Promoting and Protecting the Rural Poor - Munich Climate ...

Promoting and Protecting the Rural Poor - Munich Climate ...

Current WII ProgrammesGrenada, Jamaica & St. LuciaClimate Risk Adaptation & Insurance Project: Insuring livelihoods and banks’ portfoliosagainst hurricane risk with The Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII) and TheCaribbean Catastrophic Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF).Malawi & ZambiaWorking with SDC and various channelsto reach smallholders: Contract Farming,MFIs, Banks,RwandaWorking with the IFC’s Global IndexInsurance Facility (GIIF) to insuresmallholder farmer loans (KCB, coops)TanzaniaWorking with the Tanzanian CottonBoard, Gatsby CottonReform Project, contract farmingoperations , World Vision, NMBPhilippinesWorking with multiple distributionchannels to provide weather indexinsurance to smallholder farmers in thePhilippines.

Scale-up strategy: Five Products - FiveAvenues to the rural poorA. Credit-WeatherB. Input sales promoterC. Secure Agri-BuyingD. Safety Net - Emergency recovery cashE. Mobile Agri Risk ManagerA. InsuranceB. Risk management: weather forecosts, agriadvisory

How Does WII Work?A. Credit-WeatherB. Input SalespromoterC. Secure Agri-BuyerE. Mobile Agri-Risk ManagerD. Safety Net

How Does WII Work?1. Automatic WeatherStations (AWS)measure localweather conditions

How Does WII Work?2. AWS transmitsdata to server viaGPRS or SMS

How Does WII Work?3. Contract triggers areset for low-rainfall(drought) and highrainfall (flood)

How Does WII Work?4. Once trigger thresholdsare reached, paymentsare made automaticallyto the farmer

Our Key Assets• Server and Weather Databank: Spatially completedataset in Africa and ME Asia countries• Our Automatic Weather stations• Systems: scalable automated enrolment andclaims processing and settlement• People: In-house actuarial expertise; pioneersand key developers of WII• Business development: Country footprint andchannel expertise

TechnologyA. Automatic Weather StationsB. Server – Weather DatabanksC. Integration with our system: automaticenrolment, claims settlementD. User-Interface applications: USSD, Appsfor smart phones

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Market for Weather Index Insurance8.000.0007.000.0006.000.0005.000.0004.000.0003.000.0002.000.000CCRIF CaribbeanNyala Insurance EthiopiaMicroEnsure PhilippinesMicroEnsure RwandaSyngenta/UAP KenyaIFFCO Tokyo (private) IndiaICICI Lombard (private) IndiaAIC (public) IndiaAgroasemex/PACC Mexico1.000.00002003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

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