Here you will find the complete current catalogue for ... - Arnoldsche

Here you will find the complete current catalogue for ... - Arnoldsche

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arnoldsche around the World127 834910To prove the relevance and valuillustrates and explains some examples from my own professioshare one or more of the following characteristics, which definDesign and have contributed to their success:arnoldsche around the World5 61 Wayne Higby, Lisa Lantz and Helen Drutt, Tempe, April 2013. Photo: Daniel Swadener 2 Silke Nalbach, Narcissus Quagliata, Dirk Allgaier and Wiebke Ullmann,Stuttgart, April 2013 3 Exhibition opening of Annelies Štrba at Galerie Eigen + Art with Gerd Harry Lybke, Dieter Zühlsdorff and Silke Nalbach, Leipzig, January 20134 Exhibition opening of Wayne Higby at Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, April 2013 5 Exhibition opening of Petra Zimmermann at MAK, Vienna,February 2013. Photo: Helfried Kodré 6 Helfried Kodré, Elisabeth J. Gu. Defner and Peter Skubic, December 20124 www.arnoldsche.com1112 • They 13prove that customers care and pay for world-class pro7 Exhibition opening of Aftermath at Museum Villa Stuck, Munich, March 2013. Photo: Vivi D’Angelo/Food & Photography • They illustrate 8 how Corinna businesses, Rösner such from as Die frog, Neue evolve by facinSammlung – The International Design Museum Munich and Dirk Allgaier at Schmuck 2013, Munich, March 2013 9 Sigurd Bronger, Rüdiger Mayer and MarionBoschka, Munich, March 2013 10 Hege Henriksen and Michael Buhrs, Oslo, January 2013. Photo: André Gali 11 Tone Vigeland and Widar Halén, Oslo, January2013. Photo: André Gali 12 Otto Künzli and Dirk Allgaier, February 2013. Photo: Samuel Künzli 13 Luzie, May 2013It seems that we are living in anDESIGN FORWARD• Top management and/or entrepreneurs involved with theseof their strategy.• The products and projects were/are highly influential on a garnoldsche around the World• The designs prove that even as technologies come and go,• The designs have created or will create new markets and in• They have enabled sustainable growth and achieved excelle• They demonstrate that problems must be resolved by movinhowever, have a long history, over which we have developed oour own speed — and human speed is slow. No matter what 5humans will advance at our own rate and use developments foopened new channels of communication, which have enabled

Willemina Hoenderken (ed.)Fashion illustrationa Manual320 pages, 23 x 31 cm, approx. 400 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-395-1June 2013Fashion is fascination, cult, protection and adornment. We experienceit daily on our own bodies and we notice it in our surroundings.The manifestations of fashion in magazines, advertisements andthe Internet are never ending: sophisticated, erotic, provocative oroverly aesthetic pictures create specific images, carrying the beholderoff into their own world.To inspire such an eye-catching sensation requires a concept, anidea, which takes shape in an illustration. In the fast-moving age ofdigital photography, this art is disappearing more and more fromthe everyday life of the fashion designer and media. In doing so itaffords illustration great additional value: it bears witness to individuality,it conveys the zeitgeist and mood.Willemina Hoenderken, professor of design at the Bielefeld Universityof Applied Sciences, conveys in the book just how fashion isperfectly staged through illustration. The publication outlines fundamentaltechniques, diverse materials and important basics ofdesign, and presents approximately 400 illustrations created at theBielefeld University. A chapter on working practices gives a glimpseinto the development and day-to-day business of a successfulfashion company, and an essay on the cultural history of fashionillustration rounds off the book.With contributions by Anna Zika, Annette Görtz, WilleminaHoenderken.A creatively designed handbook for prospective and experiencedfashion illustrators and designers. Basic guidance totechniques and design are supplemented through concreteinformation on the practice and cultural-historical backgroundof this art form.neW _ fashionnEW _ Fashion8 9

Lars EisenlöffelBjørn ransveprints 1963–2013Approx. 700 pages, 30.4 x 29 cm, approx. 1,200 colour illustrations.Hardback in decorative slipcase.€ 99.80 [D] | US$ 170 | £ 90English: ISBN 978-3-89790-370-8 (includes German translation)Norwegian: ISBN 978-3-89790-398-2October 2013Bjørn Ransve (born in 1944 in Oslo) is one of the most significantcontemporary Scandinavian artists. Following on from the publicationof volumes about his painting and drawings, this publicationwith his prints completes the trilogy about his work.Prints play an important role in his work. From the very beginning(since 1963) he has actively used the lithographic press. There aremany pages that were only printed once. Then, in the 1980s, hecreated a whole flurry based on one motif, refined in stone or varyingin colour. Since the end of 2012 he has also incorporated thefrottage technique, which enables a completely new picture compositionand opens up new artistic potential. Ransve’s world ofmotifs, often characterised by simultaneous abstraction and materiality,is expressed through drawings, paintings, and prints.His motifs borrowed from art history, as well as his enigmatic, mystical,and demonic adaptations, often have an aggressive anddistorted effect, whilst at the same time being presented in a verysensitive way. This ambivalence is a consistent feature of Ransve’sworks, expressed perhaps most radically in works where the materialcollides with the abstract.Ransve has had a significant influence on late modern Scandinavianpainting and he is represented in all the major museums there. Heis not part of the national and international gallery business andcan therefore be considered an insiders’ tip in Europe and the USA!the first presentation of Bjørn Ransve’s print works – aswell as an index of the significant norwegian artist’s works,which are of the highest aesthetic standards.neW _ fine artsRansve – Drawings 1961–2005€ 99.80 [D] | US$ 170 | £ 90ISBN 978-3-89790-244-2Ransve – Paintings 1962–2009€ 99.80 [D] | US$ 170 | £ 90ISBN 978-3-89790-310-4(cf. p. 38)neW _ fine arts12 13

Iris Edenheiser | Astrid Nielsen (eds.)for the Dresden State Art Collectionstecumseh, KeoKuK,BlacK haWKportraits of indians in the era of treatiesand removal200 pages, 21 x 27 cm, 70 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.€ 34.80 [D] | US$ 60 | £ 30ISBN 978-3-89790-400-2September 2013The colonisation of the world by European powers led to the productionof a wealth of images of the colonised cultures and peoples.Images of North American Indians play an important role in ourvisual culture. This publication illuminates how they are represented,as well as their political and historico-cultural background, basedon the so-called ‘Indian Museum’ of the Dresden sculptor FerdinandPettrich (1798–1872).In the 1830s, Pettrich travelled to Washington and portrayed representativesof Indian tribes in 33 reliefs, statues, busts, and bozzettimade of terracotta-coloured plaster. These tribes were negotiatingtreaties with the US government about the future usage of theland. The portraits were created during a decisive phase of nationalhistory, when the US government’s policy towards the NativeAmericans was becoming increasingly hostile and the young nationwas striving for further expansion and a national identity, whilethe native inhabitants were fighting for their physical and culturalsurvival.Pettrich’s oeuvre is an early example of the recurring motif of NorthAmerican Indians in European and Euro-American art. The classically-influencedforms of these representations, the influence ofthe simultaneously emerging ‘Indian painting’, as well as the lastingfascination of the subject of ‘Indians’ are presented here, alongwith the political context of the era the works were created in.the Dresden sculptor Ferdinand pettrich’s ‘indian Museum’,created in the nineteenth century, is presented comprehensivelyfrom an interdisciplinary art history and historicoculturalperspective – from the exploration of artistic andcreative details to biographical details about the portrayedpersonalities.neW _ fine artsexhibition of the Dresden State Art Collections and theVatican Museums at the Albertinum, Dresden/Germany,2.10. 2013 to 2. 3. 2014Further information: www.sdk.museumneW _ fine arts14 15

Olaf Thormann (ed.)vessel | sculpture 2german and international ceramics since 1946grassi museum for applied art leipzig504 pages, 24.5 x 29 cm, approx. 550 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-391-3October 2013The volume Vessel / Sculpture. German and International Ceramicssince 1946, published in 2008, quickly established itself as astandard work on the subject of ceramics after the Second WorldWar and is now completely out of print. It presented a wide spectrumof ceramic art, with a focus on East German works, but alsoincluding pioneering examples of West German and internationalunique items and limited series from the collection at the GRASSIMuseum in Leipzig. Works from around 300 ceramic artists werepresented through large-format colour illustrations, along with artists’biographies and signatures. The wide range of artistic ceramics,from vessels to sculptures and installations, was presentedimpressively.The publication and an exhibition in 2008 launched a new waveof donations to the museum. Several hundred masterpieces fromrenowned collections, by leading international ceramicists, wereadded to the inventory. A representative overview of these newadditions is now presented by Vessel / Sculpture 2 – which featuresmany new examples of international ceramic art and assertsitself once again as a unique and special oeuvre.a new standard work on ceramics from the last 65 years,with comprehensive illustrations, biographies, and signaturesof the approximately 300 represented international artists,which highlights the diversity and beauty of ceramic forms,from traditional vessels to ceramic models and free installations.NEW _ COLLECTIBLESexhibition: GRASSI Museum for Applied Art Leipzig, Germany,17. 11. 2013 to 23. 3. 2014Further information: www.grassimuseum.deneW _ collectiBles16 17

Jorunn Veiteberg | Kerstin WickmantorBjørn KvasBø – ceramicsBetween the possible and the impossibleApprox. 176 pages, 23 x 25 cm, approx. 100 illustrations in colour and b/w.Hardback. English, Norwegian and Swedish.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-377-7September 2013Christoph Fritzschedie aelteste volKstedterporzellanmanufaKturihre geschichte von der gründung bis heute360 pages, 23 x 30 cm, more than 300 illustrations in colour and b/w.Hardback with dust jacket. German.€ 78 [D] | US$ 135 | £ 70ISBN 978-3-89790-397-5October 2013Torbjørn Kvasbø (born in 1953) is one of the most fascinating andinfluential representatives of contemporary ceramics, not onlyin Norway but worldwide. Since the nineteen-seventies, his workshave been exploring the possibilities and potential of various typesof clay, different firing techniques and both familiar and unfamiliarforms. From the utility objects of his earliest years, he has movedon to objects including chests, houses and troughs, as well asworks that have strong associations with human skin and body parts.In later years, colours have played a more important role, which –in combination with a recurring tube form – has resulted in dynamicand monumental stacks that are energetic, expressive, and emotional.This publication traces Kvasbø’s artistic development from 1977to today and illuminates his influence on university education,as a lecturer at the School of Design and Crafts at the Universityof Gothenburg (1996 to 2000) and the University College of Arts,Crafts and Design in Stockholm (2000 to 2008).Torbjørn Kvasbø’s works are owned by leading museums worldwide,including the National Museum, Stockholm (SE), the DesignmuseumDanmark, Copenhagen (DK), the National Museum of Art, Architectureand Design, Oslo (NO), the Auckland Museum Institute, Auckland(NZ), the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu (JP), the WorldCeramic Center, Icheon (KOR).this publication provides a comprehensive overview of theoeuvre of torbjørn Kvasbø, whose expressive works representa unique contribution to contemporary ceramic art.In 1760, Georg Heinrich Macheleid was granted permission by thePrince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt to establish a porcelain manufactoryin Sitzendorf/Thuringia, Germany, which was relocated toVolkstedt in 1762. Its products feature artistic representations offigures. The graceful appearance of the collector’s items, whichinclude groups of shepherds and female dancers, is characterisedby a great lightness, emotiveness, and playful elegance.This monograph presents for the first time the complete historyof the oldest Thuringian porcelain manufacturer, which is still inoperation. With regard to the eighteenth century, the publicationprovides a virtually complete coverage of figural porcelain and aselection of crockery. In relation to the nineteenth century, it elucidatesthe manufacturer’s previously unexplained ownership situationand its frequently changing names. This is followed by anoverview of the modellers and models, as well as of the subsidiariesestablished in the twentieth century. The publication concludeswith contemporary artists’ designs for porcelain manufacturing inthe twenty-first century.Christoph Fritzsche created an inventory system that enables theclear labelling of the eighteenth-century Volkstedt figures andtherefore a definitive systemisation of all known forms. Apart fromthe history of the company, there is a comprehensive trademarkindex with regard to the manufacturer and its subsidiaries and anoverview of the current status of research.this is the first publication covering the entire companyhistory of the Oldest volkstedt porcelain Manufactory, witha comprehensive index of eighteenth-century figures. itrepresents a new standard work on the subject of thehistory of porcelain in thuringia and Germany with morethan 300 illustrations.neW _ collectiBlesexhibition: Lillehammer Art Museum, Lillehammer/Norway,21. 9. to 10.11. 2013Further information: www.lillehammerartmuseum.comneW _ collectiBles18 19

Horst Makus | Alexandra Marx et al.heinz and ingrid sieryceramics − Bronze − interiorsa life with art160 pages, 21 x 28 cm, approx. 160 illustrations in colour and b/w.Hardback. English and German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-401-9October 2013Marc Heiremansseguso vetri d’arteglass objects from murano (1932−1973)Approx. 400 pages, 24 x 30 cm, more than 2,000 illustrations(many of them in colour). Hardback, decorative slipcase. English.€ 198 [D] | US 340 | £ 180ISBN 978-3-89790-162-9October 2013The artist and organiser Heinz Siery was one of the most importantpersonalities in the field of ceramics design in the 1950s and1960s. His design forms significantly shaped the style of the productsof companies such as Fohr, Scheurich, Carstens and Ruscha.In addition, he planned and organised the entire production processand introduced performance-related pay. Ingrid Siery alsobegan her artistic career in the ceramics industry. She designeddecorative objects for Georg Schmider and Carstens and oversawthe design department at the Wächtersbach earthenware factory.Since 1969, the artist couple have been working independently intheir own Syré atelier. Apart from commissioned work such asdesigning tiled stoves and ceramic wall decorations, they also createtheir own works, such as figural sculptures made of bronze,whose simplicity and elegance have fascinated the couple from thebeginning. They have created sleek sculptures with a minimalist,classical form and clear lines that are reminiscent of Henry Mooreand Joannis Avramidis.People and their relationships form the subject matter of their art.Their expressive figures, often portrayed as a group, radiate warmthand harmony. While the theme of relationships is predominant inthe Sierys’ art, art is a dominant feature of their whole life togetheras a couple. Their atelier near Euskirchen has now grown to anensemble of more than five farmhouses which they renovated themselves.It houses a sculpture park and more than 300 of the couple’sworks – it is in itself a work of art reflecting the artistic life ofIngrid and Heinz Siery.Glassblowing is a venerable tradition on Murano. The early twentiethcentury saw radically new artistic departures: in 1932 AntonioSeguso and his sons Archimede and Ernesto joined forces withNapoleone Barovier and Luigi ‘Olimpio’ Ferro to found ArtisticaSoffiera e Vetreria-Barovier Seguso Ferro; the name of the firm waschanged to Seguso Vetri D’Arte in 1937. The turbulent era of thecompany’s history – marred by some severe economic downturns– ended in 1973 when it was taken over by Maurizio Albarelli.Today it is owned by Gianluca Seguso.On entering the firm in 1934, Flavio Poli turned the programmearound to make it fresh and contemporary. Thus Seguso Vetri D’Artebecame one of the leading glass factories on Murano. Flavio Poli’sdesigns chimed perfectly with the 1950s and ’60s zeitgeist.Winning the most prestigious awards (a. o. at the Milan Triennaleand the Venice Biennale), his creations in glass were now launchedto worldwide acclaim.We are indebted indeed to Marc Heiremans, the author of the presentpublication, for devoting years of hard work at various Muranosites to tracking down almost all the Seguso archive material (fromthe company’s beginnings): an incredible treasure trove (some30,000 drawings alone), which he has been evaluating, working upand subjecting to meticulous scholarly treatment for the past tenyears. The fruits of his labours are presented in this book, which isessentially a catalogue of works. Unfortunately, the quantity ofmaterial unearthed is so vast that it could not be covered in a bookof this kind. Hence the author has had to limit himself to publishinga selection of material.neW _ collectiBlesWith contributions by Dierk Engelken, Dirk Kandziora, HorstMakus, Alexandra Marx, Emiel Monnink.the first monograph about the oeuvre of this unusual artistcouple. Knowledgeable texts and 160 illustrations trace thesierys’ artistic development and outstanding design sincethe 1950s. With an overview of the ceramic design works ofHeinz and ingrid siery.this authoritative reference book on the important segusovetri D’arte glass factory closes a yawning gap. not only willit provide collectors, auctioneers and art historians with awealth of previously unpublished drawings and photographs.the market value of the seguso objects will also have to bereadjusted in the light of such momentous discoveries thatreveal the true importance of the factory.neW _ collectiBles20 21

Glenn AdamsonBernhard schoBingerthe rings of saturnApprox. 250 pages, 14 x 20 cm, approx. 420 colour illustrations.Hardback – an artist’s book! English.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-402-6October 2013The ring is a significant cultural reference in our society: it bears acoveted diamond or is a symbol of togetherness. This is not thecase with Bernhard Schobinger! His objects created over the last45 years reflect artistic and social developments. The ring as thewitness of an era: concrete art, the aesthetics of punk, postmodernismand so on.Bernhard Schobinger is one of the most provocative, critical, andartistically inspiring contemporary jewellery artists, who has revolutionisedhis craft. He has turned away from conventional materials,in favour of those that have an emotional quality or a conceptualvalue. These can take the form of old rusty nails, used formaking a ring, or a direct reaction to 9/11 by engraving an aeroplaneinto the ring. He interprets the piece of jewellery as a contemporarywitness of our society.The book is based on an overview of nearly all the rings that BernhardSchobinger has created over the last 45 years. It is conceivedas a reference work and documents nearly half a century of thedesign and creative power of this Swiss artist. Bernhard Schobingerwas awarded the Grand Prix Design (2007).through his departure from traditional jewellery, Bernhardschobinger denies jewellery its function as a status symboland makes it into a vehicle for expressing a universal criticalvoice.neu _ scHmucKBernhard SchobingerJewels Now!€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-183-4 (cf. p. 35)neW _ jeWellery22 23

Iris FishofJewellery in israelMulticultural Diversity1948 to the PresentApprox. 200 pages, 22 x 29 cm, approx. 200 illustrations in colour and b/w.Hardback with dust jacket. English, with Hebrew summary.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-396-8October 2013In Israel East meets West. Their jewellery traditions blend, resultingin creative innovations. In the 1930s, immigrants from Germanyand other European countries introduced the spirit of the Bauhaus,while oriental craftsmanship was invigorated in the 1950s and ’60sby immigration from Islamic countries. State jewellery companiespreserved traditional crafts, while at the same time developing anew and elegant style, designed to express the national identity ofthe still young state of Israel.There are important links between native jewellery makers andEuropean and American jewellery artists, who were guest lecturersat the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in the 1970s and had alasting influence on Israeli artists. The transition to art jewellerywas finally completed in the 1980s, paving the way for artists whoare now internationally renowned, such as Bianca Eshel Gershuni,Esther Knobel, Deganit Stern Schocken and Vered Kaminski,whose works are presented here in detail.A further chapter in this comprehensive presentation of Israeliart jewellery is dedicated to contemporary works by some outstandingyoung artists. Although their works are part of the globaljewellery scene, they are also dedicated to their homeland, forexample through unequivocal references to local political tensions.Based on the most outstanding representatives and mostfascinating current developments, this publication is thefirst comprehensive presentation of the history and developmentof art jewellery in Israel.About the author: Dr. Iris Fishof studied Art History at the HebrewUniversity of Jerusalem. From 1983 to 2003 she worked at theIsrael Museum, in Jerusalem, as Chief Curator of Judaica and JewishEthnography. Since 2005, she is a Senior Lecturer on jewelleryat the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat-Gan.neu _ scHmucKnew _ Jewellery24 25

28InfinitePlace-WH_FINAL.indd 28 11.02.13 15:47 InfinitePlace-WH_FINAL.indd 29 11.02.13 15:4729132InfinitePlace-WH_FINAL.indd 132 11.02.13 15:54 InfinitePlace-WH_FINAL_k.indd 133 13.02.13 13:35133Diana unD VenusVenedig, Werkstatt des Domenico da Venezia, um 1560–1570Inv. Nr. GKg/Sch.II.361,391Provenienz: 1825 oder später erworben aus dem Nachlass von Hans-Albrecht vonGroßes, fast kugelförmiges Gefäß auf glatter Standfläche mitkurzem, leicht abgesetztem Hals. Der Scherben rötlich.Mehrere Anbacks und Fehlstellen in der Glasur. NebenDiana an der Gefäßschulter Schnitte in der Oberfläche.Bemalung in Blau, Grün, Ocker, Gelb, Grau, Schwarzbraun,Weiß und Violett; mit Weißhöhungen. Die Konturen blau,ocker, grau und violett. – An den beiden Schauseiten VenusMarina bzw. Diana, jeweils in einem Medaillon, das voneinem mit Rosettenblüten und Früchten besetzten Blattkranzumschlossen wird. – Die Liebesgöttin gleitet aufeinem Delphin liegend vor einer fernen Bergkette über dasMeer. Um ihren Kopf bauscht sich in weitem Bogen ihr Mantel,den sie mit beiden Händen fasst. Auf der Gegenseiteschreitet Diana mit einem Pfeil in der Hand auf Wolken. DieWandung des Gefäßes ist mit Blattranken überzogen, indenen Blüten, Trauben und ein Granatapfel hängen sowieein Delphin hervorschaut. Die Motive sind aus dem tiefblauenGrund, aus dem kleine Schnörkel ausgekratzt sind,ausgespart. – Über der Standfläche ein blau eingefasster,ockerfarbener Kreis. Um den Hals läuft eine Lorbeerrankeauf weißem Grund.An der Mündung ein Ausbruch von 8 cm Länge.D. 36 cm, H. 38 cm.Als Goethe die „Vase“ erwarb, gehörte der Leuchter ausPesaro als Deckel dazu (Kat. Nr. T 3). 3 Schuchardt assoziiertemit dem Ensemble eine Potpourri-Vase. 4 Es handelt sich umein Apothekengefäß in einem Formtypus, wie er in Italienaus dem späten 15. Jahrhundert überliefert ist. 5 Seit etwa derMitte des 16. Jahrhunderts sind diese Gefäße vor allem ausCastel Durante und Venedig erhalten. Sie zeigen oft die gleicheOrnamentik – Trophäen und lockere Blattranken mitFrüchten auf weißem Grund –, so dass eine genauereBestimmung oft schwierig ist, zumal Majolikamaler zwischenden Produktionsorten auch wanderten. 6 Die Herkunftdes Weimarer Stückes aus der Werkstatt des Domenico daVenezia bezeugt der Vergleich mit den Rückseiten der beidenvon Domenico signierten und 1568 datierten großenTeller in Braunschweig und deren üppigem Pflanzen- undBlütendekor in blauem Grund. 7 Solche Kugeltöpfe in verschiedenenGrößen und Dekoren gehören ebenso wie Albarellizu den eindrucksvollsten Produkten der Werkstatt.Im Katalog zur Auktion des Derschau-Nachlasses 1825heißt es zu dem Gefäß: „Nach einer Raphaelischen Zeichnung“,9 wobei Zeichnung für Entwurf steht. Auf Raffael lässtsich die Gestalt der Diana zurückführen, denn als Vorbilddiente die Venus aus dem Urteil des Paris, das MarcantonRaimondi und Marco Dente gestochen haben (Abb. 84.1 und## unter Kat. Nr. T 52 ). 10 Als Göttin der Jagd wurde sie mitder Mondsichel im Haar und einem Pfeil anstelle des goldenenApfels in der Hand ausgestattet. Die Isolierung einerFigur aus einer größeren Komposition wurde in Venedig inder zweiten Hälfte des 16. Jahrhunderts oft praktiziert. 11 AlsAnregung für den sich bauschenden Mantel der Diana dientevielleicht Venus auf einem Stich von Giacomo FranciaCatiur, ium voluptatum ipsam aut volorum dent ant pliquis cipsum, aututatur assitatem aperchi lliquam, nonsequas dita dit qui imuscie nihivoluptatumauch als Galathea gedeutet. 13 Beide mythologischen Gestaltensind, wenn sie ohne Attribute bleiben, nicht zu unterscheiden.14 In dieser Pose gehört die Figur, meist als Venus,zum Repertoire Domenicos. Mit Amor erscheint sie zumBeispiel an dem signierten und 1568 datierten Albarello imMuseum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt 15. 15 Sie ist auf denbereits erwähnten großen Tellern in Braunschweig, signiertund datiert 1568 von Domenico, in die üppige Randdekorationauf den Schauseiten integriert. 16 Auf einem Delphin –wie auf dem Weimarer Exemplar – lagert sie auf der FahneKat. Nr. 391 (Anhang Schuchardt 1848); Schuette 1910, S. 46; Topfmeier 1958,Nr. 86.1 Anhang Derschau 1825, [S. 36], Nr. 1. Der Zuschlagpreis lag 1825 bei47 Floren.2 Anhang Löffelholz 1823, Nr. 35. In der Löffelholz-Auktion hatte Frauvon Derschau für 36 Floren eine „Vase mit Arabesken reich verziert“ersteigert. Unter Arabesken verstand man auch Rankenwerk. Venusund Diana sind in der Liste 1823 ebenso wenig erwähnt wie der 1825als „Deckel“ deklarierte Leuchter (T 3). Der Auktionskatalog war bishernicht auffindbar.Joseph gibt sich seinen brüDern zu erkennenFaenza, Werkstatt des Virgiliotto Calamelli/Leonardo Bettisi,Maler der Amazonenschlacht, um 1565–1575Inv. Nr. GKg/Sch.II.359,374Provenienz: vielleicht 1823 oder später von Johann Jacob Lechner, Nürnberg,Form 9. Malerei in Ocker, Gelb, Blau, Blaugrün, Grau,Schwarz, Weiß, Violett und Braun; wenige Weißhöhungen.Die Konturen blau und in Lokalfarben. Die Lippe gelb, blauabgesetzt. Die Szene spielt vor einer monumentalen Pfeilerhalle,aus der Joseph auf die vor ihm auf den Knien liegendenBrüder zutritt und den jüngsten umarmt. Im Hintergrundein Kuppelbau. – Auf der Unterseite in Blau von derselbenHand wie auf Kat. Nr. 71 die Beschriftung „li fratelli d[i] josefe/ selli zetano ali pie / di“ (Die Brüder Josephs werfensich ihm zu Füßen). – Später hinzugefügt in Schwarz „6.“und in Sepia „GH.924“ sowie das Etikett der Klassik StiftungWeimar mit der Inventarnummer.D. 30, 8 cm, H. 6,1 cm.Joseph schließt Benjamin in die Arme und gibt sich seinenBrüdern zu erkennen, die in Angst und Staunen vor ihmknien (1. Mose 45,3). Bernard Salomons Holzschnitt in denFigure del vecchio testamento von 1554 liegt der Darstellung zugrunde(Abb. 70.1). 2 Der Maler hat jedoch die Anzahl der Figurenreduziert und die Anordnung der Architekturmotiveverändert. Den vollständigen Holzschnitt hat der „MaestroNach der Darstellung des siegreichen Kampfes des Herkulesgegen die Amazonen auf einem weder signierten nochdatierten, aber im Stil der Malerei prägnanten Teller inDie Majoliken charakterisieren leuchtende und zugleichlasierende Farben sowie eine weich modellierende, temperamentvolleMalerei mit ausgeprägten, schnell und sichergemalten Konturen; Elemente, die den Einfluss des StileLeonhardt hatte die Werkstatt um 1565 in Venedig tätigvermutet. 6 Dagegen argumentierte Lessmann für einen Ursprungin Faenza. 7 Ravanelli Guidotti hat diese These aufgegriffen:8 1561 datiert ist ein großer Teller im Louvre mit einerReiterschlacht, welcher in der fast nur auf Blau- und Ocker-Catiur, ium voluptatum ipsam aut volorum dent ant pliquis cipsum, aututatur assitatem aperchi lliquam, nonsequas dita dit qui imuscie nihivoluptatumtöne reduzierten Palette ganz unter dem Einfluss des Stilecompendiario entstand. Er trägt auf der Rückseite die Bezeichnung„1561 in Faenza“. 9 Auch der Reversdekor mit flächendeckendenkonzentrischen Kreisen in Blau- und Gelbtönenweist auf Faenza. Die Kampfszene, deren ikonographischeVorlage wir nicht kennen, ist in ihrer RaumkompositionPeter Held (ed.)INFINITE PLACEThe Ceramic Art ofWAYNE HIGBY216 pages, 24 x 30 cm, 170 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-384-5‘Wayne Higby is a highly self-critical artist, whosereflections about his own work are at the same timepoetic, profound, and unassailable.’ (Peter Held)Wayne Higby (born in 1943) is one of the internationalprotagonists amongst contemporary ceramicartists. His work, in the tradition of American LandscapeArt, ranges from vessels to sculptures andthe large-scale architecture installations EarthCloudand SkyWell Falls. His abstract interpretations useRaku and celadon techniques and have an almosteerie presence.This monograph of the pioneering ceramicistWayne Higby presents all his groups of works,with 170 illustrations. Expert essays illuminatehis oeuvre from various perspectives.Johanna LessmannITALIENISCHEMAjOLIkAAuS GOETHES BESITzBestandskatalog der klassikStiftung WeimarApprox. 360 pages, 22 x 28 cm, approx. 220 illustrations incolour and b/w.Hardback. German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-386-9December 2013‘Serene pleasure’ was what Johann Wolfgang vonGoethe felt with regard to his collection of Italianmajolica, painted with vibrant high-fire colours andreflecting biblical, mythological, and historicalthemes. 97 majolicas from his art collection havebeen preserved. This publication provides the firstcomprehensive art historical study of the individualobjects, on the basis of the latest research findings.The provenance of the majolica purchased byGoethe between 1800 and 1830 sheds light on therelationships between Venice and the southernGerman trade centres, opening up new insights intothe trade in tin-glazed ceramics.This publication presents all of the objects inJohann Wolfgang von Goethe’s majolica collection,expertly described and with large-scaleimages.Majoliken · VenedigMajoliken · Faenza84 Apothekengefäß · Boccione70 Schale · ScodellaDerschau, Nürnberg; 1 vielleicht aus dem Nachlass von Georg Friedrich WilhelmLöffelholz, Nürnberg, der 1823 versteigert wurde 2erworben; aus dem Nachlass von Georg Wilhelm Friedrich von Löffelholz,Nürnberg, der 1823 versteigert wurde 1Selten tragen Boccioni eine Inschrift, die ihren Inhaltbezeichnet. 8(84.2). 12 Die Schöne auf dem Delphin wurde als Venus Marina, abereines großen Tellers mit den drei apokalyptischen Reitern. 17 Literatur: Anhang Derschau 1825, Nr. 1, [S. 36]; Schuchardt 1848, Bd. 2, S. 362,dei panneggi“ in Faenza auf einem fragmentarischen Beckenim Stil der Bianchi di Faenza wiedergegeben. 3Braunschweig hat Karl Friedrich Leonhardt die eng verwandtenStücke als aus der „Amazonenbottega“ bezeichnet. 4compendiario erkennen lassen. Der manieristische Figurenstilbasiert auf dem als Vorlage genutzten Holzschnitt Salomons. 508 GReeN teRRaCe CaNyON, 1975. Glazed earthenware, raku-fired. 13 × 13 × 11 inches. Collection: Marlin and Regina Miller09 deeP COVe, 1972. Glazed earthenware, raku-fired. 13 × 13 × 11 inches. Collection: david Owsley Museum of art, ball state University, Muncie, indiana51 Preliminary drawing for SkyWell FallS, 2008. Ink on paper. 13 × 9 ½ inches. Collection of the artist50 SkyWell FallS, 2009 (view from below)26273031NEW SINCE SPRING 2013 _ COLLECTIBLES AND FINE ARTSRosa Barovier | William Warmus |Maricruz Patiño | Pearl Chou et al.NARCISSuS QuAGLIATAArchetypes and Visions in Lightand Glass256 pages, 24 x 30 cm, 355 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English.€ 68 [D] | US$ 115 | £ 60ISBN 978-3-89790-378-4October 2013Narcissus Quagliata (born in 1942) is one of the mostsignificant contemporary glass artists. He has becomerenowned internationally through spectacularworks in public spaces, such as the ‘Taiwan Domeof Light’, the world’s largest glass roof, in theKaohsiung subway station in Taiwan. His glass domein the Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri church,which was built in the Baths of Diocletian anddesigned by Michelangelo, is equally well-known.This publication documents public and private worksby the artist, with contributions by expert authorsand impressive close-up images.Narcissus Quagliata creates an accomplishedsymbiosis of glass art, architecture and painting,using his unique artistic language.Eva StröberMINGPorcelain for a Globalised TradeApprox. 240 pages, 24 x 29 cm, approx. 200 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English.€ 58 [D] | US$ 95 | £ 49.50ISBN 978-3-89790-389-0August 2013Based on the exceptional porcelain collection atthe Princessehof Museum, Leeuwarden, the completerange of Ming porcelain is presented for the first timewithin one publication: the ‘Ming myth’ is unveiledby contrasting spectacular pieces created for theChinese imperial court, with various export ceramicsdestined for the Southeast Asian market, as well asthe blue and white porcelain customised for Europeantastes.In relation to its historical and cultural context,this publication tells the story of Chinese Mingporcelain, which was created both for the imperialcourt and for a globalised market in SoutheastAsia and Europe.NEW SINCE SPRING 2013 _ COLLECTIBLES AND ASIAN ART26 27

Anna Rikkinen, A DUTCH ENCOUNTER V, 2011, digital photograph, 800 x 600 mm116FTCC_ 1-248_031212_endend_RM.indd 116 06.12.12 10:09Anna Rikkinen, necklace A DUTCH ENCOUNTER V, 2011, lacquered wood, paper yarn, 600 x 500 x 120 mm117FTCC_ 1-248_031212_endend_RM.indd 117 06.12.12 10:09Born 1956Since the 1980s, Liv Blåvarp has worked mainly with neck pieces, exploring and perfecting thesculptural possibilities of this jewellery genre. She chose wood as her material, which was atthe time unusual in Norwegian jewellery circles. Throughout history, jewellery has been associatedwith precious materials, such as gem stones, a convention Blåvarp rejected in opting forwood. As one of the first Norwegian jewellery artists to break with tradition in this way, she demonstratedthat jewellery was about something other than status and preciousness. A recurrentfeature of Blåvarp’s work is the use of wood and of natural, organic forms. In the 1980s and 1990sshe used a figurative language to create neck pieces with representations of natural objects, suchas banana fruits and leaves. In the late 1990s she began to treat these natural themes with greaterabstraction, developing a non-figurative language of organic form with undulating shapes anda greater emphasis on shades of wood and colour. Over the years, Blåvarp has developed a distinctiveand highly personal idiom that combines an exceptional sense of form with a perfected techniquein jewellery that is supple and accommodating, both to wear and to look at. K.A.B.144EDUCATION1979–83 Department of Metalworking, Oslo National College of Artand Design, Oslo, NorwayPUBLIC COLLECTIONSDesignmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen, DenmarkMuseum of Decorative Arts, Berlin, GermanyNational Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, Great BritainArt Museums of Bergen, NorwayThe Art Museum of Northern Norway, Trømso, NorwayMiST – Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim, NorwayNational Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, NorwayNationalmuseum, Stockholm, SwedenThe Röhsska Museum for Fashion, Design and Decorative Arts,Gothenburg, SwedenCooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, New York, USAMuseum of Arts and Design, New York, USAMint Museum, Charlotte, USAMuseum of Fine Arts, Boston, USAThe Museum of Fine Arts (The Helen Williams Drutt Collection),Houston, USAFTCC_ 1-248_031212_endend_RM.indd 144 06.12.12 10:17

176Ellenrieder_Innen_END_RM-korr.indd 176 Ellenrieder_Innen_END_RM-korr.indd 19.04.13 09:49177 19.04.13 09:49177Marie Ellenrieder: Fürstin Therese Jablonowska,um 1819Öl auf Leinwand, 95,5 × 66,9 cmRosgartenmuseum Konstanzfolgende Doppelseite:Marie Ellenrieder: Johannes der Täufer als Knabemit Lamm, 1823/24Bleistift, Kohle und Kreide auf Papier, 63,9 × 49,5 cmRosgartenmuseum KonstanzMarie Ellenrieder: Johannesknabe in Landschaft,ein Kreuz bindend, 1827Öl auf Holz, 73,2 × 56,5 cmRosgartenmuseum Konstanz94Ellenrieder_Innen_END_RM-korr.indd 94 19.04.13 09:45Ellenrieder_Innen_END_RM-korr.indd 95 19.04.13 09:45RZ_jugend_001_352NEU.qxd 06.10.2010 11:10 Uhr Seite 48 RZ_jugend_001_352NEU.qxd 06.10.2010 11:12 Uhr Seite 4927 Möbelgarnitur Entwurf um 1899Ausgeführt von Siegfried Bingfür L’Art Nouveau, ParisSofa, Armsessel und Tisch,Palisander (Tisch), Mahagoni(Sofa und Armsessel),Samtpolsterung (Neupolsterung)Tisch: 71 × 100 × 59,5 cm;Sofa: 98,5 × 132,8 × 61,5 cm;Sessel: 98,5 × 62 × 54,5 cmRZ_jugend_001_352NEU.qxd 06.10.2010 11:49 Uhr Seite 161RZ_jugend_001_352NEU.qxd 06.10.2010 11:51 Uhr Seite 171Tobias Engelsing | Barbara Stark (eds.)EINFACH HIMMLISCH!Die Malerin Marie Ellenrieder1791–1863192 pages, 22 x 28.5 cm, 131 illustrations in colourand b/w.Hardback. German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-388-3Marie Ellenrieder was one of the most significantfemale painters of the nineteenth century, as well asa pioneer: she was the first woman admitted tostudy at the Munich Art Academy and to paint altarpiecesfor a Catholic church in Germany. She enjoyedartistic success as a sought-after portraitist. After ajourney to Italy, the artist – who had been appointedas the Baden court painter – dedicated herselfincreasingly to religious themes, in the style of theNazarene art movement. Her works are characterisedby a freshness of perception, an intuitive use ofcolours and clear compositions.Based on her newly researched biography, thispublication presents a fundamentally revisedpicture of Marie Ellenrieder as a successfulfemale artist and confident woman, introducingcurrent research findings about her artisticworks.SPECIALEDITIONMargot Th. Brandlhuber | Michael Buhrs (eds.)DIE juGEND DERMODERNEArt Nouveau und jugendstil –Meisterwerke aus MünchnerPrivatbesitz540 pages, 24.5 x 30.5 cm, 362 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. German.€ 24.95 [D] | $ 40 | £ 20(formerly € 49.80 [D] | $ 85 | £ 45)ISBN 978-3-89790-338-8More than 350 objects from German private collectionsportray the wide spectrum of Jugendstil art,which created a ’new style‘ beyond all limitations ofmaterial and genre. This publication captivates withthe quality and uniqueness of Jugendstil treasuresrarely seen before, with works by the most importantEuropean and some American artists, designersand manufacturers. These reveal impressively thewhole dynamics of this movement: the merging ofart and live.Works, some of which published for the firsttime, as well as texts by renowned expertspresent a comprehensive panoramic view ofJugendstil. Detailed descriptions of objects andartists’ biographies as well as illustrations ofsignatures and marks provide vital information.A rendering of European Jugendstil and ArtNouveau, unrivalled in scope and quality!Edward Colonna(1862–1948)48 Frankreich / BelgienNEW SINCE SPRING 2013 _ FINE ARTSJohn Hutchinson | Ildegarda ScheideggerANNELIES ŠTRBAMy Life’s Dreams224 pages, 32 x 21.5 cm, 210 colour illustrations.Half-linen cover. English and German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-380-7Annelies Štrba (born in 1947) is one of the mostsignificant and interesting contemporary photo andvideo artists. Her pictorial world is one of phantasmas,premonitions, curses, mysteries, fairytales andmyths. With the extreme intimacy of the trance-likeand fantastical shots of her current cycle ‘My Life’sDreams’, she succeeds in confronting the viewerwith his own memories and emotions. Her uniqueconcept of depiction and its transposition onto newrealities is without parallel. Therefore the arrangementof the work group ‘My Life’s Dreams’, inspiredby tales, appears as the pinnacle and natural continuationof all her previous work.Immerse yourself in the fascinating world ofAnnelies Štrba. Let yourself be enchanted bythe magic of her previously unseen pictorialworlds.SPECIALEDITIONFlorian Hufnagl | Rüdiger Joppien |Peter SchmittHANS-THEO BAuMANNart & design 1950–2010304 pages, 24 x 30 cm, 341 illustrations in colourand b/w.Hardback with dust jacket. English and German.€ 19.95 [D] | $ 35 | £ 17.50(formerly € 49.80 [D] | $ 85 | £ 45)ISBN 978-3-89790-323-4Furniture, dishes, glassware and cutlery – until todaymany items of Hans-Theo Baumann can be foundin many kitchens, dining- and living rooms all overthe German republic. Since the 1950s he has beenthe designer of German everyday life. Internationallyleading companies such as Rosenthal, Vitra orStoll produced his popular designs and were responsiblefor the immense distribution of these notablyfunctional objects. This publication offers for the firsttime a comprehensive overview of Baumann’s designs.A publication on outstanding design in everydaylife, for Hans-Theo Baumann considered thedesign of industrially manufactured massproducedproducts to be art that makes itselfuseful.SPECIAL EDITIONS30 31

ISBN 978-3-89790-381-4ARNOLDSCHE ART PUBLISHERSAusgewählte Publikationen zum Design aus unserem Programm:Selected books on design from our list:Christianne Weber­Stöber (Hg.)SILBERTRIENNALE INTERNATIONAL16. weltweiter Wettbewerb208 Seiten, 140 AbbildungeniSBN 978­3­89790­340­1W.­O. BauerEUROPÄISCHES BESTECK-DESIGN1948­2000Die Sammlung Bauer208 Seiten, 16 Farbtafeln und über 200 AbbildungeniSBN 978­3­89790­246­6Jochen AmmeHISTORISCHE BESTECKEFormenwandel von der Alterssteinzeitbis zur Moderne672 Seiten, 450 Farbtafeln,über 1.000 MarkenabbildungeniSBN 978­3­89790­167­4Hufnagel / Joppien / SchmittHANS-THEO BAUMANNkunst­design 1950­2010304 Seiten, 313 AbbildungeniSBN 978­3­89790­323­4Reinhold LudwigSCHMUCK-DESIGN DER MODERNEGeschichte und Gegenwart400 Seiten, ca. 800 AbbildungeniSBN 978­3­89790­292­3Wir informieren Sie gerne:For further information conatct:ARNOLDSCHE Art PublishersListstraße 9D­70180 StuttgartTel. +49 / (0)711 / 64 56 18­0Fax +49 / (0)711 / 64 56 18­79www.arnoldsche.comMollARNOLDSCHE Art PublishersiSBN 978­3­89790­347­0Erstmals präsentiert dieses Buch die Arbeiten des SilberschmiedsWilfried Moll umfassend in großformatigen Abbildungen und der Gegenüberstellung mit den Schmuckobjekten von Gerda Mollwird nicht nur die zeitlose Schönheit der Werke beider Künstler sichtbar,auch die fruchtbaren Wechselwirkungen innerhalb einer nunschon fast 50 Jahre andauernden Künstler­ und Lebensverbindunglassen sich nachvollziehen. Daran teilzuhaben ist ein Gewinn – eine»versilberte Zeit«!For the first time and in large format illustrations this publicationpresents the work of the silversmith Wilfried Moll.Juxtaposed with the jewellery objects of Gerda Moll, the timelessbeauty of both works is unveiled. the prolific interaction between theenduring artists and life partnership over the last nearly fifty yearsbecomes apparent to take part in this is a prize in itself – a ›sterlingtime‹!ARNOLDSCHE Art PublishersSchmuckDenken_cover_280411_BEL.indd 1ISBN 978-3-89790-326-5titel_fertig6.12.qxd_Layout 1 07.12.12 15:10 Seite 1Første monografi om den banebrytande norske smykkekunstnaren KonradMehus. Med humor og ironi overfører han daglegdagse sosiale og politiskeemne til underfundige, forteljande smykke.The first monography of the groundbreaking Norwegian jewellery artistKonrad Mehus, who translates daily social and political themes into narrativejewellery objects in an ironic and subtle way.ArnoldscheMehusISBN 978-3-89790-360-9ARNOLDSCHE Art PublishersListstraße 9D – 70180 StuttgartPhone +49 (0)711/64 56 18 0Fax +49 (0)711/64 56 18 79art@arnoldsche.comwww.arnoldsche.comJorunn Veiteberg (ed.)Arnoldsche Art publishersAusgewählte Publikationen über schmuckaus unserem Programm:selected books on jewellery from our list:Liesbeth den BestenOn JewelleryA Compendium of InternationalContemporary Art Jewellery240 seiten, 191 Abbildungen. Flexo-cover.Text in englisch.240 pages, 191 illustrations. Flexcover.In english.IsBn 978-3-89790-349-4Fritz FalkSerpentinaDie Schlange im Schmuck der WeltSnake Jewellery from around the World192 seiten, 238 Abbildungen. hardcovermit schutzumschlag. Text in deutsch undenglisch.192 pages, 238 illustrations. hardcover withdust jacket. In english and German.IsBn 978-3-89790-354-8Art Meets Jewellery20 Jahre Galerie Slavik Wien20 Years of Galerie Slavik, Vienna200 seiten, 290 Abbildungen. hardcover.Text in deutsch und englisch.200 pages, 290 illustrations. hardcover.In english and German.IsBn 978-3-89790-332-6ISBN 978-3-89790-373-9Cornelie Holzach | Katja PoljanacSchatzsuche mit Schmuckider Perlsauim Schmuckmuseum Pforzheimfür Groß und Klein80 seiten, 105 Abbildungen,12 Bastelbogen. Klappen-Broschur.Text in deutsch.80 pages, 105 illustrations, 12 craft pages.Brochure with flaps. In German.IsBn 978-3-89790-351-7Bauhuis | Gaspar | MazumdarPeter BauhuisABECEDARIUM – Schmuck. Gefäß. Gerät.ABECEDARIUM – Jewel. Vessel.Implement.160 seiten, 200 Abbildungen. hardcovermit leineneinband. Text in deutsch undenglisch.160 pages, 200 illustrations. cloth-bound.In english and German.IsBn 978-3-89790-361-6Maas | Otto | SchetelichPetra ZimmermannSchmuck 1998–2010Jewellery 1998–2010128 seiten, 239 Abbildungen. hardcover.Text in deutsch und englisch.128 pages, 239 illustrations. hardcover.In english and German.IsBn 978-3-89790-346-3ISBN 978-3-89790-353-1From the Coolest Corner – Nordic Jewellery presents groundbreakingand fresh jewellery from Northern Europe, acomprehensive selection of current works by artists fromDenmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.The best and most innovative Scandinavian art jewelleryis presented, assessing its possibilities and potential at thebeginning of the twenty-first century.From the Coolest Corner – Nordic Jewellery challengesstereotypical notions of northern European art jewellery.Do the typical Nordic trends of the nineteen-ninetiesstill apply today? Indeed are there currently any generaltrendsat all in Scandinavian design? Or has the orientationtowards international design become so dominant thatthere are no longer any regional characteristics?Renowned experts have made a selection of representativeworks, as a basis for researching the role of northernEuropean jewellery in the context of international art.With contributions by Liesbeth den Besten, Knut AstrupBull, Widar Halén, Love Jönsson, Charlotte Malte,Päivi Ruutiainen, Jukka Savolainen, Harpa Thórsdóttirand Jorunn Veiteberg.FTCC_cover_041212_end.indd 1 06.12.12 13:0528.04.2011 17:21:38 UhrThese are some of the questions AFTERMATH OF ART JEWELLERY tries to answer.aftermathstWith a project title inspired by the Rolling Stones’ breakthrough album (1966), we want to getISBN 978-3-89790-379-1elisabeth J. Gu. defner zählt seit dschmuck-Künstlerinnen Österreiin Wien, Graz, Pforzheim, Köln, Pschmuck nicht allein als eine ästhgesundheitsfördernde ergänzungganzheitlichen Vorstellung stehensteine mit den Formen des schmVeränderung der Träger beitragenringe oder Anhänger mit abgefordass die schönheit des schmucksidealtypische Verbindung eingehesince the 1960s, elisabeth J. Gu. djewellery artists. nowadays her wGraz, Pforzheim, cologne, Praguemerely as an aesthetic matter, butfor body, soul and spirit. The enerin holistic harmony with the forminner transformation of the wearecombined with moulded plant leamerge symbolically with the mag“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect themlooking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connectin your future.” STEVE JOBSDesignHARTMUT ESSLINGER DESIGNFORWARD ARNOLDSCHECREATIVE STRATEGIES FOR SUSTAINABLE CHANGECREATIVE STRATEGIES FOR SUSTAINABLE CHANGEHARTMUT ESSLINGER FOUNDER OF FROG DESIGNARNOLDSCHE ART PUBLISHERSNEWNEWIrIs FIshoFJewelleryIn IsraelMultIcultural DIversIty1948 to the PresentarnolDscheNEWUlo Florack The Woodruff Key ARNOLDSCHEWith 156 works by 61 artists from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway andSweden, this publication considers the significance, strategies and trends of Nordic artjewellery in the early twenty-first century. Expert authors present the backgrounds,developments and characteristics of the contemporary jewellery.ARNOLDSCHE Art PublishersUlo FlorackThe Woodruff KeyJewellery and ObjectsWidar Halén (ed.) FROM THE COOLEST CORNER Nordic Jewellery ARNOLDSCHEARNOLDSCHE Art PublishersWidar Halén (ed.)FROMTHECOOLESTCORNERNordicJewelleryARTISTS: SIGURD BRONGER, EUN MI CHUN, LISA WALKER, REINHOLD ZIEGLER, STEFAN HEUSER, RUNA VETHAL STØLEN,AFTERMATH OF ART JEWELLERY showcases the works of eight internationally recognised and emerging jewellery artists.INGEBORG RESELL ELIESON AND NORMAN WEBER.Should jewellery be considered art, design or merely decoration? What is the relation between art jewellery and contemporary art? How does the future look for art jewellery?André Gali presents and interviews each artist and Petra Hölscher positions them in the context of the history of art jewellery.ones rolling...ARNOLDSCHEAFTERMATH OF ART JEWELLERY ARNOLDSCHEARNOLDSCHEAFTERMATHOF ARTJEWELLERYANDRÉ GALI / PETRA HÖLSCHER / HEGE HENRIKSEN (ED.)ARNOLDSCHE Art PublishersHartmut Esslinger (ed.) Widar Halén (ed.) Axel Thallemer | Martin Danzer Axel Thallemer | Jens ReeseDesign ForwardCreative Strategies for SustainableChange308 pages, 235 illustrations andgraphics. Flexibind. English.2nd edition.€ 29.80 [D] | US$ 40 | £ 25ISBN 978-3-89790-381-4June 2013Dysthe DesignSwinging 60200 pages, 125 illustrations in colourand b/w. Hardback. English andNorwegian.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-390-6June 2013RoboticArt & Design120 pages, 120 illustrations. Silk-screenprinting on Stone Paper. Japanesebinding. A book object including a film!€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-352-4E-Book€ 29.80 [D] | US$ 50 | £ 25ISBN 978-3-89790-100-1ScionicPurpose-driven GestaltThe End of Design?456 pages, approx. 900 illustrations.Paperback, Japanese binding, textsupplement, slipcase. English.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-312-8Iris FishofJewellery in IsraelMulticultural Diversity1948 to the PresentApprox. 200 pages, approx. 200 illustrationsin colour and b/w. Hardbackwith dust jacket. English, with Hebrewsummary.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-396-8October 2013Florian Hufnagl | Die Neue Sammlung –The International Design MuseumMunich (eds.) Ulo Florack Widar Halén (ed.)Otto Künzli – The Book696 pages, more than 1,000 illustrations.Cloth-bound.€ 68 [D] | US$ 115 | £ 60English: ISBN 978-3-89790-383-8German: ISBN 978-3-89790-382-1The Woodruff KeyJewellery and ObjectsWith a contribution by Beatriz Chadour-Sampson. 128 pages, 116 colour illustrations.Cloth-bound, Japanese binding.English and German.€ 29.80 [D] | US$ 50 | £ 25ISBN 978-3-89790-385-2From the Coolest CornerNordic Jewellery248 pages, 228 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-373-9André Gali | Petra Hölscher |Hege Henriksen (ed.)Aftermathof Art Jewellery80 pages, 40 illustrations in colourand 36 in b/w. Hardback. English(German and Norwegian as a downloadon€ 24.80 [D] | US$ 40 | £ 20ISBN 978-3-89790-379-1,!7ID8J7-jaceci!MOLL SiLvER + GOLD ARNOLDSCHEMOLLSiLvER + GOLDARNOLDSCHE Art PublishersJ. Veiteberg (ed.)Konrad Mehussmykke og objektJewellery and objectsArnoldscheKonrad MehusForm følgjer fiksjon . Smykke og objektForm Follows Fiction . Jewellery and ObjectsArnoldsche Art PublishersDie Publikation präsentiert das einzigartige Werk von ElisabethJ. Gu. Defner – Schmuck in einer bisher unbekannten Ausrichtung:eine Einheit zwischen Mensch, Natur und Kosmos.This publication presents the unique work of Elisabeth J. Gu. Defner– jewellery that treads a previously unknown path: a unity of man,nature and cosmos.Arnoldsche Art PublishersBollmannElisabeth J. Gu. DefnerArnoldscheKarl BollmannElisabeth J. Gu.DefnerMensch / Natur / KosmosSchmuck und GerätMan / Nature / CosmosJewellery and ObjectArnoldsche Art PublishersArnoldsche Art PAxel Thallemer | Jens Reese Christianne Weber-Stöber (ed.) Christianne Weber-Stöber (ed.)Visual PermutationsThe Creativity of the Here and Now240 pages, 235 colour illustrations.Paperback with interleaving pages.English.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-313-5Silver Triennial International17th Worldwide Competition192 pages, 93 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.€ 29.80 [D] | US$ 50 | £ 25ISBN 978-3-89790-387-6Silver Triennial International16th Worldwide Competition208 pages, 140 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.€ 29.80 [D] | US$ 50 | £ 25ISBN 978-3-89790-340-1Grotkamp-Schepers | Joppien |Schmitt | Spielmann | Weber-StöberMollSilver + Gold184 pages, 114 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English andGerman.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-347-0Florian Hufnagl | Rüdiger Joppien |Peter SchmittHans-Theo Baumannart & design 1950–2010304 pages, 341 illustrations incolour and b/w. Hardback with dustjacket. English and German.Special price € 19.95 [D] |US$ 35 | £ 17.50(formerly € 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 |£ 45)ISBN 978-3-89790-323-4Wilhelm Lindemann Wilhelm Lindemann (ed.) Jorunn Veiteberg (ed.) P. Bauhuis | M. Gaspar | P. Mazumdar Karl Bollmann et al.MunsteinerThe Young GenerationTom + Jutta Munsteiner224 pages, approx. 225 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket.English and German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-374-6Bernd MunsteinerReflections in Stone224 pages, 219 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English andGerman. 2nd edition.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-203-9Konrad MehusForm Follows FictionJewellery and Objects208 pages, 180 colour illustrations.Flexibind. English and Norwegian.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-360-9Peter BauhuisABECEDARIUMJewel. Vessel. Implement.160 pages, 200 illustrations in colourand b/w. Cloth-bound. English andGerman.€ 34.80 [D] | US$ 60 | £ 30ISBN 978-3-89790-361-6Elisabeth J. Gu. DefnerMan – Nature – CosmosJewellery and Objects248 pages, approx. 330 illustrationsin colour and b/w. Hardback withdust jacket. English and German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-353-1JeWelleRYarnoldScheNEWBernhard SchoB ingerThe rings of Saturn((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((W. Lindemann & FH Trier/ Idar-Oberstein((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((W. Lindemann& FH Trier / Idar-Oberstein((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((on the way towards a theory((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((of 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TheorieArnoldsche Art Publishers((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((ArnoldscheThinkingJewellerySchmuckDenkenbacklistCornelia Lund | Holger Lund (eds.) Oliver Herwig | Axel Thallemer Oliver Herwig | Axel Thallemer Glenn Adamsonaudio · visualOn Visual Music and Related Media320 pages, approx. 200 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. DVD.English and German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-293-0Water | WasserUnity of Art and Science296 pages, more than 700 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-266-4Air | LuftUnity of Art and Science336 pages, approx. 400 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.A book object with airbag!€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-214-5Bernhard SchobingerThe Rings of SaturnApprox. 250 pages, approx. 420colour illustrations. Hardback.English.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-402-6October 2013Liesbeth den Besten Wilhelm Lindemann (ed.) Hermann Schadt Kadri Mälk | Tanel Veenre (eds.)On JewelleryA Compendium of InternationalContemporary Art Jewellery240 pages, 150 illustrations in colourand 41 in b/w. Flexibind. English.€ 29.80 [D] | US$ 50 | £ 25ISBN 978-3-89790-349-4SchmuckDenkenOn the Way towards a Theory ofJewellery352 pages, 110 illustrations in colourand 230 in b/w. Hardback. English.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-326-5Goldsmiths‘ Art5000 Years of Jewelry and Hollowware240 pages, 364 illustrations in colourand b/w. Paperback. English.Special price: € 25 [D] | US$ 40 |£ 20ISBN 978-3-925369-54-6Castle in the Air | õhuLossJewellery from EstoniaHAWK Hildesheim | KolloquiumNordrhein-WestfalenTotal StahlStahlschmuckpreis IV296 pages, more than 200 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and Estonian. Hardback with dust jacket. German.128 pages, 85 colour illustrations.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45€ 29.80 [D] | US$ 50 | £ 25ISBN 978-3-89790-359-3ISBN 978-3-89790-364-7backlist32 For more information on our backlist visit www.arnoldsche.comFor more information on our backlist visit 33

en 1960er Jahren zu den profiliertestenchs. Ihre Arbeiten sind heute in Museen u. a.rag und london vertreten. defner siehtetische Angelegenheit, sondern auch als einefür Körper, Geist und seele. Im sinne einerdie energie ausstrahlenden Metalle unducks in einklang und können zu einer inneren. dabei werden Broschen, ohrschmuck,mten Blättern von Pflanzen verbunden, somit der magischen Wirkung der Pflanze einen kann.efner has been one of Austria’s most prominentorks are displayed in museums in e.g. Vienna,and london. defner sees jewellery notalso as a form of complementary healthcaregy radiated from the metals and stones iss of the jewellery and can bring about anr. Brooches, earrings, rings or pendants areves, so that the beauty of the jewellery canical effect of the plant.Jorunn Veiteberg | Cecilie Skeide B. Maas | W. Otto | A. Schetelich Ellen Maurer Zilioli (ed.) Florian Hufnagl (ed.)Sigurd BrongerLaboratorium MechanumJewellery | Schmuck | Smykker216 pages, 196 illustrations. Hardback.English, Norwegian, German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-389790-345-6Petra ZimmermannJewellery 1998–2010128 pages, 193 illustrations in colourand 46 in b/w. Hardback. English andGerman.€ 29.80 [D] | US$ 50 | £ 25ISBN 978-3-89790-346-3Georg DoblerJewellery 1980–2010208 pages, 164 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-330-2NOWJewels by Norman Weber144 pages, 120 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.€ 29.80 [D] | US$ 50 | £ 25ISBN 978-3-89790-331-9Giampaolo BabettoL’Italianità dei GioelliPhotographs by Ulrike Myrzik andManfred Jarisch.2 vol., 352 pages, 250 colour illustrations.Paperback with gilt edging.English, Italian, German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-327-2Ulrich Haass (ed.)As we like itJewellery and Tableware 1998–2008Berufskolleg für Design, Pforzheim288 pages, approx. 300 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-291-6Beatriz Chadour-SampsonDavid WatkinsArtist in JewelleryForeword by Fritz Falk.208 pages, 313 illustrations. Hardbackwith dust jacket. English.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-925369-96-4E. Goring | H. Clifford | N. Romano |F. Carli | R. Strong Tacey Rosolowsky et al.Kevin CoatesA Hidden AlchemyGoldsmithing: Jewels and Table-Pieces316 pages, 670 colour illustrations.Cloth-bound. English.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-284-8Sculpture to WearThe Jewelry of Marjorie Schick240 pages, 240 colour illustrations,catalogue of works with 474 entries.Hardback with dust jacket. Englishand German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-258-9Gabriela Koschatzky-Elias |Carl Aigner (eds.)Fritz Maierhoferjewellery and more224 pages, 250 illustrations. Halflinencover. English and German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-245-9ublishersArt Meets Jewellery20 Years of Galerie Slavik, Vienna200 pages, 218 illustrations in colourand 72 in b/w. Hardback. English andGerman.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-332-6Vivienne Becker et al. Ellen Maurer Zilioli Florian Hufnagl (ed.)Grossé + Bijoux Christian DiorHenkel & Grosse192 pages, 346 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English andGerman.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-335-7Ulla + Martin KaufmannDifferent from144 pages, 133 illustrations in colour.Hardback. English and German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-328-9Gerd RothmannCatalogue raisonné1967–2008404 pages, more than 600 colourillustrations. Paperback. English andGerman.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-306-7Dorothea PrühlNecklaces96 pages, 52 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-301-2Ellen Maurer Zilioli | Karl Bollmann |Wolfgang Prohaska Barbara Maas | Peter van Kester Ellen Maurer Zilioli | Karl Bollmann Yvònne Yoris | Ida van Zijl R. Fayet | F. Hufnagl (eds.)Helfried KodréVedere l’invisibile96 pages, 167 colour illustrations.Paperback with flaps. English andGerman.€ 29.80 [D] | US$ 50 | £ 25ISBN 978-3-89790-239-8Herman HermsenJewellery, Light and More64 pages with fold-out panels, 50 pagesin Japanese binding, 164 illustrations.Paperback with flaps. English, Dutch,German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-252-7Bruno MartinazziL’oro e la pietra112 pages, 60 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.€ 29.80 [D] | US$ 50 | £ 25ISBN 978-3-89790-260-2Gijs Bakker and JewelryCatalogue of Jewelry272 pages, 491 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and Dutch.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-223-7Bernhard SchobingerJewels Now!Photographs by Annelies Štrba.184 pages, 240 colour illustrations,fold-out panel. Hardback. Englishand German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-183-4TorbjørnKvasbøCeramiCsbetween the Possibleand the ImpossiblecollectiblesNEWNEWFritz Falk Cornelie Holzach (ed.) Wilhelm Lindemann (ed.) Reinhold Ludwig Kadri Mälk (ed.)Graziella Folchini Grassetto Arnold | Joppien | Chadour-Sampson Olaf Thormann (ed.) Jorunn Veiteberg | Kerstin WickmanbacklistArt Nouveau Jewelleryfrom Pforzheim328 pages, approx. 700 illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English andGerman.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-280-0Art Déco Jewelleryand AccessoriesA New Style for a New World160 pages, 183 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-290-9Bengel Art Déco JewelleryJewellery and Industrial Monument,Idar-Oberstein/Germany216 pages, 245 illustrations. Hardbackwith dust jacket. English and German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-271-8Modern Jewellery DesignPast and Present400 pages, approx. 800 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. Englishand German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-292-3Just MustBlack International JewelleryWith contributions by Krista Kodres,Tanel Veenre et al.216 pages, 140 illustrations. Clothbound.English and Estonian.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-296-1Contemporary JewelleryThe Padua School168 pages, 160 illustrations. Hardbackwith dust jacket. English and Italian.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-202-2Friedrich BeckerJewellery. Kinetics. Objects.304 pages, 425 illustrations. Clothboundwith dust jacket. English andGerman. 2nd edition.€ 89.80 [D] | US$ 150 | £ 80ISBN 978-3-925369-76-6Vessel | Sculpture 2German and International Ceramicssince 1946GRASSI Museum of Applied Art Leipzig504 pages, approx. 550 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-391-3October 2013Torbjørn Kvasbø – CeramicsBetween the Possible and theImpossibleApprox. 176 pages, approx. 100 illustrationsin colour and b/w.Hardback. English, Norwegian,Swedish.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-377-7September 2013backlist34 For more information on our backlist visit www.arnoldsche.comFor more information on our backlist visit 35

Ausgewählte Publikationen zu Jugendstil aus unserem Programm:Selected books on Art Nouveau from our list:Bengt NyströmRöRstRandJugendstil-Porzellan aus SchwedenArt Nouveau Porcelain from Sweden224 S. / pp., 200 Farbabb. / colour ill.ISBN 978-3-89790-341-8Dietrich / WagnerKayseRzinnEngelbert Kayser. Jugendstil-Zinnaus KölnEngelbert Kayser. JugendstilPewter from Cologne288 S. / pp., ca 1100 Abb. / ill.ISBN 978-3-89790-357-9Fritz FalkJugendstil-schmucKaRt nouveau JewelleRyaus Pforzheim / from Pforzheim328 S. / pp., ca 700 Abb. / ill.ISBN 978-3-89790-280-0Brandlhuber / Buhrs (Hg. / ed.)die Jugend deR modeRneArt Nouveau und Jugendstil.Meisterwerke aus Münchner Privatbesitz540 S. / pp., 362 Farbabb. / colour ill.,in Deutsch / GermanISBN 978-3-89790-338-8Julius Hoffmann (ed.)deR modeRne stilthe modeRn styleJugendstil / Art Nouveau1899 –1905496 S. / pp., 2000 Abb. / ill.ISBN 978-3-89790-229-9Wir informieren Sie gerne:For further information contact:aRnoldsche art PublishersListstraße 9D-70180 StuttgartTel. +49 / (0)711 / 64 56 18-0Fax +49 / (0)711 / 64 56 18-79www.arnoldsche.comart@arnoldsche.comRoboticSerpentinaOn JewelleryOhuLossDefnerCheretKayser ZinnPudorOut of Order10000 timesPensontimesISBN 978-3-89790-355-5Heute erweist sich Kochs damalige (1953) Auswahl von Leuchten internationalerGestalter und Hersteller als geradezu visionär. Er breitet ein Spektrum gestalterischerVielfalt aus, dessen Ursprünge nicht nur in der Addition geometrischerGrundformen im Sinne der Vorkriegs-Avantgarden lag, sondern auch in den jeweiligenTemperamenten der unterschiedlichen Herkunftsländer, Designer und Manufakturen.Ein unentbehrliches Standardwerk für Sammler und Liebhaber modernerLeuchten.Nowadays Koch’s then (1953) selection of lighting by international designers andmanufacturers seems truly visionary. Koch presents a spectrum of diverse designs,whose origins lay not only in the addition of basic geometrical shapes as with thepre-war avant-gardists, but also in the respective temperaments of the differentcountries of origin, designers and manufactures. A standard work for collectorsand modern lighting enthusiasts.DESIGNER UND HERSTELLER (Auswahl)DESIGNER AND MAKERS (Selection)Arteluce S. A., BAG Bronzewarenfabrik AG, Alexey Brodovitch, Pier GiacomoCastiglioni, Hans Hoffmann-Lederer, Walter Gropius, J. T. Kalmár, Knoll AssociatesInc., Walter von Nessen, Richard Neutra, Isamu Noguchi, Angelo Ostuni, GuiseppeOstuni, Widdicomb Robsjohn-Gibbings, Jean Jacques Royère, Gino Sarfatti, Stilnovo,Wolfgang Tümpel, Paavo Tynell, Vereinigte Werkstätten für Kunst im Handwerk/ United Workshops for Art in Handcraft, K. Versen, Herta Witzemann,Zeiss-Ikon AG, GoerzwerkISBN 978-3-89790-367-8mit 1.000 Abbildungenund 1.500 Objektenwith 1,000 illustrationsand 1,500 objectsALEXANDER KOCH1902 wurde das Magazin „Dokumente des Modernen Kunstgewerbes“erstmals vorgestellt. Es erschien bis 1908, verteilt auf fünf inhaltlichgegliederte Serien, ausnahmslos in aufwendiger Ausstattung und mitzahlreichen hervorragenden Abbildungen. Durch den kleinen Kreis derAbonnenten blieben die „Dokumente“ bis heute weitgehend unbekannt.Doch handelt es sich bei ihnen um einen einzigartigen Fundus vonJugendstil-Objekten, der sowohl namhafte wie auch bislang unbehandelteEntwerfer und Hersteller ebenso wie unbekannte Schaffensseitenrenommierter Künstler präsentiert.Die jetzt vorliegende Neubearbeitung macht dieses Werk endlich zu -gänglich. Auf rund 1.000 Abbildungen werden über 1.500 Einzelobjekteder deutschen und internationalen Jugendstil-Kunst in einer neuenZusammenstellung gezeigt: Möbel, Metall, Glas, Keramik, Schmucksowie Textilkunst. Ein um Künstlerbiographien und Firmengeschichtenerweitertes Register mit rund 500 Nennungen erlaubt einen schnellenZugriff: Die gezielte Suche, Auffindung und Identifizierung von Objektenist nun möglich!Herausgeber und Autor war Heinrich Pudor (1865 –1943), der heute nurnoch als völkischer Literat und Publizist bekannt ist. Seine „Dokumentedes Modernen Kunstgewerbes“ zeichnen sich hingegen durch einenkonsequenten Sachbezug und eine weltanschauliche Neutralität aus.Heinrich Pudors umfangreiche publizistischen und gesellschaftlichenAktivitäten um die Jahrhundertwende reichten vom Nudismus, demVegetarismus und der Ernährungsphysiologie über die Sozial- und Kulturpolitikund die Sexualwissenschaft bis hin zur Musikgeschichte sowieSprachgeschichts- und Vorzeittheorien.In 1902 the magazine ‘Documents of Modern Applied Arts’ was introducedfor the first time. It was published until 1908, comprising fiveseries divided by content, without exception in lavish quality and withnumerous splendid illustrations. Because of the small circle of subscribersthe ‘Documents’ remained widely unknown until today. However,they are a unique art nouveau resource, presenting famous as well asless well-known designers and manufacturers, and furthermore presentingunknown works by famous artists.This new edition finally makes this work accessible. Around 1,000 illustrationspresent more than 1,500 individual artistic items from the Germanand international art nouveau era in a new constellation: furniture,metal, glass, ceramics, jewellery as well as textile. An index comprisingartists’ biographies and company histories now enables easy reference:targeted searches, finding and identification of objects. The editor andauthor was Heinrich Pudor (1865–1943), known today only as a nationalliterary man and publicist. His ‘Documents of Modern Applied Arts’ arehowever characterised by thorough evaluations and an ideological neutrality.Heinrich Pudor’s comprehensive journalistic and social activitiesaround the turn of the century comprised nudism, vegetarianism, nutritionalphysiology, social and cultural policies, sexual science, the historyof music, and theories about the history of language and prehistory.NEWChristoph FritzscheDie AeltesteVolkstedterPorzellanmanufakturIhre Geschichtevon der Gründungbis heuteArnoldsCheHeinz and ingrid SieryCeramics − Bronze − interiorsA Life with ArtArnoLdscheNEWNEWJohanna LessmannITALIENISCHE MAJOLIKAAUS GOETHES BESITZBestandskatalogder Klassik StiftungWeimarArNOLdSCHEARNOLDSCHE ART PUBLISHERSA. KOCH NEUZEITLICHE LEUCHTEN / MODERN LIGHTING ARNOLDSCHENEUZEITLICHE LEUCHTENDER 50er JAHREMODERN LIGHTINGOF THE ’50sARNOLDSCHE ART PUBLISHERSChristoph Fritzsche Horst Makus | Alexandra Marx et al. Marc Heiremans Johanna Lessmann Alexander KochDie Aelteste VolkstedterPorzellanmanufakturIhre Geschichte von der Gründungbis heute360 pages, more than 300 illustrationsin colour and b/w. Hardback with dustjacket. German.€ 78 [D] | US$ 135 | £ 70ISBN 978-3-89790-397-5October 2013Heinz and Ingrid SieryCeramics – Bronze – InteriorsA Life with Art160 pages, approx. 160 illustrations incolour and b/w. Hardback, decorativeslipcase. English and German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-401-9October 2013Seguso Vetri D‘ArteGlass Objects from Murano(1932–1973)Approx. 400 pages, more than 2,000illustrations (many of them in colour).Hardback, decorative slipcase. English.€ 198 [D] | US$ 340 | £ 180ISBN 978-3-89790-162-9October 2013Italienische Majolika aus GoethesBesitzBestandskatalog der Klassik StiftungWeimarApprox. 360 pages, approx. 220 illustrationsin colour and b/w. Hardback.German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-386-9December 2013Modern Lightingof the 50s128 pages, 266 illustrations in b/wand 13 in colour. Hardback. English,French, German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-367-8Robert E. Dechant | Filipp Goldscheider Peter Held (ed.) Susan Jefferies et al. J. Straßer | P. Nickl | S. Jefferies et al. Ingrid VetterGoldscheiderHistory of the Company and Catalogueof Works640 pages, more than 2,300 illustrations,approx. 1,600 models and 163signatures reproduced. Hardback withdust jacket. English and German.€ 149.80 [D] | US$ 250 | £ 135ISBN 978-3-89790-216-9Infinite PlaceThe Ceramic Art of WAYNE HIGBY216 pages, 170 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-384-5Yasuhisa KohyamaThe Art of Ceramics112 pages, 95 colour illustrations.Hardback. English.€ 29.80 [D] | US$ 50 | £ 25ISBN 978-3-89790-362-3Gilbert PortanierŒuvres 2000–2009200 pages, 158 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English,French, German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-289-3Modern 20th-Century CeramicsInventory catalogue of the Hinder/Reimers Collection304 pages, 1,943 illustrations,219 signatures. Hardback with dustjacket. English and German.€ 64.80 [D] | US$ 110 | £ 55ISBN 978-3-89790-275-6dokumente zum JugendstilArt nouveAu documentsmodernes kunstgewerbemodern APPlied Arts1902–1908HeinricH PudordokumentezumJugendstilArt nouveAudocumentsmodernes kunstgewerbemodern APPlied Arts1902–1908ArnoldscHeArnoldscHeArnoldscHeArnoldscHeArnoldscHeMichael Buhrs (ed.) G. Dietrich | E. Wagner (eds.) Joseph Maria Olbrich Heinrich Pudor Julius Hoffmann (ed.)Jules ChéretIdeen von OlbrichArt Nouveau DocumentsPioneer of Poster ArtModern Applied Arts 1902–1908168 pages, 121 colour illustrations.Paperback with flaps. English andGerman.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-356-2KayserzinnEngelbert KayserJugendstil-Pewter from Cologne256 pages, approx. 1,300 illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English andGerman.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-357-9Foreword by Ludwig Hevesi.196 pages,more than 200 illustrations. Cloth-bound,slipcase. German.€ 29.80 [D] | US$ 50 | £ 25ISBN 978-3-89790-279-4Introduction and commented indexby Horst Makus.256 pages, approx. 1,000 illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English andGerman.€ 78 [D] | US$ 135 | £ 70ISBN 978-3-89790-355-5The Modern StyleJugendstil/Art Nouveau 1899–1905Introduction by Horst Makus inEnglish and German.496 pages, approx. 2,000 objectsreproduced in b/w, directory ofartists and manufacturers.Hardback with dust jacket.€ 99.80 [D] | US$ 170 | £ 90ISBN 978-3-89790-229-9Peter Siemssen et al. Horst Makus Carolus Hartmann Barry Friedman (ed.)Ceramics – A Lifelong PassionCollection Peter Siemssen Foundation312 pages, 248 illustrations in colourand 125 in b/w. Hardback with dustjacket.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45English: ISBN 978-3-89790-256-5French: ISBN 978-3-89790-257-2German: ISBN 978-3-89790-255-8Keramik der 50er JahreFormen, Farben und DekoreEin Handbuch672 pages, approx. 700 illustrations incolour and 300 in b/w, 400 signatures,indices of model numbers. Hardback.German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-220-6Glasmarken-Lexikon 1600–1945Signaturen, Fabrik- und HandelsmarkenEuropa und Nordamerika1,008 pages, more than 11,000 signaturesand marks reproduced. Cloth-boundwith dust jacket, slipcase. German.€ 199.80 [D] | US$ 340 | £ 180ISBN 978-3-925369-37-7Michael GlancyInfinite Obsessions228 pages, 380 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-344-9Barry Friedman | Janet Koplos |Attila Dorigato et al.Venice. 3 Visions in GlassCristiano Bianchin, Yoichi Ohira,Laura de Santillana468 pages, 634 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. Englishand French.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-303-6backlistM. Th. Brandlhuber | M. Buhrs (eds.) Bengt NyströmDie Jugend der ModerneArt Nouveau und Jugendstil –Meisterwerke aus Münchner Privatbesitz540 pages, 362 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. German.Special price: € 24.95 [D] |US$ 40 | £ 20(formerly € 49.80 [D] | $ 85 | £ 45)ISBN 978-3-89790-338-8RörstrandArt Nouveau Porcelain from Sweden224 pages, 200 illustrations in colourand 90 in b/w and duotone. Hardbackwith dust jacket. English and German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-341-8Melinda and Paul Sullivan Foundation forthe Decorative Arts | Meredith Chilton |Claudia Lehner-Jobst et al. Ulrich Pietsch Patricia Brattig (ed.)Fired by PassionViennese Baroque Porcelain ofClaudius Innocentius Du Paquier3 vol., 1,432 pages, more than 2,000colour illustrations. Cloth-bound indecorative slipcase.€ 199.80 [D] | US$ 340 | £ 180English: ISBN 978-3-89790-304-3German: ISBN 978-3-89790-308-1Passion for MeissenThe Said and Roswitha MaroufCollection368 pages, 590 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English andGerman.€ 64.80 [D] | US$ 110 | £ 55ISBN 978-3-89790-334-0MeissenBarockes Porzellan432 pages, more than 1,180 colourillustrations. Hardback with dustjacket. German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-329-6Carlo Burschel | Heinz Scheiffele Carlo Burschel | Heinz Scheiffele Jochen Amme Jochen Amme Jochen AmmeWMF Ikora & Myra Glassfrom the 1920s to the 1950s200 pages, 150 illustrations, 163 platesfrom the original company catalogues.Hardback. English and German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-189-6WMF Ikora Metalworkfrom the 1920s to the 1960s264 pages, 230 illustrations, 300 platesfrom the original company catalogues.Hardback. English and German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-191-9Historische BesteckeFormenwandel von der Altsteinzeit biszur Moderne (AMME 2002)672 pages, 450 colour plates, morethan 1,000 marks reproduced. Clothboundwith dust jacket, decorativeslipcase. German.€ 124.80 [D] | US$ 210 | £ 115ISBN 978-3-89790-167-4Historische Bestecke IISupplement to AMME 2002224 pages, 100 colour plates. Hardbackwith dust jacket. German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-261-9Historische Bestecke IIIVon der Frühzeit bis in die Zeitum 1600300 pages, 165 colour plates. Clothboundwith dust jacket. German.€ 68 [D] | US$ 115 | £ 60ISBN 978-3-89790-254-1backlist36 For more information on our backlist visit www.arnoldsche.comFor more information on our backlist visit 37

IsBn 978-3-89790-380-7Alexander Evengenyevich Kuznetsov was born in1965 in the city of Kazan in the former SovietUnion (now the Russian Federation). In 2000, hegraduated from the Department of Art History ofthe Russian Academy of Arts (Ilya Repin Institute)in St Petersburg. The author of numerous articleson the history of Russian art in the late nineteenthand first half of the twentieth century, AlexanderKuznetsov has collaborated widely with galleriesin St Petersburg and Moscow from the late 1990s.Since 2006, he has been particularly interested inthe Parisian group of Neo-Romantics, namelyChristian Bérard, Eugène Berman and Pavel Tchelitchew. In 2006 and 2011, he curated two majorretrospectives of the painting and graphic art ofPavel Tche litchew at the Kournikova Gallery inMoscow. This work was continued in his catalogueraisonné of the artist’s oeuvre. He is currentlywriting a monograph on Nikolai Bogdanov-Belsky.Since April 2005, Alexander Kuznetsov has beena leading expert on paintings and drawings forMacDougall’s Fine Art Auctions in London.ARNOLDSCHE Art PublishersarnoldscheThis first comprehensive monograph of theRussian painter Pavel Tchelitchew (1898–1957)presents his most important and compelling paintings,complemented by a selection of sketchesand stage designs. The colourful versatility andstriking individuality of the artist’s exciting oeuvreare documented here for the first time.ISBN 978-3-89790-368-5Owing to his comprehensive and complex oeuvre, PavelTchelitchew (1898–1957) is today one of the most fascinatingartist personalities of the modern era. After completinghis apprenticeship with Alexandra Exter in Moscow andKiev, he worked at the beginning of the 1920s as a successfulstage designer in Berlin, before relocating to Paris in1923. Gertrude Stein and later Edith Sitwell were amongstTchelitchew’s illustrious supporters at the time. In Paris hemoved in the so-called Neo-Romantic circles and was influencednot only by Surrealism but also by the Russian Symbolismof the turn of the century, to which he added elementsof Cubism.In the 1940s, having moved to New York, Tchelitchew dedicatedhimself to ‘inner landscapes’ and ‘X-ray’ portraits ofheads and bodies, streaked with glowing veins, arteries andpathways of nerves. He eliminated the boundaries betweenthe inside and the outside and dissolved the body into networksof energy.Tchelitchew experimented continually with new styles inorder to find imagery for transcendent elements, cosmicstructures and philosophical concepts. The comprehensivecollection of studies, sketches and paintings created in theprocess constitutes an extraordinarily individual contributionto art in the modern era. This publication pays tributefor the first time to the full scope of his work and presentshim within the context of contemporary art.cover_tchelitchew_190912.indd 1 25.09.12 11:29Christine Mathieu is an ethnohistorian who has studied the histories and culturesof the Naxi and Mosuo people since 1989. She was one of the first anthropologiststo work in the field of Naxi studies after the communist revolution of 1949. In1997 she joined Cindy Ho to work on the Roosevelt exhibition. She has contributedchapters to several anthologies and two books on the Naxi and Mosuo, AHistory and Anthropological Study of the Ancient Kingdoms of the Sino-TibetanBorderland and Leaving Mother Lake, with Yang Erche Namu. Mathieu lives inMelbourne, Australia.Cindy Ho reconstructed the Quentin Roosevelt collection and conceived the ideafor Quentin Roosevelt‘s China: Ancestral Realms of the Naxi in 1993. She identifiedthe Naxi Dongba artifacts collected by Roosevelt, forgotten and dispersed in fivedifferent locations. Ho has lectured about the Roosevelt collection at HarvardUniversity and New York’s China Institute. In 1997 she produced Trailing theWritten Word: The Art of Writing Among China’s Ethnic Minorities and West ofthe East—A Journey Through Macau, Asia’s First and Last Colony in 1999, sponsoredby the New York Foundation for the Arts and supported by Fundaçao Oriente. Holives in New York City.Selected books on Asian Art at ARNOLDSCHE Art Publishers:Martin BrauenMANDALASacred Circle in Tibetan Buddhism264 pages, 171 illustrations. Hardcover with dust jacket. In English.ISBN 978­3­89790­305­0Elena TsarevaTURKMEN CARPETSMasterpieces of the Art of the Steppes, 16th to 19th CenturyHoffmeister CollectionGötter und Dämonen, Leben und Tod, Liebe und176 pages, 180 colour illustrations. Hardcover. In English and German.Freundschaft sind Themen, die sich in der bildge waltigenund farbenfrohen Volkskunst indischer Maler-ISBN 978­3­89790­342­5sänger mit ihren Bildrollen wiederfinden. IhreWolf­Dieter SeiwertGeschichten verbreiten sie bereits seit 2.000 JahrenJEWELLERY FROM THE ORIENTsingend und sprechend unter der heimischen Landbevölkerung.Von dort ausgehend, wanderte ihreTreasures from the Bir Collection320 pages, 342 colour illustrations. Hardcover with dust jacket.Kunst durch China bis nach Japan und in westlicherISBN 978­3­89790­319­7 (English edition)Richtung bis in den Mittelmeerraum.ISBN 978­3­89790­318­0 (Deutsche Ausgabe)Die technischen Neuerungen des 20. Jahrhundertsleiteten einen tiefgreifenden Wandel in derGiselaindischenJahnVolkskunst ein. Zwei bengalische Bild rollenMEIJItraditionentrotzen den widrigen BedingungenCERAMICSThebis heute.Art of Japanese Export Porcelain and Satsuma Ware 1868–1912Doch während die patua ihre überlieferte Erzähl360 pages,kunst300 illustrations in colour, 180 eine zeitgenössische Form überführen, scheiternHardback with dust jacket in a decorative slip case. In English.die jadopatia an der Herausforderung – ihreISBNKunst978­3­89790­197­1steht vor dem Aus.Profunder Fachtext und 160 leuchtende Beispieleeiner einzigartigen, bisher nicht zugänglichen Sammlungveranschaulichen erstmals Ursprung und Entwicklungder faszinierenden bengalischen Bildrollenkunstbis in unsere Zeit.For further information contact:ARNOLDSCHE Art PublishersISBN 978-3-89790-365-4 Liststraße 9D­70180 StuttgartARNOLDSCHE Art PublishersTel. +49 / (0)711 / 64 56 18­0Fax +49 / (0)711 / 64 56 18­79www.arnoldsche.comNaxiQuentin RooseveltaRnoldsChe aRt PublisheRsisbn 978-3-89790-343-2bildrollen_cover_D+E_080812.indd 1 08.08.12 16:42ISBN 978-3-89790-026-4Christine Mathieu, Cindy Ho (eds.)Quentin Roosevelt’s ChinaThe Naxi people are an ethnic minority of Yunnan Province, insouthwestern China. Their culture has developed at a crossroad ofthe civilizations of China, Tibet, and South and Central Asia to producea rich mythology and religious culture called Dongba. A folkreligion with ancient roots in animism and shamanism, Dongba isa syncretic practice with elements of Chinese and Tibetan traditionsand especially the Bon religion. Its corpus comprises about onethousand ceremonies and subceremonies, contained in extraordinarymanuscripts written in the world’s only living pictographicscript. The Dongba priests are also artisans, and artists. While theirart and artifacts show a connection to Tibet, China, and India, theDongba religion is endowed with a unique aesthetic freedom and avigorous and distinctive art and iconography.This book offers a comprehensive introduction to Naxi art and culturethrough rare artifacts, many collected by Quentin Roosevelt—the grandson of the U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt—on histravels to China in 1939 at the age of nineteen, and Joseph Rock,who lived among the Naxi from 1922 to 1949. The objects includefuneral scrolls, ceremonial banners, paintings, and crowns andritual implements such as trumpets, bells, and swords, as well aspictographic manuscripts. The book provides essays on Dongbaart, religion, ritual language and scripts, Naxi history and society,and biographical pieces on Quentin Roosevelt and Joseph Rock.aRnoldsChe aRt PublisheRsfinE aRtsTecumseh,KeoKuK,BlacK hawKPortraits of Indiansin the Era of Treatiesand RemovalARnoldschENEWprints 1963–2013Iris Edenheiser | Astrid Nielsen (eds.)for the Dresden State Art Collections Lars Eisenlöffel Rita Selvaggio | Audun EckhoffTecumseh, Keokuk, Black HawkPortraits of Indians in the Era of Treatiesand Removal200 pages, 70 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.€ 34.80 [D] | US$ 60 | £ 30ISBN 978-3-89790-400-2September 2013Bjørn RansvePrints 1963–2013NEWApprox. 700 pages, approx. 1,200 colourillustrations. Hardback, decorativeslipcase.€ 99.80 [D] | US$ 170 | £ 90English:ISBN 978-3-89790-370-8(includes German translation)Norwegian:ISBN 978-3-89790-398-2October 2013RansvePaintings 1962–2009684 pages, more than 670 colour illustrations.Hardback, decorative slipcase.€ 99.80 [D] | US$ 170 | £ 90English:ISBN 978-3-89790-310-4(includes German translation)Norwegian:ISBN 978-3-89790-317-3Cecilie Malm Brundtland |Eva Furseth | Eivind TjønnelandRansveDrawings 1961–2005636 pages, more than 1,400 colourillustrations. Hardback, decorativeslipcase.€ 99.80 [D] | US$ 170 | £ 90English:ISBN 978-3-89790-244-2(includes German translation)Norwegian:ISBN 978-3-89790-253-4Adelheid Rasche | Anna Zika (eds.)STYLDas Berliner Modejournal derfrühen 1920er Jahre208 pages, 177 colour illustrations.Cloth-bound, gold-tooled. German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-316-6Adelheid Rasche (ed.)Christian Diorand Germany1947–1957270 pages, 214 colour illustrations.Silk cover with dust jacket.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45English: ISBN 978-3-89790-265-7German: ISBN 978-3-89790-263-3asian and african artNEWFlorian Hufnagl, Die Neue Sammlung –The International Design MuseumMunich (ed.) | Jürgen AdamMoroccan Carpetsand Modern Art448 pages, 735 colour illustrations.Hardback with punching. English andGerman.€ 68 [D] | US$ 115 | £ 60ISBN 978-3-89790-399-9September 2013Eva StröbErMING!PorcElain for aGlobaliSEd tradEarNoldscheEva StröberMINGPorcelain for a Globalised TradeApprox. 240 pages, approx. 200colour illustrations. Hardback withdust jacket. English.€ 58 [D] | US$ 95 | £ 49.50ISBN 978-3-89790-389-0August 2013Leonard rickhardPaintingsarnoLdsche arnoldsche art PublishersannelIes ŠtrBa arnoldscheannelIes ŠtrBa arnoldscheA. Kuznetsov Pavel Tchelitchew Metamorphoses ARNOLDSCHEAlexander KuznetsovPavel TchelitchewMetamorphosesARNOLDSCHE Art PublishersThomas Kaiser Bildrollen Dauer und Wandel einer indischen VolkskunstARNOLDSCHEThomas KaiserBildrollenDauer und Wandel einerindischen Volkskunst“ artistic style which is certainly found nowhere else.”ARNOLDSCHE Art PublishersVölkerkundemuseum der Universität ZürichMathieu / Ho (eds.) Quentin Roosevelt’s China Ancestral Realms of the Naxi aRnoldsCheQuentin Roosevelt’s ChinaAncestral Realmsof the NaxiEdited by Christine Mathieu and Cindy HoRubin museum of aRt ⁄ aRnoldsChe aRt PublisheRsAncestral Realms of the Naxi,!7ID8J7-jaceci!Martin Herbert | Åsmund Thorkildsen John Hutchinson | Ildegarda Scheidegger Tobias Engelsing | Barbara Stark (eds.) Alexander KuznetsovLeonard RickhardPaintingsIntroduction by Jorunn Veiteberg.312 pages, 220 colour illustrations.Cloth-bound. English, Norwegian,German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-372-2Annelies ŠtrbaMy Life’s Dreams224 pages, 210 colour illustrations.Half-linen cover. English and German.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-380-7Einfach himmlisch!Die Malerin Marie Ellenrieder1791–1863192 pages, 131 illustrations in colourand b/w. Hardback. German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-388-3Pavel TchelitchewMetamorphoses336 pages, 370 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket, decorativeslipcase. English (summaries inGerman, Russian, French).€ 68 [D] | US$ 115 | £ 60ISBN 978-3-89790-368-5Rosa Barovier | William Warmus |Maricruz Patiño | Pearl Chou et al.Narcissus QuagliataArchetypes and Visionsin Light and Glass256 pages, 355 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English.€ 68 [D] | US$ 115 | £ 60ISBN 978-3-89790-378-4October 2013Eva Ströber Thomas Kaiser Christine Mathieu | Cindy Ho (eds.) Elena Tsareva Wolf-Dieter SeiwertSymbols on Chinese Porcelain10 000 Times Happiness240 pages, 175 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket. English.€ 58 [D] | US$ 95 | £ 49.50ISBN 978-3-89790-350-0Painted SongsContinuity and Change in IndianFolk Art192 pages, 196 illustrations, 2 maps.Hardback.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35English: ISBN 978-3-89790-366-1German: ISBN 978-3-89790-365-4Ancestral Realms of the NaxiQuentin Roosevelt’s China200 pages, 213 illustrations. Hardbackwith dust jacket. English.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-343-2Turkmen CarpetsMasterpieces of Steppe Artfrom 16th to 19th CenturiesThe Hoffmeister Collection192 pages, 183 colour illustrations,fold-out plate. Hardback with dustjacket. English, with German translation.€ 64.80 [D] | US$ 110 | £ 55ISBN 978-3-89790-342-5Jewellery from the OrientTreasures from the Bir Collection320 pages, 342 colour illustrations.Hardback with dust jacket.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45English: ISBN 978-3-89790-319-7German: ISBN 978-3-89790-318-0fashionwillemina hoenderkenMODEein handbuchFashion IllustrationA ManualNEWarnoldsche978-3-89790-348-7S. KümperCairo Fashion Design arnoldscheCairoFashionDesignarnoldscheDie Beziehung zwischen Kunst und Photographie hat eine komplizierte,mitunter angespannte, aber auf jeden Fall aufregende Geschichte. Indiesem Buch kann man sie wie in einer Zeitreise verfolgen.Seit Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts lieferten Photographen Malern Vorlagenfür ihre Werke, um gleichzeitig aber auch mit der Kunst zu wetteifern.So ent wickelte die Photographie eine neue, seinerzeit unerhörte Bildsprache.Um die Jahrhundertwende experimentierten Amateur photo gra ­phen mit aufwändigen Techniken wie dem Gummidruck, um besonderemalerische Wirkungen zu erzielen. Entstanden sind Bilder zwischenEdelkitsch und Avantgarde, die eine neue Perspektive auf die Moderneeröffnen.photographylichtmaler Kunst-Photographie um 1900Kunst-Photographie um 1900lichtmalerPeter Schmitt (ed.) G. Czymmek | H. Kessler Aurisch (eds.) Willemina Hoenderken (ed.) Susanne Kümper (ed.)Gisela Jahn Patrizia Jirka-Schmitz Bernd Stiegler | Felix Thürlemann (eds.) Ildar Galeyev | Miron PensonFlorian Lechnerand GlassGerman Impressionist LandscapePaintingLiebermann – Corinth – SlevogtFashion IllustrationA ManualCairo Fashion DesignYoung TendenciesMeiji CeramicsThe Art of Japanese Export Porcelainand Satsuma Ware 1868–1912NetsukeThe Trumpf CollectionLichtmalerKunst-Photographie um 1900Max PensonPhotographer of the Uzbek Avant-Garde. 1920s–1940sbacklist216 pages, 275 illustrations in colourand b/w. Hardback. English andGerman.€ 49.80 [D] | US$ 85 | £ 45ISBN 978-3-89790-371-5256 pages, 170 colour illustrations.Cloth-bound.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35English: ISBN 978-3-89790-321-0German: ISBN 978-3-89790-322-7320 pages, approx. 400 colour illustrations.Hardback. English and German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-395-1June 2013224 pages, 243 illustrations.Flexibind. English, Arabic, German.€ 34.80 [D] | US$ 60 | £ 30ISBN 978-3-89790-363-0Special edition with embroidery– every book a one-off!€ 79.80 [D] | US$ 135 | £ 70ISBN 978-3-89790-212-1360 pages, 253 illustrations, 180 signaturesreproduced. Hardback with dustjacket, decorative slipcase. English.€ 99.80 [D] | US$ 170 | £ 90ISBN 978-3-89790-197-1Vol. 1 (112 Masterpieces): 288 pages,325 ill.€ 64.80 [D] | US$ 110 | £ 55ISBN 978-3-925369-88-9Vol. 2 (inventory catalogue): 416 pages,900 ill., 342 signatures.€ 99.80 [D] | US$ 170 | £ 90ISBN 978-3-925369-90-2Vol. 1 + 2 in decorative slipcase:€ 149.80 [D] | US$ 250 | £ 135ISBN 978-3-925369-89-696 pages, 172 illustrations. Hardback.German.€ 24.80 [D] | US$ 40 | £ 20ISBN 978-3-89790-026-4184 pages, 155 illustrations.Hardback. English, Russian,German.€ 39.80 [D] | US$ 70 | £ 35ISBN 978-3-89790-025-7backlist38 For more information on our backlist visit www.arnoldsche.comFor more information on our backlist visit 39

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