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Home Heating GuideWhy Vaillant?Because they can reduce our heating bills and our carbon footprintBecause we’re here to helpIf you have any questions, please call 01634 292300.We can also give you details of your nearest Vaillant installer,who can discuss how our systems can help you save money and the planet.Heating Hot Water Renewables

Contents: PageHigh efficiency boilers 4 - 5Solar domestic hot water systems 6 - 7Ground source heat pumps 8Air to air heat pumps 9Hot water storage cylinders 10Intelligent controls 11Because ours is a story worth telling.The Vaillant story began over 135 years ago Through our specialist service offering,with the invention of the first practical hot nationwide gas safe registered engineers ensurewater system. That first breakthrough came ongoing after sales service support, even if youfrom thinking ahead. And that’s something never need it. For most people, home heatingwe’ve never forgotten. Today, we’re Europe’s and hot water systems are out of sight and outnumber one heating technology manufacturer, of mind. But now, with continued rises in energyleading the field in high efficiency boilers and prices and concerns about carbon emissions, yourrenewable technologies, from solar powered hot choice of home heating products has never beenwater systems to ground source heat pumps and more important.intelligent controls.A Vaillant heating system is an investment in theMillions of Vaillant appliances are in use across future, helping you to significantly reduce yourthe world every single day, all of which come heating bills and your carbon footprint. This guidewith an enviable reputation for performance, features the different technologies available fromquality and reliability.Vaillant, explaining what they are, how they work,and helping you choose your next heating or hotBehind it all is our people. Assured, down-toearthand always ready to offer expert advice.water solution.They’ve helped us to bring precision Germanengineering to a global market.what’s next?To discuss the perfect solution for yourWith many years’ experience in the UK,home visit to find yourwe’re committed to helping you create alocal Vaillant installer.comfortable, warm and happy home.2 3

Choose the high efficiency boiler that’s right foryour home:Because great savings needn’t cost the earth.High efficiency boilersCombination boilersA combination boiler is a high efficiency hot waterand central heating boiler. Often referred to as a‘combi’ it runs on demand meaning it only heats upthe water that you need to use. This type of boilerrequires no water storage or cylinder, meaning thespace required for your heating solution is kept toa minimum.System boilersThis type of boiler will provide central heating andhot water via a storage cylinder (usually installedin an airing cupboard). This means larger volumesof water can be available for several outlets atthe same time. A system boiler installed with anunvented hot water cylinder does not require acold water storage tank (usually found in the roofspace). This makes this type of boiler/system alsosuitable for loft conversions or apartments.Open vent boilersOpen vent boilers provide central heating and hotwater via a storage cylinder. They are found inmany homes, meaning an open vent boiler isoften a quick and cost effective way to improvethe performance and efficiency of the system.Open vent systems typically have two tanks,both located in the loft, plus a hot water storagecylinder. Like a ‘System’ solution they can deliverhigh volumes of hot water to multiple outlets.Vaillant total system solutionVaillant offers the total package for your heatingand hot water solution, with all Vaillant productsworking together to ensure your system achievesoptimum efficiency. All of this is backed up by ourcomprehensive after sales service support.What are they?There are three different types ofdomestic heating and hot water boiler:combination boilers (known as ‘combis’),system boilers and; open vented boilers.To comply with current BuildingRegulations new boilers should be highefficiency. Vaillant has a complete rangeof high efficiency boilers including, combi,system and open vent models.How do they work?High efficiency boilers have an advancedheat exchanger which enables the boilerto extract heat from water vapour thatwould normally be lost out of the flue.This heat is used to pre-heat waterreturning to the boiler from the centralheating system, improving the boiler’soverall efficiency and reducing theamount of gas used.How energy efficient are they?Vaillant ecoTEC boilers (which are the topSEDBUK A rated) operate with an annualseasonal efficiency of over 90%.Typically, older types of conventionalboilers only achieve efficiencies of55% – 65%, meaning your high efficiencycondensing boiler can save you over athird of your heating bills.*This can amount to a saving of over£285* on your annual home heating bill.What is sedbuk?SEDBUK stands for Seasonal Efficiencyof Domestic Boilers in the UK. website provides a range ofinformation on boiler efficiency.Boiler scrappage schemeAll Vaillant high efficiency boilers areeligible for the Government’s BoilerScrappage Scheme. Replacing any oldSEDBUK band G or less efficient boiler toa Vaillant SEDBUK band A boiler means youcan get a £400 government grant towardsthe cost of the boiler and the installation.By choosing Vaillant for your replacementthrough the Boiler Scrappage Schemewe’ll give you an extra one year on top ofthe standard warranty on your new highefficiency condensing boiler, ensuring notonly peace of mind but a saving on yourheating bills and your carbon footprint.For more information, please see ourBoiler Scrappage leaflet, visit ourwebsite or go to theEST website Vaillant high efficiency boilers are Energy Savings Trust recommended.To find out more about our hot water storagecylinder range and intelligent controls turn topages 10 and 11.To find your local Vaillant installer and discoverhow to save over a third on your heating billsvisit*Energy saving and consumption calculated using DEFRA data for a threebedroom semi-detached house with an old heavyweight boiler. Moneysaving calculated using British Gas Websaver 5 Tariff January 201045

Because a brighter future can be yours.Solar domestic hot water systems%1009080706050403020100SolarcollectorpanelsA typical solar hot waterand home heating installationTypical contributions made by solar heating todomestic hot water supply in the UK throughoutthe year.How does solar work?The panels on the roof contain a highly effective absorberof solar radiation. This material collects heat, transferringit to ‘solar fluid’ contained in pipes within the panels.This heated fluid then circulates through a coil in thecylinder, heating the water for household use.A solar control unit monitors the temperature of thepanels and of the cylinder. When sufficient solar energy isavailable the control switches on the solar pump to heatthe cylinder.If insufficient solar energy is available to heat the waterto the desired level, the controller activates the boiler.By automatically switching between the two, the systemminimises energy use while ensuring there is always hotwater on demand.How energy efficient is it?You might think that the UK would be a poor locationfor a solar hot water heating system. In fact from Apriluntil September solar systems can provide as much as60%-90% of domestic hot water requirements.Even in mid winter a solar system can contribute 10% ofdaily hot water demands. That’s because solar panels canabsorb solar radiation even when the sky is overcast.Overall, a typical solar hot water system will provide50%-60% of domestic hot water needs throughout theyear. That means your hot water bill can be cut by over50%, a big saving at a time of escalating energy costs.Is solar right for your home?A solar system will work most efficiently if your house hasa pitched roof that faces south and is not shaded by treesor other buildings. If the roof faces between 30 degreeseast and 40 degrees west of south the system will workwith a small loss of efficiency. Even so, this loss can becompensated by installing a larger area of collector panels.Vaillant total system solutionVaillant offers the whole solar system from the auroTHERMsolar collector panels to the auroMATIC intelligent controland the auroSTOR hot water cylinder. By using the Vaillanttotal system solution all components work togetherseamlessly to achieve the optimum efficiency of yoursystem all backed up by our nationwide after salesservice support.What is a solar system?Solar systems collect the sun’s energy in panels mountedon the roof. These are connected to a storage cylinder thatdelivers domestic hot water to taps.A supporting high efficiency boiler is also connected to thesystem to provide heating and to back up the solar hot watersupply when solar energy levels are low, for example in midwinter, or at times of peak demand in the home.What’s next?To discuss solar domestic hot watersolutions for your home, to find your localVaillant accredited solar installerVaillant vacuum tube and flat plate solar collector panels.6 7

Because natural energy is right under your feet.Ground source heat pumpsBecause there’s something special in the air.Air to air heat pumpsWhat are ground source heat pumps?Ground source heat pumps collect energy stored in theearth and use it to heat water in a cylinder for the provisionof central heating and domestic hot water in the home.This is the most advanced technology available for homeheating and hot water. Because the earth itself ‘stores’energy it is an extremely reliable and constant energysource, it creates no harmful emissions and only a smallamount of electricity is used to drive the heat pump itself.How do they work?A heat pump works in the same way as a refrigerator, butin reverse. The collection system consists of a single deepborehole in the garden or, where space permits, a loopedarray of pipes buried approximately 1.2 metres below thesurface enabling the ground source heat pump to extractheat stored in the earth. This low temperature energypasses through a CFC-free refrigerant circuit which convertsit into higher temperatures to heat the home. In summer,with an underfloor heating system connected to the heatpump energy flow can be reversed, cooling the room to acomfortable temperature. If you’re considering havinga ground source heat pump installed you may be eligiblefor a grant through the Low Carbon Buildings Programme.Vertical ground loop collectorThe ground collector is positionedvertically in the soil and thereforeis extremely space-saving. Vaillantwill support you to find a partnerfor the required drilling.Horizontal ground loop collectorIn a depth of about 1.2 metres, theground loop collector system is laidhorizontally in the earth and here itgains the heat contained in the soil.How energy efficient are they?Heat pumps provide heating and hot water withextraordinary energy efficiency. The only energy consumedis for the periodic operation of the pump. For every 1kWof electricity used to operate the heat pump, up to 4.5kWof heat can be provided to the house for heating and hotwater. A heat pump can also reduce the CO2 emissions froma domestic property by up to 40%. The heat pump unitalso contains a 4kW immersion heater that if necessaryautomatically boosts the hot water temperature.Is your home suitable for a heat pump?The heating characteristics of heat pumps make themperfect for homes with underfloor heating. They aresuitable for a variety of homes. The vertical boreholerequires minimal space in the area around the building.The only limitation for heat pumps is in achieving asatisfactory balance between the energy loss of thebuilding and the required flow temperature of the heatingsystem. For these reasons heat pumps are most suitablefor new buildings and major refurbishments.What’s next?To find out more about ground source heat pumps andto find your nearest installer, visit are air to air heat pumps?Air to air heat pumps utilise energy from the air toefficiently heat or cool a room. This technology provides acost effective renewable solution where mains gas or othertechnologies are not suitable. Perfect for apartments andsmaller homes, air to air heat pumps require no storagespace for fuel and can provide up to 10kW to heat rooms,with the added benefit of cooling during the warmermonths. Advanced filters ensure that the air is cleanedwhilst it is circulating around the system, offering comfortto allergy sufferers.How do they work?Air to air heat pumps extract heat from the air outsideto produce warm air distributed by fans to heat a room.Rather than burning fuel to produce heat an air to air heatpump works much like the way a refrigerator works.How energy efficient are they?Vaillant air to air heat pumps achieve efficiencies of over400%, meaning that you can gain up to 4.2kW of heatfrom every 1kW of electricity used.What’s next?To find out more about Vaillant’s range ofClimaVAIR air to air heat pumps and details ofyour nearest installer, visit 9

Because comfort shouldn’t be complicated.Intelligent controlsBecause you want hot water on demand.Hot water storage cylindersWhat are they?Vaillant’s stainless steel cylinder range ensures that insituations where hot water is needed, for example witha system or open vented boiler, or where there is a solarinstallation, hot water can be stored with minimum heat loss.How do they work?Vaillant’s stainless steel cylinders come in two ranges –a high performance unvented standard storage cylinderwhich is connected to a boiler, or a solar cylinder which isconnected to a standard solar system. The hot water in thecylinder is stored after it has been heated by a boiler. Withits minimal heat loss it ensures a quick delivery of hot waterto multiple outlets. The solar cylinder has a coil containingthe solar fluid from the collectors on the roof which heatsup the water inside the cylinder. The solar cylinder is alsoconnected to a conventional heat source to top up the hotwater when there is insufficient solar energy.Vaillant’s hot water storage cylinder solutions.What are they?Programmable controls provide a comfortable livingenvironment within your home and help to minimise domesticheating bills. Temperature data from thermostats and sensorsis fed back to the boiler maximising efficiency. These controlsalso give you a wide choice of easily adjustable options tofurther optimise heating efficiency and fuel economy.How do they work?Programmable controls are either fitted into the fascia ofthe boiler or wall mounted in a convenient location withinthe home. The thermostats in the heating zones and outsidesensors are then linked to the boiler. There are three areas ofcontrol that greatly improve the economy of your boiler:• Advanced timing controlThis function offers different settings for groups of daysof the week and three switching periods per day.Summer and winter settings, holiday mode, hot wateradvance and temporary override options all further help tooptimise boiler use, maximise your home comfort and reduceenergy consumption.• Weather compensationOutside sensors measure temperature changes andadjust the boiler performance to maintain the desiredinside temperature, allowing your boiler to operate withmaximum efficiency.• Load compensationReduces the temperature of hot water going to radiatorsas the target room temperature is approached, cuttingback energy consumption.How energy efficient are they?Correctly setting up controls will help you to reduce yourenergy consumption. Vaillant estimates that a further5%-10% saving on energy bills can be achieved with theuse of programmable controls.What’s next?to find out more on Vaillant’s uniSTOR storage cylindersand intelligent controls visit to findyour local installerThe information in this brochure was correct at the time of going toprint. Vaillant reserves the right to make any modifications to productspecifications, or any other details, without prior notification. Jan 2010.10 11

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