December 2011 Issue - The Woodroffe School

December 2011 Issue - The Woodroffe School

notesDecember 2011NEWS FROM WOODROFFE

BLITZ DAYYear 9 spent a day with police,firefighters and healthcareprofessionals learning about alcoholabuse and the perils of binge drinking.Students participated in a variety ofactivities throughout the day includingthe beer goggle challenge.Widening the Careers HorizonWe were pleased to have LyndaShaw from Dorset County Councilvisit the school in November to giveYear 12 and some of Year 11 an insightinto careers in Early Years Child care. Anumber of students stayed on after thesession to discuss options with Lynda ona one to one basis.Additionally several students recentlymet with the Royal Navy/Royal Marinescareers liaison officer to investigateopportunities within the armed forces.In spite of cuts there is still a degree ofrecruitment but all the services are veryselective and competition for places isfierce.It’s good to see students, particularly inthe senior part of the school, making theeffort to find out as much as possibleabout the options available to them inorder to make more “informed” choicesabout their future.Year 10 Build Vital SkillsEver wondered what it would be liketo work in the engineering team ofthe Land Speed Record Attempt Car, ora veterinarians, or local boat builder?Well, that’s just what Year 10 arepreparing to do in the Summer of 2012.June 2012 sees 180 Year 10 studentsspend a week with various employersgaining an insight into the workingenvironment, developing their skills andperhaps exploring the possibilities offuture careers with employers basedacross the South West.Thank you to parents and students forattending the work experience eveningin November and to all those whoare now underway in organising theirplacements. There are also a numberwho have yet to get started or have hadsome difficulty with their first attempts,so with a later start than usual to theprocess it is vital that students get goingand persevere.Some students, I’m pleased to say, havefinalised their arrangements with othersnearly there. James Clarke has alreadysecured his place on the BloodhoundLand Speed Record Engineeringteam while Natalie Bristol and HollyDavis-Griffiths are close to completingthe arrangements for their veterinaryexperiences.Following on from the curriculum timealready given over to work experience,there are other opportunities for studentsto get help or access the internet. MrWells and Ms Elliott run two lunchtimesessions a week in B8 to help studentswith the application process. Thereis also lots more information on theCareers page of the Woodroffe website.Templates for letters to employers arealso now on Moodle so that studentscan download, modify as necessary andupload the version they wish to send toemployers, or print out.Mr G S WellsYoung InvestorsAll Year 9 Business Studiesstudents are currently participatingin the annual on-line Student InvestorChallenge. Now in its 17th year, theIFS Student Investor Challenge isopen to all school and college studentsaged between 14 and 19. The investorchallenge is operated by the ifs,supported by Bloomberg and the FTSE.Learning the Business of ChocolateBusiness GCSE students enjoyed asuccessful visit to Cadbury’s ChocolateWorld. The day began with a talk onthe marketing of Cadbury’s chocolate,followed by a chocolate tastingsession, which was enjoyed by all! Theafternoon was taken up with a tour ofthe production line, followed by morechocolate tasting. All students wereexceptionally well behaved, althoughMiss Kabia was told off by a memberof the Cadbury’s staff for standing on abench! Students also spent some timein the World’s biggest Cadbury shop,where a vast amount of chocolate wasbought! Highlight of the day for manystudents was the chocolate tasting andthe free chocolate bars; although somedid get very excited at spending a bit oftime playing in the under 8’s playground.Mr M BanfieldThe free to enter annual competitionstarted with students receiving a fantasy£100,000 to invest in the stock marketover three months. At the time ofwriting, The Dominators are currentlytopping the Woodroffe league and are51st out of over 6000 teams enterednationwide. The Dominators are closelyfollowed by Investor Contestor in 62ndplace, followed by The Rubber Bands in68th place. The national winner, whenthe competition closes in February,wins an all expenses paid business visitto New York. Mr Banfield will also begiving a prize for the best performingWoodroffe team, but has made it clearthat it will not be an all expenses trip toNew York!Mr M Banfield

Family MathsSixty families of Year 7 students recently braved the Maths corridor at Woodroffeto participate in a trial of ‘Family Maths Evenings’. Year 7 students eachbrought Mum or Dad (or family friend) for an evening of maths activities, so thatthey could learn about secondary approaches to maths, and how families canpositively support their teenagers – they really make a significant difference. Wewere very pleased with the way everyone participated: most activities were handson‘whole-class’ or in pairs where parents worked with students, though for year7’s the best parts were probably when there was a competitive element that thestudents won!Comments to date include ‘Fabulous: I came really really scared but you made itsuch fun’, ‘I wish we’d had maths like this when we were at school’ and ‘Now weknow you genuinely want students to come and see you if they’re stuck’. We’rehoping to run similar evenings for Key Stage 4 parents later in the year.Parents/Guardians/Friends/Neighbours can take an active role in mathseducation by:Supporting young people in talkingwith their teacher if they get stuck,and in using opportunities for supportor extra-curricular activities offered atschool;Enjoying constructive board,electronic, and card games andpuzzles together;Providing a time and place wherehomework can be done; encouragingyoung people to persist, to usecommon sense, and to refer toprevious work or their books orelectronic resources;Mrs J Golding, Director of Maths and Computing SpecialismInvolving young people in everydayuses of maths such as budgeting,measuring and estimating, usinginformation from catalogues andbrochures;Talking with young people about whatthey’re doing at school;Communicating with teachers ifthey are concerned, and respondingto communications from school,including taking advantage ofopportunities to visit school and meetwith teachers.Granny and her granddaughter Gillboth had their birthday yesterday.Today, Granny’s age in years is aneven number and 15 times that of Gill.In 4 years’ time Granny’s age in yearswill be the square of Gill’s age in years.How many years older than Gill isGranny today?A. 42 B. 49 C. 56 D. 60 E. 64Senior Maths Challenge 2011Fourteen year 12 and 13 studentsrecently chose to compete in thenational Senior Maths Challenge,which is taken by the most elite mathsstudents in the country, the vast majorityof them studying both Maths and FurtherMaths at A Level. Of these, the top 15%achieve Gold or Silver certificates andthe next 25%, Bronze. Questions areoften bizarre, frequently humorous,but always need clear reasoning. Nineof the Woodroffe entries gained Silvercertificates, and all the rest, Bronze – aremarkable achievement. You might liketo try two of the less technical questions– and remember they had 23 more tocomplete in 90 minutes.If some Maths teachers and somespiders have 11 heads and 64 legsbetween them, how many of eachmust there be? (Answers at the back)Woodroffe Team Aims forInternational FinalThe Woodroffe Science OlympiadTeam is once again poised tocompete in the UK heats. A highlycompetitive event for teams of threefrom year 12, it consists of threepractical problems to be solved, onein each of the main areas of Science.The team hopes to be participating inthe UK heat just after Christmas and,should they be successful, will progresson to the international final in April.The Woodroffe team has experiencedconsiderable success in the pastreaching the international final on threeoccasions and winning it once. Thisyear’s final takes place in Vilnius, thecapital of Lithuania.Mr C J SweetlandReebops!L6 Biologists enjoyed a recentlesson on genetics, looking at howReebops inherit the characteristics oftheir parents, although every offspring isunique!Chemists go Behind the ScenesMr Clulee and Mr Sweetland tookthe Year 12s to the Natural HistoryMuseum in London for their annualChemistry AS day. All of the twentyoneAS Chemists went on the trip andexperienced an interesting and variedprogramme of events including a guidedtour of the Earth’s Treasury Gallery, TheMinerals Gallery and The Vault wherestudents found some of the largest goldnuggets and diamonds in the world.Dr Richard Herrington, a mining chemist,gave an enthusiastic presentation aboutthe demands of copper and its formationand extraction followed by a session onanalytical techniques in chemistry withDr Hazel Hunter. She ran two X-Raydiffraction machines used to identifythe chemical compositions of unknownminerals.Dr Herrington ran another session wherestudents were given the opportunity tohandle large pieces and polished sectionof a ‘black smoker’, an underwatervolcanic vent found at the bottom ofoceans, usually where the Earth’s platesare moving apart.A third session provided an insightinto secondary mineralisation ofcopper minerals dependent on theavailability of oxygen by Dr RobinArmstrong. Students were then givena demonstration of another chemicalanalytical technique called Infra-redspectroscopy which relies on infra-redradiation to develop a signature helpingto identify compounds.The fourth session involved a behindthe-sceneslook at some of the mosttreasured rock and mineral collectionsin the museum by a curator. Thesamples were set out in specimencabinets which went from the floor to theceiling and along the lengths of severalcorridors. The samples were categorizedaccording to date of collection orexpedition rather than mineralogy. Wewere able to handle samples collectedby some great explorers such as Scottand Shackleton on their historicalexpeditions.A terrific day was had by all and aspecial thanks to Sally Collins formaking us feel so welcome and forbeing such an excellent host and welook forward to welcoming her and herteam to Lyme Regis for the annual fossilfestival.Mr J P Clulee

Woodroffe Drives Community DramaProjectLyme Youth Theatre and Woodroffehave teamed up to take part in anexciting international project run bythe National Theatre. Each year theNT commission tenplaywrights to writeten new plays foryoung people. Thenparticipating youththeatres and schoolsall over the countryand abroad chooseone of the plays tostage in their localtheatre and a partnerregional theatre. Thebest production ofeach of the ten playsthen gets the amazing opportunity toperform at the NT in July!This year Woodroffe’s Head of Dramaand Dance, Anne Cruwys-Finnigan, isdirecting Lyme Youth Theatre in a playcalled ‘Little Foot’ by Craig Higginsonwhich will be performed at the MarineTheatre in February and The TheatreRoyal, Plymouth in April.Rehearsals started in mid Novemberand feature a strong cast from“Deep within the South African underground caves, a group offriends meet to spend the night and explore its mysteries. Theso called ‘Cradle of Humankind’ caves are home to the oldesthuman remains. As the young friends venture deeper and deeper,strained relations and questions of loyalty take hold. With truthsrevealed and loyalties undone, these modern teenagers arestripped back to their primordial instincts. Surrounded by a chorusof ancestral voices, the group unravels. Just how far will modernhumans go to exact revenge? This poetic play draws on GreekTragedy and South African folklore to create a powerful portrayalof modern relationships.”Woodroffe, Axe Valley, Exeter Collegeand Thomas Hardye.. It is a veryexciting play with masses of potential forchorus and ensemble movement, soundand music work as well as some strong,challenging naturalistic acting.Woodroffe Community Art Teacher,Alison Bowskill, is working with a groupof keen art students making masks forthe chorus to wear and Little Foot whowill be a puppet.We are very grateful to The WoodroffeAssociation for helping us outfinancially, their very generousdonation has enabled theproject to get off the ground.This is the second time thatthey have supported a dramaproject at Woodroffe. Fouryears ago their financialcontribution went towardspaying a playwright to workwith a group of year 9 devisinga new play which we named‘Paving Paradise’, last yearthis play was published, whichwas thrilling for all of us.Please come and see ‘Little Foot’ at TheMarine Theatre, Lyme Regis in the weekbeginning 20 th February 2011, actualperformance dates to be confirmed.Ms A Cruwys-FinniganHead of Drama and DancePoet Laureate InspirationOn the 25 th November, twenty SixthForm and Year 11 English Literatureand English Language students went toBridport Arts Centre to see Carol AnnDuffy, the Poet Laureate. This was agreat opportunity to hear the poems asthey were intended to be heard, spokenby Carol Ann Duffy herself.Firstly her ‘announcer’ or, in Duffy’steasing words, ‘the guy who won’t leaveme alone’ played us a few songs on hiswide collection of flutes and trumpets.I was surprised when it turned out thathe could play them on a level far abovewhat anyone could at school. At onepoint he was playing two flutes at once!This tuned our ears to listening modebefore Duffy herself got up. Her poemswere undoubtedly biased towardsfemales, in “The World’s Wife”, she tookon the persona of famous men’s wives.She also read from her latest edition,“The Beas”, explaining the thoughtprocessesin the writing. One, whichwas very moving, was written about hermother who had died, and portrayed avery close and loving relationship.As a writer and reader she wasn’t whatI expected. She had unusual reasonsfor writing every poem and her tone ofvoice, the pace at which she read, madethe meanings clearer.So overall, it was a pretty interestingvisit; we learnt about her and her poemswhich we wouldn’t hear anywhere else.I didn’t even fall asleep (not that I everwas going to).Michael Ruddick (not in the picture) Year12

New Recruits put Through TheirPacesNovember is a busy month forthe cadets despite some of theoutdoor activity being curtailed bythe evenings drawing in and wetterweather! The 9 th of November saw61 new recruits turn up for their firstof five ‘taster’ sessions. Activitiesincluded building bivvis, camouflageand cooking ration packs, buildingand launching rockets, rigginga sailing dinghy and weaponfamiliarisation all taught by ourexcellent instructor team of NCOsfrom years 11, 12 and 13.Clothes Show Live Motivates TextilesStudentsWe left promptly at 7:00 am, andarrived in Birmingham at the NECwhere the students explored the manydifferent areas of the exhibition.The variety of clothes from couture tohigh street was highly inpsirational.There was also a variety of uniquedesigners and companies that proveduseful for our primary research. Theatmosphere was friendly and interesting.We had the opportunity to talk touniversity lecturers and students whogave us great advice on our futurecareer paths.The catwalk show was the highlight ofthe day, featuring professional dancersand models in amazing outfits. It was awonderful show and a fantasticexperience with an amazing storyline!Viewing the work of university andcollege students in the amateurcompetitions gave us lots of inspiration.We all felt so motivated to return toschool to produce our own garmentsat the same level as the universitycompetition winners.The whole day was unforgettable. Everyyear we enjoy ourselves, and neverexpect the following year to be anybetter, but somehow, it always managesto impress us even more!Lucy Timbrell, Year 13Sunday 13 th November was theRemembrance Parade and Servicein Lyme Regis and the school wasrepresented by 52 cadet and 5 staffmembers of the CCF as well as theHead Boy and Deputy Head Girl.Once again the school providedthe largest group in the parade. Mypersonal thanks go to all cadetsand their parents for ensuring sucha strong attendance. This year Ithought that the cadets’ turnout andmarching was some of the best I haveseen in recent years and this wasalso recognised by the Royal BritishLegion Branch President.Major S.V. Ruffle – ContingentCommanderHonda Crowns its Youngest MasterMarine TechnicianRupert Perry, former Woodroffestudent who left in 2009, hasqualified as the youngest ever HondaMaster Marine Technician in the UK.Rupert, 20, who is now based at RobPerry Marine in Axminster, has beenworking towards this accreditation forover three years at Honda’s purposebuiltskills training facility, The HondaInstitute, and is currently the only mastermarine technician in the UK.In recognition of this achievement,Rupert was presented with an engravedtorque wrench and certificate byHonda (UK)’s Marine Technical Trainer,Robert Day, on Friday 2 nd December.Also attending were Dave Whitehead,Rupert’s Honda Trainer and mentor, andSteve Morris, Honda UK National SalesManager.During Rupert’s time at the HondaInstitute, he was selected to representthe company in talking to andfamiliarising the International MarinePress with Honda’s technology and Ecosystems involved in the latest MarineEngines.“We are very proud of Rupert’sachievement. At school he was a veryhard working student with good practicalskills and completed his A Levels inProduct Design 3D and Business andthe BTEC Public Service in July 2009.He has shown a true passion andcommitment to his chosen vocationto become the only master marinetechnician in the UK at just 20,” said JimThomas, Head of Sixth Form.

Sports UpdateWe are very proud of our teams whocontinue to perform at a very highstate school level in area and countycompetitions. With the tremendoussupport and the dedication we have fromstaff, students and parents alike we arenow well placed to compete effectivelyagainst the big private schools who havetypically dominated county and areacompetitions.Year 7 Boys Make County TeamHenry Davy and Harry Pollard inYear 7 have both been selectedfor the Dorset under 12 football squad.Congratulations to the two of them.County Netball FinalistsBoth Year 9 and Year 11 netballteams have excelled themselvesthis term. Both won their respectiveSouth West Dorset area tournamentswith neither team losing a game. Theythen qualified for the County Finals.The Year 11 team played at BudmouthSchool and faced very tough oppositionincluding South West regional players.They eventually finished 8 th , so are nowranked as one of the top 10 teams in theCounty. Meanwhile, the Year 9’s playedat Canford School and finished 7 th , againcompeting well against top teams. Theytoo have a County ranking, in the topseven. Very well done girls.Miss S L HutchingsBadminton FantasticWhat a year so far! We sent eight teams to the area championships. They entered four different competitions and wonthree of the four. The U16 girls, U16 boys and the U14 girls all won and now go through to the county championships inFebruary. Another of our U16 boys’ teams also came second. This means that they now go to the Dorset games in July andhave won tickets to see JLS – boy were they pleased!!!! The U14 boys’ team came a very close third but is a very young team.Badminton is a real school strength. We operate clubs at lunchtimes and run a club after school on a Friday evening which isattended by 40 students.Biathlon Successam delighted to report the success ofI six of the Woodroffe Biathlete’s whocompeted in the Somerset SchoolsBiathlon at Taunton School on Sunday13th November. The competitioninvolved a 100m swim and a 1000mrun for competitors in Years 7 to 13.Florence Swan and Abi O’Leary, bothYear 8, were 5th and 6th respectivelyin their age group. Mollie Simpson wasplaced 1st in the Year 9 girls’ category.Abi Dare, Abi Speake and Layla Felgate,all Year 10 competed for 3rd, 6th and4th places respectively. Congratulationsto these girls, we hope that they have allbeen successful in making it through tothe British Schools Biathlon in this space!Mrs H L Cozens

Cross Country Team SuccessTwo inter school competitions havetaken place this term at Colfox andBudmouth. At both events Woodroffestudents performed superbly and withsome success, individually and in teamevents.Early in the term at Colfox one of ournew recruits, Tamsin Edge in Year7 led for the entire race only to bebeaten in an exciting sprint finish witha student from Dorchester. Her fellowteam mate Somer Horsfield was 5 th inthe same race.In the junior boys’ event Woodroffewere dominant winning the individualrace through Kingsley Wellman andthe team event with our top four boysinside the top 15 finishers. We couldeven afford to push one of our juniorrunners, Ross Scadding into the seniorrace to complete a full team.In the junior girls race Annabelle Arnoldfinished second and was supported byher team members who secured secondplace in the team event.As expected the senior girls race wasdominated by Woodroffe with a win andsecond place for Layla Felgate andAbi Dare respectively. Our other teammembers also finished in the top 10 totake the team title.Our senior boys were led home by JackVidean in 7 th place. Again we won theteam event here.In November at Budmouth school inhorrendous conditions the teams wereeven stronger.The year 7 boys, who were just learningin the first race, took the team title withsecond, third, 6th and 11 th places forthe top 4 scorers. Oliver Caute led theway but the biggest improvement camefrom Lewis Pearson, who finished 16 th atColfox but 3 rd at Budmouth.Tamsin Edge went one better in the year7 girls’ race winning and beating herrival by a considerable margin.Woodroffe dominated the junior boys’event even without the injured KingsleyWellman. Henry Riddle led the way witha superb 2 nd place. Ross Scadding was3 rd , Kieran Yorke 4 th and Iain Ross 6 th .The latter are both only year 8 so thislooks good for next year.The junior girls were one short of a fullteam but again bearing in mind they areall year 8,Florence Swan, Abi O’Learyand Hope Horsfield all ran well.Our senior girls swept the board againwith Layla once more victorious andundefeated since year 7.In the senior boys event Jack Videanfinished 3 places higher in 4 th ablysupported by Josh Caute in 5 th andReuben healer-Freud in 13 th .There were other runners in supportof those mentioned who must becongratulated in being part of some verysuccessful teams.The next event will be in January atBlandford School.Cross Country continues to thrive atWoodroffe and I am very grateful to thegroup of keen runners on the staff whosupport the weekly club which attractsin excess of 50 runners from all years,especially on the drier days.Mr A R BrownU12 and U13 RugbyBoth the U12s and U13s Woodroffe Rugby Teams have put in greatperformances this term. The U12s reached 3 rd place in the South and WestDorset Rugby Tournament with some noticeable performances by Angus Georgeand Luke Johnson. The team also had a fantastic win against Colyton with the Ateam winning by a try and the B team running up an impressively large score.The U13s went all the way to the final of the South and West Dorset Rugby, sadlyfalling at the final hurdle. There were outstanding performances from Kieran Yorkewhose ‘Jamie Roberts-like’ crash ball runs smashed though many a defence; andcommitted scrum-half and Captain, Rhys Davis, whose motivational team talks andtrade mark sniping breaks made him seem like a young Gareth Edwards.Saturday morning training has also been well attended with over 30 pupils turningup to be put through their paces with Mr Chambers. Also a special mention goesto Harry Remens and Connor Jones who have given up their Saturday morning tohelp coach the U12s.U15 RugbyWhat a season! We knew thatthey had real potential and theyproved us correct. Pre-season training,determination and a squad of 26 meantlocal teams were dispatched withease. They got to the 5 th round of theDaily Mail Cup Rugby Competition butunfortunately came up short to a verygood Millfield team – who could go onto win the competition. It was a fantasticrun of games for a fantastic bunch ofboys. We now have a new kit (partiallysponsored by Top Togs of Chard) –worth at least 10 points a game!To make Department fundsgo even further we are on thelook-out for team kit sponsors.For more information anddetails of sponsorshipopportunities, please don’thesitate to contact Mr ISnowling, Head of

Taste of Christmas Raises £3,000!We would also like to say a greatbig THANK YOU to everyone whosupported ‘A Taste of Christmas’ onFriday 2 nd December; the students whoentertained us with their marvellousmusic, the Year 7s who raised oodleswith their stalls, the staff who willinglygave their time and expertise, JulieThomas and the PTA members whohelped in many different ways, Jake,Sophie and other incredibly helpfulstudents, all of the traders and the localbusinesses who kindly donated raffleprizes and of course to all the mums,dads and carers who came along tosupport and spend!Early estimates show that the eventraised in excess of £3,000.The Giving MachineThere are only a few more shoppingdays until Christmas – why notmake the most of your online shoppingby singing up to The Giving Machine?There are over 300 major retailersinvolved in this scheme, each of themgenerating funds for good causesincluding your PTA! Go to It’s easy.Be Part of Your PTA!The first PTA meeting of 2012 is atThe Hunters Lodge Inn at 7pm onTuesday 10 th January. Please do comealong and find out more about your PTA.Please note that our next big fundraiseris our Glam Rock evening on Friday 24 thFebruary, if you would like to help, it’ll bea hoot, contact me, Wendy at, or on 01404 881207 thanksin advance!Tickets are priced at just £12.50 – socall me now to book your tables ortickets.Cash Prizes Galore!It’s not too late to join the 200 club, forthe small sum of £12 a year there isthe opportunity to win a cash prize eachmonth, if your allocated number is drawnfrom the bag. Prizes are: £20, £15 and£10. Contact Sally the treasurer of thePTA at Allprofits go to the school.Maths AnswersGill is 4 and Granny is 60 (D)7 spiders and 4 teachersThe Woodroffe 70sGLAM ROCK EVEDust off your stacks,don your wig & frock&Prepare to ROCK!!Friday 24 th Feb 2012 @ Woodroffe,7.30pm ‘til late.Nibbles, Cocktail Bar & three course70’s supper with fab, live band,loads of singing and dancing.Prizes for most promising rockers indress, dance, song & air guitar solo!There will be a licensed bar.Please book tickets/tables, well inadvance from Wendy on01404 881207 or wvdp3@talktalk.netTickets £12.50Please note: tickets will be for sale at‘A Taste of Christmas’: what a brilliantpresent!Mo-Bros Raise £750Who would have thought thatfacial hair could raise so muchmoney? The Mo-Bro posse raiseda staggering £750 for two men’scharities: The Prostate CancerCharity and the Institute of CancerResearch.Huge thanks to all those students,parents and staff who donated tothis fantastic cause. Needless to say,there’s not a whisker in sight now it’sDecember!Cabaret 2012After nearly 90 auditions over the lastmonth, teacher Kathy Elliott andher Cabaret Mentor team – Joe Bailey,Dominic Kirtley and Georgia Robson –have finally chosen the acts they hopewill make Cabaret 2012 a great success.School dates for your diary:4 January Year 12 Parents Evening11 January Year 9 Options Evening17 January Year 10 Family Maths Evening18/19 January Year 7 Parents Evenings20 January PTA Disco Years 7-925 January Year 8 Pathways Meeting1-3 February Cabaretw/c 20 February Little Foot, Marine Theatre24 February PTA Glam Rock NightThe show will take place on February1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd . Details of how to obtaintickets will soon appear on the schoolwebsite. Cabaret 2011 raised over£1,500 for charity and the same amountfor the school.

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