Veritas Cluster Cheat sheet

Veritas Cluster Cheat sheet

verify that GAB is operatinggabconfig -astop GAB running gabconfig -Ustart the GABoverride the seed values in the gabtab file gabconfig -c -xNote: port a indicates that GAB is communicating, port hindicates that VCS is startedgabconfig -c -n GAB Port MemberbershipList Membership gabconfig -aUnregister port f/opt/VRTS/bin/fsclustadm cfsdeinita gab driverb I/O fencing (designed to guarantee data integrity)d ODM (Oracle Disk Manager)f CFS (Cluster File System)h VCS (VERITAS Cluster Server: high availability daemon)Port Functiono VCSMM driver (kernel module needed for Oracle and VCSinterface)q QuickLog daemonv CVM (Cluster Volume Manager)w vxconfigd (module for cvm)Cluster daemonsHigh Availability DaemonCompanion DaemonResource Agent daemonWeb Console cluster managerment daemonhadhashadowAgentCmdServerCluster Log FilesLog Directoryprimary log file (engine log file)/var/VRTSvcs/log/var/VRTSvcs/log/engine_A.logStarting and Stopping the cluster"-stale" instructs the engine to treat the localconfig as stale"-force" instructs the engine to treat a staleconfig as a valid oneBring the cluster into running mode from astale state using the configuration file from aparticular serverstop the cluster on the local server but leavethe application/s running, do not failover theapplication/sstop cluster on local server but evacuate(failover) the application/s to another nodewithin the clusterstop the cluster on all nodes but leave theapplication/s runninghastart [-stale|-force]hasys -force hastop -localhastop -local -evacuatehastop -all -forceCluster Status

display cluster summarycontinually monitor clusterverify the cluster is operatinghastatus -summaryhastatushasys -displayCluster Detailsinformation about a clustervalue for a specific cluster attributemodify a cluster attributeEnable LinkMonitoringDisable LinkMonitoringhaclus -displayhaclus -value haclus -modify haclus -enable LinkMonitoringhaclus -disable LinkMonitoringUsersadd a usermodify a userdelete a userdisplay all usershauser -add hauser -update hauser -delete hauser -displaySystem Operationsadd a system to the clusterdelete a system from the clusterModify a system attributeslist a system stateForce a system to startDisplay the systems attributesList all the systems in the clusterChange the load attribute of a systemDisplay the value of a systems nodeid(/etc/llthosts)Freeze a system (No offlining system, Nogroups onlining)Unfreeze a system ( reenable groups andresource back online)hasys -add hasys -delete hasys -modify hasys -statehasys -forcehasys -display [-sys]hasys -listhasys -load hasys -nodeidhasys -freeze [-persistent][-evacuate]Note: must be in write modehasys -unfreeze [-persistent]Note: must be in write modeDynamic ConfigurationThe VCS configuration must be in read/write mode in order to make changes. When in read/write mode theconfiguration becomes stale, a .stale file is created in $VCS_CONF/conf/config. When the configuration is putback into read only mode the .stale file is removed.Change configuration to read/writemodeChange configuration to read-onlymodehaconf -makerwhaconf -dump -makeroCheck what mode cluster is running in haclus -display |grep -i 'readonly'0 = write mode

Check the configuration fileconvert a file into clustercommandsconvert a command file into a main.cffile1 = read only modehacf -verify /etc/VRTS/conf/configNote: you can point to any directory as long as it has andtypes.cfhacf -cftocmd /etc/VRTS/conf/config -dest /tmphacf -cmdtocf /tmp -dest /etc/VRTS/conf/configService Groupsadd a service groupdelete a service groupchange a service grouphaconf -makerwhagrp -add groupwhagrp -modify groupw SystemList sun1 1 sun2 2hagrp -autoenable groupw -sys sun1haconf -dump -makerohaconf -makerwhagrp -delete groupwhaconf -dump -makerohaconf -makerwhagrp -modify groupw SystemList sun1 1 sun2 2 sun3 3haconf -dump -makerolist the service groupslist the groups dependencieslist the parameters of a groupdisplay a service group's resourceNote: use the "hagrp -display " to list attributeshagrp -listhagrp -dep hagrp -display hagrp -resources display the current state of the service group hagrp -state clear a faulted non-persistent resource in aspecific grphagrp -clear [-sys] # remove the hosthagrp -modify grp_zlnrssd SystemList -delete Change the system list in a cluster# add the new host (don't forget to state its position)hagrp -modify grp_zlnrssd SystemList -add 1# update the autostart listhagrp -modify grp_zlnrssd AutoStartList Service Group OperationsStart a service group and bring its resourcesonlineStop a service group and takes its resourcesofflineSwitch a service group from system toanotherEnable all the resources in a groupDisable all the resources in a groupFreeze a service group (disable onlining andofflining)hagrp -online -sys hagrp -offline -sys hagrp -switch to hagrp -enableresources hagrp -disableresources hagrp -freeze [-persistent]note: use the following to check "hagrp -display |grep TFrozen"Unfreeze a service group (enable onlining and hagrp -unfreeze [-persistent]

offlining)Enable a service group. Enabled groups canonly be brought onlineDisable a service group. Stop from bringingonlineFlush a service group and enable correctiveaction.note: use the following to check "hagrp -display |grep TFrozen"haconf -makerwhagrp -enable [-sys]haconf -dump -makeroNote to check run the following command "hagrp -display | grepEnabled"haconf -makerwhagrp -disable [-sys]haconf -dump -makeroNote to check run the following command "hagrp -display | grepEnabled"hagrp -flush -sys Resourcesadd a resourcedelete a resourcechange a resourcehaconf -makerwhares -add appDG DiskGroup groupwhares -modify appDG Enabled 1hares -modify appDG DiskGroup appdghares -modify appDG StartVolumes 0haconf -dump -makerohaconf -makerwhares -delete haconf -dump -makerohaconf -makerwhares -modify appDG Enabled 1haconf -dump -makerochange a resource attribute to beglobally widechange a resource attribute to be locallywidelist the parameters of a resourcelist the resourceslist the resource dependenciesNote: list parameters "hares -display "hares -global hares -local hares -display hares -listhares -depResource OperationsOnline a resourceOffline a resourcedisplay the state of a resource( offline, online,etc)display the parameters of a resourceOffline a resource and propagate thecommand to its childrenCause a resource agent to immediatelymonitor the resourceClearing a resource (automatically initiatesthe onlining)hares -online [-sys]hares -offline [-sys]hares -statehares -display hares -offprop -sys hares -probe -sys hares -clear [-sys]Resource Types

Add a resource typehatype -add Remove a resource typehatype -delete List all resource typeshatype -listDisplay a resource typehatype -display List a partitcular resource typehatype -resources Change a particular resource types attributes hatype -value Resource Agentsadd a agentremove a agentchange a agentlist all ha agentsDisplay agents run-time information i.e has itstarted, is it running ?Display agents faultspkgadd -d . pkgrm n/ahaagent -listhaagent -display haagent -display |grep FaultsResource Agent OperationsStart an agentStop an agenthaagent -start [-sys]haagent -stop [-sys]

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