Mahagrapes - unido

Mahagrapes - unido

From farm tosupermarkets

What is Mahagrapes? A partnership firm of sixteen grapegrowers’ cooperatives Mahagrapes exports its members’produce to international markets Its role for member societies:– Facilitator– Quality controller– Input supplier– Service provider

Organization Structure ofMahagrapesExecutive Partners = TwoFarmersExecutive Council made of 7 electedCooperative headsBoard of Directors made of the heads of the 16member CooperativeMember Farmer’s of allthe 16 Cooperatives

Farmers’SocietyPack HouseConsumerSignalsOverseas MarketsFarmers’SocietyMahagrapesStatutory SignalsFarmers’SocietyFarmers’SocietyPack House

Supply chain of Mahagrapes It is compact. Market signals, cluesare transmitted to farmers Two sets of signals– Statutory signals– Consumer signals

Supply Chain Tools to disseminate information– Notebook– Quality Control Officers– Meetings

Farmers’SocietyMahagrapesFarmers’SocietyFarmers’SocietyFarmers’SocietyAppointmentPack HouseQualityControlOfficer

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