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ona<strong>RSC</strong> <strong>Publishing</strong>Vunjak-Novakovic eta/.Surface-patterned electrode bioreactorvan Thriel, West et a/.The network formation assayIII

Lab on a ChipMicro- & nano- fluidic research for chemistry, physics, biology, & bioengineeringwww.rsc.org/loc<strong>RSC</strong><strong>Publishing</strong> is a not-far-profit publisher and a division of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Any surplus made is used to support charitable activities aimed atadvancing the chemical sciences. Full details are available from www.rsc.orgIN THIS ISSUEISSN 1473-0197 CODEN LCAHAM 10(6) 669-800 (2010)Labona Chip" ••...• ".""",-"-''''.,.,_";.,,,,''"''iI>..••.•. _,, ....,'''1CoverSee Minhas pp. 681-682.The fabricated 3-D microstructureis an output of dynamic modemultidirectional UV lithography.The unit structure shows theflower-like (lotus) shape and thetip of each leaf is connected witheach other forming a hand-inhandcoalition.Image reproduced by permissionof Jungkwun 'JK' Kim andYong-Kyu 'YK' Yoon from Lab Chip,2010, 10,681.Labona Chip!.l"" ••lo-""''''''

775High throughput assembly of spatially controlled 3D cellclusters on a micro/nanoplatformDaniel Gallego-Perez, Natalia Higuita-Castro,Sadhana Sharma, Rashmeet K. Reen, Andre F. Palmer,Keith J. Gooch, L. James Lee, John J. Lannuttiand Derek J. Hansford*A platform is presented for the guided assembly of micro tissue,based on microwells that govern cluster size and shape, andnanofibers that support cluster formation and other functions.This platform has applications in cell therapy, cell anddevelopmental biology, and drug discovery.7833-dimensional electrode patterning within a microftuidicchannel using metal ion implantationJae-Woo Choi, * Samuel Rosset, Muhamed Niklaus,James R. Adleman, Herbert Shea and Demetri PsaltisWe utilize a metal ion-implantation process at a 40 0 angle topattern 3D electrodes within a fluidic channel made ofpolydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). The chip is used to demonstrateelectro-orientation and dielectrophoretic focusing of E. coli.789q Surface acoustic wave actuated cell sorting (SAW ACS)T. Franke, * S. Braunmiiller, L. Schmid, A. Wixforthand D. A. WeitzWe describe a novel microfluidic cell sorter based on an acousticstreaming effect induced by surface acoustic waves (SAW). Wehave successfully sorted cells at rates as high as 2 kHz in a PDMSdevice.795A portable device for temperature control alongmicrochannelsDaniele Vigolo, Roberto Rusconi, Roberto Piazzaand Howard A. Stone*A silver-filledepoxy can be used to fill microchannels. Aftercuring, when a current passes, it serves as a heater. Themicrodevice can be operated with a battery, is portable, andinexpensive.

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