzan Clark is our newPresident, Jane Clark, Vice President, Arin Dunn is Secretaryand JD Nellor will continue as Treasurer. Incoming Trusteesare Laura Mancuso and Richard McLeod.This year marks the 35th Anniversary of the CCBA and this willbe celebrated at the Barrister’s Ball to be held in February at theJohn Fairgrieve is ready to hand the gavel to Suzan Clark.Pearson Air Museum again. Outgoing President John Fairgrieveoutlined a Mentoring Program that he and others are looking toput in place, and if you would like to be on the committee, giveJohn a call. The group is looking at having an informationalmeeting in the coming month, with training and a sponsoredevent occurring before the end of the year. This program is comingfrom scratch, and John is committed to having a greatframework to pass along to future generations.Thanks to John for all his hard work (and work to come), andthanks to Suzan, who even after working with the Board for over5 years, was willing to head up our group and give of her timeand talents over the next year!10 CLARK COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION

CCBA Monthly Board MeetingDAVID GREGERSONCCBA SecretaryCCBA Board meeting - Aug. 1, 2012Board members in attendance: J. Sasser; J. Clark; D. Gregerson,J. Nellor; J. Fairgrieve (presiding); A. Dunn (12:15 arrival).Staff in attendance: L. Darco1. Fairgrieve called the meeting to order at 12:08 PM.2. Approval of “summary” minutes from July 11, 2012 (Secretarydid not attend). On motion duly made, seconded, andpassed, “summary” minutes are APPROVED3. Nellor was present and provided financials, with comparisonsfor year to date and previous year.4. Old business:a. Kaiser balance transfer: Nellor will continue with efforts($3,900 approx.).b. Mentorship program: On June 21, committee convened withapprox. 10 interested parties. PowerPoint presentationdrafted with summary and outline of mentorship program,with goal to “launch” prior to September meeting.c. Summer BBQ update: Darco reports $325 raised in raffle,spent $1,031 compared to $1,500 last year. Attendance washigh and feedback generally positive.d. September annual meeting: September 10 at 12:00 at Inn atthe Quay, CLE to be added to supplement after the meeting.Discussion held regarding program content and duration.5. New Businessa. Membership surveys: Dunn is working, and this matter is setover to next meeting.b. September annual meeting: September 10 at Inn at theASSOCIATE ATTORNEYVancouver law firm Marsh, Higgins, Beaty & Hatch is seeking a licensedWashington State attorney having a minimum of two years litigation experience.The candidate should have consumer bankruptcy experience andhave experience in or willingness to develop, a couple other areas of law.Basic knowledge of Microsoft word, Excel, and Outlook required.Oregon license is a plus. The candidate will be expected to fully managehis or her own cases and have direct client contact. This position providesthe opportunity for a candidate with initiative and a willingness to workhard, to quickly develop as an attorney.We offer a competitive benefits and compensation package.Please respond to this ad by forwarding your cover letter and résumé Courts and clerk will be invited to give reports, membershipsections. Board will aim to present an annualoperating budget. Officer nominations and recommendationsshould be presented.c. SGAL: Dunn reports he contacted WSBA which has nodirect program or involvement for SGALs. Dunn contactedsister counties for a comparative study. Judge Johnson hasrequested that CCBA maintain a list of certified SGALs, butboard feels it is more appropriate for list to be maintained bycourt administration. Input is needed from presiding judgeJohnson. We may draw attorneys from other counties whichmay recognize our training in their local jurisdiction. Topic isripe for an article in HEARSAY. King County program is agood template for the program.d. SmartPros Legal and Ethics online CLE: tabled until latermonth’s meetinge. New Trustees: Fairgrieve repors that nominating committeeis considering candidates for replacement trustees on theboard. Recommendations should be complete by next week.Bylaws permit broad floor nomination process. Vote will beheld at general membership meeting.f. Community mediation services: Darco reports inquiry fromCMS for partnership on mediation skill building. They arepaying for advertising in HEARSAY and seminar may bequalified for CLE credit. Questions regarding whether thetraining will qualify and get recognition in the federal (Rule39.1) and state courts.6. There being no more business before the board, on motionduly made, seconded, and passed, the board meeting wasADJOURNED.WILL SEARCHAnyone having informationconcerning a will forRoger Halvorsonplease contact Ben Shafton at360-699-3001or bshafton@ccrslaw.com12 CLARK COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION


The Clark County Bar Association is pleased to announce itsTwenty-second Nuts and Bolts Lecture:Handling Liens in Personal Injury Casesby Attorney William RobisonWednesday, October 10 th , 3:00 – 5:00 PM, at the Red Lion at the Quay14 CLARK COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION


LEARN MEDIATION SKILLSAND EARN CLE CREDIT!Register for Community Mediation ServicesBasic Mediation TrainingSeptember 6, 7, 8, 14, and 15, 2012at the Clark County Public Service CenterApproved for 37 WSBA CLE Credits,including 2.25 Ethics Credits.This 40 hour training includes conflict theory, conflict styles,active listening and communication techniques, trust building,collaborative negotiations and the mediation process.Register Now! Space is Limited!Before August 20: $595After August 20: $650Non-profit and group discounts available.For more information, call:(360) 334-5862or visit us at:www.mediationclarkcounty.orgHEARSAY ADVERTISERSWANTED!CCBA is looking for reliable Attorney SupportServices who want affordable, targeted advertisingin upcoming issues of Hearsay.If you have reliable and trustworthy service providersthat can benefit our audience, please referthem to Lisa Darco for pricing and availability today!EXPERT WITNESS & CONSULTANTSBAIL BONDS • COURT DISPLAYS • PARALEGALMARKETING • FINANCIAL SERVICES, ETC.OFFICE SHARE/SPACEFOR RENT514 West 9th. Nice large office with bay windows recentlyremodeled. Receptionist, use of conference room, copymachine, kitchen and parking spot included. Block fromcourthouse. Utilities included. $650/mo. Adjoiningsmaller office available for asst? Charming landlord.Call 695-1624Representing InjuredWorkers on TheirWashington ClaimsBusick Hamrick, PLLCYour Local Sourcefor LawyersProfessional Liability800-693-9006 • Phone 360-514-9550 • Fax 360-514-9551www.DavidsonInsurance.comSteven L. Busick Frances R. Hamrick Douglas M. Palmer(360) 696-02281915 Washington Street Vancouver, WA 9866016 CLARK COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION

The day. The positionsarepresented from opposing vieew points. The author(s), whowill remainendorse any positionadvocated, in the true spirit of legal advocacy. The author(s) take comf does not con Referendum Measure No. 74:A ROSEBY ANY OTHER NAMEThis measure would allow same sex couples to get married.END HOMOPHOBIAThere canbe no justificationfortheoppressive discriminationagainst gay peoplein thisState. Love is love, and should be celebratedwhereverit is found.If twoconsenting adults wishto be mar-ried, the gender mix should make no differencewhat-soever.Whatisfrreedomifyouarenotfrreetolovewhomever you will?And how can you be frree to lovewhomever you will if the most basic union under thelaw is prohibited to you. Those barringmarriage tosame sex couplesare not driven by reason, but insteadby homophobia. continuedto the referendum states: bilities, andobligations that state lawgrants or impostoes on marriedcouplesand their familiesalso applystate- So why pursue thisexpensiverefeerendum?Domesticpartartnershipshavethe samerights as a marital partnership. The referen-dum ismerely a counter culture drivenpropagandabattle seekingto upset societal norms and beliefs.Banning gay marriage is clearly discriminationagainst a minoritygroup, and it violates religiousfree-dom byelevatingsomereligiousbeliefsysteemsaboveothers through thelaw.Homosexualityis accepted todayand researchsupports that it is a biological statusnotachoice.Further, allowinggay marriage will increasechildadoptions, reducingthe number of unwantedchildren,and it will help cutdown on high risk sexual lifestyles. Whatis the point? As the explanatorystatementMoreover,once the leap has beenmade, blurringthe line on what constitutes marriage, how soon beforelaws prohibitingpolygamy (multiplewives), polyandry(multiple husbands), and cross speciesscohabitation arechallenged.After all the legalargumements are virtuallylyidentical asthose regarding gay marriage.The desireto be politically correct ct does not changethe basic factthat gay marriageconfuseschildrenabout prevailingmarital gender roles in society.Moreover allowinga loving gay coupleto be mar-ried does not hurt anyone.Further, r, it is not a healthy lifestyle.Researchshows thattactive homosexuals have lower lifeexpec-tancy, psychologicaldisorders, and other problems.Whatyou do in the bedroom is your business, but room. We justsay no.Next Month:Something incendiary18 CLARK COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION

Benefits of CCBA MembershipHEARSAY Monthly Newsletter(and discounted advertising rates)Free copy of the Membershipand Resource DirectoryHigh-quality CLEs at discounted memberrates; saving you travel time and moneyon your annual educational requirementsAccess to the Southwest WashingtonLawyer Referral ServiceSocial and networking opportunitiesthroughout the year: quarterly membershipmeetings, annual Golf Tournament,Winter Social, and the Summer BarbequeThe opportunity to participate incommittees and sections pertinentto your interests and practiceCall 695-5975 to become a member!Rider & Associates Inc. provides superior court reporting services to the legal profession inSouthwest Washington and the Portland, Oregon region. We have successfully served ourclients since 1979 by offering many features and benefits tailored to your needs. We specializein complex medical and technical terminology and offer the latest technology in both softwareand hardware applications to support the needs of a demanding industry. Rider & Associates,Inc. will guarantee the highest level of professionalism with personalized service and attentionto detail.MEDICAL MALPRACTICEWRONGFUL DEATHPERSONAL INJURYOur Services Include:♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦7-10 day turnaround time without an expedite feeFull-Time StaffRealtime ReportingComputerized TranscriptionCaseview/Live Notee-TranscriptImmediate DeliveryConference RoomsScanning and Archiving of ExhibitsInternet RealtimeRealtime Captioning for Hearing ImpairedP.O Box 245Vancouver, WA 98666Phone: 800.869.0864Fax: 360.693.1037E-mail: Teresa@RiderandAssociates.comWeb: www.RiderandAssociates.comAffiliations:♦ NCRA National Court Reporters Association♦ WCRA Washington Court Reporters Association♦ STAR Society for the Technological Advancement ofReporting♦ MTIA Medical Transcription Industry Association♦ AHDI Association for Healthcare DocumentationIntegrity♦ AHDI-Washington Association for HealthcareDocumentation Integrity of Washington♦ AHDI-Oregon Association for Healthcare DocumentationIntegrity of OregonLaw office of:JANE E. CLARKATTORNEY AT L AW1014 Franklin StreetFranklin Suites, Suite 108Vancouver, WA 98660Available for Referral or AssociationVancouver 360.859.3823Portland 503.974.4161Email Jane@janeclarklegal.comHEARSAY - SEPTEMBER 2012 19

ConferenceRoomavailableto rentThe CCBA’s officeconference roomis available for meetingsand depositions atreasonable rates.Call Lisa at: 695-5975CreativeFor 30 years we’ve helped bringpeace of mind to over 20,000 clientsduring one of life’s toughest times.OREGON S.W. WASHINGTON503.227.1515 360.823.0410 GevurtzMenashe.comDivorce Children Support20 CLARK COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION

HEARSAY PROFILECLARK COUNTY COURTHOUSEHOME: Duh!AGE: Timeless in many ways, but chronologically, 71. My grandfatherwas built in 1882, but he was a ball of fire, bursting into flamesin 1890. My dad was built in 1890. I was built in 1941.PROFESSION: Palace of Justice.HOBBY: Hosting political protests and radicals wearing robes.LAST BOOK READ: Pillars of the Earth.LEGAL PHILISOPHY: "Abandon dope, all ye who enter."LATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Surviving vandalism.WHY I DO WHAT I DO: It’s more interesting than being a gym.PROFILE: Blocky, but nice.BEVERAGE OF CHOICE: Judgment Day 1 , because I like somethingthat shakes my foundations.Footnote 11 part Everclear, 1 part Jagermeister, 1 part Liqueur, coffee,1 part Rum, overproof/151 proof, 1 part Schnapps, peppermintHEARSAY - SEPTEMBER 2012 21

DOUBLE HEARSAYWhat CCBA MembersAre Doing About TownRAISA JUDICATAGuest Gossip ColumnistHave you heard the phrase “Honk if you love Jesus. Text whiledriving if you want to meet Him”? We are lucky to have SuzanClark still with us. Just before Labor Day and on her way to amovie, a teenager going way too fast and texting at the time hitthe car Suzan was riding in, totaling the car. Suzan then wentabout her usual business, hard at work for over a week before ourbrilliant medical system determined the three ribs that she wastold were just “bruised” from the accident were actually broken!Suzan is one tough chick who doesn’t give up – beware youProsecutors!Those of us thatdidn’t know whatto call Judge RogerBennett after hisretirement fromthe Superior Courtbench (Judge; Mr.Bennett; Rog?)will now need togo back to callinghim “Judge.”Judge BennettUnless you break the glass, Judge Bennett needs a new robe! applied and waschosen to replaceJudge Greg Gonzales as the Battle Ground Municipal Judge.Judge Bennett was sworn in on September 4, 2012 (by JudgeGonzales!) and will preside in Municipal Court on Thursdays,and at Night Court on the second and fourth Tuesdays of themonth adjudicating misdemeanors and civil infractions. Beingthe Municipal Court Judge doesn’t preclude Judge Bennett fromtaking other cases or mediating. With his prior judicial robe hermeticallysealed, a new robe must be on order (?)Summer is a time for bees, fried chicken and company picnics(and more bees). Duane and Peggy Lansverk hula’ed their wayaround the bees at Vancouver Lake Park and won the best dressedcontest at the Landerholmsummer picnic. Duane stillcomes into the office whenhe is in town and waves to hissecretary, Linda.Proving to us that JessicaDimitrov actually does havethe right stuff, Jessica andher husband John recentlymet Major General CharlesElwood Yeager (known toall as Chuck Yeager) and dined with him at the home of a familyfriend. Known fondly as “the rocket scientist”, Jessica’s husband,John told General Yeager that it was because of his example thathe chose the career path thathe did. General Yeager isnow 89 years old, but assharp as a tack. GeneralYeager was only 24 years oldwhen he broke the soundbarrier at an altitude of45,000 feet, and continuedto push the limit harder andWhat Jessica and General Yeager would look likeshould he have been leaning against a plane anumber of years ago with her at his side.Peggy and Duane Lansverk get in the spirit of thepicnic and win a prize for Best Hula!faster. As we move towardNovember and political battlesthreaten to divide, it iscomforting to recall the pride in our national heroes gonebefore, and those still living.Speaking of filling some big shoes, the Columbian recentlyreported about Barry Brandenberg’s new employee hire, BennettBrandenberg, Barry’s 22 year old son. Bennett will be putting inhis time under the State’s law clerk program, hoping at the endof the four years to take the Bar Exam, and continue his dad’slaw practice. Bennett graduated this spring from George FoxUniversity, and will be putting in a full day at the office, studying22 CLARK COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION

at night for his credentials. Barry’s practice focuses around criminaldefense and personal injury cases and he will be teaching hisson all the right moves. There are currently 62 students enrolledin Washington’s law clerk program, compared to 1,680 attendingWashington’s three law schools. Washington’s program isone of only four in the United States, and has been in place for28 years. Clark County over the years has boasted several fine“graduates” of this program. Good luck Bennett!And finally, a sad piece of history for those of us that decided tobe lawyers just like Perry Mason; the television show PerryMason will no longer be seen at noon on KPTV five days a week.Because of declining ratings, the show that was a staple of thenoon to 1 pm slot on Channel 12 is being moved to mornings onsister station KPDX. Out of a Portland metro market of 1.2 millionhouseholds, only 2,200 people were watching Perry Masonin later years; the channel’s lowest rated show. The move to adifferent channel and an 8:00 a.m. time slot hopefully will keepthe show on the air, as there is now a lower ratings threshold tobe successful. The show, which originally ran from 1957 to1966, boasted 271 episodes and the entire catalogue can beordered on DVD. Episodes can also be seen on The HallmarkMovie Channel for those disappointed viewers. Victoria Blackwellwill remember brown bagging it in the little house out backof Nichols, Lane & Marshall, and then running back when ourhour-long lunch break was up to practice what we learned.Good times, good times…..L;L ; ;Your esteemed colleague Raisa Judicata can’t be everywhere. If youhave a tidbit of news you would like the world to know, send a noteto Raisa usually checks in the first Mondayof every month. Remember, it is your ethical duty to supportyour member organization with juicy gossip and goings on.HEARSAY - SEPTEMBER 2012 23

Susan Arney, Executive DirectorAshley Belisle, Program CoordinatorAdministrative: 360-823-0423E-mail: susana@ccvlp.orgThe Portland Marathon is getting close. I am really training hard. Iwill be on the start line on Sunday, October 7th. I don’t know howfar I will make it but I will be there. Please support me and the VolunteerLawyers Program, If you haven’t already made a pledge pleasefind your form that was delivered to you or go to our website – – and make a pledge. Your support is appreciated.Thanks, SusanMANY THANKS TO ALL THE ATTORNEYS AND PARA-LEGALS WHO STAFFED THE ADVICE CLINICS,HOMELESS CLINICS, PROVIDED REPRESENTATION,AND VOLUNTEERED IN THE HOMELESS COURT INTHE MONTH OF JULYDIRECT REPRESENTATIONMarvin Benson, Rachel Brooks, Mark Carter, Ed Dawson,Peter Fels, Marlene Hansen, Evan Hull, Rick Potter,Rob Russell, Jill Sasser, Todd TrierweilerFAMILY LAW:Matt Blum, Lou Byrd, Ed Dawson, Lori GasconLincoln Harvey, Christie Martin, Howard Marshack,Peter Sloane, Susan Stauffer, Erin WasleyGENERAL LAW:Hugh Potter, Peter SloaneHOMELESS COURT:Chuck Buckley, Jeff Courser, David Feeney, Brian MacKenzie,Brian Parker, Nathan Petersen, Abby Powell, Mark Sampath,Tim Smith, Diane SweetHOMELESS SHELTER:David Feeney, Dustin KlingerHOUSING JUSTICE PROJECT:Gideon Caron,Ed Dawson, Brian Mackenzie, Scott Matthews, Ben WolffStatistics for JULYBANKRUPTCY:Rob RussellYWCA SAFECHOICE DV CLINIC:Christie Martin, Katie McGinley,Lisa Peterson, Jill Sasser, Peter SloaneAdvertise with us!!!Reach 500 Attorneysand Legal Professionalsthroughout Clark County!Call Lisa Darco forpricing & space availability:360-695-5975Availablefor ConsultsWashington& OregonLicensedLinda E. FrischmeyerATTORNEYOver 25 Years Assisting to Achieve Employment GoalsRespectful. Clear. Helpful.• Wage payment• Independent contractors• Confidentiality• Nonprofits• Non-compete• Performance• Challenging behaviors• Leave laws• Disability accommodation• Drug testing360.816.2475linda.frischmeyer@landerholm.com805 Broadway, Ste. 1000 • Vancouver, WA 9866024 CLARK COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION

LAW LIBRARY NEWSNEWS YOU CAN USEMARIA SOSNOWSKILaw LibrarianLISA DARCOCCBA Office ManagerFOR SALE: Through October, 2012:The law library is taking blind bids on the following items:Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook, 12th editionLitigating Employment Discrimination Cases (James Publishing)- pages plus CD RomEverytrial Criminal Defense Resource Book (West) - pagesForeclosures 3d edition plus 2011 supplement (NCLC)Give your bid to the law librarian through the end of October.Bids must indicate your name, phone number, amount, anditem(s) on which you are bidding. Winners will be notified inearly November. We reserve the right to withdraw an item frombidding.This will be your last issue of Hearsay unless you renew yourCCBA Membership! Renew today and don't miss out on an excitingnew series from Attorney Mark Sampath all about Small LawFirm Practice!2013 Membership Directory: We're beginning to reserveadvertising space for this years directory. Contact me for moreinformation.LEGALLY DRAWNATTORNEY BOOKKEEPING TIPSEMANUELA SANDRIAttorney Bookkeeping Services, Inc.QuickBooks - Find Check When Check Number is KnownQuickBooks has several search features to find transactions.o display the find screen from the Home page, when a register isdisplayed or when all window are closed, go to Edit menu andselect Find. The screen has two tabs, Simple and Advanced.Enter any available information, such as amount or name, to findthe transaction(s).One find feature can be used within the form used. For example,to find a check, if check number is known:display a check (Banking menu > Write Checks)display find screen (Edit menu > Find Checks)enter check numberclick FindNote: If there is more than one check with the same check number,a list will appear. Double click the line to display the check.Reproduced with permission. For more cartoons and information, go to us online at:ccbawashington.orgHEARSAY - SEPTEMBER 2012 25

UPCOMING EVENTSMEETINGOctober 3, 2012CCBA Board MeetingCCBA Office - NoonCLEOctober 4, 2012Young Lawyers Section CLEPublic Service Center - NoonCLEOctober 8, 2012CLE: Family Offender SentencingAlternative. Public Service CenterNoon - 1:00pmMEETINGOctober 9, 2012Superior Court Bench/Bar meetingCourthouse - Noon.MEETINGOctober 10, 2012Family Law Section MeetingTommy O’s - 11:30amCLEOctober 10, 2012Nuts & Bolts CLE : Handling Liens inPersonal Injury CasesRed Lion at the Quay 3:00pm - 5:00pmCLEOctober 11, 2012YLS Happy HourMain Event Sports Grill - 5:00pm - 6:00pmMEETINGOctober 17, 2012Hearsay Committee MeetingKurt Rylander’s Office - NoonCLEOctober 17, 2012Inns of CourtLittle Italy’s Tratoria - 5:00pm - 6:30pmMEETINGOctober 24, 2012CLE Committee MeetingCCBA Office - NoonSW WASHINGTON LAWYERREFERRAL SERVICEThe CCBA’s Lawyer Referral Service is a program designed tohelp the general public find attorneys appropriate for theirneeds, while at the same time providing a source of new clientbusiness exclusively to our members.To participate, members pay a small one-time annual fee.(The service is free to the public.) For more information,call the CCBA at 360-695-5975.THE SWLRS REFERRED 224 CLIENTSIN THE MONTH OF JULYAdministrative Law ......................................................22Bankruptcy ....................................................................7Business & Corp ............................................................2Consumer ....................................................................15Criminal ........................................................................18Debtor/Creditor ..............................................................2Family Law ..................................................................41General Litigation ........................................................59Labor & Employment....................................................14Real Property................................................................27Wills & Trusts ................................................................8Worker’s Comp ..............................................................6ADA ................................................................................1International Law............................................................2We are creative about protectingintellectual propertyPatentsTrademarksCopyrights406 West 12th StreetVancouver, WA(360) 750-9931www.rylanderlaw.comTrade SecretsUnfair CompetitionLitigationLicensingCounselingDue DiligenceRYLANDER& ASSOCIATES PCTrial & Patent Attorneys26 CLARK COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION

2012/2013 CCBA OFFICERS & TRUSTEESPRESIDENTSuzan Clark(360) 735-9434sclark4224@aol.comVICE-PRESIDENTJane Clark(360) 859-3823jane@janeclarklegal.comTREASURERJ.D. Nellor(360) 695-8181jd@nellorlaw.comSECRETARYArin Dunn(360) 737-6793arin@dunnsheldrick.comIMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENTJohn Fairgrieve(360) 397-2261john.fairgrieve@clark.wa.govTRUSTEEJill Sasser(360) 816-2534jill.sasser@landerholm.comTRUSTEERick McLeod503-595-5300rick.mcleod@klarquist.comTRUSTEELaura Mancuso(360) 695-7909Laura_Mancuso@marsh-higgins.comVLP REPRESENTATIVEDavid Gregerson(360) 906-1164david@gregersonlangsdorf.comOFFICE MANAGERLisa Darco(360) 695-5975ccbamanager@ccbawashington.orgMEMBER SERVICESKaitlin Lisandrelli(360) 695-5975kaitlin@ccbawashington.orgHEARSAY EDITOR-IN-CHIEFKurt Rylander(360) 750-9931rylander@rylanderlaw.comTOO BUSY TO GET THATBIG CASE MOVING?The daily rigors in a solo or small practice can make it difficult to stay ontop of a wrongful death or serious personal injury case. We have the experienceand financial backing to help you do what it takes to litigate claims properly.The three senior partners in our firm each have over 30 years of experience.Ask about our reputation, or give us a call to discuss your client’s case.SCHAUERMANN, THAYERJACOBS & STAPLES, P.S.ATTORNEYS AT LAWAV Martindale-Hubbell Rating1700 E. Fourth Plain Blvd. • Vancouver, WA(360)

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