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Play in Montana - Visit Montana

Special Advertising SectionTravel MontanaPlay inMontana by John DeLevaMontana is known around the globe as Big Sky Country, yet any visitorwill tell you it could just as easily be called Big Game, Big Mountain, BigAdventure or Big Events Country. Here, where the Rockies soar and thegrizzlies roar, a series of colorful events begins this month to commemorate a landthat mesmerized Lewis and Clark exactly 200 years ago.Glacier National Advertising

Gates of the Mountains, Missouri RiverTravel MontanaSpring is transition time in Montana,with hibernating animals wakingfrom their long winter’s slumber andhumans switching from snowboards andskis to hiking, biking and fishing gear.It’s also a time to relive the adventures ofthe Corps of Discovery and the trails thatthey blazed across this land beginning inApril 1805.Big EventsNearly one-quarter of all territoryLewis and Clark covered during their28-month, 8,000-mile expedition waswithin Montana’s present-day borders.Many communities paid tribute to theLewis and Clark Bicentennial in 2004,two centuries after the expeditionleft Missouri. The best and biggestbicentennial events in Montana, though,coincide with the actual dates theexpedition reached Big Sky Country,beginning with Lewis and Clark at theConfluence commemorations in Bainvilleand Sidney April 29 – May 1.The following weekend, Corps ofDiscovery II: 200 Years to the Future,makes the first of its 11 Montana stopsin Wolf Point. The exhibit includes amuseum, performance venue, 33-footlongkeelboat and a 16-foot-diameterIndian tipi. The ‘Tent of Many Voices’offers cultural arts demonstrations, musicand dance, readings from the expeditionjournals and panel discussions.A celebration of blockbusterproportions, Explore! The Big Sky, bringsthe Lewis and Clark journals alive 34days this summer in Fort Benton andGreat Falls. One of just 15 nationalLewis and Clark Bicentennial MontanaEvents, the festivities include Indianathletes competing in horse and canoeraces, opera performances based on theBlackfeet story of Scarface, Lewis andClark re-enactments and several feasts. Itall starts on June 1 st and concludes witha big bang on July 4 th . Montana will playhost to a second signature event, Clark onthe Yellowstone, in the summer of 2006.Lewis and Clark get the headline eventsthis spring and summer, but there area number of other distinctly Montanacelebrations on the calendar in thecoming months, including May’s WhoopUp Trail Days in Conrad and the Fishand Loon Festival in Seeley Lake, June’sGold Rush Fever Days and Parade inVirginia City and Ghost Tours in MilesCity, and August’s Sweet Pea Festival inBozeman.“Explorers on the Marias” statue at Fort BentonSpecial Advertising SectionBig GameA glimpse at any state map reveals aland blessed with scenic byways, nationalforests and monuments, wildlife refuges,43 state parks and two of America’smost popular national parks. All theseareas offer a fair share of wildlife, but thebiggest of the game are most frequentlyspotted in Glacier and YellowstoneNational Parks.On Montana’s northern border withAlberta, Canada, Glacier and WatertonLakes National Parks formed theworld’s first International Peace Park in1932. They are both Biosphere Reserves,and in 1995, jointly became a WorldHeritage Site. Glacier’s internationalsignificance is further exposed when itrains near Triple Divide Peak, as someof the water flows to the Pacific Ocean,other raindrops begin a course north tothe Arctic Ocean, while the rest of themoisture runs to the Atlantic via the Gulfof Mexico.More than 70 mammals roam Glacier’srugged terrain, including black andgrizzly bear, elk, deer, mountain goats,moose and grey wolves. Bird watchershave counted 260 different wingedcritters here. Historic lodges, 700 milesof hiking trails, 37 glaciers and one ofAmerica’s most spectacular highways, theGoing-to-the-Sun Road, make GlacierNational Park worthy of every accolade ithas ever received.Twenty miles from Glacier’s westernentrance, Whitefish is surrounded bythousands of miles of old logging roadsbeckoning mountain bikers of all abilitylevels. Those who prefer paved pathsroll 20 miles to the head of Whitefish

White Cliffs, Wild & Scenic Missouri RiverCALL 1-800-VISIT-MT (847-4868), EXT. 515 FOR A FREE TRAVEL PLANNER. WWW.VISITMT.COM

See Clark’s signature at PompeysPillar National Monument. Callor go online to get your freeCuster Country guide today.1-800-346-1876 ext. 0511custer.visitmt.comTravel MontanaLake. The 145-room Grouse MountainLodge, in Whitefish, resides beside thestate’s only 36-hole golf course and offersguests hot tubs, a fitness center and easyaccess to nearby four-season recreation atBig Mountain Resort.Yellowstone is still a home wherethe buffalo roam and the deer andthe antelope play. It’s also a place towatch the swans, egrets, geese, moose,bears and elk frolic. Yellowstone is anAmerican icon, conjuring images of OldFaithful, the world’s most reliable geyser,historic lodges, legendary waterfalls andhot springs, mud pots and fumarolesspanning the colors of any kid’s crayonbox.Forty-eight miles north of WestYellowstone, Big Sky bustles with twodownhill ski areas, a top-notch Nordiccenter plus sleigh rides and dog sleddingin the white months. Spring comes laterup here, but its arrival is a boon forhikers, bikers, golfers, tennis players,horseback riders and whitewater rafters.Big Sky Resort boasts three luxurioushotels, plus an array of condominiumscomfortable for families and groups.Mighty Lone Peak, rising more than twomiles to 11,162 feet, may be ascendedby gondola or simply spied upon fromSoldier’s Chapel, a 50-year-old church ofnative stone and logs built as a memorialto those lost in World War II.The biggest creatures to ever roamMontana left 64,999,800 years beforeLewis and Clark even arrived, but theirremains are on display in several parts ofCuster Country, southeastern Montana’sgolden plains. Ekalaka exhibits oneof only three Duck-Billed Dinosaurskeletons in the world in additionto housing a complete Triceratopshead. The fossils of 44 other dinosaurspecies, including Stegosaurus andTyrannosaurus, have been uncovered inMontana. Visitors as well as professionalpaleontologists have discoveredsignificant specimens in the region.Big AdventureOpportunities for adventure inMontana are as broad and diverse as thestate itself. Every one of its six vacationregions offers unique ways to explore thegreat outdoors.Named for the cowboy artist whocaptured its dramatic history andlandscape, Russell Country is a land ofhistoric trails and waterways. Perhaps themost inviting way to explore its colorfulpast and varied terrain is to paddle acanoe along the Wild and Scenic UpperMissouri River. The splendor of MissouriRiver Breaks National Monument canbe absorbed with your own itinerary andwww.bigskychamber.comFREE VACATION PLANNERCall 1-800-943-4111 Ext. Advertising SectionTravel Montana

Welcome to the crossroadsof Montana history andopen-armed hospitality.NATIONAL HISTORICLANDMARK DISTRICTFor a free Visitors Information Packet call1-800-735-6814 or visit www.buttecvb.comTravel Montanaprimitive campsites, or on fully guidedexpeditions with superb cuisine.When Norman McClean’s novella wentfrom paper to celluloid, A River RunsThrough It put Glacier Country on everyfly fisherman’s map. The stunning settingattracted more than those looking tohook trophy trout, though, and today theregion’s outdoor recreation options areendless. Mountain bikers rave about the46-mile-long Hiawatha Rail-Trail, whichtakes them through eleven tunnels andatop nine high trestles while crossing therugged Bitterroot Mountains.When President Roosevelt approvedconstruction of the Fort Peck Damin 1933, he put 10,456 men back towork during the low point of the GreatDepression. The project created a 134-mile lake with 1,600 miles of shorelinethat today serves as the hub of MissouriRiver Country activity. Fort PeckLake offers an array of water sports,wildlife viewing and fishing, includingthe Governor’s Cup Walleye FishingTournament every July.There are as many definitions forbig adventure as there are travelers. InYellowstone Country, a seeminglyboundless list of options includes blueribbon trout fishing on the YellowstoneRiver, exhilarating whitewater raftingon the Gallatin River and week-longbackcountry treks into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. If pampering ison the menu, the area’s luxurious resortsrequire little more effort than showing upand soaking in the ambience.Observation can become adventurewhen visitors interact with performersat the annual Custer’s Last StandReenactment in Hardin. Each June,one of the most controversial battles inTo discover the wide openspaces of Montana and receive a freetravel planner call 1-800-879-1159, ext. 506or visit goldwest.visitmt.comThere’s a reason ourlakes feel special.THEY ARE.Not every lake is rimmed with snowcappedpeaks or dotted with charming villages.Not every lake finds itself in Glacier Country.But any person can.Montana’s GLACIER COUNTRY.800-338-5072 | Advertising

Historic lodging. Epic beauty.Interpretive Red Bus tours.Thrilling activities. Capture the fullGlacier National Park experience,only with Glacier Park, Inc.For reservations and information:glacierparkinc.comor 406-892-2525Visit our Web site for money-saving spring and fall rates.Glacier Park, Inc. is a concessioner authorized by the National Park Serviceto serve the public in Glacier National Park. Photography courtesy ofGlacier Country Regional Tourism Commission.ALL THE EXCITEMENT OFLEWIS & CLARK IN MONTANA.MINUS THE BUCKSKIN BRIEFS.When on the Trail, don’t missHelena. We’re commemoratingthe legendary journey with a hostof exciting events. See thegorgeous Gates of the Mountains,visit gold rush-era museums,historic landmarks and more.{Call for a FREETravel Planner.1-800-743-5362{ history is fought again atopthe grassy prairies of Little Bighorn deepinside Custer Country. In addition tofour weekend battle performances, visitorscan experience the battle site throughtours and interpretive programs at theLittle Bighorn Battlefield NationalMonument.Montana’s western history is linked toits early growth. The state’s sole operatingsteam locomotive runs from Virginia Cityto Nevada City on summer weekendsand serves as a classic reminder of the wayit was in Gold West Country. Visitorsto Victorian Virginia City see the largestcollection of 19 th Century “boomtown”buildings still at their original location.Big AttractionsEarly explorers shared tales about thetreasures they found above ground in thisarea. But what future visitors discoveredbeneath the surface in the mid-19 thCentury made the Montana territory thego-to place. Gold Fever brought tensof thousands to the territory and made“boomtowns” all over today’s GoldWest Country. Some of those towns, likeHelena, continue to boom today. Theeconomy has indeeddiversified, but goldmining is still a partof it. Visitors may seelarge-scale miningoperations, pan forthemselves, or takea trip to the lobbyof Norwest Bankand gawk at some ofthe largest nuggetsplucked from the area.Helena won abitterly contestedbattle with AnacondaSpecial Advertising SectionNorth American Indian Days, Browningto become Montana’s capital in 1894and the fruits of that victory are still seentoday: a beautiful Capitol Building andformer Governor’s Mansion, both offeringpublic tours, and the State HistoricalSociety Museum. Beyond the politicalbounty, Helena has broadened furtherinto a vibrant arts community. DowntownHelena, Inc. brings more than 30 eventsto town each year, including live outdoormusic on summer Wednesdays at fiveo’clock, a spring art walk, the Last ChanceBluegrass Festival, a farmer’s market andthe Mount Helena Music Festival.Today, visitors find unique treasurein Butte ranging from the sordidto the sanctimonious. The DumasBrothel, designed and built as a houseof prostitution in 1890, remains the lastintact example of that type of architectureleft in America. Overlooking the formerred light district and all of Butte atop theContinental Divide is Our Lady of theRockies, a 90-foot statue of Mary, Motherof Jesus.June through September, bus tourstake visitors to see the statue of Mary,while in Butte’s town limits, the OldNo. 1 Trolley takes tourists to otherButteTravel MontanaTravel Montana

enowned sites. Butte serves as a naturalhome to the World Museum of Mining,a fascinating collection of mining relicsand reconstructed frontier town. A peekinto the nearby Berkeley Pit, formerly thelargest open-pit mine in the world, dazzlesany observer with its sheer size.Butte’s events calendar is packed springand summer, but July’s the busiest monthwith the Freedom Festival from the 3 rdthrough the 5th, an Antiques and EthnicFood Fair the following weekend andEvel Knievel Days the last weekend of themonth.Montana epitomizes the term “greatoutdoors,” but big cultural attractionsacross the state show visitors its greatindoors, too. The Yellowstone ArtMuseum in Billings offers a regionalcollection of western and modern art, andhas hosted traveling exhibits featuringthe works of Rodin, Monet and otherworld-renowned artists. The C.M. RussellMuseum in Great Falls lays claim toone of the best western art museums inthe country and has the world’s largestcollection of works by cowboy painter andsculptor Charles M. Russell.In Bozeman, the Museum of theRockies interprets the natural and geologichistory of the region while the Museum ofthe Plains Indian in Browning celebratesthe creativity of native craftspeople.Missoula is home to the MissoulaChildren’s Theatre, the country’s largesttouring children’s theatrical group, as wellas the Smokejumper’s Center, the largestactive smokejumper base in the nation.The Smokejumper Visitor Center offersa tour of the facility with unique waysfor visitors to learn about an unusual,demanding and dramatic occupation.Big Sky Country certainly deserves itsname, but residents know and visitorslearn that this great land could bear manyother names, too. Indeed, Montanais a place of big game, big events, bigadventure and big attractions with its greatoutdoors and indoors open year-round foradventure.Play in Montana published by Media WestAdvertising Sales LLC. 1-888-417-1490 x2Travel MontanaTheSky’s theLimit......When You Stay at a Red Lion or WestCoast Hotel!Red Lion Colonial HotelHelenaWestCoastKalispell Center HotelKalispellWestCoast Outlaw HotelKalispellOur Hotels Feature: *■ Deluxe accommodationsWhether traveling for business or leisure, staycomfortable with the WestCoast Family of Hotelswhen you travel in Montana’s Big Sky Country. Enjoycare, comfort and value at any Red Lion or WestCoastlocation, along with the best of Montana’s recreationand outdoor beauty just steps from our door.■ Free high-speed Internet access■ Full service restaurantsand lounges■ Meeting & banquet space■ Indoor & outdoorswimming pools■ Corporate & leisure packages■ Ski getawaysRed Lion Inn KalispellKalispellWe promise you’ll find the best onlinerates on – or we pay!**See terms and conditions on redlion.comRed Lion Inn MissoulaMissoula*Amenities vary at each propertyredlion.com800-Red*Amenities vary at each property800-325-4000Stay two nights,get the third night FREE!Special Advertising SectionW E S TC OAST F A M I L Y O F H OTELSSelect Red Lion Hotels on the Business Reply/Reader Response Card inthis issue of Good Housekeeping and receive a coupon for ONE FREE NIGHT– valid onyour next three night minimum stay at any participating Red Lion or WestCoast Hotel. ****A three-night minimum stay is required. Coupon valid for last night of stay. Only one coupon may be used per stay. Advance reservations must be made by calling 800-Red Lion. Coupon must be presented at check-in. Not valid for groups or conventions. Free night subject to spaceand rate availability. Coupons have no cash value and are valid for room and tax only. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Coupon must be used by December 30, 2005. Not valid with any other promotional offer. ©WHC 2004/800-0235-4/

ResourcesThese advertisers will be happy toprovide you with more information.Big Sky Montana1-800-943-4111 ext. 503www.bigskychamber.comBig Sky Resort800-548-4487www.bigskyresort.comButte, MontanaVisitor Information800-735-6814www.buttecvb.comCuster Country, Montana1-800-346-1876 ext. 0511www.custer.visitmt.comGlacier Park, Inc.406-892-2525www.glacierparkinc.comA long time agoMontana gave birthto Lone Mountain. Tocelebrate, Mother Naturesent wildflowers andperpetual blue skies.Ahh, the joys of summer inMontana. Everything fromfly-fishing to horseback ridingand golf to relaxing at the spa.And we’re just 18 miles fromYellowstone Park. Big Sky,Montana. A place all your own.www.bigskyresort.com1.800.548.4486FEEL LIKE A KID AGAIN.JUST TRY NOT TO WETYOUR PANTS.CALL FOR A FREE TRAVEL West Country, Montana1-800-879-1159 ext. 506www.goldwest.visitmt.comGrouse Mountain LodgeToll Free: 1-877-862-1505www.grousemountainlodge.comHelena, Montana1-800-743-5362www.helenacvb.visitmt.comMontana’s Missouri River Country1-800-653-1319www.missouririver.visitmt.comMontana Tourism1-800-VISIT-MT (847-4868) ext. 515www.visitmt.comRed Lion & WestCoast Hotels800-Red-Lionwww.redlion.comRussell Country Advertising Section

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