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2 0 0 5 A N N U A L R E P O R T O N G I V I N G - Arcadia University

2 0 0 5 A N N U A L R E P O R T O N G I V I N G




Thank you for all the support you have

shown Arcadia University during the past year.

The involvement and financial contributions

of alumni, parents, trustees, faculty, staff and

friends help make student success possible

at Arcadia.

Over the past year, the University

community has embarked upon a process of

implementing the Strategic Initiatives that

emerged from our planning process. These

initiatives capture the elements that we believe

are most crucial to continued student success

in today’s global society. They range from the

personal attention that is the hallmark of our

intimate campus environment to the global

perspective that sets our graduates apart in the

competitive marketplace. Our initiatives also

involve the continued evolution of a learning

environment that integrates classroom theory

with real world practice.

This edition of the Herald includes a feature

story on pages 6 and 7 that illustrates the

power of incorporating fieldwork, internships,

study abroad, and other hands-on experiences

into our academic programs. These experiences

flow naturally from our broad base of general

education courses as well as our disciplinespecific

major courses where theory and

principles are taught. The end result is

a student who graduates with experience

in his or her field and has the ability to solve

problems in a global environment.

Many universities do some of these things

some of the time. At Arcadia, that’s not our

definition of success. We believe every student

deserves our personal attention. Every student

should have access to a global perspective,

in the classroom or through study abroad.

And every student should have the

opportunity to practice applying his or

her knowledge and skills.

We believe every student

deserves our personal attention.

Every student should have access

to a global perspective, in the

classroom or through study

abroad. And every student

should have the opportunity

to practice applying his or her

knowledge and skills.

To achieve that level of success requires

your continued support. In recent years,

Arcadia has been recognized among the top

universities in the Northeast, earning high

marks from U.S. News & World Report,

Barron’s and The Princeton Review. This status

among the nation’s elite private universities

reflects not only upon our faculty and

students, but also upon our alumni, parents,

trustees, staff and friends, who make this

continued success possible.

Arcadia’s alumni giving rate is among

the highest in the nation because of each

individual who makes a decision to support

the University’s vision for the future. I hope

you will consider joining me this year in our

new President’s Circle giving clubs.

Annual Fund dollars make success happen

at Arcadia! Thank you!

Jerry M. Greiner

President of Arcadia University




n June 30, 2005, the

University closed its books on the most

successful year in our illustrious history.

More than $6.8 million was received over the

course of the year. The thousands of people

and organizations chronicled in this report

contributed to this accomplishment and are

extended our profound appreciation and

appropriately recognized for the distinction of

their support. There are many traditions at

Arcadia University that we celebrate yearly, but

none is of greater importance to Arcadia than

the tradition of voluntary support. It is essential

for Arcadia, as a leading private university, to

turn to our many thoughtful and generous

alumni, parents, and friends to provide the

resources that enhance the quality of an

Arcadia experience for students and faculty.

It is essential for Arcadia, as

a leading private university,

to turn to our many

thoughtful and generous

alumni, parents, and friends.

This past year, the University engaged

a leading national consulting firm to work

with President Greiner, the Board of Trustees

and the Advancement staff to assess our

fund-raising programs for “best practices”

and to benchmark our relative position against

institutions of similar size, stature and

performance. The review was the first ever

undertaken by the University and was

conducted so that we might better understand

our positions of strength and challenge.

The conclusions reached by the consultants

noted that, building upon the strength of

existing programs and success, “Arcadia is wellpositioned

to move its fund-raising programs

to the next level.” Several recommendations

came from the review, and implementation

of many is under way.

One of the strongest messages we received

in our review was to streamline our benefactor

recognition levels. Toward this end, the

various forums used in the past to distinguish

contributors yearly will be dropped and, as you

will read next, we have adopted the President’s

Circle to recognize contributions at different

levels beginning at $1,000. Members of the

Circle will be invited to special functions

and receive personal insight into the workings

of the University from President Greiner.

All contributions, regardless of designation,

will qualify benefactors for membership.

In addition, we will introduce lifetime

giving recognition by establishing the Kistler,

Gates and Landman Societies. Fund-raising

success at the University over the past two

decades is attributed, in part, to the leadership

giving from alumni, parents and friends.

We now wish to recognize these people

while at the same time honoring three

former Presidents who positioned the

University to enjoy our current prominence

in higher education.

And without reservation, we continue to

value and benefit from all contributors at all

levels who year-in and year-out support the

University. Their loyalty has made it possible

for Arcadia to consistently rank at or near

the top of U.S. News & World Report’s list of

colleges with the highest alumni giving rates.

The Knight Society, named after our mascot,

has been established to honor and recognize

alumni who have a history of unflagging

support. Through June 30, 2006, our inaugural

year for the Knight Society, all alumni who

make a gift will become members, irrespective

of past history of support. So, please join today,

by using the reply envelope folded into this

issue, and we look forward to seeing your

name listed here in the 2006 Annual Report.

On behalf of our students—past, present

and future—thank you sincerely for making it

possible to share the happy results for last year,

contained in the following pages.

Jay Vogel

Vice President for University Advancement





Arcadia values each and every

donor. Saying “thank you”

to the alumni, trustees, faculty,

staff, parents and friends

who invest in Arcadia is so

important that the University

has created new ways to show

its appreciation to those who

contribute to Arcadia’s present

and its future. With prestigious

annual giving clubs, lifetime

giving societies and a loyal giving

society, the University recognizes

those who help make the

Arcadia University Promise

a reality.

These new recognition clubs and giving societies are being initiated

with the 2006 Annual Fund drive, which is now under way, and

incorporate gifts made in the 2005–06 fiscal year. This Annual Report

reflects giving to the 2004–2005 Annual Fund drive and is the last report

to use the previous giving club designations. Watch for more brochures

and mailings with details on all the new programs.



Arcadia University is pleased to introduce the President’s Circle.

Starting with the 2006 Annual Fund, gifts of $1,000 or more qualify

a donor for recognition in the President’s Circle. Donors at this level

will be invited to a special event with the President.

Within the President’s Circle, recognition clubs include the

Renaissance Club for gifts of $25,000 and over, the Medallion Club

for gifts of $10,000 to $24,999, the Coronet Club for gifts of $5,000

to $9,999, and the Tower Club for gifts of $ 1,000 to $4,999.

Another special designation being introduced this year is Castle

Benefactors. This club recognizes those giving from $250 to $999.

As always, Arcadia is grateful to those at the Contributor level for their

gifts up to $249.

It All Adds Up: Proper recognition requires good math, so starting

this year, all gifts made by a donor to the University in the fiscal

year will count toward the total annual giving club level. Previously,

only unrestricted gifts made specifically to the Arcadia Annual Fund

were counted for this purpose. Now, every gift—including restricted,

unrestricted and capital gifts—will be included in a donor’s annual

giving total.



For the first time in Arcadia University’s history, new recognition

societies are being founded to honor individuals for their lifetime giving.

These new societies are named after former University presidents.

The Kistler Society recognizes lifetime giving of $1 million or more.

This society is named in honor of the Rev. Dr. Raymon M. Kistler,

University President from 1940 to 1960.

The Gates Society recognizes lifetime giving of $500,000 to $999,999.

This society is named in honor of Dr. Edward D. Gates, University

President from 1960 to 1982.

The Landman Society recognizes lifetime giving of $100,000 to

$499,999. This society is named in honor of Dr. Bette E. Landman,

University President from 1985 to 2004.

For these societies, a benefactor’s lifetime giving total includes all gifts

made to the University throughout the benefactor’s life as well as gifts

made through a bequest or estate. Once a benefactor has earned a place

in one of the lifetime giving societies, the membership is permanent.



Arcadia’s alumni giving rate is among the highest in the nation, as

ranked by U.S. News & World Report, because of each individual who

makes a decision to give. The new Knight Society recognizes Arcadia’s

most loyal alumni—those who give to the Annual Fund every year.

Any alumna/us who makes a gift to the 2006 Annual Fund automatically

becomes an inaugural member of the Knight Society of loyal giving.

Those who continue to make a gift of any size to the Annual Fund each

year will remain members of the Knight Society.

Knight Society Charter Members are those alumni who have given a

gift to the University every year since 1985 (the year the University began

electronic record-keeping) or every year since graduation, for those who

graduated in 1985 or after.

The benefits of Knight Society membership include special

recognition at Arcadia events and an annual program solely for

Knight Society members.



At Reunion Weekend on June 2 to 4, 2006, classes will present much

larger ceremonial checks to President Greiner and will have more

opportunities to leave their mark on Arcadia.

This year’s checks will include five-year totals for each Reunion class.

This new University tradition means that classes will add up all the gifts

from the five-year period since their last Reunion. These giving totals

will include Annual Fund gifts (both unrestricted and restricted),

capital campaign gifts, bequests and life-income gifts.

The new method for calculating Reunion gifts was introduced

at Reunion Weekend this past June. Using this formula, the Class

of 1955 gave the University an historic Reunion gift totaling

$1,088,316—the first Reunion gift ever to exceed $1 million.

Also part of a new Reunion model is greater alumni involvement

in bringing these meaningful Reunion gifts to the University for

Reunion weekend. Starting this year, Arcadia University is enlisting

the help of alumni in the Reunion classes to call on each other

and encourage each Reunion alumna or alumnus to make a gift

of personal significance in honor of Reunion.

In addition to this challenge to the Reunion classes, individuals

have more opportunities to make a lasting impression on Arcadia.

Reunion alumni from the Class of 2001 who qualify through the Senior

Class Challenge Program will see their names inscribed on their Alumni

Fund Walk of Pride pavers.

In another Reunion special challenge, many alumni are remembered

through the Reunion Year Charitable Gift Annuity Program. Alumni

who create a charitable gift annuity in honor of their Reunion year will

be eligible to name a Landman Library chair. Please call the Office of

Planned Giving at 215-572-2781, for more information.

Taking the time to honor alumni and friends, who give so much

every year and throughout their lifetimes, is always an important part

of Arcadia’s University Advancement program.



T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5





FORUMS celebrate

Arcadia University’s most

generous benefactors,

giving them the recognition

they so truly deserve.



$25,000 or more

Mrs. Daniel Aaron

Rosemary Deniken

Blankley ’57

Mr. Joseph L. Castle II


Kerry Ann Costello-Null ’92,


Walter Hellendall ’77

Ms. Sally Hunter

Mrs. Marie-Louise Vermeiren


Mr. Charles Magistro

Ms. Catherine Null

Susan Smyth Shenker ’69

Estate of Sara Brubaker

Steer ’41

Madeline Johnson Stein ’68

Miss Marilyn Steinbright

Dr. John M. Templeton

Eugenia Lenox West ’57



$10,000 - $24,999

Joseph Patrick Archie ’77

Marilyn Sunners Cranin ’54

Estate of Jane Geayer

Dametz ’56

Dr. Bryce Douglas*

Dr. Jerry Greiner

Lois Arnold Haber ’71

Dr. Theresa Rollins*

Mr. Francis G. Vitetta

Mr. Theodore V. Wood, Jr.


FORUM recognizes the

generosity of benefactors

whose restricted and/or

unrestricted giving to

Arcadia University, in a

given year, totals $25,000

or more.



$5,000 - $9,999

Ruth Groves Chaney ’46

Mr. Stephen DeLuca

Emmalane R. Ewing ’55

Lottie Belle Malone Field ’30

Jean Stout Fletcher ’57

Adeline Zullo Fricchione ’53

Beverly Rappaport Goldberg


Mr. & Mrs. John C. Haas

Lynn Darling Hendershot ’66

Katharine Nichols Hering ’35

Mr. Mark K. Kessler*

Patrick Kipp ’97

Laura Fisher Korman ’89,


Mr. & Mrs. John S. Lawrence

Lolita Jaeger Lindstrom ’59

Mr. & Mrs. William E.


Mr. Hugh G. Moulton

Mr. Michael J. Mullin

Anne Parker Price ’40

Bernice Jacobs Raab ’46

Lillian Stringfellow Bassett

Rankin ’34

Dr. Fredric Rieders (deceased)

Mr. Gerald B. Rorer

Janet St. Amand ’75*

Dr. Patricia Segal

Mr. John W. Sheble

Heather Fleming Tucker ’68

The Rev. Dr. Calvin E.

Uzelmeier, Jr.*

Estate of Grace I. White ’40

Carol Wrigley Young ’54


FORUM recognizes the

generosity of benefactors

whose restricted and/or

unrestricted giving to

Arcadia University, in a

given year, totals between

$10,000 and $24,999.


FORUM recognizes the

generosity of benefactors

whose restricted and/or

unrestricted giving to

Arcadia University, in a

given year, totals between

$5,000 and $9,999.


We express our deep

appreciation to all Forum

members for their generosity

and commitment to Arcadia

University. We also extend

our gratitude to all donors,

noted by an asterisk (*),

who have made a Corporate

Matching Gift available

to the University.


Fiscal Year


Annual Fund Restricted Total

2004–2005 $ 901,452.81 $ 5,912,111.84 $ 6,813,564.65

2003–2004 $ 875,001.49 $ 2,398,076.51 $ 3,273,078.00

2002–2003 $ 865,117.22 $ 3,043,646.49 $ 3,908,763.71

2001–2002 $ 860,613.00 $ 4,322,970.61 $ 5,183,583.61

2000–2001 $ 844,578.94 $ 1,826,152.46 $ 2,670,731.40

1999–2000 $ 816,249.19 $ 1,641,738.45 $ 2,457,987.64

1998–1999 $ 787,679.16 $ 2,608,184.53 $ 3,395,863.69

1997–1998 $ 756,713.08 $ 1,565,489.26 $ 2,322,202.34

1996–1997 $ 716,117.26 $ 851,662.74 $ 1,567,780.00

1995–1996 $ 700,405.14 $ 1,705,427.61 $ 2,405,832.75

1994–1995 $ 650,162.93 $ 696,437.20 $ 1,346,600.13

1993–1994 $ 676,269.74 $ 1,952,311.07 $ 2,628,580.81

1992–1993 $ 600,501.19 $ 1,719,321.92 $ 2,319,823.11

1991–1992 $ 603,570.72 $ 3,687,664.25 $ 4,291,234.97

1990–1991 $ 560,182.44 $ 970,442.67 $ 1,530,625.11

1989–1990 $ 520,487.66 $ 1,007,418.72 $ 1,527,906.38

1988–1989 $ 482,673.70 $ 491,464.38 $ 974,138.08


Source Annual Fund Restricted Total

Alumni $ 488,160.10 $ 3,539,105.27 $ 4,027,265.37

Trustees $ 49,635.03 $ 43,530.80 $ 93,165.83

Parents $ 73,236.51 $ 31,060.00 $ 104,296.51

Friends $ 20,742.00 $ 147,674.94 $ 168,416.94

Religious Organizations $ 16,482.00 $ 400.00 $ 16,882.00

Students $ 125.00 $ 1,500.00 $ 1,625.00

Foundations $ 156,700.00 $ 1,050,148.87 $ 1,206,848.87

Corporations $ 63,485.01 $ 187,858.19 $ 251,343.20

Other Organizations $ 32,887.16 $ 910,833.77 $ 943,720.93

Total: $ 901,452.81 $ 5,912,111.84 $ 6,813,564.65

T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5


We wish to recognize all those who have made extraordinary commitments to safeguard the future of Arcadia University.

Three categories are noted below:

THE 1853


Established in 2003 to

honor the vision and

generosity of Arcadia’s

alumni and friends who

have made contributions

to the University

through charitable life

income agreements.

THE 1853


Suzanne (Gunsalus) ’51 and

Richard Bakken

Beatrice Carpenter Durham

Blackman ’57

Jane G. Brister ’42

Clementine Klein Brodsky ’58

Elizabeth Dunlap Broshart ’34

Marilyn (Sunners) ’54 and

Norman Cranin

Babette Leyrer Cranston ’48

Elaine Schermerhorn Dennis


Eleanor (Rosenstein) ’38 and

Walter deVadetzsky




Established in 1989 to

honor the vision and

generosity of Arcadia’s

alumni and friends who

have included the

University in their wills.

Lucille (LaMorgese) ’52 and

Harry M. Downs

Emmalane R. Ewing ’55

Doris (Dodd) ’53 and

Richard H. Eyman

Emily Solomon Farrell ’69

Judith McCarthy Gielow ’65

Beverly (Rappaport) ’53 and

Nolan Goldberg

Lynn (Darling) ’66 and Alan

R. Hendershot

Bernice Wenzel Jeffrey ’42

Leah Marie Kresge ’55

Barbara “Bunny” Weinberg

Ludtke ’55

Elizabeth McCann Lundquist








Ms. Harliene Martin

Suzanne (Beaver) ’90 and

Gary E. Meanor, Jr. ’90

Mr. Hugh G. Moulton

Susan Patt Mountz ’64

Mrs. Jean and Mr. James F.


Anne Parker Gill Price ’40

Lillian Stringfellow Bassett

Rankin ’34

Audrey ’85 and Peter Reynolds

Mr. Edward Schejna

Sharon Foyto Smith ’67

Jane (Locker) ’48 and Robert


Edith Maxwell Taylor ’77


Enjoying the Annual and Inaugural Evening of Appreciation on Dec. 4, 2004, are, seated from

left, members of the 1853 Associates, Trustee Beverly Rappaport Goldberg ’53, Lillian Stringfellow

Bassett Rankin ’34, Trustee Marilyn Sunners Cranin ’54, Leah Marie Kresge ’55 and Harliene

Martin and, standing from left, Nolan Goldberg, Norman Cranin, President Greiner, and

Trustee Hugh Moulton.

The generosity and foresight of these alumni, trustees,

friends and employees endow Arcadia with the ability

to plan for a future as distinguished as its past and as

inspired as its present.

If you have included Arcadia University in your estate

planning or have made a planned gift, and your name is

not on this list, please call the Development Office at

215-572-2945 so that we can update our records.

Mr. Constantine N. Tonian

Dorothea H. and Francis G.


Henrietta Mertes Waters ’46



C. Ellen Hodges Adey ’42

Emily Anne MacDonald

Adler ’44

Frances Lewis Adler ’42

Helen Campbell Ames ’41

Susan Kyle Anthony ’63

Joycellen Young Auritt ’71

Marguerite Stevens

Beauchamp ’39

Pearl Keller Bell ’49

Susan Ginsberg Berk ’69

Amy Honigsberg Bernstein ’67

Rosemary Deniken Blankley


Beverly Tucker Bowen ’49

Patricia J. Boyd ’56

Frances Potter Breitner ’44

Karen Keim Brizell ’75

Judith York Brogden ’80

Elizabeth Dunlap Broshart ’34

Marilyn Berg Callander ’55

Ruth Denker Campopiano ’56

Susan M. Caruso ’67

Barbara Jony Catuzzi ’58

Ruth Groves Chaney ’46

Dr. Pradyumna Chauhan

Cassandra Howell Choate ’67

Jean Grebenstein Christie ’50

Jean Stewart Clutsam ’42

Betty Jane Anderson Crago ’48

Marilyn Sunners Cranin ’54

Babette Leyrer Cranston ’48

Nancy Crosson ’48

Virginia Sharpless Crosson ’41

Dr. Mark P. Curchack

Pauline and Frank A.

Daiutolo III ’93

Eleanore Rosenstein

deVadetzsky ’38

Helen Geller Deich ’34

Elaine Schermerhorn Dennis


Jana Cohen Desirgh ’80

Lucille LaMorgese Downs ’52

Diane Hirsch Drutt ’59

Dr. Helen H. Dutcher

Barbara Jones Earle ’52

Annette Schaffer Eskind ’49

Margaret Mitchell Eskridge ’50

Emily Solomon Farrell ’69

Suzanne Decker Fenimore ’61

Bonnie Goldblum Fiorentino


Doris Stewart Fleming ’40

Lois Woolley Fliedner ’53

Susan Friedman ’84

Fannie Rockefeller Gabriel ’43

Joyce Kramer Gilbert ’55

Alberta A. Gladeck ’37

Joan Haly Glazier ’56

Margaret Ingling Godfrey ’48

Barbara Stiefel Goldberg ’49

Beverly Rappaport Goldberg


Ruth C. Grant ’37

Ann Simonin Grebe ’61

Miriam Stybel Grossmann ’54

Joan Ottaway Gurniak ’58

Muriel Lair Happich ’44

Jeanne Halfmann Harman ’33

Lynn Darling Hendershot ’66

Janet Havener Hensle ’63

Dorothea Buermann Holden


Melissa E. Hough ’73

Marcia Rulon Hubbell ’60




Patty Darling Kile ’56

Patty Darling Kile first contributed to Arcadia in 1957, the very first year after

she earned her B.S. in Education, and she has not missed an Annual Fund drive,

which makes her a charter member in the new Knight Society of loyal giving.

In her early years as a teacher, her gifts out of necessity were modest, but her

commitment to Arcadia was steadfast. “I became a teacher because of my

education at Arcadia. I didn’t have scholarships, but I know many of the girls did.

I feel it’s important to help those who need it now.” Kile returned to Arcadia

for her Master of Education in 1978 with a specialization in gifted education

and then earned her reading certification. She finds time for photography,

scherenschnitte, other crafts and writing for publication.

She enjoyed her 35 years of teaching, including the flexibility it gave her to

travel in the summers with her husband, Wils, and to take time to raise their two

children. Her career also allowed her to save for retirement through IRAs and

403(b7) accounts. After years of contributing to those accounts, she now finds

that the law requires that she begin withdrawing from them, and that means

paying taxes on the withdrawals. Celebrating her 50th Reunion in 2006, she has

found another way to give back to Arcadia. Putting her IRA withdrawals into

a charitable gift annuity gives her a chance to make a substantial donation to

the University and also to get benefits in the form of tax deductions and retained

income. Her generous life-income gift, celebrating her Reunion, qualifies her

for a Landman Library chair with her name on it.

Kile also donates her time for Arcadia. As a Fund Agent, she leads by example,

encouraging her classmates to support Arcadia. And she’s been a Class Notes

editor for the Herald for 20 years. With more

than 80 women in her class, Kile writes

numerous letters and e-mails. She and

her Reunion co-chairs, Harriet Baisch,

Tana Pratt, and others including

Ruth Campopiano, are planning

for a wonderful turnout for their

50th Reunion in June.

Helene Bergman Huffer ’74

Lillian Wright Hunter ’45

Meredith Steelman Hurt ’33

Dorothy Bischoff Hussa ’39

Mary Hobler Hyson ’73

Joann Brayton Jacobs ’68

Bernice Wenzell Jeffrey ’42

Sally Jo Kuhrt Johnson ’64

Marjorie Ann Updegrove

Kaskey ’52

Judith O’Flynn Kayser ’77

Diane Gackenbach Kidd ’61

Vivian J. Kitchell ’43

Martha Kravec ’41

Leah Marie Kresge ’55

Michal Morrison Kusick ’70

Dr. Bette E. Landman

Billie B. Landrine ’40

Helen Dodge Lefor ’54

Diane B. Levitt ’99

Anne B. Hinkle Lewis ’58

Madge Kimble Marter ’41

Ms. Harliene F. Martin

Polly F. Mason ’67

Louise Buell McClure ’45

Judith Nelson McCracken ’63

Marian Sonntag McDougal


Linda Stevenson McGonagle


Mary Lou Bratt Mees ’59

Gail Fowler Middleton ’59

Mr. Hugh G. Moulton

Susan Patt Mountz ’64

Lois Alderman Nichols ’63

Gloria J. Oakes ’85

Clara Prior Orr ’35

Ruth E. Parker ’42

Vernita Parris ’78, ’80M

Mrs. Jean & Mr. James F.


Frances Layman Redman ’31


Mary Baylor Reinhart ’37

Audrey O. Reynolds ’85

Cynthia Richter ’53

Sibyl Carol Remington

Robinson ’51

Rosemarri Sheer Roth ’61

Dr. Gary Salzman ’82

Susan Saxer ’71

Mr. Edward B. Schejna

Sandra L. Schermerhorn ’66

Barbara Serling ’79

Susan Smyth Shenker ’69

Marie Clayton Smith ’64

Elsie McDonald Smoluk ’64

Susan Rhodes Sommers ’56

Sulamita Landes Spiegel ’56

Jane Locker Sproat ’48

Christine Nordstrom Stainton


Margaret Wright Steele ’80

Margaret Kosemple Steytler ’73

Anne Godsey Stinnett ’57

Lisa Wald Stone ’65

Virginia Davidson Stone ’58

Mr. Lowell S. Thomas

Mr. Constantine N. Tonian

Janet Morrison Tyre ’41

Doris Stone Van Derbeck ’31

Jean Nazzaro Ware ’54

Lyanne Lindo Wassermann ’61

Susanne B. McK. Weaver ’92

Elizabeth Holton Weiss ’60

Eugenia Lenox West ’57

Lois Bangs Williams ’62

Eleanor Murphy Workman ’54

Nancy Harris Wright ’78

Claire Yarmark ’84

Ms. Margaret L. Zuccarini







Mary Swab Alexander ’23

Olive Ambrose ’40

Hazel Anderson ’30

Ms. Thelma Dillon Andress

Ms. Eugenia Atwood

Georgia Meyer Atwood ’38

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Atwood III

Nana Belle Wise Babb ’29

Ms. Ruth Bampton

Dr. Henry Barraclough

Florilla Davis Beazley ’23

Helen Bernheisel ’37

Beatrice Blaw ’38

Florence Morgan Bowman ’35

Marjorie Disney Brown ’33

Eleanor Jane Carlin ’40

Mary Condon ’08

Rita Baumann Cowan ’44

Jane Geayer Dametz ’56

Mary Ann Daniel ’51

Lydia Davenport ’50

Reba and Walter Dilworth

Ms. Mary Earle

Ms. Anna Eaton

Rachel Clough Eckert ’16

Ms. Judith Elder

Margaret Fairlamb ’36

Ruth Fell ’42

Mr. Robert L. Flack

Jane Musick Flickinger ’31

Palmyra Menna Geldi ’33

Eleanor Martin Germond ’35

Elsie Felmeden Gladitz ’32

Katherine Green ’31

Deena Michelle Grossmann ’81

Pauline Vaughan Hamilton ’41

Carolyn Twiggar Hay ’38

Katharine Nichols Hering ’35

Mr. Henry Herr

T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

Ms. Margaret Hinton

Sara Nagle Hoeffer ’30

Lillian Schmehl Hoffman ’18

Ms. Louise Hollingshead

Maxine Hellmich Holmes ’21

June Newcomer Honaman ’41

Mildred Hunt ’18

Eleanor Askey Hurley ’29

Helen Katchmar ’34

Miss Mary Kiefaber

Irma Kieslich ’79

Wilma Beabes Kline ’33

Dorothy Haupt Grotz Lampe


Ms. Ruth Lindemann

Mildred Storch Lininger ’28

Dorothy Ingling MacConkey


Ms. Catherine MacDonald

Ethlyn Selner Mack ’18

Helen McClellan Mangan ’30

Ms. Jeanette E. L. McCabe

Roberta Paulhamus

McKinney ’29

Dorothy Reheard Miller ’30

Katherine Weaver Moore ’30

Ms. Hortense T. Moss

Eloise Mullen ’38

Anita Murray ’30

Joan Kovacs Perry ’55

Martha S. Reams ’41

Bessie Wilner Richman ’27

Ms. Mildred Roe

Doris E. Roof ’30

Florence Holliday Rumbaugh


Ethel Roeger Schmuhl ’35

Lorena Rodgers Seifert ’30

Rebecca H. Shriver ’33

Sara Brubaker Steer ’41

Evelyn Kordes Steinbrucker ’42

Dr. William Sunderman

Florine A. Tillson ’15

Ruth M. Van Horn ’34

Beverley Jean Brown Varoli ’47

Ms. Janet Wagenhurst

Lois Wagenhurst ’38

Margaret and Herbert


Laura Mercy Walker ’34

Ms. Flora Weiner

Jean Tullis Weis ’39

Helen May Wenger ’29

Grace I. White ’40

Lois V. Williams ’35

Mr. Nochem Winnet

Olive V. Wortman ’38

Eleanor Greenwell Wysong


Mr. Marechal-Neil E. Young

Advancement staff prepare to welcome participants for the Seventh Annual Ray McCollum

Memorial Golf Tournament on a bright and sunny Monday, October 4, 2004. The Tournament,

held at LuLu Country Club in North Hills, Pennsylvania, raised nearly $50,000 for the Ray

McCollum Scholarship Endowment. Left to right, Felicia Lundrigan, Maryanne Bowers,

Georgene Pilling, Janet Gala.


For four years, senior Ralph Giangiulio has owned a piece

of green in the middle of campus. The eight square yards

between the goalposts are his turf to protect. With a goalsagainst

average of just 0.5 this fall, he’s been fierce in the net.

The Marlton, N.J., native came to campus to watch

Vince Abate ’01 lead the Knights to a PAC championship,

and he knew Arcadia was where he wanted to play soccer

and study business administration. For several years, he

shared the field with another Abate, Vince’s younger

brother Matt. In the spring, Giangiulio added a semester abroad at Bond University in

Australia to his résumé.

“I tell everyone what a great opportunity I had at Arcadia,” he says. Alumni get to

leave their marks on Arcadia via Reunion chairs in Landman Library and pavers on

the Alumni Fund Walk of Pride. But Giangiulio has left his impression in the matted

grass and dented earth, where his body landed as he fought off opponents who dared

to invade his goal.

Sending students into the world


T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5


The Arcadia Annual Fund refers to the sum total of all unrestricted monies raised from alumni, parents, trustees, friends, faculty, staff

and students for the University from July 1, 2004 to June 30, 2005. The Arcadia Annual Fund comprises several funds that represent the

giving (including matching gifts) from alumni, graduate school alumni and parents. The Alumni Fund represents the giving of Arcadia

undergraduate alumni who graduated between 1928 and 2005. The Graduate School Alumni Fund represents the giving of alumni from

Arcadia’s graduate programs. The Parents’ Fund represents the combined giving of parents of current students and parents of alumni.

Gifts to the 2005 Arcadia Annual Fund are

reported to reflect membership in one of

the following Gift Clubs:

Renaissance Club............$ 25,000 and above

$ 15,000 to $ 24,999

$ 7,500 to $ 14,999

Medallion Club...............$ 4,000 to $ 7,499

Coronet Club ..................$ 1,500 to $ 3,999

Tower Club......................$ 750 to $ 1,499

Turret Club......................$ 300 to $ 749

Castle Club......................$ 125 to $ 299

Contributors ...................$ under 125


Gifts: $133,013

Renaissance Club Members

$25,000 and above

Rosemary Deniken Blankley


Mrs. Marie-Louise Vermeiren



Lois Arnold Haber ’71


Mr. Joseph L. Castle II


Marilyn Sunners Cranin ’54

Dr. Jerry M. Greiner

Dr. Theresa Rollins*

Medallion Club Members

Dr. Bryce Douglas*

Beverly Rappaport Goldberg


Mr. Mark Kessler*

Laura Fisher Korman ’89,


Mr. Hugh Moulton

Mr. Michael J. Mullin

Mr. Gerald Rorer

Mr. John Sheble

Mr. Theodore V. Wood, Jr.

Coronet Club Members

Mr. John Affleck

Joseph Patrick Archie ’77

Joycellen Young Auritt ’71

Mr. Daniel Paracka*

Marianna Harder Peckmann

’60, ’83M*

Audrey Reynolds ’85

Mr. James Rosenberg

Dr. Jean Salwen

Mr. Michael Schluth

Margaret Wright Steele ’80

The Rev. Dr. Calvin

Uzelmeier, Jr.*

Mr. Francis Vitetta

Emily Coxson Zerweck ’52

Tower Club Members

Ms. Eileen Heisman

William Meiers ’93M, ’96M

Mr. Delbert Payne

Mr. Thomas Reilly

Turret Club Members

Linda Vandegrift Gazzillo ’90

Mr. Michael Korolishin

Mr. Garrett Page

Mr. Lowell Thomas

GOLD Club Members

(Graduates Of the Last


Toya Rucker Lawson ’00

Kathleen O’Connor O’Brien


Benefactors are invited to designate their gifts.

As in years past, the vast majority of donors

indicated that they were making unrestricted

gifts. Gifts can also be designated for academic

support, buildings and grounds, library

operations, student scholarships and

student services.

Please note that an asterisk (*) after a donor’s

name indicates that his or her contribution

includes a Corporate Matching Gift.




Thank you to Arcadia University’s loyal alumni for such devoted generosity to

The 2005 Alumni Fund. In recognition of the consistent support of The Alumni

Fund, alumni who have donated to The Alumni Fund for five to nine consecutive

years through June 30, 2005, are highlighted in red; alumni who have donated

ten or more consecutive years through June 30, 2005, are highlighted in red with

a (★) prefacing their names.

Every effort has been made to highlight the names of undergraduate alumni who have

made gifts to The Alumni Fund for five or more consecutive years through June 30, 2005.

If your name has been omitted, please call us at 215-572-2945 so that we may correct

our records.


Gifts: $2,167

Coronet Club Member

Mildred Storch Lininger



Gifts: $7,500

Renaissance Club Member


★Lottie Belle Malone Field


Gifts: $120


Clara Wiles Chesney

Eunice Singer Cohen

Pauline Whitekettle


Gifts: $315

Castle Club Members

★Ann Wright Johnson

Jane Green McNeary



National Chair Parent Chair

Rosemary Deniken Ms. Debbie Arbuckle

Blankley ’57

Faculty Chair Staff Chair

Dr. Barbara Nodine Marie T. Gallagher ’95

Senior Class Challenge Chairs

Bethany O’Brien ’05

Ashley Wiand ’05

The University Advancement Office is benefiting from the conversion to a new database. The process is

still in progress. If you see an error, please call us at 215-572-2945 so that we may correct our records.


Meredith Steelman Hurt

★Dorothy Lippincott Varney


Fund Agent: Lillian

Stringfellow Rankin

Gifts: $4,293

Coronet Club Member

★Elizabeth Dunlap Broshart

Tower Club Member

Laura Mercy Walker


T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

Turret Club Member

★Margaret Lang Post


Evelyn Appleby Beckner

★Katherine Campbell Boyer

★Elynore Willey Brindley

★Mary Taylor Johnson

★Janet Weatherlow Kahne


Lillian Stringfellow Bassett



Gifts: $920

Turret Club Members

★Eleanor McKinnon Emery

★Helene Walder Smith

Castle Club Member

★Beryl Temperton Hudson


★Dorothy Requa Ellen

★Katherine Armstrong


★Katherine Longshore Smith


Gifts: $1,295

Tower Club Member

★Doris Griffith Schiller


★Ella Thompson Atkinson

Harriet Marsh Craig

★Elizabeth Hyde Dermont

★Marjorie Minner Klotz

★Eleanor Kern Richards

Margaret Helmhold Rohn


Fund Agent: Alberta


Gifts: $1,755

Tower Club Member

★Alberta Gladeck

Turret Club Member

★Jane Kepner Jackson

Castle Club Member

Madeline Kraczyk


Carolyn Welch Betts

★June Irving Giffin

★Dorothea Buermann Holden

★Florence Stein Hullfish

★Phoebe Joslin Vernon

★Alice Faust Wilhelm


Fund Agent: Eleanor Teague


Gifts: $2,200

Turret Club Member

★Martha Cormie Evans*

Castle Club Members

★Anne Butler Cornwell

★Eugenia Rothwell Gray


1934 Lillian Stringfellow Bassett


1937 Alberta Gladeck

1938 Eleanor Teague McGlaughlin

1940 Virginia McGinnes Mullinix

1941 W. Anita Schwitters Schroeder

1942 Marjorie Aldrich Bowers

Ruth E. Parker

1943 Virginia Henson Mechling

1944 Elizabeth Hartey Magagna

1947 Jean Stahl Noble

1948 Babette Leyrer Cranston

Nancy Crosson

1949 Marian Wolfinger Burdick

1950 Jane Ann Robinson Carpenter

Paula Sonntag Hahn

1951 Patricia Stevenson


1952 Priscilla French Curry

★Dorothy Hopkin Rhawn

★Virginia Cochran Sanner

★Marguerite Braun Smith

★Marian Hollenbeck Tedmon


★Jane Sprecher Baltzley

★Evelyn Rosenfeld Blumberg

Dorothy Lease Burns

Jenny Wright Cooper

★Rita Gilligan Davis

★Janet Wilson Donahue

★Elizabeth Ryder Eighmey

★Dorothy Farmer Lawley

Frances Shaw Marshall

★Kathleen Folkner McClain

★Eleanor Teague McGlaughlin

★Marjorie Groves Schweitzer

★Mary Cole Shaw

Daisy Plotka Silverman

Alta Larson Skorput

★Edith Pitt Stahl

★Mary Crittenden Weikel


Gifts: $3,277

Tower Club Member

★Virginia Hamilton Lawless

Turret Club Members

★Mildred McConaghy Briggs

★Florence Seifer Hastaba

Castle Club Members

Marguerite Stevens


★Frances Schiesser McConnell

1953 Suzanne Burnison Burrows

1954 Irene Mack Goodsell

Anita Ruff Ott

1955 Elsa-Lu Greenblatt Berkowitz

Anne Cornell Swalm

1956 Patricia Darling Kile

1957 Rosemary Deniken Blankley

1958 Clementine Klein Brodsky

1959 Mary Lou Bratt Mees

1960 Lenore Berman Block

1962 Susan Osman Pascucci

1963 Barbara Belchier Kauffman

1964 Judith Glover Vasile

1965 Judith McCarthy Gielow

1966 Jean Stocker Ingraham

1968 Babette Senker Krug

Suzanne Shippen


1969 Susan Smyth Shenker

On Dec. 2, 2004, the Arcadia community enjoyed hot

chocolate at the Castle, and then watched as spectacular

fireworks filled the night sky. Described as “the best” many

had ever seen, the event celebrated the inauguration of

Dr. Jerry M. Greiner as Arcadia’s 19th president.


Marianna Boyle Bentley

Ruth Denson Cohen

★Margaret Dimuro DePrince

★Marcella Lienhard Gleyre

Jane Henry Goehrig

★Charlotte Harrison Healey

★Anna Hoffman Hibbert

★Jane Sterling Hoste

★Margaret Livingston King

Marion Robertson Kuester

Louise Beischer Lobb

Doris Miller

★Elizabeth Twelves Miller

★Julia Fox Miller-Brune

Ruth Twelves Nevergole

Mary McKim Worrall

1970 Sandra L. McCall

1971 Elsa Larsen Vernon

1972 Jill Goldman Tanney

1973 Marie Duke

Andrea Marrone Mealey

1974 Elizabeth St. John Sykes

1975 Janet St. Amand

1976 Sally Pearson Millier

Lois Weingart Nipon

1980 Georgia K. Crozier

Camille Lucci

1983 Hannah Jacobsohn Anbar

Mary Ellen Schilling


1984 Paula Davis Story

1987 Ann Franklin Smith

1988 Ann R. Miller

1990 Michael Giuliani

1991 Colleen Schorn Corella


Fund Agent: Virginia

McGinnes Mullinix

Gifts: $13,445

Medallion Club Member

Anne Parker Price

Coronet Club Member

★Minetta Gladeck Willis


Tower Club Member

★Marian Garrison

Turret Club Members

★Doris Stewart Fleming

1992 Kerry Ann Costello-Null

1993 Donna Segner Levan

1994 Joseph E. Rodriguez

1995 Mary Deom Bundle

Christine Thomas Hewitt

1996 Letitia Paton Lee

1997 Jennifer Fenstermaker


1998 Nicole Mozzillo Wagner

1999 Jennifer Custer Keller

2000 Tara Jo Stanz

2001 Rosemarie O’Brien LoCascio

2002 Corinne Royer Greskiewicz

2003 Natalie Dobrowolski

Jenna Gavaletz

2004 Jennifer Dassaro

Adrienne DiMino

Charles J. Maschi


T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

★Janet Schmidt

Kathryn McCutcheon Wilson

Castle Club Members

★Doris Grolock Berlinger

Marjorie Lowry Boyer

★Edna Cheyney Hoffman

★Elinor Payne Lawrence

★Betty Wahl Lowry

★Vera Mereschak Pilling

★Jessie Severe Robson

★Phyllis Gerner Steel

★Dorothy Patten Zaiser


★Dorothy Craven Brown

Edith Moore Catry

Hortense Singer Chrisman

★Ruth Corthell Croker

Eleanor Slugg DeYoung

★Kathryn Wisse Dykstra

Ruth Hatch

★Ella Snyder Judge

★Dorothea Dorland Knowles

Anita Jaeger Luckenbill

Florence Lester McNamara

Virginia McGinnes Mullinix

★Patricia Slotter Point


Gertrude Hirsch Pollack

Kathryn Williams Ramsey

Leticia Besosa Ruby

Sophie Bernstein Simels

Dorothy Fairlamb Smith

Mildred Lotz Strehle

Ruth Hill Thomson

Lucille Padmore Wood


Fund Agent: W. Anita

Schwitters Schroeder

Gifts: $4,301

Tower Club Members

Shirley Isacowitz Leviton

W. Anita Schwitters Schroeder

Turret Club Members

★Helen Campbell Ames

★Barbara Frost

★Edna Purvis Nelson


Castle Club Members

Margery Doernberg Bruno

★Patricia McLaughlin May

★Janet Schornstheimer Mungo

★Lois Shoolman Strome


Doris Giles Ahlstrom

★Doris Klink Copeland

★Virginia Sharpless Crosson

Helen McCandless Dey

★Mildred Howell Dyke

Helen Vanvlandren Freerks

Olga Sneberger Gardner

Hedwig Kearney Herzog

★Martha Kravec*

Margaret Lutz Lindsey

★Madge Kimble Marter

★Eleanor Price Mutchler

★Virginia Fager Nedrow

Elizabeth Crock Rodgers

★Helen Snyder Smith

★Gladys Jones Webster

★Harriet Rosenbaum Wendell

★Phyllis Swan Wertime


Fund Agents: Marjorie

Aldrich Bowers, Ruth


Gifts: $8,328

Tower Club Members

★Ruth Atkinson Cromie

★Shirley Seidenman Hess

★Ruth Parker

Shirley Prell Rubin

Turret Club Members

★Marjorie Aldrich Bowers

★Dorothy Kistler Erskine

★Bernice Wenzel Jeffrey

★Elizabeth Griffin Williston

Castle Club Members

★Jean Stewart Clutsam

★Muriel Hoskin Hallett*

M. Peggy Eckstein Lemle

★Anita Reinecke Phoenix

★Elizabeth Chapman Singer

★Martha Skoog

Elaine Penn Werby


C. Ellen Hodges Adey

Frances Lewis Adler

Dorothy Calcagno Caten

★Dorothy Kulp Edwards

★Grace Lotz Fritz

★Elizabeth Guernsey Heckbert

Jane Hooper Jansson

★Arlene Parker Kirk

Jean Weisert Menninghaus

Virginia Hartzell Rees

Helen Durbin Shearer

★May Robinson Stephens

★Josephine Schmidt Walton

Bernadine Finnerty Warner

★Helen Kranzley Welch

★Ruth Bell Wolfrom


Fund Agent: Virginia

Henson Mechling

Gifts: $3,860

Tower Club Member

Gertrude Brooks Hankin

Turret Club Members

★Mary Drexler Clarke

★Fannie Rockefeller Gabriel

★Blanche Carson Smith

Castle Club Members

★Moselle Butterworth Beatty

★Mary Berlin Benjamin

★M. Camille Houck

Cherry Magner Lefferts

Virginia Henson Mechling

★Betty Wall Mosley

★Vivienne Winters Norton

★Elizabeth Diament Turner


★Janet Stringfield Biddle

Irene Golden Dash

Mary Elliott Dearnley


Arcadia gave Jennifer Vessells, a painter, the best of both worlds.

“By choosing Arcadia, I was able to get a liberal education as well

as study abroad to experience what life was like at an art school.”

Her semester at Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia,

gave Vessells the opportunity to immerse herself in her painting and

in another culture. She returned eager to tell others about Arcadia.

The opportunity for students in every major to study abroad is part of what

makes Arcadia unique. The chance to be an Orientation Leader, a Senator

in Student Government, a member of the Student Programming Board,

and more adds value to Vessells’ University experience.

Now Vessells is a tour guide, and she has found that giving back to Arcadia takes

many forms. Students like Vessells, a junior, help attract the next class of high-caliber

freshmen. “I want to make a positive impact on people who are interested in attending

Arcadia,” she says.

Sending students into the world

T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

★Elizabeth Smashey DeLussa

Gloria Sgritta Fraser

★Deena Rose Hollander

Ardala Cozine Jones

★Vivian Kitchell

Jane MacFarland Moore

Janet Cooper Phillips

★Marjorie Williams Purcell

★Winifred Allen Reuschle

Georgetta Weaver Shipper

Katherine Schmutzler Tucker


Fund Agent: Betty Hartey


Gifts: $5,135

Tower Club Members

★Betty Hartey Magagna

Marian Sonntag McDougal

Turret Club Members

★Anna Hueber Geiger

★Winnifred MacKay Morrow

★Dorothy Carlson Sullivan

Castle Club Members

★Jane Sones Bingham*

★Ann Fields

Joan Carpenter McElhinney

★Vivian DeLand Moore

★Maryanne Woodard Pavloff


Emily Anne MacDonald


★Pearl Vare Beck

★Shirley Glover Conrad

★Sylvia Ellis

★Mildred Stella Esposito

★Agnes Kravec Grote*

★Phyllis Warner Haase

Mary Comly Hopkinson

★Emma LaRue Ladd

★Miriam Howard McGonegal

★Dorothy Hardy Seymour

★Betty Heyl Taylor

★Beatrice Refsnyder Wolynec


Gifts: $2,690

Turret Club Members

Catherine Miller Levering

★Phyllis Maisel McCoy*

Castle Club Members

Jean MacAulay Clymer

Jean Kilpatrick Coleman

★Elizabeth Tanis Copelan

Mary Bonin Evans

★Lillian Wright Hunter

Helen Liacouras Lambros

Janice Biro Loeffler

Barbara Lowe

Emilie Walker Oppenheim


★Virginia Drew Bell

Ceres Rogokos Chriss

★Mary Louise Welchons Elliott

Eleanor Prell Haubenstock

Elizabeth Ingling Howell

Joyce Levine Jacobson

Jeanne Fox Lerner

★Claire Hawk Miers

Harriet Blaskey Moscow

★Shirley Richards Peake

★Flora Ewart Raunborg

Louise Van Tries Scott

★Carolyn Bernheim Siegel

★Lois Jackson Smith

M. Helene Scheid Smith

★Betty Weiner Waxenberg

Betsy Owens Widirstky


Gifts: $14,617

Medallion Club Member

Bernice Jacobs Raab

Coronet Club Members

Ruth Groves Chaney

Jacqueline Shaner Latimer

Turret Club Member

★Cordelia Trethaway Bergman

Castle Club Members

★Alice France Bowditch

★Joy Woronock Gottlieb

Betty Redfern Hayes

★Ruth Swartley Maxson

Evelynne Coleman McKee

Elenore Pepper

★Dorothy Germain Porter

Selma Weiner Rudolph

Norma Dietz Tarlow


★Carolyn Doernbach Barney

★Betsey Smith Bates

Carol Linder Crane

Shirley Umansky Ehrlich

Ruth Richards Eichhorn

★Nancy Gubb Frederick

Shirley Orlowitz Gross

Grace Hartmann

★Joan Thomas Martin

Jean Bump Panek

★Barbara Deverell Powell

★Betty Morgan Rush

★Barbara Ellis Simpson

Natalie Scholz Templeton

Jane Scott Wacker


Fund Agent: Jean Stahl


Gifts: $3,270

Tower Club Member

★Margaret Fassett Luedecke

Turret Club Members

★Jean Stahl Noble

★Margaret Smith Ross

Suzanne Fischer Straub*

★Artemis Lychos Weiss


Castle Club Members

★Marilyn Yost Burhoe

Leah Cartun Mazer

★Charlotte Compton Spencer

★Muriel Schiffrin Steinberg


★Betty Rothenberger Beifuss

Gertrude Silberman


★Bette Coffman Brown

Adrienne Thomas


★Margaretha Buermann Eick

Charlotte Halprin Greene

★Mary Bossard Kuehm

Carolyn Carlin Paige

Eloise Macdonald Thomas


Fund Agents: Babette

Leyrer Cranston, Nancy


Gifts: $5,360

Tower Club Members

★Babette Leyrer Cranston

★Jane Locker Sproat

Turret Club Members

★Irene Kraft Cetta

★Nancy Crosson

★Jane Skinner Haines

★Marjorie Welde Parsons

Helen Adam Stone

Castle Club Members

Eileen DeVries Brunner

★Margaret Bliss Conaway

★Joan Edwards Freemantle

★Betty Neiditz Goldberg

★Emily Johnson McLaughlin

★Frances Wallace Nisenbaum

★Shirley Kern Streeter

Melanie Chavana Trilling


Shirley Bullock Adams

★Lucille Kraske Connell




The following classes are to be honored for exceptional

performance during the 2005 Annual Fund drive.




Rosemary Deniken Blankley, Fund Agent




Elsa Larsen Vernon, Fund Agent





Elsa-Lu Greenblatt Berkowitz, Anne Cornell Swalm,

Fund Agents





Jennifer Dassaro, Adrienne DiMino, Charles Maschi,

Fund Agents

The Bette E. Landman Plate is presented at Reunion

and honors the Reunion class with the largest gift to

The Alumni Fund. Barbara Danziger and Anna Laura

Thompson accepted the Plate on behalf of the Class of

1950 from Rosemary Deniken Blankley ’57, National

Chair of the Annual Fund, joined by President Greiner.

The Ethlyn Selner Mack Bowl is given each year at

Reunion to honor the Reunion class with the highest

percentage of participation in The Alumni Fund.

In June, the Bowl was awarded to the Class of 1955

and accepted by Fund Agents Elsa-Lu Greenblatt Berkowitz

and Anne Cornell Swalm on behalf of their class.




Carrie Allgeier Cardillo ’96

As she talks them through their eye exams, Dr. Cardillo’s patients would

never realize that she was once a soft-spoken science major. “Arcadia did a lot for

me in terms of character-building,” says Carrie Allgeier Cardillo ’96. “It helps me

in my job every day.”

She realized when she was choosing a college that she didn’t want professors

who knew her “just as a number. That was part of the reason I chose Arcadia

University,” she says. “I was shy in high school, but I forced myself to be more

outgoing” by becoming an Orientation leader and working with the Student

Alumni Association. The Arcadia environment made it easy for her to get to

know people. “You could talk to (then) President Landman or another student,

and everybody was friends forever.”

Dr. Cardillo earned her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Science, which was “a big

jumpstart” for the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. The undergraduate

science program was tough, she says, but “the first year of optometry school

was mostly a repeat of what I’d already learned.” She currently practices in offices

in Stroudsburg and Allentown.

Dr. Cardillo gives each year to the Annual Fund to help other students enjoy the

same benefits of an Arcadia education. “I know what things were like when I went

there, and I want to make sure today’s students can have the same experience.”

She’s hoping to relive a little of that college comradeship at this year’s Reunion

2006, where she and her classmates will mark their 10th anniversary. She also will

celebrate her first wedding anniversary

with her husband, Rob, this spring.

★Marion Murray Dentzel

★Eileen Drexler Dillon

★Helene Samuels Elfman

★Margaret Ingling Godfrey

★Elizabeth Bart Gorczyca

★Betty Green Jennings

★Margaret Crossfield Kolmar

Marjorie Smith Livingston

Thelma Wyckoff McNulty

Betty DeCoursey Melson

★Elizabeth Waterer Miller

Margaret Swart Neal

Charlotte Geis Neslie

Josephine Jacobs Shear

★Martha Rasmussen Speidel

Karin Hansen Storer

★Vera Coombs Tressler

★Ruth Yearsley Williams

Shirley Wilson

Bobetta Sidlow Yeiter


Fund Agent: Marian

Wolfinger Burdick

Gifts: $3,240

Coronet Club Member

★Annette Schaffer Eskind

Turret Club Member

★Emily Heizer Hall

Castle Club Members

★Elizabeth Hunter Briner

Marian Wolfinger Burdick

★Carolyn Edgecombe Deming

★Evelyn Evosovic

★Frances Kochel Frezeman

Joan Robinson Laughlin

★Effie Roebas Liacouras

Dorothy Read

★Doris Pratt Roberts

★Virginia Freeman Wearn


Marilyn Nicholson


★Anne Heaps Bailey

★Marilyn Wielandt Ballard

★Barbara Bergen

★Beverly Randolph Blackway

★Beverly Tucker Bowen

★Joan Jolliffe Brooks

★Doris Dearment Geduldig

Rena Greenhouse Golub

★Betty Heavener Hottenstein

Jean Riker Huck

Lorrain Levine Kaplan

★Phoebe Bent Lemmon

★Vera Goldberg Lough

Marilyn Bernstein Pariser

Edith Hagenbucher


Margaret Bristol Shemet

★Jane Opdyke Tilberg

★Margaret Sprinkle Yearsley


Fund Agents: Jane Ann

Robinson Carpenter,

Paula Sonntag Hahn

Gifts: $13,605

Coronet Club Members

★Jean Grebenstein Christie

Rita Rosenfeld Stein

Tower Club Members

Phyllis Kline Heller

★Elizabeth Dickinson Klopp

Mary Jane Patch

Turret Club Members

Jane Ann Robinson


★Else Holm Froberg

★Dorothy Kenyon Gamble

★Paula Sonntag Hahn

★F. Rosalie Van Dyke Morris

★Peggy Ann Morris

★Anna Laura Neidert


★Mary Fisher Wadsworth

Castle Club Members

★Joan Anderton Ash

★Shirley Peters Barrett

★Ann Schroter Bechtel*

★Barbara Gilpin Beddall

★Barbara Tuft Boguslaw

★Irene Strong Graham

★Alberta Hamscher Lindsay

★Joan Marseille Lutz

Mollie Illingworth Luxton

Sheryl Toth Noorland

★Anna Jones Owens

Doris Pennington

★Barbara Hinchcliffe Russell

Judith Soper Salm

★Dorothy McCurdy Terranova

★Anastasia Mallis Ververelli

★Mary Morris Zeffert


★Janet Abell Baker

★Audrey Smith Baumann

Barbara Joyce Baur

Joan Greenstone Canter

Marion Faucett Cantwell

Joy Freas Coleman

★Barbara Bronson Danziger

Jane Willis Doughman

Barbara Klein Fraser

★Gertrude Cohen Gilman

★Barbara Gray Godown

Ottilie Knauer Griesemer

★Alice Halpine

★Paula Drake Hodgdon

T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

★Elizabeth Stevenson Hogg

★Christine Hopkins

★Norma Perkins Kent

★Patricia Chritzman Klepser

★Phyllis Konvalinka Langdon

Kathleen Faggan Lyons

★Arlene Maisel

★Lois Greenstone Pontell

★Edna Scott

★Marjorie Eisenberger Smith

★Jeanne Bertolet Steinruck

★Marilyn Collins Stewart

Jane Hellyer Vasile


Fund Agent: Patricia

Stevenson Rittenhouse

Gifts: $6,851

Coronet Club Member

★Janet Bullock Perper

Tower Club Member

★Helene Fox Tobias

Turret Club Members

★Jean Breisch Alderfer

★Shirley Musson Brower

★Patricia Stevenson


★Sibyl Carol Remington


Castle Club Members

★Betty Jean Alevizatos

Sarah Hersh Dowlin*

★Virginia Fulmer Haist

Virginia Ahern Hendrickson

Doris Krentel Leonard

★Alice Birk Ross

Janet Galloway Woolley


Suzanne Engle Brandau

★Gloria Meyer Calise

★Catherine Kilpatrick


★Sylvia Armon Criden-


★Philippa Earley

Joan Morse Feldman

★Caryl Ulmer Fulton

★Martha Sealey Gansz

Iris Yeager Gorin

★Helen Anger Heitkamp

★Natalie Gumport Holtzman

★Dorothy Johnston Hoppe

Catherine Razbornik Keiser

Joan Berthiaume Killion

★Lucille Hudsco Lambert

★Janet Nief Law

★Betty Tomlinson Lebegern

★Mildred Knepperges


★Diane Deane Myers

Ann Glasgow Peterson

Rhoda Paris Portin

★Marilyn Johnson Reilley

Anita Rohlfs Roberts

Vivian Berchtold Schroeder

★Carolyn Buchanan Schubert

Carolyn Williams Skidmore

Jacqueline Jackson Swenson

Dolores Schockey Thomas

★Myrna Tomys Tucker

★Eleanor Bobik Vannoy

★Betty Jakob Venable

★Barbara MacWilliams


Phyllis Haig West

Aiko Miyake Westley

★Doris Parsons White

Jane Mac Pherson Wooten

★Judith Johnson Wymer

Joan Stockwell Zerr


Fund Agent: Priscilla

French Curry

Gifts: $9,555

Coronet Club Members

★Annabel Flesher Lindy

★Emily Coxson Zerweck

Tower Club Members

★Barbara Jones Earle

★Jo Ann Lissfelt Nassutti

Turret Club Members

★Eleanor Cook

★Priscilla French Curry

★Lucille LaMorgese Downs

Castle Club Members

Marcia Rodman Corwin

Jean Starr Cowdery

Frances Bauer Mitchell*

★Lillian Howarth Pagano

Veda Lane Richardson

★Phyllis Saxton Weikart


Betty Conner Aasby

Joan Davison Beard

★Nancy Brown DuVall

★Charlotte Ford

Patricia Jackson Foy

Margaret Funk

★Barbara Stuart Greenwood

★Marion Stiles Hemphill

Jean Quig Henzey

★June Hirsch Jones

★Marjorie Updegrove Kaskey

★Dorothy Reisgen Marshall

★Cynthia McKelvy Mattson

Lois Bennett Parker

★Joyce Waldman Perry

Phyllis Altman Pierce

★Joan Heil Prall

Paula Pierce Rodrigo

★Dorothy Beckman Rothschild

★Beatrice Koffman Ruiz

Muriel Downing Silvia

★Nancy Kifner Snyder

★Margaret Bonesteel Soland

★Irma Geiger Stephenson

Stella Tai Tsang

★Barbara McKay Ullstein

★Janet Morris Weber


Fund Agent: Suzanne

Burnison Burrows

Gifts: $19,514

Medallion Club Members

★K. Dianne Thompson


★Beverly Rappaport Goldberg

Tower Club Members

Joan Levy Bachman

★Rebecca Frantz Brooks

★Suzanne Burnison Burrows

★Mary Kern Sabia

Turret Club Members

★Doris Dodd Eyman

★Barbara Hart Gordon

★Judy Deane Newlin

★Barbara Peterson Rockel

★Megan Helffrich Steinmetz

★Rosemary Steunenberg-


Castle Club Members

Joan Zandonella Assetto

★Nathalie Silverman Einhorn

★Beverly Gifford Gottschalk

★Patricia Martin Kafoglis

Beverly Rainer Magill

★Cynthia Richter

★Barbara Hansel Roberts

★Marion Boise Seesselberg

Anita Klein Straussberg

Lydia Doody Waterhouse


Mary Louise Ogden Barbose

★Emilie Grootendorst Barry

★Priscilla Miller Baugh

Marilyn Neuburger


Mary Hill Czyzycki

Marjorie Dundore Dennis

★Shirley Davison Disler

Elaine Whiteman Doolittle

★Elizabeth Schneider Elliott

★Barbara Langdon Hart

★Kathryn Hibbs

★Ida Hickman

University President Jerry Greiner, along with Arthur “Ozzie”

Berger ’91, President of the Alumni Association, and Karen

Rossi Brager ’91, Vice President of the Alumni Association,

announce the Annual Fund Reunion Awards at the Reunion

Carnival in June.

★Patricia Jaynes Hobson

Barbara Wheeler Hoke

Elfriede Koenig Holmes

★Jean Hyatt Howley*

★Shirley Nielsen Koenig

★Mary Ann Wylie Komar

★Joan Morris Kurtzman

★Barbara Finigan Laird

★Betty King Manuel

Almira Scott Mauger

★Ruth Winterling Moore

Dorothy Cella Nalbone

★Carolyn Miller Neunzig

Eleanor Irwin Owens

★Claire Everding Peterman

★Vivien Smith Rutz

Dorothy Saffier

★Charlotte Bernstein Stein

★Pamela Gross Wilder

★Shirley Gubb Youll


Fund Agents: Irene Mack

Goodsell, Anita Ruff Ott

Gifts: $19,776

Medallion Club Members

★Marilyn Sunners Cranin

★Carol Ann Wrigley Young

Coronet Club Member

★Eleanor Workman

Tower Club Members

★Francine Cohen Hornstein

★Marjorie Sisson Lloyd*

★Jean Nazzaro Ware

Turret Club Members

Jane Smalley Eick

★Miriam Stybel Grossmann

★Helen Dodge Lefor

★Elizabeth McCann Lundquist

★Nancy Werber

Castle Club Members

★Mary Alice Weighell Beck

★Irene Mack Goodsell

★Ruth Weber High

Joanne Aylsworth Kean

★Diane Waxler Millen

Carol Rudolf Nelson

★Joanne Casselberry Romano


★Mary Sturgeon Banvard

Carolyn Manzelman Brown

★Norma Golder Brunswick

★Sally Felton Butterworth

Mary Mange Dumont

★Mary Ann Reale Foy

Joyce Hoffman Freuden

Morita Field Greist

Barbara Buckey Grimes

Bertha Goldberg Hoffman

★Adelle Bovenkerk Hoh


T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5







rcadia University opens the door to a new

giving society this year by inviting all alumni to join,

but membership soon will become limited to the

University’s most loyal alumni—those who give every

year. The Knight Society is a new donor recognition

society honoring alumni who give a gift, of any size,

to the University every year.

Any alumna/us making a gift to the 2006

Annual Fund automatically becomes a member

of the Knight Society of loyal giving. Those who

continue to make a donation—large or small—to

the Annual Fund each year will remain members

of the Knight Society.

“We already have a cadre of alumni who have

given every year since graduation, and they are

recognized as our Knight Society Charter Members,”

said Vice President for University Advancement Jay

Vogel. “Recognizing that this concept is brand new,

and in an effort to allow all current alumni the

opportunity to join this new Society, we are wiping

the slate clean. Any alumna/us who gives a gift to

the 2006 Annual Fund becomes a member of the

inaugural class of the Knight Society.”

Knight Society Charter Members are those

alumni who have given a gift to the University every

year since 1985 (the year the University began

electronic record-keeping) or every year since graduation,

for those who graduated during or after 1985.

To make a gift to

the Arcadia University

2006 Annual Fund

and begin your

membership in the

Knight Society, please

use the postage-paid

return envelope

enclosed with this

issue of the Herald.

The benefits

of Knight Society

membership start with

a thank-you magnet

and a brochure about

the Society. An event

solely for Knight

Society members is

being planned.

“When others see

just how many of our

alumni already give

every year, it will be a great way to encourage our

new alumni to start a tradition of giving when they

graduate and a wonderful opportunity to honor the

University’s most loyal alumni,” says Vogel. The Knight

Society was created in conjunction with President Jerry

Greiner and the University Advancement Committee

of the Board of Trustees.

Loretta Parker Liljestrand

★Paula Berrino Livingston

Beverly Darling McLean

★Margaret Jackson Metz

Jane Workman Nelson


★Anita Ruff Ott*

Eileen Yusem Rosenau

Ruth Wirth Sauter

★Florence Shafer Soars

Margaret Johnson Sutor

★Phyllis Shoobridge Warnock


Fund Agents: Elsa-Lu

Greenblatt Berkowitz,

Anne Cornell Swalm

Gifts: $12,577

Medallion Club Member

★Emmalane Ewing

Tower Club Member

★Elsa-Lu Greenblatt Berkowitz

Turret Club Members

★Janet Murray Albright

★Joan Peppelman Clougherty

Rita Pawlikowski Harvey

★Leah Marie Kresge

★Roberta Beyer Loukas

Ann Lockridge Mower

★Amy Levy Rogovin

★Joan Mower Taylor

Castle Club Members

★Joan Christopher Aliotta

Alice Vaitl Boyer

★Patricia Israel Croner

★Marlene Lochner Emerich

Metta Roussalis Martin

Ruth Leuchten Pfluger

Maria Klitzke Pietchke

★Winifred Wesner Purrington

★Dolores Russo Smiley

★Corinne Devries Smith

Ellen Katz Steingold

★Anne Cornell Swalm

★Dianne Howard Vaughan

Martha Cole Manley Wood


★Constance Jenny Anderson

★Sarah Swick Becker

June Bohannon-Powell

★Barbara Briggs Butler

Marilyn Moore Cedrati

★Phyllis Smerke Croke

★Helen Lesser Denison

Jacqueline Phillips Finster

★Suzi Ketz Foster

★Roma Gizang Green

★Barbara James Jordan

★Shirley Kiefer

★Joelene Jones Lanterman

★Barbara Mancini

★Maryrae Duffy Schiller

★Ruth Kolb Smith

★Ruth Anderson Trimble

Kathryn Harris Wurst


Fund Agent: Patricia

Darling Kile

Gifts: $13,781

Coronet Club Members

★Elinor Louise Towell


★Audrey-Gene Dubow


Tower Club Member

★Ruth Denker Campopiano

Turret Club Members

★Harriet Horner Swoyer


★Catherine Gunsalus Gonzalez

Miriam Becker Good

★Patricia Darling Kile

★Joan Roth Pierce

Castle Club Members

Rhea Hollis Atwood

Joan Cranmer Beren

Judith Gilbert Fields

★Virginia MacQueen Ford

★Joan Haly Glazier

★Sarah Smith Heylmun

★Eileen Meaney Higgins*

★Barbara Daugherty Jenkins

★Dorothy Aronson Kardon

★Susan Rhodes Sommers

★Barbara Zoubek Surmonte

★Eleonora Hegedus Sztaray

Joan Sweiger Toth


★Janet Carslake Aaronson

Annette Younger Adams

Elaine Reisman Barrist

Ann Riker Baum

★Nancy Shields Benninghoff

Sandra Cohen Bloch

Patricia Boyd

Patricia Christopher Dunion

Susanne Doehler Filmer

Patricia Sporkin Fine

★Beverly Bassett Franklin

★Mary Louise Adams Gaudian

★Althea Trutner Gerrard

★Betty DeBow Hayman

★Leona Kass Hilton

Joan Pointin Kay

★Marlene Dieterichs Lesher

★Barbara Bopp Newbauer

★Mantana Kresge Pratt

★Barbara Martell Rutan

Barbara Dean Schuler

Jane Choy Tai

Lily Tai

Sue McGough Veal

Sue Stringer Vehslage

Ellen Halstead Wood


Fund Agent: Rosemary

Deniken Blankley

Gifts: $59,616

Renaissance Club Members

$25,000 and above

★Rosemary Deniken Blankley

Eugenia Lenox West

Coronet Club Members

★Beatrice Carpenter


★Elaine Schermerhorn Dennis

Tower Club Members

★Judith Hubbs Bean

★Helen Brylawski Kelso

Turret Club Members

★Jean Stout Fletcher

★Norma Faust Mailhot

★Shirley Radcliff Momiyama

★Edith Hall Neal

★Freda Friz Schopfer

Lois MacElroy Wells

★Susan Pippin Willetts

Castle Club Members

★Emma Jane Murphy Burns

★Martha Berglund Curtiss

Audrey Jukofsky Friedman

★Jean Bankson Hearst

★Elaine Kratz Karr

Arleeta Olsen Karwoski

★Betty Tate Kirwan

★Betty Siebener Kleman

★Julia Sturgeon Martin*

★Janice Williams O’Connell

Lois Brands Orr

★Anne Lewis Passmore

★Barbara Brown Pinchuk

Alumni who have donated

five to nine consecutive years

are highlighted in red.

Alumni who have donated

10 or more consecutive years

are highlighted in red with

a (★) prefacing their names.

An asterisk (* ) after a donor’s

name indicates that his or

her contribution includes a

Corporate Matching Gift.

T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5



Class Total Fund Agent

1957 $59,616 Rosemary Deniken Blankley

1977 $42,677

1971 $27,795 Elsa Larsen Vernon

1968 $25,851 Babette Senker Krug

Suzanne Shippen Zimmermann

1954 $19,776 Irene Mack Goodsell

Anita Ruff Ott

1953 $19,514 Suzanne Burnison Burrows

1946 $14,617

1956 $13,781 Patricia Darling Kile

1959 $13,617 Mary Lou Bratt Mees

1950 $13,605 Jane Ann Robinson Carpenter

Paula Sonntag Hahn

★Francesca Maresca Piper

★Nancy Juppenlatz Schuck

★Dorothy Hancock Williams

★Nancy Walters Young


Gloria Muschiatti Asterino

★Carolyn Faitoute Barrett

★Lois Blume Binder

★Lois Brown

Dorothy Chapman Carney

Patricia Linden Carthage*

★Barbara Gordon Cooke

Eleanore Perrine Cox

★Judith Sigler Cromwell

Sandra Meixel Croot

★Barbara Bivin Dillon

Kathleen Isaacs Donovan

★Hester Koota Donziger

Barbara Stotz Drake

★Sandra Press Frank

Mary Avakian Freericks

Nancy Williams Galluccio

Bernice Markin Garber

Virginia Walker Gattone

Joanne Stoneback Graves

Marcia Clist Hardy

★Diane Barry Heavens

★Renee Paulmier Hepburn

Phyllis Blumenfeld Hoffman

Cassandra Helder Hollifield

Verna Banks Johnson

★Carol Grandy Kunzmann

★Doris Markovitz Leof

★Alice Blair Mahan

Corinne Brunner Malsbury

Barbara Householder


Patricia Dart Milford

Virginia Furman Morse

Darilyn Paulus Moss

Kay Brennan Niklaus

Barbara Bateman Patrick

Irene Moore Pedrick

Mary Tippett Peters

Arlene Soressi Pietrocola

★Penelope Zack Riggs

★Joy Daubert Rittersbacher

★Minou Ahmad Sartip

Deborah Fisher Arden Stern

★Phyllis Lazarus Tocker

Gail Leonard Williams


Fund Agent: Clementine

Klein Brodsky

Gifts: $11,665

Tower Club Members

★Marcia May Hummers

Morgiana Suk-King Lau Kan

★Grace Warrington Lowe

Barbara Nitterauer Watt

Turret Club Members

★Clementine Klein Brodsky

★Shirley Renninger Cressman

★Lois Montelius Dodge

★Judie Sann Grenen

★Joan Ottaway Gurniak

★Joan Spencer Keogh

★Barbara Heylmun Longstreth

★Berminna White Solem

★Christine Nordstrom


★Carol Schoch Vorosmarti

Castle Club Members

★Nancy Heil Almer

★Patricia Bothwell Beatty

Carol Shafer Callahan

Mary Persohn Cheever

Elizabeth Solliday Courtney

★Gweneth Brown Curley

Kathleen Kavanagh Evans

Judith Knedeisen Keenan

Becky Winn King

Anne Hinkle Lewis

★Patricia Fletcher Lyford

Gertrude Ramsey Malloy

★Judith McMoran

Barbara Ficken Olsen

★Marilyn Boyce Parkinson

★Barbara Jones Sibley

Norma Kovacs Thornton

Elaine Kauffman Wynosky


★Susan Richman Allen

★Ina Levine Block

Nancy Burnett Carr

Virginia Van Rees Christy

Elizabeth Schwacke Cole

Gloria Whitehead Currie

Ann Gregory DeLaurentis

Joann Mintz Faust

★Marcia Merdinger Fox

Sarah Swallen Fitch Gerdes

★Barbara Dilling Kaplan

★Judith Tilton Nellen


Bedside manner won’t be any problem for Julia “Jaa” Dyer, a health

administration major who plans to go to the University of Medicine and

Dentistry of New Jersey after she graduates from Arcadia this year.

Eventually, Dyer plans to open her own medical practice. She became

a Resident Assistant her sophomore year because she enjoyed mentoring

and helping her peers, an activity she started in high school. “I enjoy

helping people as they go through different developmental stages, just

being there to hold their hand,” says the senior, who now oversees the

first and second floors of West Heinz Hall.

Dyer has been a Freshman Peer Mentor and a Diversity

Mentor. She’s been president of the Sisters of Support (SOS), a discussion group

for black women, for three years. And she is the student coordinator for Storytellers,

a campuswide dialogue series about multicultural issues.

Dyer may talk softly, but she also carries a big stick as captain of the Arcadia

lacrosse team. A defender, she was named to PAC’s All Sportsmanship Team in

spring 2005.

Sending students into the world


T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

★Marilyn Ravitt Ross

Alice Irons Ryman

Virginia Davidson Stone

Dwaine Fry Sutherland

★Barbara Jacobson Thayer

Jessie Mulford Weeks

★Beth Mellott Wells

Patricia Belles Wilber

Charlotte Gehlhaus


★Katharine Lanning Winters


Fund Agent: Mary Lou

Bratt Mees

Gifts: $13,617

Coronet Club Members

★Lolita Jaeger Lindstrom

★Mary Lou Bratt Mees

★Gail Fowler Middleton

Turret Club Members

★Nancy Clayton Burroughs

★Jeannette Fong Ching

★Suzanne Thomas Culviner*

★Lillie Ludman

★Kathleen Ostermann

Castle Club Members

★Julia Craig Baldwin

★Ruth Ann Basmajian

★Barbara Brindley Cramer

Diane Hirsch Drutt

★Faith Snedeker Duncan

★Deborah Gable

★Jane Lewis Grove*

★Joanne Formica Isacson

Jane Kroner

Leslie Mann Landau

Carolyn Gailey Lingenfelter

★Carolyn Bechtoldt Michael

★Betsey Walker Salberg

Shirley Canning Scatcherd

★Janice Scheetz

Faye Senneca

★Ruth Huss Sumner


Sally Shake Anthony

Barbara Savage Bartges

★Jane Amend Berghaus

Marjorie Lowe Clark

Marlynne Masters Clothier

★Patricia Thompson Corliss

Margaret McIlhatton Endriss

Renee Isaacs Glickman

★Barbara Westfall Gordon

Dorece Hann Harsh

★Gretchen Boughner Horn

Joanne Johnson Hunter

Alicia Schmidt Klapp

★Lois Osko Lang

★Eleanor Lueders

Jean King Masotti

★Doris Anderson Mather

★Cynthia Douglass Mitchell

★Marcia Monashkin


Mary Pickell Nelson

Sally Kay Oberholtzer

Laura Geismar Parker

Ann Schwentker Phillips

★Shirley Downs Quinn

Faith Downs Roberts

Phyllis Goldberg Rubin

Frances Goecker Spaulding

★Barbara Dreher Sterner

Edith Haines Sumner

★Frances White Voegtlin*

Janice Eckert Walker

★Marcia Bihari Weston

Barbara Ulmer Zimmerman


Fund Agent: Lenore

Berman Block

Gifts: $11,750

Coronet Club Members

★Marianna Harder


★Elizabeth Holton Weiss

Tower Club Members

Jane Annan Allen

Lee Marcy Barth

Judith Bishop*

★Kathleen Mooney Vollmer

Turret Club Members

★Nancy Graham Biehl

Judith Berson Goldberg

Nora Lauris Laucks

★Jean Killam Trumbore

Castle Club Members

★Lenore Berman Block

Barbara Steffa Clayton

Ann Hodum Driscoll

Lois Graham Hierdahl

Marcia Rulon Hubbell

Judith Jackson

Kathleen Loos Lanigan

Vivian Le Sota

★Margaret McCurdy Metz

Marcella Broderick Orski

Gail Lubets Schwartz

★Barbara Wallace Theiss*

Nancy Sagert Warmington


★Ilene Gartenberg Blitzer

★Sara Michelson Bloom

Rachel Smith Brandt

★Julie Snyder Craig

Ann Dod Edwards

★Carol Magdalene Elkins

Suzanne Hornberger Essley

★Joan Eddleman Finerty

Barbara Searing Gilanyi

★Grace Clinchy Gluck

Janis Hawes

Beatrice Jacobsen Herron

★Laura Lapin Hunter

Marlene Zigman Kunin

★Beatrice Birch Leuffen

Conchita Del Busto MacPhee

Margaret McCloud

★Ethel Bowditch Miller

Marjorie Engelhard Moody

★Jane Fiedler Niedzwiecki

★Karen Horlacher Ohlman

Irene Gerber Oslick

Catherine Roy

Anne Carpenter Stanhope

Susan Hallock Swezey

★Sandra Kern Werft

★Judith Magrone Whalen

★Joan Wood

Virginia Parsons Wostmann



Class Total Fund Agent

1955 75% Elsa-Lu Greenblatt Berkowitz

Anne Cornell Swalm

1957 73% Rosemary Deniken Blankley

1956 64% Patricia Darling Kile

1954 62% Irene Mack Goodsell

Anita Ruff Ott

1958 61% Clementine Klein Brodsky

1959 60% Mary Lou Bratt Mees

1965 57% Judith McCarthy Gielow

1950 56% Jane Ann Robinson Carpenter

Paula Sonntag Hahn

1961 56%

1953 55% Suzanne Burnison Burrows

Arcadia’s Empty Bowl Dinner 2004 raised over $7,000, a

record amount, and collected 21 boxes of nonperishable food

items. The proceeds from this hunger awareness event were

distributed to the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Northwest

Philadelphia and Heifer Project International, a worldwide

relief agency that provides farm animals for families in

developing countries. The bowls were made primarily by

Arcadia Fine Arts students, and the soups, breads and desserts

were donated by local restaurants, businesses and individuals.

The food was served by Aramark, managers of Arcadia’s

Dining Complex.


Gifts: $5,620

Turret Club Members

Ann Iddings Phillips Bay

Sandra Long Cleveland

Karin Johnson Close

★Ann Simonin Grebe

Castle Club Members

★Karen Moore Alterman

★Georgine Hensel Baranski

★N. Judith Snyder Broudy

★Elaine Lemmerz Brown

★Joyce Gallup Chapman

Trudi Kampschulte Dial

★Margaret Wirth Diemer

★Julie Feldt

★Sandra Dym First

★Eva Oehrle Fronk

Nancy Sanford McFadden

★Anne Willis Newman

★Judith Van Meter Peden

★Lyanne Lindo Wassermann

★Sarah Willard Winter*


Carolyn Baldwin Armstrong

Alice O’Reilly Bagshaw

Joan Ruttenberg Becker

Ressa Robin Benen

Norma Weiss Brodsky

Judith Hubbard Colwell

★Betsy Coulson Conrad

★Rebecca Gallagher DeMuth

★Suzanne Decker Fenimore

Margaret Cottrell Gamwell

Barbara Friedman Goldstein

★Marilyn Grassino

Patricia Biddiscomb Harris

★Beverly Blauvelt Hertler

Joan Morrison Jewett

★Ingeborg Langer

Barbara Zink Meyer

Rebecca Becker Miller

★Mary Louise Nicodemus

Joan High Putney

★Katherine Dreyer Roberts

★Joan Bell Rogers

Rosemarri Sheer Roth

Marjorie Kester Smith

★Peggy Clark Walker

Janet Bockrath Westerman


Fund Agent: Susan Osman


Gifts: $9,380

Coronet Club Members

★Eugenia Mihalakis Kaludis

Patricia Squire

Turret Club Members

★Erika Homberg Bergquist*

Marian Anderson Cornwell*

★Adeline Gordon Levine

★Dolores La Rossa Sabino

★Elizabeth Walker

Castle Club Members

Gail Smith Batzer

★Helen Krebs Bruant

Virginia Bruno

★Barbara Starks Favazza

★Wilma Maxwell Gray

Carol Fleming Halsey

★Carol Turner Hult

Susan Osman Pascucci

Barbara Lockie Ruekgauer

Linda May Sklar

★Joyce Orenstein Sobelman

Marilyn Miller Somers

★Judith Lipman Sterns

★Sherred Kugler Weidner*


Patricia Allen

★Cynthia Mindel Auerbach

★Lynn Kronenberg Berman

Marina Mulvey Christopher

Susan Beckwith Dewis

★Judith Bell Dombroski

★Beverly Decker Doupe

★Geraldine Murray Dunbar

★Anne McSkimin Fischer

Mary Dougherty Hanling

Louise Neumark Harris

Ronnie Kaye Herman

★Leonora Golon Hilkene

★Barbara Hoess

Janet Fisher Holland

★Mary White Jameson

★Barbara Davidson Johnson

★Suzanne Kohl Kilpatrick

★Judith Boetticher Leve

★Barbara King Litt

Phyllis Wasserman Malis

Parsla Krievs Mason

★Betty Bray McAtee

Judith Braun Ohl

★Barbara Taylor Ryalls

Jean Miksit Sauls

★Carol Keyes Shillingford

★Gloria Spencer

★Gail Williams Tattersfield

★Elizabeth Hirsh Warshawsky

Ann Durie Westerfield

Suzanne Willis

Mary Lissfelt Wilson

★Gail Spevack Wohl

Judith Netherwood Wright

Janet Copeland Zinman


Fund Agent: Barbara

Belchier Kauffman

Gifts: $11,409

Coronet Club Member

Naomi Hutchison Black

Tower Club Members

★Janet Havener Hensle

Judith Nelson McCracken*

Turret Club Members

★Joyce Chabora Barr

★Rosalind Greenberg Benjet

Nancy Kovach Buffing

★Corinne Langer Halberg

★Barbara Belchier Kauffman*

Lydia Marella Kukoff

★Elizabeth Pierce Stevens*

★Carol Beitel Watters*

★Susan Johnson Whitelaw*

★Diane Leenheer Zimmerman

Castle Club Members

Gail Nazzaro Biggs*

★Merle Arbogast Chorba

Barbara Quillen Dougherty

Dagnija Eglavs Eyles

Helen Evans Febbo

★Nancy Smith Fichthorn

Barbara Geddes Formica

★Paula Frohwein Giesa*

★Doris McGrail Hopper

★Gail Grant Johnson

★Marcia Sorber Kavanagh

Lynne Cornwell Kennedy

Constance Tietjen Rutsch

Carol Southworth Sykes


Diane Lobel Actman

Susan Kyle Anthony

Ardis Hare Arahood

Jean Cassel Campbell

★Carol Fern Lipkin Cutler

★Julia Lee Erickson

★Nancy Sawtell Freiler

★Anne Cramer Hoover

★Patricia Koch Klemm

★Roberta Kresch

Janice Bell Lamphere

Diane Holtzheimer Lopez

Sandra Barber Maheshwari

Miriam Bonell Malkasian

Virginia Vawter McConnell

Francia Rakin Meiselman

★Marilyn Knerr Mentz

M. Winanne Messing

★Barbara Gendell Miller

Jean Thorson Pratt

★Betty Levy Richter

★Dianne Kent Robinson

Phyllis Brice Scott

★Margaret Sargent Shaffert


Elinor Towell Chevalier ’56

Books have been a constant in Elinor Towell Chevalier’s life, a constant

that was reinforced during her college days. She also appreciates the broadening

aspect of change and was happy in her senior year to switch her major from

French to English. “Each required so much reading that I decided to gain credit

for the books I really wanted to read, the areas I hadn’t gotten to on my own.”

In the schedule squeeze to fulfill requirements, she received permission to

eliminate Modern Dance. “Avoiding it was one of my major achievements.

Dancing barefoot on that gym floor horrified me. It was bad enough passing the

swimming test in a pool in the basement at the Jenkintown campus,” she says.

“Barbara Bopp coached me for that.”

Chevalier’s passion was books, novels, poetry, American Literature with

Mrs. Sturgeon, and English with Dr. Hinton. “In the small school that we went to

at the time, no one encouraged change, but she (Sturgeon) encouraged change.

She increased the depth of my reading.”

Chevalier is a voluminous reader. Among her friends, “people expect me to have

read everything. Althea Trutner has added to my must-read-and-tell-about list of

books. Joan Cranmer shares her perceptions as well.”

The Beechwood Library, Chevalier remembers, was a rectangular room over the

gymnasium thoroughly managed by “Whispers” Wheatley. Chevalier earned her

master’s in library service from a university with a seven-floor library, so she

appreciates that Arcadia is “not the same place we attended,” especially with the

new Landman Library.

“I give in honor of what I knew, and I also respect the change and growth that

has occurred at Arcadia,” she says. “I appreciate how far Beaver has come, how its

size and condition didn’t limit the vision

of what Arcadia could become. Instead

of being satisfied…somebody realized

what else could happen and also

found ways to fund it.”


T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

Members of Arcadia University’s Class of 2009 pose with

their Alumni Fund Walk of Pride paver, which was unveiled

at Orientation Convocation in August.

★Patricia Sykes Shoppell

★Elaine English Spiller

★Connie Henry Suto

★Phyllis Brody Taylor

Kathryn Orsenigo Waterman

Susan Tapley Williamson

★Carol Bergstein Wolintz


Fund Agent: Judith Glover


Gifts: $10,172

Tower Club Members

★Carol Doyle Cottrell*

★Patty Albert Schmidt

★Judith Glover Vasile

Turret Club Members

Marie-Louise Hirsch Brauch*

★Sandra Krebs Hirsh

★Barbara Weathers Johns

★Bonnie McDowell Lasky

★Linda Mann*

★Susan Patt Mountz

★Janice Comstock Murray

★Linda Rosenheim Perlman*

★Nancy Roberts Reid

★Phyllis St. John Skok

Carol McLuckie Van Sciver

Castle Club Members

Gail Weiner Biben

★Linda Easton Foster

★Teresa Jesser Haacke

Elizabeth Weathers Kaspar

★Margaret Lees

Sandra Segal Polin

★Mary Ann Marshall


★Lynda Spielman

★Elizabeth Rudnick Stalford*

Roberta Fischer Titelman

★Diana Peck Watters


★Linda Johnston Cairo Austin

★Susan Cohen Berman

Adrienne Biel Brook

Karen Smith Brower

Gail Ruf Bunt

Susan McCarthy Coffman

Carol Park DiJoseph

★Mary Anne Coursen Doty

★Dianne Vose Durawa

★Louise Coady Faivre

★Joan Lofgren Gosnell

Sandra Harden

Carol Hacker Hillman

Diane Hunter

Barbara Ruthberg Leiland

★Susan Wright Lord

Karen Holmes MacIntyre

Jane Littman Ritter

Sara Adams Satterthwaite

★Isabella Mohl Selikoff

★Carol Miller Singer

★Marie Clayton Smith

Kathryn (Kitty) Willis

★Francine Willmore



Fund Agent: Judith

McCarthy Gielow

Gifts: $7,041

Coronet Club Member

Judith Mullen Barthold*

Turret Club Members

★Joan Nadler Brantz

Pelley Sablove Brown

Cecile Greenberg

Castle Club Members

Carol Smith Bender

★Brooke Maury Dojny

J’Ann Burgess Ellis

★Charlotte Descy Kidwell*

Rona Shuman Kiley

Carol Ibbotson Manikin


Julie Tippens ’06, International Peace and Conflict Resolution

graduate student, spent last summer working with street children

in Nairobi, Kenya, as an intern with UNICEF. She is spending her fall

semester studying gender issues and equality at the United Nations

University for Peace in Costa Rica.

Last spring some of her class traveled to Costa Rica to do a case study on

how to resolve the needs of a few—indigenous peoples in the southern part

of the country—with the needs of the many. The government wants to build

a large hydroelectric dam that would flood the indigenous people’s land.

Tippens and other students in the master’s program in International Peace and

Conflict Resolution are able to integrate overseas field study with their classroom

theory coursework because Arcadia budgets for study abroad as an integral part of the

learning process, rather than a stand-alone experience.

“If you get students out in the world, it makes what they’re learning in the classroom

more relevant,” says Dr. Warren Haffar, program director. Support of Arcadia’s Annual

Fund makes it possible for Tippens and others to do research around the world that

gives them relevant, marketable skills, competitive with other elite universities.

Sending students into the world

T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

Barbara Bach McCardle

★Carol Clancy Robinson*

Carol Toner Shane

Jacqueline Rubino Smith

Alexandra Waltz Tempsick

Elene Meury West*

★Dawn Royer Westcott


Carolyn Fox Bertram

★Linda Baumgardner Bills

★Carol Hoffman Biron

Constance Kish Breyer

Linda Luckey Decker

Nikki Nelson DiFranks

Florence Everett

Doreen Booth Faulkner

★Judith McCarthy Gielow

★Irene Stewart Hartmann

Suzanne Robson Hills

Muriel Wieser Horowitz

★R. Carole Huberman

★Arlene Schwartz Jacobs

Ingrid Jordan

Barbara Judisch

Barbara Kajdi

Susan Rein Kraut

★Ruth Weir Lahiff

★Meredyth Rowan Lawson

Linda Gloetzner Lebsack

Nancy Tuthill MacLean

Georgia Halpern McFarland

Judith Babian Mischler

Suzanne Hamann Mocadlo

★Lynn Casagrande Mullen

Gretchen Satre Murray

★M. Kathleen Madigan Nelsen

Winifred Olsen

Mary Padberg

Joan Gilmore Patton

★Marsha Hunt Petty

Janet Creighton Phillips

★Cecil Daunis Sartor

Wendy Baerreis Scheirer

Wendy Glass Severance

★Lisa Wald Stone

Louise Teed

★Susan Welsh Testa

Diane Doten Tinsley

Rebecca Just Wagner


Fund Agent: Jean Stocker


Gifts: $9,400

Coronet Club Member

★Lynn Darling Hendershot

Tower Club Member

Signe Ramsten Twardowski

Turret Club Members

Nancy Aufrecht Cohen

Fund Agents Elsa-Lu Greenblatt Berkowitz and Anne Cornell Swalm present the Class of 1955

Reunion Check to President Jerry Greiner. Their 50th Reunion Class gift celebrated $1,088,316

in combined Annual Fund and deferred gifts spanning five years.

Margaret Moore Hazlett

★Jean Stocker Ingraham

★Virginia Martin

★Kate McLean

Lynne Sample Stahler

Castle Club Members

★Lavinia Nickerson Birkhead

Lisa Bade Cermak

Carol Barney Chandler

★Susan Cormack

★Katherine Greacen Gipe*

★Sue Morrissey Moore

Holly Ludwig Pfeifer

Maureen Logan Sandberg

Sandra Schermerhorn

★Carole Witham Schmutzler

★Constance Yarnall Windus

Bettie Howard Yerkes


★Susan Ginsburg Apollon

Sandra Brown Crabtree

Marian Kolodny Davidson

★Susan Thorn Doyle

★Carole Schalm Ertley

Patricia Pennypacker Hagge*

Betsy Darby Hale

Judith Applegate Jervis

★Dorothy Frey Kaiser

★Susan Ambrey Kelly

★Judith Simon King

★Bonnie Read Lavezzi

Wendy Schempp Matthews

Elizabeth Bell Middleton

Linda Vanoli Paulus

★Nancy Harris Rose

Joan Reifsnyder Sears

Jane Knowlton Tucker

L. Gabriel Tuttle


Gifts: $10,130

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Patricia Sheward Haldeman*

★Sharon Foyto Smith

★Jacqueline Schlamp Wessel

★Lynne Wuerthele Whitacre

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Amy Honigsberg Bernstein

Pamela Arnold Dawson*

★Carol Falcione

★Zandra Maffett Fennell*

★Karen Davis Fitzgerald

★Adrienne Leviton Hendler

★Judith Hinkle

Rita Phillips

★Karen Peterson Sprengel*

★Lynn Olthuis Walti

Castle Club Members

Nan Bers

Susan Caruso

★Anne Rushmer Dodson

★Phyllis McKeon McCann

Lillian McBath O’Connor*

★Barbara Weinstein


Gail Agerton

Elyse Aronauer

★Judith Gandek Bittorf

Linda Brackin

★Tina Talarico Brick

Barbara Ziff Brown

Jane Spritzer Brown

Annette Caruso

Caroll Osborne Claps

★Jane Luft Coelho

★Sandra Parker Farrell

Ann Rutter Ferguson

Prentiss Schofield Halladay

★Dorothea Guenther Hallan

Karen Horbatt

Jacqueline Murray Jung

Christine Ledesma King

★Dona Duncan Kreischer

★Sally Silverman Krohn

★Carol Aubrey Liebscher

Joanne Crowther McDowell

Mary-Jo Thatcher


Denise Hastings Oakey

Donna McDowell Paist

Margery Snyder Patterson

Andrea Raskopf

Everil Reed Robertson

Barbara Popick Rosing

★Desire Munson Smith

★Sarah Conley Sullivan

Lillian Alberson Tabas

Lyn Reininger Tuckman

Susan Walsh Vigilante

Joan Cramer Wolfgang


Fund Agents: Babette

Senker Krug, Suzanne

Shippen Zimmermann

Gifts: $25,851

Medallion Club Member

★Madeline Johnson Stein

Coronet Club Members

★Margaret Tillman Huskins

★Joann Brayton Jacobs

★Susanne Monteith

Anne Pilert

Rosalie Swedlin

★Heather Fleming Tucker

★Kathleen York

Tower Club Members

Nancy Kaplan Fischman

★Carol Sweeney White

Turret Club Members

★Gale Fox Barnett

Charlotte Grant Ehlig*

★Elizabeth Hoffman Goettge

★Detta Voesar

Grace Li Yung

Castle Club Members

★Kathleen Bowditch Brophy

★Hilary Kirch Dahms

★Ronnie Weinberg Eisen

★Connie Hopping


★Babette Senker Krug

Diane Parks McCracken

Pat Keller Meyersfield

Robbi Stern Toll

★Stephanie Bass Wishnack

Suzanne Shippen



★Michiko Shinjo Aizawa

Harriet Alperstein Anastas

★Rolinda Oliver Brackbill

Carla Chepigan Branyan

★Cynthia Scharmann Childs

Jane Budny Conrad

Leah Nicholls Duckworth

Thora Easton

★Virginia Vaill Foster

Joan Stoddard Hill

Nancy Young Humick

Elma Griesinger Jones*

Anastasia Goreglad Karnow

★Harriet Hix Kraybill

Judith Graham Lotridge

Pamela Young Lucas

Jeannette White Malone

Linda Zelson Marple

Eileen Robinson McAvoy

Nancy Horner McKnight

Lesley Ogg

Marion Yick Rosenbaum

Linda Saltford

Donna Cohen Scott

Alison Smith Seavey

★Carole Grandy Sick*

★Rebecca Parnes Singer

Stephanie Andersen Taylor

Diane Trombley


Fund Agent: Susan Smyth


Gifts: $9,703




Catherine Null and

Kerry Ann Costello-Null ’92, ’94M

Charles “Chuck” Null was recently married, recently laid off, and just

turned 40 when he grabbed the opportunity to redirect his life. Already in love

with his new wife, he soon fell in love with her alma mater, too.

“His goal in life always was to teach. We made a commitment that he would

go back to school,” says Kerry Ann Costello-Null. She earned her B.A. in

psychology/special education from Arcadia in 1992, followed by her Master

of Education in 1994. She is the school director at Wordsworth Academy in

Elkins Park, Pa. In winter 2002, Chuck Null enrolled in Arcadia’s Master of

Education program in pursuit of his professional dream.

“He fell in love with Arcadia,” says Costello-Null, who is the Fund Agent for

the Class of 1992. But in 2004, he was diagnosed with cancer. “Chuck didn’t

get to finish graduate school, but he loved it, and it was always his goal,”

says Costello-Null. “School was something that he really, really cared about.”

“A day after his funeral (March 2005), my mother-in-law said we should find

a way to memorialize him,” says Costello-Null. Charles was Catherine Null’s

only child, “and her whole goal is to make sure that her son’s dreams will be

remembered. He would have been proud.”

Over the summer they finalized plans for the Charles Null Memorial Scholarship

for non-traditional students—students like Charles, who follow their hearts to

Arcadia in pursuit of their dreams. “We paid for his tuition on our credit cards.

I really felt strongly that the scholarship needed to help a non-traditional student,

because that’s exactly what my husband was.” In addition to setting up the

endowment, which will provide scholarships for years to come, the two women

made an additional gift so that the first scholarship could be awarded this year in

Chuck’s memory.

Tower Club Members

★Susan Ginsberg Berk

Janice Fuchs Morris*

Linda Phillips Pursley

Turret Club Members

Suzanne Dusossoit Allen*

B. Jennine Bryant Anderson

★Helen Bosley

★N. Lee Uncle Caine

Tyler Tragle Jenner

Julia Rhoads King

★Susan Smyth Shenker

Marilyn Placko Storff

Castle Club Members

★Ann Chadwick Bartholomay*

★Margaret Flieri Bennett

Barbara Kelly Breeden

Victoria Boccelli Damiani

★Susan Rodgers Fleming

Alja Galloway Gabbedon

Hilda Glazer

Nancy Switzky Goodman

Linda Klevit Hahn

Linda Harkins Heineman

★Barbara Howland

Ellen Palitz Kant

June Mamana

★Nancy Feinberg Rheingrover

★Susan Rowland Ried

★Judith Allen Smith

Mary Rhodes Tweedie

Judith Glassburg Wisnia


★Diane De Lone Andes

Mary Lou Moran Arps

Susan Hirschman Axelrod

Margaret Mills Azarian

Carole Johnson Brown

Barbara Woodruff Chase

Susan Francis Dodson

★Emily Solomon Farrell

Jean Mayer Fischer

★Sandra Foehl

Ann Frey

Marilyn Schwab Geiger

Barbara Thomas Harder

★Eileen Haubenstock

★Lynn Zoubek Hill

Carolyn Richardson Hodges

Barbara Culvert Lasho

Beverly Boogar Lovejoy

★Betsy Kushner Mark

★Charlene Pulis McClain

★Carol Miller Morfesis

★Patricia Brownstein Rothman

Elizabeth Hauser Schenck

★Elaine Kaplan Schlissel

Gwynne Spencer

★Martha Fahey Stafford


Fund Agent: Sandra L.


Gifts: $4,915

Tower Club Member

★Barbara Hoffman Klein*

Turret Club Members

★Mary Ann Cook*

★Paula Shafran Koerte*

Sandra L. McCall

Shelley Maidman Menkowitz

Castle Club Members

★Carol Grossman Bowman

Kay Chudnoff Braun

★Eva McManus Edmonds

Ricki Sanders Fisher

★Melissa Gregory Kennedy

Nona Slade Salvo Mullen

Dian Miner Pomeranz


Linda Barth

★Judy Birkenhead

★Susan Wallash Bowen

★Janet Golann Dickstein*

Susan Saunders Fisher

Carol Struning Giulino

April Klarman Hand

★Margaret Manning Hine

Gail Schagrin Isaacs

Joan Stuart Janek

Olga Johansen

★Catherine Proctor Kane

★Ann Patee Karmosky

★Joan Vanoli Lapsley

Phyllis Walton Luviano

Patricia Zampieri McCormick

P. Anne Cashdollar McCrea

Susan Williams Morriss

Felice Ader Ostrow

Jill Platt-McCullough

Muriel Wight Rouch

Kay Salz

Bonnie Saunders

★Alice Buchbinder Siegel

★Melissa Warner

Susan Eisenberg Wyner


Fund Agent: Elsa Larsen


Gifts: $27,795

Renaissance Club Member


Lois Arnold Haber

Coronet Club Members

★Joycellen Young Auritt

Harriette Brownstein Fox

Ellen Beidler McKay

T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

Turret Club Members

Laura Kurtin Alpern

Carol Hume Carr

Susan Fife Davis

Deborah Ledewitz Farber

Caryl Spring Grant

★Linda Raider Krauss

★Ronnie Tilton Tate*

Elsa Larsen Vernon*

Castle Club Members

Sally Palmer Bechara

★Nancy Boyd-Goff

Arlene Fine Klepper

Diane Schiff Kramer

Shelley Schwartz Meyers

Susan Saxer

Barbara Bueltman Schwait

★Lois Jarboe Thornberg

Barbara Ulrichsen


★Katrine Delbert Batcho

★Gretchen Reed Burnham*

Linda Schutzer Collins

★N. Sandy Brown Hoppel

★Christine Challberg Hoyler

Nancy Crosby Hutchison

Anne Ellison Kaiser

Barbara Mills Kennedy*

Eugenie Latchis-Silverthorne

Margaret Schaub Matt

Elizabeth Davis McGuire

Joanne Moore

Barbara Wichman Nowak

Judith Odonovich

Jane Rosenberg Porter

Frances Costello Reis

★Alice Jacobson Ronty

Jan Rose

Janet Gauld Stone

Lisa Stewart Suss

Gail Wightman Sweet

Joanne Lichtman


Karen Pensock Tysinger


Fund Agent: Jill Goldman


Gifts: $3,649

Tower Club Member

Artist Parker*

Castle Club Members

★Susan Moyer Brookhart

★Cheryl Kloss D’Altrui

★Linda Taylor Dewey

Barbara Hughes Gibson

Robin Schwartz Landsburg

Gail Madison

Patricia Clark McCarthy

Doris Persicketti

Betsy Rudnick

★Marjorie Wein

Ellen Yamaguchi


★Angelyn Spignesi Arden

Ellen Banash

Carol Brody Baxter

Wendy Beckwith

Michelle Erlich Cohen

Deborah Finer Feldman

Emily Goldberg-Kraft

Anne Bolas Groth

Dolores Deutsch Karpf

★Florence Winters Mallon

★Janet Stillman Martin

Sharon McQuaide

★Irene Heffran Monley

Dana Tecla Nelson

★Mab Nulty

Marilyn Rafkin

Barbara Davidson Rambach

Judith Liss Schwartz

Monica Lovejoy Sheilds

★Gail Altmann Sickler

★Jan Birnbaum Sophir

Carol Zawick Strogen

Sara Little Sundheim

Sheila Bernstein Vinikoor

Carol Weisgerber-Lidstrom

Andrea Lees Weiss


Fund Agents: Marie Duke,

Andrea Marrone Mealey

Gifts: $12,711

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Patricia Brubaker*

★Melissa Hough*

Tower Club Member

Carol Mauger Schmidt*

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Michele Davidow Kahn

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★Rebecca Barnes Ray

★Mary Forbes Witter

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Deborah Berse Holz

★Julia Bronstein Miles

Virginia Reid


Mary Pacioni Alderfer

Claudia Arkush

Elizabeth Fuller Barnes

Jill Seltzer Blank

Mary Chomitz

★Elizabeth Andrews Colestock

★Christine Fantone Cronin

★Barbara Danin

Shelley McCauley Devers

Elaine Castellucci Flournoy

Pamela Taylor Hall

Gail Nelson Harvey

Karen Hibbard

Diane Gross Kingsley

Christine Schmechel Kokas

Patricia Nichols Maffei

Andrea Marrone Mealey

Elizabeth Morrill Miko

Susan Block Orr

★Barbara Loomis Peters

Jane Rind Pokorney

★Nancy Schneider Reiner

Judith Stern Rosen

★Beth Rosenberg Rosner

★Ruthellen Saivetz Rubin

Rose Socoon Smoliar

Sally Harter Sprankle

★Susan Stafford

Joan Supplee

Barbara Paulli Thalacker

Barbara Tousley Thomas

★Dorothy Kemper West

★Bonnie Weinhaus Witmer


Fund Agent: Elizabeth

St. John Sykes

Gifts: $3,820

Tower Club Member

★Heather Peirce-Stern

Turret Club Member

★Elizabeth St. John Sykes

Castle Club Members

★Barbara Cohen

★Susan Grandt

★Susan Brotz Halper

Patricia Row King

★Susan Brownlee Nally

Ilene Rubin Silver


★Elizabeth Innes Bentley

Ann Bingham

Linda Schmoock Brayshaw

★Joan Coldwell Brown

Kyung Kim Chang

April Avedisian Cornachio

Sandra Snelling Crawshaw

Waneta Wills Doriss

Sandra Gross Elias

Anita Sobel Feinberg

Norma Finkelstein

Deborah Oakes Freeborn

Carolyn Flax Frieder

★Jill Schlosser Goodman

In fall 2004, the men’s soccer team won the

Pennsylvania Athletic Conference (PAC)

title for the third time in four years and

advanced to the second round of the NCAA.

The 19th-ranked Arcadia team battled third-ranked Salisbury

University to a 1-1 tie after 110 minutes of soccer, but fell in

penalty kicks. In women’s softball, Laura Fencik ’07 was named

a second-team, All-American by the National Fastpitch Coaches

Association. During the 2005 season Fencik broke the Arcadia

record by slugging 18 home runs while knocking in 61 runs.

She had a .455 batting average and a .962 slugging percentage.

Margaret Schwalm Grow

Susan Levitsky Kaufman

Dorothea Klimis-Zacas

Eunice Koniers

★Karen Nemes Lesneski

Karen Johnston Masters

★Anita Reifsnyder Maurer

Raquel Schwarz Needle

Ann Blackham Norberg

Cecile Chan Russo

Cheryl Wexler Scott

★Gail Tinto

Sheelagh Fricker Vidulich

★Marla DeMesquita Wander


Fund Agent: Janet St.


Gifts: $7,742

Coronet Club Members

Louise Rossmassler

★Janet St. Amand*

Tower Club Member

Lauren Rykaczewski Carriere

Turret Club Members

Rosalie D’Amico

★Debra Fish*

Susan LaBeur

★Jill Hawkins Lautensack

Castle Club Members

Karen Keim Brizell

Marcia Nomer McDonnell

★Kerry Noll Muzyka

Dorrit Hale Sterner


★Sharon Harrison Apple*

Linda Kelly Butterwick

★Karen Cappella

Katharine Simkins Carney

Claudia Bartolf Faraldi

★Maxine Milestone

Denise Taylor Patterson

★E. Antoinette Mineo Perrone

Elisabeth Phelps Rector

Beth Mestel Schwartz

Deborah Schwartz

Sheila Mae Steinberg

Heather Fairbairn Storm

★Linda Collier Strickland

Peggy Friedlander Theil



T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5


Fund Agents: Sally Pearson

Millier, Lois Weingart


Gifts: $2,725

Turret Club Members

Gladys Nieves*

Lois Weingart Nipon

★Karen Schwartz Scheiner

★Leslie Weisman

Castle Club Members

Melanie Sarama

Evangeline Marlos Varonis

Stephanie Tuttle Zafiris


Patricia Holton Chavarria

Susan Dingfelder

★Robin Weinraub Falkow

Michelle Quigley Greager

Sondra Holman Hurley

David Kaplan

Susan Lesse Kaplan

Jane Ball Ketcham

Vanessa Anthony Klein

Karen Hirsch Lashner

Sally Pearson Millier

Margaret Russo

Sharon Shanker Sobel

Kathleen Boyle Stevenson

★Mary Ellen Epifanio


Caryn Mann Wagner

Lawrence Weiner


Gifts: $42,677

Renaissance Club Member

$25,000 and above

★Walter Hellendall

Coronet Club Members

★Joseph Patrick Archie

Barbara Rosenberg Daitch

★Edith Maxwell Taylor


Tower Club Member

★Hope Ruslin Berger

Alumni who have donated

five to nine consecutive years

are highlighted in red.

Alumni who have donated

10 or more consecutive years

are highlighted in red with

a (★) prefacing their names.

An asterisk (*) after a donor’s

name indicates that his or

her contribution includes a

Corporate Matching Gift.

Turret Club Members

Jane Friedman Korman

Pamela Wagner

Castle Club Members

★Veronica O’Connor

★Patricia Reale Serafino


Ruth Hubing

Betta Kolansky

Diana Fine Luks

Linda Clark Porco

★Ann Sternfeld Sklar

Karen White

Carol Stevick Williamson


Gifts: $2,550

Turret Club Members

★Thayer Reisner Adams

Deborah Tuttle

Castle Club Members

Joyce Cairone Charles

Teressa Moore Griffin

Mary Long Miele


Lynne Brown

Jane Brydon

Veronica Sherwin Cubit

Mary Meo Davis

Leslie Doucette

Marcy Dash Friedman

Susan Homan

Nancy Halloran Hutter

Cheryl Isaacson Jaffe

Mollie Bayles Korski

Molly Murray

Nora O’Dowd

Terri Toles Patkin

Rena Landes Rank

Cheryl Wilks Scherbner

Faith Salvo Schlissel

Barbara Sheehan

Sheryl Solow


Gifts: $3,745

Tower Club Members

Holly Peirce Ayres

Maureen Finn Tierney*

Turret Club Members

★Kathryn Reeves DuLaney*

★Christine McCrea Krolik

Lois Sloan

Castle Club Member

★Linda Henry

Freshman Ron Brandenburger (right) moves into Thomas Hall with the help of his mom,

Lorraine, administrative assistant in the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies, and

brother, Rich, senior at Hatboro Horsham High School. His sister, Lori, is a sophomore at

Arcadia majoring in psychobiology.


Cheryl Baisden

William Bolton*

Beverly Clausen

Beth Campellone Frederick

Anne Wilson Lloyd

L. Catheryne Foedisch


Alice Churchman Muehlhof

Julia Bieber Schmucker

Clare Gwin Sweeney

★Ellen Sproule Taylor

Jan Steelman Zubak


Fund Agents: Georgia

Crozier, Camille Lucci

Gifts: $6,225

Coronet Club Member

Margaret Wright Steele

Turret Club Members

Nancy Deyirmenjian


Jennifer Hohn Purcell*

★Joann Balazs Sweasy

Castle Club Members

Judith York Brogden

★Georgia Crozier

Mary Lou Butler Lee

Mary Ann Gwynne


★Kathleen Kidd McNamara

Pamela Pace Montemuro

Ruth Fradin Singer


Judith Sherman Bilman

Pamela Wellons Byrd

Suzanne Thompson


Helen Johnson Dexter

Christine Shust Fylypovych

★Rosemary Massaro Irish

Lauren Grosso Jouan

★Pamela Hotchkiss Kerns

★Howard Lassin

Nancy Goldsmith Loev

Nancy McSherry-Collins

Sheryl Herring Moffa

Thu-Ba Tran

Nina Lari Yenchko


Gifts: $1,325

Turret Club Member

★Alan Offermann*

Castle Club Members

Christiane Casella

Kathleen Gorski

Linda Mattucci Schiavone

Lula Wheeler


Claire Baliban

Mary DeBoer Evans

Francyne Federici

Vivian Gracie

Mark Tucci


Gifts: $1,842

Castle Club Members

★Frances Braslow

Anthony Giampietro*

Lynne Weiss Goebel

★Deborah Derrickson


Amy Lemmons Richard

Gary Salzman

Daria Czyszczon Yanez

Eric Yanez


Julianne Yollin Berk

Nancy Maguire Connelly

Joan Frieder

Daryl Campiglia Gregg

Roy Thomas Halle

Adriane Hunt

Kerry Jampolis Leaderman

Norma Marinucci

Marsha Matusow

Marianne Malikowski


★Ann Pearson Moskowitz

★Maryam Walker Phillips

★Lynda Anderson Sheehan

Harriet Coren Winokur

Margaret Zoto


Fund Agents: Hannah

Jacobsohn Anbar, Mary

Ellen Schilling Congleton

Gifts: $3,740

Tower Club Member

Marc Sterling

Turret Club Members

Mary Ellen Schilling


★Keith Liggett*

Castle Club Members

Karen Davis-Harryman

T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

Toby Erlichman

Matthew Leverone

Thomas McCollum

★Marilyn Rose

Barbara Silbert


★Hannah Jacobsohn Anbar

Steven Anthony

Kathleen Feeney Barry

Judith Bines

Carol Lynn Daly

Kenneth Florence

★Gail Hammond-Cortright

Kathleen Lynagh House

Jamie Adam Jacobsohn

Sarah Chung Ja Lee

Patricia Ann Pro Miller

Eileen Moran

Laura Fisher Pinello

Mary Stillman Sundra


Fund Agent: Paula Davis


Gifts: $1,940

Turret Club Member

★David Eatough

Castle Club Members

★Anne Greacen Einselen

Susan Friedman*

Keith Goldman

Robert Lee

Kathleen Scott Weaver

★Karen Wolfe

Claire Yarmark


Ellis Anmuth

Roberta Butler Blumenthal

Anthony Demarco

Kathy Kroll Dwyer

Brigid Gallagher

Charles Hammes*

Lynne S. Hartshorne

Angela Gunawan Kwee

Teresa Maloney

Catherine Martin*

Vanessa McCoy

Linda Chinman Pollock

Elizabeth Richards

Carol Shaw*

Christopher Snyder


Gifts: $4,009

Coronet Club Member

★Audrey Reynolds

Turret Club Member

Alison Aaron

Castle Club Members

★Tracy Dakin

Suzanne Kauffman DePuyt

★Carol Leopold


★Sylvia Glassman

Donna Wilson Hinkson

Shauna Alcorn Irvin

Crystal Davis McGhee

Gregg Raino

Marci Moskowitz Rubin

Caryn Kahn Shalita

Bonnie Stevenson

Teresa Petroski Sullivan


Gifts: $5,272

Coronet Club Member

★Eunice Carpitella Wick

Tower Club Member

★Andrea De Chiara Fitzgerald*

Turret Club Members

★Ronald Cleghorn

Matthew Gibble

★Patricia Rauner

Lili Fox Velez

Castle Club Members

Glenn Dragon

Erin McCann

Dawn Salmon


Philip Burnham

Elizabeth Abernethy Darby

Marcello DiGenova

Barbara Dotson

Janet Newton Hardner

Lisanne Chanitz Hill

★Chrysanthe Vlahides


Joan Meyers-Packer*

Kenneth Morgan

Carol Thomas O’Tormey

★Ethel Parsons

Loren Shuman Sciascia

Thomas Sciascia

Lisa McNeff Smyth*

William Zimmerman


Fund Agent: Ann Franklin


Gifts: $4,700

Coronet Club Members

★Jenny Connolly

★Jennifer Schneider

Turret Club Member

★Kathleen Griffin-Hilty*

Castle Club Members

★Bonnie Goldblum Fiorentino

★Alice Hoey Dawson

★Beth Helwig

Jennifer Horning*


Keith Amritt

Kimberly Jackson Bracciante

Heather Gerlipp Burns

Victor Caddick

★Sandy Clapper Chase

Eileen Crispell

★Ingrid Fettinger Daubert

Octavio DeDiego

Carol Rosenfeld Donahey

Mindy Levin Gottenberg

★Gwendolyn Egleston



Knight Society Invites All Alumni to Join

There is no secret door in the Castle that lets alumni into Arcadia’s new

Knight Society. In fact, Arcadia is hoping all its alumni will want to join.

The Knight Society has been created to honor Arcadia’s most loyal alumni,

those who give every year.

The Knight Society is being formed with a cadre of Charter Members,

who have set a high standard by giving every year since graduation,

or since the University started electronic record-keeping in 1985.

Since the Knight Society is a new concept, ALL of Arcadia’s alumni will

be given the opportunity to roll back the clock, as if they were just graduating

this year. Any alumna/us who gives a gift in the 2005–06 fiscal year will be eligible

for initial membership in the Society. A gift of any size each year will sustain

the membership. Don’t miss this chance to join!

The Knight Society, where loyalty reigns!



Louise Stevens ’90M

When Louise Stevens found the newspaper listing for a Beaver College

course in Math Education, she was already teaching elementary school, but she

knew she wanted to enroll.

It was a team-taught graduate course in probability and statistics, with lots of

group projects. Her group consisted of two other “mature” women and a young

student. “We were from four totally different backgrounds and life experiences,

but because we had to work as a group, we became good friends.”

Her appetite whetted, Stevens took one course after another, but “I’d never even

heard the term ‘matriculation,’” she says. “Then one day Dr. (Richard) Polis called

me into his office and asked, ‘Do you have an adviser? Are you matriculated

yet?’” Soon she was well on her way to her master’s in Math Education.

Not long after she received her degree, Stevens’ elementary school principal

wanted her to revamp the English curriculum. Fortunately, a position teaching

math became available at the local high school. To her surprise, she was

appointed department chair before the year was out. And rather than stopping

there, she continued her coursework, eventually adding 39 more credits

before she retired. Along the way, she encouraged three other teachers in her

department to enter Arcadia’s master’s program.

Stevens hasn’t stopped learning, but her classroom is now about 40,000

kilometers in circumference. Her husband, Peter, is of Italian descent, so Italy

is a frequent stop, along with other parts of Europe and Australia. “There’s a

whole part of history and culture that we never get in school books,” she says.

Thanks to Annual Fund donors like Stevens, many Arcadia students also have

the opportunity to use the world as their classroom. “We have been comfortable,

and we feel it’s important to support Arcadia,” she says, both through annual

donations and by referring new students to Arcadia.

Joseph O’Neill

Joanna Peery

Jennifer Cook


Allison Eichkorn Sellers

Lisa Koziel Sherman

Anthony Siedlecki

Francine Strollo*

Frances Sklaroff Tobin

Wendy Horning Tobin

Denise McKinstry Wilson


Fund Agent: Ann Miller

Gifts: $3,919

Turret Club Members

David Forbes*

Lisa Gausman

Phyllis Hoke*

★Robert Jacobs

Kevin Shollenberger

Kimberly Sterner-Stein*

Castle Club Members

★Bruce Epstein

Susan Gerhard

★Robert Grooms (deceased)

Alice Jacobsohn

Thomas Matthews

Beverly Siebert


★Allan Arpajian

Susan Olsen Balestraci

Charles Barkley

Carla Carlson

Kristi Vainu Chenvainu*

Jeanne Greesnspun Conn

Sharon Williams Greene

Sandra Arnold Herold

John Hohenstein

Earthel Jones

Mary O’Hara Loose

★Ann Miller

★Jan Radokovitch

Lisa Bonacquisti Rowe

Deborah Shipman Ruffin

Constantina Patukas Schmidt

Thomas Singel

Deanna Sonet

★Karen Walla

Eric Zweizig


Gifts: $8,224

Medallion Club Member

★Laura Fisher Korman

Turret Club Members

★Miriam Barbour

★Holly Luce Garemore*

★Alice Visco Jacobs

★Susan Michel

Castle Club Members

Susan Mantz Atiyeh

Rebecca Nelson


Lisa Boettger Bodor

Sandra Beck Cavanaugh

Adam Denish

★Colleen Gallagher Ehst

★Sonja Frey

★Gerald Geiger

★Lisa Green

Kimberly Hansen

Geraldine Curran Henn

★Linda Rielly Kinslow

Carrie Johnson Lee

★Jane Pletcher Logan

Elizabeth McLaughlin*

Donna Rimmer McManus

Blossom Murphy

Katherine Benson Nivens

★Barbara Osinski

Michael Paiss

Marion Pallas

Cheryl Welinshky Reisbord

Diana Barbara Resch

Janice Lenich Storms*


Fund Agent: Michael


Gifts: $1,901

Turret Club Member

Linda Vandegrift Gazzillo

Castle Club Members

Diane Detwiler*

Michael Giuliani

Gregg Rosenfeld


Mary Ann Bonitatis Alcaro

★Margery Britton

★Elizabeth Vail Ciancio

Teresa Clee

Kristen Berlinger Connelly

Ralph Costello

★Barbara Decker

★Charlotte Dudek

Marc Friedman

Amy Greengrove Gripp

Joann Grebe Hartzell

Kathleen Dessino Hocking

Gwendolyn Kinebrew

Janet Lynn Kruger

Lou Lessen

Beverly Lomax

Anthony Matty

Joseph Miller

Carrie Stong O’Brien

★Lisa Pellegrini

Bernard Schneider

Nidhi Sharma

Kristin Gloviak Tanis

Kathleen Kostelnik Wood

T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5


Fund Agent: Colleen Schorn


Gifts: $5,350

Coronet Club Members

★Arthur Berger*

★Walter Weber Jr.

Turret Club Member

Amy Beresnyak Nassif

Castle Club Members

Karen Rossi Brager

Jeanette Golder

★Lee Laden

★Alice Lerro

Donna Zach Spendley


Tracey Krajci Blount

Mildred Bostwick-Poli

Kristen Kloiber Brubaker



A total of 1,191 pavers has been installed on The Alumni

Fund Walk of Pride. Just prior to Reunion 2005, 102 pavers

were installed, and additional orders have been received

since then. Pavers are ordered in the early spring

so that installation can be made before Reunion each year.

For more information on how to link your name to your

alma mater forever, please call 215-572-2124. The following

alumni are adding their pavers to The Alumni Fund Walk

of Pride.



Moselle Butterworth Beatty


Gail L. Bedell ’93

Arthur Ozzie Berger ’91

Helen R. Bosley ’69

Norma Weiss Brodsky ’61

Jane Spritzer Brown ’67

Norma Golder Brunswick


Jean Heathcote Burke ’78

Diane Gorlin Cabot ’57

Rosalie Swedlin Cort ’68

Sue Gorlin Crane ’54

Nancy Nagel Dager ’51

Adam G. Denish ’89

Vivian Constance Dow ’86

David L. Eatough ’84

Bruce L. Epstein ’88

Julia Lee Erickson ’63

Kathleen Titus Faul ’68

Lottie Belle Malone Field


Sarah Caplan

Janice Cavoto

Mei Zhong Dey*

Kathleen Kolongowski Fallon

Jeffrey Johannsen

Laura Habermeier Johannsen

Denisha Noaker Kline

Susan Loeb

Valerie Blett Martin

Holly Dadds Merker

★Donna Miller

Irene Mack Goodsell ’54

Joan Ottaway Gurniak ’58

Dorrit E. Hale ’75

Sally Smith Heylmun ’56

Lauren Joceville ’04

Joanne Aylsworth Kean ’54

Leah Marie Kresge ’55

Helen Dodge Lefor ’54

Diana Fine Luks ’77

Phyllis Maisel McCoy ’45

Judy Deane Newlin ’53

Marion D. Pallas ’89

Rita C. Phillips ’67

Marianne Hirst Rankin ’36

Barbara Jones Sibley ’58

Margaret Johnson Sutor ’54

Bonnie Weinhaus Witmer


Barbara Ulmer Zimmerman




Esther Love Grissom ’79

Dorianne Hesson ’04

Stacy B. Rosenthal ’05

Shaun D. Smith ’04

Bradley Rhein

Diane Shupp


Fund Agent: Kerry Ann


Gifts: $4,742

Coronet Club Member

★Susanne McK. Weaver*

Turret Club Members

★Ann Bucci

★Marie DeRatto*

Francis Hicks*

Fredric Kirschbaum*

Castle Club Members

Philip Beattie

Kerry Ann Costello-Null


Irene Kruszewski Bodle

Howard Delfiner

Kurt Heiselmoyer

Mary Kennedy

★Marybeth Laphen

Denise Bird McFadden

Elizabeth Kondonijakos


Kristina Urquhart Nowotny

Michelle Panyik

Elizabeth Pfeiffer

★Debra Goldberg Plafker

Timothy Quan

Kathleen Derk Rhein

Jeffery Schaller

Kristin Ellis Stetler


Fund Agent: Donna Segner


Gifts: $1,180

Tower Club Member

★Frank X. Quinn*

Turret Club Member

Geraldine Brown-Broadnax*

Castle Club Member

Donna Segner Levan


Alice Brown

Robert Curran

Frank Anthony Daiutolo

Maureen Kurtz Donahue

Christopher Ekstrom

Linda Jungers

Carolyn Martin-Cook

Bonnie Melrose

N. Evita Anton Norman

★Barbara Phillips

Desiree Daletto Schaller

Gail Bedell Smeraldi

Walter Smith

James Stetler


Fund Agent: Joseph


Gifts: $884

Castle Club Members

Craig Belcher

★Dottie Johnson Foley


Marcus Alexander

Lynne Tracy Arovas

Michelle Sweigert Baldwin

Tara Levengood Cusick

Lauren DeVitis

Cathy Dunn*

★Sally Purrington Hild

Nicole Killmer

Carol Ann Mackey

Kimberly Mueller

Stephen Sikora

Ann Stanton

Christopher Thomas

★Anthony Tornetta

★Laura Visco


Fund Agents: Mary Deom

Bundle, Christine Thomas


Gifts: $3,526

Tower Club Member

★Marie Gallagher

Turret Club Members

★Christine Thomas Hewitt

Christopher Kuonen*

Castle Club Members

Fay Larsen Chauvette

Faith Trout Dilworth

Steven Dilworth

Brendan Purse

Christine Macaluso Thurston


Kara Coppola Barnard

Jennifer Egan Brady

Cheryl Capacchione

Christa Cardullo

Julie Gustafson Cregin

Raeded Ebah

Amy Myers Eveleth

Stephanie McNerney


Andrew Graham

Celia Silvestre Graham

John Jackson



T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

Sharon Kelly

Christopher Lutz

Erin Rafferty Maiolino

Yazmin Cano Piszel

Stacey Pizza

Thomas Satko

Christine Lenz Vandermay

★Linda Wiesinger

John Williams

★Francis Woltemate


Fund Agent: Letitia Paton


Gifts: $792

Castle Club Members

Danielle Morelli Blevins

★Carrie Allgeier Cardillo


Anna Gregor Becker

Ann Benner

Mary Heron

Elsie Jones

Letitia Paton Lee

Kellie Jablon Lewis

Eric Martin

Thomas McAndrew*

Olga Merdiuszew

Jacki Merkel

Joyce Modzelewski

Kathleen Newnam

Nancy Sherlock

Eileen Dougherty Vince


Fund Agent: Jennifer

Fenstermaker Madeira

Gifts: $852

Castle Club Member

Frederick Reilly


Colleen Kelly Anderson

Maya Basu

David Boyle

Keith Case

Arlene DeLeon

Melissa DeLuca

Agnieszka Gimlewicz

Rachel Glaser

Belinda Glijansky

Victoria Gowat Harris

Lucinda Joseph

Kathleen Kremis

Thomas Lynd

Vivian McIntyre

Kimberly Schneider Schafer

Regina Schneider

Susan Tomassetti


Fund Agent: Nicole Mozzillo


Gifts: $1,706

Turret Club Member

Patricia Treacy Elliott

Castle Club Member

Sharon Hanawalt


Tracie Best-Harris

Cynthia Bradley

Patricia Brennan

Christine Campoli

Kelly Coughlin

David Davis

Raffaele Donato

Michelle Duffy

Danna Gelman

Colleen Crumlish Leader

David Leposa

Joseph McCarthy

Megan Dorkoskie Meeker

Andrew Milne

Maryann Navarro

New Clubs Recognize Those Who Contribute

Jaime Osea

Jodie Pitt

Michael Schafer

Joseph Stasen

TaraJean Tweddle Trzaskawka

Nicole Mozzillo Wagner

Marco Ward

Cynthia Wilson


Fund Agent: Jennifer Custer


Gifts: $2,731

Tower Club Member

Diane Levitt

Castle Club Members

David Bruno

Jonathan Greskiewicz*

Sondra McDaniel Kistler*


Corradina Baldacchino

Patrick Bromark

Jane Calvani

Barbara Crittendon

Angela Crouch

Dyani Hugo

Jaclyn Libonate Kreshock

Chun-Yung Lu

Maria Spinelli Mastin

Catherine Kirschner


Jason McLead

Tara Snyder Murphy

Matthew Musket

Miriam Parker

Eddie Poletti-Tyson

Lori Rosensweig

Kristen Serina

Melissa Thomas

Corinne Whitman


Fund Agent: Tara Jo Stanz

Gifts: $2,674

Castle Club Members

Christopher Conklin

Cory Keller

Patricia Ann Pinckney*

John Rudolf

Giselle Sandy-Phillips

Amanda Ivanoff Tull

Debra DiMichele Wolverton


Leah Arbeter

Bryan Baker


Arcadia values each and every gift, just as it treasures each student and every alumna/us,

parent and friend. New gift clubs introduced in the 2005–2006 fiscal year demonstrate the

University’s sincere “thank you” to all who contribute to the University’s present and its future.

The President’s Circle will include all donors giving at least $1,000 in a fiscal year, with

graduated levels of recognition including the Tower Club, the Coronet Club, the Medallion

Club and the Renaissance Club. Donors giving $250 to $999 will become Castle Benefactors.

All gifts to the University in a fiscal year will count toward a donor’s annual giving club level.

President’s Circle

Renaissance Club $25,000 and over

Medallion Club $10,000–$24,999

Coronet Club $5,000–$9,999

Tower Club $1,000–$4,999

Castle Benefactor $250–$999

Contributor up to $249

Join a new giving club today!

T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

Rebecca Barlow

Tyheshia Cleveland

Janet Costello

Adam DeBaecke

Kelly Devine

Michelle Dietrich-Batz

Colleen Donnelly

Tynisha Drennon

Joelle Preville Eckenrode

Deborah Gribbin

Todd Hacker

Kevin Hagan

Brandi Hine

James Hutchings

Shannon Irvin

Kathi Kratchman

Christina DiMauro Landis

Toya Rucker Lawson

Denise Lear

Sandra Levine

Tricia Luddecke

Cynthia Lynd

Mary Ellen Maher

Beth Wrable McNichol

David Mook

Derrick Morgan

Kathleen O’Connor O’Brien

Deborah Urban Raby

Leslie Rajewski

Brandon Riegel

Christa Sauer

Rebecca Sciarra

Daniel Shollenberger

Elizabeth Spruyt

Tara Jo Stanz

Sara Welles

Kristen Yapsuga


Fund Agent: Rosemarie

O’Brien LoCascio

Gifts: $2,035

Castle Club Members

Donelle Brotz

Mary Kathleen Maher

Randi Martin


Melissa Alfieri-Frey

Aaron Banach

Jessica Barlow

Margaret Blatman

Christine DeNeve Bucks

Nathan Bucks

Jennifer Burns

Kristen Butchko

Lauren Gold Castriota

Stephen Cinoski

Melissa Collier

Carolyn David

Holly Keeney Davis

Megan Williams Davis

Maureen Dyer

Sarah Faherty

LeAnn Ott Fanelli

Patrick Fanelli

Bridghet Fisher

Jamie Brunner Fox

Thomas Glaze

Marilyn Greenfield

Ernest Hargett

Heather Kraftician

Brian Kuhn

Gina Giannone Kun

Carrie Lehman

Rosemarie O’Brien LoCascio

Carmella Miller

Toria Morin

Colleen Ramsey

Krista Sanford

Karla Kuliga Scanlon

Amanda Schorle

Maggie Sharp

Dawn Sweeney

Katie Gallen Topping

Christopher Ubbens

Kristy Willson

Cathryn Zanoni


Fund Agent: Corinne Royer


Gifts: $2,238

Castle Club Members

Adrian Banning

Patricia DeBow*

Philip Fry

Corinne Royer Greskiewicz*

Jessica Jubok

Jeffrey Ricciani


Jenna Balaicuis

Christa Barnhart

Lisa Blazik

Jane Boyle

Elizabeth Bruccoleri

Mark Cadwallader

Edward Chmielewski

Erin Cliggett

Margaret Colomy

Sandra Czapka

Mary Derry

Michele Drummond

Tyler Dupre

Victoria Ford

Jennifer O’Connor Glaze

Kenneth Griffith

Andrew Johnson

Christina Keller

Christos Kolaris

Leah Lample

Gek-Theng Lawlor

Robert Lokoff

Amy MacCausland

Christy McGowan



The Class of 2001 will follow the Senior Class Challenge tradition of installing personalized

pavers on The Alumni Fund Walk of Pride by Reunion 2006. For information on how to

join your classmates on The Alumni Fund Walk of Pride in time for Reunion 2006, please

call 215-572-2098. The following pavers from the Senior Class Challenge Class of 2000 were

installed this past spring on The Alumni Fund Walk of Pride.

Leah M. Arbeter

Bryan Paul Baker

Rebecca A. Barlow, DPT ’03

Emily A. Bergson-Shilcock

Genevieve L. Bongart

Jennifer Teaford Carroll

Tyheshia T. Cleveland

Christopher P. Conklin

Janet A. Costello

Adrienne N. Cureton

Adam A. De Baecke

Kelly Ann Devine

Michelle R. Dietrich-Batz

Colleen P. Donnelly

Tynisha Camae Drennon

Joelle Eckenrode

Michelle Quigley Greager

Deborah D.


Todd W. Hacker

Kevin M. Hagan

Carol Pernicello Hellyer

Brian J. Hiller

Brandi M. Hine

Jane Hoover

James Byron Hutchings

Shannon Irvin

Cory J. Keller

Kevin Ketler

Marguerite Beans Kistner

Kathi Hentnik Kratchman

Catherine Myers Kulp

Christina DiMauro Landis

Toya Rucker Lawson

Denise Lear

Petronella M. Lefebvre

Sandra D. Levine

Heather J. Lindsley

Chun-Yung L. Lu

Tricia Kershner Luddecke

Cynthia Cost Lynd

Mary Ellen Maher

Beth Wrable McNichol

Juliann Mogish

David A. Mook

Derrick J. Morgan

Kelly Paulin Neal

Kathleen A. O’Connor


Patricia Ann Pinckney

Donna L. Preston

Deborah Urban Raby

Leslie A. Rajewski

Brandon Riegel

Jami Melissa Rodriguez

Rebecca P. Rosemond

Christa L. Sauer

Rebecca M. Sciarra

Lorraine D. Scott

Daniel W. Shollenberger

David C. Smith

Elizabeth Spruyt

Tara Jo Stanz

Florence J. Thompkins

Amanda Ivanoff Tull

Jean Wallace

Kristin L. Weand

Sara E. Welles

Debra Di Michele


Kristen N. Yapsuga

Members of the Class of 2000 celebrated their five-year Reunion in June 2005 and the

successful conclusion of their Senior Class Challenge with the installation of their inscribed

pavers on The Alumni Fund Walk of Pride.



T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

John G. Miller

John J. Miller

Patrick Mriss

Frances Newman

Nekesa Parks

James Rohner

Lisa Roy

Melissa Schaefer

Suzanne Green Shaw

Doris Smith

Allie Sprecher

Tiffany Steuterman

Stephanie Titus

Michael Toth

John Wright

Jared Ziegler


Fund Agents: Natalie

Dobrowolski, Jenna


Gifts: $1,885

Castle Club Members

Joshua Danridge

Aimee Drumheller

Kristi Hutchison

Vanessa Leo

Nicholas Radzicki


Jennifer Adiletto

Chelsea Badeau

Simone Barton

Barry Bryan

Janet Burke

Eileen Butkovic

Mary Caffrey

Jaclyn Cheyne

Jeanmarie Corrigan

Jordan Cupelli

Bridget Evans

Joshua Fesi

Lisa Hyduck Fletcher

Jenna Gavaletz

Holly Hendrickson

Steven Johnson

Andrea Ketschek

Eileen Lafferty

Christopher Mattingly

Natalie Metzger

Michelle Mattingly Moore

Stephanie Neil

Melissa Norman

Kyla Possinger

Pamela Pusey

Deirdre Regan

Melissa Romano

Kimberly Rutledge

Erin Schnorbus

Julianne Scibetta

Courtney Spiker

Stephanie String

Aimee Tamulavage

Cynthia Williams


Fund Agents: Jennifer

Dassaro, Adrienne

DiMino, Charles Maschi

Gifts: $2,705

Castle Club Members

Valerie Baldwin

Sara Borden

Christa Damkaoutis

Jason Gaynor

Stephen Hamburg

Helen Henderson

Amy Jacobsen

Lauren Joceville (deceased)

Mary Keane

Janet Marshall*

Charles Maschi

Esther Rineer

Rebeca Smith

Darcy Ziejewski


Anna Liza Aguirre

Stephani Ansley

Sara Benner

Julie Clark

Heather Creighton

Gabrielle D’Agata

Jennifer Dassaro

Grace Diehl

Breann Donnelly

Christopher Dukart

Lisa Forberg

Christine Forcade

Joann Frasier-Dasent

Celina Gonzalez

Amy Gorman

Timothy Grochowski

Christy Guinan

Joan Ferreira Hostic

Jeanine Jochems

Jennifer Klapproth

Katherine McGowan

Shannon Meissner

Steven Moss

David Paone

Michael Parlatore

Jack Peyton

Margaret Poteet

Kristen Scirrotto

Meredith Theurer

Emily Wackerman

Carl Whitlock

Dawn Wilson

Patricia Zysk


Gifts: $260

Castle Club Member

Donna Whitlock


Elizabeth Scholly

Co-chairs of the 2005 Senior Class Challenge campaign, Ashley Wiand (left) and Bethany

O’Brien, hosted a successful Kick-Off event in January 2005. They also led the Senior Class

Challenge team, obtaining 141 five-year pledges from their classmates for The Alumni Fund.






Gifts: $ 19,912

Coronet Club Member

Andrew Newman ’93 ’96

Tower Club Members

Maureen Rowley Guim ’80

William Meiers ’93 ’96

Judith Mills ’93

Turret Club Members

Maryanne Donovan Bowers


Linda Diamond ’80

Kenneth Foelster ’84

Lauranne Freyhof ’74

Louise Stevens ’90

Castle Club Members

Dwayne Baron ’93

Carol Copland ’98

Catherine Granahan ’84

Esther Grissom ’79

Jane Jordan ’80

Donald Kieser ’95

Barbara Landers-Gosney ’86

Judith Lyons ’91

Carl Mangione ’02

Antoinette McIntosh ’94

Stacy Rosenthal ’04

Irena Sandler ’78

Paul Stadelberger ’78

Joy Stanziani Twelves ’89

Sally Von Meyer ’83

Dianne Weyant ’95

Terril Ziegler-Carson ’91


Marlyn Alkins ’90

Ruth Almond ’83*

Maria Ambler ’92

Jill Amentt ’92

Diane Fagan Amitai ’80

Christina Amodei ’96

Bruce Apple ’84

Thomas Armbruster ’95

Linda Stevenson Ashton ’92

Margaret Finger Ayres ’00

Charlotte Babinski ’97

Jean Badger ’75

Mark Banchi ’80

Beatrice Barrett ’82

Amelia Bergstrom Baughman


Valerie Beimfohr ’85

Jeffrey Berger ’84

Judith Bernstein ’79

Roselyn Blumberg ’77

Doris Bock ’84

Amie Gallagher Bolger ’99

Lowell Booth ’80

Luba Borochok ’03

Richard Bowen ’89

Beverly Bowman ’79

Germaine Branch ’78

David Brantley ’95

Mary Brauman ’94

Beulah Braxton-Brown ’93

Christian Brenner ’81

Sandy Wingrod Brenner ’77

Kathleen Brinkman ’79

George Bronkovic ’76

Dreamalee Brotz ’89

Tara Schmierer Brown ’94

Margaret Burgoyne ’87

Karen Vaske Burns ’86

Paul Bussard ’93

Jacqueline Cantor ’80

Kim Carioto-Krugle ’84

Linda Carroll ’84

Melissa Adonizio Cencetti ’95

Jeanne Charlesworth ’81

Susan Chedaker ’80

June Chester ’79

Christine Christoph ’94

Nicholas Ciciretti ’94

Marcia Cisik ’91

Elaine Clay ’82

Florence Clemens ’75

Janet Clerico ’88

William Clossin ’87

Joanne Clothier ’77

Robert Clothier ’77

Marlyn Cohen ’76

Jill Coleman ’79

Jeff Conforti ’90

Rozabella Connor ’03

Evelyn Conyer ’80

Sarah White Cooper ’78

Barbara Cooperberg ’82

Robin Corcoran ’85

Anne Corwell ’81

Rebecca Cosgrave ’92

Helene Cross ’80

Beth Davco ’90

Michael Day ’01

Margaret Deardorff ’75

Eileen DiFranco ’94

T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

Joel Digris ’97

Dana DiPalantino ’99

Andrea Domsky ’98

Michael Donoghue ’87

Holly Donovan ’89

Lester Dubin ’00

Myra Durlofsky ’78

Penny Meyer Dusak ’79

Faith Edelman ’88

Adele Ehmann ’79

Phyllis Ehrlich ’89

Susan Elfont ’75

Patricia Engle ’97

Donna Erickson ’92

Pauline Etling ’88

Lynn Faughey ’98

Joanne Fidler ’79

Sharon Fields ’86

Rena Fine ’94

Janet Fischer ’02

Andrea Fisher ’86

Barbara Fisher ’93

Maria Fitzgerald ’93

Joyce Flacker ’79

Tanya Folk ’01

Karin Frantz ’04

Arthur Friedman ’92

Sandra Frieze ’92

Raymond Garritt ’82

Alissa Giancarlo-Hart ’01

Clare Girton ’94

Wilma Glick ’77

Maureen Goering ’82

Paula Golden ’96

Rosemary Good ’96

Channie Goodman ’90

Charles Gorbsky ’96

Janet Graham ’86

Holly Schuck Grant ’84

Barbara Grimes ’79

Deborah Grob ’94

Janet Grove ’78

Gena Grum-Bensinger ’97

Carol Guogas ’93

Hedy-Ann Guyer ’96

Veronica Hairston ’83

Morse Hall ’97

Barbara Hannon ’79

Monica Harbison ’95

Eileen Hartnett ’90

Sarah Harvey ’86

Nina Haydel ’81

Donna Hecker ’01

Doris Heise ’96

Terry Heller ’83

Alison Heller-Ono ’84

Deborah Hellings ’97

Rochelle Henderson ’76

Linda Arras Hensel ’89

Janice Hoffmann ’87

Julia Hudson ’93

Wendy Hunsicker ’98

Patricia Iannelli ’87

Virginia Jacques ’92

Uma Jayaraman ’88

Camille Johnson ’81

Valerie Johnson ’02

Theodora Jordan ’87

Aline Kelley ’97

Martin Kelley ’84

Theresa Kelly ’99

John Kensecki ’99

Dorothy King ’04

Scott Klear ’95

Sandra Kofsky ’85

Nancy Kolesar ’93

Mary Kratz ’93

Nancy Krepelka ’88

Neal Kruger ’82

Jane Kufta ’98

Barbara Kulp ’03

Marianne Kuo ’95

Clara Kurman ’81

Margaret Labosh ’85

Nancy Langfeld ’92

Kayann Laughlin ’83

Lynn Laver ’78

Cynthia Leader ’02

Barbara Black Leauber ’98

Dorothy Leese ’83

Seymour Lemonick ’75

Charles Lentz ’03

Heather Lerch ’99

Bruce Leven ’79

Myrna Lipkin ’79

Connie Lippincott ’75

Anna Lloyd ’79

Laurel Logan-McCune ’82

Kathryn Lopez ’98

Arlene Lorch ’95

Dale Lower ’96

Toby Lundy ’83

Michele Lutzow ’01

Tracy Manela ’90

Marilyn Casey Manning ’99

Ima Maranzini ’87

Phyllis Mass ’93

Patricia Mathues ’80

Carrie Matthews ’02

Sara McCoy ’92

Jules Mermelstein ’94

Sandra Meyer ’94*

Catherine Michini ’98

Charlene Miller ’94

Rebecca Miller ’95

Harold Millman ’03

Mary Mac Minn ’81

Barbara Allan Moffett ’79

Mary Mohan ’84

Eva Monheim ’01

Deloris Moss ’78

Miriam Moyer ’73

Rochelle Murdock ’90

Rosemary Naab ’94

Diane Nadolski ’90

Elizabeth Pittock Neubauer ’83

Craig Newberger ’88

Inez Nichols ’82

Anita Oakes ’85

Susan Ochs ’96

Members of the Class of 2005 pose with their international sashes before Commencement.

Approximately 31 percent of the graduating class spent at least a semester abroad during

their time at Arcadia.

Jennifer Odenwald ’00

Marybeth Paone ’90

Robert Parisi ’77

Janet Parker ’94

Pamela Kardane Parsons ’89

Jigisha Patel ’02

Denise Paul ’92

Katherine Kush Pavonarius ’91

James Pearce ’79

Constance Pepe ’95

Karen Pflug-Felder ’84

Donna Wozniak Piekarski ’80

Judy Patterson Pike ’89

Georgene Pilling ’04

Kathleen Pippel ’82

Linda Pizzi ’05

Steven Plummer ’92

Leslie Pohl ’94

Frances Prendergast ’79

E. Carys Price ’90

Linda Quinby ’93

Joanne Regli ’83

Joan Reilly ’82

Donna Reinhart ’90

Elizabeth Richards ’95

Gerri Richmond ’92

Elizabeth Rihl-Lewinsky ’93

Susan Riley ’98

James Ritchie ’84

Linda Tishk Roeder ’80

Richard Roeser ’02

Selma Roffman ’82

Kirsten Rogers ’92

Eileen Hoberman Roseman ’84

Janet Rosenberger ’80

Aaron Rosenzweig ’91

Kathleen Rossello ’99

Selma Rovner ’80

Miriam Rubenstein ’77

Francine Sannutti ’81

Walter Saunders ’95

Mary Schuck ’88

Lois Schwalb ’92

Sharon Schwartz ’93

Patti Schwarz ’87

Amy Aron Seidman ’79

Steve Sepel ’96

Marie Seward ’92

Sharon Shaffer ’88

Sharon Shapiro ’89

Paula Shavell ’81

Ruth Sheets ’78

Vera Shembel ’96

Kimberly Wolf Sherron ’93

Larry Shipper ’77

Nancy Mecaughey

Shoemaker ’83

Laura Cartwright Shoff ’91

Natalie Simon ’91

Krista Berens Smart ’90

Carol Smith ’02

Jean Smith ’91

Marilyn Smith ’91

Sara Smith ’96

Valerie Smith ’89

Virginia Smith ’74

Diane Smolen ’79

Brian Snader ’03

Susan Sobel ’92

Dorothy Messe Sokolowski ’88

Tatiana Jitni Sotingco ’99*

Anne Spratt ’95

June Stewart ’78

Nancy Stocking ’97

Jennifer Story ’90

Mark Stover ’94

Tarey Strickland-Smith ’97

Lynn Stroud ’77

Charyl Suzuki ’81

George Swales ’78

Nancy Greenlaw Sweatt ’99

Carol Sweeney ’86

Joann Thierfelder ’95

Todd Thomas ’91

Donna Tobin ’76

Susan Corson Tobin ’76

Claire Toy ’75

Caren Trantas ’94

Naomi Udell ’77

Constance Pilla Uliano ’86

Orlando Vadel ’99

Steven Wagner ’93

Rosemary Walkenhorst ’88

Janet Walsh ’82

Celeste Washington Walters


Caroline Weiner ’87

Susan Rapp Whereat ’89

Laura Whitcomb ’90

Gayle Whittle ’93

Jeanne Wieckowski ’03

Gordon Wilson ’95

Joan Winokur ’78

Linda Wolko ’77

Betty Woodley ’83

Margaret Sheets Yeager ’85

Janet Yudkin ’82

Michael Zerbe ’87

Linda Zimmerman ’96

Sharon Zion ’89

Peggy Zirkle ’87

An asterisk (* ) after a donor’s

name indicates that his or

her contribution includes a

Corporate Matching Gift.



T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5




Gifts: $73,237

Renaissance Club

$25,000 and above

Mrs. Marie-Louise Vermeiren


Coronet Club Members

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Schluth

The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Calvin E.

Uzelmeier, Jr.*

Mr. & Mrs. Francis G. Vitetta

Tower Club Members

Mr. Richard Chiang

Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Payne

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Stempler

Turret Club Members

Mr. & Mrs. George Benson

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bentley

Mrs. Mary Burgoyne

Mr. James Halliday*

Mr. & Mrs. James Junge

Dr. & Mrs. Joel Kirschbaum*

Mrs. James Reid

Ms. Helen Schulten

Castle Club Members

Dr. & Mrs. Kun Cho

Mr. Theodore Counts

Mr. & Mrs. John Cryan

Ms. Stella Falcione

Mr. & Mrs. Dietmar Griem

Mr. & Mrs. William Hamilton

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Joceville

Mr. & Mrs. Karl Jones

Dr. & Mrs. Harold Koller

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Kosterich

Mr. & Mrs. Rocco LaPorta

Mr. Carleton Lawton

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Leo

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Maschi

Mr. & Mrs. Kazuo Ninomiya

Mr. & Mrs. Robert O’Brien

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pennisi

Dr. John Ricciani

Ms. Lynne Rosenthal

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Scilla

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Tibbetts

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Young


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Abel

Mr. Charles Adams

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Adams

Mr. & Mrs. Andraka

Mr. & Mrs. John Andre

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher


Mr. & Mrs. Donald Austin

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Balaicuis

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Barbetto

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Barch

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Barlow

Mr. & Mrs. John Barry

Mr. Stephen Bellis

Ms. Edwina Benson

Mrs. Lynn Bergold

Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Berland

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Biaselli

Mr. William Blevins

Ms. Debra Boardman

Mr. & Mrs. Borgstrom

Ms. Lacetta Bowman

Dr. & Mrs. William Bracy

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bradley

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas


Dr. & Mrs. Harry Brener

Mr. Jose Brereton

Ms. Nancy Bruno

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Budich

Mrs. Marianne Canonica

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Carlson

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Carney

Mr. & Mrs. W. Morris Cassel

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Ceniviva

Mr. & Mrs. David Chowns

Mr. Joseph Ciaranca

Mr. & Mrs. William Clark

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Coller

Mr. & Mrs. John Corbacio

Mr. & Mrs. David Cottrell

Ms. Virginia Cronin

Mr. & Mrs. William Crouch

Ms. Donna Curran

Mr. & Mrs. John Custer

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Dakin

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Damato

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Darby

Ms. Mariann Dassaro

Mr. & Mrs. DeSantis

Mr. & Mrs. Don Detwiler

Mr. & Mrs. Giuseppe DiCio

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Dickinson

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Duffy

Ms. Orla Dunstan

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Eakins

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Eatough

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ely

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Farrell

Mrs. Hazel Ferguson

Ms. Della Ferris

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Figgs

Mr. & Mrs. William Finch

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fleming

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Forcina

Mr. & Mrs. Van Frederick

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fries

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fullerton

Ms. Jane Galetto

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gantz

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Gerhard*

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gibson

Ms. Kathleen Gilligan*

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gingrich

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gloviak

Ms. Ruth Gombas

Ms. Lynn Gordon

Mrs. Rebecca Grady

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Grande

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Gray

Mrs. Thelma Greco

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Green

Mr. & Mrs. Russell


Mr. & Mrs. Edward


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gruber

Mr. & Mrs. Richard


Mr. & Mrs. William Hagan

Ms. Jeanne Hamburg

Mr. & Mrs. Craig


Mr. & Mrs. Paul Harbord*

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Harkless

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hartman

Mr. & Mrs. David Hatfield

Ms. Christine Hauber

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Heatherby

Ms. Sheila Heenan

Mr. & Mrs. William Hey

Mrs. Charlotte Higler

Ms. Beverly Hill

Mr. Harris Hoke

Mr. David Hoos

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Hufford

Ms. Jean Huggins

Mr. & Mrs. John Hulme

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hunsinger

Ms. Clotilda Jayawardena

Mrs. Goldye Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Jones

Members of Parents’ Council reach out to fellow parents during the Parents’ Phonathon in

November 2004 to support the Parents’ Fund, a component of the Annual Fund. Standing

(left to right): Linnette and Larry Zaccaro, Debbie Arbuckle, Jane Savino. Seated (left to right):

Donna Bator and Sherry Fox.

Ms. Donna Kester

Dr. & Mrs. Harry Kintzi

Mrs. Jane Kolongowski

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Konopka

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Koval

Mr. & Mrs. James Kowalski

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kozlowski

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Kozo

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Kruszewski

Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Kulp

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Landis

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Lear

Ms. Michele Leclerc

Mr. Anthony LeFante

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Legnani

Mr. & Mrs. Lembo

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Leone

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas


Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Loomis

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Luci

Mr. & Mrs. Morton Macks

Ms. Miriam Malloy

Mr. & Mrs. John Martone

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Marzarella

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick


Mr. & Mrs. John Mason

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mayer

Mr. & Mrs. Robert McAvoy

Mr. & Mrs. John McCandless

Mr. & Mrs. William


Mr. & Mrs. James McConnell

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick


Mr. & Mrs. Daniel


Mr. & Mrs. James


Mr. & Mrs. Stephen


Ms. Mary McKinney*

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh


Ms. Martha Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Mitchell

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Mizanin

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moran

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Morelli

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Morgan

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Mostyn

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mriss

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Mugrauer

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Myers

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Nicholas

Mr. & Mrs. Anastasios


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Nuccio

Mr. & Mrs. William Odell

Mr. & Mrs. Michael O’Hara

Ms. Marilyn Oorbeck

Dr. & Mrs. Roger Ostdahl

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Ott

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Ottey

T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

Mr. & Mrs. John Pachkowski

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Parlatore

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Patterson

Ms. Isabella Pavel

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Paxson

Mr. & Mrs. James Peery

Dr. Harry Pellegrini

Mr. & Mrs. Dominick


Ms. Fran Petrella

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Pflugler

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Piotrowski

Mr. & Mrs. James Pletcher

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Plunkett

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Pocorobba

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pontillo

Mr. Anthony Poole

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Porter

Mr. & Mrs. James Postupack

Mr. & Mrs. Kuo-Shuen Quan

Ms. Nancy Rachlin

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ramsey

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Ray

Ms. Jodee Reedy

Mrs. Edith Reifsnyder

Mr. & Mrs. James Ridout

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Rineer

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ripp

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Ritzman

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Rohs

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Ross

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rotondo

Mr. & Mrs. David Royer

Mrs. Marjorie Ruff

Dr. & Mrs. David Rutledge

Mr. & Mrs. Charles St. John

Mr. Michael Saloma

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sanok

Ms. Jane Savino

Mr. & Mrs. Edoardo Scabbia

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Scelfo

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schlosser

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schuerer

Mr. & Mrs. Pasquale Sciarra

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Seltzer

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Settefrati

Mr. & Mrs. Rajesh Shah

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Sherman

Mr. & Mrs. James Silimeo

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Sindoni

Mr. & Mrs. E. Barry


Mr. & Mrs. Edward Skirkie

Mr. & Mrs. John Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Smith

Mr. & Mrs. S. Berne Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Snell

Mr. & Mrs. James Snow

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Souders

Mrs. Carolyn Spearman

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Spezzano

Mr. Wessel Sprecher

Mr. & Mrs. Carlton Stauffer

Mr. & Mrs. William Stewart

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stokes

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Strange

Mr. Richard Stranix

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Swider

Mr. Douglas Tague

Mr. & Mrs. John Teaford

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Thomas

Ms. Nancy Tippett

Mr. Jon Tucker

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Turner

Mr. Alan Tweddle

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Valenti

Mr. & Mrs. V. Jack


Mr. & Mrs. James Visco

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Waldie

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Walsh

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wardlow

Ms. Joanne Watterson

Mrs. Helen Weikel

Mr. & Mrs. William Welsh

Mr. Michael Werner

Mr. & Mrs. R. John Werner

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Wescott

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Wolfinger

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Yanchis

Mr. & Mrs. William Young

Ms. Gloria Zacierka

Mr. & Mrs. George Zeminski




Gifts: $20,742

School spirit was contagious as midnight rolled around and

the men’s and women’s basketball teams entered the darkened

Kuch Center under the glare of the spotlights.

If you didn’t hear about Knight Madness, a brand new

event that drew nearly a thousand students cheering

wildly, then we need your e-mail address.

Medallion Club Members

Mr. & Mrs. John Lawrence

Mr. Michael J. Mullin

Coronet Club Members

Mr. Frank Boni

Mr. & Mrs. John Haas

Ms. Susan Leiper

Mr. Daniel Paracka*

Dr. Jean Salwen

Miss Marilyn Steinbright

Tower Club Members

Ms. Sally Cone

Dr. Carl Hoffman

Mr. Michael Konover

Mr. Thomas Reilly

Mr. Burton Ritchie

Mr. Constantine Tonian*

Mr. Merville Willis

Turret Club Members

Ms. Kathryn Pentz

Mr. Lowell Thomas

Castle Club Members

Dr. & Mrs. Harvey Baron

Mr. Robert Pyle*

Mr. Richard Speller


Mrs. Doris Beechwood

Mr. Gerald Birkelbach

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Carver

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Chernoff

Ms. Barbara Crane

Ms. Carolyn Dearnaley

Ms. Frieda Dieterich

Mr. Donald Duttweiler

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Elias

Ms. Marjorie Ensinger

Mr. Victor Falch

D I D Y O U C A T C H K N I G H T M A D N E S S ?

(Clue—You Can Only Get it Online!)

Gargoyle Chronicles is an e-mail newsletter that

supplements the Herald. You can find the November issue

on the Web at www.arcadia.edu/alumni. Sign up now to get regular communications about alumni events

and what’s happening on campus.

Send us an e-mail at alumni@arcadia.edu and we’ll not only put you on our distribution list for

a once-a-month e-mail, you’ll also be able to access the Alumni Online Community, a place where

alumni share information with classmates

and friends.

For more information, e-mail

alumni@arcadia.edu or call 215-572-2160.


T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

Mr. R. Everett Fitzgerald

Ms. Paula Fricchione*

Ms. Constance Funk

Ms. Barbara Goldstein

Mr. Peter Graf

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Hahn

Ms. Mina Hart

Ms. Barbara Heiman

Ms. Elizabeth Hughes

Mr. Theodore Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kelly

Michael Kelly & Barbara


Dr. Janet Kilbride

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Kuch

Ms. Sora Landes

Mr. Charles Larkin

Ms. Alma Leadbeater

Ms. Ann Marlow

Mr. Joseph Mathers

Ms. Mary Jo Mattson

Ms. Marijane Miller

Mr. Chester Moyer

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Murphy

Mr. Barry Orlow

Ms. Carol Park

Ms. Mary Park

Mr. M. William Rayman

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Rempfer

Nick & Pat Reveliotty

Ms. Brenda Robinson

Dr. Allener Rogers

Ms. Hilda Rose

Mr. Jason Schlesinger

Mrs. Herbert Schwartz

Mr. & Mrs. Willard Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Al Stachel

Ms. Elaine Steele

Ms. Jennifer Steinberg

Mrs. Bessie Stensky

Ms. Nancy Travers

Ms. Evelyn Udell

Mrs. Grace Wheeler


These Arcadia University

Alumni Clubs have

made gifts to the Alumni

Fund or for other special

University purposes.

We truly appreciate

these special expressions

of alumni support.


Gifts: $725

Delaware Valley Alumni Club

Norristown Alumni Club


The following list of

corporations, foundations,

consortia, and religious

and other organizations

comprises all associations

that made contributions

to Arcadia University

in 2004–2005. These

contributions were made

either to the Arcadia

Annual Fund or in

support of other restricted

purposes. We thank them

for their generosity.


Gifts: $251,343

A D Computer

Abington Bank

Accenture Foundation, Inc.

Aetna Giving Campaign

Allstate Foundation

Altria Group, Inc.

Aon Foundation

Aramark Corporation

AstraZeneca Gift Matching


AT&T Foundation

Atlas Model Railroad Co., Inc.

Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

BD Matching Gift Program

Bank of New York

Bank One Foundation

Barley, Snyder, Senft & Cohen


Bristol-Myers Squibb


CIGNA Foundation

The Chubb Corporation

Commonwealth Agency, Inc.

Connelly Foundation

Delran Builders Co., Inc.

Dilworth Paxson LLP

Dominion Foundation

Dow Jones & Co., Inc.

ExxonMobil Foundation

Fast Ink Apparel

Fidelity Investments

Charitable Gifts

Fleet Educational Matching

Gift Program

Ford Matching Gift Program

GE Foundation

General Mills Foundation

Georgia-Pacific Corporation

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Glenside Travel Agency, Inc.

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Granahan Electrical

Contractors, Inc.

Hartford Insurance Group


Hershey Foods Corporation


Hibbert’s, Inc.

H.W. Hilles Architects

Honeywell Foundation

IBM International


Johnson & Johnson

KPMG Foundation

LaStrada Fashions, Inc.

Lockheed Martin Matching

Gift Program

MMC Matching Gifts


Michael Manz Painting

MassMutual Financial Group

May Department Stores


William R. May Funeral Home

McHugh Associates, Inc.

McKesson Foundation, Inc.

Merck & Co., Inc.

Merck Co. Foundation

Merrill Lynch & Co.

Foundation, Inc.

Mobil Equatorial Guinea, Inc.

Mobil Foundation, Inc.

The J. P. Morgan Chase


Motorola Foundation

New York Times Co.

Foundation, Inc.

PP&L, Inc.

PSC Charitable Trust

Pearce Signs

Pennoni Associates, Inc.

Penny’s Flowers

Pfizer, Inc.

Procter & Gamble Fund

Prudential Foundation

Radian Guaranty, Inc.

Russell Roofing Co.

John Savoy and Son, Inc.

Sunoco, Inc.

Towers, Perrin, Forster and

Crosby, Inc.

Tustin Mechanical Services

Tyco Control Group

UPS Foundation

USI MidAtlantic

United Technologies

Verizon Foundation

The Wachovia Foundation,


Wolf, Block, Schorr and

Solis-Cohen LLP

World Ventures


Xerox Foundation

2004–2005 ANNUAL FUND


Many thanks to the student phonathon callers who

contacted alumni and parents during the year to

encourage them to give to the Annual Fund.

Amanda Bator

Ally Bray

Kira Ferello

Sarah Fioriglio

Meghaan Figgs

Jessica Hoos

Gayathri Jayawardena

Maura Kennedy

Fran Mehaffey

Caitlin Mizanin


Gifts: $116,710

Association of Independent


SouthEastern Pennsylvania

Consortium for Higher



Gifts: $1,206,849


The Aaron Family Foundation

The Bean Family Foundation

The Bergman Foundation

Blankley Family Charitable


California Community


The Craig Foundation

Fife Family Foundation, Inc.

Glassman Family Foundation

The Greenburg-May

Foundation, Inc.

Hellendall Family Trust

Hess Foundation, Inc.

Melissa Phillips

Krissy Sconza

Emily Spandikow

Trisha Todd

Elsa Underwood

Ashley Wiand

Denise Wilson

Kate Yanchis

Franco Zaccaro

Student phonathoners gather outside Blankley Hall. Their

enthusiastic phone calls helped to ensure a successful year

for the 2005 Arcadia Annual Fund.

Jewish Federation of Rhode


The Foundation for the

Jewish Community

The June Hirsch Jones


Lambert Family Trust

John S. & Florence G.

Lawrence Foundation, Inc.

Christian R. & Mary F.

Lindback Foundation

Magistro Foundation

Maine Community


Margot Marsh Biodiversity


National Philanthropic Trust

National Science Foundation

Charlotte W. Newcombe


Paul Family Foundation

William Penn Foundation

Philadelphia Foundation

The Ralph & Suzanne

Roberts Foundation

The Rorer Foundation

Mary & Emanuel Rosenfeld


Rotko Family Foundation

Sam’s Club Foundation

The Schwab Fund For

Charitable Giving

Patricia Segal and Stephen

Segal Family Foundation

W. W. Smith Charitable


The Madeline and Isaac Stein

Family Fund

Bruce E. & Robbi S. Toll


The Tombros Foundation



Gifts: $16,882

Congregation Beth Chaim

Synod of the Trinity

Women’s Association of the

First Presbyterian Church



Gifts: $788,751

Alpha Delta Kappa–Theta


American Chemical Society

Charitable Gift Fund

Commonwealth of


East Mt. Airy Neighbors, Inc.

Georgia Hume Evans

Memorial, Inc.

KI-AJ Seniors

NAFSA: Association of

Interational Educators

National Institute on Aging

Larry Nipon Family Trust

Pan Arcadian Federation of


Pennsylvania Department of

Community and Economic


The Philadelphia Human

Resources Planning Group

The T. Rowe Price Program


Sam Pam Trust

School District of


Student Activist Club

Temple University Gear Up

U. S. Dept. of Health and

Human Sevices

United Way of the Capital

Area, Inc.

University of Pennsylvania

Vanguard Charitable

Endowment Program

The Wetlands Institute




Gifts: $38,260

Following is a listing of

the Arcadia University

employees who made

contributions to the

University in 2004–2005.

Their gifts supported the

Arcadia Annual Fund

and/or other special

purposes. We are most

appreciative of the

generosity of Arcadia’s

faculty, staff and


Ms. Lynette Allen-Collins

Ms. Aisha Amin-McCoy

Mr. William Avington

Mr. Parambir Bedi

Dr. Michael Berger

Dr. William Biggs

Ms. Debbie Blackstock

Dr. Joshua Blustein

Maryanne Donovan Bowers


Dr. & Mrs. William Bracy

Mr. Thomas Brinker

Mr. Eugene Bucci

Ms. Kraiwinee Bunyaratavej

Ms. Colleen Burke

Janice Cavoto ’91

Dr. Pradyumna Chauhan

Dr. Jonathan Church

Mrs. Elizabeth Clark

Sarah White Cooper ’78M

Ms. Andrea Coren

Mr. Michael Coveney

Ms. Dolores Coyle

Dr. Rebecca Craik

Dr. Mark Curchack

Dr. Emanuele Curotto

Linda Diamond ’80M

Mr. Michael Dryer

Dr. Martha Eastlack

Mr. Jeffrey Ewing

Mr. Stan Exeter

Ms. Jan Finn

Marie Gallagher ’95

Ms. Sue Gettlin

Dr. Angela Gillem

Dr. Steven Goldberg

Dr. Bette Goldstone

Celina Gonzalez ’04

Dr. Hugh Grady

Dr. Jerry Greiner

Ms. Catherine Guerra

Maureen Rowley Guim ’80M

Dr. Annette Halpin

Dr. Geoffrey Haywood


Joseph Patrick Archie ’77

Joseph Patrick Archie’s connection to Arcadia runs deep. Freshman year

introduced him to an unlikely pair of pursuits that became life-long passions:

philosophy and tennis. His baccalaureate work at Arcadia led him to defer law

school so he could continue studying philosophy. Focusing on ancient Greek

texts and ideas, he earned several graduate degrees, including a doctorate from

Bryn Mawr College and Oxford University in England. He then entered law

school, adding a J.D. from Harvard University, where he was an Editor of the

Harvard Law Review and graduated with honors. In the midst of all that was

a year as a tennis teaching pro.

After Harvard, Archie served as a law clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals and

started practicing law at Cravath, Swaine & Moore in New York. In 1995, he

returned to the Philadelphia area, joining the international law firm, Dechert

LLP, where he is now a partner in the litigation group and specializes in appeals.

He works principally on issues that arise in complex civil litigation matters such

as class actions. And he continues to be an avid tennis player.

Archie’s roots at Arcadia remain strong. He has been a Trustee for three years

and currently serves on the Audit and Academic Affairs committees. He has

generously supported the Annual Fund each year, as well as special projects

such as the Library and sports facilities. “An institution that teaches the rigor and

joy of both intellectual and athletic pursuits and introduces one to people like

Helen Buttel, Pradyumna Chauhan, Bill Bracy, Siu-chi Huang, Barry O’Connor,

Ray Rose, Betty Weiss and many others is worth cultivating,” he says.



T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

Arcadia welcomed 577 new students – 435 freshmen and

132 transfer students – to campus this fall. For the first time

transfer students will have the opportunity to participate in a

“preview” as they plan to travel to Florence and Rome this

spring break with the University's new Italy Preview program.

Dr. Gail Hearn

Ms. Christina Flint Hennessey

Dr. John Hoffman

Andrew Johnson ’02

Ms. Janet Johnson

Mr. Robert Kieserman

Ms. Janet Kilbride

Barbara Kulp ’03M

Lee Laden ’91

Dr. Bette Landman

Dr. David Larsen

Dr. Carol Leiper

Ms. Julia Levy

Ms. Shirley Liddle

Mr. Charles Lower

Mr. Nicholas Luchko

Ms. Felicia Lundrigan

Ms. Nancy Magid

Dr. Kathleen Mangione

Catherine Kirschner

Mattingly ’99

Ms. Anna McAleer

Dr. Phillip McClure

Mr. Kenneth McConnell


Ms. Kate McGlinchey

Ms. Shana McGlinchey

Mrs. Phyllis McNeff

William Meiers ’93M, ’96M

Ms. Marijane Miller

Dr. Marianne Miserandino

Ms. Melissa Mitchell

Dr. Wayne Morra

Ms. Bonnie Moses

Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Moss

Andrew Newman ’93M, ’96M

Dr. Barbara Nodine

Mr. Dennis Nostrand

Ms. Carol Oatis

Dr. Finbarr O’Connor

Dr. Norah Peters-Davis

Georgene Pilling ’04M

Linda Pizzi ’05M

Ms. Frances Pollock

Dr. Deborah Pomeroy

Jennifer Cook Rapposelli-

Penz ’87

Patricia Rauner ’86

Ms. Cindy Reedy

Mrs. Julia Remes

Elizabeth Rihl-Lewinsky ’93M

Dr. Steven Robbins

Ms. Juli Roebuck

Reunion Alumni Can Leave Lasting Impression

Dr. Allener Rogers

Marion Yick Rosenbaum ’68

Ms. Rochelle Rubin

Dr. & Mrs. David Rutledge

Mr. Michael Saloma

Ms. Jan Sanders

Elizabeth Scholly ’05

Ms. Jackie Seguin-Mandel

Steve Sepel ’96M

Ms. Judith Severin

Barbara Sheehan ’78

Dr. Jeffrey Shultz

Mr. Christopher Sim

Ms. Kelly Small

Ms. Jeanette Smith

Ms. Kelly Smith

Mr. Harold Stewart

Mr. Matthew Swatchick

Ms. Gloria Taylor

Ms. Roberta Thomas

Mr. James Tomlinson

Ms. Kathleen Valverde

Mr. Jay Vogel

Dr. Janet Walbert

Dr. JoAnn Weiner

Dr. Richard Wertime

Donna Whitlock ’05

Gayle Whittle ’93M

Dr. Ned Wolff

Eric Yanez ’82, ’02M



The loyal support and

special interests of many

of our friends provide

valuable assistance to

certain areas of the

University, such as

our Community Scholars

Program. Many thanks

to the following friends

who have given

generously of their time,

money and enthusiasm.




Gifts: $13,025

Abington Bank

Ms. Charlotte Abrams

Mr. Marvin Abrams

Ms. Mollie Allen

Arcadia University

Community Scholars

Miriam Barbour ’89, ’95M

Ms. Ida Bellet


Some new names will be appearing on campus next summer. Fifth-year Reunion alumni

from the Class of 2001 who qualify through the Senior Class Challenge program will see their

names inscribed on their Alumni Fund Walk of Pride pavers. And some names from the classes

of 1956 and 1981, among others, will be adorned on chairs in the Landman Library.

In addition to individual recognition, Reunion classes will be recognized for their five-year

giving totals. The giving totals will include annual giving, capital gifts, bequests, and life-income

gifts. Each total will continue to build until Reunion in June. Gifts made to the 2006 Annual

Fund will mean larger class totals presented to President Greiner at Reunion Weekend,

June 2–4, 2006.

Alumni who create a charitable gift annuity or other life-income gift in an amount

corresponding to their Reunion—$2,500 for a 25th Reunion, $5,000 for a 50th Reunion,

for example—will have the opportunity to name a Landman Library Chair.

Leave Your Mark on Arcadia!

T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

Mr. Victor Bergelson

Ms. Dene Bernstein

Mr. Norton Binder

Mr. Gerald Birkelbach

Ms. Lynne Bloom

Ms. Alice Bolger

Mr. Frank Boni

Dr. & Mrs. Newman Bortnick

Dr. & Mrs. William Bracy

Joan Nadler Brantz ’65

Ms. Mary Breeze

Marian Wolfinger Burdick ’49

Ms. Carol Ceglowski

Ms. Charlotte Chernow

Ms. Mildred Chesney

Ms. Barbara Collins

Ms. Elize Coxe

Ms. Margaret Dempski

Mr. Milton Edelman

Mr. Joshua Eilberg

Mrs. Beatrice Eisman

Ms. Carole Esterlitz

Mr. Edward Farber

Ms. Nancy Farmer

Ms. Abby Feinstein

Ms. Irene Feldman

Dr. Lawrence Feldman

Ms. Sylvia Fisher

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph


Ms. Lucy Fuchs

Ms. Isabelle Goldner

Ms. Barbara Goldstein

Mr. Morton Gollub

Doris Graff ’75M

Ms. Harriet Greenspon

Betty Kissileff Halberstadt ’50

Ms. Edis Hall

Ms. Mina Hart

Mr. John Hearst

Ms. Barbara Heiman

Ms. Elaine Jacobs

Ms. Jeane Jacoby

Ms. Phyllis Jones

Mr. Lester Kelner

KI-AJ Seniors

Ms. Charmaine Kissinger

Mr. H. Kohn

Ms. Blanche Korson

Mr. Ivan Kramer

Dr. & Mrs. R. Kuptsow

Ms. Alma Leadbeater

Mr. Richard Lehman

Ms. Marian Lewis

Ms. Harriet Lichtenstein

Mr. Paul Lipsitz

Ms. Elsie Loane

Ms. Barbara Maerten

Mr. Carl Malissa

Mr. Donald Maloney

Ms. Edythe Masel

Ms. Beatrice Mattleman

Ms. Phyllis McCombs

Ms. Christine Mifsud

Maxine Milestone ’75

Mr. Jack Moss

Mr. Luke Ocone

Ms. Mary Osterneck

Marianna Harder Peckmann

’60, ’83M

Ms. Bernice Peskin

Mr. Helmut Pessen

Ms. Claire Pless

Ms. Shanlee Pollack

Dr. Jay Portner

Ms. Alvina Ransaw

Ms. Antoinette Reedy

Evelyn Reese ’80M

Ms. Joan Reisman

Mrs. Julia Remes

Mr. John Rice

Ms. Lillian Rothman

Ms. Hannah Rubin

Mr. Robert Rubin

Ms. Myrna Ruby

Ms. Linda Sament

Ms. Marillyn Schnall

Ms. Irene Schuman

Ms. Gisele Schupack

Mr. Carleton Schwager

Mr. Burton Schwartz

Mrs. Herbert Schwartz

Ms. Marlene Sellers

Ms. Carol Shannon

Ms. Rose Shannon

Dr. Marion Shapiro

Ms. Genevieve Shore

Ms. Phyllis Silver

Ms. Eleanor Silverstein

Ms. Joan Sklaroff

Ms. Andigoni Steffa

Mr. Bernard Steinberg

Ms. Lorraine Stern

Ms. Beryl Stewart

Gloria Thompson ’79M


Gifts that honor the accomplishments, celebrations and

memories of beloved alumni, professors, students and

friends have contributed significantly to the ongoing life

of the University. These gifts have been designated for

both annual and endowment purposes. The names of

contributors who have made these gifts appear under

applicable listings elsewhere in this report.



Dr. Gerald Belcher

Barbara Scull Bell ’48

M. Barbara Boswell ’42

Mr. Chris Cressman

Nancy Nagel Dager ’51

Mr. Francis Donovan

Dr. Thomas P. Dougherty

Mr. Joseph Goldstein

Lauren Joceville ’04

Bonnie Rosner Kravitz ’72

Mr. Robert C. Larson

Raymond McCollum ’88

Carol Peters Miller ’33

Rayna Sue Moskovitz ’76

Edna Purvis Nelson ’41

Mr. Pete Nelson

Marc S. Orlow ’90

Zelda Boxman Provenzano’78

Alice Roddy Ramer ’32

Jami M. Rodriguez ’00

Frances Snavely Schindel ’32

Marie Brunner Schneider ’51

Dr. Edward M. Sullivan

Mr. William Steytler

Mr. Jason Sweeney

Stacy Anne Vitetta ’82

Donna P. Waugh ’73

Barbara Ford Welge ’52

Winifred Boye Wilkie ’42

Minetta Gladeck Willis ’40

Helene Burdekin Zahn ’52



Dr. Christina Ager

Altman Management Co.

Joycellen Young Auritt ’71

Ann Theresa Bucci ’92

Dr. & Mrs. Malvin J.


Mrs. Patricia Dougherty

Adeline Zullo Fricchione ’53

Dr. Jerry M. Greiner

Dorothea Buermann

Holden ’37

Mrs. Marie-Louise

Vermeiren Jackson

Dr. Bette E. Landman

Dr. & Mrs. David J. McAleer

Mrs. Georgetta McAleer

Mrs. Joanne O’Neill

Dr. & Mrs. John J. O’Neill

Georgene Pilling ’04M

Dr. A. Richard Polis

Anna Maron Smith ’41

Mrs. Marietta Sullivan

Mr. & Mrs. Lowell S.


Ms. Deborah Waxman

Eleanore & Irving Weinhaus

Dr. Renee Weisberg

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Whelan

Mrs. Theresa Whelan

Ms. Mary Unger

Ms. Helen Walker

Ms. Jane Walker

Ms. Janet Waxman

Elizabeth Holton Weiss ’60

Ms. Tamyra Weitzen

Ms. Elizabeth White

Mr. Norman Willett





Following is a listing of

alumni, parents and

friends who have made

contributions for special

purposes advancing the

programs and mission

of Arcadia University.

We thank all of the

contributors for supporting

the University’s various




Gifts: $2,085,950

Mrs. Daniel Aaron

Ms. Geraldine Aaron

The Aaron Family Foundation

Abington Bank

Ms. Charlotte Abrams

Mr. Marvin Abrams

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Abrams

Mr. & Mrs. James Agger

Ms. Mollie Allen

Altria Group, Inc.

American Chemical Society

Aramark Corporation

Arcadia Montgomery

Scholarship Club

Arcadia University

Community Scholars

Association of Independent


Elizabeth Rutter Bamberger ’96

Miriam Barbour ’89

Moselle Butterworth Beatty ’43

Ms. Susan Beckerman

Ms. Ida Bellet

Mr. Victor Bergelson

Ms. Marjorie Berlinghof

Ms. Dene Bernstein

Mr. Norton Binder

Mr. Gerald Birkelbach

Rosemary Deniken Blankley


Ms. Lynne Bloom

Ms. Alice Bolger

Mr. Frank Boni

Dr. & Mrs. Newman Bortnick

Kimberly Jackson Bracciante


Dr. & Mrs. William Bracy

Joan Nadler Brantz ’65

Ms. Mary Breeze

Mr. Richard Brown

Mr. Roland Bullard II

Marian Wolfinger Burdick ’49

Ms. Martha Bush

Mr. Joseph Castle II (deceased)

Ms. Carol Ceglowski

Ms. Charlotte Chernow

Ms. Mildred Chesney

The Chubb Corporation

Ms. Barbara Collins

Commonwealth of


Connelly Foundation

Ms. Elize Coxe

Mr. Stephen DeLuca

Ms. Margaret Dempski

Mr. Robert DeSantis

Mei Zhong Dey ’91

Dr. Bryce Douglas

Vivian Dow ’83

East Mt. Airy Neighbors, Inc.

David Eatough ’84

Mr. Milton Edelman

Gloria Anderson Egelhofer ’51

Mr. Joshua Eilberg

Mrs. Beatrice Eisman

Julia Lee Erickson ’63

Ms. Carole Esterlitz

Mr. Edward Farber

Ms. Nancy Farmer

Ms. Abby Feinstein

Ms. Irene Feldman

Dr. Lawrence Feldman

Ms. Sylvia Fisher

Ms. Iris Frank

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph


Ms. Sharen Friedman

Ms. Lucy Fuchs

Ms. Barbara Gardiner

General Mills Foundation

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Belinda Glijansky ’97

Ms. Isabelle Goldner

Ms. Barbara Goldstein

Mr. Morton Gollub

Doris Graff ’75

Mr. Ernest Greenblatt

Ms. Harriet Greenspon

Dr. Jerry Greiner

Mr. & Mrs. David Griffith

Joan Ottaway Gurniak ’58

Todd Hacker ’00

Virginia Fulmer Haist ’51

Betty Kissileff Halberstadt ’50

Edis Hall ’67

Ms. Mina Hart

Mr. John Hearst

Allison Hegarty ’03

Ms. Barbara Heiman

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Herd

Ms. Judith Hering




Dr. Mark P. Curchack

Mark Curchack has donned his academic regalia for Arcadia’s

Commencement more than two dozen times. First as a professor and then

as an administrator, he has watched graduates venture into the world each May,

only to be replaced by a new class of eager freshmen in August.

For the faculty and staff of the University, the cycle is entwined with the

changing seasons, feelings of pride in the graduates turning to expectation

as the new students arrive.

Curchack came to Arcadia 28 years ago and taught anthropology for 10 years

before becoming the college’s first presidential Executive Assistant and Board

Secretary, helping President Bette Landman reshape the campus from Beaver

College into Arcadia University and guiding the University’s reaccreditation

studies. He has been Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies since 2001.

“If you add up the teaching years and the administrative years, this is my career.”

The best reason for investing three decades in Arcadia, he says, “is the job that

we do with our students.”

His leadership positions at Arcadia also have given him the opportunity to be

involved with colleagues across the country, and sometimes around the world.

An inveterate traveler whose academic discipline involves the study of modern

cultures, Curchack has used these opportunities to make a lifelong network

of friends and play a leadership role on a national scale. “It’s really been an

incredibly central part of my life. I don’t think I am

able to repay the institution for the kind of

extra benefits that I’ve experienced.”

Curchack and his wife, Peggy, also spend

a lot of their personal time traveling.

Before a trip to Mali, they decided it was

time to update their wills, and it was

natural for Curchack to include Arcadia

among the beneficiaries. He also has been

a loyal Annual Fund donor, and there is

a bookshelf in the new library with his

name on it, a small indication of the indelible

mark he’s made on the many students he has

watched graduate over the years.

Sarah Smith Heylmun ’56

Ms. Sally Hunter

Mrs. Marie-Louise Vermeiren


Ms. Elaine Jacobs

Ms. Jeane Jacoby

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur James

Ms. Phyllis Jones

Joanne Aylsworth Kean ’54

Mr. Lester Kelner

KI-AJ Seniors

Ms. Jun Kim

Patrick Kipp ’97

Ms. Charmaine Kissinger


Ms. Blanche Korson

Mr. Ivan Kramer

Leah Kresge ’55

Dr. & Mrs. R. Kuptsow

Matthew Kurlan ’83

LaStrada Fashions, Inc.

Ms. Alma Leadbeater

Mr. Richard Lehman

Ms. Marian Lewis

Ms. Harriet Lichtenstein

Christian R. and Mary F.

Lindback Foundation

Mr. Paul Lipsitz

Ms. Elsie Loane

Kurt Luddecke ’98

Diana Fine Luks ’77

Mr. Edward Madeira

Ms. Barbara Maerten

Mr. Charles Magistro

Magistro Foundation

Mr. Carl Malissa

Mr. Donald Maloney

Margot Marsh Biodiversity


Ms. Edythe Masel

Rachael Manning Mattioni ’96

Ms. Beatrice Mattleman

Ms. Phyllis McCombs

Phyllis Maisel McCoy ’45

Merck & Co., Inc.

Gail Fowler Middleton ’59

Ms. Christine Mifsud

Maxine Milestone ’75

Andrew Milne ’98

Mobil Equatorial Guinea, Inc.

Ms. Margaret Moskovitz

Mr. Jack Moss

Mr. John Muccitelli

National Institute on Aging

National Science Foundation

Judy Deane Newlin ’53

Ms. Andrea Niepold

Mr. Luke Ocone

Ms. Mary Osterneck

Marion Pallas ’89

Pan Arcadian Federation of


Paul Family Foundation

Marianna Harder Peckmann

’60, ’83M

William Penn Foundation

Pennsylvania Department of

Community and Economic


Penny’s Flowers

Ms. Bernice Peskin

Mr. Helmut Pessen

Patricia Ann Pinckney ’00

Ms. Claire Pless

Ms. Shanlee Pollack

Dr. Jay Portner

Mr. Seymour Preston


Lillian Stringfellow Rankin ’34

Ms. Alvina Ransaw

Ms. Antoinette Reedy

Evelyn Reese ’80

Ms. Joan Reisman

Mrs. Julia Remes

Mr. John Rice

Susan Richardson ’00

Dr. Fredric Rieders

Patricia Stevenson

Rittenhouse ’51

Dr. Steven Robbins

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel


Ms. Norma Rodriguez

Eleanor Butzko Rosenthal ’51

Ms. Lillian Rothman

Rotko Family Foundation

Ms. Hannah Rubin

Ms. Loretta Rubin

Mr. Robert Rubin

Ms. Myrna Ruby

Mr. Andrew Sacks

Ms. Linda Sament

Ms. Marillyn Schnall

Ms. Sonya Schneider

School District of


Ms. Irene Schuman

Ms. Gisele Schupack

Mr. Carleton Schwager

Mr. Burton Schwartz

Eleanor Schwartz ’98

Mrs. Herbert Schwartz

Ms. Marlene Sellers

Ms. Joan Shander

Ms. Carol Shannon

Ms. Rose Shannon

Dr. Marion Shapiro

Mr. John Sheble

Ms. Genevieve Shore

Barbara Jones Sibley ’58

Ms. Phyllis Silver

Ms. Eleanor Silverstein

Ms. Joan Sklaroff

Ms. Amanda Slavin

Ms. Ann Slogoff

Gail Bedell Smeraldi ’93

W. W. Smith Charitable Trust

SouthEastern Pennsylvania

Consortium for Higher


Ms. Andigoni Steffa

Mr. Bernard Steinberg

T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5

Ms. Lorraine Stern

Dorrit Hale Sterner ’75

Ms. Beryl Stewart

Mrs. Ronnie Streichler

Student Activist Club

Rosalie Swedlin ’68

Ms. Ruth Tanaiewski

Temple University Gear Up

Janet Theophano

Gloria Thompson ’79

The Tombros Foundation

Ms. Linda Tyberghein

U. S. Deptartment of Health

and Human Sevices

Ms. Mary Unger

University of Pennsylvania

Verizon Foundation

Mr. Francis Vitetta

Margaret and Herbert

Wakefield Memorial

Mrs. Louise Wakefield


Ms. Helen Walker

Ms. Jane Walker

Lyanne Lindo Wassermann ’61

Ms. Janet Waxman

Ms. Aerie Webb-Anderson

Elizabeth Holton Weiss ’60

Ms. Tamyra Weitzen

The Wetlands Institute

Ms. Elizabeth White

Mr. Norman Willett

Bonnie Weinhaus Witmer ’73

Women’s Association of the

First Presbyterian Church

Mr. Theodore Wood





Adelphia Steel Equipment

Co., Inc.

Alcom Printing

Alstin Advertising, Inc.

Aramark Campus Services

Associated Building


Assured Environmental

Services, Inc.

Backe Communications

Barley, Snyder, Senft & Cohen

Bull’s Eye, Inc.

Castle Energy Corporation

Circle Auto Group

College Bookstores of


Commerce Bank

Cruisin’, Inc.

Paul DeFelice ’88

Delaware Valley Financial

Services, Inc.

Delran Builders Co., Inc.

Denney Electric Supply Co.

of Ambler, Inc.

Elcy’s Coffee House

Freedom Credit Union

Goodwin Design Group, Inc.

Granahan Electrical

Contractors, Inc.

J. H. Greene & Son, Inc.

The Hillier Group

E. Frank Hopkins Co., Inc.

Jamison Masonry Restoration

Keenan Motors

R.M. Kliment & Frances


Laura M. Korman ’89, ’95M

Michael J. Korolishin

Lanier Professional Services,


Logo One, Inc.

MTD Construction Co., Inc.

Michael Manz Painting, Inc.

W. McLoughlin Painting

Millennium Planning

Mobile Communications

Montgomery County

Rehabilitation & Sports

Therapy, P.C.

Newtown Office Supply

Norman Carpet Co.

Old York Road Printing

Philadelphia Coca-Cola

Bottling Co.

Russell Roofing Co., Inc.

Security Services &


The Selzer Co., Risk Managers

Shearon Environmental


Sheffield’s Furniture

Sodexho Campus Dining


Sodexho, Inc.

Margaret Wright Steele ’80

Kimberly Sterner-Stein ’88

Strategic Telecommunications


Bill Tate

Tustin Mechanical Services,


USI Mid-Atlantic

Unisource Worldwide

Vistacom, Inc.

VITETTA, Architects &


Frank Vitetta

Laurie and Jay Vogel

Wachovia National Bank

Jan and Bruce Walbert



Gifts: $3,826,162

Mrs. Daniel Aaron

The Aaron Family


Ametek Foundation

Ms. Aisha Amin-McCoy

The Arcadia Foundation

Arcadia Student PT


Joseph Patrick Archie ’77

Harriet Horner Swoyer

Baisch ’56

Nancy Shields Benninghoff


Rosemary Deniken Blankley


Blankley Family Charitable


Dr. Joshua E. Blustein

Cynthia Bradley ’98

Bristol-Myers Squibb


California Community


Ruth Denker Campopiano


Mr. Joseph L. Castle


Miss Theresa M. Cawley

Ruth Groves Chaney ’46

Jeannette Fong Ching ’59

Dr. Jonathan T. Church

Elizabeth Vail Ciancio ’90

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Clark

Margaret Clayton ’82

Jeff Conforti ’90

Kerry Ann Costello-Null ’92,


Marilyn Sunners Cranin ’54

Dr. Emanuele Curotto

Priscilla French Curry ’52

Estate of Jane Geayer

Dametz ’56

Delaware Valley Alumni Club

Dr. & Mrs. Malvin J.


Dr. Bryce Douglas

Lucille LaMorgese Downs ’52

Mr. Michael Dryer

Susan Wootten Duran ’90

Dr. Martha Eastlack

Mr. Jeffrey F. Ewing

ExxonMobil Foundation

M. Jane Mangiarelli

Fedorczyk ’86

Jean Stout Fletcher ’57

Ms. Janice B. Foust

Adeline Zullo Fricchione ’53

Gary M. Reedy Charitable


Ms. Sue Gettlin

Dr. Angela R. Gillem

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Deborah Kimmel Goldman


Nancy Switzky Goodman ’69

Irene Mack Goodsell ’54

Dr. Hugh Grady

Stacy L. Graff ’00

Janet Graham ’86

Jane Lewis Grove ’59

Ms. Catherine R. Guerra

Gumpel-Lury Foundation

Beryl Gutekunst ’92

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Haas

Victoria Gowat Harris ’97

Dr. Richard John Haslam

Lynn Darling Hendershot ’66

Ms. Christina Flint


Katharine Nichols Hering ’35

Dr. Carl B. Hoffman

Phyllis Hoke ’88

IBM International


Johnson & Johnson

Kristen Schickling Kazlouski


Patricia Darling Kile ’56

Mr. Michael J. Korolishin

Babette Senker Krug ’68

Dr. Carol I. Leiper

Lewis Seligsohn Trust

Lolita Jaeger Lindstrom ’59

Maury Malyn ’93

Dr. Kathleen Mangione

Gia Shiarappa Marsala ’87

Dr. & Mrs. David J. McAleer

Mr. Kenneth G. McConnell

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Meiers

Carolyn Bechtoldt Michael ’59

Karen Spancake Migliore ’88

Monique M. Miller ’73

Mr. Paul A. Miller

Dr. Marianne Miserandino

Dr. Wayne Morra

Susan P. Mountz ’64

Gail Wittekind Munro ’59

National Philanthropic Trust

Charlotte W. Newcombe


Judy Deane Newlin ’53

Mr. Dennis Nostrand

Ms. Catherine T. Null

Dr. Finbarr O’Connor

Dr. & Mrs. John J. O’Neill

Mr. Daniel J. Paracka

Marianna Harder Peckmann


Dr. Norah D. Peters-Davis

Phoebe W. Haas Charitable


Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Polis

Dr. Deborah Pomeroy

Procter & Gamble Fund

Ray McCollum Golf


Ms. Cindy Reedy

Diane L. Reese ’85

Todd Rineer ’86

Mr. James Rosenberg

Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Rowe

Linda Mattucci Schiavone ’81

Patricia Segal & Stephen

Segal Family Foundation

Mrs. Joan H. Seligsohn

Susan Smyth Shenker ’69

Mr. Christopher Sim

Janet St. Amand ’75

Sara Brubaker Steer ’41

The Madeline and Isaac Stein

Family Fund

Madeline Johnson Stein ’68

Miss Marilyn Steinbright

Kimberly J. Sterner-Stein ’88

James C. Stetler ’93

Mrs. Ronnie B. Streichler

Tarey L. Strickland-Smith ’97

Mrs. Edward M. Sullivan

Dr. John M. Templeton

Ms. Roberta Thomas

Mr. James Tomlinson

Heather Fleming Tucker ’68

The Rev. Dr. Calvin E.

Uzelmeier, Jr.

Paul G. Van Thuyne ’84

Verizon Foundation

Mr. Jay Vogel

Sandra H. Wachsman-Amir


Wallace Reader’s Digest

Special Projects

Dr. JoAnn Weiner

Beth S. Weiss-Dossick ’84

Mr. & Mrs. R. John Werner

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen T.


Grace I. White ’40

Janet E. Galloway Woolley ’51




T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5




Gifts to Arcadia come in many forms—from Annual

Fund gifts to endowments; from bequests to life-income

gifts. The staff of the Office of University Advancement

is available to answer questions and provide assistance

about all these giving options.

ost of the University’s

mailings focus on the Arcadia Annual Fund,

which has the broadest participation from

alumni, parents and friends. Please note

that once an individual makes a gift to the

Annual Fund, that person will not receive any

additional solicitations during the fiscal year.

By making an early gift, donors can enhance

the value of their gifts by saving the University

further postage and printing costs.

For more information about making a gift

to Arcadia, contact the Office of University

Advancement, 450 S. Easton Road,

Glenside, PA 19038, 215-572-2945. An Online

Giving Form is available on the University

Web site at www.arcadia.edu/givingback.

Alumni, parents, trustees, faculty and friends

of Arcadia could hear from a student, a member

of the University Advancement staff, or even

President Jerry M. Greiner as Arcadia kicks off

Annual Fund 2006.

The Annual Fund secures funds for the

University’s ongoing programs and daily

operations. The Annual Fund makes up the

difference between the actual costs of running

an internationally recognized University and

what tuition brings in each year. Gifts can be

unrestricted or designated for a specific use.

Designations can include Academic Support,

Buildings and Grounds, Library Operations,

Student Scholarships and Student Services.

To make a gift to the Arcadia Annual Fund,

please use the postage-paid return envelope

enclosed with this issue of the Herald.

Or call Judy Severin, Director of the Arcadia

Annual Fund, at 215-572-2124, or e-mail her

at severin@arcadia.edu.


Many employers match contributions made

to charitable organizations. Please ask your

employer if a corporate matching gift program

is in place. Often a spouse’s employer also

will match personal contributions through

a corporate matching gift program. In most

cases, you will need to fill out a company

form and enclose it with your gift. Securing

a matching gift can sometimes double or triple

the impact of your gift to Arcadia University,

and you receive credit for the full amount of

your gift plus the match.

For more information about matching gift

programs, please call Judy Severin, Director

of the Arcadia Annual Fund, at 215-572-2124,

or e-mail her at severin@arcadia.edu.


Major gifts to Arcadia support capital

expenses, such as building projects and

expansion, and they often add to the

University’s endowment, a pool of capital that

provides yearly income for the University.

Major gifts are sometimes part of a capital

campaign, and often are pledged over a number

of years. Gifts of a certain size—starting at

$25,000—allow the donor to create a named

endowment, such as a scholarship honoring

a loved one or favorite faculty member. In this

case, the donation continues to grow as part

of the endowment, while a portion of the

income is spent every year to fund the donor’s

intention. The impact of the gift grows larger

over time.

For more information about major gifts

to Arcadia, or about named endowments,

please call Tina Hennessey, Director of

Special Gifts, in the Office of University

Advancement, 215-572-2781, or e-mail her

at hennessey@arcadia.edu.


Planned gifts can benefit Arcadia University

while helping the donor save taxes, increase

income and pass on more to his or her heirs.

Planned gifts include bequests, life-income gifts

such as certain types of trusts and charitable

gift annuities, gifts of life insurance, and gifts

involving retirement accounts and real estate.

Planned gifts often cost the donor very little

while giving Arcadia a gift of real significance.

When the University realizes the benefit of

a planned gift, that money becomes part of the

University’s endowment, shaping and inspiring

Arcadia’s future for years to come.

For more information, contact the Office

of University Advancement at 215-572-2945,

or e-mail plannedgifts@arcadia.edu.

More information about these gift options,

including personal illustrations, also is available

through Arcadia’s Planned Giving Web site,


T H E A R C A D I A A N N U A L F U N D 2 0 0 5




Joseph L. Castle II (deceased)

Vice Chair

Lois E. Haber ’71

Vice Chair

James G. Rosenberg

Vice Chair

Francis G. Vitetta


Margaret Wright Steele ’80


Rosemary D. Blankley ’57,


Carmel, CA

Chair, Arcadia University

Annual Fund

Joseph L. Castle II, B.A.


Gladwyne, PA

Chairman and Chief Executive

Officer, Castle Energy


Lois E. Haber ’71, B.A.

Bryn Mawr, PA

Retired President and CEO,

Delaware Valley Financial

Services, Inc.

Kathleen O’Brien ’00, B.A.

Philadelphia, PA

Administrative Assistant,

Albert Einstein Healthcare


Marianna H. Peckmann ’60,

’83, M.A.Ed.

Ambler, PA

Retired Science Teacher

Audrey Reynolds ’85, B.A.

Ambler, PA

James G. Rosenberg, J.D.

Wynnewood, PA

Chairman, Litigation

Department, Saul Ewing


Allyson Y. Schwartz, M.S.S.

Jenkintown, PA

Member, U.S. House of



Eileen R. Heisman, M.S.W.

Elkins Park, PA

President, National

Philanthropic Trust

Mark K. Kessler, J.D.

Haverford, PA

Partner, Wolf, Block, Schorr

and Solis-Cohen LLP

Toya Rucker Lawson ’00, B.A.

Trappe, PA

Recruiter, Peopleflex, Inc.

Delbert S. Payne, M.S.

Willingboro, NJ

Retired Manager of Corporate

Social Investment, Rohm and

Haas Company

Michael Schluth, L.H.D.

Doylestown, PA

President, Alstin Advertising,


Francis G. Vitetta, B.A.

Spring House, PA

Retired Chairman, VITETTA

Emily C. Zerweck ’52, B.F.A,

Maple Glen, PA

Retired President, KARV Art



John A. Affleck, M.B.A.

Wyndmoor, PA

President, Stratton

Management Company

Joseph P. Archie ’77, B.A.,

M.A., Ph.D., M.Litt., J.D.

Philadelphia, PA

Partner, Dechert Price &


Jon D. Fox, J.D.

Elkins Park, PA

Attorney, Jaffe, Friedman

Beverly R. Goldberg ’53, B.S.

Elkins Park, PA

Laura M. Korman ’89, B.S.,

’95, M.Ed.

Blue Bell, PA


William A. Meiers ’93, M.A.,

’96, M.A.H.

Richboro, PA

Faculty, Arcadia University

Hugh G. Moulton, J.D.

Fort Washington, PA

Retired Executive Vice

President, Unisource

Worldwide, Inc.

Theresa Rollins, Ph.D.

Wyndmoor, PA

Adjunct Faculty, LaSalle


Gerald B. Rorer, M.B.A.

Villanova, PA

Real Estate Investor

Margaret Wright Steele ’80,


Laverock, PA

President, Perez-Steele

Galleries, Inc.

Theodore V. Wood, Jr.,


Wyndmoor, PA

President, Tigaco, Inc.


Joycellen Y. Auritt ’71, B.A.,

M.A., Ph.D.

Philadelphia, PA


Marilyn S. Cranin ’54, L.H.D.

Hewlett, NY

Landscape Design Consultant

Marie-Louise Vermeiren

Jackson, M.A.

Meadowbrook, PA

Vice President, Fourjay


Michael J. Korolishin, J.D.

Doylestown, PA


Garrett D. Page, J.D.

Willow Grove, PA

Treasurer, Montgomery


Calvin E. Uzelmeier, Jr.,


Warminster, PA

Reverend (retired),

Warminster Presbyterian




Ellington M. Beavers, Ph.D.

Meadowbrook, PA

Chairman, Biocoat, President,

Beacon Research

Henry Disston II, B.S.

Philadelphia, PA

Retired Vice President, Brooks

Instrument Division,

Emerson Electric Co.

Bryce Douglas, Ph.D.

Kimberton, PA

Retired, Corporate Vice

President, Science and

Technology, SmithKline

Beckman Corporation

Daniel J. Paracka, M.B.A.

Rome, GA

Consultant, The Rand Group

Thomas J. Reilly, Jr., B.A.

Huntingdon Valley, PA

Retired Partner, Arthur

Anderson & Co.

John W. Sheble, B.S.

Lafayette Hill, PA

Retired Chairman of the

Board, Delaware Valley York,


John M. Templeton, Jr., M.D.

Bryn Mawr, PA

President, The John Templeton


Lowell S. Thomas, Jr., J.D.

Sedgwick, ME

Of Counsel, Saul Ewing LLP



Linda Vandegrift Gazzillo ’90,


Hamilton Square, NJ

President, Arcadia University

Alumni Association

Jerry M. Greiner, Ph.D.

Glenside, PA

President, Arcadia University


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