Space Heating - WF Senate

Space Heating - WF Senate

SpaceHeatingContentsThermostats & Fan Heater 221Radiant & Storage Heaters 222Panel Convector 223Tubular Heaters 223220

Space HeatingTHERMOSTATS AND FAN HEATERSRAM701SRTS113SCTS960SRAM801SET05SHEAT2/FANTHERMOSTATSTIME CONTROLLERSRoom StatSlim and compact bright white modern design.Temperature range from 5 to 30°C.Surface mounted with 2 / 3 - wire connection.Programmable Stat has fixed time and temperatureand 2 comfort programmes and a battery supply withlow power indicator.Plug in base for wall or flush mounting.Description Ref No. Order No.0001Room Stat 5-30° 10(4)A SRAM701 134276Room Stat 24Hr-7 Day Programmable SRAM801 134289Round Pattern Time SwitchesIndustry standard 20 Amp 3 pin round pattern timer switch.Can be used as a direct replacement for single channelOn / Off switching.24 On / Off programmes in 24 hours.Half day(s) and day(s) omit unlimited over a 7 day period.Permanent on facility and a manual override.Description Ref No. Order No.00013 Pin 20A 24 On / Off + Day Omit SRTS113 127665Plug In ThermostatEasy to use innovation for switching on and off when aset temperature is reached between 0 and 35°C andhas a manual override.Precise temperature display and integral back up battery.13A Resistive and 2A inductive loads.Ideal for direct acting and portable heaters as well as oil filledradiators.Portable Fan HeaterCompact Fan heater with choice of heat settings and coolblow function.Supplied with cable and fitted plug.Description Ref No. Order No.00012Kw Flat Fan Heater SHEAT2/FAN 145207Description Ref No. Order No.0001Plug In Temperature Controller SET05 134292221

Space HeatingRADIANT AND STORAGE HEATERSSHEAT21/QTZSTHC225ASHEAT2/PATSTHS085STHS330AWall Mount Quartz Heater with LightSTORAGE HEATERSWall or ceiling mount on tiltable stirrup.2 Element 950W + 950w Quartz Heat and 100w halogen lightwith multifunction pullcord operation.IP20 rated for mounting in protected shops, garages, shedsand porches.Supplied with cable and fitted plug.Description Ref No. Order No.00012Kw IP20 Quartz heater with light SHEAT21/QTZ 145223Floor standing Quartz Patio HeaterIP44 rated splashproof suitable for exterior use.Supplied with cable and fitted plug.Weighted base with 2M telescopic pole.Adjustable Head and Heat settings.Description Ref No. Order No.00012Kw IP44 Quartz Patio Heater SHEAT2/PAT 142307Storage HeatersBEAB approved willow white range of storage heaters suitablefor domestic or commercial utilising industry standard bricks.Automatic Storage Heaters with Automatic input ChargeControl and an adjustable boost control damper.Small heater is a manual version as it is designed for use insmall areas with a preset input and no user controls.Supplied with Heat retention bricks.Description Ref No. Order No.00011.7KW Storage Heater Auto STHS170A 1336592.55KW Storage Heater Auto STHS255A 1336623.4KW Storage Heater Auto STHS330A 1336750.85KW Storage Heater Man STHS085 133646Auto Combi Storage HeatersThis range provides the benefit and convenience of economystorage heating with the flexibility of "direct-acting" top up heat.Increased controllability allows the user to turn on the convectorand enjoy heat on demand.Comfort conditions are automatically maintained with theconvector element controlled by a thermostat.The convector element can be used even when the storage heateris charging.The convector switch incorporates a neon indicator toreduce inadvertent use.BEAB approved willow white to co-ordinate with the restof the Sector heating range.Dimensions Height = 700mm, Depth = 204mmWatts Watts Width Ref No. Order No.Convected (mm) 00011.7KW 1.0KW 560 STHC170A 1462062.55KW 1.5KW 788 STHC255A 1462193.4KW 2.0KW 1016 STHC330A 146222222

Space HeatingPANEL CONVECTOR AND TUBULAR HEATERSSPH2000SSTH2SSTH1CSSTHWG1SSTH5SHEAT2/CONSSTHWG4PANEL CONVECTOR HEATERSTUBULAR HEATERSPanel ConvectorsBEAB approved Wall mounted Convected heat for rapid warm up.Willow white colour to match the Sector storage heater range.IPx4 rated for domestic or commercial use and with frost protection.Single pole on off switch with half heat setting and the optionof 24 hour timer models with 30 minute increments.Watts Dimension (mm) Ref No. Order No.H x W x D 0001Panel Convector with Thermostat0.75KW 430 x 620 x 108 SPH750 1456631.25KW 430 x 688 x 108 SPH1250 1456891.50KW 430 x 688 x 108 SPH1500 1457022.00KW 430 x 860 x 108 SPH2000 1457283.00KW 430 x 860 x 143 SPH3000 146235Panel Convector with 24 Hour Timer0.75KW 430 x 620 x 108 SPH750T 1456761.25KW 430 x 688 x 108 SPH1250T 1456921.50KW 430 x 688 x 108 SPH1500T 1457152.00KW 430 x 860 x 108 SPH2000T 1457313.00KW 430 x 860 x 143 SPH3000T 145248CONVECTOR HEATERSConvector HeatersRobust & stylish convector with wall brackets and free standingfeet included.3 heat settings and adjustable thermostat.White enamel finish with tough black plastic features, cable and plug.Description Ref No. Order No.00012KW Wall / Floor Convector SHEAT2/CON 145210Tubular HeatersTubular heaters provide a simple and low cost source of heatideal for keeping condensation at bay in a number of locationssuch as: Portable buildings, garages, conservatories, shopwindows, kennels & catteries, reptile houses, aviaries closetsairing cupboards etc.All models feature a safety cut out.Due to the temperatures reached it is highly recommendedwhen installing tubular heaters that safety guards are fitted.Description Ref No. Order No.0001Tubular heater inter connector SSTHIC 125214Tubular Heaters1FT 45W/60W Heater SSTH1 1251592FT 80W/120W Heater SSTH2 1251623FT 135W/180W Heater SSTH3 1251754FT 180W/240W Heater SSTH4 1251885FT 225W/300W Heater SSTH5 1251916FT 270W/360W Heater SSTH6 125201Single Tubular Heater Guards1FT Single Guard SSTHWG1 1252272FT Single Guard SSTHWG2 1252303FT Single Guard SSTHWG3 1252434FT Single Guard SSTHWG4 1252565FT Single Guard SSTHWG5 1252696FT Single Guard SSTHWG6 125272Double Tubular Heater Guards1FT Double Guard SSTHWGD1 1252852FT Double Guard SSTHWGD2 1252983FT Double Guard SSTHWGD3 1253084FT Double Guard SSTHWGD4 1253115FT Double Guard SSTHWGD5 1253246FT Double Guard SSTHWGD6 125337223

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