There you go 168x168

There you go 168x168

There you go! by Oren Ginzburg

To Violaine, Noa and EithanForewordwww.hungrymanbooks.comContact the author at: oren_ginzburg@yahoo.comFirst published March 2005First Survival edition published June 2006Second edition published July 2008Also available in German, Italian and SpanishISBN 978 0 946592 28 9Foreword and appendices © Survival InternationalText and illustrations © Oren GinzburgPrinted by MediaprintSecond edition funded by The Christensen Fund‘There you go!’ is an arrow defendingtribal peoples. In my 35 years withSurvival, I have not come acrossanything else that hits the bull’s eyewith such simplicity, accuracy andirrepressible humour. Today thesubject of tribal peoples anddevelopment is saturated with words,but if you really want to understandwhat’s going on, read this book.The ‘development’ of tribal peoplesagainst their wishes – really to letothers get their land and resources –is rooted in 19th century colonialism(‘we know best’) dressed up in20th century ‘politically correct’euphemism. Tribal peoples are notbackward: they are independent andvibrant societies which, like all of usalways, are constantly adapting to achanging world. The main differencebetween tribal peoples and us isthat we take their land and resources,and believe the dishonest, even racist,claim that it’s for their own good.It’s conquest, not development.Survival International helps tribalpeoples defend their lives, protecttheir lands and determine their ownfutures. We are delighted to have theopportunity to give Oren’s book totribal communities around the world,as well as to governments and otherswho should know better and whomust stop living in the past.Stephen CorryDirector, Survival International

Our original aim was the same as usual:

This has been a challenging processwith many lessons learned.

We certainly look forward to applyingthem elsewhere in the very near future.But for now let us just say,

Welcome to the Global Village!

There you go, againFighting back!The destruction of tribal peoples inthe name of ‘development’ – invariablybecause outsiders want their land andits resources – continues to be themost acute problem they face. It isnot confined to poor countries.In Canada, the Innu Indians ofLabrador and Quebec have beensettled in communities which aresubject to the ‘development’ depictedin ‘There you go!’. The Innu were selfsufficientas recently as the 1960s.Now, very few hunt the caribou orfish the lakes they once dependedon. Grossly insensitive schooling, totaldependency on welfare programmesand the resulting abject poverty havelargely destroyed their way of life anddemolished their self-esteem.Domestic violence and the cheapestforms of drug abuse – gas sniffingand alcoholism – are rife. Somecommunities have the highestsuicide rate in the world and everyfamily knows at least one teenagerwho has killed him or herself.Canada says it will negotiate abouttheir land rights, but only oncethe Indians have abandoned them.It is no accident that Innu territoryincludes some of the world’s richestnickel deposits. The Innu have notgiven up: they are struggling to fightback, but they face powerful oddsand grossly out-of-date prejudice.The future for tribal peoples doesn’thave to be as depicted in this book.In the 1970s one of the largestAmazonian tribes, the Yanomami,was threatened by the destructionof its land to make way for Brazil’sroad programme. Despite theinternational campaign Survivallaunched to defend the Indians, about20% of Yanomami tragically died fromdiseases brought in by gold miners.The campaign was victorious in 1992,when all Yanomami land was secured.Although their problems are not over,the Indians now have their ownorganisation to press for their rights.In some communities, children arelearning from their own teachers andin their own schools how to cope withoutside threats. The Yanomami remaintrue to the best of their traditions.They do not see themselves as pooror backward, and can expect to leadfulfilling lives – as Yanomami – forgenerations to come.To read, watch and hear more abouttribal peoples and find out how youcan help, please visit:www.survival-international.orgSurvival International6 Charterhouse BuildingsLondon EC1M 7ET, UKSurvival also has offices inFrance, Germany, Italy, Spainand the Netherlands.T +44 (0)20 7687

Praise for There you go!‘Oren Ginzburg’s little book contains the big message that we must avoid the arroganceof presuming to know what’s best for those whose voices are not heard in global debates.It reminds us of our shared responsibility to see to it that all people are active participantsin shaping the decisions that impact their lives. Only then can we hope to see real development.’Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights‘These are issues that are very close to me, and I hope to have more opportunity to speakaround them in months to come.’Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, UK‘There you go! should help raise understanding about the complexities and potentialpitfalls of offering development assistance, with a particular focus on tribal peoples.’Tony Blair, former UK Prime Minister‘I enjoyed reading the book and it was wonderfully illustrated. The lives of tribalpeoples are important and it is abundantly clear why you wish to share this.’Stevan Pearce, US Congressman‘I was very impressed by the book’s message, and the simplicity with which complexissues were illustrated.’Terence Gomez, Research Co-ordinator, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development

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