7.District Planning Proforma for Gram Panchayat ... - Cgsird.gov.in


7.District Planning Proforma for Gram Panchayat ... - Cgsird.gov.in

District Planning(Backward Region Grant Fund)Proforma for Gram PanchayatState: District: Block:Gram Panchayat:GP Code (if any):A. Socio-Economic and Demographic Information (Village-wise)A1 Social and economic profile of householdsS.No. of Village Village 1 Village 2 Village 3 Village 4 GP totalName of villageDistance from GP (km)Total PopulationTotal householdsSC householdsST householdsBC householdsOther householdsLandless labour householdsTotal Cultivator households(Of which ) Sub-marginal *BusinessService** Artisans 1.2.3.Marginal*Small *Medium*Large*Tenant** Sub-marginal: Less than 2.5 ac Marginal farmer: 1.0 – 2.5 acres Small farmer: 2.5 – 5.0 acres; mediumfarmers 5 – 10 acres; large farmers above 10 acres** Artisans include blacksmiths, carpenters, masons, weaversX1

A 2 Poverty and PDS CoverageSocial CategoryPoorRation cardsAnaapurnaOld ageHouseholdsCardspensions(BPL)SCSTBCOCTotalB. AgricultureB 1. Land use for latest yearType of UseForestCultivable wastePermanent pastures and grazing landPermanent fallowsOther fallowsNet area sownArea sown more than onceGross cropped areaGeographical areaArea (acres)2

B 2. Sources of irrigation for the latest yearSourceArea irrigatedNet More than once Gross areaCanalTank (Pub.)Tank (Pvt.)Open wellBore well / tube wellPondOthersLift irrigationOthersB 3. Condition of irrigation tanksS.Public orPurpose*Command Area (ac)If command areaImprovementsCostNo.privateOriginalPresentdeclined, reasonneededestimate12356* Purpose codes: Only irrigation 1; Irrigation & Fishing 2; Irrigation, Fishing &Water for animals 3;Irrigation andwater for animalsB 4. Condition of irrigation wells by typeItem open Well bore wellsCommunity Private Community PrivateTotal Number of wellsNo. of wells not functioningReasons: 12Interventions needed, if any1.2Estimated cost of intervention3

B 5. Area and yield of crops including horticulture (acres)Crop Season Irrigated or rain-fed Area (acres) Yield (kg/acre)B 6. If there is any area under crops suffering from low yields compared to average yield in the GPCropLow yieldYieldReason forRemedialEstimated cost ofarea (aces)low yieldmeasuresimprovementB 7. Problems of public and private lands presently not under cultivationProblem *ExtentImprovementsBenefit perEstimatedIf not suitableEstimat(acres)needed foracre (Rs.)cost (Rs.)for crops,ed cost,bringing underalternative useif anycrop production* Problems like water logging, leveling, soil erosion, salinity etc. are to be identified4

B 8. General practice of fertilizer useCropFertilizerSeasonIrrigatedFertilizer / manureFertilizer / manureusers (%)or rain-fedName Quantity Name QuantityB 9. Problems of availability of seedCrop *SeedSeed rateAreaTotalSuppliedProblems inSuggestionsvariety(kg/acre)under cropseedby govt.Getting seedforneededlast yearimprovement* Collect only for crops facing problems in procuring seedB 10. Other problems in agriculture and suggestions for solvingProblem Solution Estimated cost5

C) LivestockC 1 Milk yield by type of animalType of Animal No. of animals Average yield per day (liters)Graded buffaloLocal buffaloCross bred cowLocal cowC 2 Quantity of milk marketed (liters) by agency in peak season (liters per day)AgencyWinter and rainy seasons Summer seasonQuantity Price per liter Quantity Price per literPrivate vendorCooperative societyPrivate dairyC 3. Availability of fodder and water1. Extent of common land available for grazing (acres):2. Do you find scarcity of grazing land? Yes / No3. If yes, nature of scarcity: 1. Nine months 3. Six months 4. Less than six months4. Method of improving fodder availability5. Is water for animals adequate? Yes / No6. If no, suggest methods of solving the problem7. Cost estimate for provision of waterC 4 Other livestock activities (small animals, poultry and fishing)Type of poultry No of Households No of animals/birds Services needed Cost estimateSheep and goatPoultry (back yard)PigsOthers (rabbits etc)Poultry (commercial)C5. No. of households depending on fishingVillage Sources Variety No of households Problem if any Possible solution* If the source is tank, give fish or prawn6

C6. Natural calamities occurred during last ten yearsNature of calamity * Year Houses damaged Livestock lost Loss of crop (Rs.)* Cyclone – 1; earth quake – 2; flood – 3; others - 4D Facilities Available in the Gram PanchayatFunction Exists or not * If not, distance from GP in KM (0.0)Primary schoolMiddle schoolHigh schoolJunior collegeDegree collegeTechnical educationTrained DhaiANM centerP.H. sub-centerP.H.CFamily planning centerPrivate MBBSPrivate hospitalVeterinary sub-centerVeterinary centerVeterinary dispensaryRation shopRegulated marketAgricultural inputs shopCommercial bankPrimary Coop. SocietyMilk collection centerBranch post officeSub-post officeTelegraph officeTelephone facilityBus stopPetrol pump* Code for existence: Exists – 1 Does not exist – 27

E2. Infrastructure available and additionally needed in primary / upper primary schoolsItem Village 1 Village 2 Village 3 Village 4Name of the villageNo. of children enrolledNo. of teachersAdditional teachers needed as per normsAdditional accommodation needed (Sft)Estimated cost of provision (Rs.)Cost of other infrastructure needed ** specify the type of infrastructureF. HousingF2. Houses constructed under IAY and other programmesType of house SC ST OthersHouses constructed under Govt. Programmes (IAY etc.,) during last three yearsHouseholds needing house under IAYEstimated costLoanSubsidyG. Drinking Water and SanitationG1. Adequacy of drinking water facilities in the villages of the Gram PanchayatSource AccessHouseholds having the facility *GramVillage 1 Village 2 Village 3 Village 4 PanchayatSC/ST Others SC/ST Others SC/ST Others SC/ST Others SC/ST OthersTap With inOutsideHand With inpump OutsideOpen Withwell OutsideOthers X* Total must tally with the total number of households in the village8

G2. Problems with public sources of drinking water in the Gram PanchayatVillage Source * TotalNo.Repairs neededCostAdditionalCost estimateNo.defunctfor defunctestimatesourcesfor additionalsourcesfor repairsneededsources* sources Open well – 1; hand pump – 2; tap – 3i) Is the village subjected to water-born diseases? Yes / Noii) If yes, specify ________________________iii) If additional public latrines are needed, give number:Village1: Village:2 Village3: Village4:iv) Cost estimate for provision of sanitary facilities:H. Road NetworkH1. Improvements NeededVillage Type* ExistingProposedLengthCostqualityquality(km)estimate*Type: internal 1; approach 2 ; Connecting another GP 3:9

I. Self Help GroupsI1. Membership in Women Self Help GroupsVillageNo. ofMembersActive GroupsMembers inTotal savingGroupsin groupsactive groups(Rs.)I2. Details of inactive SHGsReasons for becoming inactive:a)b)c)Interventions needed for making active:a)b)c)d) Cost estimate for provision of sanitary facilities:I3. Economic activities taken up by the SHGsVillage Activity No ofgroupsIf difficulties areencountered, specifyAssistance needed,if any10

J. Rural electrificationJ1. Details of connections and supplyVillageAgriculDomeComSupply toHouses notAdditionalEstimatturesticmerciagricultureconnectedNetworkedalNeededCostHours/Voltage *day* Voltage: low - 1; normal - 2K. Rural IndustriesK1. Cottage and Small Scale Industries in the Gram PanchayatCottage and household units * Establishments *Product Units Employment Product Units Employment* Units run exclusively with family labor come under household and cottage category and units with hired labourcome under establishmentsK2. Small scale industries with potential for development in the GP1.2.3.11

L. Implementation of NREGSL1. Projects identified in the NREGS perspective planProject Employment Priority* Estimated Cost*High 1 Medium 2 Low 3LII. Other poverty alleviation programmes implemented during the last year in the GPScheme Beneficiaries Cost per unit Problemsif anySolutionSchemes needed in thenext five yearsM. Other infrastructural needs of the villageVillage1234Need 1 Need 2 Need 3 Need 4Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost Name CostN. Financial Resources of the GPN1.Tax demand and collection during last yearTax Demand Collection Dues in the year Old dues Total dues12

N2. Other Actual and Potential Sources of IncomeItem Revenue collected last year Dues Potential revenueN3: Funding available to GP from ProgrammesScheme / Source 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07NREGSNRHMIAYMid-Day MealRKVYICDSSGSYSGRYEMGSYPMRYSFCCFC13

Abstract of schemes identified for annual and perspective plansSchemeEstimatedCostWhether to beincluded in2008-09*Whether benefitsonly GP or OtherGPs also **Remarks* Yes – 1; No – 2; **Benefits only this GP - 1; Other GPs also – 214

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