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KAY-16773 306 Catalog-B.indd - Kaydon Bearings


Reali-Slim ® thin-section bearings havecontributed to reductions in weight and size inthousands of applications since we introducedthem over 45 years ago. The engineeringdrawings reproduced in this booklet arerepresentative samples of the many differentways Reali-Slim ® bearings have been used tosimplify designs, reduce weight and/or size,and cut manufacturing costs in a variety ofapplications. We hope these illustrated ideastarters will help you do the same.For additional information about Reali-Slim ®thin-section bearings, call us toll-free, 1-800-514-3066.© 2005 Kaydon Corporation

How to use Reali-Slim ® bearingsfor more design flexibility.Reali-Slim ® bearings let you replace a smallsolid shaft (king post), as shown below, witha larger diameter hollow shaft. This gives youthe freedom to run air and hydraulic lines, orelectrical wiring and slip rings through theshaft, as shown on opposite page.Traditional DesignTypical solid-shaft (king post) designusing two conventional bearings.Overweight, expensive, and bulky.Limits design options.

How to use Reali-Slim ® bearingsfor more design flexibility.A large bore, small cross-section Reali-Slim ®bearing permits the use of a large diameterhollow shaft in place of a smaller solid shaft.Components such as air and hydraulic linesor electrical wiring and slip rings can thenbe accommodated within the hollow shaft,resulting in a neater, more efficient design.▼In many applications, a single 4-point contactReali-Slim ® bearing can replace two bearings,compacting the design and simplifying the bearingmounting. Besides the obvious cost savings ofeliminating one bearing, this arrangement alsocontributes further savings in weight and space.▼KAYDON CORPORATIONLIGHT WEIGHT, COMPACT DESIGNSBEARINGSUSEDREALI-SLIM ® THIN-SECTIONIMPROVED DESIGN #1

▼Before: Two angular contactbearings of 10.000" bore x12.000" O.D. x 1.000" crosssectionwere used.Outer clampring▼After: One 4-point contactbearing of 10.000" bore x 12.000"O.D. x 1.000" cross-section takesall radial and thrust loads. Thisreduces the size of the housing,eliminates parts, and lowers thecost of the entire unit.Bearing No.KG100XP0KAYDON CORPORATIONManually Adjustable Hydraulic Cylinder Stop MechanismBEARINGSHOWN:KG100XP0 10.000" bore x 12.000" O.D.x 1.000" radial sectionIMPROVED DESIGN #2

▼Before: Small bearings andspread-out design requiredmore space and cost thanrevised design (below).Innerspacer▼After: Reali-Slim ® bearings with alarger bore permit a more compactdesign and fewer parts, simplifyingmanufacturing and reducing costs.Outer clampringBearing No.KG090CP0KAYDON CORPORATIONCHAIN DRIVE TRANSMISSIONBEARINGSHOWN:KG090CP0 9.000" bore x 11.000" O.D.x 1.000" radial sectionIMPROVED DESIGN #3

Weight savings by afactor of 17:1.The 5-1/2" bore Reali-Slim ®bearing used in this designweighs only 0.25 poundscompared to a weight of 4.5pounds for the standard 5-1/2"bore bearings which had beenconsidered for the job. Housingweight of the design was alsoreduced.Note: A Fixed-floating bearingmount is designed primarily for acentered radial load.Bearing No. KA055XP0(fixed position) 0.250"cross-sectionDrawing shows actual comparativebearing sizes. XLS 5-1/2" bearing (atleft below) 5.000" x 7.500" x 1.000"shown for comparison.▼1/4" cross-section1" cross-sectionBearing No. KA055CP0(floating position)0.250" cross-sectionKAYDON CORPORATIONRADAR ROTARY JOINTBEARINGSHOWN:SCALE: FULLKA055XP0 5.500" bore x 6.00" O.D.x .250" radial sectionIMPROVED DESIGN #4

▼ ▼Before: This bench lathe forglass working used a 3-pointsupport consisting of cam rollerswhich did not provide therequired accuracy and operatingcharacteristics.After: Reali-Slim ® bearingsprovided greater rigidity andprecision within the sameavailable space and resulted in asimplified mounting.KAYDON CORPORATIONGLASS-WORKING BENCH LATHEBEARINGSHOWN:KG070XP0 7.000" bore x 9.000" O.D.x 1.000" radial sectionIMPROVED DESIGN #5

▼Before: This design was plannedusing two bearings, each 4.3307"x 5.9055" x 0.7874".5/16" x 5/16"radial section▼After: Reali-Slim ® bearingspermitted a reduction in housingO.D. from 6.250" to 5.187",resulting in weight savings andcost reduction using standardbearings.KAYDON CORPORATIONAIRBORNE GEAR BOXBEARINGSHOWN:SCALE: FULLKB042CP0 4.250" bore x 4.875" O.D.x .312" radial sectionIMPROVED DRAWING #6

▼Before: Plans called for use oftwo of the smallest available“standard light-weight”bearings, with each bearingweighing 1.45 pounds.Spirolox ®retaining ringBearing No. KB065BR6K.Duplexed pair withpreload set at factoryInner clamp ring▼After: Kaydon supplies two,larger-bore Reali-Slim ® bearingsweighing only 0.47 pounds each.This results in a much narrower,more compact, and lighter unit.Spirolox ® retaining ringKAYDON CORPORATIONFILM WIND-UP MOTORBEARINGSHOWN:SCALE: FULLKB065AR0 6.500" bore x 7.125 O.D.x .312" radial sectionIMPROVED DESIGN #7

For precise motion controlin robots and other automationequipment, 4-point Reali-Slim ®bearings are ideal for multi-axisarticulating designs.Shoulder assembly4-point Reali-Slim ® bearing4-point Reali-Slim ® bearingWaist assembly

3" bore, 5/16" cross section bearing4.7" bore, 5/16" crosssectionbearingWrist assembly4" bore, 5/16"cross-section bearing➤6" bore, 5/16"cross-section bearing3.5" bore, 5/16"cross-section bearingKAYDON CORPORATIONROBOT WRIST ASSEMBLYBEARINGSSHOWN:KB030XP0, KB047XP0, KB040XP0,KB060XP0, KB035XP0AUTOMATION PRODUCTS

This design improvement savesweight, space, and cost.Bearings work togetherMatching bearings oftwo different diametersOne bearing does thework of threeSave weight, space, and cost byreplacing the three-bearing set ofangular contact “Type A” bearings(shown above) with a single four-pointcontact “Type X” bearing. The “TypeX” bearing handles thrust load, radialload, and overturning moment loadsimultaneously.▼KAYDON CORPORATIONMACHINE TOOL WORK HOLDING TABLEBEARINGSUSEDKD070TR0, DUPLEXED TANDEM PAIRMACHINE TOOLS

Pre-loaded 4-point contactReali-Slim ® bearings providerequired stiffness for variablespeeds and loads.Spanner nut for retentionHigh capacity Real-Slim ®bearing in a turntabletypeoutput shaftBEARINGSUSED:KAYDON CORPORATIONZERO BACKLASH ROTARY ACTUATORClass 6 preloaded 4-pt. bearing and 2 radialbearingsMACHINERY

Bearings of different cross-sectionscomplement one another. This designshows an adjustable back-to-backmounting of 14" and 18" bore bearings.14" bore, 1" cross-sectionbearing with adjustableback-to-back mountingThree 20" bore,1/2" cross-sectionbearings18" bore, 1/2"cross-sectionbearingTubefitshere18" bore, 1"cross-section bearingNOTE: Thin section, largebore bearings add stiffness todesign.BEARINGSUSED:KAYDON CORPORATIONTUBE CUTTING MACHINEKG140AR0, KD180AR0, KG180AR0,KD200AR0 (3)MACHINE TOOLS

Design shows integralbearing assembly whichincludes SPIROLOX ® retainingrings and external seals.SPIROLOX ®Retaining rings(8 places)9" bore, 1/2"radial cross-sectionExternal seals7" bore, 1/2" radialsection bearingCenter lineCONCENTRICBEARINGS:SCALE: FULLKAYDON CORPORATIONCUTTING HEAD FOR PLASTIC PIPE CUTTERKD070CP0, KD090CP0MACHINE TOOLS

For designing a product thatwill be manufactured invarious sizes based on shaftdiameter, Reali-Slim ® bearingsare ideal. Each bearing series hasa cross- section which remainsconstant throughout all designs.So your bearing envelope staysthe same for all product sizes.Note: X-type bearing is ideal herebecause of its compact profile.KAYDON CORPORATIONPRECISION ROTARY TABLEBEARINGSSHOWN:KF090XP0 9" bore x 10.5" O.D.x .750" radial sectionMACHINE TOOLS

Complete bearingassemblies can simplify yourmanufacturingKaydon also provides completebearing assemblies like the oneshown. Options include internalor external gears, no gear, andcontact seals.Outer clamp ringBearing No. KG125XP0Gear Data:5/7 DP20° Pressure angle84 TeethType = Fellows stubNote: Through holesare used in bearingassembly which allowbolts to fasten tomounting structure.Inner clamp ringKAYDON CORPORATIONGEARED HOUSING ASSEMBLYBEARINGSHOWN:KG125XP0, 4-point contact Reali-Slim ®BEARING ASSEMBLIES

Slip rings are engineered intoa bearing assembly whereelectrical or RF signals must betransmitted through a rotatingmember.Many bearing-slip ring assembliesalso provide internal clearancefor air and hydraulic lines to passthrough a hollow shaft.Bearing No. KC040CP4Slip ringcomponent(partiallyshown)Spirolox retaining ringsKAYDON CORPORATIONSLIP RING ASSEMBLYBEARINGSHOWN:KC040CP4 4.00" bore x 4.75" O.D.x .375" radial sectionBEARING ASSEMBLIES

Type “A” angular contactbearing shown enlarged(actual size 1/4" x 1/4")Pre-loaded Reali-Slim ®bearings provide precisionmovement and low noiselevels at high speed.➤Type “A” angular bearingLeft sideNote: Left side is pre-loadedagainst right side of bearingduring assembly.Type “A” angular bearingRight sideKAYDON CORPORATIONGimbal (Tailstock) Assembly For Drum ScannerBEARINGSUSED:KA040AR0BEARING ASSEMBLIES

WARRANTY: Kaydon Corporation guarantees its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from dateof shipment from our plant. Any product proving defective within this one-year period will be replaced free of charge provided the defective product isreturned, charges prepaid, to the appropriate Kaydon facility, under Kaydon’s authorization (Return Goods Authorization number issued) and foundto have been properly mounted, lubricated, loaded and used. No responsibility will be assumed by Kaydon for contingent charges.KAYDON CORPORATION2860 McCracken StreetMuskegon, Michigan 49441 U.S.A.1-800-514-3066 • Fax (231) 759-4102www.reali-slim.comREGISTERED •SYSTEMQUALITY •ISO 9001®Printed in U.S.A.Bulletin No. 306

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