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TALH Corner - Lamar University

Page 6Volume 9 Issue 4 January/February 2009M ENTOR RECEPTIONThe Academy hosted a Lamar UniversityMentor Reception on Monday,January 26th at 4:00 p.m. in the TALHLounge. Lauren-Kristine Pryzant, TALHpresident, and Dr. Gagne, welcomedthe students and their mentors. Inattendance were Dr. Nicki Michalski(Communications), Dr. Kurt Gilman(Music), Mr. O‟Brien Stanley(Communications), Dr. Jeremy Shelton,(Psychology), Dr. Tamara Trout(Physics), Mr. Gary Brice(Mathematics) , and Mrs. Pat Heintzelman(English). It was an opportunityfor the students to introduce andthank their mentors for meeting withthem and discussing with them theircareer and academic plans. Guests enjoyedfinger sandwiches, cookies, andcake.L-R: Hallie Raymond, Panya Kahn, KemmerleyEvans, and Dr. Michalski.L-R: Dr. Michalski, Saif Quraishi, and LaurenHarrington.L-R: Mr. Stanley and Mr. Brice.L-R: Charnee Butler, Meghan Bivens, Dr. Trout,Sierrah Grigsby, and Binoy Chacko.L-R: Christine Menegaz and Dr. Shelton.L-R: Dr. Gilman, Claire Ramsdell, and Lauren-Kristine Pryzant.L-R: Leslie Patin, Zach Collazo, Mrs. Heintzelman, andAkash Trivedi.L-R: Carol Walker, Lauren Harrington, and Mr.Brice.

Volume 9 Issue 4 January/February 2009 Page 7S CHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES2009 Youth Launch Scholarship for Outstanding Service$3,000Deadline: Postmarked by February 28, 2009Graduating seniorCompleted 50 hours of service during their final year ofhigh school and a minimum of 400 hours of service duringall years of high school.2 letters of recommendationwww.youthlaunch.orgAmerican Chemical Society Minority Scholars ProgramUp to $5,000 per year, renewableMarch 1, 2008www.acs.org/scholarsHispanic Scholarship Fund—Hewlett Packard ScholarsProgramSenior—Underrepresented Minority (African American, Latino,or American Indian)$12,000 over four yearsEligibility Criteria: Visit www.hp.com/go/hpscholarsDeadline: March 15, 2009Apply at: www.hsf.netThe Charles, Lela and Mary Slough Foundation ScholarshipAmount: $5,000 per yearDeadline: March 29, 2009Texas resident and U.S. citizenAre you looking forsome dough forschool? Check outthese scholarships!Demonstrate financial need through the FAFSA andneed essay;GPA 3.0, transcript, ACT and/or SAT scoreswww.midland.edu/admissions/aid/forms/slough.pdfThe Goss-Michael Foundation The Texas StateScholarship$5,000Deadline: March 31, 2009Graduating seniors who are pursuing a college educationin the visual arts.Unofficial transcript1,000 word essayArtist’s statementCD of 10 original workswww.gossmichaelfoundation.orgNaval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC)Up to $180,000 for school expenses and monthly stipend of$300ACT 26 (Math), SAT (1250 (combined), Top 20%www.nrotc.navy.milThe A&F Scholarships from Abbott & Fenner BusinessConsultantsAmount: $1,000Deadline: June 20, 2009Available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as allstudent currently registered in any accredited post secondaryinstitution. Available to students between the ages of16 and 30.http://www.abbottandfenner.com/scholarships.htmAl’s Formal Wear: ―Salute to Education‖ ScholarshipDeadline: June 20, 2009Award: Two $2,500 awardsPick up application at any Al’s Formal Wear store.C OLLEGE PREVIEW DAYSBAYLOR UNIVERSITY (www.baylor.edu/admissions/visit)Spring Premier, April 18,, 2009Sic „Em Days, February 16, March 23, July 20, 2009SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY (www.shsu.edu)Saturdays @ Sam, March 28, 2009, November 21, 2009Register at ww2.shsu.edu/sasm02wp/UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON COUGAR PREVIEWwww.uh.edu/admissions/campustourwww.uh.edu/cougarpreviewwww.uh.edu/cougarfridaysApril 3, 2009July 10, 2009

Page 8Volume 9 Issue 4 January/February 2009

Volume 9 Issue 4 January/February 2009 Page 9

FEBRUARY 2009The very essence of leadership is that you must have a vision. You cannotblow an uncertain trumpet. - Theodore M. HesburghSun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat1 2Futurism Capts. 3:00 Dr.Gagne’s OfficeSusan RamsdellThink Tank 4:008 9Futurism Capts. 3:00 Dr.Gagne’s OfficeRep. Al Price ThinkTank : 8th Floor3 AEW: Research Skills3:30 Comm. 113Junior Class Researchseminar 3:00 Library 708A10AEW: Memory Tricks3:30 Comm 1134Alek’s & Akash’s BD11Junior Class Pcs5Futrurism PracticeLounge ClosedAEW: Paying for College3:30 Comm 11312Junior Class PicsAEW: Multiple ChoiceTests3:30Hayes 1086Chad on duty13Junior Class PicsAshley on duty714NHS Service Project8:00 A.M. Setzer CenterVolume 9 Issue 4 January/February 2009 Page 1015 16Futurism PresentationLandis Auditorium3 pm.17 AEW: Test Stress3:30 Comm. 113Futurism Presentation7:008th Floor22 23 24 AEW: Be Yourself3:30 Comm. 113TAKS ELA ReviewAll Juniors 4:00 in Lounge18 19Retreat Team Meeing 4:00.Interested juniors mayattend.25 26 AEW: Resumes3:30 Comm113NHS Installation 3:00 8thFloor20Callie on duty27Closed Weekend2128

1Hannah’s BDMarch 2009Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat2Junior Class Meeting2:303TAKS ELAArcher 2074Zach S.’s BD5Ali’s BD6Dorm Closes for SpringBreak8 9 10 11 12 13 1415Spring Break Ends22Hitchcock 3:00 Lounge16Junior Class Meeting2:3023Junior Class Meeting2:30Christine’s BD29 30 31S P R I N G B R E A K17 AEW: Social Networking3:30 Comm11324AEW; Time Mng. 3:30Comm 113Charnee’s BD18Grace’s BD19 AEW PresentationSkills 3:30 Comm11325 26 AEW: Course Scheduling3:30 Comm 113Rhi’s BD20Ashley on duty27Last day to register forelectionKristin T.’s BDCallie on duty7Erica’s BD21TALH Retreat: AM28Page 11Volume 9 Issue 4 January/February 2009

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