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Raychem Heat-shrinkable Indoor TerminationsEPKT for Belted MI Paper Insulated Cables upto 17.5 kV

Raychem Heat-shrinkable Indoor Terminations EPKT for Belted MI Paper InsulatedCables up to 17.5 kVA Raychem 12 kV termination forbelted MI paper insulated cablesinstalled by a utility in Austria.For over thirty years Raychem heatshrinkablematerials have providedjoint ing, sealing and corrosionprotection systems for the evergrowing demands of the world ofenergy. Special materials withenhanced electri cal properties andhigh environmental resist ance form thebasis for products which undergocontinual updating and development.Experience gained from the hugenum ber of products in service withmany of the world s utility companieshas proved their reliability in amulti tude of different locations andcon ditions.As a pioneer in the development ofheat-shrinkable technology we haveseen confirmed the integrity of itsfast, simple and reliable install ationtechniques catering for many differentcable sizes whilst reduc ing the skillsensitivity of installation.Cable accessory kits available formost requirements make simple thesteps required to complete a highlyintegrated and reliable installation.The tough transparent oil reservoirper mits easy visual inspection andmain tenance, and the heat-shrink ableoutlets provided with pre-coatedadhesive allow a simple install ation.The photograph shows the lower endof the reservoir already fitted to thelead sheath with the upper outletsin the process of installation, allprotected against humidity and dustby rigid heat-shrinkable tubing.Transition sealing from connectinglug to cable core are protected byadhesive lined sleeves shrunk intoplace. Power may be switched on oncethe termination is filled with oil andconnected.Ease of installationRaychem terminations for belted MIpaper insulated cables up to 17.5 kVharness the abilities of heat-shrink ablematerials and special adhesives toform a durable seal against cable oiland moisture penetration.This system eliminates plumbing,soldering, gaskets or other skillsensitive operations. After preparingthe cable in the normal way, the cablecores are protected with heat- shrink -able tubing. Installation of atrans parent oil reservoir with ends ofheat- shrink able material and sealingsleeves over the cable lugs com pletesthe termination, which can then befilled with oil and con nected. Each kitcovers a range of cable sizes, comeswith detailed instructions, and requiresno special installation tools orequipment.Special purpose materialsLong term reliability requiresresist ance to oil and pressure in humidindoor conditions. In order to copewith these requirements the heatshrinkablecom ponents are formu latedfrom rigid poly meric materials special lydeveloped by us to withstand highhumidity under electrical stress.Sealing without plumbing orsolderingPre-coated, heat-activated specialadhes i ves are provided on oilreservoir outlets and sealing bootsfor a durable and inspectable sealto the cable sheath, cores andconnect ing lugs. The result is anoil tight moisture barrier from cableto lead sheath.Lightweight and compactThe practically unbreakable oilreservoir and lightweight polymerictubings make the ter mination lightand easy to handle and in s tall, eachkit consisting of only a few dis cretecomponents. As the whole outsidesurface of the termination isinsulat ing, a long creepage path isobtainable with a short overall length.PerformanceExtensive laboratory test programmesand field trials were followed byinstallation of large numbers of theseterminations by utilities, where longtermservice has con firmed theperformance of the system. Raychemterminations for MI paper insul a t edcables meet Raychem specificationPPS 3013, which encompasses therequirements of the major nationalstandards and inter national norms.Technical field serviceRaychem power cable terminationsare the result of a sustained researcheffort and long experience oftechnical field service. We support ourcustomers at every step, from specificproduct development and selection,through laboratory and field testing,to training of customer operators incable pre paration and installationtechniques. As the leader in heatshrinkable materials and one of thelargest cable accessory manufacturers,Raychem makes a wide range ofjointing, sealing and corrosionprotection systems to meet thedemands of the growing world

TE ConnectivityHeat-shrinkable Indoor Terminations EPKT for Belted MI Paper Insulated CablesThe tough transparent oil reservoirallows easy inspection andmainten ance and is fitted with outletsof heat-shrinkable material, internallypre-coated with adhesive. In thisphoto the lower end has already beenshrunk onto the lead cable sheath,and the upper outlets are seen beingshrunk onto the cable cores, whichhave been protected from humidityand dust with rigid heat-shrinkabletubing.To seal the transition from connect inglug to cable core, sealing sleevespre-coated with adhesive are shrunkinto place. The termina tion need onlybe filled with oil and con nec ted beforepower can be 2

TE ConnectivityHeat-shrinkable Indoor Terminations EPKT for Belted MI Paper Insulated CablesTest Sequence Test Voltage ResultHighest Voltage for Cable U m (kV)7.2 12 17.5A.C. Voltage 1 min 27 35 45 no breakdown and no flashoverWithstandImpulse 10 positive and 60 75 95 no breakdown and no flashoverVoltage 10 negative, 1.2/50 µs,Withstand between each conductorand the grounded sheathLoad Cycling 63 cycles 9 15 22 no breakdown and no flashover5 h heating, 3 h coolingConductor temperature:70°CInternal pressure:0.05 MPaThermal 1 s symmetrical fault no visible signs of damageShort with conductorCircuit temperature as forcable specification1 s earth fault withsheath temperature asfor cable specificationLoad Cycling repeat 9 15 22 no breakdown and no flashoverImpulse repeat 60 75 95 no breakdown and no flashoverVoltageWithstandD.C. Voltage 30 min 28 48 72 no breakdown and no flashoverWithstandHumidity 100 h 4.5 7.5 10.9 no breakdown, no flashoverconductivity 800 µS/cmno visible tracking and no erosionspray rate:0.4 l/m 3 /hA.C. Voltage 4 h 14 24 36 no breakdown and no flashoverWithstandDynamic 63 kA 28 48 72 no visible signs of damageShort CircuitNotes: 1. U m is the highest phase to phase voltage. All other voltages are stated as phase to ground values.2. Further details are given in Raychem specification PPS 3013.Ordering InformationRaychem indoor terminations are available for belted MI (draining oil) paper insulated cables with cross-sections up to400 mm 2 and for voltages up to 17.5 kV. A full selection table is availble on request.For futher details on this or any other TE Energy products please contact your local TE Energy sales engineer.While TE Connectivity (TE) has made every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in this catalogue, TE does not guarantee that it is error-free, nor does TE make anyother representation, warranty or guarantee that the information is accurate, correct, reliable or current. TE reserves the right to make any adjustments to the information contained herein atany time without notice. TE expressly disclaims all implied warranties regarding the information contained herein, including, but not limited to, any implied warranties of merchantability orfitness for a particular purpose. The dimensions in this catalogue are for reference purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Specifications are subject to change without notice.Consult TE for the latest dimensions and design specifications. Raychem, TE Connectivity and the TE connectivity (logo) are trademarks.Other logos, product and Company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.TE Energy – innovative and economical solutions for the electrical power industry: cable accessories, connectors & fittings,insulators & insulation, surge arresters, switching equipment, street lighting, power measurement and control.Tyco Electronics Raychem GmbHa TE Connectivity Ltd. CompanyTE EnergyFinsinger Feld 185521 Ottobrunn/Munich, GermanyPhone: +49-89-6089-0Fax: +49-89-6096345© 2013 Tyco Electronics Raychem GmbH EPP 0118 6/

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