June 9, 2013 - Saint Margaret Mary Parish


June 9, 2013 - Saint Margaret Mary Parish

St. Margaret Mary ParishJune 9, 201310th Sunday in Ordinary Time1450 Green Trails Dr. Naperville, IL 60540 630-369-0777 www.smmp.comMASSESSaturday:5:00 p.m.Sunday:7:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m.10:45 a.m. 12:15 p.m.Weekday:Monday - Saturday8:15 a.m.OFFICE HOURS:Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00Closed Saturdays during June & JulyParish Office: 369-0777Fax: 369-1493Religious Ed. Office: 369-0833All Saints Catholic Academy1155 Aurora Ave., Naperville, IL 60540961-6125 -- www.ascacademy.orgNEW PARISHIONERS:Anyone who welcomes you, welcomesme; and those who welcome me welcomethe one who sent me.: (Mt 10:40)St. Margaret Mary Parish wishes towelcome everyone to our community asJesus would. For information, please callthe parish office.SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION:Confessions every Saturday from 3:30 to4:30 PM or anytime by request.SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM:2nd and 3rd Sundays of the month followingthe 12:15 Mass. Please call ParishOffice to make arrangements for Baptismand required Preparation Meeting.SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE:Six months preparation required. Parishmusic policies, which reflect Diocesanguidelines, are to be followed.

Are You Celebrating your25th or 50thWedding Anniversarythis year?Help the survivors of the Oklahoma Tornado.Make a contribution to OK. City Catholic Charities.The Diocese of Joliet will hold itsThirty-fifth annual WeddingAnniversary Mass on Sunday, Sept.8, at 2:00 p.m. at the Cathedral ofSt. Raymond in Joliet. If you arecelebrating either your 25 th or 50 thanniversary this year, please call theparish office, 369-0777, by June 21so that we may submit your name tothe Diocese for a formal invitation.Those celebrating over 50 year anniversariesdo not receive a formalinvitation, but will be able to registerto attend at a later date.PRAYER OF THANKS(For the kindness of others)We are grateful, loving God,for those who show us kindness indaily life:for those who have patience with ourfaults;for those who challenge us to do thebest we can, even if it doesn’t seemto be enough;for those who stand with us whenothers are against us;for those who act as peacemakers inthe midst of conflict;for those who make that phone callwhen we need it most;for those who encourage us when weare about to give up;for those who always greet us with asmile;for those who can disagree with uswithout becoming angry;for those who send cards when weare sick or need encouragement;for those who are honest enough totell us when we are wrong.Donations can be made at the OK. Catholic Charity Website:http://www.catholiccharitiesok.org/Checks can be mailed to: 1501 N. Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73106God’s ShareGod’s power is revealed in many ways. Today’s readings reflect this powerin life-changing ways. In two instances, life is restored. In another, a life isliterally changed. God desires us to have life. Are we taking advantage ofthis gift from God and living it to the fullest? Through Time, Talent, andTreasure, we give back to God from what he gives to us.Weekly Collection Year to Date6/2/13 7/1/12 to presentWeekly Mass Offerings $20,675 $958,386Automated Giving (pro-rated) 6,518 285,40427,193 1,243,790Budget Goal 24,240 1,235,118Over/(Under) Goal (2,953) 8,671Sign up for Automated Giving by visitingwww.parishpay.comor by calling 1-866-PARISH-12

SMMPProject Gabriel ClosesSMMP has been very supportiveover the past five years to ProjectGabriel ,sponsored by Woman'sChoice Services of the Diocese ofJoliet. Since we have not had anactive client in over a year andhave very a small resource groupandvery limited storage space we askthat instead of leaving itemswhere our crib was placed youfind it in your heart to continue tosupportthis wonderful group directly attheir location.Please feel free to contact themabout any help you may bewilling to give at the followingaddress:Jillian NozarDirector of Client ServicesWoman's Choice Services123 W. St. Charles Rd, Suite 101Lombard, IL 60148630-261-9564Good Books: A Programfor Serious ReadersSt. Margaret Mary's book group isdesigned for people who love toread and to discuss ideas. Led byFr. Jonathan Foster, OFM, thegroup meets monthly on Sundayevenings from 7:00-8:30.Upcoming books to be discussedand dates for meeting are:June 30--Pariq Ramadan,"Islam and the Arab Awakening"July 28—Jorge Mario Bergoglio“On Heaven and Earth”If you would like to join thegroup, please call Sr. Madelyn,369-0777.The Book Group has met for nineyears and it has been a wonderfulspiritual journey for me. I’velearned a lot and thought evenmore and as a result, have amuch deeper and more maturespirituality. Thanks!Jim VahleSMM Nursery will beclosed on Father’s Day.Tamales for SaleTamales will be available for pick-upon Sunday, June 23 in theParish Center kitchen from 10:45 untilafter the 12:15 Mass.Choices include:—mild or hot chicken—mild or hot pork—vegetarianPrices are $6 for a halfdozen or $11 for a dozen.Please order by Wed. June 19by calling Martha Rose,630-961-2169.Need catering for a party? Howabout Mexican food – rice, beans,chicken and steak fajitas?St. Vincent de Paul SocietyWE NEED YOUR HELP Please• The economy is hitting people hard – including SMMP Parishioners• SVdP is helping folks financially with rent, utilities, medical bills and the like.• Our funds are critically low.• We’re reaching a point of not being able to assist those who request assistance.Your contributions at this time will be greatly appreciated and will allow us tocontinue serving the needy in our parish. We help fellow parishioners and thoseliving within our parish boundaries no matter their faith.Should you wish to contribute, SVdP envelopes are in the narthex and can beplaced in the collection basket.Thank You for Helping Us to Help Others!Want to receiveNews,Alerts,Funeral Noticesfrom SMMP?If so, sign up for our parish ConstantContact e-mail service . Justvisit www.smmp.com and clickon “Sign-up here for emailalerts” on the left side of ourhome page. It’s quick and easy.3

All Saints Catholic Academy — Your Parish School1155 Aurora Ave., Naperville 60540630-961-6125 www.ascacademy.orgCongratulations to the All Saints Catholic Academy Class of 2013All Saints Catholic Academy celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2013 at a beautiful mass with celebrants FatherPaul Hottinger of St. Margaret Mary, and Father Don McLaughlin of St. Thomas the Apostle on the evening of Friday,May 24. We congratulate the 52 students of the Class of 2013!Madeline Allen (Holy Spirit – Benet)Alexander Kovak (St. Mary Immaculate – Benet)Jessica Bachar (Our Lady of Mercy – Rosary)Megan Lavish (Holy Spirit – St. Francis)Mariah Bagan (St. Margaret Mary - undecided)Victoria May (St. Thomas – Benet)Ciara Bennett (St. Thomas – Aurora Central Catholic) Thomas Mayor (St. Thomas – St. Francis)David Buss (Holy Spirit – Benet)Colleen McCann (Holy Spirit – Plainfield East)John Casey (Holy Spirit – Neuqua Valley)Alec McEachern (Holy Spirit – Benet)Estelle Chavez (Holy Spirit – Benet)Kalyn McKee (St. Thomas – St. Francis)Andrea Cruz (St. Irene – Benet)Sarah Miller (Holy Spirit – Benet)John DeRuntz (St. Elizabeth Seton – Benet)Elle Mlsna (St. Margaret Mary – Naperville Central)Mary Kate Devine (St. Margaret Mary – Benet) Alexandra Munson (Holy Spirit – Benet)Ilana Domingo (St. Thomas – Benet)Serin Park (Benet)Andrew Egan (St. Margaret Mary – Naperville North) Jonathan Ramirez (undecided)Celia Fara (St. Margaret Mary – Benet)Madonna Rentner (Our Lady of Mercy – St. Francis)Emily Finger (St. Margaret Mary – Naperville Central) Kathryn Rotkis (Holy Spirit – Joliet Catholic Academy)Sebastian Garcia Villagomez (St. Mary’s – St. Francis) Gretchen Rudel (Holy Spirit – Benet)Giovanni Giron (St. Nicholas – East Aurora)Nathan Smilak (St. Thomas – Benet)Abigail Glass (St. Thomas – St. Francis)Bennett Smith (St. Elizabeth Seton – Joliet Catholic Academy)Natalie Gregus (St. Thomas – Benet)Samantha Smith (St. Elizabeth Seton – Joliet Catholic Academy)Sean Hand (St. Thomas – Benet)Quentin Stephens (St. Elizabeth Seton – Naperville Central)Stanley Hilger (St. Elizabeth Seton – St. Francis) Thomas Tillet (Our Lady of Mercy – Benet)Nicole Hill (Holy Spirit – Benet)Daniela Torres (Holy Spirit – Montini)Haley Howarter (St. Elizabeth Seton – Montini) Luke Turner (St. Thomas – Naperville Central)Vanessa Hughes Carlson (St. Thomas – Neuqua Valley) Alexandra Vukasovic (St. Thomas – Naperville Central)Erin Kainrath (St. Elizabeth Seton – Naperville Central) James Watson (St. Elizabeth Seton – Benet)Lauren Kainrath (St. Elizabeth Seton – Naperville Central) Matthew Watson (St. Thomas – Naperville Central)Rebekah Weinewuth (St. Margaret Mary – Benet) Joseph Wojciechowski (St. Thomas – Catholic High School, LA4

Religious(Preschool – 5th )Heaven’s story is our story.One day our restoration will come.Vacation Bible SchoolOur VBS program “Kingdom Rock -Where Kids Stand Strong for God” starts Monday.EducationRegistration for the 2013/2014 YearRegistration packets have gone out to families with children currently registeredin our program. If you did not receive a packet or are new to our program,extra registration packets are available in the RE office or on the Educationpage of the parish website.St. Raphael FootballAcceptingRegistrationsThis August, the St. RaphaelFootball Program will begin its50th year serving the Napervillearea. Our league is open to allNaperville area children from age6 to 12. We are currently acceptingregistration.Player check-in is July 26, 27,29. For more information and todownload the Football RegistrationForm, check out our website,at www.straphaelfootball.org.Or you can contact Jim Brown at632-9244.We invite you to become a part ofour program and bring a friend.Children’s Liturgy of the Word is on Summer BreakPlease contact Sue Davey at 369-0833 with any questions.Special thanks to Safari Caféfor providing refreshment for our Bike & Walk To Church Weekend.6440 College Road, Lisle, 630-364-2390, http://safaricafelisle.com/Don’t forget to keep on biking and walking for better health and a healthier planet.5

Fr. Paul’s HomilyBringing our Own LivesCorpus ChristiToday’s feast day reminds me of astory about a Jewish grandmothergiving her grandson instructions onhow proceed when he visits her. Shesaid, “Well, when you get to theapartment, you find my name on theroster—and it’s not ‘Grandma’—and when you see the button, withyour elbow you push the button andI’ll let you in, and then you come tothe elevator and with your elbow youcall for the elevator, and when theelevator comes you go in and youfind the fourth floor—that’s where Ilive—with your elbow you push thebutton for the fourth floor and I willmeet you when you get off the elevator.”And the grandson said, “Well,Grandma, why am I supposed to usemy elbow?” “You’re coming emptyhanded!?”Well, the Jewish grandmother hadstudied her Bible because it says inScripture that when the people ofGod gather, not one family maycome empty-handed. The wholemeaning of the covenant of Israelwas that God was blessing people,this particular people, to make ademonstration of his goodness, of hislove and of his justice. And they inturn had to share the blessings:number one, with the tribe of Levithat had gotten none of the real estate—theywere dedicated to the templeand to the shrines—but also withthe widows, the orphans, the homeless,basically those in need, becausewell-being for the people of thecovenant was aimed at the communityas a whole. It was not everyman for himself; it was everyone forthe sake of the whole.Jesus accepted this particular principlefrom the covenant. He arguedwith all kinds of different issues,but not this one. He took this onecompletely as it was and, in fact,incorporated it into himself to then th degree because he did not onlyshare a tenth of his life, but he gavehis entire life to God. The entiretyof who he was became the basis ofhis gift, his tithe, his sacrifice.Quoting Psalm 40 the Epistle to theHebrews puts in the mouth of Jesus:“Sacrifice and offering you didnot desire, but a body you preparedfor me,” his body being hishuman life. In this Jesus radicallyreassessed what God was reallyoffering to humanity. It’s notsimply a new model of social order,but it’s actually a participation inthe life of God. That’s somethingthe Jewish people had never reallythought about—participation in thelife of God. And in order to receivethis great offer all that was neededwas trust. But the kind of trust thatwas needed was a kind of trust thatis extremely rare, extremely rare inhuman life, including among peoplewho consider themselves faithfilled. Yes, they are faith filled, butthey are not that trusting. But Jesuswas that trusting that he wouldgive up everything, his whole life,for something far greater, somuch did he believe in the goodnessof God, a goodness that wentbeyond the boundaries that, youmight say, he was born with withinthe context of Judaism.6So Jesus then embodied and exemplifiedthis willingness to surrenderto the Father. And this is whatled to the Cross. He accepted everythingin life, good and bad. Andhe accepted the consequences ofliving among very not-so-good people,evil people, ignorantpeople, petty people, violent people.He accepted that; that was part ofwhat he accepted, good and bad andeverything in between. So when itcame to being betrayed, which is partof the consequence of living amongpeople, he accepted that. When hewas condemned, he accepted that.And when he was crucified, he acceptedthat—all because he believedsomething greater was in store, notonly for himself, but for his brothersand sisters in the human family.Jean-Paul Sartre, an existentialistphilosopher, said: “Hell is otherpeople,” a rather nasty thought, buttrue. In Jesus case, it was true. Hewent through hell because of otherpeople. But all through Jesus’ trialshe maintained his love for God.His sacrifice was total. He exemptedhimself from absolutely nothing.This was his gift.As a Jew, Jesus knew that the firstcommandment was: “Worship theLord, thy God, and have no strangegods before me.” But what is astrange god; what’s the true God?How do you know? That’s really avery important question. How do weknow? Well, according to Scripture,God is life-giving. God is the sourceof all life, all blessing, all holiness,so when we worship what is good,holy, and life-giving, we are worshipingthe true God. That’s whatJesus did. That is the meaning of hisgift. Those who honestly want to followJesus need to do the same.But of course for his followers theroad is not quite as short and steep as(Continued on page 10)

Fr. Paul’s Homily(Continued from page 6)it was for Jesus. What he accomplishedin a year or two or three,most of us take an entire lifetime.However, because of his resurrectionfrom the dead he is able to accompanyhis community of believers intheir journey. So we are not alone.Just like the disciples on the road toEmmaus, we are never alone. Butmostly we are not alone when we aretogether in the community of theEucharist. That’s where Jesus mostguides his disciples. Yes, in otherways too: in secret ways, privateways, mystical ways, spiritual ways,but mostly and most profoundly asa community of believers who aregathered and assembled togetherbringing their own gifts—notempty-handed—bringing their ownlives, offering them together withChrist, with Jesus, to the Father withtrust that “eye has not seen and earhas not heard and the mind cannotimagine what God has prepared forthose who love him.” Of coursethat’s from St. Paul’s Letter to theCorinthians.Through the twisting, winding pathsof time the community of Christ hasthe sacrament of the body andblood of Christ to fill us withGod’s blessings, and not only fillus, but to transform us becausethat’s what food does. For better orfor worse, we do become what weeat. When we eat the body andblood of Christ with devotion andwith faith, we do become Christ—not through our own power,through God’s power. This is whatwe mean by grace, the power ofGod changing us. And this is theway we are enabled to offer ourselvesas Jesus did in trust andlove for the sake of the world.This is God’s plan, for the sanctificationof the world and for thegrowth of blessedness in the heartsof all people. So no matter howmany evil people there are in theworld, it’s still God’s plan to savethem, as even from the Cross Jesussaid, “Forgive them; they no notwhat they do.” That we can take asa general principle. We don’t knowwhat we are doing; even more sothe evil don’t know what they aredoing. So it’s toward the goal ofsaving the whole world that Godsends us out from this Eucharistictable empowered to offer our ownlives for the sake of others.The desire of the Second VaticanCouncil, which we are constantlyalluding to during this fifty-year anniversary,was that every liturgy wouldbecome a tasting of the goodness ofthe Lord. It was a psalm that said,“Taste and see the goodness of theLord.” It was the desire of the Councilthat every liturgy would be thatfor us, through the hearing of God’sword, the singing of God’s praises,which elevates our hearts and minds,and the sharing in communion withthe whole body of Christ, here onearth and in heaven. Communion isnot just a mystical relationship betweenme and God. It’s a relationshipamong all of us here physicallypresent, present in every churchthroughout the world, and present inthe sight of God in the victory ofheavenly life.The bottom line comes to two questions.Do I believe Jesus really has itright; is he the way? And if so, am Iwilling to follow the way? The futureof our lives hinges on how weanswer these questions.*SAVE THE DATE*Fri. Sept 27 thJOIN US FORThe Shrine of Christ’s PassionEnjoy a day trip: fee includes Shrine, tram tour, Gift Shop, LUNCH, & roundtripcoach transportation … plus a few surprises: St John, IN.Come Take the Journey• Witness 40 life-size bronze statues telling the story of the Passion of Christ• Registration starts in August (price TBD)• A flyer with details is available in the narthex• For questions, contact Joe Ferrari, 630-434-0580 or JFERRARI@depaul.edu10

Masses for the WeekMonday—June 108:15—Purgatorial SocietyTuesday—June 11/St. Barnabas, Apostle8:15—Joan Biskup — FamilyWednesday—June 128:15—Mable Grisko — FamilyThursday—June 13/St. Anthony of Padua, Priestand Doctor of the Church8:15—Michael Anacierio—Catherine ParkerFriday—June 148:15—Jeff Zajicek — FamilySaturday—June 158:15—Gloria Mayer — Family5:00—Frank & Mary Poidl — Catherine ParkerSunday—June 167:30—Edward Skepnek — George & Tina Skepnek9:00—For the Parish Family10:45*—Jim Bricker — Tylinski Family12:15—Jeaneatte Zawol — Krzesinski Family*Interpreted for the deafJune 15June 22June 29Sacrament of ReconciliationSaturdays, 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.Fr. RivaFr. PaulFr. PaulPlease remember in your prayersthose members of our parish andfamily and friends who haverecently passed away.T.Joe TylutkiBarbra Schrader, sister-in-law of Frances ChristinAllen Hosticka, Sr., godfather of Anne LysaughtThe rosary is prayed after8:15 a.m. MassMonday – SaturdayAll are invited to participate.June15/165:00 D. MaguireM. MankusP. Rummer7:30Lectors Eucharistic Ministers Servers Sacristan/Facilitator/LOWPresiderJ. GaynorJ. BrandM. Stricker* * ** * ** ** * ** * ** *R. SampE SledzB. RyanS. KosirogJ. Schoder*L. HargroveFr. Jerry RivaFr. Julian9:00Sr. M. GouldM. TaylorS. Griffin* * ** * ** * **M. SchroederN. DiedeN. GrahamJ. CoteFr. Ron Scaletta10:45V. KeenanM. ConnellyP. O’Brien* * ** * ** * **J. SchmittW. CarlsonJ. SchatzFr. Jim Lennon12:15K. DeaverF. DybiczG. Lynch* * ** * ** **A. BurkeA. PolichtFr. Jim Lennon11

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE READINGSI. 1 Kings 17:17-24 — Elijah revives the son of a widow.II. Galatians 1:11-19 — Paul explains God’s call to him to preachto the Gentiles.Gospel—Luke 7:11-17 — Jesus raises from the dead the son of awidow in the city of Nain.HOPE AND LIFEToday’s readings tell the story of two widows. The firstreading relates the plight of the widow with whom theprophet Elijah stayed; the Gospel tells about the widow ofNain. In each story, the widow’s only son had died. Forpeople who lived in those cultures, the son was the onlysupport of a widow, and the carrying on of the family nameby the son was equal to immortality. A widow whose onlyson has died could lose all hope.Elijah and Jesus are the restorers of hope; they bring the sonsback to life. Saint Paul was metaphorically raised from thedead when he experienced the conversion and call from Godthat he describes in today’s second reading.What are Christians called to do today? We may not be ableto raise the dead, but perhaps we can rekindle hope for a singleparent. We may not be able to convert a persecutor likePaul, but if we speak the gospel openly and gently with ourlives, we might touch a life with the Good News.Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.Hope for the JourneyScripture Readings for the WeekMonday: 2 Cor 1:1-7; Mt 5:1-12Tuesday: Acts 11:21b-26; 13:1-3; Mt 5:13-16Wednesday: 2 Cor 3:4-11; Mt 5:17-19Thursday: 2 Cor 3:15 — 4:1, 3-6; Mt 5:20-26Friday: 2 Cor 4:7-15; Mt 5:27-32Saturday: 2 Cor 5:14-21; Mt 5:33-37Sunday: 2 Sm 12:7-10, 13; Gal 2:16, 19-21; Lk 7:36 — 8:3SMM Parish Notes• Nursery—service for toddlers and preschoolers is available inRoom 16 on the upper level during the 9:00 and 10:45 SundayMasses.• Pastoral Care for the Homebound—Please notify the parishoffice, 369-0777, of any parishioner who is hospitalized orhomebound so we can visit, bring the Eucharist, and pray forthem. Hospitals do not notify us of parishioners’ admittance.St. Margaret Mary ParishNaperville/Lisle -- 630-369-0777Parish StaffArt & Environment CoordinatorMary Lou KraussBookkeeperPat HenkeBusiness ManagerMichael PrusCustodianZiggy OwiesekDeacons (Permanent)Deacon Ken MilesDeacon Fred StraubDeacon Terry TaylorJustice/Outreach MinisterTom CordaroMusic DirectorJohn SchlamanParish Secretary/Bulletin EditorMary StraubPastoral AssociateSr. Madelyn Gould, S.S.S.F.Pastoral Council PresidentSteve SchroederPriestsRev. Paul Hottinger, PastorJulian von Duerbeck, OSB, Weekend Asst.Jonathan Foster, OFM, Weekend Asst.ReceptionistsRosalie Fall & Rita ThompsonDirector of Religious Ed., Pre-school - 5Sue Davey.Director of Youth MinistryDan LawlerReligious Education SecretaryArlene SerioPRAY FOR VOCATIONSSERRA CLUB OF DUPAGE12

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