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Manuscript Submissions with Images - University of Rochester Press

Manuscript Submissions with Images - University of Rochester Press

Make a note for

Make a note for typesetter of what symbols/fonts you are using and highlightthe symbols (colored background, perhaps aqua).TitlesTitles of entire works are in italics, also song cycles (Carmen, Les nuits d’été – orLes Nuits d’été).For French capitalization, follow the recommended style in The Chicago Manualof Style, 16th ed., para. 11.30, namely: capitalizing like a sentence. Nationalitywords are capitalized when nouns, not when adjectives: Les Troyens, butL’histoire de la guerre troyenne. Names of institutions and newspapers/journalsdo not always follow these rules. In a French title (and titles in any otherlanguage), the first word after a semicolon is capitalized in URP books.A song title is generally in quotation marks, but can be italicized if it is beingtreated as a quasi-independent “work,” rather than as part of a larger cycle. Forexample, if an entire chapter is devoted to comparing Der Erlkönig with DerLindenbaum, it would look better to italicize second title (as just shown). Adiscussion of the Winterreise cycle, though, would put “Der Lindenbaum” inquotation marks (as just shown). Ask if you are confused. Aria titles are inquotation marks.Titled movement names are in quotation marks unless they are tempo markings orgeneric titles like Polonaise, Gigue, Lullaby, Kyrie, etc.Tempo markings indicating movements are capitalized roman, no quotationmarks: “The Andante begins . . .”II. Music ExamplesThe Press wants to reproduce your music examples in the best and most professionalmanner. Please be aware that there is nothing we can do to improve upon the quality ofthe material you submit. Therefore it is imperative that you provide us with the highestquality images possible. We will refuse any files that do not conform to our guidelines.We strongly recommend hiring a professional music setter to create your examples inSibelius or Finale, and to prepare high resolution TIFF files usable by our printers. Wecan provide you with names of professional setters our authors have used with success inthe past.Please model your musical examples on the best examples in recent URP books. Pleasenote relevant practices, such as:1. Include a measure number at the beginning of each system, or else give the inclusivemeasure numbers in the caption. Whichever of these you choose should be doneconsistently throughout the book (or at least consistently throughout a chapter in a bookwith chapter contributions by different authors).

2. Do not put a double-bar at the end of the example, unless it’s actually the finalmeasures of a piece. End the example with a single bar-line if the last measure is acomplete measure; or with no barline at all if it’s an incomplete measure.3. Standardize the captions, in a clear fashion, such as this:Example 2.5. Mozart, Symphony no. 41 in C Major, K. 551, “Jupiter,” mvt. 1, mm. 136–42.Example 2.6. Verdi, Rigoletto, act 1: “Caro nome.”4. When preparing a music example, please remember to include all essentialinformation, such as clefs, key signature, time signature, and tempo marking (e.g. Allegromoderato). Do this even if the music does not include the opening bar of a movement.One exception: if an immediately previous music example is from the same movement,the meter and tempo indications may be omitted.5. For music with text, please make sure that syllables are separated by hyphens in thestandard manner and elisions are marked.Technology and style are constantly shifting, and these guidelines may change at anytime. We will work with you as you go along. If you have any questions, please do nothesitate to ask.FORMAT:We must receive your examples in one of the formats listed below:A. Optimal Format—Original files created in Finale or Sibelius:1. Please save files as either TIF or EPS at 1200 dpi. JPEG and PDF files areNOT acceptable.2. The color mode must be bitmap (not grayscale, RGB, or CMYK).3. Please submit the files on a CD or flashdrive.4. Please include a set of working copies (printouts) along with your files.5. All music examples must be carefully proofread before you supply them, ascorrections at the proof stage can be very expensive. Authors may be invoicedfor changes at this stage, if necessary.B. Scanned images (musical examples; also relevant for figures—e.g., illustrations—and tables):1. Please scan your files from an original source such as a book, original score, orglossy print provided by a professional. Do not scan images fromphotocopies.2. Scan your originals at a minimum of 600 dpi to a maximum of 1200 dpi aseither TIFF or EPS files. JPEG and PDF files are NOT acceptable.

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