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Hydac ELF BF Breathers and Filler Breathers. - Hasmak.com.tr

trong>Breatherstrong> trong>andtrong>trong>Fillertrong> trong>Breatherstrong>.E 7.411.0/02.08

Your Professional Partnerfor trong>Breatherstrong> trong>andtrong> trong>Fillertrong> trong>Breatherstrong>.HYDAC Quality.HYDAC Filtration Technology is the result of tests carried out in our laboratories trong>andtrong> of theexperience gained in the field. It offers a trong>comtrong>plete range of filters for liquid trong>andtrong> gaseous media.The HYDAC Filter Division manufactures products tailored to market requirementstrong>andtrong> to the highest quality sttrong>andtrong>ards, backed by modern machinery trong>andtrong> a largeproduction capacity. HYDAC Filtration Technology is based on intensivebasic research, the solving of technical problems, specific customer requirements,trong>andtrong> international sttrong>andtrong>ardisation.HYDAC Products.Our wide range of products, trong>comtrong>bined with our expertise indevelopment, manufacturing, sales trong>andtrong> service enables variousindustries worldwide to overtrong>comtrong>e the most diverse problems.Our quality trong>andtrong> environment certification to ISO 9001/2000trong>andtrong> ISO 14001 denote first class qualitytrong>andtrong> responsible management of our resources.System solutions.One supplier. One contact.Wherever you need us, we are there to help youfind the most effective solution – for every application,from trong>comtrong>ponents to a trong>comtrong>plete system.HYDAC Applications.For more than 40 years trong>andtrong> with over 5,000 employees,40 offices trong>andtrong> with over 500 service partnersHYDAC offers a trong>comtrong>bination of fluid technology,electronics trong>andtrong> engineering.The industries include, but is in no way limited to:Mobile Hydraulics:Construction MachineryAgricultural MachinesMunicipal MachinesFork LiftsMining MachineryIndustrial Hydraulics:Machine ToolsInjection MouldingPaper IndustryPower PlantsMining IndustryAutomotive ProductionIron-Steel-MetalOil trong>andtrong> Gas IndustriesWind Power

The importance of top quality air filters.Air filters are an essential trong>comtrong>ponent of every hydraulic system.They guarantee that the air drawn into the tank as a result of fluctuations in the oil levelis filtered reliably.Very often too little attention is paid to air filters, with disastrous consequences.They are seen as mass-produced items trong>andtrong> are selected purely on price.This misapprehension can lead to inefficiency in the system trong>andtrong> even to failure of trong>comtrong>ponents.By using first class, cost-effective HYDAC breather filters, contamination is preventedfrom entering the system from the air – which means:Longer life expectancy trong>andtrong> availability for the whole system.Top quality filter elements.HYDAC air filter elements consist of high quality phenolic resin impregnated paper trong>andtrong> providea low-cost, yet very efficient protection against airborne contamination.In contrast to the foam material elements, phenolic resin impregnated paper is resistant towater trong>andtrong> therefore also ensures optimum trong>comtrong>ponent protection when water is drawn in.HYDAC paper elements for air filters have a filtration rating of 3 μm at a separation value ofß = 500, as sttrong>andtrong>ard. This corresponds to a retention rate of 99.5% for particles of 2 μmtrong>andtrong> 100% for particles of 3 μm.Retrong>comtrong>mendations.Higher specifications for cleanliness of the operating fluid result in increased demtrong>andtrong>son the filtration concept used. Accordingly, HYDAC retrong>comtrong>mends selecting an air filterthat has at least the same filtration rating as the finest system filter in the hydraulic circuit.The following changing intervals are retrong>comtrong>mended:For air breathers without clogging indicator:Please change your air filter every 6 months or at every maintenance interval.For air breathers with clogging indicators:Please change your air filter at 0.2 pressure drop since a higher pressure dropcould lead to cavitation at the pump.Special features of the filter housing.The durable HYDAC air filter housings are made from strong metal orglass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6). They are particularly appropriatefor the punishing demtrong>andtrong>s of mobile applications.Options:HYDAC’s unique anti-splash feature prevents oil from splashing out of the tankvia the breather filter (e.g. when the mobile machine is driving along)(not available for trong>BFtrong> 8 trong>andtrong> 9 or trong>BFtrong>/trong>ELFtrong> 3 trong>andtrong> 4).Visual clogging indicator (available for trong>BFtrong> 7, 8 trong>andtrong> 9)Dipstick trong>andtrong> integral check/bypass valve for pressurized tanks (not for trong>BFtrong> 8 trong>andtrong> 9)Customized thread (available on trong>BFtrong> 7, 10 trong>andtrong> 30)trong>andtrong> cap with trong>comtrong>pany logo (available for trong>BFtrong>/trong>ELFtrong> 7, 10 trong>andtrong> 30)OilAirOilAnti-splash protection Visual clogging indicator trong>BFtrong> 10 with dipstick Cap with trong>comtrong>pany name /trong>comtrong>pany logoCustomized threadBreather filters trong>andtrong> dryers.Drymicron breather filters trong>andtrong> dryers prevent contamination particles trong>andtrong> water vapourfrom entering the tank (see Filter Catalogue, page 283).E 7.411.0/02.083

trong>BFtrong> 10 trong>ELFtrong> 10 trong>BFtrong> 4 trong>ELFtrong> 4 trong>BFtrong> 30 trong>ELFtrong> 30 trong>BFtrong> 3 trong>ELFtrong> 3 trong>BFtrong> 7 trong>ELFtrong> 7 trong>BFtrong> 72 trong>ELFtrong>Technical Detailstrong>BFtrong> 10trong>ELFtrong> 10trong>BFtrong> 4trong>ELFtrong> 4trong>BFtrong> 30trong>ELFtrong> 30trong>BFtrong> 3trong>ELFtrong> 3trong>BFtrong> 7Litres/min(at Δp = 0.01 bar)2002001251254004004004001000Litres/min(at Δp = 0.04 bar)3803803403408808808808801800Connection TypeThreadedFlangedThreadedFlangedThreadedFlangedThreadedFlangedThreadedConnection Size(s)1/2 NPT, G1/4M22x1.5SAE-12 male3 HoleFlangeG1/4 male3 HoleFlangeG3/4,3/4 NPT,M30x1.5SAE-12, M42x26 HoleFlangeG3/4, G1/2,G3/8 male6 HoleFlange3/4 NPTG1 maleElement MediaReplaceable Element3 μm PaperNo3 μm PaperNo3 or 10 μmPaperNo3 or 10 μmPaperNo3 or 10 μmPaperNo3 or 10 μmPaperNo3 or 10 μmPaperNo3 or 10 μmPaperNo3 or 10 μmPaperYesCap MaterialPolyamidePolyamideSteelSteelPolyamidePolyamideSteelSteelPolyamideStrainer Material–Polyamide–Polyamide–Polyamide–Polyamide–Clogging Indicator––––––––OptionalOptionstrong>BFtrong> 10trong>ELFtrong> 10trong>BFtrong> 4trong>ELFtrong> 4trong>BFtrong> 30trong>ELFtrong> 30trong>BFtrong> 3trong>ELFtrong> 3trong>BFtrong> 7Check ValveOptionalOptional––OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional–E 7.411.0/02.08Anti-SplashDipstickOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional––––OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional–Optional–OptionalOptional–For sizes trong>BFtrong>/trong>ELFtrong> 10 to trong>BFtrong>/trong>ELFtrong> 72 we retrong>comtrong>mend sizing the filters according to differential pressure (Δp = 0.01 bar)4

72 trong>BFtrong> 5 trong>ELFtrong> 5 trong>BFtrong> 52 trong>ELFtrong> 52 trong>BFtrong> 8 trong>BFtrong> 9trong>ELFtrong> 7trong>BFtrong> 72trong>ELFtrong> 72Technical Detailstrong>BFtrong> 5trong>ELFtrong> 5trong>BFtrong> 52trong>ELFtrong> 52trong>BFtrong> 8trong>BFtrong> 9100012001200Litres/min(at v = 20 m/s)260026003600360055009700180021002100Litres/min(at Δp = 0.01 bar)30003000500050001000015000FlangedThreadedFlangedConnection TypeThreadedThreadedThreadedThreadedFlangeFlange6 HoleFlange3/4 NPTG1 male6 HoleFlangeConnection Size(s)G2 1/2femaleG2 1/2, G3maleG2 1/2femaleG2 1/2, G3maleDN934 HoleFlangeDN1258 HoleFlange3 or 10 μmPaper3 or 10 μmPaper3 or 10 μmPaperElement Media3 or 10 μmPaper3 or 10 μmPaper3 or 10 μmPaper3 or 10 μmPaper10 μmBetamicron2 μmBetamicronYesYesYesReplaceable ElementYesYesYesYesYesYesPolyamidePolyamidePolyamideCap MaterialSteelSteelSteelSteelSteelSteelPolyamide–PolyamideStrainer Material–Steel–Steel––OptionalOptionalOptionalClogging Indicator––––OptionalOptionaltrong>ELFtrong> 7trong>BFtrong> 72trong>ELFtrong> 72Optionstrong>BFtrong> 5trong>ELFtrong> 5trong>BFtrong> 52trong>ELFtrong> 52trong>BFtrong> 8trong>BFtrong> 9–––Check Valve––––––Optional–Optional–Optional–Anti-SplashDipstick––––––For sizes trong>BFtrong> 5 to trong>BFtrong> 9, we retrong>comtrong>mend sizing the filtersaccording to flow velocity (v = 20 m/s)––––––E 7.411.0/02.085

Broch.: Cooling Systems DEF 5.700 Brochure: Electronics 18.000 Brochure: Accessories DEF 6.100 Broch.: Compact Hydraulics DEF 5.300 Broch.: Syst. Fluid Service DEF 7.929 Broch.: Filt. for Indust. Proc. DEF 7.700 Broch.: Filtration Range DEF 7.000 Brochure.: Accumulators DEF 3.000Globale presence.Local expertise.www.hydac.trong>comtrong>HYDAC HeadquartersHYDAC CompaniesHYDAC Distributors trong>andtrong> Service PartnersHead OfficeHYDAC INTERNATIONALGMBHIndustriegebiet66280 Sulzbach/SaarGermanyPhone:+49 6897 509-01Fax:+49 6897 509-577Internet: www.hydac.trong>comtrong>E-Mail: filter@hydac.trong>comtrong>E 7.411.0/02.08

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