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Report - English - Global Witness

Report - English - Global Witness

PHOTOSPhoto 1:

PHOTOSPhoto 1: Trader’s stock in Vohemar 13Photo 2: Thu Nam Company depot, Tsarahita 13Photo 3: Planks in Vohemar container 17Photo 4: Logs in Vohemar container 17Photo 5: Rosewood stump in Marojejy NP 19Photo 6: Abandoned rosewood logs in Marojejy NP 19Photo7: Antjahamarina landing point 20Photo 8: Ambalabe landing point 20Photo 9: Road Antjahamarina – Ambalabe 21Photo 10: Taxi brousse carrying rosewood 21Photo 11 * : Landing of rosewood at Sahanta beach 21Photo 12: Pickup with rosewood, south of Antalaha 21Photos 13, 14 * : Tractors transporting rosewood to Mahatsara, Antalaha 22Photos 15, 16: Boats transporting rosewood from Masoala NP to Antjahamarina 22Photos 17, 18 “Casinos” and forest workers in the village of Antanandavaheli 23Photos 19 * , 20 * : Cutting and debarking of rosewood in Masoala NP 23Photo 21 * : Workers returning to the forest 24Photo 22 * : Injured worker carried out of the forest 24Photo 23 * : Light-wood logs (“floaters”) 24Photo 24 * : Rose wood raft 24Photos 25 * , 26 * : Transport of rosewood using rafts, floater logs 24Photos 27, 28: Charging boats with rosewood logs 25Photos 29, 30 Transport of rosewood logs by boat 25Photo 31 * : Thu Nam yard, Antalaha 27Photo 32: Thu Nam stock, Tsarahita/Ampenafena 27Photo 33: Logs without legally required markings, timber yard in Vohemar 27Photo 34 * : Hidden stock 27Photo 35: Truck transporting rosewood north of Antalaha 27Photo 36: Port of Vohemar 28* marked photos are by ©Tobias Smith/EIA/Global Witness; all other photos by ©Global Witness/EIAFIGURESFigure 1: Mission areasFigure 2: Rosewood flow in the port of VohemarFigure 3: Transport routes from the forest in the Northeast of Masoala NP to the coast areasEXCHANGE RATES (01 OCTOBER 2009)1 USD = 2,028.40 MGA (Ariary)1 USD = 0.626541 GBP1 USD = 0.680839 EUR1 GBP = 1.08653 EUR20FT CONTAINER MEASUREMENTS5.858m length – 2.352m width – 2.393m height = 32.97 m 3Net weight: 28.250 tonnesFirst Mission Report – Investigation into the trafficking of precious wood from Madagascariv

LIST OF LEGAL TEXTS REFERRED TO IN THE REPORTLegal text Short description ObservationsOrdinance 60-128 dated 03October 1960sets the content of procedures applicable topunishable breaches of forestry laws dealing withhunting, fishing and protection of theenvironment.Order 11832/2000 dated30 April 2000Order 12704/2000 dated20 November 2000Inter-ministerial Order17939/2004 dated 21September 2004Memorandum 923/05dated 06 October 2005Memorandum 001/06dated 15 February 2006Inter-ministerial Order16030/2006Inter-ministerial Order10885/2007 dated 03 July2007Ministerial Note 03/08dated 10 January 2008Inter-ministerial Order003/2009bans exportation of rosewood and ebony woodexcept under the form of semi-finished andfinished products such as art objects orhandicrafts and suspends for a duration of threeyears issuing of licences to operate in the CAPEST region.suspends and bans all activities dealing withextraction of wood resources in sensitive areas,including protected areas and their peripheralzones; its Article 4 mentions that there won’t beany specific measure contrary to this order.prescribes that all exported products must be“finished” or “semi-finished”; annulment andabrogation of contradictory articles contained inOrder 11832/2000 dated 30 April 2000 on thebanning of rosewood and ebony exportsauthorises the export of existing stocks ofebony and rosewood “following the grievancesexpressed by operators and exporters ofAntalaha, Mahajanga and Taolagnaro”.declares all ebony and palissander stocks illegalother than those designated in the annex ofMemorandum 923/05bans all extraction of rosewood and ebony andthe export of ebony and rosewood; allowsexport of rosewood and ebony as finishedproducts; all unidentified stocks will be seizedbans exportation of wood extracted from allcategories of natural forests, whether it be rawor semi-finished; only finished products areauthorised for exportannuls all existing export agreements andsuspends all export until publication of newregulatory measures concerning the principleforest productsgrants exceptional rights to export rawrosewood, ebony and palissander in the SAVARegion for 13 listed operators; total clearanceuntil 30 April 2009, deadline after which therewon’t be any more exception issuedHowever, nodelimitation of theperipheral areas havebeen madeContradicts Order11832/2000Contradicts precedingmemorandaLegalisation of aspecific operator’sproductsRestitution of banningof export of unfinishedprecious woodsConfirms Orders11832/2000 and16030/2006Contradicts orders11832/2000 and16030/2006First Mission Report – Investigation into the trafficking of precious wood from Madagascarv

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